The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 193G BLYTHEVIUE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE School Houses Alt Over Country Being Prepared For Opening Soon WASHINGTON, o. c. —scitooi- hoijse-; of all kinds and in every section of tlie country arc being lehuTiilltated before rerjijening after Labor Dny. Life and healtli of future citizens may depend u'pon tlie proper maintenance of ihcsc buildings and in fairness Io teachers and children alike conditions in schools should be made as favorable as possible. In addition to general repair* painting, decorating, etc.. of school Properties, there are certain other items which are Important and deserve consideration in this connection. For Instance, an extensive check on electric wiring | s advisable, ncnotis accidents and fires are frequently caused by faulty wiring. The substitution of modern wiring -diminishes fire and accident hazards and may be the means pf reducing fire-insurance premiums. Lighting arrangements and fix- iWte may be improved io avoid eye strain. Correct 'lighting conserves precious eyesight, and improved vision may supply some Pupils with a mental stimulus ami an interest In study previously lacking. - .. I. Modern psychologists stress ' the importance of color influence Cheerful coloring in the classrooms has a beneficial effect, in paint- mg walls, soft neutral tones are to be preferred. Proper ventilation is of the greatest Importance. Drafts ire to be avoided, as arc hot, stuffj, an less classrooms. An abundance of fresh air is imperative, especially '» rooms occupied by many pco- 1'lc, and minds to be alert demand a sufficiency of oxygen. Ventilation is considered an essential in building requirements, and to schools it may hold invaluable assistance. '. r A careful selection of chairs and desks.-.should..lie-.made that faulty posture of -growlnc children may Le avoided. If Iloor, covering Ls used lln • oleum, cork, rubber, wood, 01 air, j," the applied floor coverings are ensy to keep clean and are com foi'table and attractive. A sense of order is cultivated If sufficient and convenient space is Provided for books, wearlno- ap Parel. and personal belongings. If the school Includes a cafeteria or lunch room, ectinomy of time nnd labor must be considered foi then- efficient operation Timesaving devices are invaluable a; are correct cooking arrangements and those for the preparation and preservation of food. Children must be safeguarded from danger, and playground and gymnasium equipment should be sufficiently- substantial to withstand the heavy strain demanded The Modernization' Credit Plan of tlie Federal Housing Administration makes available funds up to a $50,000 maximum for the modernization of schools, colleges institutions, industrial, and other building.'; of (his type. Modernization comprises oeneral repairs and additions, decoration painting, installation of plumbin"' wiling, heating, and built-in equipment if n Wan of less thai A Three Room Mouse That Grows FHI LIKE RENT' Filling the need for a expanded at a 51CONO FlOOd PL:,* cost, well built house that can bi later date, the house illustrated here will prove popular with many families. The original liouse, containing three loans and a bath, Is a complete unit. Later additions Include' two bath on the second floor, dining room wing, at chambers and tached garage and porch. The original portion contains 11,503 cubic feet. Ihe second floor 5.800 . cubic feel, and other addition.- a total of 4,000 cubic feet. The size of the original house Is 22 ft 20 ft. Plans and specifications can be obtained through you local .lumber dealer, from the National Plun Service Ihc a 1315 West Congress Street, Chicago, III.' The design'.'' illustrated is No. 17 HO. Cheerful Bedroom 52,000 contemplated. Where Joans over $2,000 and up to a possible maximum of 550000 are involved, the above items may be included, as may also much permanently installed equipment needed In schools, such as that used in lunch rooms, classrooms lijJroralories, playgrounds and gym-' '•Mums, but machinery and -P<l«i|>menl atone must cost more r -lhan $2,000 to be eligible. Funds are available through private financial Institutions insured by the federal Housing Administration, which itself lends no money. Re- Payment Is made in monthly m- stnllmeiits up (o a five-year per- Condition w-ill and ceiling loaid was u*ed ,hon the owner of this home wintcd to remodel the bedroom The original walls mil cilm» were cnc-vcd and the owne- wanted to avoid rephstermg The pleasing icsnlt looks like parelm- and the material resists moisture and dampness Roon s imj be remodeled ,uth funds obtained from n pruate fmancnl msMulion and insured by the Pcderal Housin' Administration. Framing of New Roof Needs Careful Attention Closet for Telephone To Permit Privacy H should be possible to cnrr on a telephone conversaUon ou "f Learingof the a^embled family- The custom of havlnir th« Phone in (he living room of han where every word can be heard is an unkind one. Whenever possible, phones should be hi closets where one can close the door and feel reasonably free Io s|wak one's 'niitd. Proper Installation When plumbing Is installed in a house it i s necessary to cut n n "I" 15 ° f " 1C 1VO(Xl fral " C t0 allow die pipe., (o pass. Tin's cutting should be dotie by a carpenter M, 0 understands the stren- M\ values O f (he members Io The framing qf the roof Is most important in the building of a house and should be given very careful attention. ft must be borne in mind that a pitched roof has a definite thrust to the outside, and unless the rafters are tied together close (o the base there is a tendency for the outside walls to spread, which will weaken the structure and allow the ridge to sag. Therefore the ceiling Joists nearest the base of the rafters should run in the same direction as the rafters and should be securely tied all the way from one outside wall (o the other, eitl'er as single pieces of lumber or if two more pieces uVd they should lap well where they meet and should be thoroughly spiked together. If this line ot Joists coincides with the bases of the reef rafters so that they can run alongside each other and can be spiked together, a perfect tie is effeclcd. roof rafters at the eaves, thei pieces of lumber, called collar beams, should be nailed across from rafter to rofier as tics, and these should be as near the bottom of the rafters as possible. If it is not possible to get such " tie, it. may be necessary to "in purlins, which are girders running parallel to the ridge to support the rafters. These can be put at the point where (he nearest joists meet the rafters and will relieve the thrust, or pressure, against the side walk In any event, if you are interested in building a house, check tlle manner in which your roo is tied together or trouble ma result. New roofs on oki homes cai w financed under tlie Moderniza- on Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, while special consideration is given to ">c roof m the Inspection of new homes constructed under tli . ..« LuuM-rucrea un do not meet the insured Mortgage System. jlousing Question Box Q. Do you recommend doors on bookcases? A. For esthetic value, no. Books are decorative and add warmth and richness to a room. To close them up behind doors Is to lose seme of these qualities. Of course, if they arc rare volumes they should be protected from dust and changes In atmosphere, but tor ordinary books open shelves nre preferable. Q. I am having a switch put on the living-room light, and the electrician says it should go near the front door, but I think It should go near the door to the hall that leads to the bedrooms. Which is right, A. If there arc no structural difficulties to interfere, you are "Ehl. The switch should be m s«ch a position thai It can be lumed off the last thins at n| ght without having to stumble across the living room In the aark You turn that light off 'lie last thing every night, but tie number of times you come "ome u> a . dark house are prob- joiy few. When you do, the light 'rem the porch or door light R '»l be sufficient to guide you "cross to the switch. to Q. Can you tell me how S[ °P rattling windows? A. Weathcrstrippiiif is the best remedy. Metal weatherstrips will hold the sash In place so they cannot rattle. Federal Agency Advances Argument for Owning Your Own Home WASHINGTON', n. c. — Contrasting conditions (hat must be met by persons living In rental properly with the financial obligation.? Incurred when buying a home under the Insured Mortgage System, the Federal Housing Administration loday showed wherein its system of Insured home financing is similar to "paying yourself rent" and often "less than ordinary rent." Hcnt. II was pointed out, must Include all the landlord's cost Items. Should rent not include all such Items over any considerable period, Investors will not put loncy Inlo housing and n shortage will occur, causing rents to increase disproportionately until new Investor.? arc attracted by monts to be derived from rents. One Payment The Housing Administration stated that the cost items considered by landlords, such as taxes, Insurance, and similar fixed charges,' also are figured In monthly payments on Insured mortgages. U was further cited that Individuals paying rent urc necessarily Paying Interest on the total investment that the landlord has in the premises. An Individual paying monthly installments on a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration, It was shown, is paying interest only on the balance of the mortgage. R«nt it was maintained, must be enough io cover costs of upkeep and repairs, items which are not Included in Insured mortgage payments. Also occupants are generally more careful of the premises nnd perform needed repairs Immediately, thus appreciably culthiL' down depreciation. I'rolit for Buyer Rent must include a profit for Ihe landlord or there Is no reason for his being in business. That, profit must be large enough to cover various contingencies. No profit is included in the monthly payment on aii insured mortgage From these factors it is shown hat the insured mortgage monthl ly payment plan -Includes less terns of expense than rent must include ,lf it is to be normal and economic, and is, therefore, often "less than ordinary rent." A fact considered most important to home owners who finance under the Insured Mortgage System is that the monthly installments represent all the cash outlay he has to make under the Housing Administration's plan to own a home of his own There may be other 'additional costs coming ind|rectly out of home ownei-shlp-fbr example, carfare to .work, and .back, from an outlying subdivision, but this is said to be more than compensated 0} lower taxes and other savings It was also cited that the easer terms of the Housing Admlnls- • Pl<m °" er a s P cclal Into save to those who wish to-assemble the necessary 20 Mi- cent down payment required under he Insured Mortgage System or for the purchase price of a lot which will amount to 20 per cen "f the appraised value of t c nome and grounds '''«.»><* <>' the program In- Home Folks Greet Lanclon n, it was explained, Is an at- lamflfes Ve^t™™ 8c Ajne "'" n tunlty to own their own "home? 1 "" Hose Bibs NeedetTpor Convenient Water Supply Aii often forgotten yet much- needed convenience In the plumbing system of any house is the lose connection on the outside fo? garden hose attachment. These lose connections are commonly rwaSSsS ion, both as to the area thev will senc "I" 1 , » "onnal length of and their proximity to the o her elements of the house watcr- 'iping system. Th e arch1tcct anrd SEV V'H b ° th kcc P thch °s* BIOS in mind as the construction s in order to I >f their inclusion in the yslcm. Back uith home folU again aflei a Biiiellliig Joumcy oov Alt M Lumlon still was full of vigor « s he greeted a wildly cl.ecrlnu' throne At the Union Station In Kansas ci(.y, Mo., shown welcoming him from his eastern trip. The candidate acknowledged the Dlaudlts of the crowd and then proceeded on to Topokn Patterned Ceiling Is A Pleasing Novelty Bo you have a fondness for II ured wallpapers? Don't te dls coin-aged If you arc redecorating a room Hint seems loo smnll lor an ornale pattern. Try the pattern on the ceiling Instead. One housewife'obtained modernization funds from a private financial Institution which held a milnict of Insurance with the Federal Housing Administration, The walls were painted n pale yellow, while the celling paper \yas of white with pale blue pilka-dotsj and- a-, swag- border of the same pattern went around Ihc room. Daughter Bidder at Gilbert Sale Tarzan Goes Adventuring In New Book NEW YORK (UP) _ Following his annual custom, started in 10H, Edgar nice Burroughs has produced another Tarzan book Tills time it's VTarzan's Quest Headers are again reminded that the lord of the jungle Is also an English lord when they meet his apparently long-lost wife, Jane Lady Greystoke, .In the first chapter. Once again Lady Jane Is mixed up in Tamil's African adventures. There's a prince, a princess, a hard-boiled American aviator, an airplane crack-up, a murder ami a tribe of bestial men who have discovered the secret of longevity, which is becoming Tarzan's secret' too. ' As lie continues to escape death in all forms, he is accompanied by his old pal, the monkev Nkima And Numa the Lion lurks ever In Ihe background ready to spring the perennial Tarzan thrills. The thrills follow In line with the Burroughs formula. The arrival of twins is such n rare occasion in Uganda, Africa, that the event is made Into a Read Courier News W am Ads . LUMBER FOR SALE riant Clowd Down PM.T,»- nentlj Cheap Prices All kinds loath DRY LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber Company Bljlhevilfe, Ark. Phone tH : estival. i: »:•« (Doleful eyes followed Ihe auctioneer's hammer us Lcnlrlce 'Joy Gilbert, 11-year-old <ian e li- ler of Ihc late John Gilbert watched the snla of her fallici-'s' treasured possessions and trinkets in Hollywood. This piclure was snapped ns Lealrice walled her moment to buy an etching her _ mother Ji.-ui gjvcti j ler father. ET.ECTTUC & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SEEVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Stop Dreaming (iboiit a home of your own! Act now and your dreams will come (rue. I,el us tell you about low cost housing financed under (he FHA Tide 2 IMan. VOU CAN KFJIIJ) A NICK UTTLK HOME TOR 82,000 OR LESS AND SAVE RENT! THE AR.KMO LUMBER CO. PHONB .in APPEAR TD BE jOttOTFUL (Continued From Page 1) lor I aiMlon myself. Some of our club members are gotnu to follow tl(; doctor nnd vole ftr leinko but I don't, see any use of v,'»slln<j my vote. Of course there'll bo fomc who will sllc)t Io Roosevelt." Called Krror be 11 single congressional battle that does not. have its bitter locnl squabble over the -Townsend Plan, In these fights lite Tcwnsendilos will vote almost as a body against, the candidates who dare to refuse to . pledge their full allegiance to the Plan. Life Is being made completely miserable for every candidate. "If It had not been for the Townscnd Investigation the movement as a distinct political force would have been Jess llinn half what It Is today," a Portland political writer explained to me. 'The doctor had to all Intent fliul purpose outgrown himself and was definitely on the decline when this stupid Investiga- Hern In the northwest I heard io tes lhan n score express much the same Ideas. '11 icy only differed materially when it came to the presidential election, them there Is a definite ,Tv of views that may , lend (o any cpcn rift nmaiig the Townscmlltes. One very definite viewpoint was expressed to me by the State TrntsiTcr of Washington, otto A. Case, wli'o Is -a candidate for the Demccralli! nomination for BOV- I'uior. "The doctor Is limiting n very groat mistake in dragging In Ihe presidential light," Mr, Cnse explained. "Not 3 per cent of the Townsend dclatites at CMcvel.tid we i31.- th<1 (third l^irty, We .should center our light on local elections and on our candidates for senate and tion raised Uml II.| id heights. 1 him to a pedestal his cause to new Obviously both states can lie classed loday us doubtful. But It Is equally obvious thai- unless seme new and unexpected upset takes place, Roosevelt will manage Io capture ahe pntr and sweep the three coast states Into his, bag. TOMOKKOW: How various observers In doubtful stu<c.-s view election elmnec-i today. Stun; Thrice Daily But He Makes Money ncciiESTEli, Minn. lUP)—Les- lie White, Instructor of economic geography in the Rochester high school, has solved the problem of congress We -demand"the" rli'lit El;lisonnl work nn(1 Income with. to exercise ou ™ ieal dih " ™*T. i" 3 " 20 »«•» «*<>• While keeps bees, between 50,OCO and 1W.OCO of them. He ex. peels to market two tons of honey and -some wax tills fail before ho returns (o his schoolroom for the whiter. He (jcls stung on an average of Ihrcc limes a day, but says he doesn't mind. to exercise our iwlitlcal rights the same ns does. We have real power as long as we illick tojcther. ni Washington state alone we have 48G Townscnd clubs with 152.800 adult members. Thluk of that." This Is the mini who was the Matlona! Townscnd Cocninlltec- man from Washington and the keynoter at the Townscnd convention In Cleveland. It was he, too, who first signed the protest against the attacks of Father Coughlln nnd Townsend on the coiu'enlilon .Jlcor. Ceniilnly his views represent those of a considerable per cent of the Town- iti this part of Send followers the country. The fact that he Is running for Ihc nomination of governor as a slraigli'., ontrliit Tcwnsoipte who subscribe.? 100 per cent io all the social and economic theories behind the Plan Is taken more ov less as a matter- of course 'In*: his own state,, it ; i s Interesting to know that another of the candidates for the Democratic i(jmlnr('.lon Is John, Cl, Stevenson Who" Is a half-way Towiisendlte and advocates the payment cf around $100 n month rather than $200. I'lnn Is Issue Everywhere Southward In Oregon, Senator Charles P. McNary, the present Republican Incumbent, Is being opposed in the senatorial' fight by Willis Mahoney, an out-and- out, Townsondltu. And In neither Oregon nor Washington will there Additional Bath An additional bathroom may contribute greatly to the convenience and comfort of the family. • Where space must be conserved , the Installation of a sliower and plumbing fixtures especially manufactured for vise in limited quarters might be made. Inspect'Gutters Gutters should be watched for low spots where water collects and does not drain off. These spots become repositories of dirt nnd leaves and Impede the flow of v^ater and frequently overflow, wlHi a resulting staining of the wwls of the liouse. : ,"' RADIO REPAIRING A ConptoU IJIM ft Tibv and Put* BUBBARD * HATTKBZ (XL PHONE Vt He will grow up IN HIS'OWN HOME Right from the start this youngster will have all the „. advantages of u real home. ins parents will sec to that—now that the FHA plan makes it possible to pay for a homo on easy terms, out of income. Happy, healthful surroundings ... a playroom for childhood days ... . lifelong neighborhood friends . . . pleasant memories to cherish. You like every American parent, want vour child to have the b«sl. And you can afford to live in a home of your own now. Anyone who pays rent can build or buy a home the new, sensible FHA insured way Photte 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Why not find out more about the FHA plan and what It can mean to your family? We will gladly explain how the plan works and give you aid in planning the home you want.

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