The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1944 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1944
Page 11
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. JULY 24. mil CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION |PiJJ y »ta per line for consecutive utn' Ik Two lots ncnv American legion Hut. James coston, Osceola, Ark. ' T-17-ck-tf 12 ft, Brunswick cold drink box nt lialf price. Apply 41714 Ash St. i p«, «uy ......... Bo P*r Ua 9 per day ........ 70 , ....... iMoati per Une ................ UOo I Ada ordered for (him or §lx tunes a stopped before erpJretlba wfll •> charged Jor toe number of tlmts e Ml appeared aid adjustment of 111 made, IAU classified Adwrttsta* copy lUed by persona residing out- of the city most be accom- ed by cash. H«tea rn»y be easily Imputed from (he abore table. lAdyerttong ordered for Irregular p«rtloM takes the one time rate. I No rejponjslblhty will be taken Ir more than one Incorrect tnser- >n of any classified ftd. For Sale Westlnghouso electric range with wiring. Phone 3148. 1-24-ck-l Sinks, commodes find pipe. Arlan's Junk Yard. Phone 2890. 7|117-pk-8|n Newly overhauled F-30 Farmoll tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog disc harrow. lee Wilson & Co., Armo__ rel. Plione 2088. B-22-ck-tf Registered Hereford bull. Old enough for service. J. C. Buchanan, phone 578 or 3335. 7-7-ck-7 •*"^^Wv-^x^i^^^-w*^«^™ For Rent For Sale leautlful 42" Suction Pan; well I built, ready to go. Phone 2009 I from 8 a.m. to C p.m. 7(22-pk-29 Jelco Cabinet Radio and Simmons I Couch, with.chair. Phone 2997 af- |ter G p.m. 1j21-pk-25 Offlco In Ingmm Building. Inquire «t the Parkhurit Co. <. U-30-ok-H Iry wash wood. $3.00 1 Phone C3B; per load. 7j22-p!t-26 llack. & .white pony. I new saddle and bridle. IBerryman. Phone 2493 1st. Practically Billy Sam East Main 7-21-pk-25 lup-Therm oil heater; and Boy's ] Bicycle. Phone 3160. 7]21.-nk;-25 Illch Qbat. Gives over 1 Gal. per I day. 302 N. 1th St. 1|21-pk-28 Experienced cooks and w&ltraws.' Apply Hotel Noble. Ifl-ck-tf llST YOUR PROPERTY with H 10. CAMPBELL, 120 S. Second. [Phone 446. We get results. 7-3-pk-4 I room house with hnth; also, 3 Irreuc? house and water corinec- ItIRS Mrs. Herh Thompson, 1005 |Vft..Pfne St. - 7|21-pk-8|21 •icture show, small town near Bly- 1 thevlllc. Will sell with or without I equipment. Write Frank, 1211 w Main, Blytheville, for appolnt- 7(2l-pk-25 —^ _ •arm, 4 miles Southwest of Osceola, Ark. 420 acres, all in cultivation; I 160 acres alfalfa; 7 acres pecan I orchard. Route No. 3, Box 224, I Osceola, phone 4BQ. 7jl9-pk-2G limit?. Trailer 21 It. long. Will seat 4, in fair condition. Can be seen I across slreet from Mississippi I Canning Factory, Osceola. 7|19-pk-2fi Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Fornitore Co, jlectrlc table radios cheaper at The 1 Radio Hospital. 204 W. Ash. 7-I2-pk-8-12 lice' 4-room plastered house with 1 bath. On Holly St. Price $3650; I See H. C, Campbell, 120 S. Second. 'ucebred registered - Buroc h'red gilts. Bred to out standing boars for September litters. Prices are reasonable. J. C. Buchanan, i«m 2 1-2 miles ^y• on Hwy. 18. Phone 578 or 3335. 7-7-ck-7 Iliree used A-C Combines; one practically new. Write or call E. B | Gee Cotton Co. Phone 2026. 7|l-ck-tf iothing finer than Haviland ] China for the bride. Planters Hardware Co. 6-28-ch-2P I! inch window tan blades. Build lyqur own fan. Blytheville Ma- I chine Shop. Phone 2828. 6|23-ck-tt -Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts, [poultry and dairy feeds. Custom I feed grinding. BlythevlllR Grain & J Elevator Co. 6-10-ck-tf lor farm bargains In Southeast Mie- 1 sourl write or see W< E. GUSTAF- I SON, Farm Sales, Clnrkton, Mo. 0-8-pk-8 Announcements [The Courier Newa Sa« b«n I Ized to mmnmc* th« foilowle* •indldidra. «ubject to th« Demo- |at1o primary In Auciuf STATE REPHKSKNTATITK AtENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. a) W. J. WTTNDERLICH (lor re-election, Post No I) J. LEE BEARDEN ' (for re-election, Post No I) LDCIEN E. COLEMAH K. O. "GENE" FIiEEMAN (Post No, 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNEY IVIE C. SPENCER MARCUS FIETZ (For Re-election) JAMES C. HALE SHERIFF AND COUXCTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUt)DY) WATSON COUNTY TREASURER E. B, (8KEET) 8TOUT MIBS BELLA PURTLB . COUNTY TUDOI m> KOLAND GREEN ' (for re-election) nWlGHT H. BLACKWOOD CIRCCTT COURT CLERK HARVEY MORRia (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W.'POTTER (for re-election) Spring and Summer TUN6-UP I Save Gasoline . . . Saye jTtres. Get All-round Bfttter Performancel T-L$EAY»IOrORCO. r»rt, * |m Typewriter. Phone 3160. Rooms for men. Atkins. 6[30-pk-30 Wanted Salesman wauled to represent us in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arbnnsns. Guaranteed salary and commission, CAIRO BISCUIT Co. 1001 Washington Avc., Cairo, III. ,7-24-ck-ltl Wanted to Will pay 20C per aoz. for wire coat jng«rj.Hudsoc Cle&neri. Wanted To fierit or 5 room itnfurnlslied house. Coach Green, High School. 7|2Q-pk-27 Furnished Iioiise or duplex with ball); three rooms or more. Phone 259S. . 7|18-pk-25 Strayed Red Jersey rtniley cow, weight about 900 Ills. Shannon Burr, North Gl, near Buchanan's Grocery. 7j2I-pk-25 Lost Ladles Butova wrist watch, with broken gold band. Reward. Phone Air Base, extension 333. Grimes Was a Sharp One HOBBARDSTON, Mass. (U.P.) — Local history saj'.s jjphfaim Grimes, whose air was cropped in 1790 for countcrreiting in Hubbardslon. al- ys, JvA.'lted ..his money's worth. Tile story is told Hint he once went into n store and asked the price of enough ribbon to reach "from car to ear." When told "a few cents." he said: "Begin to measure off. I have one ear here mid they , have the other in Worcester." Army overseas mail reached a record peak in May, according to tile War Department. FOB BALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Osc«ol», Ark. Roaches, Rats and Mica, eliminated. Contract service In pest control. Diddle Exterminators Free Estimates. 115 8. Third Phone *751 WINDOW GUARDS anil METAL WEATHERSTRIPPING Now Available. Phone 551 For Estimate. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. WE FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVH YOU MONCT STEWART'S Drif SUr e M»te * L»k» Pkwt Effil JUVENILE ACTOR HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured juvenile actor, 11 Lyric poem 12 Ego 13 Provide wild weapons . H Hollywood's VERTICAL 1 Toward 2 lAumiat 3 Transaction 4 Bone Born 1 Ughl face ' ' (abbr.) 8 Sensible *" 9 Nalive rnetal 10 Ne\i- Mexico (abbr.) 15 Portal 19 Raced '22 frozen water 10 Measure of cloth 17 Single 18 Measure of area 'i\ Late Amor- lororuu '""I?. hu »">rist 17 Smell 22Irldium 18 Mimic . (symbol) 24 Dance step 26 High card 27 Come in 29 Speed competitions 31 Hough lava •32 Pint (abbr.) 33 Couples 3fi Small i particles . 39 Tavern - 40 Rodent ; 41 And (Latin) -•42 Not high '43 Knock 4 5 New York i Cabbr.) i«BIte 47 Bachelor of I Arts (abbr.) ; 49 Was seated :51 Honey maker ,52 Operatic solo ;54 Bright color f , j56He!spne of *"«•• Ul 23 Things 38 Pig pen < Lalln > -12 In place of 25 Discolor 44 Portion 2flffc Is a youth-4G New (prefix) hil 41 Exist 28 Auricle 48'iVice SOUkoly 50 Beverage 33 Dessert 51 Per 34 Insect 52 Silver 35 Quit • (symbol) 30 Exclamation • 53 Near ?7 Male E5 Doctor (abbr. WeWHIPayUpto CEILING PRICE ,/ For Good, Clean USED CARS Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 Have Equipment Fixed Now— PAY NEXT FALL Hiive (raclors and farm implements overhauled and repaired fVOW while parfs can he secured and our shops can do the work • . . I)ON*t WAIT FOR THE RUSH SEASON. We'll take fall billing on the charges. Delta implements, Inc. | Gin Supplies AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as complete as during pre-war times! Put your plants in shape for Fall NOW. \VK GIVK SERVICE—«all us day, night or Sunday. * Belting * Belt Ucc / Steam Packing * Pj pe Fitfihgs All Size Pipe * Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Gummers Hubbard Hardware Co. Serving Blytheville 25 Years NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me fo> CB€ck-up without cost or obligation. EATS, MICE AND ROACU CONTKOI. f GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP lit E. Kefiloeky Phtne DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-3:00 Clinic 514 M«Iu Blytherille, Ark. Phone 2121 We Specialize In Repairing Ford Cars & Trucks MOTOR.' Tune and Adjust New Rings, Sleeves and Bearings. CHASSIS.' Rebush Steering and Front System. Repair Brakes. BODY; Straighten, Refinish end Paint Damaged Metal Parti. Phillips Foremost Ford Protective Repair Service Tel. 453 Walnut at 5th OLIVER FARM EQUIPMKNt Bnl« and Herrtoe HARRISON AV1TO 1>AIIT8 CO. S17 W. A«U ritone Z5SS B«n*» 8ELI, KB THE PUHNIIUXR VOB ARK NOT UBINO (.r tuhl Alto Liberal tnit-ln »lltw»m»» tot fBtnltan'tn itw, Ahin R«rdjr ftm. Co. HeWgeratlon Service F. W. TATUM Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Olc Hickory lnn| Atn« fr.m HUh Plenty of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE HANUFACTCRING CO. Phone 2911 Elmer Canntnghui Tire ft Tabe Repair C»tUo Bell «.E, * B. Hwr. (1 (F«r»Ml7 with Encler Ac. ru.) PRESCRIPTIONS . FreihMt Stock Guaranteed Bc8t,Prie«i Kirby Drag Stores USED A R S Guaranteed O.P.A. Ceiling Prices 19-11 MBRCURY C.Hipp. Mnronn Finish, K{|iilp|)C(l with Rrtdlo, Seal (.'overs, J!M1 License. Ti Good Tin's. Coilinit Price— $132424 1!M1 FOKD SUPKIt DUI.rXK Tudor, llnrlior (Ircy. finoil lluhher nil nnnintl, Many Kxlnisj Celling I'rU-i 1 — $1147.50 1011 CHUY'SLKR ROYAI, -l-Door. Mentor; Kltlid Drive, Good Ictililier. I,«.SH Tlinn Ceiling— . $1595.00 1011 BU1GK SUPER 4 Door Sedan. Aftiroot!. Radio, Hcnlcr, Sent Covers, i, t!M4 License, CelllnK Price— $1696,37 10.11 nODfiF, [.UXlltlY LINER 2-Dnnr. (Jrecn. Healer, Fluid Drive. Strictly a city driven car. Ceiling I'rlce— $1364.25 19,'lfi FORD JfOHDOR. Fair HtiMicr. $195 Many Other Can—All Mako, All Moduli LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Blytheville OPtN DAY & N/Tf Phone 578 Hare Fan & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Bummer. New Location] 16 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stftlcup Phone 2893 or UN J. LOUIS CHERRY RepreMntlnf NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO, e, Ark. VLT.KY OOP AttEV OOR BUNKING HIS FRIENK Of/\0 \ IH JERUSALEM, WfNT OHIO [JKN-GEBER CKIWS SCHOMOfC RED 5EA KW...DHBRON-' iON AND 6itAK BOOn fOUND lilt fttP • HE PflfiKfD, AND ROARED ^_ _ Goes Thocc? ^VVEIL.NOW iiwrX IIEC^ WEVE F5CAPEI),WI/lT\WlfH OOP.'If! ARE WE 60IN<! Iff: HAPNT fll/N OFF, WE VVOOLPNT Hy V. T. HAML1N TO OO qg;.... .>'JSl... —, r .fo^lk f"; snns, OSCAR! wist WE CONCRATUL^TtO OJftSEWtS TOO SOON— [HE WITH THAT FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS pTR. UKET IS E5U22IM& WITH ACTIVITV. WMEM THE MOS STRUCK GOLD THEV STARTED A MINIATURE- • GOLD RUSH MO eyeRVMDy is tRViWci To Buy KE SlTf LOTS ! 9 \ 7- II Souiula Solid By MERRILL BLOSSBI) AMD IF ^ HM.F -INCH OF TOE PROPERTY . (& WORTI i TEK» SUCKS, THE wi-oue i ^««m^ VJiOrfl. 1»U BY Htl StSVICC, 1-tC _T. M. BtC, U. j>. PA^OFf.?-?^ RKD RYDER Kin ply Houses By FRED HARHA^ THAT FUNt^Y .' EVERl WE GO, i^ WHERE/ EL f?HO- WE GO-UCV AND FIMD QU1 HERE'S .'\NXD1HER cmm •- ALL v.^^^oo5E .' A CALF- &LWNG TRIP ARRARl&A COJNTV.' WASH TUBES BY LESLIE TURNER_ 7 BLAZES.' I HERE COME V THEIR WM6J HAH! OUTCFHOWORA81E FIRE INTO HONORABLE WERE CLOSE ENOUGH TO TO ESCAPE ATTACK, ARE FOLLOWED 6V THE JAP PLANE-TO- PUNE BOMBERS SHt50r WITH -SOME-THIN' BESIDES A CAMERA; HOOTS AND HER RUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN 60 WE SVOKtoL VfflL WOWT 1WL\<'.', « \O OLft! '$$ -&i to? I

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