The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1949
Page 12
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' PAGE TWELVE BUTHEVtLLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS America's Eating McDonald'sWay New Recipe Book, Fabulous Tearoom Both Get New Fame In Gallatln, Mo,, you'll /ind Vir- ffinU McDonald and her fabulous tearoom. BoP 1 are known all over the Unilpd Stales by people who enjoy fine American food. Read on, nnd right here you'll find two of Virginia McDonald'.* most popular dishes- They come from her new cook book! called "How I Cook It." If you can't eel to Gallatin, better get her book- that is. If you "ke fine American eating. Barbecued Chops "One of tlie most wonderful meats I fix is my barbecued chops, ribs, or beef." she says. "Kvrrv- one who lastes them asks for the recipe—and hers it Is." One and one-half pounds of meat—pork chops, spare r:bs or j beef, 1 tablespoon celery seed. 1 tablespoon chill powder. ", cup brown sugar. 1 tablespoon salt. 1 teaspoon paprika. I cup tomato prree, cup vinegar. If chops are used, have (hern cut thick. If spare ribs are used, have them cut in individual sen'- inss. The meat does not seasoning so well it It Is in large pieces. Make a dry sauce by mixing the celery seed, chili powder, brown sm;ar, salt and paprika. Rub most of this on the meat and let it stand overnight. To (Vie remaining dry sauce adrt the tomato pnree »nd vinegar and baste the meat with this as it cooks In the oven. Chicken Crwgiieilrs "My chicken Homwiches Are Good Suppers Easy on Budget, Easy on Cook Meats, Served Hot r -to-Eat, Are Meal Idea Ready* Quick Quick and toothsome hot main dishes are the busy homcmaker's delight nnd many of today's simplest dishes wisely take advantage of the numerous readv-to-servc meals. They are not only grand when served alone, but give spiel- ness and flavor when added to other dishes, points out Reba SUEBS, well known home economist. Versatile cold cuts respond to var- j>ings in pan nna stir well. Pour over chops. Bake in moderate oven '35u degrees P.I .bout 30 minutes or until well done. Cover dish first 15 minutes. Baste chops once or iwicc wilh saiu!» 1- pan. make take Ihc f )le l >!llTtl b'sciiit mix plus style miiMjui! makes for croquettes are mighty well liked by everyone you'll say they are the best' ever ate." One hen. salt and pepper, celery salt, milk, buttrr, flour. "J cup blanched slivered almonds, i ege cracker crumbs. Slew or bake the chicken whole Remove meat and skin from hours • no cut meat In large cubes Season with salt, pepper and celerv salt. For every 1'i cups of chicken measure 1 cup of milk. 2 tablespoons butter and 3 tablespoons of flour; combine ard cook until thick, stirring constantly. Add chicken and almonds. Mix well «nd cool. Cut. croquettes In 2-inch squares or oblongs, form in balls or mold In the form of chicken egs Beat egg .,]j sh t lv and add , tablespoon of cold water Dip cro- ""*"" ! n <*g, then in crumbs, snd fry m deep, hot fal FALL SUPPER SPEC!AI,TY— For quick "h.mwlches." comWa. biscuit mix, milk, sliced hun and Dijon-type mustard. For a simple fall supper, tiy this (.Makes .ihuul 1 rup dressing easy on the bjulRct and to; Three-quarters rup salad oil, ", —(Illicit hiimwichcs. A j cup vinecar, '•, teaspoon salt, dash Dijon- j black pepper. : . teaspoon onion filling ! salt, S teaspoon paprika. 3 tea- meal. Hiirnwiches go well wltli i spoons Dium-Mtle iiinstnrd, 1 practically any side dish or vejje- j tablespoon su»ar. table. They arc very good with R j Mix all iniurriicjlts loecther in simple French dres.siiiR. , bottle and shake vigorously. Chill. Quirk llamwiilics I Shake well before serving. (Series 61 I Mr. .Mustard's llevilfil I'ork Chops r«-o cups prepared biscuit mix. | (Serves II 'i cup milk. 6 slices boiled ham, j Four pork ihr>| 1-inch thick D:|on-siyle mustard. ; Si ,ll. pepper. 1 tablespoon fat, 3 Mix biscuit mix an.I milk. Hoi! i tablespoons butter. 2 tablespoons out into round -hapc alwut '<,- | catsup. 2 tca.spoons il.jon-style >asio sauce, 'i diagonally to form '> wedsres. Place ! gVrllc""Va 11"""".' j'raspoon paprika' 1 :j tup boiling watei. vou j'" ch lhick> Cllt inl ° !- pie-ahajjcrt tmstaid da .h 'ml pieces. Cut ham slices in half ! teaspoon onion M slice of ham on \vedgr of dotigl: I Spread ham thinly with iniislaixi. Trim ! Roll. .startiiiK at wide end nnd .sprinkle with .. press tip firmly to fasien. Place on Saute sloivlv in greased pan with tip on bottom, j brown un Iwtli si Bake 20 minutes in 425 dcm-fs F i cral times. Place oven. Note: Thcsi- may be served i Add rema with mushroom sauce if dp.tired. Tiny "hamwiches" make unusual llot hors d'ocuvres. I>ijon Salail Dressine Fluffy Cooling Dessert Can Be Made in Morning Making the dinner dessert early in the morning is a »ood trick especially when the weather's warm" A timesaving plan I,, j o stark the breakfast dishes In the sink and then whip up an elegant dessert Do the breakfast and food preparation dishes at the same time Today's recipe I, a dessert of the rich refreshing variety thai lends * fine touch to a quirk, simple meal, it combines golden crushed Pineapple with beaten CM? whiles and whipped cream. This recipe is made by the same method used for making divinity can.jv and a candy thermometer should" be used lor best results. An especially convenient candy thermometer "is the new type made entirely of shiny stainless steel. It has a round, dial- type (ace that can be read a! a glance and is equipped wilh a clip ! for attaching the theimometer to aiuihp it Iroui chops. ii and pepper, at until eokten k'.s. turninii sel'- in bakniK pan. ledients lo drip- the side of Ihe cookinp pan. Divine Pallail 1 cup sugar ^, cup water 3 egg whiles, stiffly beaten 1 teaspoon vanilla" I cup crushed-pineapple, drained 1 cup heavy cream, whipped ; Combine sugar and waler in small ! saucepan. Attach candy theimom- I eler to side of pan .so that end of i stem is jnst off bottom. Cook to ! 236o F. "soft-ball staee-. Beat egg j whites and cream in separate bowls | until .stiff, pour iiot syrup over egg. whites slowly, healing until coo!. Fold in vanilla, crushed pineapple and whipped cream. Pour inlo refrigerator tray and frccxe at coldest temperature until firm. Ke- set control to normal. for Top Quality Beef Cuts Always ask for tender, flavor-rich feVt'/-»w«M/ BEEF us delicious delicious dellcion-i ' delicious delicious deiicioun de j Js delicious delicious delicious [ in~M~M~iin~! tempting, II I" cpaick-fo^fix Jnayrose Ready-Serve Meats! lelicious delicious delicioci de Js delicioiic delicious d = iiciou- Sf-licious delicious delic'ous dc You will ciijov using Plale full length Uonr Mirrnrs. . . a n ( | Ihey'i-e prirert much less than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W. It. IVjuie J. M'llson Hmrj Snnlh »!«».T *t rhone 'MM Choose your favorites from this wide variety Mayrose Pork Loaf— Barbecue Sauce Added Mayrose Biaunschvveiger Mayvose Bilked Mont Loaf, Stiin'cui Olives Added Mayrose New ICiif-land Sp>cciait.y Mayrose Hakcd Meat Loaf, Pickles and Pimentos Added Mayrose Luncheon Loaf Mayrose Headcheese and Cooked Ham, Minced Specialty, Thm-inger, Salami, Bologna and many others. FOR MEATS THAT ARE GRAND CHOOSE MAYROSE BRAND ->t. Louis Independent Packing Comp ACKERS Of H.G-fS' OUA.I7* M A v eO SF V!4' »BQO slices of vesl loaf, liver sausage or any of the other cuts may be dotted with bulter or margarine, placed in a frying-pan, slowly browned on both sides and served immediately. Tomato halves healed along with the meat ma'/.e an attractive platter accompaniment. Or slices of ready-to-serve meats may be browned first In a small amount of lard or drippings, a barbecue sauce added and the combination thoroughly heated. For additional zest, julienne strips of salami or minced ham are added to scalloped potatoes, or the meal may be formed Into layers alternating with the potat6 slices. Baked potatoes are extra tempting when meat stuffed. Split and scoop out the potato. Mash the potato wilh diced ptmlento loaf or liver loaf, season and moisten with cream. Refill the shell and place the potatoes in the broiler to llghty brown. Bite-slued squares of mildly seasoned cen'clat or the heavily smoked Uiurlnger lend increased Interest to au jjra! B . - Ml beans or to seasoned noodles. For a different breakfast, treat, chopped salami is combined with scrambled eggs. riot sandwich preparation is also a simple matter with ready-to- serve meats. For one combination, •slices of bread are covered wllli American or Swiss cheese, topped with liver sausage and brushed wilh melted I itter or margarine More cheese covers the meat and the open .sandwich Is placed on the broiler rack about two Inches from the heat to cook until the cheese is melted over the picy sausage. Two U. S. Presidents received the Nobel peace prize—Theodore Roosevelt, in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1910. Read counu newt vital CLOTHES ARE EXPENSIVE Do you "Erf" tfwm wit* cWnic«l biucJi? Do you bUicli Ilifin witl. • nit, xturtl ' ' ', W»— HEALTH QUALITY ECONOMY IN EVERY PACKAGE OF NONfAl OR* MIU SOLIDS COFFEE IB 53 'MIRACLE WHIP DOMINO SUGAR Salad Dressing 49 Factory Packed 10 £ 89 All popular brands CIGARETTES cln. $1.89 Soft Scott TISSUE 3 rolls Mayfield Cream StyU CORN - - No. 2can10c Hand packed TOMATOES 2 No. 2 cans 25c UYS The Pause That Refreshes I COCA-COLA ------ case 89c M'hile Seedless GRAPES ,,,1Q- Crisp (Jreen Michigan CELERY 2 Santa Rosa Crushed 25 ORANGES 5 No. 1 Kt-ds POTATOES 10, b ,,.42 PINEAPPLE - - - No. 2 can 25c Johnson's GLO-COAT -- P t59c Firm, fresh, pure LARD 2 ib. dn. 37c; - 4 ib. cm. 73c Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIPE OF THE WEEK Sift lOAfthcr flotir .^iid i^k. Mix coctw with !« cup Slir in railk >lowly until smooth; le-t stAn^l. Pwt »hort«n- mp .inH v., ni ]i., into bowl. Add re m.nnmg \ <, cup, '/* cup M a rime, niixiixj; until fluffy. Bo*c in CRR. Stir in milk rniinire nnd nut*. Mix in floitT, ,)boiit ' 2 cvip (« n tim*. Sprrad sriir tiongli in ihallow itngrr**-d pan flboui 6x10 inch*-*. Cover with w«r«d p,Tprr; pre« wi»K Jin^ort to *mooth the lop. Outl j*bowt 6 ho*»»«, oc ov^r- nip;n(. On into IIATJ J x y+ inch. Ptit cm tm^rro^od b.ikmj ih««f. B-iV* in mo^* oven ( i?V F.) 15 min. or un*»L Itrm to ttx [ow^h. NUV«» 2 <k>z. Pet Milk con!3c Cocoa . . can 23c Coke Flour pkg 29c Fresh DRESSED HENSM4 ( All meat BOLOGNA Swift or Krey ib. 39' HAMS, Half or Whole-lb.54< - lb.29< PORK ROAST - - - Ib. 47? Fresh NIMBO SHRIMP - Ib. 75i Wogner Roll SAUSAGE - Fresh, meaty Fomoui HEINZ CATSUP T A '• *• 14 ox. botlle 25' All Good Fruit COCKTAIL No. 2'/j can 28 Hi-C Juice ORANGE •16 oz. can 37' Church hrand, Juict GRAPE Qt. 33 Frozen STRAWBERRIES ^. 29 C F"rO7.en Juice ORANGE fi oz can 31

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