The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1949
Page 14
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0 Head Denies wis' Charge Workers Chief )• Accused of 'Rumor-Mong* ri ng' June 7— (if) — 5 President Philip Murray today John Ij. L*wis of "Rumor tad "tack of responsi- .. H* made the accusation In tie- Hid of * sUtement by the United Kin* Workers chief yesterday. At th«t Om« Jjewis Mid he had heard th»t Murr»y had »greed to a "pus- illtnlmous compromise" on the T»ft-H»rtI«y labor !•»• repeal. J>wi«, in a message to all Sen- itors, s«ld he had heard reports that Murray and AFL President William Green had agreed to "four oppressive amendments" for inclusion in a new law. Referring to Lewis as a "rule-or- ruln union official," Murray said the mine workers leader's statement contained "false and malic- loin libels" concerning him and Green. A spokesman for the API* yesterday also denied Lewis' statement. Murray said that "considering the •ource" Lewis' statement would be ignored except that It was sent to Senators on the day when TaH- Harlley repeal debate began. " Called Characteristic Murray's message, also sent to Senators, said the Lewis statement, "admittedly based upon rumor rather than fact, is another demonstration of that lack of responsibility which In the recent past has »o frequently characterized Lewis' actions and utterances." Murray said that "unlike Lewis" he campaigned for President Truman and for Congressmen now "actively fighting (or Taft-Hartley repeal." "Lewis speaks of 'secret' agreements," Murray said. "He can speak on this subject more authoritively than I. since I have never In my career made secret deals. "Specifically, I have made no lecret agreements to accept oppressive amendments to the Thomas- Lesinski bill (the administration's repeal measure.)" Murray said his own and the bio's position have always been for repeal and re-enactment of the New Deal's Wagner Act "with improvements designed to furnisb, additional protection to labor's basic rights." Farmers are said to raise about 70 per cent of all the food pro- duett they require. If the atmosphere were free ol dust »nd other debris from the ••rth, we would never enjoy the sight of a colorful sunset. Sour milk is a favored drink in aom* parts of Europt. 'LOOK ME OVER DOC*—All excited about the chances of a summer vacation at the New York Children's Aid Society camp at New Hamburg, N. Y. these youngsters step forward tor examinations at the society's West Side Center In New York, (p Wirephoto). Truman to Nominate Gray for Army Post WASHINGTON. June 7. Wj—Tile White House said today President Truman has decided to nominate Gordon Gray as Secretary of the Army, Gray, the under secretary, lias been acting as head of the Army Department since the resignation of Kenneth c. Royall last month. Today's announcement by White House Secretary Charlc.s G. Ross indicated that Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson had failed in his efforts to persuade Curtis E. Calder, New York utilities executive, to take the Job. Today's announcement by White House Secretary Charles G. Ross indicated that Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson had failed iu his efforts to persuade Curtis E. Calder, New York utilities executive, to take the job. Born in Baltimore, Gray has spent much of his life in North Carolina, where he was publisher of the Winston-Salem Journal and Twin City Sentinel. He came to Washington to assist secretary of the Army in September, 1947, and became undersecretary last May 25. Read Courier News Want Ada SCHOOLS Continued from Page 1. tions made by the State Department of Education. The 13 per cent was added to funds to supplement i previously appropriated, due to consolidation ol areas under the reorganization bill. Blylhcvllle School District No. 5 received the largest part of the II- diil payment of the salary aid. The district received $0,441, in addition to $71 allocated Number Nine and $265 allocated Promised Land. Other allocations included: Farmer's Death Is Investigated Man Shot at H« Tries To Enter Home Where Wife Sought Refuge KENNETT, Mo., June 7 Uf>— All .nvesttgatlo]! was in progress today to determine the cause of death of James B. Hartley, 57-year-olrt Peach Orchard, Mo., tenant farmer, who was shot when he forced entrance to a home where his estranged wife had taken refuge and nter was run over by o motorist returning to his home Itom a fish fry Sheriff Jnck Barnes and State Highway patrolmen said Bartley Had ifrlven his wife away from their home and she went to Hornersville, Mo., to stay with her daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Crump, who were mariied only yesterday. At shortly before last midnight, Bartley went to the Crump home ftnd armed with a club was quoted as telling Mrs. Baitley and the Crumps he had taken poison and planned to take them with him. He returned to his car, apparently to get a gun. When he started back into the house Mrs. Hartley rinttkly loaded a shotgun and warned her husband to stop. ' "He kept coming." Mrs. Bartley was quoted by Barnes as saying, "and I fired. Then he still kept coming unrt I fired again." She said, according to the officer, Bartley then turned and ran Into the road Blinded by Lights Soon afterward Albert J. Brannum. -13, a farmer, returning home from a fish fry, was blinded by headlights of Hartley's automobile parked in center of the highway. He said he thought at first it was holdup attempt and he drove HOMES •SPOT- TO GRADUATE—"Spot" a kind of fox terrlor, sits quietly as his mistress, Juanlta Livingston, tries his cap and gown on him at their home at Savannah. Ga. The two. constant study mates for 12 years—ever since Spot was three-weeks old—will graduate from high school this month. As a pup, and ever since, Spot has sat contentedly In Juanita's lap as she studied her homework. His back served as a prop, and he wouldn't move, not even for a cat—while serving in this capacity. (AP Wirephoto). Name of District Manila Annorcl Burdette Dell Dyess Reiser Leachville GoMiell Luxora Etowah Osceola Siiawnee Wil.son Rasa Biinkley Stniman The allncations for Amount S3.540 1.5-iO . 1.151 2336 2.387 2.318 3.743 1.162 2,800 1.224 3.505 2249 3.535 3D 373 ,5 131 Armorel in- s lying on the ground and was run over by Brannum's automobile. The body was brought to Kennett where an inquest was ordered for this afternoon to determine whether the shotgun wounds or injuries received when run over by the car caused death. Meanwhile, no arrests have been made, Sheriff Barnes said. The sheriff said Mrs. Bartley and other members of the family told him Bartley had threatened to kill them on several previous occasions. Mrs. Crump is his step-daughter. He and Mrs. Hartley have tvf> children who were residing ai his home. Only about 500 people live In Ci- hofcia, oldest town in Illinois. The message was. "Come here, Watson, I want you." elude the consolidated areas of Hickman and Huffman: Manila includes Miiligan. Blackwater, and Shady Grove; and Leachville includes Rocky. "7 knit arrratrtl 15 miles to tkc (altn* — fiililctt HO ail brlurrfit rArtnffj. Mast ntifeaft ir-at ful »» al.,,ul 7fl M. I'. Jt."Juh* (,'aaj, iro> Uth-t, Uopb lltiikll, Olio. \ Here's vthy Xash offer* the most in si/.e— in .style — in features — in performance — in economy! It is the first car with the Girdcr- buill, Unili^ed Hody-and-l'rarne — • revolutionary development that means more lor your money. More in safety, with less weight. More 1 in roadlbilily! '| It is the reason « Na.vh only 62 t ' : nches high h«5 more rond clear- nee than before, ll provides more interior room for comfort... \v ith Mitu so wide they can turn into Twin Beds. It is the reason *hy Nash has the imofltheM rule known, \\'n\\ nil four "heels cushioned by coil *prin£i. It is why * Nash has incredible •ccurity on curves . . . and economy never before possible—with Ixtur than 25 milts to the gallon " of K.IS ni average higiuvay speed, fur ilie Nash "6(10."* It is iitir Nash, and only iS', has a cvirved, one-piece wind- vhield on all models . . . and the I niscope.. . ttiul Cockpit Com rol. See your Nash dealer—get th« thrill of driving a \949 Nnsh "600 ' or Nash Ambassador. Compare the M7.C— the design — the c.vchivive features — the delivered price. Then you'll know why Nash is the snmrl buy of the year's smartest ruiyersl Low Delivered Prices 1931.63 ?325.19 These loiv delivered prices are ror 111117 ci|tiipp«l cars, uilh Twin Hods, Wcaiher Kyc (.oniHlimictt ,\| r System, *>cfrosters, f-'oam Rubber Nc;tt Oushiinis ami Oil Halh Mr <:ir:tnrr. Slats and local t»* M (ll any) and license and title eslra. NASH "600" 2-Door Sedan NASH Ambassador 2-Door Sedan These I GftfAT CARS SfNCC 1 »O2 o'cri, Dmion Nc^VKJ*"x>!^ C»rj*fotto*, D*rre- SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South Second Telephone 4438 \ Continued from Page 1, he buyer desires—electric range ind refrigerator. The hot water heaters are table- op models. Sink and kitchen cabinets are pre-manufactured and in- italled as units. Representatives ol the agency said the range and refrigerator will be added at no increase in initial cost to the buyer. They said cost of the appliances will be added to :he monthly payments but that :his will not Increase the payments jy much more than ?1 a month. Buyers may select their appliances or the builders will install them. Lot* 53 Fret Wide Lots on which the nouses are being built are 53 feet wide. Anderson Street, which they face, is being graded and gravelled. Wendell Phillips is architect for this development and R: V. Gean and W. O. Reagen are contractors Another series of homes lor both veterans and non-veterans la under construction in the new David Acres Subdivision in Southwest Blythevllle. It consists of ten four- room frame houses In various stages of construction. These homes are being erected by the Holly Development Corporation. Estimated cost ol each Is ss.DOO, according to the building permit application. W. L. Horner, head of Holly Development Corp., said most of the homes are from two-thirds to 85 per cent complete. Three are finished except tor grading and laying, of sidewalks. Built on 50 by 140-foot lots on Kenwood Drive, these houses built on concrete foundations composition shingle roofs and sum board inside partitions. Three types of siding are in use—wood, asbestos shingle and aluminum. The Holly Development Corporation also has nearly completed work oxi a six-room frame residence at 1610 West Holly.-Estimated cost is listed on the building permit as $10,000. syp- Th« (fain mak«« tt>* differ*nc« In DYAN- SHtNE Shm Pent* PoWv H octuolly ttoin* rich, Hv« cotor into th* l*atW, toning end fadtd ipots to th* r«al ihoe color I DYANSHINE fc»«p> brown iSo*t brown, V black thoes block ... and giv«t a haid, br'ri* Hant thin*, too. Doubl* action ; :: doubt* vali>«, Eaty to us*. And tiiriftyi Al food, drug, von*ty »fcx*i. Norton Mfg. Co, St. LOOM 1 5. SCHENLEY -gives you X OLDER WHISKIES* $150 '2^ *BLENDED WITH PM HOMY GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS STRAIGHTWHISKIESINTHISrTODUCTARE5YEARSORMOREOLD.35% STRAIGHT! WKISKH. 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. SCKENLEY DISTRIBUTORS. INC.. N.V.C. the camel that broke the manb back Remember the old story about the mer- cliant and the camel? It was a cold night, and the camel begged to warm' his nose— only his nose—in the tent. Then what happened? Little by little, the came! inched in his shoulders, his front legs—until he took over the whole tent. And the/ merchant was out in the cold. ^ 'That's how government agencieSTTreT inching their way into the electric I>usi4 ness. First, public funds were set aside loi build dams— for flood control and nuviga-4 Hon. Then it was argued thai the vvalerj behind the dams could be.used to makg 1 electricity. That led to the building of power lines, and then to more dams, more lines, and so on. Now these same agencies want more millions of dollars to build fuel-burning power plants— which have no/king lo do with floods or navigation ai nil. Yes, the camel of State Socialism is 1 creeping farther and farther into the tent of the electric business. What it is doing' here it can do in other industries. For wherti a government can enter one business in nrH fair competition with its own citizens, it i<i but a short slep to entering all —and eventually taking over all Like the came) and the tent What ness are you in? This can affect \Vritajruffl- Ark-Mo Power Co.

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