The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, 'APRIL 4, 1950 Displaced Persons Debate r>'" •!'"' i% ; '• ' : "••'•' rt* •!•!•• • oils Down to Eligibility WASHINGTON, April 4. (AP) -4 Senate debate over a bill to admit! more war refugees Into the United (states centered today around • the question: Who, are'to be.classlfled as displaced.persons? , Opponents of legislation recommended ,by the .Seriate'" .Judiciary Committee contended it would break down the present 'program ^changing the definition of DP's vlQlncIude 8,000,000 person of German ancestry driven from their homes In Eastern Europe after the war. ,-..,•.A substitute measure offered by 18, Republican and Democratic senators would retain the present definition under which only rc- fugees''who are the concern of the International .Refugee Ortfanizition would be eligible to enter this country as displaced persons. Difference in Bills This is one of the major differences between the two bills, which have stirred up a strong dispute since, they were brought before, the' Senate Feb. 28. Debate on them was resumed la ; t Friday after beinjr sus'ienderi March 8. . The Senate has agreed to start, voting on the legislation at 2 p.m. tomorrow and stay in continuous session until It and all amendments are acted on. The present law, passed In 1D18, provides for the admission of 205.000 DP's before June 30. The committee bill would Increase this to ! 320,000 and ' the substitute to 339,000. Sponsors oi the substitute argue that the committee bill would keep, and even strengthen, some provisions of the present law that President Truman and others have said discriminates against Jews and Catholics. :• •'• fc Chanced Drflnllion Hit ^lowever, they' directed most of their fire yesterday at its changed definition of displaced persons., Senators Lehman (D-Ub-NY), H. Alexander Smith (R-NJ),''Snl- tonstall (R-Mass) and : 6'Cbnor (D-Md) contended that the committee measure would disrupt efforts to solve , the problem .of • Iro refugees—that Is,' those" within, the care of the United Nations Orga^ nizatlon. ' ' Smith argued that the German expellees must be. treated as-a separate problem,-that their inclusion In the DP program would swamp the limited Immigration quotas even under the proposed increase In admissions. , Supports of the committee bill .did not take the floor yesterday to answer their critics. They may be holding their Jlre so as to make the closing arguments before the voting starts. Flier Takes High Rood to Win Out Over Pony Express ST. JOSEPH, Mo., April 4. OT— A flier took the high road yesterday and beat the earthbound Pony Express to California by 241 houra and U minutes. On the 90th anniversary of the start of the first ride by the famous mounted • mall - carriers. U.' Col. J. Byrne Logan flew over their.route In four hours 49 minutes in a B-26 plane. It was 1.44S miles. .'. .. ... The first Pony Express riders delivered mail to the western terminus at Sacramento. Calif.. In 246 hours. That's six hours more than '10 days. . Tlie flight was made as part of a celebration' marking restoration of the original Pony Express stab- les here. ... BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Navy Denies Any Connection With Saucer Shaped Missiles WASHINGTON, April 4. </?>}—The Navy says, to » comment oh the latest flying wucer report; (1) It has not developed any pancake- shaped Jet planes aild (2) It Is not experimenting with any saucer- shaped missile. In fact, the department reported through a spokesman, the nearest thing to a flying saucer It ever developed has not. flown since 1947. , The spokesman was commenting last night on an article In U. S. News and World report' which said "ngineerj have concluded that the ft-reported saucers are Jet-power- d planes of a new design develop- d by the navy. The magazine said he saucers may have sprung from xperimcnts by Charles H. Zimmerman for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. At Langiey Air Force Base In Virginia, Zimmerman said he worked on an experimental pancake- hoped model plane during the war —this was the one the navy said they flew last In 1947—but he lidn't regard it as a forerunner to .he flying saucer. EDSQN Continued from Page 8 tal cost as an Investment of $ This is more than five times bigger than Sen. Brien McMahon's $80,000.000.000 five-year plan. The Public "Affairs Institute experts say that this aid should be made available to all countries, regardless of their position in the cold v.-ar. The goal would be to raise the incomes of people in these underdeveloped countries at a rate ol 2 per cent a year. •'; • The counter-objection to all'such planning—forcing advanced civilization on people before they are ready for 1U—is that It Is not realistic. Pittsburghs, Detrotts and TVA's can't be built overnight, and It takes a,.generation or more to train people to run them. "There persists/ too, among many students of population, a belief that trying to raise the standards oi backward people too fast only causes their birth rate to rise faster than the land can support them This Is the theory of William Vogt author of "The Road to Survival," and for many years, an .expert on Pan-American development. Java and Puerto Rico are cited as prime examples of too-rapid development. Their populations h»Ye far outstripped their food suplles In some respects their problems are now worse than they were 50 to 10< years ago. What their experience seems to show Is that progresa In technical development must be made slowly. Sports for Barbers CHICAGO (AP)—Henry Kipphut, In his 50 years as a barber, has learned a lot about the con NEZT: Point IV u a propaganda weapon. tlonal inclinations of customers. "Nine out of ten," he says, '"' tp talk about sports.'' , like To conclude that It was, he said, was "obviously the wrong conclusion." NAOA officials said the mode] Zimmerman developed later became a navy craft known as the XF5, or "Flying Pancake." The navy said a full s ca|e experimental model never got off the ground. Radio commentator Henry J Taylor said last night that many flying saucers" really are U. 8. controlled jet, fighter planes. On his ABC broadcast he referred to the XF5U. He called It a navy experimental fighter of "incredible speed." it looks and is shaped like a pancake, Taylor said. He said a "saucer" seen over Montgomery, Ala., on July 24, 1048, by two Eastern Airlines pilots, really was an experimental Jet plane. In a broadcast from Dallas, Texas, last Monday,' Taylor said he thinks there are other Flying Saucers controlled by the 'U. S. He said they are of several types "but nobody is inside of them." .He said one was found on the ground in Texas. Disappearance JiDonayMay Je Suicide 'Hard-Luck Bixbys' to Fly On CALCUTTA. India, April 4. ,.., The globe-circling Bixby's—stopped 'y engine trouble in their attempt 10 beat the round-the-world flight record held by the late Bill Oclom— ire going to fly to Sun Francisco anyhow. The aerial husband-and-wife .earn, Bob and Dianna, hid their disappointment behind philosophic smiles totlny' as they were told t would be several days before ipare parts could be flown here for ;he needed repairs on their twin- engine Mosquito, the Huntress 11. They were well over half their journey—11,836 miles—when they were forced to turn back to Calcutta's Dumdum Air Field yesterday morning. And they were right on. the schedule they had set for topping Odom's 1347 speed record of 73 hours. The engine trouble began, Bob said, when their converted . British bomber was up 4,000 feet. Gaskets in the cooling system of the left engine burst and the plane was showered with anti-freeze fluid. "We knew we had to turn back," Bobz said, adding that their first reaction was to "get out of there as fast as possible and back to good earth." • . . • . Dianna was near tears when the plane landed back at Dumdum. But Bob comforted her with the promise that "we can try again." "We are the most disappointed couple in the world," Bob said. "Everything was going smoothly until this. It was no fault of the Mosquito, but—Gee, let's forget it." - The Bixbys are determined to continue the flight they had map- ed out. But the delay will be longer than they had expected because the spare parts may have to be flown in from London or the United States. , •, .The couple, operators of charter cargo planes at Santa Paula, Calif; )lan to hop next to Tokyo, across Red China, then to Midway Island, and on to San Pranciscc Hollywood Continued from Page 8 I've had to play. I'm sexy In this play, believe it or not. Maybe it's because I have a woman director, Marcella Clsney. She directs like a man, but she also cracks the whip at me. "That's what I've needed in pictures—someone to .Irlve me on lash at me. But male directors have always been afraid to." . * • Barbara Bel Geddes has combed the last of those pigeon-toed, immature girl roles out of her short hair and she's decided to play anything—no matter how short the part, she has a brlefie in "Panic In the Streets," but It gave her the opportunity to play oppslte Richard Widmark, and work wlthoui make-up. , . "I walked onto the wt all COT ered with goo," ihe wys. "Nobody eke had on make-up. I felt like a foolish leading lady. Ro I asked the director If I conld wipe the stuff oft and• he uld okay." A few days la'.er Barbara saw the rushes. "I looked better than I've eve: looked," she beamed. "I look hu man." Kellogg Heir Dies CHUTE, VISTA. Calif., April 4 CP)—John L. Kellogg, 66, heir tc a cereal fortune, died here yester dayot a cerebral hemorrhage. • i He was visiting a brother, Dr 3 Hash Amtsssae/orf ,-..-\... N^_, Not in any oilier fine car at any price can you get what a 1950 iS'asIi Ambassador offers! _You can jceil'sbig, but look inside! ThcNash Sky-Lonnge interioro/one has Twin Bed room ... and the're'U lugpge capacity double lhal of some fine cars! No other fine car— only Nasft— has Airflyle Construction —a welded body-and-frame that's double-rigid, free from squeaks and rallies. No other—only Nosh-offers top Tligh-Compreaaion per- fotmancc in a valve-in-head engine that uses regular gasoline*. No other—only Nash—has the streamlined design that 'Weather Eye Conditioned Air ... super-soft coil springs on all four wheels. . With all this; you will find thai America's Most Modern Fine Car, even in its finest Custom model, cos Is as much as a thousand dollars less than olhcrs. See your Nash dealer and get the ihrill of an Ambassador ride. Drive ends wind roar . . . the Airliner Reclining Scat ... ^ The best of all automatic transmissions, with neclusrre Nash Sclecto-Lifl Starling, is available as an optional exlra. There's no clutch, not even a starter bulton. Just lift a lever and go! Riot, l\f J9SO MM* ^^ Sblltandtixnllixrs fifa* r ) extra. /fydivJIMk!>*• nrailetbte on the iVa A itmttfim^at italrm «•*. JTJUM li-iftMUIire*. Aiilinrt Rfrlhtnf Satl «iW VmtWr En l THF*K'S MUCH Of TOMO*»OW IN ALL HASH DO t$ TODAY SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 So, Second — Blytheville LOS'ANQELES, April 4. ^r-x... irlff'i office today listed the puz- Ing disappearance of a convicted nce o a convced artime traitor as a possible suicide. Theodore Donay. 51, a Detroit Im- who served more than six orter -•»~i . ntiv irclltu I1.UIU Ulilll BIX •ars In prison for failing .to rc- jal the whereabouts of an escaped azi flier, vanished Saturday Kom atalina Island. His disappearance took s drnma- c twist as It coincided with the Ehttng of a mysterious submarine southern California coastal wars. However, authorities said they ad no concrete evidence by which o tie the two events togelher. 'ound at sea Sunday wns the 18- oot motorboat the German-born onay had rented from an Avalon ick. The boat was empty save for suitcase full of clothing. Slierlff'B Capt. uurner Brown estcrday released a not found in Deposits in Banks Equal Last Year's ST. LOUIS, April 4.' : «V-Total demand deposits In Eighth Federal Reserve Dislrlct banks remained at about (he same level M thta time last year despite a drop in fanner's accounts, the monthly Review of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis sulil yesterday.:' Demand cleixislt balances of financial businesses «nd city residents Increased to offset drops In bnl- anjes of farmers and non-financial busii.csses In the region. The lotnl Ht the end of January wns $4,200,000,000, the ieport stated. aid n n ay"s Avalon hotel room. Drown it indlcaled suicide. It read i part: "I am living imder constant fear deportation througl the Detroit imlgration authorities. The out- ok for my future is a very dnrk ie. Goodbye my good friends and iank you so very much for nil the >od things ,ou did to me. Theo- ore Donay." ^arl Kellogg. His father, William K. iCllogg, Palm Springs, snld burial •ould be in Battle Creek, Mich. Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. FOR SALE Concrete cnlrerti, 1Z Inch to 48 Inch, plain oc reinforced Alau Cunrrrlr lluililine Hlniks clienp. e: than lumbei lor burnt chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, loo] iheds We deliver Call til for free estimate, OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Ol Breakfast Every Day at THE RUSTIC INN • Piping Hot Woffles • Hot Biscuits f • -' . • • . Breakfast Served Daily 6 a.m. — 77 a.m. NOTICE OF NEW KSTATKS ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BKEN COMMENCKI) Notice is hereby given that the following Is a list of estate's of deceased persons upon which Letters Testamentary or of Administration' were granted Airing the month of March, 1950 with the date of the granting of such letters and the name and address of the executor or administrator: No. 19C8. Estate of A. M. E'aync deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to Mrs. Mnry p. Vrlggler, 227 E-Main St. Paragould, Arkansas on PAGE EI.KVKN March 1, 1950. Witness my hand and *etl M such Clerk this the 3 d»y ol April, *950> "* . , , :: ' ' . ' ' * •' - ,'..:• Elizabeth BlyU», { Count; and Probtte Clerk "Say H Wit Biytheviil* FLOWER MART Memphis HlwEf PhMU M usr ro ClIAN... STATJ CIE4N 10NCH MORE BEAUTIFUL-BY FAR) CUSTOM-MADE TO FIT ANY WINDOW Builders Supply Co., Inc. South Hiway <>t There's a new performance .thrill with 1950 Mobilgas Special m the tank. Every drop of this super fuel is packed with eager action ... engineered to meet the needs of modern "high compression" motors. It's ihe combined result of constant, scientific research and advanced refinery methods ... a gasoline to enhance the luxury ride bjiilt into today's cars. 1950 Mobilgas delivers the smooth, even flow of power needed for today's effortless driving ... makes you doubly proud of the car you bought. Yet good as this great gasoline is, we're continually trying to make it even better. Progress is constant in this industry of ours and Mobilgas Special is Continually New! SURGING POWER: Swift, effortless acceleration with a smooth flow of abundant power wherever you need it. AMAZING ECONOMY: With 1950 Mobilgas Special, your motor is able to make the most of its fuel supply. Every drop packs a wallop of power. S k^x FLASH STARTS: Designed to fire at the touch of the siarter... motor comes 10 life with a smooth hum ready to go places... less wear and tear on battery, starter and motor itself. Mobilgas MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY

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