The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1946 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Common Man's Party Grows New Group in Italy , Sees U. S. as Having Model Government. ROME. June 26. (UP)—Gugllel- mo Glannlnl. political leader whoso Uomo Qualunque (Common Maui Party made surprising gains In the recent elections, said today tic favors an Italian government modeled on that of the United States. "I want for • Italy a system ot cheeks and balances and a division of the three powers of government —legislative, judicial and executive—Just like in the United States," he said. Giarminl once advocated the elimination of politicians from politics, but said today he could see no humor in the paradox that he is now a politician. He demanded that "professional politicians" be eliminated from the government snd that "experts" take their place. "The government is an administration at the service of Ihe citizen, who is the .sole proprielor ot the nation," he declared. "Proles- fcional politicians think they are the bosses of the country. The administrative experts render an nc- ecunt of their services to the citizens during and after their term of office." He said he wanted to attain tnc objective of the "administrative state" <\xe of those whose basic foundations is the division of government powers, as in the United States. Harmoniztr Needed "The three powers must be.har- monized by a siirpreme constitutional court, which should be the custodian nnd guarantor of the constitution," Gianninl said. "But its powers should be greater than those of Ihe United States Supreme Court. It should hnvc power to itnpcach and depose any government official—even the president GOVERNOR 'GETS PRESENT , " Gov. Ben Lanoy receives n Rift of (jardcn produce—first fruits of the Stone County farms ot Arkansas Academy. Five youngsters from the institution, n haven for homeless Arkansas children made the presentation nnd invited the governor to their first annual picnic July Governor heads Arkansas Academy's executive board. -of the republic when he falls In his duty or violates . the law." He said all Italy was watching his party's surprise showing In the recent elections. "The Uomo Quahmquc movement scored an unexpected success—I'J us not a surprise—In polling over 1,200,000 votes in the recent elections for the constituent assembly." he sold, "we are sending between 35 and 40 representatives; who will help draw the new Italian constitution." GIannt;U said the duty of his movement "Is not to be in the government but to exercise vigilance CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. List your property with me. My commission is 5%. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Of flee 120 So. Second Phones 446 or ZSS* Soviet Industrial Plant Bosses farce Mismanagement Charges USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. U you are going to keep your present car let us give you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body and painting. ' Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto and home radio* for sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. , CMC Trucks Phone 519 MOSCOW. Jlln e 26. Soviet press announced today a purge of factory directors, engineers and accountants throughout the country who have Ijcen faking production figures, receiving illegal bonuses, misappropriating fnclory funds and converting state property to personal use. The announcement was carried in all of the central Moscow newspapers and reported that the ministry of state control was carrying out the P»rge nnd committing the directors, engineers and accountants lo trial. The press reported that Uie "ministry of .slate control has examined the financial and economic activities of a number of enterprises, Institutions and organizations." The examination was said '.o have disclosed the illegal receipt I of bonuses by some individuals and the misappropriation ot factory funds and objects of value. The report cited i\ series af cases where factory directors, production managers and accountants conspired to fake production figures In order to gain Illegal bonuses. In other cases the individuals simply misappropriated funds ami articles. THURSDAY, JUNK 27, 194G (UP.)—The | The announcement listed whole series of cases uncovered by the investigation. One case was that of the manager of the "Russian Diesel" plant wh increased the list prices on spare, pails and the Inventory prices on spare parts produced last year, thus enabling him to show false production figures and distribute a big Ixmus. A second case concerned the managers of a coal mine who also Chicago Probes Gamblers' War Former Politician Questioned About Capone's Ambitions. CHICAGO, June 27. (UP)—A former politician wn.s lield for qnes. Honing today na imllce sought lo determine whether Scnrface Al Cn- pune still rules Chicago's underworld nnd seeks to dominate gnnib- Ini; nickel.s throiiehouL the nation. Clmrges Ilia I he does were made by Jnme.s M. lingon, Si-., 05, shot nil wounded seriously Monday nigin by gunmen who used a camouflaged truck to nmbusli his nuto- [nobilc. IliiKen, wealthy distributor ol i-aclna results, feared he would be killed for former Cnponc henchmen .sfekinu control of gambling. So on May 2 he (jave authorities a 98- PIIRC statement described as Ihe most, revealing document- ever compiled on Chicago's underworld. In the statement, Ragen cited evidence to show that Capone. notorious crime baron of uouilcij days, still controls organized racketeering through his licuVnant.s. The statement charged that Capone was seeking to muscle In on every horserace handbook In the nation. Rngen also charged that, former slate Sen. Dan Serritella had served as political "fixer" for Cn- pone's underworld syndicate. P.olicc took SerrHc'lla into custody. "If I'm wonted I'll f;o with vou, . but I don't know what It's all a' ntaout." he told detective.'; who ar- Harvard Law Dean in faked their production records order to boost bonuses. Another cited was the chief engineer, mr.nager and chief ac- counlnllt of the Metallurgical Equipment, plant. This group fnkcd production figures by including their returns equipment which was made before the war. rested him at his home. Ragcn's statement was released >v State's Attorney William J. TIIO- liy. It chni-gcct that the old Cjt; pone mob had sought control ol Hagcn's news service, which sup- piles racing results to gambling Joints. By seizing control of the racing information sfvvjcc, Ragen charged (hat the'capone "syndicate" sought control of handbooks and gambling houses in Chicago and many other cities. Tlii- betting establishments, lie pointed out, could not operate mui control over it." Political observers interpret this , meaning that Giannlni thinks for the present he can gain more strength by remaining in the opposition. "If after the constituent assembly ,thc Italian people send us to the ^parliament in 'larger nuinbeis, only v tjtcn ;wilf jve ; assume ; government,' responsibility." "' ''•' Uead Courier News Want, Ads. SOCIETY QUKNS or SCRUB WOMEN Rich or poor nllkc—this great medt- cliio IB /aij]0ti.s to relieve pnlu nrul nervous, tired. Irritable feelings, at 'certain tlnys'—when due to fcninle tmiclloiml mon. Lhly rilsturbrmccs. lYBIA f. PINKMM'S Edwin N. Giiswold. of Bclmonl Mass., 42-year-old Inw professor has been named dean ol Harvard Law School, succeeding James M. Landis. lie is ar. authority in Uie fields ol federal taxation and conflict of laws, and at 25 was special assistant to the U. S. Dolicitor general, prosecuting tax cases. without the racing service, which feeds results to handbooks in many cities. nagcn, who Is an Integral part of the gambling business but dors not gamble, drink or smoke, has resistance against the .syndicate. He was shot in the right arm Monday night when he stopped Mi silver-colored automobile at an intersection. An average of 2740 passenger cav.s were retired from service each diij in the past four years. Total number for fours years is about 4,0 000. Radio Service "I'lg" Anjel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .1. W. Adams, MKP. Phone 2071 ZOS-08 W. Main We Hove Move'd! Riales Land Co. Now Located in The Hale Building Across from City Hall Call or sec RUSSELL E. RIALES if you have a farm for Sale or Trade in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. Phone 3322 YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT IT . NOW IT'S HERE! L«l Aquella turn your wet, moldy cellar into bright, dry playroom, workshop or laundry . . . ke«p yoor home, garage, retaining wilb bone dry. $395 ' I>»S- Mlxtd witi 3 nl!. water, makes i p»i. rim coat COTen 10 to 70 iq, ft. pel gal.; ««cond caat 176 to BSD fl .ft. pet ill. AQUELLA . . I « Penetrates on application! • Fills evfrj- tiny pore! • Expands as il dries! • Hardens, improves with ag«! • Blocks any moisture step- age! • Won't ptel, Hike or rub off: • White finish ran be painted any color! The amazing scientific achievement that has created such a furore, it was recently written up in one of America's leading magazines . . . Read What Happened at Harvey's— Nashville's Largest Store! "We had an almost, insolvnble problem in our basement since we were subject to terrific periodic Hoods where the 'water would get as deep us 3 feet We hud tried two or three waterproofing agents, none of them at all satisfactory. Over a, year and a half ago . . we applied this Aquella to the inside walls of our basement, which are made of stone and concrete Frankly, we couldn't believe what happened. From that. time on we haven't had a drop of water in onr basement This has been true even though Nashville has recently undergone n very bad flood stage and a sizable n mount pi Nashville is tinder water at this writing. W- still haven t a drop o[ water In our basement." . slops Ieska 8c. dampness, seepage Just as effectively on exterior as on interior porous masonry snv- faces— such as concrete . . . masonry or cinder blocks ... common brick . . . rough plaster . . . stucco. i^e.iKy outside walls when coaled with Aquclla can withstand wind-driven rain under storm conditions— with- oiu a drop of water penclratton. The beautiful eggshell- likc Aquclla finish continues to harden with age It will not powder, rub off. blister, peel or flake. The finished coating 'leaves a snowy white surface, beautiful as is or may be painted any rteslrcd color. Aquella is for interiors; Aquella No. 2 for exteriors. .<!. Aqucliiic for Wotcr Tightness Insulate Your Home NOW with PARTEMP FIRESTONE'S Home Insulation I'AKTKMP will keep your house COOLER in the summer :md WAKMKIl in the winter. 1'AKTKMP is a new type of home insulation sold exclusively by Firestone. I'AKTEMP Is genuine staple cotton. FAltTlvMP Is light. If weighs less than 10% as much as some insulation materials. 1'AKTKMI' is easy and safe to install. H will not harm skin or clollilnu. I'AKTEMP is Government inspected and approved. I'AKTKMP Is Fiie-resist.-inl. Not even the names of a blow torch will ignite it. PAKTKMl' is vcrniln-ropcllant. Como in or Call Us Today Regarding The Amazing New PARTEMP FREE ESTIMATES Tir*$foit* Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 DEALERS FOR MISSISSIPPI COUNTY tfife *M>*Ml,<a*. Osceolo, Arkansas Busier telephones cause slow dial tones The "hum-m-m" that comes out of your telephone re : ceiver before you start to dial is the dial telephone's "Number, please?" Lately you may have found it delayed a few seconds. It is because the telephone system here is extra busy. The "hum-m-m" will come on the line in a few seconds, usually, if you will wait for it. Your dial cannot work until you hear this tone. Meanwhile we are doing all we can to bring back service to prewar standards. But to help tide over this period of telephone shortages we have had to stretch the present telephone system to serve more families. This crowds the switchboards at times with more calls than can be handled at once, especially in midmorning and cariy evening. However, more people who would otherwise still be waiting now have service. Others will have telephones fis soon as we can get dial switchboards in and working. It is not a short or easy job but we are glad to report it is getting on. ' '•' So, please:::wait for the dial tone SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY . O. O. HARD AWAY Phone 2101 Wm. H. PEASE 207 West Main Street You Can Buy These Now and Get Immediate Delivery 1 Deep Freeze Mctstcrbilt Refrigerator Box Ideal for keeping Frozen Foods, Cold S Drinks, iMilk and Ice Cream, etc 1 Kirchen Cabinet With Base and Top 72 Inches wide—includes sink and all (he fittings—finished in white enamel .70 .95 2 Kitchen Cabinet Bases and Tops Base top is covered with linoleum, has S milk bins and (in bread box Large Utility Cabinets for the Kitchen Finished in while—fitted with double glass doors in the top 1 Ironrite ironcr—Latest Model . . . .$144.95 12 Good Electric Irons, each .... Automatic Electric Record Player This can be attached to any model radio 1 G. E. Electric Radio—table model . $47.30 Electric Kitchen Wall Clocks ..... ... . $10.56 $5.50 ' 28 Philco Room Air Conditioner $367.50 This is She newest and best model G1C-1. Will cool a room 15x20 feet Arven Electric Heaters with Fans We advise you to buy your healers now because from present indications they will he scarce next fall. See these today. "Perfection" Portable Room Heaters. .$ 9.25 Electric Glass Churn with Motor $17.30 "Sun-Rock" Electric Water Cooler . $235.00 Electric Toasters—2 sizes . . .$4.40 and $7.10 Our Special Sale Continues On 1000 Throw Rug Purchase 2 Spec/a/ Groups $3.95 to $4.95 values $1.68 $5.95 to $7.95 values $3.28 Worm Morning Stoves—Oil Heaters These two items promise lo lie scarce Ihhis f;ill and we suggest thai you order yours now while a supply is available. We Also Have a Large Selection of— ' Aliiniinunnvarc, Fruit Juicers. Blectric Broilers, Coffee Makers. Chimes, FJroakfasl Suites. Kitchen Tables, Floor and Table Lamps, Mirrors. Children's Lawn Furniture and Swings, Elas socks, and a host of other items. All at interesting; prices. 100 Heavy G. I. Garbage Cans. . . each $3.95 Made of extra heavy Metal—complete with lids WATCH TIHS SPACE EACH THURSDAY FOR A LISTING OF WANTED HARD-TO-GET ITEMS AT RKAI, SAVINGS EXPERT RADIO REPAIR Mr. Omni is in charge of our Radio Repair Department. Bring your set in for expert repair. Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. General Electric Appliances— Kendix Washers ' 407 W-. Main Blytheville.. Ark,

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