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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi • Page 3
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi • Page 3

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:

PAGE THREE DAILY CLARION-LEDGER, JACKSON. MISS. MONDAY MORNING, MAY 9, 1932 COTTON FESTIVAL ROYALTY Matrons Lunc eon BLOSSOM CORONATION WEST POINT WILL .,,1 Club Election Of END TERM JUNE 10 Officers For 1933 Class of 262 Members In The Matrons Luncheon club, Mrs. Walter Pate, president, will meet to Telephone 7217 i day at twelve o'clock at the Ed cludes Two Mississippi Boys wards hotel when the nominating committee, Mrs. W. H. Waddell, MONDAY Mrs. Vernon Davis and Mrs. W. nclay, ten Colonial Garden Circle with M3sa Wilma Hicks, 1253 Calvin Wells, will report on the election of officers for 1932-33. WEST POINT, N. May 8 pday, eleven Called meeting of Riverside Garden Circle with Mrs. Mrs. John S. Carroll, Mrs. Frank Graduation exercises at the U. S. Hasaman. and Mrs. H. H. Creek- Military Academy here will be held more are in charge of the program, while decorations and menus are be pnday, three Group 2, St. Cecelias, with Mrs. J. E. Stickney, 733 on June 10th, with Major General John O. Harbord. retired, presenting diplomas to the 262 members of the ing supervised by Mrs. Frank L. Adams, Mrs. W. H. Cook, Mrs. W. C. Dermis, Mrs. R. E. Hines and Mrs. J. P. Matthews- nday, three-thirty Group 8, St. Andrew's, with Mrs. A. C. Hopton, Alta Wood. nday, four-thirty to six-thirty Mrs. W. Q. Sharp and Mrs. George A. Wilson, Poplar Boulevard, tea honoring Miss Catherine indayfseven-thirty Night Study CluS of N. C. C. W. at Knights of Columbus Hall. mday, eight Harmony Grove, 321, Woodmen Circle, at W. O. W. Hall Mrs. Joseph C. Armstrong, Mrs. E. K. Ford, and Mrs. Thaddeus B. Lampton will act as hostesses in welcimmg the members and their guests. Free parking space is furnished by the hotel amnagement. ceie oration oinnaay oi juuiujs. nday. nine O. E. S. School of Instruction at Masonic Hall. TUESDAY iesday, three Milisaps Garden Circle with Mrs. B. P. Johnson, Mill- Those wishing reservations are I 1 Voir "jVvfJ -V. I jJ I i asked to telephone Mrs. cnnora Waterhouse, 5690, not later than Uesday, three Review Club with Mrs. R. E. Hough, West Capitol nine clock this morning. Uesday. three-thirty Daleth Delphians "Guest Day" with Mrs. C. D. first class according to an an noun cement made today by Major General William D. Connor, superintendent. Tentative program for June Week Includes daily full dress parades, artillery exhibition drill, gymnasium exercises, an athletic review with the entire corps In athletic uniforms worn in the 18 different sports! which cadets engage and graduation parade on Juno 9. Diplomas and commissions will be presented at the base of Battle Monument on historic Trophy Point. Included in the graduating class are cadets from 46 states, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Slant and China. Idaho and Utah are not represented In Mils class. Houston and Meridian are represented Irom Mississippi. i P. T. A. ELECTS DODDSVTLLE. May 8 The Doddsville P. T. A. has elected officers for the ensuing year as follows: Mrs. S. P. Strickland, president; Mrs. J. P. Pentecost, I I S1 Mllf. uesaay. tnree-tniny Aiia-xcaymona uarara imo wita v. Little Theatre's Benefit Bridge uopton. uesday, four to seven Mrs. Theodore DuBose Bratton at tea, St. An- At Country CluS "uesday. seven-thirty Thomas Jefferson Chapter of Junta at the KODerb use noiei. WEDNESDAY The Little theatre benefit bridge! Wednesday, ten Gypsy Smith Prayer Circle with Mrs. Theodore Mc- tournament win be held- at the Associated rhoto Helen Ames Washington was crowned Queen Shenandoah IX of the Knight. Country Club Thursday, May 12, at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Frank cannon is i Associated Press Photo Winchester, apple blossom festival by Ambassador Paul Claudel Wednesday, three Rosemont Garden Circle with Mrs. R. E. Jordan, I general chairman. Mrs. E. H. His will have charge of tables and score of France. Maids of honor representing various sections of the country were gathered about the throne as the queen was Installed. I 511 Claiborne. Wednesday, four Miss Catherine Jones at bridge honoring Miss Helen I Battaille and Miss Mamie Rush Floyd. pads. Mrs. R. N. Cinclair will head Cotton growing states of the south will celebrate their second annual cotton festival at Anderson, S. May 11-12. Dixie beauties, chosen by governors, will represent the various states. The above "queens are Mary Ellen Cook (lower left) of Pampa, Helen Stuart (upper the decorations committee and Mrs. Vednesday, seven Fortnightly Club annual "guest day" banquet at Harry Council will distribute prizes. the Robert E. Lee hotel. left), Montgomery, and Virginia Toomer of Tupelo, Miss. There will be tea guests as well vice-president; Mrs. cianc w. Coleman, secretary-treasurer, The president will appoint the various committees at fci early date and a program of objectives will be outlined. ednesday, eight MacDowell Club annual "guest night" at the Robert CONCERN BROADENS as those who make reservations for playing bridge. The tea table will be E. Lee hotel. THURSDAY Yazoo High School Activities presided over by Mrs. Martin Sen- CROP PRICE OFFER nett Conner and Mrs. S. Gordon uiuzaay. ten uav nursery xwbiu at iuc numc. Green. Suxouty, iu ttttwuc oi.uuy uiuup 1x1 i.vx uiuu xiuuae. ursday, eleven Riverside Garden Circle with Mrs. C. R. Baughman. Designs and plans for the Little I YAZOO CITY, May 8. Mac Theatre will be on display. nursday, two-thirty Galloway Parent Study Group at the school. Thursday, three B. R. T. Auxiliary with Mrs. Morris Bills. 953 Hunt. Shackelford secured for himself a In response to popular demand Beauty rhursday, three-thirty Miss Marianne Nance at bridge honoring Miss permanent place Yaroo High's the International Harvester com STREET EYES sporting hall of fame, when he pany has broadened Its crop price I Jean Mcinnis and Miss Bernice Flowers. (hursday. three-thirty Art Appreciation Group with Mrs. J. W. Tuck- 1 er. "Hillsdale." GIRL SCOUT NEWS WASHINGTON pitched a no-hit, no ma game guaranty offer, recently announced, Thursday, four Magnolia Social Club with Mrs. Morris Bills, 953 Hunt asainst Canton on the local dia I street. (Continued From Page One) mond. Shackelford was at the top rhursday, five Mrs. Glenn Roll's pupils in Pianoforte recital. of his form. He struck out twelve SIiop srrciAL! ringer Wave S5c Mon. Wed School Girls Permanent Tuesdays $1.98 rhursday. nine Final dance at Edwards hotel honoring members of lading steel executives pointed I orraoGtmr batters and allowed only co itneir record inis year as an in- one base-on-balls. legislature. FRIDAY dication that they could. While the Tlday, ten Sylvandell Garden Circle with Mrs. Kirby Swinney, 1226 average price of steel scrap declined I The annual pageant was pres much we enjoy our new room. But TROOP EIGHT to per ton on April against enited Mav 6. on the crounds of jvionroe street. afc A At A A. 1 I you would, had you attended our On May the nineteen thirty- rriday. twoCountv P. T. A. at Court House. siu-zu uie wees Deiore, me industry the Main Street school. It con' to include besides tractors and combines every McCormlck Dcering machine operated through a tractor hitch, power take-off, or tractor belt pulley. The importance cf this action, will be more fully realised when It Is understood that tractors and power machines make up the major portion of the company's business. The broadening of the plan to cover al tractor-operated machines makes It possible fora great many more farmers to take advantage of it. Farmers already provided with tractors and desiring to secure additional tractor-operated equipment for more economical crop production now have the opoortunltv of first meeting it. our scout two, was nevertheless shown much zreax- Hsted of threei episodes hasM on naay, three thirty Art study Club with Mrs. Emmett Hull, Bel- is a light green with trie doors ana Troop Eight had a good time as naven 6treet. er co-operation in maintaining events dirrtoff th fmm- floor stained dark oak. troops usually do. Friday, three-thirty Civics Group In the Municipal Club House. Manicuring 35c SHAMrOO AND SET Short Hair 50c Ing Hair 5c rermanents $3 to $8 MIks Lillian Cooper Betty Manning, Iop. Sll Amite St. Thone 2700 April 30th at 7:30 Troop 15 held Twas about four o'clock, on the naay. live juts. Glenn Roll's dudus In Pianoforte rpr.ital. prices of finished products. Its prin- dation of the United States gov-cipal leaders have arguea strongly em-merit. The pageant is a part against selling steel at a loss, which of tne. bicentennial anniversary MUlsaps campus ground. friday, four-thirty Mrs. W. H. Pulsifer at bridge honoring Miss I Marianne Nance. their meeting (and a peppy one, at that). We save our promise, "had We made a big fire, and all gather- nas oeen aone uns year some i celebration of the birth of Georce Ylday, nine Mrs. S. B. Lawrence and Mrs. F. F. Murison at dance, ed 'round: some songs and discussed making curtains for our, room. Having completed the plans for that, we prac oDert i. jee Hotel, nononng Miss Eugenia Lawrence and To roast lots of weiners and eat incoming orders irom me auto- i denAs. rircKRfvi in emnmrw-iate cos 'em of course. auss jane jviunson. SATURDAY roiooue mausury nave Btreng-uieueu tumes, participated. ticed our signaling, which is very For we prefer weiners to mutton or ine nana oi me sieei ixiuustry buying this needed equipment on interesting. Then patrol corners horse. aturday, one Mrs. J. Kelly Naasson. Belhaven street, at luncheon price maintenance campaign. rjhmnel fisssmMv on Mav tne ravorabie terms of the crop were held. In fluffy rolls, with mustard quite These orders have been less than toe Woman's club conducted nononn? iviiss neioise segura. Miss Marianne Ford, and Miss Helen Harerave. price guaranty. We chose our studies for second hot. This definite price guaranty has class work. While doing this some The burnt hot dogs disappeared on expecwxi, out nave oeen ihsiuhwcxu. a program In line with the ob-volume to raise steel operations to I turday. three Mrs. Chennault at bridge honoring Miss Floy Chen- the effect of removing all uncer one brought up the subject of "How the Epot. uaiuiu atJOUL 24 Per Cem OI I -nc-a TJw1 JafH! woe itn r1i4roo talnty as to market prices for Should We Carry On our Troop Then we studied measuring as Mrs. RSrainst 23 OeT Cent the; Preceding I Aa- mHn.fnnr nomqrlre wheat, corn, and cotton later in the Meeting?" This was gone into and McNair Iiss Cnllen and Miss Ezelle Enter year. the "inner-man" in the home cir wees anu wiC uu Mesdames Estes, Wilson, Redding, decided on. Then followed taps, Insists that we learn our tests well, cles. Payne, and McDonald led the as- and with care. The Oil industry, Which IS one amiMv in stniertoff the Americfln Vive la Scouts. KATIE HDPPERICII. Scribe. tain Together at Junior nigh Style Show and Reception In these columns on Saturday After our work, we turned out for If market price quotations for these products do not reach the guaranteed price at the time payment becomes due on notes given of the first major industries to National Anthem, 'The Star Span- play Byram W. M. S. Will Stage Lawn Party Exploring, and finding things all on as given an account of the artls- and maturing this year, farmers The Byram Woman's Missionary arrest tne sxeaay oown wiki- gied Banner." Following this Mrs. basic prices in its field, now of- Hays McGudre, on the piano, fers a measure of hope to steel and Mrs. J. O. Bardwell, Jr, on cur way. Troop 17 met Wednesday at Bel-haven college. Clara Lee Hines purchasing after this date machines and beautiful style show and re- Three of the Scouts who had. run Society Group No. 2 is sponsoring Included in this special offer will ion held at the Enochs Junior on ahead, wnat promises to be a most uni taught the trcop how to make pic receive a credit equal to the school by Miss Miriam Ezelle manufacturers. The oal companies ithe violin, pilayed several selec-held orders for new equipment to tions. Among these were "To a the bone in 1921 and eventually wild Rose," "By the Waters of Found a tiny island in a stream's que and enjoyable entertainment, with good eats and lots of fun hire frames out of twigs and string. This was a very interesting study Miss Lucile Cullen, the latter dried up bed. The crop price guaranty plan has ing the efficient and charming must maKe up lor me soaoii. Minnetonka," and "I Love You Thursday, May 12th, from 5 to 10 p. nx, on the spacious lawn at The others tried to take it, so This gave entertainment, until time in woodcraft. Later troop 17 nopes to learn to make bird houses. After er of the ninth grade domestic consequence, steel makers are iook- been accepted throughout the country as convincing evidence of the ence classes. Only one name was ins over the industry ior pros- Mrs. Morris then conducted a to go. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Hudson's R. the meeting many of the girls went Harvester company's faith In the ven when both should have been pective new buisness. In the pe- contest' in which students tried F. D. 5, Jackson. Then packed Into cars 'bout as big fundamental soundness of agricul rocrether as hostesses. as a dune, swimming Belhaven pool. MARY BURDETTE, Scribe. The lawn will be adequately We sped away home from a Scoutln' tural prosperity and of its belief that prices for farm products must troleum field, furmer progress was to recognize ten classical selections made in curtailing production, when Mrs. McQuire and Mrs. Crude oil Txnoduction was at an Bardwelll nlaved several hars mm jigntea ana the public is most cor Miss Cullen had charge of the iieliciots refreshments, the cooking dially invited to attend, the pro soon improve. lass program and exhibit which good time! PAT O'BRIEN, V-'V Patrol Leader. The camp committee-of the Jack average daily rate of oar- tne songs. Mary Honor Henry ireils in the week ended April 30 was the only student to get all ceeds of which will go toward building an addition to Byram added in so large a measure to the son Council of Girl Scouts Is spon success and proved that soring a Camp Kickapoo Poster Fraternity students at Emory against 2,267,900 the week Deiore ten selections correct. church. GIRL SCOUT TROOP NEWS contest. It will start Monday, May university led in scholarship the last ind 2,475,100 a year ago. girls can sew and dress well can also look after the very im Troop 10 had an unusual meeting quarter. The school average was The attention of business was on May 3, Dr. R. L. BedweU Zone Circuit Held at Prentiss 9 and close Monday, May 30. Any Girl Scout in the city may enter the portant feature of taking care of 84.23, and the fraternity average drawn to Washington over the presented to. Mrs. J. W. Parker, PRENTISS, May 7 The program Wednesday. They met at 7:30. The meeting opened by practicing "Barring of the Door." There was one contest. The subject matter on the 85.57. week-end. The appeal of the presl- neaa or the Yazoo High Latin committee for the zone circuit, Prentiss Methodist church, met with poster will be left to the individual. dent or non-partisan fcreaitinent I Department, the Latin Trophy of-of present national prdblams was fered annually by the American However, it must be an advertise Mrs. A. S. Oliver to work out a investiture, Anne Price. After she received her pin the troop went over to the capitol grounds and studied rftnorfcai to have met with strong juassicaa society to me Missis- how do you look? year's schedule. After discussion, the committee ovted to change to meat for the Girl Scout Camp at Kickpoo that is to be held in July. It must be made on cardboard about public support, particularly his In-1 slppi high school which had tho the stars. An interesting discussion Spencer Beauty Shop Guaranteed Permanent Waves Any Type Any Style Genuine followed, and had for desert baked sistence upon- prompt, action in inwsi. uuciiie wiiegv wno nave nassiivr revenue bill desisned to continued tlieir study of Latin. two feet by three feet. The gir: an au-cay meeting with an outside speaker for the eleven o'clock hour each time. The following topics were apples and toasted marshmallows. making 1 the most attractive poster will be given a week free of charge i The meeting disbanded with every balance the budget. Aside from the The trophy becomes the property need of setting the nation's fin- of the High school If it Is won selected to be worked out In the one declaring that they had had a at the Girl Scout camp. programs during the year. Leader ancial house in order, business mree years an succession, vanxon Troop 5 met its usual time at lovely time. ship training, which is to be given mem were interested in speedy en- mgn scnooi came second in me Enochs junior high school, Tuesday. at Bassf ield on the fifth Monday MARY CASE, Scribe. actment of a tax bill so they might competition for the cup. We were glad to have our leader it. May; extent of the back with us, since she was absen fields and their needs; Character end present tmcertainty in their minds as to how to adjust their operations to comply with changed The members of troop TS met with at the last meeting. There were only PENAL TRUSTEE Eugene $5.00 Croquignole $5 Spencer $1.95 $3.00 Shampoo and Set 50c Marguerite Kervln Mrs. Maud Long, Prop. Building. These programs are to be their captain. Miss Natalie "Barber, two patrols in the whole troop but worked out with four topics relating tax demands. at Lee school. We spent half our since there were so many in each thereto, with appropriate songs to carry the theme. The invited speak The usual trade barometer DO you realize that your shoes arc more in evidence than any other part of your clothing? That Is particularly true vhcn you are sitting Be sure your fect are as correctly dressed as the rest of your body. Let us show you HZ3 the new, smart patrol we decided to have three pa RETURNS HOME showed a mixed trend. Carload time talking about our going to Kickapoo May 14. The other half the time was spent in playing trols. The most important thing we er is to bring a message that will drive the theme to every heart ings declined to 563,380 against thft nrecedinr week's isure of did at the meeting was to study the code. Now every member knows it present. The women serving on the jump rope." Two girls received their Tender cms TOQ tmAf-M wwirer all- committee were as follows: Mrs. s. 3rd Floor Imar Life Bnflldng Phone 6545 All Work Done by Expert Operators Doris Powell was elected patro foot pins just before we tJosed and we closed with the Laws and Taps. S. Donald, New Hebron; Mrs. J. D. Turnage, New Hebron; Mrs. leader of the new patrol. The meet corresponding week of 191, made v. ir ern district, who painfully ln- ing closed with the Girl 'Scout T. Gibson. New Hebron; Mrs. D. E. LORRAINE KEY, Scribe ZZZZZU'ZnZL Jured in an automobile accident last Vickers, Mrs. William Dale, Silver ROXTE HUNNICUTT, Scribe. ureek; airs. A. jf. carraway, Bass- home from a McComb hospital to- grams, live stock, cotton, sugar, meets and textiles carried most Girls, you sure don't know how field; Mrs. W. W. Gray, Carson; day. Mr. Ellzey Is able to sit up but commodity price indexes lower al Jewelry Is Always Appreciated By the Girl' Graduate Wrist Watch $7.50 $17-50 $24.75 Lavalier $10 Lavallcr and Ring Set $4.00 $10.00512.00 Ring $5.00 Bar Pin $5.00 $10.00 $12.50 Comb, Brush and Mirror Beads $1.00 tr $10.00 Bracelet $1.50 to $35.00 Earring Jewelry Case Compact 50c to $10.00 Mrs. G. C. Terrell, Mrs. G. L. Mar continues to suffer from a broken styles oilricndiy t. i. i 4 tin. Prentiss. After the meeting. Prof, and Mrs. Nesbitt Welcome date may be nominated for the mougn mere was collar bone, cuts and bruises, some commodities such as oil. The I DR. GEO. P. EVANS Pedodontist Announces Opening of Offices residency. Mrs. Oliver, assisted by her son and Mrs. G. C. Terrell, served delicious Five Shoes just received. Little Son Prof, and Mrs. Charles Franklin Dismissed with the Lord's Prayer, refreshments. weekly trade reviews reported that rTriirr nrvi7 AT? FIT? AT gains a little more than offset I trill UV.LK iyAKDJfcJN losses in the merchandising field. tttvh TTATATTV What was. regarded as a signl- MAI XiilU irii.1 ALLiI Beauty Lovers nold Meeting Thomas Jefferson Junta Nesbitt, Millsaps college, who reside at 1403 North West street, on the morning of Saturday, May seventh, at the Baptist hospital, welcomed leant feature of these reports was S. P. McRAE CO. Shoe Annex The local Thomas Jefferson of the Junta will meet next Barney Associated with Dr. Kennedy The Beauty Lovers Garden Circle Coahoma Negro Struck Over Ilead the assertion mat quality goods Tuesday evening at the Robert E. a fine little son whom they have With Hoe were attracting a littCe moss 509-10-U Standard life Building met on Friday with Mrs. J. A Hardy. After a brief business ses given the name, Charles Burns. Lee hotel at seven-thirty o'clock. The discussion will be led by Miss attention than before. Louise Melton. Members and visit CLARKSDALE, May 8 Joe Howard, negro. Is in a hospital In Clarksdale in a serious condition for the exclusive practice of Children's Dentistry LOWREY MANAGES Belle Kearney W. Tr U. The Belle Kearney W. C. T. U. ing Juntlsts are requested to take notice of the time and place. The sion, Mrs. Volght, program leader, arranged for a drive to the beautiful suburban home of her sister, Mrs. J. Hodge, on Terry road, where all were delightfully met in regular session Tuesday af A ATIIDC with chances for his recovery doubt-JTiVHriiUAiil lfViUiTS ful as a result of a wound In the Oris SEffiaOTjwr subject selected Is "Alexander Ham Phone 2966 Jackson. Miss. ternoon in the Capitol streeit Methodist church with twenty-two ilton." head with a hoe wielded allegedly Trustee Takes Over Duties During by Goldfox Jones, another negro, In Lamar Life Building Majestio Arcade present. entertained with a picnic lunch McDavid's Illness an argument in tne negro section iisning, etc. The president. Mrs. R. S. Ney- of Clarksdale. Mrs. Vpight was assisted in serv land absent on account of sickness PARCHMAN, May 8 T. J. Low- The negroes, who were neighbors, tag by her two charming daugh Mrs. M. M. Edwards, the vice- rey. member of the state prison I are alleeed to have started a friend ters. Marguerite and Elizabeth. president Introduced Senator Kear board of trustees for the North lv argument as to the competitive The circle's display of flowers ney top reside, which she did in a Mississippi district, has taken over erowths of their gardens and the was the best of the season Mrs most efficient temporarily the duties of manager argument developed in a row in After the orjening song Mrs. J. of the Parchman prison farm on which they fougnt desperate when Voight's gorgeous poppies won the club vase The circle will take an active part in the flower show on M. Morse conducted the devotional account of the Illness of Dr. W. P. finally Jones is alleged to have reading emphasizing McDavid, who was appointed tem- struck his neighbor a vicious blow Wednesday, May 11. norary manager of the prison in with a hoe. Jones fled and is being the Importance oi onnsuan mouier-hood. Mrs. V. C. Loflin closed the March after the resignation of J. pursued by a posse of officers near PUT ON TAG DAY devotional with prayer. W. the superintendent. Clarksdale, The audience was delighted with ur. Mcuavia, wno ior many years Two EcceintiQlIs ov A BBAUTHFUIL LAWN Before many more days have passed you be needing these two esentials a Lawn Mower and Garden Hose. "We can supply you with both of these now so that you will be readyand the price will agreeably surprise you. EVERETT HARDWARE GO. FOR OLD DADDIES was a Mother's Day musical program which follows: physician-ln-charge of the TO AHOiTA WITHOUT attached to the tUAHUIllA 1 1 11U Sunflower hospital wer hospital Vocal solo "Mother of Pearls." RED CROSS FUNDS Parchman prison, endeavored to direct the affairs of Parchman in Miss Zerlita Simmons: violin solo, CLARKSD ALE, May 8 A sub 'Mighty Lack a Rose. Mrs. Hous stantial sum was raised in Clarks conjunction with hospital duties and collapsed under the strain. His CLARKSDALE. May 8 The cxe- dale yesterday through Tag Day for however. cutive and finance committees of condition Is improving, the Old Ladies' Home at Jackson and it is believed he will be. back the Coahoma county chapter of the Clean storage. aecessabiKty and safety for your fine furniture. Careful handling, placing youll find our equipment A-l, our rates best. FIREPROOF BUILDING, VERY LOW INSURANCE RATE. MOVING PACKING SHIPPING LIGHT AND HEAVY HAULING West Bell and C. Railroad Phones 365-6527 ton Howie. Bcith solas were accompanied by Mrs. W. H. Neeley. Miss Margaret Biggs, vocal solo, "That Wonderful Mother of Mine," accompanied by Miss Treva Biggs. The movement was sponsored by the Clarksdale municipality, the on the job by the first of next Red cross announces max owing month. the failure of the annual financial Clarksdale and Coahoma chamber A business session in wmcn au of commerce, Rotary and other civic Phone 362 ry i uiivc in nie vuuuvy ui iuicuim More than 3.000 varieties of soy- that the organization is in a deplor- 129 South Slate St. officers present gave good reports. clubs and the churches of the city, It was announced that June sec Mayor Ellington Fant issued a pro beans were brought into the United able condition and may have to dls-States by a federal expedition from band as of June 1 unless there Is ond would be observed as a day clamation urging citizens to con Asia, quick aid ior tne cnapier, tributei liberally, pJE special prayer; that a drx candi

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