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The New York Times from New York, New York • Page 49

The New York Times from New York, New York • Page 49

New York, New York
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THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, FEBRUARY 1, 1914 47 FICTION FOR FEBRUARY lt 4 frooa resre chllil," thers should ba If perfection be aJmsd at. Also and this ia the main point i-he reader's attention ia riveted from start to finish. What It there be aome read on who wish. In such itorlei, a style like roe'a, or, at least, the convincing air that Conan jDoyla knows how to conjure Into hla creations. What if Mrs. Green characters shiver and tremMe and faint and turn doathly white and confess Crimea and Indulge In cataleptic fits? What If thy never actually live! The fart rtrtnattu that they tangled up In euch a shroud of mysterious crime that there, ia no help for the reader until he lets the author tear it from them in her own rood time, drawl nit smilingly aeide, and exclaim: 'Tfow, dldyou ever think that the man who brained Mr. win not the loutish 11. nor the unllkahle but that extremely respectable Mr. PT I)lt you, now?" And, ten to one. you will have to confess that you did not. Dark Hollow ranka well with the irnod stories of Ita kind. Ita action li ewlft and terrible and sweeps the reader along Irresistibly that shortcomings of atylo and characterisation are eaally overlooked, or not even noticed. In the fascination exerted by a well-wrought plot. After all, where Queen Melodrama and her devoted handmaiden, Mystery, play their parts well, he who wants more may lay himself onon to a charge of ever-eaptiousness. And these two ant certainly busy In Kara Hollow." A word of sympathy must be said before turning the taat page In the book for that other well-known character of roelodrtuna. Uie long arm of coincidence. It receives a wranoh In this latest of Mr. Green's stories which. It la safe te say, will not be equaled in any book for some time, DAVll) LISLE'S STORY OF A STAGE HEROINE. TUB IKH'I. OC I.irK. OH HAT 1 UiVHT Hy lhnd l.ile. New Turk rrederh.k A. Blokes Company I'rtce, fl.35. THOSE who delight to conaort with tie beautiful women and cultured won ief oosmopolitan Tarlatan so ciety, to drift from the salon of the aria, tocrai to the sumptuous boudoir of the reigning stage favorite, who would re-gala their nostril with delicate odor and gratify their eyea only with the charming and exquisite thing that appertain to the wealthy aesthete and edocUc, will find pleasure In this new book by the author of The Painter of Souls." Ita garish splendore fairly rival the voluptuous and epicurean dreams of an Oscar Wilde, and provide a magnificent setting tor the primitive nation of a Gerome, the tender love of. an Isola, and the tainted Imagination of a decadent poet. The tango of characters la wide; It Includes a masterful Rusnlan frlnceas whoiio heart is kept warm by a buried romance; her protegee, an Innocent and refined young girt with dramatic ambitions and a longing for "experience;" a dissolute poet only too eager to gratify her gull. less desire, and the tine young Englishman, whose honest love win the day and eaves hi lady from the results of her aally Into the crude realities of stage life. A further motive In the complex plot of the novel Is furnished by the hopeless passion of Lev Bella Oerome, a great actress and a womaji of the most primitive type, for the poet Le Vesian. The author portray vividly- the unbridled nature of this woman, and the bitterness that enters bsr aoul when ahe discover that ae has overtaken her and that her marvelous beauty Is failing her. The openlnjr of the novel finds Isola, "Who baa entered the dramatic profession despite ail eg position, vainly striving to Interpret the part of a "Jeune fille of to-morrow aly, exaggeratedly vain. Immoral of thought before Immoral of action." In some Inexplicable way Isola proves a suueera with her audiences, although artistically she comprehends bar part not at all. Robin, the typical clean-minded English hero, tries vainly 1 win her front, what she consider bar career and llfework. Meantime, Do Veeinn, who would teach her the ways of his world, wooa her insidiously with his magic tongue, while the rapidly airing actress, spurned by the poet for this young girl, complicates the matter -by a tigerish Jealousy. Fortunately for the happiness of the hero, the poet, carried away by an Impulse of the moment, klases Isola' arm: the veil la torn from hur eyes and she suddenly realise the true significance of her aur-rounding In all their aordldneas and ugliness. La Iielle Oerome quaffs a poisoned drink, and thus the way la cleared for a' happy ending la the marriage of Robin. and Isola. It The Soul of Life doea not tiv up in aome reajpecta to I La title. If ita stylo tends toward the florid, and Its characters seem at times unconvincing, the novel Is one that proven neverthe-loss thoroughly readable anil provides thrttls that would affect even the most Jaded appetite. MISS STERRETT'S CLEVER FARCE COMEDY NOVEL THK fllRt By Frances R. Sterrett. Illustrate.1, New York: l. Appleten a Co. II, M. TO Miss Sterrett must be given the credit of having' produced one of the neatest and cleverest farce comely novel of the year. It Is concerned with tlie feud between two rival makers of Jam In a Western city, each of whom ha amassed a fortune from his potted conserves. One of them has a son who la a handsome, manly, likable young chap. The other haa a daughter who is pretty, (Ceattaaed wa Page "Masterly it iV 5 By W. 1. MAXWELL No mora powerfully construct-wd novel has coat wit of En gland far a long time. Portland Ontonian Al all Mwfliri. Pritt, $1.35 net WE BOBBS-Ml'MlLL TMJmt NEW BOOKS' OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ACCESSIONS TO UNITED STATES TERRITORY I Now Ready. PROF, WORCESTER'S NEW BOOK THE PHILIPPINES PAST AND PRESENT By DEAN C. WORCESTER, Secretary of the Interior. Philippine Insular Government. 1901-1815, author of "The l'hilippine Islands and Their People," etc This timely, valuable, up-to-date and authoritative work is of especial interest just now, as the recently appointed administration has again sharply brought up the whole question of our policy with regard to the. Philippine and their future. To imprest on the American people the exact truth of the situation, the primary object of the-Hon. Dean C. Worcester's new book, and title work will answer more quextions on the subject than any other. Profusely Illustrated with full-page plate. Two volume. 16.00 net. On Politics and History By vTaewas Marhv. O. ML a Important new work, a world-wide review of present soadlUeas and future presseeta. Cleth, SUM net. Theodore Roosevelt Aa AatobieTTfhy. Coleaei Itoeeevetrs Own Btory of His Lite. "A beek of extraordinary personal fascination MMhlf illustrated. $tM net. MEXICO The Wswdcelaad wf th NMih. Br Wllliaen K. Carton. A sew. revised and ap-ta-dato edition, S1 fins a timely and accurate picture of the eoiintry and the people. rrefaseiy Illustrated. gt.lS net. I A Woman Rice Planter By rmtlewcw rennleraw Introduction hp Own H'teter. "Every ens who read Uncle Tom's CaMn should read 'A Woman Rice It Li a large part of toe South uader the camera. tntv. frof asely Illustrated. t.S aei. The Countryaide Manual Tba Qirbe)i Cardra (iuldr. By rurker Thayer Barnes. The best, nroet compact and headiest' ar4sa aanuals published. Cletn. eeato art. Mothering on Perilous 17 jorj Tarraan. "Recalltnf Myra Keiiy. her narrative the diary of a teacher amon the mountain whites ef KsnturkV. Is fascinating." lUoatraee. IM aea. The Treasure gslhleea Narris's New Kevd By the Author of "Mother." etc. A aew aovel br this paaalar author, tedeteat acaia of the home atmoepfcere. lUastraeesV UW stei. SANDY S. K. Creekett's New Navel. Br the author ot "Pater." "The Btlcklt Minister," te. A bare time aa captivating aa Mr. Crorfcett y.nvloua attraeUve heroine, "fe'-ay lilaeteated. t.I ae. VAN CLEVE Mrs. Watts's Mew Novel. Br the Author of vNathan Burke." etc. "Not nine- but praise far "Van CTere' aaother trite, red-white-ead-biue American story sweet, Cloth, fi.SS aae. LEADING IIEVIEWEIIS UNANIMOUSLY DECLARE THAT HIS NEW NOVEL THE VALLEY OF THE MOON IS THE BEST STORY EVER WRITTEN BY JACK LONDON the versatile author of clever and popular tales, intruding "THE CALL OF THE WILD" of which book alone over half-a-million copies have been sold. The Valley of the Moon' as winning, as genuine an idyi as one can desire the atmosphere of the open that teals and brings contentment. American to the core picturesque, wholesome, romantic, practical. AT. Tribune. "A chant of triumph rapturous hymn of raise." Jndionapoli New. "The most broad-aitaded and well-balanced story of Jack London's fathering. Chicago Inter Oetan. "The best story that Jack I on don has written." Won Colored frontispiece. SMS net. Published st 6 l-tf Filth Arenas, N. T. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY Oa Sals Whareeor Beek Art Sold i Areeatl ike penoealit ef Nssaleea Iktne chapters ef Hutery wkUh sfters CMitsry itni featk their hlisdisg drsM spea taHkind. Ts know liiwe iceast wit. Pr.Lere Is ssler (real espertesce Beacon Lights of History More than Volumes Sold A VIVID. anrMrat. illumlnatlne and ati-thnrltatlve pen plrlure of the Uvea, the thtntehlx; the eelone, the aeele ft the ereat tnen and eunwn who have made the world what we see It Imlsy; a faerlnal-I nit narrative that riui tee attenlina. Therm the Itnaslnatlon, Ineplrea n.iUe Im-ituleee. ene-taln aa thotish It were a m-innr. fille the storehouse of the tnlnd with the rreat ents that hare ehap i the Uvea mun, net lens and dynast taa. This hletnr. Ic ill maeieriiler-e has lwm a aeueeeliy In Altixrlraa hot nee in theen enlumea are all sroet evenie from the tl9 (rtmfm lue the prvenl, aevlnatlns. In-ntriK'tlve ntil InKplrlnir. mm mm tit AM ew Idea in nistory Writing AsJ si st the Meet IrilUal Fsitiea To lr, tJld every fnml event, eery die tliHt ailveni.wenl, hae been shaped hy eoirut In Jlvlduttl h- louitie fur Imt hl lyord trll the elory of three timn, shows the cnedltlone tinder ahteh they la. tared, detnotislralee what they n-rwmtHehtid. end hnw the afteited thnlr II end HUt'tetsllns til loin lie (Itee an htaiory. ant at the ordinary dry sort, tit en clajolf led. so humanlxed, so Infused with the life blnnd ef a world hero or Immortal heroine, that It cannot he (ur-tlen. Ttie wnrld's vreet then and wotnea era his "Iheumtt Ushls." aCT il A TTrt 1 I iMU AiaerMel l.ywuui Ahhatt. It. rfdller -Th, OMIInefc- "Ksrllenl for any one who wishes te hecenw aoaualnted alth Important epuohe and important persmlliles ef history. NewrU llwlsht lllllle, l. Hr Cfcareh, Bnmotsmmym "1 have read la e. on lJht' with Inlenes iDtorast. These Voiantss are Indlsneneahln." Wllllaa li. Maxwell. etperraeewoVet firm 'n-a labile Uihmolm: "To read arxl Fi'tn-lrehend this work cannot fall to broaden the mind. iiHTeeiee the einre of knflwlehre. as wtill aa elevate the understanding and the moral tone. I take rreat pleasure in recom-mending It to my frllnw-teachere." Mart Vivid Hiitory Ever Writtea Have ea area Ugypt rearlne her pyra-mid' Have yaw leehrd ueun Aeeyrla. Ilntiyloata snd ferela rlelne to their e. nlih, pour forth their rattianee and then sink lata ebllvloa Have yaw anarheel Creare. her rhleeled templee rrownlns a thousand hllle. her eeniue endowlns the a erld Haa Kerne raw a hefitre yea pre-eminent, her laws supreme, her army in vlnrlhle. her science mature, end then under the frtver af luaury sunk Into deeayT Have yew lived throuab. the cruelty of the middle afesT Have yon thrllhed over the ramanre at the aire of chivalry Hare yea walenea the ennobling Influence et th lUnaissanrst Have you stawd by ss France received her baptlam of blood Have yaw eeew that tloduiiled aroup of falrots draft the American t'mntlitfon? you would quicken your pulee. enlarsa your hur lean, auitlvate your Imagination, sttmitlate yrme petiiotlsm. read IIEACOS 1JUHTS. rirteew KtisMIr Octavo Vol-eaiea Bis thiaeaatf l'aea Haperbly 'IIIhs-traied. Great Price Concession to Readers of This Announcement Owtns to apertal arreement we art fnrtunw ia belnc sbM to effw "Beacon LUht ef Hlrtort" at mich a knr ertce aa to make it simply irre-latlhle. We are ant pel sill led tn publl.h the pcii-e Brown-eat, eat will ke proaifHtjr malleel to all omhIIbs the eouann. and mrm etll Ull how you rau yet the eet en first paymeM of II fi rtamlna-llen. and hew yau ran retem If yoa lo net 1U It. at how yet, can pay for on sevell monthly aew eats. 60-PaxeniuitraledBeok-FREE Tlsiav takir. Sieaey have bees earat eaitlnt-. lasly is tka pniaratlea et thle keek snettnea paeea, Mievtratleaa aa4 ent. MS bcMt tmrlflM werk et tkta eart aae wmfm mm Se tettlee la "Peeeeo thilita," ex I yea will 'tee It eitwwele tae aeS wH wertk eevtes. CUT OUT lilt eel the aew aa ea '6" way at least tt ss ISes el tk TOOAV wanaen ef "Seeeee tllt." nlerwetles Me ylt ii( Ceases salleltara. veaeea Jnha ttnlncr JoU O-iscy AJi AaaSM eV Ca. Pleeaa aull fme your hand- enm Im(ki4e ronialning vprt. nnirnu sem pe ttm "heren Ushts of lllatnn." Wlf with own- pMe tahi af condmia. dmrelptton kio'ttiis. aainiiai of IMumratuma. Alee wrue bu yuut A Hum Til ASsreM

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