The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN PI-YTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURtER Famous Detective Enters New Fight Political Foe Says Broadway Johnny Was Intimate with Hoods NEW YORK. Sept. 1. CAP)—John J. iBroadway Johnny) BrocferJrk. «-New York dptoctlve fameri for his manhandling of tou&h Buys, has a new kind of fight on his hands A political foe claims tho quirk- fistecf former cop quit (he police force two y^ars a^o because of a rfjwrt linking him W iih notorious racketeers. Brodcrlrt denies tt. The charf.e.s \VCIP aired Tue.iilay by Gerard V. .Uurjihy, u-Jio.^ post PS s Democruic leader in a 'limes Square assembly, dixirict Brodrncik it, seeking in a Sept. 6 primarv election. Murphy said Brorierirk was forced to re^isn "for tho good of the service"" after District Ailorjipy Frank S Hogan mude a reoort to Mayor William O'Divvrr. about a trip Broderick look to Ho! SpiitiRfi. Ark- in 1946. Hogan confirmed that \\e. had niprfe .such a rejwrt, and that Bi erick rjnil shortly a f i^i\v:ud5 said the report riicl not .i<- Broderirk of any crime. Brodrnck. who earned a natio reputation for hiv ron^hina up nf jjflnssiers, said he retired so he could - c oll liiA life story to the mo- vlw. RKO bought it for a reporter! $7ft.OCO. To Murphy'A claim that he got out of the department to avoid si departmental trial OH charge of intimately H.v=ocialhm with gangster. 1 ;. Broderick .said he knew plenty of mobsters. "I knew every criminal In New York and from out of town," he -said. "Where would I he if I didn't know each and every one of them? I'd be a traffic man Instead of a detective." Murphy .said Broderick. on his trip to Hot SpHna.5. was accompanied by a "notorious gambler anil ex-convict. Be;m1e Kaye." and that in Hot Spring*, Brorieriek associated with Owney Madden, "a contemporary of (At) Capone and rii'at bootleg mobster, 1 -." Broderick said he knows "Ben Kaye, but I didn't accompany him to Hot Springs. I found him on the luune airplane with me "I don't think I have anything to apologise for," he added. Police department records show fchat Broderick applied for retirement, effective July 18, 1947, and was granted a S2,32o pension. P" *WV-i~*^ J *l f ' H UN , • ,! •"- Rn<ilc Tav "» literally has Her hands Hilt a^ b..hj-.Mller 10 three pot sonllas. Lady Conao Cnnao and Ok» »-cro hers to food, bathe, and eve,, chest-rub ?° * "hole m.nlh D.oL C IV ac ™"'" n '" Crt the trio [rnm Nrw V.rk ?o ,££,„' Diceo, Calif., too. Her commom_"M O re fun than a barrel of monkeys." Farm Union Says It Will Support Cotton Controls LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 1. (API — The Arkansas Farmers Union yesterday 'pledged its support to the cotton acreage cut authorization bill'signed by President Truman. The bill authorizes the secretary of aericulture to hold 1950 cotton I planting to 21.000,000 acies—if lar-] mera vote in favor of federal control. The secretary- would be authorized to call a farmers referendum on cotton quotas if the national cotton supply is above normal tins fall. J. Algert Hopkins, president of the , Arkansas Farmers Union sain to- ! day. j •In view of the present tendency . to pile up cotton surpluses selling I of the acreage control seem?, to he the only practical approach." He predicted that farmers will be Truman to Talk [Before Two Ver Groups Monday WASHINGTON, sept, i— >,iv- The White House announced yesterday thai President Triiinnn's two speeches Monday will deal with <1) labor and 12) agriculture. ] The labor speech will be mnrle j at the Allegheny Count', free fair ! at Pittsburgh around 10 a.m. ICST) after a flight from Washington. i Mr. Truman will fly from Pitts- ! burgh to DPS Mriinp.s. l««a. lor' an agriculture speech around 4:15! p.m. i CS'r^ a! the annual cornea- i lion of AMVETS. The Des Moine.s I speech will be his ihird lo a vet- I erans organization in as many Moil- > days. Tlie President is expected to fly to Missouri after the Iowa speech to visit liis brother. J. Vivian Trtl- ! man, at Grandview. The brother ' is recovering from an accident sev- i eral weeks ago. i Whether, the chief executive will ' remain overni2ht in Missotiri has . yet to be worked out, t Italian Count, friend Of Actress, is Killed Reds in Czechoslovakia To Suppress Underground PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia. Sept. 1. IAP) -Czechoslovakia's communist- led uovmimont, thronoh the controlled press, yesterday threatened nuhlcss supiire.v-ion of all underground activity. It warned that prison awaits all persons who know about ami-government plotting and fail to inform the police promptly, The press loosed the warning following the government's announcement yesterday that it had crushed an armed rr-iol! aimed at over- throwins the regime and returning Czechoslovakia to non-communist rule. This was accompanied by a rash of new attacks upon the western |>owers. who were accused of supporting and directing Czechoslovakia's underground. Th? government announcement had said that six of the accused were sentenced to death: ten, including three women, to life imprisonment and an unspecified number lo prison terms of one to 25 years. Ten were reported acquitted. will of the above runted decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executrix thereunder. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filinc a pel It ion within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against th* estate must exhibit Diem, duly verified lo the undersigned withiit six months from the date of the Jirst publication of this notice, or they shall be forever hatred and precluded from s:iy benefit in the estate. This notice first published 18th day of August, I!H9. BIRDIE T. HUGHKS, Executrix Blytheville, AiKansas 8 18-25-3;i NOTK.T OF CON'FIKMATION IN THK CHAUCERV COURT OK MISSISSIPPI I:GUNTV AKKAX'SAS, CI'ICKASAIVBA JUST Kir T EX PAUTE Rutii A^hlry. Tretinie Dotson, .time Miir!iH and Virginia Hemphii! N O . 11005 Notice :.; hereby given that tiiere nas ber.n iLlrit in my office as clerk of the ML-.-is.sippi County (Chicka- JJislric!) Chancery Court, a netitioi! jnr the confirmation of titfe to l!ie South Fifty Acres ,>f :he Wi'st H.\!r of the NorMicast Quarter of So,-1 ion One. Town-hip 15. North. AHI-,<:C 10 East in lite Chick- asiwba Uis'rict of Mississippi Co.nt- ty. Arkansas, and the quiet ins ol the title to the same in Ruth Ashley. Trennie Ration. June Martin and Virginia Hem phi 11. petitioners therein All p»rs»n.s claiming said lands, or any in' therein, are hereby I warned to appear In the chancery I court ol the Chicka.sawba Dist-ict j >)f M:.«-.iss:ppi County, on the first ' day of its next regular term, and |sh,jw caii..;,. why title to said iamb ! shi.ulrt not be confirmed in said j Ruth Ashley, Trennie Dotson. June | M-rt!n and Virginia Hcmphlll i Witness my hand as clerk of the ] Mi.s<Ls.Onp,. county chancery court,! ] ant! thf seal thereof, on this the i 24th da; of August, 194!) Harvey Morri.s Clerk : 826 9 1-8-15 i 4000 In 1966 and 1SW1 «00 in 19«8 5000 in 1969 and 1970 The bonds are payable In (lie first Instance from the proceeds o: a fourteen mill building fund tax icted bv the electors, of the District, which will continue annually until all the bonds p.nd Interest are paid in full, in addition they will be secured by a pledge of all other revenue thai the District can legally pledge The bonds will be sold subject to helng voted at the annual school election September 27. 19-19. The buyer may name the place of payment and trustee, and may have the rt^ht to convert the bonds to lower rite of interest, subject to the'approval of the Commissioner of Education. The buyer will be expected to pay the expenses o! the Issue, including the printing and trustee!',); of the bonds and the le« of Townseml and Townscnri Attorneys. Littl? Rock, upon approving opinion the bontis will be issued. The bonds will be callable for payment prior to maturity in inverse numerical order, at part and accrued interest, as. follows: From surplus in the building fund, on anv intciT'St paying date: from funds from any source, on any interest payine date on and after FVbruaiu i, 1955. The sale will be held upon avc- tion bids ni 10 o'clock a.m.. on the nth dlj of Sept.. I94&. in the ollice of Supt of Schools in Armorcl. Ark- j ansos. Eacii bidder will be required to tile a certified check in the sum nf $1260 on n bank that is a member of '.he PDIC. payable TO the District, to be kept as liquidated damages If the bidder is awarded the sale ol the bonds and fails to complete the purchase Checks of un-:ucc j '.sful bidders will be returned promntly. The Dis'rict reserves The right tr, reject any and all bids. For further information address the. undersigned. GIVFN this 2-1 (in yof August, 1949. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1949 ' ARMORRL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 9 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS By E. H. Hale, President and Arthur Vance, Secretary NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL Dell School District No. 23 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, hi-re- hy gives notice that It will sell to the highest bidder for cash Its proposed issue of $25.000 in 3 3|4% re- fiii:rling and construction school bonds dated September 1, 1945, interest, payable seml-annually, and maturing serially on December 1 of each y-ar »t follows: *7000 in 1950 8500 in 1951 9500 I" 1952 The bonds are payable In the first imtaiice from the proceeds of a llftcen mill building fund tax voted by the electors of the District which v-ill continue annually until all the bonds and interest are paid in full, in addition they will be secured by a pledge of all other revenue that the District can legally pledge. The bonds will be sold subject to being ,'oted at the annual school election September, 27, 1949. The buyer may name the p!ace of payment and trustee, and may have thv rl;'ht to convert the bonds U; a lower rate o( interest,, subject to he approval of the Commissioner of Ed'tcati'--n The buyer will be expected to pay the expenses of the issue, including the printing and trustccin? ol the bonds and the fee of Towrsend and Townsend Attorneys. Iiiltli' Rock, upon whose approving opinion the bonds will be issued. The bonds will be callable tor payment prior to maturity In inverse numerical order at par and ucerucd interest on any interest payma date from funds from any source The sale will be held upon auction bids at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 16th dav ot Sept. 1949, in the office NOTICK OK SALE OF SCHOOL BONDS ! Armorel School District No 9 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, hereby gives notice that it will sell to , [lie highest bidder for cash its pro- pa-ed i...«ue ol 503.000 of 335';. re- fundng and construction school : bonds caterl October 1. 1949. inter- 1 esr payaSle semi-annually. and i niaiurir.T serially on February 1 of 1 'acli year ;is follows: 2000 in 1951. 1952 and 1953 2500 in !954 to 1958. inclusive 3COO in 1959 to 1963. inclusive 3500 in 196-1 and 1955 Listen to Auto-Lite's SUSPENSE" Every Thursday Evening WKEC 8:00 JOHN MILES MILLER CO. Distributor of Au(o-l,ite Spark 1'lugs i CANNES. France. Sept. I—or.— Count Giorgi Cini. 30. wealthy Ital- ' ian busines.=man. dird In a plane crash yesterday before the horrified j eyes of film actiess Mrrle Oor-ron. ; Site had come to Cannes airport ; to uave goodbye. .. j The two-enginfd plane carrying: Cini, whose name has been ro- T mantically linked with that of the j actress, circled low after taking! off. caught a winsnip on the ground", crashed and burned. Tint's pilnt. Giorgio oardcllo. 2K. also was killed. willing to vole to cut the acreage if they are assured of proper painy Miss Oberon and the Count had betn racationine together on the French Riviera Previouslv she been a sur-st at thp Count's family castle in northern Italy. price sii NOTICE the Probate Court nf Clilrka- -ba district of Mississippi Coun- .Arkansas. In the Matter ol the Estate of No. 1833 W. L. Hughes, deceased Last known address of decedent: B1-. cheville, Arkansas. Date of death: Juiy 30. 1949. An instrument dated July 1st. 1949. v.\'. on the nth day of Au?i,,-t. 1540, admitted to probate a.s the last ntC...on any Weekend! Yes, it's good old 7 Crown In Ihe good old summertime. A day of lunligril and fresh air doubles your enjoyment of o frosty Collins of sparkling Mghboll made with Seagram s finest American whiskey. utc n's 7Cro»n. Blended Wriislcey.86.8 Pioof. 65'/. Grain Neulul Spitits. Seagram.DisliHeu Coipotalion. Chrysler Building, New Y«t NOW OFFERS YOU MORE THAN EVER AT SHELTON MOTOR CO. 30,000 MILE GUARANTEE! IN COOPERATION WITH THE WOLF'S HEAD MOTOR OIL CO., SHELTON MOTOR CO. GUARANTEES TO MAKE ABSOLUTELY FREE-OF- CHARGE ANY REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENTS TO ALL LUBRICATED PARTS OF THE MOTOR, CHASSIS, AND GEARS WHICH MIGHT OCCUR DURING THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF OPERATION OR UNTIL THE CAR HAS BEEN DRIVEN 30,000 MILES, WHICHEVER OCCURS FIRST. YES, WHEN YOU BUY A NASH, YOU GET A CAR THAT'S GUARANTEED. FOR YOUR NEXT CAR SEE -favUL Shelton Motor Co. 215 South Second Phone 4438 of supt of Schools In Dell, Arkansas. Eacti bidder will be required to tils « c-rtlded check in the sum o! t500 on a bank that U a member of the FDIC, payable Lo the District to be kept as liquidated dimages It trie- bidior U awarded the sale of she bomls and falls to complete the purchase. Checks of unsucceiislul bidders will be returned promptly. The District reserve* the right to reject fny and all bids. For further Information address the undersign. GIVEN this 24 d»y of August, ed. 1949 By M. R, Griffin. President and R, B. Crawford, Secretary Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance Legion Arena Sat Sept 3 Those Who Like to. Square Dance are Cordially Invited! — Featuring — Smilin' Eddie Hill and the High Noon Roundup Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance Amateur Show All Types Amateur Knieriainen Klliibk. Those dfr&irinr t» enter must register at (he Leeion Hut Saturday between 't p.m. and 4 p.m. Watch for the Opening Announcement Of BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST SHOE STORE We Hove a Complete Stocic of Gin and Mill Supplies • Goodrich Belting « Clipper Belt Hooks • Woods Gin Saw Files • Steam Packing • Pyrene Extinguishers and Recharges. HUBBARD HARDWARE Co., Inc. •iI3 West Main Phone FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE f Call 3361 Automobile (ill forms) Burglary Business interruption* Dj'ers A Cleaners Extended Coverage Fire General Liability Marine (a!) forms) Personal Property Floated Plate Glass Residence Liability Tornadn Truck Cargo Windstorm Workmen's Compensation W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom wurk for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broad way Phone 2651 LAUNDRY SERVICE IF YOU LIKE THE BEST PA? TRY NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4.174 PREE-SCHOOL SPECIAL on MACHINE or MACHINELESS PERMANENTS One week only—August 29 through Sept. 3 $5.00 Permanent - $3.50 $10.00 Permanent $5.00 Substantial Reductions on Other Permanent Waves Ten Experienced Hairdressers EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL „ e, Ark. j Phone 3262 Blytheville, "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" Vour lallsfaclleii .w.rrd on ill phulocraphte work Inclndlnt commcrrial and portrait FAUGHTS STUDIO 11! Sooth First N'ighl Phone Phone Mil V

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