The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 20, 19.17 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Communist Party Membership Tops 20 Millions, Survey Shows After Check-up in 46 Countries lly HAKKISOK SAUSIUUIY Unllrd I'rcss I-'oirlgM News Kt\Uor (f.'(Wright, 1917, by United I'rcss) There arc Miylitly more than EOD.ODO.OOO active members »r the Communist, IMrly in tl,o 40 urmelpiil countries or the world, a United I'rcss survey revealed today. ElBlity-five per cent of the Communist Parly mriMber.slu]> | s <.„„_ irated in Europe and Russia with almost twice us li.r B e a nicmbev- )i|) in other European Countries ns in the Soviet Union itself. On a membership basis, the overwhelming percentage of Communist strength is concentrated In Enrot>c. hi no other geographical area with the exception of China (to the •sta- Italics disclose largo Party membership. Communist, The statistics on Communist Parly membership \vcre obtained in 'ill but n few instances by on-thc-spnl cheeks by U. i>. correspondents- Iliey were obtained from Uoinnir- nLst, Party estimates iiuti official • reports. In cases where there was reason to doubt, these estimates tiio U. p. correspondents made independent checks to determine, the approximate membership. The .survey shows lh c i;ec>[;rai>h]cal distribution. Russia Kuropc (exclusive of Russia) China A.sia (exclusive of china, Russia and Asia Minor.) Near East North America South America folowmj C.000.000 11.304.32? (estimate) 2,000,000 301.000 13.700 141.000 34n,ooi> Tot; 'l 20.101.225 The survey covered 22 countries of Europe, nine in Asia, six in Mio Near East, four in North America |H"d six in Smith America. S 't'he united Press survey placed mnunist party membership' a- it 1.500.000 higher than the 18.532,300 reported at, an official Corn- JJimiisl Party conclave in London last March. The. party's own membership survey covered GG countries compared with the 40 in the U P. survey. Chin:i Hslimalc.s Vary The 20 additional countries included in the Communists' own survey all were .small and accounted for only a jew thousand members. The u- P. figures were believed to be accurate in all cnscs except for China. The 2,000.000 Chinese Communist Party membership is that claimed by the leadership of the Chinese communist party. However, Walter Rundle, united Press staff correspondent, at eiang- hai, commented: "Neutral observers place the actual figure nearer 200.- On either basis — 200.000 or 2 000,000 — the Chinese Communist Piirtj' is still the lat[;esi outside of Russia and Europe, it's only rintl for siv.e is the now suppressed Communist Party of which claimed a membership of about 200,000. Oulslde Russia the lurgrjit Communist Party membership is concentrated in Germany where it Is estimated to total a.221,125 menl- bers, Including thn SED—the li-irf- ine party of the HUssian Mine, formed by merger of the Social Democrats and the Communists. Next in'slue comn the Communist parties of prance and Italy, each with an estimated sU-enuh'.. of approximately 2,000.000. They arc closely followed by the Czechoslovak, party numbering 1.700.000. The Yugoslav p.-uty presumably is aboyt the same size as that in Czechoslovakia. However, no membership fissure could be obtained and Yugoslavia is not included in the survey. I-'cw Found in Near Has! All of the other countries of Eastern Europe have comparatively large Communist parties. The largest membership is claimed by Bulgaria with SnO.OOO followed by Hungary with 050.000. Poland with GCO,- 000 which includes merged -Socialists and Romania with an estimated 500.000. Only a handful of Communist members are reported in the Near East where the party is illegal in most countries with the exception of Palestine and Lebanon. Lebanon is regarded as the ideological center of the Middle East movement. There are estimated to be about 5,000 members in Lebanon and an equal number in Syria. The situation [s much the same ] in Asia outside of China. The largest communist membership i.s estimated for Indonesia with 100,000 but the movement there is KI f t among a number of local leaders, including several individualists WHO appear to have only skimpy ideolo- An Authority on Dog-Houses .Announcing SUMMER CLASSES ^ PIANO - HARMONY - BAND and PRE-BAND INSTRUMENTS Mrs. Kar! Wadenpfuhl BME LSU Karl H. Wadenpfuhl BME LSU Phone 2932 Address 811 Hearn Register Now 7,co Durocher and his actress wife L.-uninc I);iy. back in Hollywood, adjust, Scallic |>up to Iruvclinfi liog-liousc." Suspended from bnscbiill lor ;i year, the former Brooklyn manned 1 is an aullioiity on dog-houses. <;» Pic-Tossing Waitress Glad She Did It; Would Pitch Another at Ex-Boss JACKSON, Miss., May 26. (IIP) — Waitress Dhmn csuance was two ii[> today on liur old boss Chris Costus nml they weren't playing golf ciili- er. , Guiincc pushed n. chocolate whip- pn ( | cream pic in Ihe boss' eye tho other day because .she said "he had it coming to him." The ciiinc up in police court ycsterdii.v and Grains was all sot to press charges, lie looked around the crowded courtroom. then ho whispered to bis attorney. The next moment, .TudKo Gcon;c Ft Nobles WAS asked to dismiss the cnsc. When he did the crowd, mostly waitresses, let. out a checi-. "I .still think it was the thrill of my life," Diiinn. said. "I'm nut a- shami'd, I'd do il over ngnin." Costas had "No comment." from Ihosc present U' hr-inr; conducted by the United Mine Workers and 15 per cent, of ll>c Industry. The southern RI-OUD rot used lo join the r cst or the producers In Industry-wide ' bargaining. Exports Say Air Freight Rates Must Be Lowered CIIICACiO (UP) _ Kni cs for iiir cnr«o will have to lie reduced In five or six cents u Ion-mile beiore air earffo opcraior.s fan expect to PAGE SEVEN '1'lie lo (lie major ixirllon of per- lo« nml ilnlMicd |;ooii.s, »f- inj to two avlullon consull- in,. In t| u , Northweslern sily Joiminl of Air IMW iiml c-ive. John 1.. Drew anil Ainu .stale Ihiil Ihe dependuhll- air cari;o operations has Im- steadily tuirinu the past average loiig-lmnl nitlmuit rate fur fruits and ve K e- they say. Is iiljout |.f> crnl.'i n-mllo, niul the express r;de esh fish nveraKi's about 5.7. dlifereiuliils between these, and the estimated nliiL- eem rate for .r^lr earijo, cxpecled by )f)SO, llioy xiiy, "«(ll|; wotdil pre- eludo air earrlase for iinnnnl shipment of most conimixlltle.1 " Only otie stale ennnol KIOW «]'• pies coiuinerelally --the ' itreat ell- ms fiult-inoduelni; slali; of Mori- tin. \ l.oc»t A l.uni DUtmtic* •lid Hlie, B*ivlcM. READY-MIXED CONCRETE Speeds work-saves money-helps farmers get quality work • Prompt delivery. • Concrete delivered (o nny job which is accessible to our trucks. • "Mix" accurately propor- Rcady-mixed concrete gives you low annual cost construction, tiouctl for your jul>. • Full slreiiRtli, reliability <md uniformity in every load. • Let us quote you on (his economical way lo build. If you need help we can put you in touch with competent contractors. HUGHES & COMPANY Building Materials—Ready-Mix Concrete Sniilli lOlli .Slrt-ei Southern Coal Mine Owners to Meet Lewis \ WASHINGTON. .M.iv 26.' (UP) —The Southern Coal producers AK- scciiUioii and John L,. Lewis will meet here next, Wednesday to lie- Bin contract negotiations, il was announced today. The negotiations will be separate Bical contracts with regular Communist Parly doctrine. The largest Communist membership in North America is Unit of the United Stales with about 10.000, followed by Cubi with 40.000 and Canada with M.oorj. in South America Chile ranks second to Brazil with 50.01)0 followed hy Peru with 35,000. Argentina with 30,000 and Venezuela with 20,000. Listed Below Are Prices of Nash Cars Delivered to You F.O.B. Blytheville THE 25 lo 30 MILE IJRR GALLON NASH "000" SUPHR SERIES TWO DOOR BliOUGHAiM !(> pass, cpu) M80.-K) 4 DOOR SLTI'STRKAM SEDAN M85.1-I '1 DOOR TRUN'K SEDAN, 152!).14. Ahovu prices inchido llic foiiowinj; Slandaixl cquipmenl- NASH FAMOUS WEATHKRICVK FOAM RUBBER SEAT CUSHIONS OIL HATH AIR CLEANER CHROMIC WINDOW R1CVEAL MOLDINGS MOHAIR UPHOLSTERY CIGARETTE LIGHTER ELECTRIC CLOCK .ARM RESTS JJOTII FRONT DOORS ASH RECEIVERS FRONT & REAR CARPET INSERTS FRONT DELUX STEERING WHEEL DUAL DELUX BUMPER GUARDS DUAL SUN VISORS DUAL W-S WJI'EKS GRAVEL PADS ON REAR FENDERS NO-DRAFT VENTILATION x WRAP AROUND DUMPERS r ^T?^M^ E COI ' OR S AND OTHER ACCESSORIES AT KXTRA CHARGE AT YOUR OWN OPTION. NASH AMBASSADOR 6 SUPER SERIES TWO-DOOR BROUGHAM 1775.79 4 DOOR SLIPSTREAM SEDAN 179170 '1 DOOR TRUNK MODEL-SEDAN LS:; : i 79 ^n^M 1 ^, 0 ; GBA . U & AUTOMATIC OVERTAKE IN ADDITION TO ABOVE LISTED STANDARD EQUIPMENT AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. ALL PRICES QUOTED INCLUDE FULL TANK GAS & MOTOR OIL SHELTON MOTOR 121 W. Ash St. COMPANY PHONE 438 -See Jimmie First Another Shipment.. . and Another USED ICE BOXES! at only $17.95 $19.95 and $22.95 While they last Carpet Sweepers $3.95 Auluniciliu Pop-up Toasters ------ $18.75 Metal Settees ------ $14.9-5 Porrh Runs 6 Y Q - Linoleum $2.95 rurcii rvuyb, u A ^ - - - Fibrc $14.95 Solid Oak Swings ----- $6.95 Few leff; red, blue or green fev '' ''-•; §r.. • ,j • Glider Cushions - - Set of 6-$19.95 Taylor Tot -------- $7.95 JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY 1)01 Kasl M;iiit SI. -See Jimmie First- Phnnft 2187 SPECIAL! FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Washed, Rinsed 3 Times And Damp Dried One Large Throw Rug 2 L,,25c One Large Blanket 2 £„,, 250 1 Chenille Bedspread 25f THE WASHERETTE SELF-SERVICE, AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Cro "* own Main at Division SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY fARLY MATURING . I'-jMinclHUoii Slm-k—Dlrct-1 Krom Itrteder l lost proved yields 3 to G mores bushels per :<nd .si;ui<I.H up liclltu- Uian Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1 o(/U \\ , M;tl|l Mum.* Qrn.QcT I'lione 850-857 ATTENTION FARMERS You Can Now Get 100% Coverage On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! This may |,c u your of licuvy hull slorms. We represent u',',1 «!'iM° H n al " • l)l ,' i< '' S , 1 "' lil Slonn I »«'"'""« Company uiitl willi the liinhu.sL niliiii? S|.«cial ropi-cwjntnliyc will be in Hlythcvillo and vi- tinit,v lor a limited ( m ,e lo take unpliciilioris Cull wnlo or ,,I,»MC NOW for i.u'UcuI.u's-No ' UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. l-\ niKTIWII, Miiiiii K cr *" Over Guard's Jewelry Slore ' J '" >nc r 'l° "Kycryllmia I,, Insuianctf* -«*5v/ . i?g 0 Open AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS fed ,, . . — - ^iv loud. i bulimlay I'voiiing, 8, to 10 u. m. Sundays ' Plcnry of Parking Space I I'liuno !)1'J LEWIS POULTRY East Nlain St. GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 9751 | Ark.-Mo. Stale Line ion the left at the Arch 7 Crown Colycrf Schcnlcy Cream of Kentucky. Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses 5'/» Beer GAS, rcg Cigarettes ... 'A rt. 'l.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5"> vv 415 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per Case $3.35 17 - 9 <=; Ethyl 19.9c per carton $1.55 "For Work Done Itight" CALL 474-475 /: Cold Storage for Furs and Voofons NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANER KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ « fl.™* .f ' PETROLEUM „le Servkt PRODUCTS KB

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