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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 14
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 14

Asheville, North Carolina
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14 THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, Dec. 31, 1973 Fire Stations Host Public For TV Games A number of youngsters took New Year's Sp irit In Europe Still Present Despite Woes Holiday Closing Lineup Deaths And Funerals Tornadoes Touch Down In South advantage of television sets in Funerals Today Henry Morgan Mrs. Eric Johnson Sr. of fuel short- six Asheville Fire Department 3, SEI By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS posed because t'lirnnnans aro Irvinir In rplo-! agCS. stations to watch Sunday's nX ETOWAH -Hcnrv Morgan of: Mrs.

Maude Lcona Johnson, Etowah died Sunday in a 75. of 37 Third Eiltmorc, By Hlfc. ASSOCIATED PRESS 01 al- STATE AM) AREA vVu, yar; jruo ira. Spaniards, untoucnoa oy me iBi juuay 101 died Saturday in an Ashivillc Several tornadoes toucnea, Middle East oil embargo, I 55 ad Vrican I "weyer- 8a.A?8f wl 1e the National and American in C. L.

Duckworth Sr. of Rt. S.Heicher hospital. Morcanton. 11 a.m..

First I Jackson Funeral Home, hospital after a brief illr.ess. down in Alabama and Georgia! onPr3tol hv the fuel cause of Madrid's friendship weather, ricic nnH armnanvinr eco- with the Arabs, were expected She was a native of Sunday as violent vfihTi the Na I and special delivery and TomscXision supplied a 1 mail will be lh lolpukinn sols fnr Ihnse who 0 In nH United Methodist Church. Hendcrsonville. is in charge of Walter A. Carriker of 1722 arrangements.

Sugaw Creek Road, Britons, beset by industrial! ee the new year in The French government lifted might have reception r.tTS 11 a Covenant l'resDytcrian tlislia Lovuifsooil Church, Charlotte. County and had lived in spawned by a low pressure sys-Buncombc most of her 'cm in Arkansas and moist at-life. mosphcric winds, moved into Surviving are the husband, lnc arca-Eric A. Johnson three sons. At least seven persons were Eric A.

Johnson Jr. of injured, none seriously, when a Ashcville, James I. Johnson of tornado touched down near Ft. California and Frank E. John-, Rucker, state troopers re- turmoil, rising prices and terrorist bombings, nonetheless seem determined to live it up.

"We might as well enjoy ii while we can," said David Hill, a rue -saving Dan on street ihPV could see the cames lighting for New Year's Eve-lmart, Report e'd that neighborhood MURPHY Elisha Lovingood, 70. of Rt. 3 Murphy, died Sunday in a Gilmer Miss Dorothy South of Rt. 5 Morganton, 2 p.m.. Faith rU.

a be no home no home delivery MrT Robert of Bat sflc? a 27-ycar-old London economist Tuesday and windows will be long illness. thin ar miner la cume me new year in before eoinc outside to son of Chicago. a brother, ported. All were treated and re. closed.

will The family tot worse before thev cet fashion by honking their piav jn (heir own games. friends from 7 to 9 m. Monday Kelly Allrnan of California; two leased at a local hospital State offices will reopen ier boms. The television sets will also be Cave, 2 p.m., Bat Cave Eaptist Church. CITY AND COUNTY Cmdr.

Arnold H. Vanderhoof, 11 a.m., Trinity Episcopal at Townson Funeral Home. sisters, Mrs. Roxie Rhimer of In Ozark, a twister de-Ashcville and Mrs. I.ula stroved four mobile homes and London's hotels and restau- Tne Austrians and Germans in use Monday night for the Wednesday after a long Christmas and New Year's holiday which was combined for the ivwtriiff fi inn onntVinr hut Planned to erect tne new veariSucar Bowl same and on New unmagvu raniS WCie lUICCdSUUti I'Miron llson grandchildren and two great-: was hurt.

There were reports houses for New Year's festivi- lln Dro Church. i first time this year to help save I heating fuel. Sorvire for grandcnildren. i also of property damage, power ties. Londoners were expected 11,1 "U1M and Orange bowl games.

Stations are located 1 PoH UAlUfl Wilson 80 or 60 Services will bo held at 2 n.m. lines down and uprooted trees. to throntr into Trafalgar Souare I But authorities in both coun- c. 1 11 r.rn Edwon W. Oi DUUilUll.

ii a. uiv. rherru st Canton, who died Tupsrlav at Williams Fur.pral An Alabama state trooper said i fnr ihp traditional New Year si'nes were also determined Haywood Road, Merrimon Avenue, Larchmont Road, Tun- Funeral Home. cool things. Police in Vienna I -M VipHf-hili Saturday, will be held at 2 p.m.

Chapel. The Rev. Tom Tran- 15 duplexes near Ft. Ruckcr. plunge into the fountain under i.uj.1 Monday at Crawford Funeral Jham will officiate.

Burial will were destroyed or ncaviiy dam- Nelson Column. uuiiwtliuv VyUUIllJf Will close for the holiday but will be open Monday for those wishing to pay property taxes for 1973. A two per cent penalty is levied on taxes paid after Dec. 31. Asheville city offices will bs open Monday and closed Tues- warned they'll crack down in net Road and the main station St.

Stephen's Square where on Pack Square, crowds gather to hear the cath- edral's bell ring in the newj Jjrijls year. Last year, police said. nm.Con in Woodlawn Cemetery, aged. The fuel crunch, however, is vLim nf lfio The Rcvs' Lcdford and Great-nephews will be pall-1 in Douglas, a small tor- having an effect. The govern- 1, i iw nm Wain llcnson wi" officiate- bearers.

Inado dipped down and caused ment refused an appeal from Swannanoa 11-0 a.m., Rrjn, h. in od t- alu Clnnnnn A Kr Piri Funeral HnTC I I Idiimy mil Itttivc rauiuora in uaui-, otauiv iu Anoers-mce ruiicrai iio.i.l. A. Venture (emctcrv. Pall- oil viv many revelers were burned byi ST.

JOSEPH'S Mr. and day. Asheville and Buncombe inCIlUS IIUIll I IU a p.lll. liuun-o, uuomcajcj, tuipiiiv.ii an uoj at the funeral home. airplanes and other struc- Year's Eve to service party-go- turcs.

ing clientele. exploding nrecracKers. iMrs. David F. Moore.

Weaver- County schools will resume In Germany, firecracker vilie. twin daughters, Dec. 30. classes Wednesday. Banks, Hlf nf in(tnn-c ulrnot lintils1 miMiun Mr.

nov. stores and me City DUS sales. But in East Berlin, police and Mrs. Frank Edward Red-1 svstem will take a holiday aecuons oi me iwo states HUlard cole oi w. i vveavcr- bcarcrs win Rramjsons.

villc, 2 p.m., Antioch Eaptist He was a relircd cmnoye of Church. Olin-Malhcson Corp. of Brevard Will King of 26' Hilderbrand and a vccran World War 2 p.m., Wilkins Mortuary. Mrs. Rachel Stincs Suttles of Rt.

1 Newfound Road, Canton, 2 i.rute. were under tornado warnings, are out and the kaleidoscope firecrackers L'd" "tu HAYESVILLE Mrs. nH wo.Spnn lights in PirariilW reus! 'dV- mon, vt bingnam Hgts. a luesday. communisi auinoriues son, Dec.

30. a large ngius in ri tornadoS has been dimmed a jl i ul uii Moore, 82. of Hayesvillc, dicdjarea was undc. nf HinH i nut annthnr riamner nn en ehra-i nj innAiu aii Sunday in a Blue Ridge, Warnings arc issued; Italians New Years Eve din-iimnc hv mfncintr in nvtnnn wis. un Grocer Slain By Intruder p.m., Jones vaney baptist wi.NSTUN'-SALt.M ro nursing home alter a met when tornadoes are sighted ners will cost them more passes across the Berlin tv- 90 Church.

ine tornado watcn area in-. a year ago. ucspue a govern-, wall past midnight, West Ge Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ray ROXBORO.

N.C. (AP)-A is West Fifth died Saturday in, "lncss- a Winston-Salem hospital after! 'v'e funeral Home hrint iiinnc. charsc of arranscmcnts. in ciuoea Barnwell and Amen: puce hccic, im man officials said. mem puce nccic, must man Officials said.

ChanHlnr 155 Hillsirfn SI a snn C.mdr. Yanilcrhoof counties in South prices have skyrocketed, and; in Moscow, the only shortage Dnr 2Q crson uouniv grocer was shot Services for Lt. Cmdr. Arnold survivine is a sister. Mrs.

Heavy rain was reported in iBarwell County and moderate champagne for Monday night esidcnts sccmcd to be ex. Mr and rf 1 Gri MwTn w.l run 25 per cent more than pCriencing was of Russian chapman, Rt. I Hot Springs, a Ue raVeS Sald Sun" last year. champagne, the traditional daughter rjec 29 I 1 1 Thn Tlslian nnuornmMl has Vnar'c Hrink ThnuVn in. 1 1 AUbrC.V Mrc Tfiimnn ii.m i II.

Vandcrhoof. 87, (U.S. Navy, Marv Hunter of Asheville. Let.) longtime consulting James E. Cook rain in the mountains anH nnrth.

ivprI Pierimnnl sertinn nf Nnrth engineer and Asncvillc civic Mnndav at st Pau-S F.niscooal' James tugene look leader who died Unexpectedly Tk. 'Old Toil Road. Black Carolina. Therp wern nn re- In dnt hv nn Rnlparian' tit 11:11 nn' "Uader OI til. 1, KOXDOrO, was llrlrlni.

nf PI Unvlv It. 3 ince ed manv official New nc rannplnH manv official New inn Mars Hill, a son, Dec. 29. lvinf, thc rcar of wi I he held at 11 i ninH SnnHaV in an AneVllle 1 nnrls nf Hamaon nr ir.inrinc Vm. Vvt fitnntinrtf.

ttnrln. qnhamn'jnnn (hie vnar Nn, 11 died hunaay in an mnsviiie norts of damaee or iniunes. a.m. Monday at Trinity Epis- hospital after a long illness. He I Portions of southern Mis-: austerity Droeram.

but it has Year's Eve is the "Soviet Un-! his store next to a soft drink conal Church. u'm had suffered leukemia. I sissiDni also werp alerted In the tiftorl a hnlidav driving han im-! inn's hipnest hnlidav. Still A Law Sludcill rack. Graves Said.

uhii-i a uutiai muni; la in I I a on The Rev. John W. Tuton will of arranRcmcnts A native of Black Mountain, possibility of tornadoes, but, Dou-lasM Martin he was a student at Owen High none was reported. I U. S.

Trxtile Exnorts To Rise I Asheville, referred .0 Pall 1 it appeared Rudder was of beaten around the face and was in shot three or four times in the 1 I I II. Schna Cimrlgu'c aS a rhpst area hn sain1 MJlll uu.a vmiviriiiuifl bearers will be Julian A. Surviving arc tne i.i GREENSBORO, N.C. fAP)-; abroad," said Charles F. Myers lawyer, is completing his final; Rudder's wallet 'with monev vnnr.

4 ytyw woodcocK. rrancis ricici, and Mrs. Clarence Cook; a 101. James m. Lamont.

Arnoia 111 vine i Mlc. nnhnrah rnnk nf ine uimiu ciidii 111,111 01 111 a staieiiicm rcisiueu year 01 law scnooi. MC nopes 10 jn jt was found beside his bodv MANCHESTER, bar exam in the and the cash reeister was full V. and Thomas E. Nash "'4- of monev.

Graves noted The sh Ir St died Sunday in a Vorcanton n-'" mi uugiuii inuuoiuca, ine ui tjwii urja in- lane nis 1 Maroti ho-pital after a long lthe h3mc: a brothcri Andrew W. Felix, 20, of Ft. largest textile manufacturer, creased in 1973 and we expect summer of viltlll. Surviving are two daughters. 1 Cook thc 1A Bragg, N.

C. was killed early 'prcdicte an increase in Amcri-; this trend to continue." Martin hai 111. surviving are two (AP) lington Industries, the nation's Sunday. "Cur export sales in- take his 1.. urea lets an ncrcase in Amen- tnis irena com nue.

nas .,1 Mr ann lie Jerrv L. Burton. Extim neen montionea as chn-ff h.j ..1 Davis and Halsev is. Leaviu j. J.

William llrndon Funeral Mrs. Ned Whisnant and Sirs. urVf ni, i1 Saturday in a traffic accident: 1 ie i mined a motive and he specuia- j. 1. -vnm ui, iiiu lait.

uuus siiouiu moucraic ine Carolina uencrai as- iph that somenn rnu rt havp Service is in charge of ar- Gordon Murphy of r.ingcments. near here, the Tennessee High-j American textile products: swings in production and de- sembly on the Republican Party tried to rob Rudder's and was way Patrol reported Sunday, ihave become more competitive mand requirements, he added, ticket. I scared away. Mountain. Memorial services will be t.

1, L'ifcl two sons, Willie and Wocdrow Norman of Morgantcn; two If if nCKHIU 01. lurauujMiu" brothers, Tommy and Walter 1 11 John H. Swinlon. of Nan of Morgantcn; a iu tor. Znbcr.

The Rev. Edgar Philadelphia, formerly of Mrs; tmer hpy' "or; Farrell will officiate. Burial will Asheville. died in a Philadelphia 8anton; srandchildren and hospital after a brief illness. men of the Sunday School class allnnHnH ishnuilK s-hmls OCrMCCi Will VC 1ICIU U.

1 r.m will be honorary pallbearers. and was a graduate of Heard Onv The family will be at thc Thc University in Washington, D. C. home of Mr. and Mrs.

J. I. Cook of 117 First Black Mountain. Miller Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Revs.

Fletcher Andrews and Leonard Boston will officiate. Burial will be in church cemetcrv. Nephews be Mrs. Lassie ranlliam MARBLE Mrs. Lsssic Cole Trantham, 87, of Rt.

1 Marble, died Saturday in a Murphy hospital after a long illness. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Ivic Funeral Home, He was a veteran of World War II and thc son of the late Tom and Hazel Swinton. Surviving arc a sister, Miss Margaret of and a niece, Mrs. Rita M.

Miller Parker of Baltimore, Md. Services and burial wcr: held Dec. 28 in Philadelphia tirdcr direction cf John M. Price Funeral Home. Azom I'arhs Services for Azom Par CI.

of 40 Annandalc who died Friday, will be hold at p.m. Wednesday at Allen and Associates Mortuary. The Rev. A. L.

Smith will officiate. Burial will be in pallbearers. The family will receive friends from 7 to p.m. 1 Monday at Kirksey Home, where the bedy will remain until placed in thc church 30 minutes befere ser-1 vices. At other times, thc family will be at the home of a da-jgrtcr, 1 Mrs.

Ned Whisnant. 71! Vine Ardcn Morganton. Mrs. Hubert llcno Mrs. Ethel Owen Reno.

84, of 60 lvanhoe ve. died Sundai in Infant MARS HILL The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Crain of Rt. 3 Mjrs Hill, died Saturday in an Ashcville hospital.

Surviving in addition lo the parents are a brother, Sheldon E. Crain of thc home; thc Men like Benjamin Franklin founded this nation and they knew that for our form of government to succeed, a free press was absolutely vital. That's why they made certain that freedom of the press was written into our Bill of Rights as part of Ar-tide "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press." the right of the people to disseminate and read the news has helped keep this country free it is a right that was won for us with the lives of American patriots let's preserve our heritage! a Sunset Cemetcrv. Pallhrarem an Asncvillc nospnai alter mill be Theodore Williams. lo5 fness.

William Greenlee. Edward A native of Haywood County. maternal grandparents. Mr. and Wise.

George Self, Harold Bass -s MrJ. Vance Crain of Marshall p.iii smiih Thomas Willwm and Rosalee A natii-n nf 1 anrnns fnnniv Curtis Owen. She was thc widow and the paternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs.

Kelly Norton of D.nn uhn A'tnA in s. nc nad iveo in Ashpviiic tiiii mr jo ears and was a veteran a- si of orld War I. 01 Aberncthv United Methodist Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Church and had active in Bessie K. Parks: three sisters, mission work of the ihurth.

Mrs. Lillie Jones of Philadcl- Surviving arc a daughter, phia. Pa Mrs. Laura Johnson M. Gudgcr Duckctt of Canton: ii if lu-ft enne Rnnn nf Graveside services be held at 11 a.m.

Mondzy at Ivy I Ridge Church of God cemetery. 1 The Rev. Anson Johnson will officiate. I Capps Funeral Home is In I "pen sT- ann" Canton and Dan H. Reno of charge of arrangements Fa'rficld.

Ohio: a sister. Mrs. nieces and nephews. The family mil recrivp Hilliard Hall of Baltimore. ML: friends at the home.

scven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Sain llailey Sam Bailey. 23. of Riccville Road, was dead on arrival at a Charlotte hospital Sunday. Miller Funeral Home.

Black Mountain, is in charge of Mrs. Charles Varher Services will bo held at 1' a m. Tuesday at Wells Funcr' Services for Mrs. Maudic Home. C.i"'nn.

Thc Revs. PM-Mathis Parker. 51. of Elniia lin H. Gibbs and Warner B.

Home Road, who died Saturday. Milner will officiate. Rural will arrangements. will be held at 2 p.m. Monday rc in Bon-A-Venture Cemetery, at Groce Funeral Home.

Pallbearers will be Carroll The Rev. Georce Hill wi'l Powell. Phillip. Henrv and A. J.

officiate. Burial will be Pisgah Reno J. R. Jamison r.d View Memorial Park. Pall- Robert Nelson, bearers will be Will Michood.

The fanvlv will receive Charles Moss. Don Austin. Ted friends from 7 to 9 m. Monday Habcr. Bill Vcnigan and Jerrv at the funeral horre.

Rissbv. 3 Airesletl, One Sought InSJavinj; James S. Johnson A TON James A native of Pickens Countv. S. she had lived in Buncombe County for 23 cars.

She was a HIGH POINT. N.C. (AP-, Polii-c arrested three persons r- i samuci jonnson. iw. oi ivj ouu IV, cu, in u.t member of Biltmore Missionary aica saiuraay in a jiof nj VI a h' uv.

tri vntn Alliance Church and had been cmoloycd bv Eliada Home tlie ganton rest home after a long for a past seven years. Lt. Tommv Myers of the Surviving are five daughters. Surviving are thc husband. High Point Police Department identified the three as Dona'd Mrs.

Ed Brown. Mrs. Charles X. Parker; a daughter. Mrs Rnv Kinn of Huntley.

Mrs. Gerald Strcupe Mcrriweatbcr. 25. recently, a son Jpssp Parker of and Mrs. Dewey Saunders of of Thom-vil'e.

Sherill Sehrest. 23. of Thomasville and Ann Miami. the mother Mrv Morganton and Mrs. Theo Matlic Euchanan of Ashevi'le: Peterson of San Dicga.

Xe-'lly. 21. nf High Point. tne father. John Mathis of two sons, Walter and Elmore Mcrriweather aid Scchrcsl Greenville.

S. two sisters. Johnson of Morganton; a sister, Mrs. Minnie Chapman of Mrs. Minnie Bradley of Black are cnarsea wmi armed robbery, conspiracy to j-icKcns.

and Mrs. 25 erandcfcildrcn. 52 i e. rnir'MIll dll'itTJ I'-'fljr n-m nopKinsvi ic. greai-grandcniiorcn LT.a twa h.lkin, and rntcrinir.

Miss brother. Grovcr Mathis great-great-grandchildrca. VpalU- ic I'hurrtM Ult! Till' ASHEVILLE CITIZEN THE ASHEVILLE TIMES ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES ui ncKens: ana live grand Services will be held at 2 p.m. cnildren. ci uiiciisra c.i.i.lii ui.iiiiin un151 itcrine.

Methodist Church Burial will Mvcrs Sai(J warrant has be in church cemetery. en issued for arrcs, The family will receive Gal, on the tr ends from 7 to 9 p.m. Morday cha'-ges as Miss Ncallv at Kirksey Funeral Home. The clerk. Richard Jarrell.

where thc body will rrma lls (nund shot t0 n. ath Th--- Lewis Funeral Service By Robert J. Lewi LEWIS MEMORIAL PARK The Cemetery Beautiful On Beaverdam CAlt 252 5081 OR 252 6360 untu piaceo in tne cnurca 30 dav in his High I'oint apart-i minutes before services. mcnt..

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