Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi on October 26, 1941 · Page 16
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi · Page 16

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 26, 1941
Page 16
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Page Foirr Jfcfc to the let ctheVxhips wnere Purser Hewitt new" 4s trraymav. 7 SUGAR BOWL FIELD, NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 25. If there is a sporte Valhalla somewhere up in the clouds we ire sure there was a grinning tousle headed boy leaning over the parapets this afternoon as an Ole Miss team rose to fighting heights to beat Tulane 20 to 13. ; And the name of that boy is Jesse Ward, great Rebel end of two seasons ago whose death in an auto accident just before the Mississippi-Tulane game of 1939 cast a pall over the Red and Bluejhat effectively prevented their playing good football. The 1939 Rebels were a bunch of broken hearted kids. . , . . y But that day's sophomores came back to win one lor Jesse today, and they did a very artistic job of it, take it from any of the 44,000 fans who saw the clash. With a conspicuous absence of maudlin sentiment, but with a timely reminder that the seniors of 1941 probably owed Jesse Ward a supreme type of effort today. And that's what they gave in a spirit that was marvelous to see When Harry Metre beat LSU his first game at Ox- ford, we nominated mm xor governor of the state by ac- I A;-, A far as we are clamation. As iar as we are . rnncpme e he deserves a re newal of that nomination. You'll have to pardon us for getting so wrought up. but as we crouched down In that Ole Miss dressing room before the game and heard Coach Mehre's little talk and felt the surge of spirit that he brought In response as the shouting, cheering boys brushed by us golnsr onto the field, some wiping a few tears away as they ran, we went Into a frenzy of anticipation that not even the Tulane first quarter touchdown could erase. We knew something was coming. The scoreboard win tell you what It PTf TttTM TTP TTTTLS! CHIPS: The defeat wiped all Sugar Bowl hopes Tulane might have been cherishing for good and alL My am, EMim WHEN CHEST, COUGHING COLDS STRIKE RtUrre llhaj tie Improved Home -Tested Vkks Way testsad of fcddng needless risks, take the advice of many experienced mothers relieve miseries of your children's colds with the improved Vkks treatment that takes only 3 minutes and makes Vkks VepoRub give ETX3I CmX3 ETSSITS TEAM EYEX EEFCRCI f : i y r m bronchial tubes witij soothing medicinal vapors. STSScurm chest and bade surfaces Uka a warming poultice.7 rostutiuf Why Not Brighten Up Your Living Room With A New Suite. You Can Do This At the Old Prices If You Buy From Us While the Present Stock Lasts. Studio Coaches ... " ' ' ' 2 Plec Bed Davenport Suites Maroon or blue velour . $ 97.50 S Piece Bed Davenport Suites 1 Bergundy, Rose, Black figr. tapestry ....$ 87.50 3 Piece Bed Davenport Suites Rose or blue figured tapestry . 97.50 Occasional Chairs. 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The Rebel band made a tremendous hit with its between the halves student offering an outline map of Mississippi with old man river winding down the west boundary, the cotton bales on the Delta acres and a facsimile of the capi-tolb uilding where Jackson stands. The Rebel Tulane special rolled down from Oxford past Jackson and into New Orleans as the band played appropriately. Tulane's between halres show featured the naval ROTO unit in natty uniforms, with gloves and white trimming on the hats, an attractive salute to Navy Day which wobis rot ROWS to ease coughs, relieve muscular soreness or tightness, help dear congestion in upper bronchial tubes and bring comfort. To get this Improved treatment.,, all you do is massage VapoRub for 3 minutes ON BACK as well as throat and For Better Results chest, then spread a ff O thick layer on chest ? tA and cover with VVapoRu warmed dothTry ft I The Improved Way ...$ 42.50 urhitura Co BaC vf WalgTeen's uality Eyewear Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MU. Sunday Morning, October 26, 1941 7? 2. t 1, 4 , 'S 5 vi' v"v& f4', ft ' ' ' -St O.K. FOR A MILD W I NTE R Only the hardiest female wonld dare this sports eostume worn by Alexis Smith of the , laovies. The midriff is bare, sleeves and pants are of cellophane. for some warmth, there are the red knitted sweater, shorts. comes up next week. The weather was warm, but a rather keen north breeze cooled things down to a comfortable level except for those who made the mistake of wearing heavy clothes. Crescent citians are still wearing seersuckers and linen in profusion. Ole Miss kicked off out of bounds on the first kick in respect to the touchdown runs of Thomas and Bubber Ely last week but after the score got 7 to 6 in favor of the Rebs, they grew bold and kicked it tight at the Oreenies. This line of chatter win be continued in the Monday paper, and we pick up here with other little chips. ABOUT THAT FRIDAY NIGHT game in Meridian, we have little to say. . .To our boys, nothing need be said. . .they were outplayed, out-fought and out-smarted for too much of the game. . . Shake not thy gory locks at me. . . .We did our best to do something about the impending tragedy that came largely because our laddies simply felt they were plenty good . . .they missed blocks all week in practice. . .They learned the hard way, and we hope they learned well. . .There's lots of football yet to be played this season. McComb keeps rolling along with an attack that can't properly be called a steamroller, for the Pike boys are not big nor are they slow . . .they're more like racehorse, out-distancing all opposition with their clever ball-handling and neat raking. . -.As said before, any or thodox defense will look like Ned in the 3rd reader against Hot Moore's unique spinners and fakes, and they'll simply run off and leave any high school team that isn't unusually strong and alert . . They figure to slaughter Crystal Springs this weekend after the Springs boys were defeated by Brookhaven this weekend. Tom Harmon has a dandy foot ball story in one of the pop maga zines this week. .Students of Vicksburg High in an election last week on faculty members voted Coach Otho Monroe "biggest eater" . . .and honored Ed Hayman, formerly of McComb High, as "Best faculty sponsor, Handsomest, Friendliest, Best Dressed Man and Wittiest". . .Gordon Smith was nominated Best Athlete among the male teachers. . .The coach ing staff came in second in lots of classifications. . .Hinkle, Vandy's great center now at Army, ineligi ble for Army football, is working out daily as center on the reserve eleven, scrimmaging the varsity . .r .Gents, that s spirit'. . . Trip- son is again a starting tackle with Detroit's Lions, but Jefferson is still a reserve. . .George Kinard gets In every game for the Brooklyn Dodgers, too. . Jackson's best college game of the season is on tap next Thursday night when Mulsaps entertains the Choctaws from Clinton. . . .The dope all favors the Majors, and by a goodly margin. , .Miss. College has improved, though, and will not be a setup. . .Millsaps figures to win on speed and experience. . . The Tribe hopes for victory on breaks and spirit. k .It will be quite a game, and with no high school games anywhere conflicting, ought to pull out a crowd that will overtax the Millsaps seating ca pacity, . TRAFFIC ACCIDENT NATCHEZ. Oct. 25 William Floyd, taxi-cab driver going east on State Street In a taxi-cab collid ed with Brister Hughes, who lives at Linden Place and who was driv ing a Ford sedan, going north on South Rankin street. The right door and running board of the taxi, a Jb Relieve Misery of o o a mi, jjjnumt.WAi to WW wnwy" ?1 t v 4 f - X - 4. S 7 v -"V A. Two Negro Workers Awarded Millions In Oil Property KANSAS CITY, Kas., Oct. 35 (INS) The whole world changed today for two overall-clad negro brothers who became millionaires overnight. "Don't know Just what we'll do about It," was their first comment. Almost too dazed to do more than mumble what they plan to do with then suddenly acquired wealth, the pair, Floyd and Willie Mayweather, reported for work as usual today at the Swift Packing company plant where Floyd works in . the freezing department and Willie in the pickled pork section. They were besieged by reporters, photographers and people with things to sell almost from the moment that an Oklahoma district judge awarded them a half interest of an oil-rich quarter section of Indian-Grant land near Drum-right, Okla. The court held that the fortune, including more than $7,000,000 cash, be divided among the Mayweather Brothers and Mrs. Ozera Lee, 65, a Creek Indian of Claremore, Okla. on . the land, which had belonged to the Mayweather brothers' late uncle are 50 operating oil wells and a gasoline refinery. "Right off I don't know just what IH do about it," said Willie. "But we're going to Invest most of it right off, -1 think, in government defense bonds and annuities. But I'm going to let my lawyer do the talking. We don't want to be pestered by a lot of people selling tilings." Wife Fainted Less calm was Willie's wife. She fainted when she was told of the decision that will mean an immediate award of nearly $2,-000,000 cash to her husband, unless an appeal is entered in the case. Later, Mrs. Willie Mayweather commented : "Sure enough, that's a killer. And was I tickled. . I don't know, but I think we'll buy some bonds." Willie, it developed, wants to buy a cattle ranch when he gets somewhat straightened around. And Floyd, who has" been estranged from his wife for a year, hopes to get a chicken farm started. Floyd's wife filed suit for a divorce in August, and was awarded $7 a week for temporary support until her divorce suit is settled. :.- Asked if there was a chance of a reconciliation now, Mrs. Mayweather snorted: Studebaker sedan, was damaged and the front end of the Ford was damaged. There was no agreement reached by the parties involved, according to the report of police. The 3023 N. State Dial 3-2269 WATCH This Column Each Sunday for COMING ATTRACTIONS Tue.-Wed. "PASTOR HALL" Sensational Hitt - Thur.-Frl. Joan Blondell in "TOPPER RETURNS" Maroons Play Brilliantly In Svamping Union Squad 56-7 Before 14,000 Fans STATE COLLEGE. Oct. 25 W) In a brilliant display of touchdowns, ranging from one foot to 93 yard runs, Mississippi State College defeated Union University 56-7 here today before a high school crowd of 14,000 fans. More than 7,000 students were among the throng. After scoring one touchdown in the first quarter and adding a couple in the second, the Maroons ran ovej five six-pointers in the third canto before calling off the assault for the day. Seven men shared in the Maroons' eight touchdowns as Black captured iindividual honors with two. It took State seven minutes . to get their only touchdown of the first quarter, but after the second half started it was a matter of how many they wanted to make. The wild third found Black tearing through the Bulldogs for touchdowns of 37 and 65 yards. Lamar Blount scored from short range, Joe War lick went over from the four and Sonny Bruce ran sixty-live. State whipped Union, but they didn't whip the Bulldogs' Captain James "Casey" Jones, tailback, who scampered 93 yards after taking a kickoff in the third, and tthen came back a few minutes later to almost repeat the act. He stumbled over his own man after running 57 yards. Sonny Bruce counted seven points from placement. Fullback Charles Yancey scored for State in the first, while Andy Kowalski and Hillard Thorpe counted in the second. State's entire line was invincible, holding tthe Bulldogs to a net total of 21 yards rushing while the Maroons rolled up 532. FIRST PERIOD Lamar Blount returned Neal's kick off 21 yards to State's 35. State drove to Union's 18 where Black fumbled and the Bulldogs recovered. "Union ran two plays and punted to Black on State's 38. He returned to midfleld and fullback Charles Yancey scored through left guard from the 3-yard line. Dees converted from placement and State led 7-0. Captain Casey Jones pecked away for Union, but couldn't dent the strong Maroon line. Jones punted to Black who returned ten yards to Maroons' 30, and McKeen sent in his third team. After Sonny Bruce had picked up 19 yards in two plays he punted to Jones who returned eight yards to Union's 17. Score: Miss State 7, Union 0. 1 SECOND QUARTER State's second team went Into the game. Jones exchanged punts with State's Billy Murphy and the visiting Bulldogs were unable to gain from their 30. Murphy returned Jones punt seven yards to State's 45. The Bulldogs, aided by penalties, set State back on its own 47, but Murphy shot a long pass to end Andy Kowalski who scampered over for a touchdown, Bruce converted from placement. Casey Jones' fine punting kept the Maroons working from long distance. Jones punted out on the Maroons' 24. Murphy scampered 46 yards to Bulldog's 25. Two plays later fullback Hillard Thorpe scored from the three and Sonny Bruce converted from placement. State's third string went into the game. Union's brother act, tailback Casey Jones and end Ralph Jones went into operation and on two pass plays gave the Bulldogs a first down on the State 49, but Collins Wohner intercepted for State to kill the abbreviated threat. Half score : Mississippi State 21,' Union 0. Third Quarter -v Homer Jones kicked off to Union on the Bulldogs 11 and there was no return on the play. Casey Jones punted out on Union's 37. On the first play Blondy Black ran thru Union's left tackle and scampered across for a touchdown. .He was given fine blocking. Bruce replaced Black and added a point via placement. , Union brought Homer Jones' kickoff back to their own 30, and Casey Jons punted to Black on the State 38 yard line who obliged by whirling through the Bulldogs for a 62 yard touchdown. Bruce replaced Black again and added the extra point. Jones punted 60 yards out ; of bounds on the Maroons 16. Black ran 14, Blount 29, and then a Black-to-Blount pass 'gave State ball on Union's 15. On two plays Blount scored, and again Bruce entered the game to add extra point number six. Casey Jones took the kickoff on Union's seven and hustled 93 yards for a touchdown. Neal converted from placement. States' third team enter-game. After Union kickoff went out on Maroons 35, Bruce ran off tackle 33 yards to the Bulldogs 32. Bruce passed to Howard on the Union four. Full back Joe Warlick scored through center. Bruce kicked the point. Casey Jones stumbled over . a teammate to prevent his returning the kickoff for another touchdown. The play was good for 57 yards. Friendly Theatre MONDAY Only Big Reasons Why You Should See it Mon. Night Hers -at lesil BomkI m ffc aforto 4 U OAtSKt BUDIRCTON KEUX8 with GUY K1BBEE ffct aogtof Cofrfrhnr Also: Walt Disney Cartoon and Musical Comedy Notice to Wrirley ticket bolderi: ATTEND MATTIXEE TO AVOID The Evening Crowd! The Special Kuy Kibbee MessageEvery Show The Bulldogs reached the 23 where the ball went over on downs. Wohner picked up a first down and then Bruce ran 65 yards for the sixth touchdown of the quarter. Bruce converted. Score, Mississippi State 56, Union 7. Fourth Quarter Play slowed at the start of the fourth quarter. Murphy exchange-ing punts with Casey Jones and neither team getting anywhere in particular. State started a drive from its 30, and sparked by Roy McDaniels' 30 yard run reached the Union 26 where the Bulldogs hold. From the Maroons 26, Collins Wohner ran for 13. Joe Warlick rammed to the Union 44, and State drew a holding penalty. Bruce punted to the Union Tenne-see Bruce returned Wilson's punt ten yards to the Bulldogs thirty-one. Bruce missed Whoner with a long pass as the game ended. Final score, Miss State 56, Union 7. Tos. Miss. State Union LE....R. Patterson .. H. Brazelton LT.... H.Jones Neal LO.... Patrick Coltharp c E. Ray Hill RQ. . ..Grove Kelso RT. ...Arnold (c) House RE....Varnado .... R. Jones QB....Dees Wilson LH. ...Black .. J. Jones RH.... Blount ........ E. Brazelton FB Yancey smith Miss. State ..7 14 35 056 Union . 0 0 7 07 Miss. State scoring touchdowns: Yancey, Kowalski (sub for Varna-do) ; Thorpe (sub for Yancey) ; Black 2; Blount; Warlick (sub for Yancey); Bruce (sub for Black.) Point from try after touchdown: Dees (placement) ; Bruce 7 (sub for Black) (placement). Union scoring touchdowns: J. Jones. Point from try after touchdown: Neal (placement). Retiring Student Club Advisor Tells History Of Group A brief histroy of the Student Club section of the Mississippi Home Economics Association has been released here by officials of the organization. The history has been prepared by Miss Helen Hawkins, retiring Sudent Club Advisor of the state. The history of the Club Work is as follows: In 1923, Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, organized the first student club to be affiliated with the Mississippi Home Economios Association. In 1925, a Home Economics Club was organized at State Teachers' College, in Hattiesburg, by Miss Settle Mae Jenkins with Wilma Hollingsworth as the first president. One of the objectives of the M. H. E. A. in 1927 was to en-courage the organization and affiliation of student clubs. The first club News Letter was published that fall. Two new clubs were organized that year one at Delta State Teachers' College, and the other at Grenada College. In 1928-29, Miss Orances, O. Henley, Student Club Chairman, completed a handbook for student clubs. This year fourteen clubs affiliated with the M. H. E. A. In 1930, Miss Mary Wilson, state advisor of student clubs, started a scrapbook that created an interest in club work. Sven new clubs affiliated. In 1933-35, Miss Loyette Webb Your "Lucky Strike" HIT PARADE Saturday Niyht, Oct. 2 On Victor Blue Bird Records - -.yr to strr DON'T FIRE , TOU AND 2.Tommy Dorsey JIM TTMT: WAS WayT,e Klnc DO TOtr CARln4h Shore lOURS xaTer THE EES Mil AIM Be1" Ttt REV ?- -nirT we tore HI NEIGHBOR D-rf-- Blue Birds 37?e Victor 55c THE EMPORIUM "MUSIC BAR" ,1 was the state advisor. In 1934-35 the number of affiliated clubs reached 33. From 1935 to 1938, Miss Jane Adams was the state advisor. In the December 1936 News Letter, 37 clubs were reported as affiliated. The clubb constitution was adopted on December 5, 1936. In 1937-38, 58 clubs affiliated. The information concernine the clubs before 1938 was taken from old News Letter and old lecords, and is as nearly correct as can be obtained from these sources. One can see that the student club is a new organization and has grown gradually since 1923. Today only Louisiana and Illinois have more high school clubs affiliated than Mississippi, we have 125 high school clubs and 13 college clubs. Miss Gladj'S Short, Chairman of Student Clubs of the American Home Economics Association, wrote: "The very generous contributions that the Mississippi Home Economics Student Clubs have made to the Foreign Fellow-ship Fund, is greatly appreciated. Your club apparently realize the significance of our association's desire to help foreign students learn American ways and take advantage of educational opportunities in the United States". The .clubs report improvement In Home Economics Departments, Mothers and Daughters Banquets, social service work, community projects, club programs and socials. , . The State meeting, November 15-16, 1940 at Mississippi Southern in Hattiesburg, was attended by 420 members, 108 sponsors and eight guests. The variod programs were inspirational and helpful to all. The student ciuo win meet in 1941-42. at Ole Miss in Oxford, at a date to be announced later. Mississippi was allowed 25 delegates to the American Home Economics Association in June, 1941. The goal for 1941-42 Is: An affiliated Home Economics Club in every school offering Home Economics. This will require the cooperation of every teacher of Home Economics, and every principal in those schools. Mississippi should be proud of her club girls and their accomplishments. . MON. - TUE. Opens 3:15 Dial J-5311 DON'T MISS IT THIS TIME rvvj SeUNOC MTRNATIOMAl REBECCA ttarrmg LAURENCE OLIVIER JOAN FONTAINE Directed by ALFRED HITCHCOCK Produced by DAVID O. SCLZNKX moO GONt WttM Ht WtNO" PERHAPS THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SEE THIS PICTURE IN JACKSON Phone . 3-1848 STARTS MONDAY LAND of LAWLESSNESS! tomr BOBOT STACK t m ANH RUTHERFORD RICHARD DIX FRANCES FARMER ERQD CRAWFORD BQGB KEREERT ANDY SEY1NE PARADIStlWTMESKV; Bobby Peters And Ills Orchestra Featuring Dottie Le Cliff Jarkson George Owen Frank Bettincourt ' 0 till t NUhtly Except Sua., For Htservatlons DUI 4-4571 STATE ' I IV ,1 t mi TARTIK 1 WHIM HE'S CAUGHT IN A RAH ...OF LOVE LIES! '.' Bob,' ( Utrt. .JM ' Jb. J! V f COWARD ARKOID UIFERIKSCN HELEN VINSON Afldcd Treats: 1 Color Cartoon, Tht Famou!i Madran !Mfdrl tn GAY KMCIITIESa latest World Newi Norman Spcr l'orecat Thursday Only: "LAW OF THE TROriCS Jeffrey Lynn Constance Bennett Friday and Safurday NEW YOUIC TOWN'I Fred MacMurrar Mary Martin AIR CONDITIONED PA, rHOK3-lS3l-Crtksik TiU B ALL SEATS Children 20o Anytime V! Wt right In thit "PKII. 1 lutt rorkr Tit CirltHm Wed. A Thura. "LAIIY , RCARFACET Frt. A Sat. NAVY BLFE AND OOLrr" Open 11:50 A. M. 24c T'll 5 After 5 Orchestra XI e Bale. VAc Children Alwaya 10c Telephone 31971 Cool, lrcsh, 11L'I1.K1,1 Air n n Monday-Tuesday MARTIN- AMECHE Hh Oscar tEVANTaoJ ROCHESTER Plus: "War New Cartoon Sports Wed. Only: Maureen O'llara in "They Met In Argentina" Thur.t Anna Lee In THE LI I E WITH CAnOLlN C Box Of flee Opens 11:50 A. M Ite Till ft AM-r I fM S0r Chlldr Anvtlm 10e tnc In lln 1 twm rv i n n n C3 MONDAY ONLY! GARSQK Walt"? Fidn&on W 6 M Pif III THE DUST I in Terrytoon Cartoon News Tuc.: Carole IanflU. Crxar Romero in -DANCE HALL Box Of flee Opens 9:20 A. M 1DJ-20C IMal 3-1421 mjirirvi Mon. Mi Lorelt 1 and Mrlvln Don la Itrrakfai W rd.-'l hum. "MAN AHOl!T TOWN" n1 Tun. ' AflMKCtriM 1 VP TO lO Vlf FREE J J- ucmwaiu.uivt.iioa mora.

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