The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 19-1G Nazis and Japs Often Disagreed Seized Documents Reveal Plans for Taking Vladivostok. WASHINGTON. June 27. (Ui'»— Hitherto secret Gcmum documeuis souA'cl nt the end o( the war re- vealecl today that Japan and Germany were far from friendly allies. They quarreled about political policies, economic aid to etvdi other, and military stntcgy. Germany wanted Japan to attack Russia and meet her midday in Siberia in the Pnll of 1941. Instead. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and blasted Nazi hopes ol keeping tile U. S. out of the war. These facts are revealed In a series of German documents on Japanese relations now being public by the state Department a.s they are analyzed. The Ia 1 .»r.»t dncument.s revealed: 1. The grandiose Nazi plan 'or a Japanese attack on Vladivostok in the summer of 19*1—-belore Pearl Harbor—and the Nazi hop that quick defeat of Russia would "paralyze any rising tendency the United States to participate in I be war." 2. Japan delivered an "earnest protest" to Germany nn Aug. 1839, against tlie signing of U'.e Nazi-Soviet pact, claiming it wa in contradiction to the secret an ncx of the anti-comminlern pact 3. The Japanese ombnssado Berlin double-crossed his, own eminent by not formally plac'ini- its protest before the Nazi lorei(;t office when the latler Informed hin the Nazi answer would be. "ill tempered." 4. The Nazi foreign oi'fice mo Japan's demand in June 1940. ultn the fall of France, for help in get ^ ting Japanese control of Indo-CIn . -Jna with a bill of particulars ciUn Japan's failure to cooperate wi! the Nazis. The Nazi foreign office accuse Japan of submitting to English an BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE She's Triple Typing Champ Veterans Sue Congressman Damages of $650,000 Asked in Complaint Filed in U. S. Court. Slcllii Pnjunas, 25, nf Cleveland, Oliio, smilingly displays the c\n> thnt indicates she's Ihp world's champion profcssiomil typist. But Hint isn't all. Al the tenth annual typewriting speed championship contest in Chicago, she u\sa Io6k the novice and amateur crowns, becoming the livst pci?nn to win Uic grnnd slam. She averaged 1-10 wmds per minute. WASlllNCVrOM, June '27. (UIM — Hi'lB. Oi-n. Ili'ibcit C. lloldildi'p, rc- tli'nVniiil 11 other mnnbrrs of !"<•' ViMCTiuis l.rai;iii> of AiiH-flvn yes- tcnlny siK'd Hep. Joint U. Hiiiiltln. D., Miss., for i, total »f $050,000 loi idleni'd dfliuiuilloii of I'hiinicloi'. ttimkiii \vns nntnecl ilcfi'mliint lit l\vo suits llli'rt In I lie District, of CJlnmbln Federal couii. oldrldKi'. hrad o( the lenKiiu who lives lien?, sought SIOD.tiOn. 1"iMi 11 others \vht) siu-d nskL'd for $;>U,000 cncli. i ; Thi- .suits were based on two iminUi- -stiilciixMils Kiiukln allCKCd- ly made In » ciipltol cloakroom nnrt qiiotntloiiK nltrlbnted to l(niii:in In n dlspalch printed In newspn- >i'i-s lierc uiul clspwlipre III Hie imlry. HoldrldKe said In one suit, Hint Hnnkin had called him .n "d':ir:k- >ot" and dc'M-iilK'cl Ills us beluy 'cra/y." T!K> other siMt was based on sl:Uc- Truck and Train Collide Killing Nine Mexicans UA FKIMA, Tex., June ->0. lUl' — A duck dilver wiis held res[H>n- slUle by police today [01 tlve culti- Mon (U his (ruck wlih a Missouri {Pacific passeii|;pr Iruln last nixiil. in »lili-|| nine Mexican Inborn* were killed mul 20 injured. Seven workers were kllleil I'.v Klnnlly and l\v u others died ai llnrllni-Vn^ Tex., hospital, wh/.'vo the injured were luken. Vow m!i- ers wen' not expecled to live. Cupt. Marvin clordon of the llm • llngen police said an InvestiBiillon hud .shown ihnl the m-cldcm ,--nil-red when tile truck driver failed to lake proper precniitlons lie-lure I'TOKsIiiR (ho tniek-s. • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Jesus' Friends Carry On His Work Kcriptnro: Stark lC:lS-I(i. 18-20; BY WILLIAM !i. Gll.UGV, I). l>. Aside from the characier and attributes thai mark Him as divine, Jesus stands in history us a remarkable figure. M?n have been famous for tlie books they have written, but Jesus, so far as \ve know, wrote no buol:. Men hiive won fame tor pov.-Rri'ul organizations they crcatc<| on earth, but Jesus apparently organiz:d only teachers and evangelists, leaving to those who came alter Him French blockade controU of rctus-| lhc lari , eand M nHcA work 01 "- transit of goods through Ja- O1 .g, m!z |,, g thc ,.| U ,, x . h . Men 11^" Moses are famous as lawmaker.;: but Jestis established no codes, no: ivcn put His teachings into ctxllticd oral. Abnunt Kis life and teaching .here \vn.s a seemingly strange ca.s- ualness. Apparently we might nor 2I-15-.JO; Acts 2.16-41; 5-42 Japan for Germany, of monopolizing Manchuria's soy bean supply ;'J- though Germany formerly was lh- largest importer; of refusing the return of the crew of the S. S. Col- liimbns from America . The Nazi scheme for the Japanese attack on Russia—instead ot an attack on Pearl Hiirbor—was revealed in a telegram of July 1, 1941, from German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop to the German ambassador in. Tokyo for delivery to the Japanese foreign ol- ficc. it said: ; "The approaching collapse ot the military power of Russia and the probable lull of the Bolshevist regime itself ; offers to Japag. the unique opportunity' to free herself from the Russian threat and give the Japanese empire security In the north, -which is a necessary prerequisite to her expansion in 'the south in accordance with her vital needs. "It seems to me, therefore, lh' requirement ol the hour that the ilave had that great instruction about God as a spirit, and nbo'ii worship in spirit and in truth, it He had not met a Samaritan woman it a well. Yet all the seeming ca.snalne^ appears to have been a part ot God's purpose. The Christian rch- Japanese Army should, as u,uiekl> R.S possible, get into possession o: Vladivostok and push as far as possible toward the west. "The aim of such nn operation should be that, before the conuut; of cold weather, the Japanese ariny advancing westward should »1>2 ib!e to shake hands at the half-way mark with Gennnn troops advancing to the east " ion, like the Master himself and lis teaching, was not to be a liide- xmnd and circumscribed thing. li •as to have free cours; 1 . Mistaken lisdplts of Jesus have made the ni-take of doing what Jesus did lot do of trying to make His re- 1 igion a tonnal thing, limiting it I vilh' their own conceptions. Note how the divine purpose in he free emergence of Christianity tas been manlfcsled and Instilled. The Master, who wrote no book, IMS inspired the best and most beautiful book of all—the GosiF'ln uid ll:e New Testament. The Master, who apparently effected no great, formal organization, so inspired His disrlples ami so 311- riched their experience that they, humble men whom He had caMed from fishing nets and customs seats, became Christian statesmen and organizers, recognized as among the greatest humanity has produced. "I have called you friends," -aid Jesus to them. "The servant." II-: said, "kncwelh not what his lord doeth." Perhaps more than v.u know, He talked to them of th'j days to come, and laid in plan, as well as In influnec;, the groundwork for all that they, accomplished after His death. But it seems unlikely. Their fa'.l- urc to understand Him continued to the Cross Itself, and until His appearance after iHs resurrection had revived and quickened their faith they were ready to go back to their fishing nets, countm.", all that had happened a glorious drciim. lint their faith was revived and quickened. They did receive power from on high us Ihc Holy Sptrli rimie upon them. Who cun donb it. who studies what they did uml realizes how they were themselves Iraiisformed? They discovered as they ncvoi ban heloro \vliat it meant to lllc frlei;'ls of Jesus, and us the Irlends of Jesus they carried on Kis work. , It Is (inv privilege, us friends of Jesus, still to curry it on. Anti-Trust Law Indictments Are Returned WASHINGTON, Juno LSI. <UI'>- j \tlorney General Tom c. olurk 1111- lounerd tmlny Hint (wo lln-can nnnufacttnlng firms and soven >!flcers have been Indicted hy a fii'n I'riinclsro federal grand jury <m Thai-Res of vlalnlliiK antl-'lruM lnw.s. The liidlelmciH accused I In 1 American Can Co.. n nd Com mental Can Co.. Inc. .both of Now York, of fixing Irrnu, conditions and pilce.s on tin can.s .sn|d, to packer* mid other users. Strike Against OPA Proposed y 200 Ohioans WKU.INtlTON, O., June 'it. till') -Atom 200 Ohio fnrmers loclny hud aureid to withhold ml'k Irniu distribution U\ greater Cleveland n tier cotlnn here nlglil Ijy a how of luuuts lo lilrlke niuilnsi eonCfniiatlon or Ol'A rcmtrols. In a meellng held on pillilli: ware here they freely expressed ill-liiifhlail. I' anll- C'lt^, antl-subsLtly, untl-cvop mid anlj-foixl pnieessor MiiteinniU". Tile farmers mostly \\erc mcm- l.'crs of the Ohio nuifkelliiK nil.Ha protest assui'iiillon, .1 .siate-vadu oi'Knnliintluii (lint claims lo rupre- •seiit some 17.1)311 Olilo lnrini.'rs. llnw. ever. 111 ere was llllle aeluul cvl- <lence of such u iluurn or of cun- cnteri intn'-cnunty mooting. action In l«sl Bird Chcrbiuu'K pc rm* b«n nit Inviiion point to UnH •"» centuric*. Autumn BlrnUen fliltri* treat England br»d »croa» the efcan-, n«l Into, Franc*.'tilen to SJJBIU »>i«JI «croM to Alrlcn. rRolhrock DRUGS Free Delivery Phone 451 Rend courier News Want Ads. ments linnkln reportedly mode iilxml (he Veterans I.ea|:nc. Tim «ilt/ Kind Rinikln had de.serlbed the league as "a communist Iront orKanlzatlon" that "lakes orders from Moscow." CUT YOUR ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY Fairgrounds lUvthevillc. Ark. 4th of July Celebration Two GREAT SHOWS 2:30 p.m. & 8: p.m. Gales Open 1:00 p. m. — 0:00 p. m. HOW'S YOUR RADIO \Ve (Jive 1 to 2 Diiys Service nn any Make. We'll Make II Work! Fred Callihan Phone 2642 We (lull Kor and Deliver Antluirl/rd Mdtornhi llatllo SalfH «iul Scrvlcfl 100 Smith First St. 4% FARM LOANS Farm lomiH mndo to fit your individual needs. Our I'e-pti.vmeiit privilege granted all borrowers. Let us explain our l're-1'iiymcnt Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES—NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If wo nrrniiKO it lonn with you it is good business for UH tt> ivmke it fit your nucdn hccnuse farm loans are it good iiivcutmoiit only when they are good for the /arm owner. > NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glciicoe Phone ONE SERVING pF ONLY Yes, these'five tempting Mayrose Brand ready-serve meats actually give you a full serving at a cost of only 11 cents. They'll help you prepare -well-balanced, nutritious meals which are sure to please the whole family. THIS EASY WAY... Hot Weather Hint: Mayrose Brand pure, wholesome meats are just the thing to give a lift to sagging summer appetites. Serve them today! BRAND Featuring In I'ertinn WSM GRAND OLD OPRY with B9LL MONROE and His Blue Grass Boys ~ROD~ v BRASFIELD "Tcllrr of Tall Talcs" KIRBY DRUG STORES MAIN AT SECOND — BROADWAY-D1VISION BLYTHEVILLE ARKANSAS Shav* lh» Alt-Gilltllis Way I GILLETTE RAZOR •Tteh' Modtl... PLUS 5 BLUE BLADES <«npf»)* far 49c For Cash Balance of Week SPEEDY McNATT World's Champion Fiddler and His Cumberland Mountain lioys Jl Sii« KREMl HMR TOklC 79c -.u o 30 Stars 30 of FJadio, Stajie and Screen GUARANTEED To he Ihe and Best Attraction. Ever to Play Ulythevillc Buy Advance Tickets NOW Admission Advance Adull.s—(iOc Children—.'{flc Adm. ;>1. Gate GOc £ 00 Fed. Tax Inc. Tickets nn at OWENS IIKIK; STORE Free I^trhinp—No S«ats Kcscrvcrl ]6 ounce EPSOM SALT 16* Medicinal ^ — 125 F»«f WAXED PAPER 19c 15 Atnbrinc Malaria AliJ Sfotnnchf ALKADENE TABLETS 39c For 25 tablets. PRICED LOW. 100 ASPIRIN 5-CRAIN TABLETS (Limit I) . . &*!• AcHt PARKER UGHTefi For 2 PACKER SHAMPOOS • 60c Olive Oil ' • GOc Pine Tar J1.20 Vfl'u*. DOAN'S PILLS REGULAR 75* SIZE (Limit 1) . \ 100 Att: Tnctive. 1 49c 25c GionlSii* COLUTE TOOTH POWDER 37* CUT5CURA SKIN SQAP (Limit 2) 1 19C J ALKA-SELTZERE,49 C A Mon'i CfiO'Cfl . Fleetwood Stationery 52 155 sliccls nnd Anufverjory Sol* OflWl 89c MINOYL MlNfAA£. Oft * CfcC^rf* 5*jper-finc. Ol... . ^J W*** Extra heavy, triple-re fined. BROMO-SELTZER AOc bofi/*, priced ot 3Sc OR. SCHOLL'S Super-toft Zino-Padt 31e BISMADINE fovfcitr, 5-oz :49c IF IT'S INSURANCE n.. 2311 For Compictc Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALIZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS « TO UN A DO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CIIAH. IIIM.XKK S«v» M»r» On BABY We're H«»dou«rt«r;T OLArSEN PURE IMPORTED COD LIVER OIL Pint Slz* Low MEAD'S PABLUM 39 C MFNNEH BABY OIL 1Z» Heat Powders Mcxona ......... 25c Johnson & Johnson 25c Menncn .......... 30c 5cc la Oil OlfiFSEM , „...., „ VIOSTEROL Klddie •• ^ 2Qc .-'( Parkc Davis 25c S.M.A. POWDER 94 e SOc MENNEN SHAVE flruthfeu <r«art. tor. ,.',, 43o folllt ol tOO HIMIE PILLS fLimit 1) ^ouiie* XWSE SBM TAK LOTION 40c DR. WEST'S Cft. '-"^^fQtlt-Tvfl" Tpofft tnjth ,11 ^f\i^ t SWANKY-HANKIES Cleansing Tissues 15c »cS«, WILLIAMS /l(?5fl iawi 'BORIC ACID foW«r, 4-oz. T7« WHITE VASELINE to'^o /of. Sola prfC* is, ... i ISc VITALISHzir TONIC 39: ^'* " *<aic« WIND£X WINDOW (OcMURINE FASTEETH Powder 4(U D^'lTC cdh«rvt, 35c l'i*-.. • nV^ JSc I 15< 207. PcJeial E«cu» Tox oo Toilcliioi. tujjaj* ond BilUaldi- Homc-Madc Ice Cream WHT 15 C Svpir-FatfHlt OMMd's BAYTOL B COMPLEX '"££» 9" «*»Jr...*..-*— VITAMINS MILES ONE-A-OAT QQ C MiiWpJe yitommfc 25'i...;.. WW 100 "A" CAPSULES 079 Ofahen'l— ^5,000 umtlf. .:;. f- — UPJOHN UNiCAPS 00 C 14 rigfif^vt'taoin tapfittt .... V w HALlBUTLIVEROILCCr 50 Ohtitn replyfcj OJ V VITAMINS PLUS VrttMMH, Vr«r, rrwk. 0cx 7J. ;;..i« S*QUIBB B COMPLEX039 S^;» »,- 100 «^~fc......... 'f-

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