The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1947
Page 8
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fAGX BTOHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARg.y .COURIER NEWS BLYtHEYILLE COURIER NEWB TBX COURIER MXWB OO. H. W. HATNE8, PubUiher JAMES U VERHOEFP, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witroer Co!, New York, Chicago, Detroit. Atlanta. Memphis. * MfeiWwd Every Afternoon Except Sunday • ' Entered as second class matter at the post- Ofllce : at BlythevUle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October », 1917. Served by the United Pi*at SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city ol BlythevUle or any iuburi^n town where carrier service is maln- , ttlned, 20c per week, or 85c per month. By : mail within a radius ol 40 miles, *4.00 per year $200 for six months, $1.00 tor three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, »10.00 per year payable In advance. ^ Meditation Speak to the earth ami It shall teach tlioc.— Job 12:8. * * • By closely observing nature man can loam many lessons he will need In live in harmony with his fellow man. The imcl said: "Thpr'i's the kiss ol the sun for pardon: there's tlie song of the birds for mlrlli: one is nearer fioil's heart in the garden than anywhere else on eartii." Rain Cpntrol It is i-eporlcd that Soviet scientists, who have had jirclty yood luck in persuading clouds to produce ruin, arc now working on a scheme for miilciiUT it stop raining. The idea, auys :t Russian newspaper, "is approaching !'(-;tl- ity." Well, maybe the elements are going to be removed from the class of uncontrollable tilings. Maybe, ii; a short time, the rain won't i'all on the just and unjust alike. Wonderful. Hut its hard to l<eep the enthusiasm from being touched with melancholy. Isn't it a pity lhal science so I'ar has made no headway in controlling human^ciisscdness. Somehow it semis a lot more important lo prevent jnisli- j button war than lo produce pushbutton rainfall. rv in tlie AFL family. Perhaps M>'. Green thinks lliat Uio 12-uuiou conference can work quickly enough to reach n settlement and let their membership vote on it Iwforo Congress irons out tho (lifferences in its two lulwr bills. The fact romains, however, Hint Congress liiis been moved to bar int r v- tiiiion strikes precisely because unic-r. executives have tolerated such indefensible, drawn-out stoppages as this Hollywood marathon. Jlr. Green's full realization of this is lon^ overdue— so much that it robs bis present ^es- turo of conviction. VIEWS OF OTHERS How Russia "Won The War." Mr. Green Sees the Light Jnrisdictional strikes among AI'L unions in the motion picture industry have been going on for years. - Now suddenly William L. Green, AFL president, announces that a plan will he made to settle them. This is a splendid idea, but it's a little late. Both the House, and Semite omnibus labor bills contain clauses on'law- ing : jurisdictional strikes. Those bills are now in the conference stage. Mr. Green has denounced both of them roundly and extravagantly. He doesn't like any part of them. Yet he is making a belated move to remedy one of the evils that these hateful measures also seek to remedy. Mr. Green is somewhat in tho position of a man starting out to shop for a lock for his barn door, as ••'; the thief is leading the horse through •'•••• it. • • The Hollywood strikes have had no discernible support from outsiders. Even tlie API, Screen Actors Guilt! got. fed up. After vain efforts to gel un. v ion bigwigs to settle them the :u-lors decided that, in this case, picket lines were something !es s than sacred institutions and could safely be ignored. Although there have been 12 uu ions involved in these family quarrels over who does what. They "have been disputes over strength and membership, not employment or unemployment. As such the strikes have heen struggles between rival union oxeon- tives rather than rival mcmbersl ips. Not that the rank-aiul-filc diilr.'t , get in the spirit of the thing. ]„ n lC i two piolonged and bitter strikes O f , the past two yeprs, there have benu ; broken heads, overturned cars, and I other violence. The strikes have caused cuwirt- J etabJe loss of work to tlie innocent liy- i standers, and large sums to an iii- '*<tastry which must count the cost, of • an hour's delay in thousands of dollars. And where was Mr. Green all this time? , Mr. Green couldn't intcrfi-ro with the "autonomy" of member.! unions. But now he has decided that it is both possible and desirable lo arra-ige . j, a peaceful settlement without work stoppages. These efforts will be confined to the movie industry now. But Mr. Green looks forward to a settlement which, 'may: be a pattern for heading :off su,cli strikes elsewhere J.,*,* <^ •-'..•• ,s r* ?-. With Ihe passing of the days one fact seems certain—Russia doesn't need a press agent. Ue- gi))nlt>£ with Joe Staliti and ending with some of our whoopcrs for setting aside n "Be Kind lo Kveryhody—Ksprcially Russia"—week, the Soviet l^ovemnent Jieems lo be nmnerup to strikes in this country in i;iabbini; tu'st-paue attention. Too often overlooked by some ol our smarlc- est commentalors is the fnct that Stalin :uut IU:> cullvuuucs have lo keep their names in tlie newspapers if they expect lo continue to do business at Hie old stand. They number only about G.OOO.COO In a population of 200.00U.UOU, us you know. So, they are stealing Phlneas T, linrmim's sluff. Also, don't forget that the Politburo has to keep If not all as many as possible, oi the people fooled all of the lime. In short. Soviet lenders know tlml the Vlrst and most impm-lanl Job they hiive on their hands is lo drug out Unit old but alwuys popular myth tlml this country is being "sinrounded,' "encircled,'' also f.s used. It is :t mass appeal to nn nilment from wliieb loo many individuals suffer—the whole world is n plot :i|;amst hun or her. Moscow has concocted a uioviny picture, "The Battle of Stalingrad.'' and we ure told that it tells nil about how Russia won the: war, anil 1 how U Ihe dumb Allies luul heeded the advice of tlie wise Soviet military lenders the wu.- wouui have ended maybe a couple ot years sooner. Naunally. the chief villain is K'.it'lnncl, though Une-le Sam, we imagine, Isn't pictured as behifj any mure than an adolescent kid still in the bubble pum stayc. With that in mind Russian propagandists probably have cooked up a thriller-diUer which will be bailed with tflcc and eclat by Ihn Russian people ami [, r iven the. old "Brooklyn rn/,z- berry" where it is shown in this country. In other words, we suspect lhal the "Diutlc ol £l:ili»k'v;id'' wouldn't fool even Ihe lovers ol 'U" pictures in this country lor one inlnuie. U is hardly necessary lo say lhal some of Hie stuff Stalin is quoted In the picture as s.iy- tui; is jusl the oi>|x>sito of what lie snM a few years ai,'o when the "heat' 1 of way was on r.iul he needed our men ami money. —ARKANSAS MONDAY, MAY 20, 1047 ! Hunting the Palestine Peace Dove Maria Montez in a Bubble BatH Steals Limelight from Senators BARBS BY IliU. COCI1RAN •nmiiiK Ihe first three months of 19-1'J close to 1.010.000 babies were born in Hie U. S. He- mindin^ us of that old expression, "For crying out loud." • * • An Illinois slon: boasts a new garage where customers may park. In other stores theyl! continue (o park in the middle of the aisles. • * . * We're not, sure yet about the rage in r.ntn- mer clothes— unless it':; ftoiu the hubbies who pay the bills. • * • Tomorrow may never come, bul its bill-; do. • » w A vacation is what usually starls several days before you leave your job mid lasts days after you back. Taxpayers Forking Over Billions in Subsidies To Help Finance Operation of American Airlines EniTOIl'S NOTE — This Is the or tlircc articles nn-government nbsldips to the nvl:ilion industry. Ily I'KTKK KDSON NFA \V:ishinnton CorrpspoiHlcnt WASniNGTON. May 20. (NEA) —Government subsidies to U- S. lomcstic airlines arc of three dif- crciit kinds. Mull nay subsidies to clicdnled nirllncK. Mainlenaiice of lirwnys with nids to navigation, iafclj' insprction. and traffic con- rol. The building nnd maintenance of nirports. Taken together they have cost the axpayers several billions of clollnrs. md they will cost more, in spite if the culs in the Civil Aeronautics Authority budget no- lV being considered uy Congress. Some of the tilings like airport construction ami afely aids may be postponed, but hev cban't be stopped forever. There are about 40,000 miles nlrways in the U. S. today under federal control. The cost of iiisfall- all beacons, radio signal. cr,-\- nuinications, niid traffic direction devices is now put at $-10 million. Total cost of operating this system, Including the. weather reporting service, is eslimaled for this year at Just under S40 million. Since there, are approximately 80.000 non- inililary planes now licensed lo fly today, that means the. government has invested $500 per plane lo set up the airways system and is spending another S500 a year per plane lo keep navigation nj(| s and traffic control in operation. they'd have to go out of biisincs.;., Today the U. S. has 3000 airports. TIow much mnney slate and lo.Mi governments have inveslcti in buying land and building airports is unknown, but it is well over a billion dollars. . WAN'I'Kl): A FAMILY-SIZE PLANE The federal and local governments are now embarking on a 10-yea 1 -. billion-dollar- program to provide. 5500 new airports, improve 1000 existing fields. Costs will be split, i tile federal-state mulching The DOCTOR SAYS IV WILLIAM 'A. O'BRIEN, M. I). Wrllteii for NEA Service 111 an examination ot department tore employes over 40 years of age aricosc veins were found in 40 per ent of the women. Although most ein enlargenienls are unslightly, iey are usually not disabling. Variciosc veins may cause a tired leavy feeling in the legs, cramps the calves at nlglit or in cold •ciither, and swelling of the ankles IK". tops of the feet. Skin becomes tcliy, an ( i scratching causes brown- Dots to appear. There are two sets or veins in he lower cxtermities which join 1 the goin and arc connected lirough branehes which pass be- wecn them like the rungs of a ndder. Varicose veins under the kin are not treated until it is •ertain that the deep set between he muscles i s working properly. n many eases, enlargement of the outer veins results from their at- empi to carry blood for both sels. In long standing eases, skin be- ome.; dry and scnly. and'an ulcei levelops on tlie inner side of the eg just above the ankle. Many of 'iese ulcers heal after the veins inve been treated.. I'VIN« VEIN ;e of treatment of varicose veins, in addition to eliminating heir unsightly appearance, is to * By FKF.DKRICK C. OTIIMAN (United 1'ress Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON', May 2G. (UP)— The weather's hot. The Senators are snarling. And why don't we lean back and relax? I have hero cordial invitation, with love, from Maria Montcx to catch the next plane West and watch her take a bath. Is anybody interested in politicians in wool pants with '•—"™ knees? I thought not That Hollywood Is a wonderful place and I don't guess anybody there, even, can take a bath like Maria This is not hearsay. In the long, long ago (It seems like ycs- tcrday, so vividly do I remember Ihe missing bubbles) I slood at tubside while Miss Montez bathed. Iler's was an Arabian Nights tub the size of a small swimming pool on Stage Eight at Universal City. It. was lilted «Hh water dyed scarlet, because Director Arthur Lubin wanted pink bubbles for technl- colored modesty's sake. There were 54 men on the stage. Fifty-three of them were hanging the spotlights, adjusting the cameras, and Stirling a SO-l'ound.snck of bubble-bath powder into the pool. The 54th man jusl stood there with his eyes wide open. I didn't jot down any notes; I figured I'd probably be able to remember. Miss Montex stood by my side; she said she didn't much like the idea of 108 eyes watching her remove her wiiitc bath robe. Her ,, . worry was premature. The bubble- fJ^c^'^TaSls'Ta"; "'tMHrrei were working up Helpful. Chemicals may be injcct- d into segments of {he veins to produce clots which ultimately develop into scars as the vein is destroyed. A few small external veins can be treated by simple injection. But best results are obtained in the average case by tying the outer vein in the groin region. After the nuper end of the vein is sealed off, a long flexible tube is inserted into the lower portion and a chemical solution injected to oblit- a sweat, but no bubbles- Director . Lnbln sent the third assistant director across the street to the drugstore to buy out its stock of liquid shampoo. This also went into Miss Montez' tub, bottle by bottle, still no bubbles. , M The second assistant' director^ went after n case of soap chips; th^^ experts stirred them in. No bubblc™ The first assistant director hauled in from stage seven three bushels of borax left over from a sno\v- crate the vein. Injections are con- storm and dumped it in, too. Nary fnntJs hiijhirny programs. About 4000 of the 5500 nirpor's which the country hopes la have in 1957 will be small fields of limited Commercial use. t They would be direct subsidies lo encourage private flying. They look forward 'o the flay when it is believed there 0 , \ will be -100.000 planes in the U. S. air, instead of today's 80,000. There nrc already 100,000 licensed pilots. Ey 1957 there may be a million. In this development ot private flying, the government has be,°n unsuccssfiilly trying to force a few subsidies on Ihe personal aircraft manufacturers lo induce them to develop a bcllcr .small plane. What's wanted is a family-size plane that will sell for around $2000. But the manufacturers have steered clear. The rate of subsidy pnytnenls to U. S. commercial airlines for can-v- ing the mail has been reduced as Ihe operators' receipts from jjass- enger and other cargo have picked If this cost were assessed against | up. In 1940 mail pay gave sir"'' -- -. - n, 1Cs 22 cents of every dollar they each ford owner, he couldn't nf- it. Of course, many small plane owners don't use nil l^is service. Tlut if the cost were air assessed against the 1000 commercial, charter, and non-scheduird ei''K<i- airlines only seven cents of dollar. WANTED: AN' AVIATION' GENUS carrying planes now in operation. I Today eight nil-lines gel on a pound-mile basis, just as th railroad?; are paid. The big four- Anicrican, Eastern, TWA, an United — carry 82 per cent of th tonnage and get only <15 cents ton mile. Four others — Branif | Delta, National, and Northwester [— carry 10' per cent of the tonnag | and get GO cents a U>n mile. Thi is really mail-carrying pay and is no longer a subsidy. But the other airlines, with b's-i dependable passenger and express revenues and much less mail to haul can't operate on that basis. When Ibe big postwar slump hit the al.'lines last, year, most of the .Mr- lines lost money. One trouble w.^s that they had cut passenger to.rCL 3 too low, anticipating .that the war peak travel - would (fentinue. Instead of paying these poorer lines on n flat pound-mile basis, they arc paid on the number of miles they fly. regardless of ho.v little mail they may carry. Till., is a direct- subsidy, which this ye^r may cost the federal government sinie $5 million, , Whether or not the government should give these sul>sidics for airports, airways and airmail, and how big these subsidies shoul.l lie. are questions for Congress to determine. But if bigger and bertri 1 subsidies are to be paid to promote and maintain the "infant" aviation industry, Ihe taxpayers who support these subsidies should be led into this policy with their eyrs open, shown what burden it is they must be expected to carry, and i what for. What the aviation industry really tinned until all the branches are closed. Patients who have had varicose vein s treated should return at regular intervals for checkups so that small varicose veins which may develop later can ba treated. QUESTION: A man who had been drinking was given a Wasscrmnnn blood test. The report came marked 1 plus. What doe s this mean? ANSWER: It means the test should be repeated, as alcohol may give a false positive. 15 Years Ago In Blythcville — A statement ol the financial situation of the Blytheviile school system was given to the high school Thursday morning by Dr. L. H. Moore, president of 'the citizens school committee. Dr. Moor c stated that altho the teachers had taken n large cut in salary there would be only enough money to finance grade schools up to the sixth grade. He said junior and senior high schools would run on a tuition basis. Tuition will be $fl per s ix weeks. He urged students to save money during the Summer so they may be able to take care of (uilior> fees next semester. took in. In lfl4G mail pay gave the j needs is some ReniUs who can show every | it the way to sound financial management and kep it out of the bankrupt and "kept" class of the American railroads and the U. S merchant marine. bidding with n diamond, and West had no other bid than one heart. The next few bids were nirmnl, including Smith's bid of four spades. Now what would you bid with the Vest hand? When Bust jumped to four hear;-;, tVest knew that he had a. terrific sand, and over four spades the average West player wnnid cither pass or bid five hearts. But five clubs was the correct bid. It showed the paid ' IN HOLLYWOOD SO THEY SAY There's nolhlng new nbout racket i any niore Ulan Ihere Is about women. They're just dressed up differently. Randall M. iiuhiman Cleveland C. of C. official. • * * '\~\\a years after Pearl Harbor tlip Unlled States look the offensive. In lervs than two years it had finished the war. Yel two years have elapsed since World War 11 and we can I solve Hie housing problem.—Most Rev. Willinm A. Griffin, Hislibp of Trenlon. N. j. * • • If (lie permanent (Security Council i members sinrereiy attempt to strive tor unanimity the veto may fall completely into disuse and its formal elimination would follow as a matter of course.—N. J. o. Makin. Australian Am- bausndor to the U. S. Even economy-minded Britain's Roynl Air Force is now than our own AAP.—Sen. Owen Bicwsler (H) of Maine. One'of the major problems now is the veteran who has had no work ckperience.—JJ. C. Selple. manager Ohio Stale employment Office, Cleveland. MY KUSKIN .JOHNSON NEA Slaff Cm respondent HOU.,YWOOJ>. -May 2fi.(NE;\l -! Marilyn Buterd. this year's Miss America, may soon get a choice •cle at M-O-M. we hear. Gale Hon- \ bins, Miss Chicago of I^IB. has just landed Ibe second lead in Mi'- lim Sperling'* "Ever I lie licimmuu;'' :d Warner Brothers. Maybe -Marilyn and dale will blast the old Hollywood bugaboo that the beauties enn't act. Veiva^ Rauiev. Mis;; America of 1045. couldn't do it. Ihoupb. Venus jus: war, home to Somerset. Ky.. j and kept the title. I Martha Stewart. comedian ,T(ic TV Lewis' \vifc. and Mrs. | ilanoy Kayc were lalUhlK almlil the latler's new lialiy. "Why." asked Mnrlha, "did you name her Tlrrna?" Mrs. Knyo explained how thai xvns tlir name of Danny's first successful record. "You mean." Inuuhed Martha, "that if I have a baby I'll hav to call him. 'Sam. You Made the rants Too Ix>np." THE 'I'KCIIXirOI.OR KINO Not in the scrip: Hillary lirooke's rn?r. at a loral r.ent who turned after nine months of haunliiir; ca::tin;T <jffioes withoul luck. Bi:t slie still had a sense of humor. She ti>ld nip her falher had i;iv-'ii country squire overniaht. "If he's a McKENNEY ON BRIDGE How to Get to Six Hearts Correctly UY \VII.MA9t E. McKFNNY inerica's Card Autborily Written for NBA Service Years a^o \vhen contract fir=;t stnrtod n iady playing; in ^ tonrn.T- nient in CIrvclnnii said to me. "Do von ivt more than one bid nt contract?" I innocently replied, "Cer- lainly. M-ulam." v\nd she said •Then I bid one heart nnd one one spade." I hnvn often thought since (h?.t it would be a fine thin:: if we eonlfi irenlleman farmer, it's because !i icarecrow wears a lux." Constance llcnnett will slar i her a tomato cannery in KonliK-ky, "O'.'er 21" in summer stock. U and thai she would i;o back there! about an Army wife in Alabam and run it. Rlie added: During the war. Connie was ju;t "Many a veiuHable has been thai . . . M-G-M (luielly has <lro;i- llirown at a wonld-be actress, hut nc< ] jan Clayton, imported I am tlie li'st. would-be aelress lo roadway atler her his in "Oarous'l be thrown at the vegetables." ' - -- -- TV Tower is plcadinsj Wilh Amiabrlla In five him n ilivnr. re as soon a.s pnvvllite. The rm- stin. i>f cimrse. is prefly r.bvions. Her name is I*ana Turner. Gary Gniiit and Ins favorite Rivl friend, licitv Henwl have called it !". day .. ,,Ed Gardner is laikinir !n living Herlin about writinc the uuisic for .1 new Duffy's Tavern movie. WHAT'S IN A NAMK? The very pretty Iris nynuin who ha s been sharhiR dates with Clark and Orson Wells is the same In all the lalk nronnO Ilrtlly- wooil alionl rival leclinienliir nurcns—Lnrnine Day in "'I'y- ciKin" and Maureen O'Hara— everyone is forgetting Ibe orie- inal technicolor Iting, Sir t'ed- rio Hnrrtwiclic. Hardwieke wa.s lured aw.iy from the New York stage to appear i i one of the first rull-leupth color films, "Berkv Sharpe." Main reason was that his "typical pink and white English" completion wisjiiave more than one hid. bceaus most effective ot all those tested: loo often we make a bid carelessl\ for the new color film. | if we, had thought about it. v: It's good to hear that Jack Ben- would have made a different one. ny is ):ackin~ in the customers on Today's hniia is simply n biddinj * ATG52 * 1 0 8 f> * A K J 10 A K Q 9 8 3 V ! f) s 2 •> K 9 3 W E s Dcolcr ¥ A R .1 »Q7(12 * 7 G 5 3 <» K Q J 0 7 -I * A J 4 A082 Tonrnnmcnt—N-S vul. Snilili \Vcst North Kast IV 1 A Double I'oss 2V r.iss 3>f T Pass Opot\ing—^ J 2- bubble. Director Lubin v;as desperate; was Universal Pictures Corp. Expenses were running $800 per hour, bubbles or no bubbles. Two hours had passed and Miss Montcz still w-Jis nnbathed. Lubin had an inspiration. Tie ordered the studio fire engine sloked up and hauled to the stage. Live steam soon was seething through Miss Monies:' bath. "You theenk she is too hot!" enquired La Montez. "She maybe take off ze hide?" Lubin ignored her. He was fascinated by the water boiling red and producing a magnificent crop of pink bubbles. "Lights!" he cried. "Put-louse," cried Maria. "All senors will shut ze eyes." fifty-four pairs of eyes went closed, she hoped, and next I saw of Miss Montez, she was submerged in i bubbles. An electrician, who did not believe in the Lady Oodiva legend, said — regretfully — that shC'^urc a pink rubber union suit, Ile^fas sorry thai h e peeked. So Miss Montez had her bath in water nearly boiling. When Lubin finally let her up, she passed out. Smelling salts brought her around and what she said then I shall not repeal, because i don't understand Spanish. Ah, memories. Now she 1 .? about lo take another bath in a copper -lined tub and she writes that shc- 'ii let me hand her the soap. I wish I could be present for this event, but then again, n s Miss Montez' baths go. it probably will be an anti-climax. Tomorrow: Congressmen again, with clothes on. "Partner, re- passed, but Cancer Ranked Third As Killer in .Arkansas • LITTLE ROCK. Ark., May 2G. (UP) — Heart, diseases look more ice of o.Hlbs and said. nember that I have I do have n sound overcall ofj lives in Arkansas tlurliv th" past vour one diamond bid and I have- four years than the ace of clubs." any -vthev c.inse , ot dentil, aocwling lo a report by Now it was up to East. The acejthe State H?i!!h Dep.,'-meiu ^ of clubs would take care of the A tola! of r>sn4 nerso'"; "club suit. What about the to heart Tilments ' " sjjade losers? East wa.s confident I through ]<!4S second int bis partner would not make alcrnninl •ilnm invitation bid if he held two which spades so he correctly bid six I third icarls, which was ice cold. deaths. 'rom 1913 i n I ra lesions of vns-.uliir oiigin claimed i,.7<;.-! --ic-im;. In place VVKS cance- wii^^ U C Kl 11 i , o. Naval Leader An illf HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured U.S. naval leader, Rcnr-Adm. VERTICAL. ITcll i Again 3 Varnish 12 Legislative* / .7 body ••:< ^ P ' nl (ob -> 13 Delays v;\ 5 Al Ihis place- is M sit sauce'' t'-i 0 Spoken 1G AcluM K(s-: 7 Touched "' 18 Kc borne'' IDMorblc V 20 Welt-being' 22 Title 23 Pronoun 8 Street (ab.) 1 ni'ilch 10 Eye part ' 11 Whirlpools "' 12 Shiny fabric ZITrcals -14 Girl's name 2-1 He is ,1 lending 46 Poker stake. 47 Singing voica 48TiciilroaU (ab.) 49 Redact 24 Compass point 1! Worsted stuff Ctrl who was encaged not so lone, |,j s eastern po.rsonal appearanee problem. Probably most players op "So lo mug Crosby's scrip writer, tour. The best cac in Jack's art. ,. n Morth's liand'wilh one spadi Hill Morrow. . of course is his repealed rfforls especially in third |»sition. bu. llus is Hollywood. Mr. Jones: t o play the violin. He just about North knew that his partner h;xb- F.nterprise studio bought. "Body succeeds -it the end of the show itually opened light bids, so he pre- nnd Soul" as .a Ihcme SOUR for a w'hen Ihey lower the screen and frrred lo iwss movie. They threw away the-song Ihe newsreel slarts. | Knsl was 'ciitlllcd to open the 25 While 27 For example (ah.) 28 Asiatic 'kingdom 3d Scandinavian 32 First woman 33 Arid 3-1 Giant 3C Ogles 39 Area measure 40 Lnleeium (symbol) 41 Suffix 42 Half nn cm 43 Seed vessel •15 Weapons , 50 Camel's hair j cloth 51'Greek seaport 53 Aromatic I plant 54. Tent-maker 55 Orders 57 Pen 59 Hiding places GO Exchange 17Kach (ab.) 20 Trojan 20 More painful 29 Caress 31 Cereal '; 34 Fastened! JV- 35 Satiric _V.S>. 37 Refund '•'• '"' SO Among: V-yil , r >2 Dry l '•'*"'''* 5-! Harain room !if> Chapter (ab.) li vl i4 i'i HS SI 5S 1 ib, ^ i M %i is b : xt: L-\ <\a *%. b/ 4 m. 45 m. i>t« ^ "2 i p •<t> 51 ap 11 2&| F > * Ml ^ 9* 1 1 JF •k fi-*. 18 1 k M •*t si ° bt tf •'•'.'.. (i ib io Jl. •11 '•:'•(•'! b« i\C 1 3 S 1C* is? 1 SI ir 0 ii ' '',• 3l ;^-V' SO ab. <•! iT 4Z U 1 H I*-¥' se !

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