The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1949
Page 15
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' THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams RISHT APPKESS, BUT rrs THE DISHWASHER'S HAJvtDSVS OJ FOUNP-I HER -JEWELRY/ SeBVtfjrs 1 BLTTHBVrLIJ! (ARK.) COUKIWI NEWS Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hooplc PAGE FOR SALE Concrete cuJverU 12 inch U> 41 inch, pJaio oi reenforced Als* Concrete Building Hlorlo chrap cr than lumber tot barns, chicken houses. pump houses, tenant houses tool sheds We deliver Call us for free estimate Thone 69) OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. \ BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS? That's «hy you'll ^ sava yourself many a dollar •• by having jour shoes, repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us H-fl LTCRS Q':«L! T Y SHOe SHOP 1 2 ' W M O > S' S T For the ' Finest Prescription Service It . Wilh Flower* ™ E FLOWER SHOP <ilenco« «Dlldtn| Phone t4»] or mi *>*.' M*OOT»* 0*1 THIS -^83 ^*K, __ . _ .. *<8f SILK Wtf SOrXT TROW ^i TICKLISH ra RIO& ^ THE IS A BlOe-8LOOD AMD *JOT|[ yJiTrti WW A80UTA\ WITH J 0»Je OP fHOit TOHMO CAM $ RAS5HI06 fOURNftV Jf PLATO/ t EATERS FROM. <A -fo SE* *MiCrt .1^1 Sled IN THKEe.SIT OP/ "* \ A BACK) TILL T LA.TO £TS A LIL&.C THE STOHYt pnn*Ebl7 brcHUkr mt l-'rli* Kr«r- •tan. (•!! »r rnfrfry *H4 r», whajM • he Mn rrrenilj. 4:«.T»tl U Ike brrailwinarr (or brr f*M{lf •»« MtarrlHKc <• Harrv rAu!4 »»lre MUH; rrohlm*. HrMlde*. FrllB h«» »ol MtMCioMrd Marriage •• y*c JLYR. THOMAS HUDLT, who. *s Gaynel's boss, 'paid her a quite respectable salary each week (or her services as private secretary, was away again. He had taken his camera tip into the "wilds" oJ Canada, as much to escape the heat which had descended upon the city much sooner than expected, as to shoot more film for his collection. Gaynel had put in a busy week; the heat had left her practically limp. So she did not mind when Fritz turned up at the office to inform her that he was broke—and could not take her .places this evening, as be had promised. "It's loo warm to go dancing, anyway." Gaynel said, covering her typewriter. "l«t's just go somewhere and sit; that would suit me to a T." Fritz said, "Me, too. We can hold hands and look at the moon." He stopped .his reckless pacing and plunked himself down in a deep easy chair, heaved a huge sigh. "I still can't make out," h« told her. "why you don't get me a job in this joint If you think this li work, you should have been hoofing it around this dump all day in my number elevens." "I suppose this is a snap," Gaynel said, slamming a drawer with a vicious bang. "This place has been a madhouse all week with Mr. Hudlt leaving before he had intended, with all sorts of matters left hanging fire. And it'« even too hot to hold hands, thank you. And there isnt going to be any moon. 11 feels as though there's going to be a nice thunder ahower instead." ."There, there!" Frit?, soothed, adopting a wheedling tone and quirking one eyebrow at her. "Don't snap my head off, gorgeous. Just because I envy you your squashy joft berth. Besides, you don't have to slave from nine till five, you know. Not with a boy friend like yours." "II you mean you . , ." JjE held up a restraining hand. "Vou kimw better than 'that. I'm not offering to take on any more than I've already got. Why that silly little old hat you're plan- runs lo perch on the top of your pretty nut would set me back plenty. I mean His Nibs, Toots The Motor King. It you'd like advice, as I told you long ago before Id met him. the night he stood you up ... remember?—I'd honestly advise you not to marry him, truly 1 would. He's a nice enough fellow, but life with him in spite of its comforts, would be stuffy overstuffed, if you get what I mean." "I gel you," Gaynel said. She pulled the silly little hat further over one eye. She could not afford to look dowdy. Fritz could, and did. He did not give a boot, to use his own words, about clothes. He would have called on the President wearing that old twetd coal and those dark trousers that didn't match, his blue tie that made his eyes even bluer, if possible. Barry had perfect taste, quiet yet outstanding. Gaynel turned from the mirror, picked- up gloves and her purse. "When I'm ready for advice. I'll come to you, since you're 10 generous and so overstuffed wilh it." Fritz eyed her respect/uHy. There's one thing about it." tie said. "Heat or no heat, whatever your status in life, you always manage to knock a fellow's eye out, gorgeous. You look limply staggering in that whit* linen get-up.- This white linen get-up," the told him severely, "cost nearly three times as much as my silly lilllc old hat. But where are we going?" * • • scratched his head. "Where can we go without cash? I doubt if 1 could even lake you to the Automat." His grin was rueful, but not the least apologetic or embarrassed. When he was in funds he spent high, wide and handsome. When he was broke that was simply that. "I suppose we could go out home," Gaynel suggested none too enthusistically. The Litlle Theater Movement had so taken over the house by this time that asylum was no longer Ihe word for it. This was the last week of rehearsals. "We couldn't talk out there," Frit? objected. "1 feel a talking mood coming on. And your mother makes me feel as though I were a foreigner, wilh this name ol mine she can't remember. And one of these clays f'm positive Clipper a going to take a meal out of my shins for having brought Punch and Judy into his life, and undoubtedly your Barry will be hanging around. . . . I'll tell you what!" He looked as though he had hit upon an inspiration. "We'll go out to The Goat's Nest" "The Goat's Nest?" "The Goat's Nest K where 1 hang my hat," Fritz enlightened her. 'But I can't go to your apartment," Gaynel objected. Emily would pass out, if she ever found it. out. Barry would be justified in scolding her. 'Listen," Frili assumed his patient expression. "I'm «, broke you'll have to bring your own etchings,- And although my intentions are not strictly honorable, let me assure you [ never take advantage of a lady unless she asks for it," Gaynel gave him a look. "Don't be a sap." "It's you thal's acting like one." Fritz took her arm and steered her toward the elevators. "You'll be overly chaperoned, before the evening tm over, anyway. 11 that's what's eating you." <T. Be ConU.ned) In England It's rh« Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blyrheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Afore than » hundred kinds o birds have become extinct In the last 200 years. RENT A CAR Orife Anjwhrrt Too Plrmst Simpson Oil Co. Priori. 937 John and mother get along fine now. She told him he could poy off a || his ba( , k Mh ouf of h ; t earnings wifh «, ^n from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." SHRUBBERY We ode- ii complete line ol stark landscaping plants and trees. Order now foi Pall planting Slark's 131 vears experience In this field assures your getting the most (or your moniiy. Allow us to give yon « (ice estimate Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES COMPANY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERfiILL BLOSSEB Come Righl In _ -.-. GONNA SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS vAtN "Hare comes my wife again and I bet she's going to ask m« about buying tomething—I've been telling her for yean not to call on me during business hours!" I'RISCII.l.A'S POP IT'S HANGING IN OUR LIVING ROOM! COME C AND I'LL SHOW MX) i 1'tirt'ly (.•(lincUlcnlal HY AL VERMEER Ul O •S T U D E B A K E R New Low Prices On GOOD USED CARS COME BY AND SEI FOR YOURSELF J947 Mercury 5-Pass«nger Coupe 1942 Kord 5-l'assenger Cwup« 191! Ford Coup*. 19(0 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan ' Good Farm Trucks For Fall- 1916 Chevrolet I'/j-Ton Truck 1946 Dodge 1-Ton ['ickup 1»I6 Ford 1-Ton SUke J912 Chevrolet 1'/ 2 -Ton Truck 1939 Dodge !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Chamblin Sales Co. TUDEBAKER k CAUGHT HIM! A ME AN-LOOKING FISH JEEPS! HE'S A KILLER- DILLER, ALL R1GMT BY MICHAEL O'lHALLEY and RALPH MESSED IISTIMf [GOT LUCY MIKED UP IT. I GUESS THIS IS THE CHRISTOPHER 15 I r IT US£D WHAT HIS WWE IS.J f TO Bi HE ^ ~ CHANGED OOE NAME TO BIECV AFTEB MOlMfR DIED WASH TUBES Now Gig Wonders BY LESLIE TURNER 1 THOUGHT ^EW'^t^L^^^^'^'^T KNEW SOME -^. n.k MEETING IsfifMMIP TIBM5E TOO&S! HATE TO LEME HEE. LIKE THIS, BUT SHE: *li|4TS. POOe KID.. CA.UT DUDea- STMID »U WJRTIMO HtE. FEELIUGS THIS WAV: 1UTAXE A CAB OUT UTER.'gy/" RUT HOWl / o me JAW SOMETMki STORKS, MISS SAK&... . LET HE OUT DOWNTOWN BUGS BUNN\ BUT aussy AIN'T ^->i—J 1 Lm^FD kl/Tr u/ijw rr \ I LICKEP...NOT WHILE PICTURE -,_ , REAPY * A -( T'MORROW,OOC. BY V. T. HAMLIN WOW.' WHAT A KICK: r HOPE WE &0T UP OFF TH' MCKN JH*TS GCOO.' BUT ^ TCVX CUT OF <7UE FUEL LOAD. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Now Dud Takes Over BY EDGAR MARTIN TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beirire or Fraudulent •peratora! Use the protection afforded by the State and rfemand a licensed operator. Experienced. Reliable. Termite* Household Pest* Btjtheville's only licensed / operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. 1. Box »-W. Fart Maht SL Phone 3792

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