The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 19M THE EASTER STORY The Last Supper Drawn by John J. Sunley A tier supper, J«u* and the <i« clples went to the Mount of Olives, where, in the garden of 'Geth^mane, Jesus prayed three times,' while His disciple* slept, Rise, let u$ 90: behold he !s at hand that will betray me. rMaff. 76:46) Hawaii Preparing For Statehood by Constitution Draft By Sfun C'arlPr HONOLULU, April 4. </l'j—Like a girl liopcl'ul ol a proposal (rom "that" man," Hawaii began filling her hope chest today. 'That man" Is Congress. + Sixty-three delegates elected by the people of Hawaii convened today to piepaie the hope chest—a state' 'constitution. .They want, H ready If Congress invites the territory "to become one of the United States, "'.... The delegates Include doctors, lawyers teachers, \\I\PS, two pineapple company ptesidcnls, two labor union business agents and a bartender. Twenty-nine are Republicans, 21 arc Democrats, and 13 have not been: identified with cither party. Parties Crop Up The.election was nonpartisan, but party politics are. beginning to, become apparent There may be a tussle for potter. The convention is expected to last two months- The legislature has appropriated money to pay each delegate $1,000 Tor 60 days' work, The constitution drafted may not necessarily be the one under which Hawaii will be governed if it becomes a slate. The conventEoii iicL calls for a later election at which voters could ratify •• or reject the draft ; , ' The question of , apportionment •eems'td be the hottest/ Territorial legislators are chosen under an apportionment made when Hawaii Ire- came a territory 50 years ago. Oahu now has two-thirds of the population, but: the legislature is controlled by the other islands, Oahu,. however, has 36 of the 61 convention delegates. ^They are'de- termlned- 'on «Tari~ apportionment .which'would give Oahu control of state legislature^ Threats Advanced Some out-Island delegates have threatened to dynamite the work of the convention In the legislature If this . happens. It appears unlikely, however, that Gov Ingram M. Stainback will sign any bill intended to nullify the convention's decision. Some argument also is expected over whether the 'right, nf union organization and the right to strike should be written into the cbnstl- tution. None of the delegates may dispute the rights, but whether they should be spelled out has been raised as an issue. A similar question has arisen over whether to put on paper a stand against racial discrimination. Aide to Edison Killed in Wreck PASADENA. Calif., pril Death has taken Lawrence Holms, 84, who as an inventor once worked with Thomas A. Edison and ns an actor formerly appeared with Maurice Barrymore. Holmes invented a fclding bed and an auxiliary lens to enlarge motion pictures. He worked with Edison In the development of movie camera. As a young 'man, Holmes was a Shakespearean actor, • • r After inventing the folding bed, he built 156 .apartment houses, in west coast cities. Later he bought a 585-acre ranch near Riverside. He was bom in Oslo, Norway. Holmes was killed Saturday in an automobile' accident. Funeral services will be Wednesday in Glendale. Jet Fighter Radar Sight Now in Use bAS VEGAS AIRBASE, Nov., April -4. (>1M—A secret radar sight for -jet fighters, future models of which niny even fly (he plane, if being used In the air force gunnery contest here. Officials who disclosed r existence, of the electronic wizard said that it now does everything but fly the plane. The new sight automatically solves nil the fire control problems for machine guns, rocket firing and dive bombing, it can be used day or night against any target that reflects a radar beam such ns a plane, gun or ship. Known as the "A-LC", the device was designed at the Massachusetts Institute • of Technology and is being produced by Spcrry Gyroscope. The sight releases, bombs automatically at, the proper time. 'Death March 1 Reported for Syrian Mobs DAMASCUS. Syria, April 4, (/F>— Hashemlte Jordan authorities, have jailed a newspaper editor in Am- nan for reporting that demonstrators against, the coming Jordan elec- ;ions hail been forced Ln start a 100- mile "death march" from Nablus, the Arab section of Palestine, to Amman. The story apparently had been strictly censored in Amman, but a copy of the newspaper, Anhahda., reached here. The report of the arrest of the editor, Soubhl Bey Zeid Kcylanl, was vouched for here > a well-Informed source. According to Annahcla about 1,500 persons in Nabtus demonstrated Friday against the Jordan elections to be held Apri] 11 to elect anew) parliament. Sonic shots were '-. Cired but, no casualties were re|>orteri. Nnblus, In northern Palestine, Is claimed by Jordan's King Abdullah as part of his real. The newspaper give this account: Ringleaders of the demonstration were arrested.(They were forced to march over the rugged route to Amman with their hands bound. One |MM'son dropped dead and three others were "OH the point, of death" In a hospital when the march was called off after 50 miles of travel. CARUtHERSVILLE NEWS Hy Joan Douglass — Phone 3SO-J Lenvkk Is the capital of the Shetland Islands, northernmost part of Great Britain. Contest Losers Give Dinner The members of the Men's Study Class of the Methodist Sunday School enjoyed a dinner at the (lining room of me church Thursday evening. The dinner was furnished by members of the "losing side' 1 in an attendance contest which had been conducted for several week. The class had been divided into teams headed by A. L, Quinn and A. B. Rhodes, Mr. Rhode's group won hi the contest by two points. Attendance on the closing Sunday of the contest was 176. Mr. Charles E. Watson Is the class teacher. iMclhodist Circle Meets The Browcr Unit, of the Wesleyan Guild of the Methodist Church held their regular monthly social meeting on Monday evening of last, week. Seventeen members gathered for thi. meeting. Following a skating narty on the roller rink at Hay Li the group was served refreshments at Lee's Cafe by the hostesses for the evening. Hostesses, were Miss Margaret Mct- zcr and Mi,=s Jean Townsend, "Women's Council Convenes : Nine members of the Women's Council of the Christian Church were 1 entertained last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. S. Smith. A routine business session wa, conducted with Mrs. Let tie Nee ley presiding. Mrs. L. B. Grishnm presented the program entitled, "Friendly Visits Through Japan." Magazine Says 'Saucers' Are Real Aircraft Developed by U.S. Navy Kirthtlay Club Meets Mrs. George Burnett enleiiainet for members of the Friendly Birthday club and several guests a party at her home Wednesday evening. Following the routine business session the guests drew for prize/; since no birthdays occurred during the month, Mrs. Dorothy Lomnck received a hand made table mat and guest, prizes were presented to Mrs. Frank Baird and Mrs. Irene Kirk. WASHINGTON, April 4. (IPi-l3.\ S. News and World Report says here is competent evidence. thai 'lying saucers are real aircraft of revolutionary design, developed in the United Sinter The weekly news magazine for April 7. out yesterday concludes that the Navy is doing the development. CTnc Navy, asked about sucii >e- poils Friday, said It built only one machine of the general saucer shape, a piston engine aircraft, and It never flew. It said It never built a jet version.) Reporting what it calls the "real story" behind the welter of reports about such flying machines, the magazine says "engineers competent to appraise reports of reliable observers" have reached these conclusions: "Flying saucers, seen by hundreds of competent observers over mast parLs of the U. S. are accepted as real. Evidence is that they are aircraft of a revolutionary type, a combination of helicopter and fast jet plane. "They conform to 'well known principles of aerodynamics. Model Built In 1942 "An early model of these saucers «•?.<; built by U. S. engineers in If 1 ' 0 , arhli'ved more lhan.ino successful flights. "That project wa^ taken over by the Nnvy in wartime. Much more advanced models are now being built. ' "Just where present saucers arc beins built filso is indicated by evidence now available." The article says early model. 1 mining direction and speed. The magazine notes tliat »n Air Force Inquiry into saucer reports called off list December and says this "indicates clearly that top Air Force officials know where the saucers originate and are not concerned about them. The oflicial report on that investigation said all the evidence from hundreds of reports points to "misinterpretation of various conventional objects; a mild form ol mass hysteria; or hoaxes." Gangster to Btath BERLIN, April 4. W»— A 'teen-aft Ban* leader and three of hU comrades were sentenced to death y*«* terdajr (or t reign of terror they said »•« copied from the movie* and crime books. A court in the Soviet sector of Berlin imposed the 'death sentence on Werner Gladow, II, who said he jised Al .Cipone as his model in directing a band o( 64 thugs. The prosecution traced two murders, 10 attempted slayings and 11 major armed robberies to the gart(. Several tables of bingo were en- ! ™> re *>wll by engineers of the Na- joycd and prizes were awarded to ' twnal Advisory Committee for Ac the various winners. ronautics. | It credits the first u. S. mode' j to Charles H. Zimmerman of the Carce* Day Forty-five members of the 50 Caruthersville High School Sen- ' was"e lor Class were in Sikcston Wednes- ; ->:_*„., day for the anminl career which is sponsored by the Southeast Missouri Teachers Association. They were accompanied to Sikeston by two local teachers in thn high school. Miss Allendcr Emil Bocpple. Hits Fisli Sniiper The local fire department held In shape with two ri i driving it at a, tor aa >- speed between 400 and 500 miles an hour. More 'important, the article goes on, it had a landing speed of about 35 miles an hour and could its semi-annual - fish supper \ last Wednesday evening at he (ire station. The firemen, city officials, and a few others attended as guests of the department. Jimmy Stout, veteran jockey, has had seven mounts In the Wuicncr at Hialcah. and the best he has been nhle to finish is third. ....-., almost vertically, and | n wnat was described as an analysis of re]K)iis ' from observers the magazine says the machine 1 " are ox'cLly IC5 feet in diameter ar' 1 appeart to be about. 10 feet" thick. Guided by Engineer The article quotes a -'.'Ujp leve* government aeronautical engineer* as concluding the variable-direction jet engines supply power for b^th propulsion and maneuvering, the number of engines turned on, the angle to which they are turned, and the power applied to them deter- It's Easiest by Phone! For prompt personal service on either laundry or dry cleaning .just call 4418. We take pride in the personal care given to the washing of your clothes and (he spot less dry cleaning of your suits and dresses. 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