The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, 'MAY 2(j, 19-iY BLYTHEVIU,E (AUK.) COURIKFl NEWS PAGE FIVC 17 Egypt Puts Another Kink in Britain's Lifeline - Remains Serious Santa Fe President Denies Favoritism To Shippers in East WASHINGTON, May 20. <UPI-I'. C. qurley, president of the Satua T^c iffwjfid. totlay described as I plain j^tpycock" charges of rtls- I rimlnatlon against the West. In the 1 istribution Of boxcars. I'He testified before n bl-partlsaii [Jour) of western congressmen In- restieatiiig charges tlint Eastern |JLllronds "maniiiulated" the box- Ipr shortage In tile West. It Gurley said there is a ||iortage or freight curs. But ho laid the shortage in the West could lot be traced to discrimination by • lie Association of American Hail- Isads or the Interstate Commerce T'flhmilsston. , "There never was feeling on my |art and.there Is not today thai • pinion (in the distribution of nox- Iny portion of this (inference of Jirs) wasr<|ue to the AAR or the, |2C wanting to do damage to one , |2ction of tile country for the ad-, lantagc of another section of the Ixintry." he said. "That is plnln lojipycock." 1 Gurley said he did not agree with lie methods of distributing box- Ins, bin he said this criticism ap- Ilied equally to distribution within lie Western area as well as to dis- ribution between the East and the I'est. 1 Gurley said the boxcar shortage huld be traced to two factory I Firstly, he said, few boxcars were Isiilt during the depression in the |uly 1930's. Ti> Begin Building Soon er^lly. he said, essential llla- il.s^i'ere diverted to military leds \vlig|n war broke out in Kuropc. 1 "I tlnmc all of us are glad," he Idd, "That the emphasis was so laced, even though we do have a pmestic headache now, for it is letter to have a domestic heatlache liaii to have had the situation that Tight have resulted from insuffi- lent steel for bayonetls." I Gurley said the program lo build |l.00a boxcars a month beginning July represents the maximum • reduction for the Immediate fu- lirc. 1 He said Sante Fc has been able to care of requests for boxcars on I current basis for the past six leeks. He said his railroad has lored approximately 3.500 boxcar; I anticipation of u bumper grain lop. He predicted that the rail- lads will be able to handle the liovcnieut of the crop. 1"! think I would be unfair if Long o British ally, llm ast Western stion^hoiti in mid- cast is threatened by Russian Bolkon expansion. With U. S. aid program she hopes to halt Red infiltration, which would give reassurance to Britain's Mediterranean "life line. " te threatens loss of this strategic out- posl, <i vital link lo British oil lines in Middle East. __^__ Latest flaie-up over iiilish policy is Egypt's demand or removal of Empire farces. T/caty negotiations jammed over Anglo - Egyptian Sudan: Egypt wants it; Britain insists on keeping her protectajalc. British troops withdrawn f/onl Cairo. Alexandria, Nile Valley liavc re- concentrated in Suez Canal area. Russian Sphere of Influence ANGLO-EGYPTIAN " , SUDAN Mt. Wilson Astronomers D/scovcr a New Star PAKAUKMA. Cill., M iv 2ti. (Ul'l - -A novii, uj- new .sla'.', luny llL;hl years dtr.lunl from I ho einlh, lias Ijecn discerned in |iu> constellation Sagittarius liy MI. \vusi,i Clbservn- tury aslnnicMiH'i.s. Dr. U'onii.'d Joy. obsi-rvadity sivrclary, ropiirled 8ni- urday. Clussrd us « ninth mnnnllude iwivi\. llu- Mm' WHS •Jis.-ovnvd iH'ci- (Ifiilully in I'lii'ilihiB a :;h >Uixraphic plate which Imd l«>n p i expired 1 fouisli tin- 10-Inch tck'.icope d.,r-' ; routlih' cbiirlini! of HID mllkv way. "Apparently tb,. s ( n r nlr«':i:lv has nttnlnrd il.s major lirtlll'iiitv nfler Hilodiiv,:-mid is fiuHiii:,", ,loy said. Astronomer.'-, rale It .1 mli>,>r d|j;- covery. In- siild. Tin- slur li; not vislhli- t» tin. nniH-d t .ye. William IVnn, founder of thr slate of 1'cmisylvanla, tiled on Julv ail, 1711). \VAHNIN<; OKIIKK In !lif r!ian:<'i"y CourL, LJiil^Xn- s'.uvbu IM-lvu-t. Mississippi Couniy, Ailiansus. Jiunes I). Swt-nt. I'lnlnttff *'••<• N«. ID.OJil Hetty Jean Sweat, Di'lendanl Tlif dcfnuhint Ik'lty Jenn Swoa 1 , is hereby wtuticd lo tippeai 1 williln thirty dLiys Ln the court natueil In [tie raptioti ht'i'i'or and answer the complaint ol plaintiff James IX Sweul. Dated this 23rd day of May, Ifll7. "" Harvey Morris, Clerk 13y Ut'tly Smith, D. 0. Attorney Tarllow. , . . lor I'lnlnlilf: II, Cl. WAKNINO OltDKIt (leiendiuil, A«ne.s Jitanila within Ihirly (30) days, to answer Hie eoniplalnl of Die • plaintiff, Floyd I, Weber, (lied In Ihe Chancery Court lor the Clilcknsawba Ulslricl' of Mississippi County. Ar- Arkahsas and tipon you' 1 fnUiirc lo appear and answer within said lime said complalnl of the plnlii- tllf will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand find senl, as clerk of said court, tills 23rd day of May, 1847. llnrvcy Mori'U, clerk Hy Uetly Stnllh, 1>. C, B|24-31-6i7-l't HEADACHE WelK'r, Is hi'rcuy wtiriied to iipprur. Bend Ouurler Mown W»m A<U. —< II r«Ky I. k*(!> mlic AM • It llw il«« AM to HM Kgypl's demand for-V.-emoval of British military forces tosses a third hot Middle Kast potato Iu Ilia UN nnd threatens furthcr'wcakcning of Britain's empire "lifeline" IhroiiRh the McclilorraiK'nn and Red Seas. Map shows strategic imporlanco of Greece, 1'aleslinc, nnd Kgypt—tltL- three areas wlicic ' UN must deal with controversy over British Middle Kail policy. Airport Briefs The second mooting of ihc fornu'd Air Scout Squadron will Ix 1 held tomorrow nifjht ;it "i:30 lit tlu 1 Hoo<l Plying Service hnn[;iir at the Municipal Airport, Hal Dclriek. Scout field executive;, .innonnced to- dny. Scouts over IS years of ngu ate eliKiblc to join the Squ.ulron, Mr. Detrlck said, and are invited to attend this meeting. The Sciuiulron is sponsored hy the Kiwmiis Club in cooperation with the Huod Flying Service. It's been a busy week for the student pilots in the G.I. Might instriic- didn't tell you thai I anticipate the necessity for grain bein^ stored on the ground in the wheat belt this crop year," he said. But he said storing wheat on the ground is not a serioas problem as long as it does not stay there too lonj-;. lion program as five of them last week took to the? air akmi> on their first solo hops. They are C:irl Mullins. Wallace Ilokr, liii! IJyrd, liny Calvin and Phillip Gravi-:;. Outcrop[iins;s of an I'M cusU)T]i reqiiiriiii; a soloing sludenc to jitiH \vlth a portion of his shirt-tail after his first flight alone an? in evidence as a gaudy swath of clrith labeled "Roy Calvin's Shirt-tail- now adorns the Hood Flying Service office. Mike Yatcs received hi-; private pilot's license last wce'iv. F. W. Kingdom anil Krl landed here Fl'iday in :; riwift (tn a flight from Texarkana. C. V. SebaitBh of BlytLievllln took off Fj'iday for EvaiisvillL', Ind. Harold fi.iKlbm-y ilcw his Bcllantja lo Little Rock Friday. Al Williams, operator of liio Williams Klyins; Service at Little llLick, landed here Thursday. • Dr. Joe Lcdbctlcr II?w in from Joncsburo Friday. hn:h Whitlcnbni'i! landcil here In his .Stinson 150 on a h:»p Inmi 1\))>- lar HlulV, Mo. He has a Iwm-ennlnrd Cessna haiH!ared hen 1 . Read Courier News Want Ads. DUE TO KIDNEYS? Raad This: \f rs-.-csj nriilily of your mine umk.-i your b:u-V lu-he so you Rronn ... so y<iu ^'ct ULI lllrcc or lour liiiK-n u nn-lil tupiisi water, mm t>? of K<io<l cheer. riiicc itriifiiiiium (ifto M rninuiii cliu'lor nntkvtl Hint huiuliol) of Ili, |K,U, uln Imd Mils I.nrl™,-Iie. lie ilcvrlnpccl n maliciilc iniuli; of cxa.-tly llic myioimt <>f Bix- IctMi ]icit)s, t'mlu, vcKcUliiles. lilul bnlsaini — Inily Natmo's .HVII wny to rulicf. Now niiiluu,, hiivc used it. Tlic inedl- cine 13 Dr. KihiKT's Swninp.Kool. I.i- sli.iHly jMii t.ikc it. it sltirls to work Mushing out lli,)5e excess [icitls Illilt inny l>e CIHI^IIIU your liiii-knrhc . . . inert-mill^ the ll<— iif to liclp cnsc ItiBl Immitli; srnititKHi when yon |>nss wnltr . . . Hud tllrtt irrilnlion Hull iimkes you get up ni K liH. Cniuioii: liikd (is directed. Ytm'll s.iy it's rt-nlly innrvcloui. l-'or Ine lilul KUli[i1v, £enil to Ocpt. U, Kilme.-li Co.. In,;.. ]3, >x 12S5, Stamford, Cinni. Or — p .rl full-Mz,.,!'/of Swuinp- Root totlay nt your tlrtlastore. SUIJLD TJERIVIJTES Motor Repair - Our Specialty CASH You Gel $100 JfljiO $200 $300 ^500 $750 $1000 Monthly Payments For 12 Monlliil $9.25 13.88 18.50 27.75 46.25 69J38 92.50 MONEY AT ROCK BOTTOM RATES For 0/d Debts Home Repairs Doctor's Bills Taxes You Name ll . ASH ST. BLYIIIEVIUE GENERAL! CONTRACT PURCHASE COBPORATIOM Our iiii'n arc iriiiucd lo troulilo . . . lo do it I'irsl t'lusi; .j(ib. If thai (nick moloi 1 ol' isn't liiiniiniilj;- in just llio rii;lii key — Ki'i'-us, \Vu rcpiiir :tity iiuiki' ol' • li'iicU or iiiiMHoiij'.'!'!' oar. Used Cars — C/eon, Late Models In Good Shape Sales r Service SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Phone 438 ONCRETE Ymir now iiornc can tic made ier- inJie-jiroofaiul structurally modern ]>>' buililfn^ foundations, floors . ami porches of concrete. Kciuly-Mixod Concrete helps contr.iaor.s do n top (|uali[y job: The "mix" is -accurately propoi'- tioncil for the use intended by ex*' pert concrete men , . . every load nni form in itrcnuih, density, and reliability . . . delivered exacdy. where cuid when you want it. / Lot ui put yAu In leu<h with r«ll- ublu tortli i cie*or& wlio can give you tt (,^t>el I.L,.,J n.itt tavs you ', HUGHES & Company i "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South 10th St. Phone 3531 ? RIG. U. 5 PAT. Off. PRESSURE COOKER Was $13.50 Now $9.39 COME IN AND SEE THIS MONEY SAVER c FOLDING CHAIRS rsr.TnTtJuty"canvas. Hardwood Jrame. A good buyj__ IRONING BOARDS Was $3.95 NOW $2.95 YOU SAVE $1.00 AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WAS Now $6.95 BUY AT 1939 PRICES AND SAVE CAMP k STOVES Perfect for pic! n I c s, camping Uses mostluel, Nosmokf.. $7.95 Less 10% These Reductions Are Helping Increase he PurchczsBiig Pov^er Of Your Dollars AND COOPERATE WITH THE PRESIDENT'S APPEAL TO MANY OTHER PICNIC AND CAMPING NECESSITIES At 1939 Prices JUST A FEW SETS LEFT! OF THAT BEAUTIFUL 53-PIECT WASHINGTON COLONIAL DINNER WARE AT $16.95 A SET. YOU GET ABSOLUTELY FREE ONE 24-PIECE SILVER WARE m, VALUE $13.85 WiTH EACH $16.95 DINNER WARE SET YOU BUY. WHERE YOUR DOLLAR WILL WITH EACH REGULAR $10.95 MAT-MATBC IRON PURCHASED DURING THIS CAMPA3GN OM INFLATION YOU RECEIVE FREE— ONE $3.95 IRONING BOARD [REFRIGERATOR BOX For camplnK, picnics or home. Well in 1-GAU.ON THURMO JUG Was $4.95 NOW $3.98 2-RAM.ON Was $7.49 NOW $6.65 A new speed] liquid wax.Cloanl and waxes car finishes at th( same time./ • ' Pint size 59c "YOU SAVE THE DIFFERENCE" 'ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED' OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Auto Stores 22 CALIBER SINGLE SHOT BOLT ACTION HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON RANGE RIFLE Equipped With Lyman > Adjustable Rear Peep Sight end :> Raised Ramp Front Sight. • A Truly Accurate Gun Designed For Range Work. Was $29.95 Now $19.95 LATE MODEL CHEVROLETS AND EORDS

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