The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1944
Page 7
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MONDAY, JULY -24, 19'4$ 'I Lunch Programs To Be Retained 387 Arkansas Schools Sponsored Hot Lunch Projects Last Term Arkansas school children again will have nutritions noon-day lunches when schools o)>en this /all, according to Carl Hlnton, act- i"B district Representative, WFA's Office Distribution. With Ihc school. lunch program In operation In 387 Arkansas schools during lhc past term approximately 48,580 children enjoyed dally lunches, he said, adding that throughout the nation 31,000 schools served more than 4,000,000 children. The community school lunch program, for which Congress recently appropriated $50,000,000 for continued operation, wss created to safeguard the henllh of school children by assuring them wholesome foods which provide at least one- third o fthelr daily nutritive requirements, Hlnton said. Local| v operated lunchrooms provide outlets for commodities purchased nt WPA supiwrt prices nnd will help move seasonally abundant foods anj give formers and food distributors additional outlets for their products. The school lunch program Is designed to operate under local sponsorship of school boards or other school organizations, parent- teacher groups, civic groups and other nonprofit organizations, Hln- ton said, explaining WFA will re- BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Yankee Ingenuity to the Rescue When Jnp aiUUairerafl lire shot away conlrols ot brakes and InndJiiR mips of this li-24 Liberator Saw in M Q ' S !i m<1 ^ DY "R: Ya » k in « cmiil - v krouulil llic big craft in lo n safe )ini ( |i,, K ,,t „ i;illi AAK base in Ihe Southwcsl Pacific. As seen in photo, two parachutes wove micliorccl lo wulsl i-imimnmls and records were pulled when plane hit nmwuy, and the heavy plane slid lo a smooth slop Imbuise local sponsors tor their food purcliases up to u maximum amount determined by the typo of lunches served. New Midget Generator Handy For Smoke Screen PINE BLUFF, Ark. (UP)-Dc- slgned for exlrcme portability with a maximum ol output, the Army's Chemical Warfare Service lias developed a banlani-siued smokescreen generator for use in am- Phtbious work, in mountain pusses and in restricted territory where standard size generators cnniiol l» used. Pine Bluff Arsenal headquarters said Ihe Generator fills u long-felt need for equipment suitnble for use where space is at a premium. The, powerful midget can fog an area lo six miles long and MO yards wide. Porty-elelit of the repsl-Cola Company, Long Fsland Ctiu,' ff, }'. .(•ranchised Bottler! Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of BJythevilU machines could blot oiil a cRy the size of Wn.shlnKkm. Designed (ft "M-2," It will IK pluccd In service wherever needed, leaving the big "M-l" for permanent Installations, H weighs only 180.pounds empty, and can be carried In the back seal of a jeep or lu similar space on oilier vehicles and crivtl. Two men can carry 11. slrclclier-tashlon, iin^ it Is small enough lo hide In lo\v bushes, l-'iiink X. Mcchiin of St.. Ixjuls. regional mutineer of din Committee for Kconumlc Development, says tliat (lie United Slates, Hold Evervthinn Ringling To fill Date At Akron, Ohio, Aug. 4 SARASOTA, Fin.. July 24 (UP)'-! Officials of Ringllng Rrolliers Gii- cus su v Ihe bits show will rcluru to (he roiid. The circus its first cngneeincnl since Ihe dls : astrotis Hnrlford, Coim., flrn In the Rubber Bowl al Akron, Ohio, Aug. 4 In the open nlr. •; The circus will travel without its big lop. mid It was Indicated that the normal season will be pluycfl, wllh performers and circus trnlss rcturnliiE lo winter cjnnrlers 'ai Florida in Ihe Fall. 'Q A full I'chearsal wns called for loday as work began on the lire- proofing of the sldeuliOH' tent nticl those used by performers. The sideshow lent will Ire the only one open to the nubile, and only "after tests have proved that n new compound is actually effective. •• , crushing (he Axis, must llien fight iiuolher bultlo, n unltlc iiunhist "gcnornl unemployment," Median says Hint business men realize (lint lm: enterprise will be cmliuiBcrcd hy a postwar depression, n ml adds Unit (hoy are or- gauMng, under eulduncv of the OKU (.-j win ihc fliwl victory— high postwar employment. . The CUD oflldal praised the work of the ArkniiMu Roiiotnlo Council lu their postwiir pliumliii; pio- (,'riim. ' PAGE SEVEN Wounded Fliers Stick To Posts On Bombing Run AN 8T11 AIll FORCE DASH. EIIJJ- nud. July at' (UP)—There's u. say- ug around n certain 8lh Air Force c tlml there's a hero In evei'j' bomber over Qrrimmy. Hut UntU'tl 1'ivss CoiTexpomiiMit I.eo Dl.sher has Icnrncil Hint (here vu'ie iwu heroes lu Ihc Iru<i i\>r- .~;s of 11 foritiiitlon flying tivcr iciseubiu't!, C]ennan)' last week. Twenty-four-ycnr-olil Lli'iilciuuit Vi'i-ner Wi'vlsch of Uelcvnn, ill., old the Ul' corrc'S|]ondcnl ihc story of his liiillniiL nnvlgiilor, who, lioudli wounded and naspiufi (or breath led (he formation lo Us joul. Iln lold nlso o( Ihe uom- l>nrillcr, who, hil by fink, iieverlhe- Icss released the Iminlis squarely on Hie Ini'fipl. The imvlgiilor, whose uinnc was iwl revealed, w«s (jlvpii first ntd li'caliuenl and pul iiiuler blankets oji ihe ilonr of the plane. Special palMlndci' equipment kcpl lhc 1'orlrcjis on licv course (luouKli heavy clouds, 'llieu, says Wciiwh: "When we KO( to (he larufl Ihe nnvlBHtor threw oft Ids blankets mid Knitted us through the hoinh mil nnd llien collapsed on Ihe Iloor ugnln." The liombardiei 1 , Sli-yeur-old First I.lciileimnt Vincent Pcic/,, ol i crsier,, was hit In llic by flak Just M seconds before the bonili run. Uul he stuck lo his imst. Werlsch says: 'Wllh blood .<ili'f.'iimJt>K Into eyes blurring his vision, i slnyed hiiiiL-hed ovw (lie I sluhl nutll Hie bombs Imrlleil down lo lh c tiiruct." COURTS Nafe Mooro ; was found guilty of assuult and Iwtlery BMurdny 1» Mimlclpnl Court and fined $25 lu connection wllh mi nllack on Curl "Pickles" Culllson, who was allegedly fllrilck on Ihe jaw In an affray June 17 ut the Billy ttcsslc place on Division. Culllson contended ttmt Ills Jaw iviis broken. Moore appealed llic decision mid put up $100 appeal Ijond. '1'ho hcnrhiR for Henry Tolivcr Negro, chnrgcrl with Ihe murder of 5-year-old Piirlce Murry, whoso nillet-i-lddled body was found In ' ditch Thursday wonilng, \vus coiitlmicil. Reid mul Hvrard will >cl nt Tollver's counsel. Appi-oxlmately. (1,500.000 mm and women are BlviiiK purl of Ihi'lr lime ns volunteers lu (he Aincrlran Croat .vpi'vlce nnd ninny are ijl tlielr full time. Head Courier Mows Wunt Adn CFD Official Praises Employment Program LITTLE ROCK, July 24. (Ut'l- WHISKEY On Hand At ALL TIMES MARTIN'S WHISKEY STORES 112 W. Main 420 W. Ash Brandy and Rum SALE! FIFTHS for $3 (Usually Sull Tiir l/p To !i,50) ARKANSAS GRAPE WINE 40c PER BOTTLE "Mind it I play through?" ENDORSED BY ATTORNEYS for SUPREME COURT Judge Lawrence C. AUTEN Qualified by Training Experience ^ Character WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, who ore practicing attorney* in ihe Sixth Judicial Circuit, composed of Pulaski and Perry CouqliM, bava found Judge Lawrence Auten to b« • competent, fair and courageous Circuit Judge, and we believe that he i« qunlificd in every way for the office of Justice of the Supreme Court of Arkansas. B«n D. Rowland i John P. Streene? Wallace Davis Blake Downle E A. Henry O. W. Shepherd . Pat Meriany • Floyd TerrAl A. F. House Baucum Fulhersor • A. W. Dohyna i ti. B. Callctt : Harry C. Robinson ; S. Ilniiert Mayes utv Prosecuting Aid PhHIo MeN'pmcr • E. H. P»rham Paul R. Talley , John \j. FwUlvflr B. B. Dillon O. B. Oliver. ,lr Terrfll Marfhal' OswaM P. Wflrrt i John M. Dope . ! Tavlor RntirrtF • Jtme P. Wootfn ; Bruce T. Bulllnr I>. P. Btees O. DeMitt Hi Claiid B. Hall John W. AtVtj f J. A. Weaf Kueene A. Malthew^ Price Shofner Rav^nond Jone« Roy Prewllt H. M. Arrelstedi) Frank PftCf. .lr. Carl B. Bailey Dsnhsiti R'ootep. Ros^ Oranl O. B. CaMn M. J. Harrison Prefl A. Tsarle Henry Donham Lawrence Burrow K. W. Moorheafl J. Mllchell CocVrlH FranV Pace Ward Marlln Louis TarlowsW TC'ax'ne W. Owen W|] O. Alters John F. Park Verne McJIIIIen LeU U Bentley John W. Newman Georeft Vftuchan Arthur Franke). Jr. Pan) 11. MeKnleM . _. ^jktnso* I. Hueh Whartoa Menrv M. ArmlsleAA It Kred A. Snod«r«»» '^erland I* Patt«b M. V. Hrxktr A. a Buztee Henry B. SnnibMc Unwoail Br!cih«J»* A .1. DeM«r« •I. A. Wathtns Chas. A. Bnit«T E. M. AmoM •Tno. 8. OatewooO Fratk B. Chomtne 'I. O. Combs ilow^rfl Cockrjr l-rancla B. Dehmor' ^lartrrd B. Loftln ^.R^f" 13 '" ''"rsehtl B. BrU-ket 1 -nv B. neevCB V-uccno R. warren ,!; % HTO58 *. K. Hawthorn* 'J..W. Guntr) . . '•• J 7 - Mailory [f>sh W. McHuehe," Win ^f. Lofton. Jr Wwerd Jti .Wrtrtt JJ. l>. Carter ntonn O. Zfmmerm w. W. Stuehert "has. Jacoflson J. 8. Abarororoble fohn O. Henrv O Ckvtcn Fretm»r Kardto OFFICIALS OF SIXTH JUDICIAL UUVl'UICT Oil folk, Jidite, lit HTUTOB Circuit Coin Frank rf. DoilBC, Cbancellor Hath Hilt, MasUr In Crmncerr O. W. tfen^rtcln, Jette. ttt BMslon Circuit Court Harper E. Hartr. Honlcrcal Jndze. lttu« Hock . Bam lioblnson. Projjemta* Attornej Hilton'i'. Mcnlclrjal Indue, Korth Mti« Bock O. Larilnsr O, Bleiler n Fretm»r r. A. Kar l>. A. Las 'rover T. ^'|•ank J. Wills '"hi tf. Harrl w«n* . ltan cHin«». .Tr lohn R. Thomrr™ Krlolt Tiivtor '"nes A. Plai- '•hn Mnihlm- ^ nrirnw Hern >rlhUC O. Fra. Tom J. Terral 'no. H. Freeman ' W. Barren H. .T. BtimeT y. O, ReM terr? H. Glenn O. W. Pete wiretap '-:imer Schossen l^hn B. duties t'hWo DeSilvo Qinnn Glover p .ilnh Morrow A. C. Gannawav W. Ellis . Brewer . rmlchjel •J. T^asVer Ehrroan •Mhti Sherrlll Tho». S. Tinzb«B W. R. Dcnhara Harry B. Hsrt I;. D. Patty Horace Chamberlain O. D Lw^stretb Jim M. Wasnen W. Tillar Adamson Drew Bow era n. A Gentry S. Slator Denl .Inn M. Thnmnson •Tames If. SIcHanfT Wallace Tpwnsenrt Charles V. Pearfor losech Brook* lohn Colllnn Tonn B. Thurman . . a Teore« W frvin M. I H. Car The Followlnir Attorneys In Then* Coniitlei Also Join In Tbl» EDflormment: FAin.KIiKn COrNTY Round A. Bradley p. 3. HcHenrv Sam Clark •JTolin W. Genree neorco F. ffirtlt 5'm. J. Clark .1- Wenaell Henrr • • • i^nxo A. Ross HOT SFRISG COUti'CY p. O Olovar .Hm 6. Cole H. H. Me»ng Thomas W. Roland •'no W. McCov W. H. McCldm Oscar Burnett labei M. Smith 8ALISE CODNTl IP. B. Oabtis w. A. WaddoU \ Jehu J. Crow "' f«n M, McCr« J. B. Wllham Rtadva WeJ N. A. McDanle) Rrncst Brlner y.H. Ernnj .Tnhn I,. Hueh as Marshall M, I,utle ijyAJa^oiiaTi Curtts DuVaD Ed P. McDonald _ LONOKE COUNTT r _P. Melton P. Beard Albert O. Serton Chas. A. Wills _ MONROE COUNii W. W. Eharn stUIn DEALER SERVICE Today—when every car's continued service counfs to the utmost, America prefers to count on the leader for dependable car service! BETTER SEE YOUR LOCAL CHEVROLET DEALER TODAY , Iteo ot air cargo planes has eolVcd the problem of shipping baby chicks over jlong dlstanus, which heretofore h,as been Impractical by other modes of Irans'porla- Read Courier Newa want Ada ; Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL . and . FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E.C. Robinson Lbr. Co IN SERVICE ..J NEW CHEVROLET TRUCKS FOB Chevrolet t$ producing a limited number of now (rucks for essential civilian users. See your Chevrolet dealer (or complete Information. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Blylheville, Ark. A Personal Message TO THE VOTERS OF ARKANSAS When I complete my scries of campaign addresses 'nt the Ilnud ShcUMn Little Hock Ihls evening I'will .have visited. 68 counties..! have enjoyed Ihls opportunity Vm'certho.people of my nntlvo slate and discuss Ihe many problem's, whtcli vitally concern them ns taxpayers. I nm confident thai'vlolory wlU be ours became I UnVe found In niy var/olis w'cc'lcly.'.'trips over Arkansas thiiL the people arc demanding real constructive'service 911 lhc part of lhc next Governor—they have'been resiionslve to the teijcfl which I have presented, nnd they'Wo not'the tast bit Interested in electing some politician to llll a job.- ' '•'-'' / '! ^ I have also found the rank nnd file—thu! great body known fs the common masses-eager and -'ready to 'meet 'llie challenge »f some of Ihe pollllcians who arc ntlempting to continue their domination ot lhc pollllcal situation. I amc (irmly convinced that ithc grenl ninM of business and professional men, farmers, laborers and citizens of all walks of life have fully .decided to lift the Stair. Government from machine control.and return ft to the people. I nm cnunlly confident Uia(j the people are'with me. in this campaign, and I will go on to victory. . ; In this final hour, when the victory to which we look forward Is within our grasp. I ask that all ot my friends go to the polls and Vole and help swell my majority!' I pledge you that aflcr I nm elected I will be subservient only'to,the; voice of the people of Arkansas, and f will always' bear In mind that I am the servant, nnd not the ruler, of lhc people of iny state. Every decision of mine which concerns tlic'publlo welfare of our citizenship will lie made only after I hjtve had in" opportunity to receive tho sincere niici .frank exprcwlons of the people. I pledge to the voters thai Ihe will of the people will be my guide In such matter.*, and there will lie no Deputy Governors. When I if,is first suggested as a candidate for Governor there was'much doubt In my mind as to whether or not I would actually announce. However, after I bad an opportunity lo visit a Ifirgo number of comities and contact the leading business men, farmers and laborers and ascertain their views regarding the lype of man they wanted for Governor, I decided lo run. I believe that the people of this state have faith In my ability to give them constructive leadership,- and I have full confidence that they are with me and we will be victorious.; At tills llnio I want to lake Hie opportunity to thank the good people of this state who are cooperating with me to the end that good government will triumph and that the people will fule. I have earnestly tried to see everyone but the difficulties of transportation and other obstacles have<made this humanly Impossible. I hope that this statement will in some, measure serve to give you sn Idea of where I stand. . . : ,j'v i#l Very Sincerely (Signed) BEN LANEY

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