The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1953
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JAN- 31,' 1053 RI.YTHEVIUJR (ARK.! COURIER • — "'-i ifiKvnA.p u\KK.) UUUK1ER NEWS G - ^ . ^_ * _ ~ ~ • 1- ; PAGE FIVE reene County Tech Falls Before Blytheville, 6049 « l*» • I ^J M A. *• ~ IL A _l _ _ * 7 :: . • . .... : - • • • . . ; Mosley HollandShowWay; Bees Also Winners Blylhcvilla's Chickasaws, blinking on ami off like traf- c lights, had too much shoot and go lor Greene County Tech end made Coach Bocom McKeel'a crew their 12th victim of tak ' ng a G °"'' 9 gamc " l Ilale >' Field Bobsled Champion Is Killed Four-Man Sled Crashes In Test Run By. DO\ DOANE Garmlsc*! - Partenkirchen, Germany HV-Felix Endrich, Switzerland's world champion bob sled- der, was killed here today in the « ish of his four-man sled in a il run before the start of the world ^championship contest. The sled skidded over the high wall of the^dangerous Bavarian curve and sailed nearly <!0 feet through the air before It smashed against a tree. Endrich, a 32 - year - old office equipment salesman from Zurich who was married only last month, had won the two-man bob sled championship last week end. Others Injured He was pulled from the sled with a shattered skull and pronounced dead on arrival at Garmisch Hospital. Two other members of Endrich's crew, Aby Oartmnnn and Ren Heiland, were badly, but not ically injured. The brakeman, Fritz Stoeckl v.-ho sat in the rear positior escaped with lesser Injuries., Two years ago Rudolf Odenrlc of Sweden was killed on the sam curve—one of 16 on the 1,650 mete track. The curve'was later rebuii to reduce Its hazards. Endrich has been familiar wit the course for years. He usual] steered his sled high up o'n Ih curve or added speed and unti today had never encountered ser! - ous'trouble. Officials postponed the start c • the first heat of the races when they learned of End rich's death. They said they prob ably would run two heats this aft ernoon and the final two tomor row. Endrich's pretty bride, who wa, waiting at Ihe bottom of thi course, broke Into tears when thi accident was announced over thi loudspeaker. The Swiss sled was one of foul . making a trial run before the star of the four-man world champion ship. Wilson Gets Both Ends Of Twin Bill OSCEOLA— Wilson High School's basketball teams grabbed both ends of a doublehcader here last night from Osccola teams. In the feature game of the night the Bulldogs of Coach Bill Yates overcame Ihe Semlnoles by a 57-43 JjTcore afler the Bulldog girls had Wqiiea'-- J "37-35. 1 Wilson's Cissell with 16 points led both teams In scoring in the boys game. Burch scored I! for Osceola In Ihe girls game Osccola's Ibby Watson pushed 22 points through the nets to sst the scoring pace. Nicholson led Wilson with-15. Girls Game Wilson Pos. Nicholson 15 .. F Allred F" Proffltt. F' McNabb G" Whitoker G. Hcvley G Osceola Spiers 10 Woolen 3 Watson 22 .... Butler Donaldson Hanks Substitutions: Wilson-Rce<e 12) Zoos:, Casey, Cotner, Graves, Bev- ch!ll and Greenwell. Osceola— Roper. Boys Game O.sceola . Hak'bangh. 6 Burch 14 Rose 6 <J Rogers 13 ~ . .."~ -••• G Lindsey Substitutions: Wilson-Kyles (4), McNabb (21. Bussey 13], Ward 13) Rank.n. Osceola—Duclos' .1). Be-' Sivln. Faulkner ( 2>, cone, Eucll and Dunn in. Wilson Simmons 3 McAfTcc II Robinson 7 Giant 8 .. Cissell IG .. Pos. .. F. . P. Never Lost o Gome Jt E.\ST LANSING, Mich, if, - AI n. Mi'.:fgan S.ate's hniily re •S,..:ded sophomore basketball for. w.ird. was captain pf a team which never played a game. He was elected leader of the Brooklyn, ttV Tech High School team In his senior year. Due to a cnachln» stri'-c liov.jier. the lo.ini «-.>s forced to discontinue iu schedule. -+ .first Red Childress. then Momroe Holland and then Tommy Mosley had hot streaks to carry the chicks to a victory which wasn't quite as easy as Ihe score indicated And Coach Jimmy Fisher used his •second five liberally during the ame. Few fans could actually tell Tech grabbed a 2-0 lead with one minute gone but Childless who scored 21 of his 25 points in the first half, evened it up 30 seconds later. Tech Gets Lead Gentry and Childress hit and Blytheville had R lead it relinquished only once, later In the period. Dowdy U»sed in a free throw with 1:05 left to give Tech a 15-14 lead which stood up only seven seconds as Childress, Mosley and Holland put six, points through in less than • minute. Tech's FOI bis sank two free throws Just prior to the end of the quarter and Blytheville led 20-17 at the end of that period. It was mostly Childress In the second stanza. Red opened the quarter by dunking one to give Blytheville a 2'-lQ margin with 6:00 left, hit again to make it 24-22. again to make It 2722 with 4:10 left, got a free throw to give the Chicks a 28-23 lead, hit from the field for a 30-23 lead with 1:33 left and finally took a lip off from Holland and spun It In as the quarter ended with Blytheville leading, 32-24. Thus Childress scored every point scored by the chicks in that quarter except one (Mosley's free throw) and outscored all other nine men on the court during the quarter. Mosley Moves ' ^ But the third quarter belonged as much to Tommy Mosley as the second did to Red. Holland and Childress gave Blytheville a 37-28 lead with 6:30 lelt and Mosley hit three straight from the field to make it 43-23, Blytheville, with 3:00 left and that about wrapped-It up. - . •• Donald Gentry added a free throw and Tommy, breaking quickly down the court, dribbled down the west sideline and drove In for a layup to give tfce Chicks a 46-31 edge with 1:30 remaining. Gentry added the finishing touch with a field goal to make it 48-3-1 at Ihe end of the period. Holland Out Mosley made it 50 and Holland 52 and then, at the 5:40 mark, Holland fouled out. Hill and West each added field goals before Tech started a too little and too late rally. With Forbis pacing the attack, the Greene Coumians pulled from a 56-39 deficit to 56-49, then Chll- dress got two free throws and Mosley did the same. A pair of Halls, Clarance and Charles Ray, led the B team to a 6J-33 triumph over the Tech Bees. Charley Ray and Clarence teamed with sophomore Danny Cobb and whola host of other reserves to swarm over Tech. The Bees grabbed a 16-n first quarter • lead and showed a lot of shooting class in overcoming the in- 'aders. They led 33-21 at halftime and ATTACKFRq Tohn r, ,ta Sam Breadon s Nephew May Be New Owner of Cardinals Louis Cardinals. Current B) Joe REICHI.KK will be the new o w » e ,• of the 8t upon himself to reopen my case, ference stock. i, who yesterJay agreed to s I e p i , "••" v*«,vOO fine for evasion of incnmp .'hen he asserted Walsingham would be givo, first cl,o?ce to "All things being equal," said the beleaguered Cardinal president, Walsingham will get first consideration. Bill is a capable baseball man. He is thoronghy familiar with the inner works of the Cardinal organization and it. would be of benefit to the city of St. Louts and all Cardinal fans If he were to assume control. He Is a St. Loiiis native and worked his way up ffem a peanut vendor at the ball park. I'd like to see him bnv the club." No Price Satgh said he was not prepared to place a price on his Cardinal stock which amounts to all but seven •shares. "I honestly havenf given that matter too much thought,',' he said "I am trying to do one thing at a time. First, I've got to go about selecting a three-man committee to run the club. "Then I guess I'll be busy for awhile cleaning up my desk. This whole thing has come as such a shock to me that I haven't even had time to collect, my senses. "In the meantime I'm hoping against, hope that somehow, someone In the government will take It I'm convinced If they'll only take the time to check my books thoroughly they'll find no evidence of anv fraud." . Walsingham. currently representing the Cardinals as vice president, expressed pleasure over Saigh's show of preference and reiterated he was keenly Interested In purchasing the club. On Both Sides Walsingham, nephew of the late Sam Breadon from whom Salgh purchased the club In 1017. said"I appreciate Mr. Saigh's confidence In me as being the preferred one to take over the control of the club when and If 'he decides to dispose of It." • •> •< The 43-year-old Walsingham also declined to name a price, pointing out that as vice president he sat on one side of the table,, and as a possible purchaser, he was on the other. Saigh paid slightly In excels nf four million dollars for the cfub and its minor, league holdinfis'and he has Indicated he would want at least as much when he sells. In an amicable 90-minute con- tile stock, with Commissioner Ford er or Prick and National League Prcsl dent Warren Giles yesterday morn Ing. Salgh agreed to appoint a spe clal trustees' committee to run the club until he can 'dispose of hi To Name Group Salgh said he would name thi committee consisting of three civic minded St. Louisiana by Feu 22 His choices will be subject, to approval by the commissioner and the National League. No deadline was set for the s.ili of the stock although SaHi ha until May 4 to settle uiersonal af- before bcglnnrifc fairs Giles Indicated -he sentence expected the Cardinal owner to name his mittce "within 10 days or two weeks." but he said no pressure will be put on Salgh to hurry the s?.le of his stock. Nobody would be pinned down as to what, might hap pen If the club was not sold be fore Mnv 4_ In addition to Walsingham sev eral undisclosed groups alrcadj rcaj have made offers to purchase the The Skippers Speak — New Strength for Indians By AI, LOPEZ 53-31 at the end of the third quarter. Danny Edgmon sank six comec- - utive free throws In the preliminary affair and Looked as if he could have tossed them in all night . . he only got six tries. B Game llytlieville Pos. Greene County Michael 8 ... . F wells H R. Hall 3 ... F Enon 12 Edgmon 8 c Matney Hall 10 G Hcster 3°ob.ll G Wise Substitutes: Blytheville — Taylor Shanks 2. Fisher 5, Hyde 4. Langson 6; Greene County _ Hoaan Villiams 2. --' llytheville :hlldress 25 O'Brien Jolland 10 .. Gentry 5 ... fosley 15 ... POi. Greene County .... Dowdy 7 . Free'man 7 ... Forbis 23 ... Bryant 5 Ray 3 . F. ' . F. . C. . G. . G. Substitutes: Blytheville .— Hill 3 Hays. Cobb, West 2, Privett; Greene "dimly—Dunnan <. Johnny Schmltz won three ball aracs last season. The southpaw on a game for the Dodgers, Yan- eos and Reds. He was beaten twice. Pitcher Harry Byrtl of the Ath- •tlcs, American'League rookie of ic year, won 10 games from July 1. He finished with a 15-15 record. also look for AI greatly Improved. Hay Boone, our shortstop, was handicapped with bad teeth all summer/I am sure he will be a much Improved player this year. Rosen to be — --^ —i--~.._n. There were limes last year when'he was In the lineup when he should have been off his feet. He had poison from infected teeth in his system and it affected his play. Still he did a good Job at bat for us, batting in over 100 runs and scoring as many. Bobby A Vila also should come along after an off year. Luke Easter must remain a ques tion mark because of his bad knee. If he can get off to a good start] well be all right. Somehow, he always ends up all right. Players Returning yes. I think our learn will be stronger. We are getting back outsiders Bob 'tcnneriy, Jim Lemon llcrbie Adams and pitchers Dick Weik and AI Aber from the serv- ce. We also have some good young Players coming up. Our pitching was very good last ,'ear and I honestly believe It will be better—especially if Bob Feller nakcs a comeback. I predict that Bob Lemon, Early Wynn and Mike Garcia will win GO games again In 1953. Bob Hooper, whom we ob- :amed from Philadelphia, should >e a big help, hoth as a starter intl reliever. We need a lefthandcd pitcher and Aber, who looked good before he went into service, may be the answer. 1'anks Team to Beat don'l know how Ihe outfield will work out. There are a dozen on our rosier including Dave Pope, who led the American Association in batting with .352 last year. Wally Westlake, who came up from Cincinnati, could recover his baiting eye. Larry Uoby and Dale Mitchell figure to hold down regular spots Harry Simpson was a greatly Improved player last year.' All In all, I think our chances are very«>good to dethrone the lankces, especially if we can keep Easier in the lineup all year. The entire league will be stronger. Tho Athletics, Senators Tigers Browns and White Sox are all Improved. The Yankees, with Whitcy Ford back, will get better pitching. That Is the (cam [o beat—the Yankees. Aren't they always? Machine Delinting and Approved Ceresan Treatment For Your Cotton Seed All Collon Seed Delinked In Customers Specif icalion. We Want Your Husiness LUXORA GIN COMPANY LlIXOra ' Ark ' Phone 4311 Oseola Junior Game Changed OSOEOLA — The Osceola-Marked Tree Junior basketball game will be Played Monday afternoon at 3:30 Instead of a night, game. This change was due to a conflict with a teachers' meeting In Marked Tills will be Osccola's first Junior home game In two weeks and both teams will attempt to get back In the vlclory column afler having dropped their last doubleheadcr to •Burdetle Thursday night. x Probable starlers for the Osceola girl's team will be Anna Beth Mnr- rpw Betty Clare Bowels and Fonda Weldon In the shooting department and Jennie Gillentinc, Melba Jone 1 and Connie Klsseil In the defcnsi slots. For Adalr ive the will boys. Coach Charley start Jlmmlc LIndscy Larry Hulscy, Bernie Weiss Tom Pat Hartley and Coy Peeper Coach Johnny Beardon of the Marked Tree Junior boys will probably sUirt Brown, Watson, Young Swan and Bynum, and for the girls Coach Fred Harke will send Garrison, Capooth. Bcnton. Scott, Bryon and Kellcy In as starters. In their last encounter the Osceola boys beat Marked Tree and the psceoia girls dropped a close to Maikcd Tree. one i-onrt « C C °" 4 ' 151 ' 985 P»nes rolled ln-49 American Bowling Con- Kress tournaments since 1901. •Sports Roundup — Saigh Has Worsf Hour Meeting Prick, Giies Ky GAVI.K TAl.BOT NEW YORK (AP) - We wot ..... i't be surprise,! if Pml saigh made more fncnds in his worst hour tlinn lie did in nil the live years lie lias been running U,e St. Loui, Cardinals Martinez Wins; Wanls Vejar '52 Rookie of Year Also Thinks He Can Beat- Davcy NEW YORK (;Pj-Vince Marline/. Ihe 1852 Rookie of Ihe Year has his eye on a fight with Chuck Da- vcy but he's willing to sellle foi Chico Vcjar, the man who made Da- vcy famous. 'Til like to fight that Davey," said Martinez after liis unanimous dccl- ifon win over Carmine Pioro last ileht at Madison Square Garden. 'Everyone says he's KO good. I think I can beat him right now." Reminded that Davcy had oilier business—his welter title challenge against champion Kid Onvllnn at Chicago Feb. II, Martinez agreed he also would like a shot at Vejar. "We'd lake Vejar tomorrow," saltl Manager Tex Pelte, lie may have n chance. Matchmaker Billy Brown of the Garden plans to discuss the match with Steve Ellis, Chlcos silver-tongued manager. Brown hns a March date in mind. Last night's receipts totaled „ |00d $11,897 from an attendance of 5,541. That's auovc part In this TV age. The clever Martinez, won his 13th straight and 26 In 27 starts. elrhls Battle BOSTON </Tj — A pair of free- swinging mlddlewclehts who until a few months ago slugged It out In lymnasium training sessions, meet tonight In a nationally-televised 10- •ound boxing bout tonight at Mechanics iMiildlng. Bobby king of Everett, a rugged performer undefeated in 15 pro 'Ights, and Oharllo Muscle's Qolilart of Somerville, a knockout victor In its last nine starts, are paired In he Callalmn A, c. feature due to ;ct underway at 8 p.m. CST. The fight will be televised nationally ABO. Promoter Sam Sllverninn signed Cing and Qoulart as a substitute for Joey Cam, u local featherweight, ind Pat Marcutie of New York, who vithdrew after suffering a rib in- ury'ln training. •aseball. For ire was back ••yes. "I certainly do," he snapped. "I think that television Is Ihe grealest evil In baseball. Unless baseball loea something about It now a lot of men arc going to be very lorry." Won't Instruct Committee He was asked If the trustee com- nlttce which will operate' the Cardinals pending their sale will luisuo his demand Jor a cut of he television money when the Cards are on the read. He said he wpcd so, but emphasized that he vould not attempt to "Instruct" he, committee to do anything He plainly hated to quit the fight. "The worst shock I have «uf- ered during this entire affair," 3nigh told the newsmen, "was the sudden realization that I must divest myself of the friends I have nade in baseball and have learned o enjoy. Whether you have agreed vilh me, in everything I have done c amily Night At Legion > Mat Show It'll he strictly family night for like Meroney's wrestlers Monday ight at American Legion audl- orium Hoy and Edward Welch, two of ho famous Welch cauliflower clan, •111 lake on the DcVinci Brothers, Tony and Lou, a pair of rugeed lallans, They'll be the partlcipants'bf the eatllre four-man tag affair, best wo of throe falls. In preliminaries, Edward, yoilng- ?t of the Welches, meets Lou and "ioy, eldest of the outfit, meets 'ony. Preliminaries will be one fall ach. They'll get things started at 8 'clock. Osceola Boxers n Match OSCEOLA — Coach Bill Williams f the Osccola boxing team an- ounccd today his gladiators will wap leather with a Brownsville, cnn., team at the Osccola High chool gym Feb. 14. Williams also announced there ill be an Invitational boxing lour- ament held In Osccola on Nfarch 0-21. Further Information regard- g this tournament will bo an- ounccd later. BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING Monday, Feb. 2 8:00 p.m. ^^ 4-MAN TAG MATCH Edward Welch & Roy Welch VS. The De Vinci Bros. ' Tony & Lou 90 Alin. Time Limit. — liest 2 oulflf 3 Falls Adults 60c—Children 15e ALSO 2 1-FALL. MATCHES Roy Welch vs. Tony DcVinct Edwarcf Welch vs. Lou DcVinci The worst hour the little scinp- pcr has yet undergone since heard himself sentenced to he o 15 lonlhs for Income tax evasion al- lost surely came yesterday when he was forced to ulaml beside and Ihe Commissioner Ford Prick President Warren Giles of Ihe National I.ftaguc and say goodbve o hnscball. It was about as touching n scene s you will come across, and it aigh's worst enemy had been here he would have been forced concede that Ihe man handled ane imself like a ehamnlon.'llo looked though he hadn't slept for two hi '"* =•• *•*- "«'«ni v adujii lui' l\vo lights and he obviously was bro<en heaiicd, but lie went through he tragic little ceremony without i quaver and still was on Ills feet il Hie finish. Afler Salgh had read the state- nent which divorced him from Ihe Jardluals and from baseball and iad, with Prick's -permission, told - large group of writers that he •ould miss his association wllh hem, he was asked If he still felt hat^ television was a menace to ,..,, ^ moment the old In the red-rimmed honest not, I hope you will believe hat I always had iplnion." Frlck Quiet Another who conducted himself coimncndnbly at the Inquisition vas the commissioner, Frlck could lave hammed the thing up con- Idenibly, and another baseball zar might have, but Frick con- cntod himself with a few remarks o open (he sad session and then eft tho floor to 3algh. Only once did he break In. That as when Halah was asked If a •qualified baseball man" would e appointed by (ho committee to un the Cords temporarily. Frlck aid with some emphasis [hat such man most certainly would be amcil. Not until the room was virtually lear of^rcporlers and Salgh was eft standing alone, looking mistily ill over the clly, did Trick display Is feelings. Then he went over nd put his arm around Ihe little Majors in Meetings Shred Of Important Matter Sighted 11 n o » fe U " 1al ' Wlth( "" «n no, tCI " of """"'"oss'in night Boil, leagues have their problems ,™V°. y r en l l . ihe """I that can T hr * ","' '" " Jolnt '""ting. U,?i (mC ''' Cn " LC " gUC *> n * >««» unable to agree on a schedule because of Bill Vceck's fight Jor a share In television receipt/ Vecck says his St.. Louis Browns ro entitled to B -cut In the TV money when they go on the road. »ic other seven clubs say no; jjo Vccck barred television for all No NIgMt C3«nw New York, Boston and Cleveland rSr m «. 81veUieBrew "'. "I figure no night games In thoss cities will cost me about »30;boo •• Vceok said after the American League meeting yesterday. "May ' . . '"'" comml * sioner" '" The St Louis owner did not el«b- h»w° U M S ° far the has516 ha, held up ^schedule. The National League 1ms Its slats ready to announce Feb. II. The American said It hoped to work out something during th. weekend. About Fred <„ The National League spent most of its private gel-together yesterday talking about Fred Salgh SaiKh. owner of the St Louis Cardinals, was sentenced to 15 months in Jail and Jlned «15 000 this week for Income tax evasion. He met yesterday morning with .ommlssloner Ford Frlck «nd League President Warren Giles and announced afterward he will form a three-man committee to run th« club until he arranges to sell it The committee will take over not aler than Feb. 22. Salgh earlier iad said he expected to dispose of his 99 per cent Interest In th» Cardinals by May 4. No specific turnover date was mentioned yesterday. Saigh Is due to go to jail May 4. . • Luxora Has Benefit Game Coach Charley Johnson of Lui- ora reported today that the Luxor* athletic department has turned over $45 to the March of Dimes The money he said represented profits from yesterday afternoon's basketball game played nl Luxora between Victoria and Shawnee Juniors. The Victoria girls won 2T-18 whila Shawnee's boys took a 41-19 victory. The money was given to Mrs A B. Rozelle who la heading th» March of Dimes drive In L\,xora, man's shoulders and shook him gently and talked with him lonf and earnestly, FINAL NOTICE AM, RESIDENTS OK BLTTHEVIU,E OWNING THUCKS AND/OH AUTOnlOIilLES ARE ElEQUIR- ED TO HAVE A CITY LICENSE. SATURDAY, JAN- UAItY 31 si. IS THE I,AST DAY TO OBTAIN THESE TRUCK AND AUTOMOBILE LICENSE WITHOUT MAYING A PENALTY.'' CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE CITY HALL For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET NoHonally Advtrtiscd & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In • 2043 Come In 1044 Chick.

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