The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Labor in Britain For Conscription Party Delegates Vote' Overwhelmingly for National Service Act • MONDAY, MAY 20, 1047 MARGATE, Eng., May 2'!. (U.P.) .—Britain's labor goveinment • won- the first b.Sg buttle "of the pArty's 46th nnmiiil conference 'tcrlr.y when delegates supported ihe pro- grnm for military conscription by a top-heavy vote. The vote on military -conscription, or national serviee as it is called, was 2,322,000 to DltO'03 wi'lii and nbstentioii vole of 300,000. The' conference voting is on a basis of each delegation balloting "the full strength of its representation, this accounting for tlie high figures. The vote followed hmtei debate. The speeches ng-iln&l ct.n- scriptton were so vehement th^t Harold Laski, member of. the .Nftr tional Executive, was called upon to rej)ly. "Nobody regrets iiiore, .than . U~e members of Mils Exeoiilive that n bill of this kind sluukl be necessary at this particular, tlino.,. uut the choice is a 'choice Hint it fs incumbent upon the Executive 'lo make," Laski told ihc .1255. ckle r gates. : Noel-Baker Is Keynoter - "Its business Is lo ri?cn&nij;e .that the govenmienl of th.s counliy must be in a jiosilion lo defend tiiis country. The alternative is simple ami diicctr—eiUvc'' to iv,- cr,uit tin army by the old -,vay of poverty, hunger and unemployment or by giving U} it;: mcmbjrs privileges so outslnndin,; tiint it becomes a special easle In the community as a whole." The conference opened this morning with a plea bv Air Secretary Philip J. Noel-linker to rid tlie world of war feats by making the United Nations work. Noel-Baker, retiring chnmunn of .ihe party, set. the keynote fur Ihc 1,255 delegates with nil optimistic picture of the world ahead if the great powers would drop their suspicions and fears. Ho stoutly defended R-ie'gn Secretary Ernest Bevin, whoso policy will be nltacked by ihc party's left-wing "rebels" diirin 'the week's - debate ns L;i prn- Anierican. The rebels also will denounce the Tniniim Dr<clriiv; a menace to world peace. In his world unity pl«.i, Nor-1- Baker said, "We must csuibli!.h new relation, a relation of equality and confidence and trust bevwoiin the Western European ind American peoples and other peoples of the world. "We must 1 stop Europe from being- split in 'two as it ha-1 btcn twice already in the last 50 yjars. We want a new and cleaner Ku- fope than lie had before . . .'' i UNRRA Sends Farm Equipment to Poland Pictured above is purl of n shipload of liard-to-gct farm machinery in Philadelphia, Pa., thot will to. sent lo Poland by UNRRA. H's jusl one of several shipments of sorely-needed farm equipment. New Stamp Honors Nation's Doctors Happy Chandler Gives Commencement Address Uncle Snm will pay tribute to America's doctors with the special three-cent postage stamp shown above. The special delivery size, maroon stamp reproducing Sir Luke Filctes' famous pointing, "The Doctor," will BO on sale at Atlantic City, N. J., on June S. ' Union Agent Seeks Arrest Of John Rooseve/f After Picket Line Altercation Magazine Publisher Sends Representative Here Anticipating heavier '.lif-n usual ales in nlytheville this w-.'ck for ROME, Ga., May 2fl. (UP) The advice of Baseball Commissioner A. B. (Happy! Chandler to Ihe students of Ihe graduating class at Darlington School today was lo 'look to God for tut solution of all your problems." Chandler addressed the class which includes his son A. B. (Happy) Chandler, Jr., as a student, yesterday. "If the statesmen or the world would look to the Almighty for guidance, the complexities of this ntoinle age would be marc easily solved," Chandler said. Negro Foils Mob And Surrenders Suspect Mokes Break From Abductors Who Took Him from Jail RALEIGH, N. C., May 26. (UP) —Godwin Hush, 24-year old Negro who outran a shooting mob that abducted him from jail and surrendered voluntarily lo authorities 48 hours laler after hiding out in rain-drenched woods was lodged In the strongly guarded Central State Prison today for safekeeping. The young sawmill worker's story c,f his frantic break for freedom outside the Jackson. N. C,, jail was In the hands of the FBI and state authorities. Complete details wcrf withheld pending possible arrests in the case. It was learned unofficially thai Bush had tentatively Identified iwo of the men who had seized him before dawn Friday in reprisal for an alleged attack on a white woman. Gov. Gregg Cherry, elated over tlie Negro's escape from the lynch bent mob announced lhal its members "will still be fully prosecuted ns soon as llielr Identity can bo determined." First word of Hush's safety came from the Fill in Washington cnd- in<; the strange mystery of the Negro's disappearance. A large posse liad vainly searched dense woods until the posse gave ui> the search and made his way to the home of friends only three miles from the .spot '.vhere lie broke away from the mob with bullets whistling behind him In the dark. Bush sent word to District Solicitor Ernest R. Tyler that he wo'ild give up if his safety could be Insured. Three FBI agents in Tyler's home at the time went along. They found B"s!i unharmed. He had not eaten tor 48 hours. Plane Carrying Helicopter Joins Rescue Search ! WEST PALM BEACH, pin., May 26. (UP) —A giant Army cargo plane with a helicopter in Its belly was en route to Managua today to }oln rescue teams searching Nlcaruguan jungles for American airmen who survived a n-17 crash. Another helicopter wilt be flown o the scene tomorrow, with Lt. Col. n. C. Lawrence of Plnevlle, La., in charge of the helicopter search. Pfc. Douglas Comerford of Manchester. Ga.. wns reported as one of eight survivors. An Army doclor Identified as Capt. Pope Hollidny it Athens, Ga., was a member of he AAP air rescue teams flown to Managua for Ihe search. The physician will parachute Into Ihc jungles to administer first aid. Three White Men Sought In Slaying of Negro . GRETNA, Va., May 2G. (UP!— Ernest Gilbert, prosperous G8-ye,\r- old Negro fnrmer was shot lo death at his home in front of his wife and child and sheriffs deputies today were looking for three while pen who reportedly stole the 'Ner Bro's safe after riddling him with bullets. The safe contained about $8,000 cash. Sheriff Arch H. Overbey said that he found tracks where the men ha-l backed a vehicle lo the front porch to cart away the safe. LOS ANKLES. May 25. (UP) —'*",- "' "'>'i» cv " le <-'" s «"-•<•* '™ licorge Hardy, 30-year-old union 1 C-olliers because of honors accorded! iiislness ngcnt arrested for threat- ", | W h( ' v " 1 < 1 B'r". Charles Sharpc Gco: Ir cuing to punch John Roosevelt in tlie nose, today planned to seek Roosevelt's surest on nn assault charge. "I was in a picket line and Roose- of the American News Company is hi (he city to assist in distribution of the magazine which is featuring a painting by Agtv.s Anne* Bradley, daughter of \[r. and Mrs. R. L. Bradley. veil poked me," said . Hardy, i busi- I The Blythevitle school ness agent, of the AFL Service ." ' "Naturally I threatened to poke him back. The store manager had me arrested, but nobody \vould arrest Roosevelt. Tin gniny to nsk for a complaint from City " Attorney Ray ll Chcsebro." Bryant Hill Re-enlists He-enlistment of E. Hill of Blylhcvilte in llu 1 :\Viiiv \v;is rm- noimccd today by Staff Her;;t. Ollie H. Grisham of (hn IV:ruHii!R Of fice here. Mr. Hill formerly helil the rank of cnplnin ami sorvccl for M months with Ihe Peplu, China, In- fmilry Headquarters. $100 : in for on painting won the magazine's nwnrd and certificate cf meri nalion-wltte arl competition hiKh school students. Miss nrndlcy'n oil palnlin.; f displny with 1,200 other art works [at the Niilio'niil High School Art fxibitlon at Pillsbnrgli. The cx- hibilion is sponsored by Scholastic Magazines. M. W. Patterson of Memphis. district supervisor Tot 1 Crowell- ColliCi-- publishing Company, w as In Dlytheville two dnys last week lo visit Miss Bradley rmd her parents. Two Alternatives Face World, Educator Says IIEARTSVILLE. S. C., May 3fj. (UP)—Dr. Ellis A. Fuller, president of the Southern Baptist Theological seminary. Louisville, Ky.. said today that the world faces two uncompromising alternatives in the atomic age—the end of history or history's greatest dnwn. Fuller told the graduating class of Coker College that the destruction or civilization in a third world war is not only possible but perhaps Imminent. The human race, he said faces i1s greatest challenge. Mounted Jumbo Jumbo, the largest captive elephant in modern history, was mounted after death and now stands in Tulfs College, as college mascot. Gas Tax Group Meets ^ , • " .- :,, LITTLE ROCK. 20. (UP>4- The West-Central sravri of the North American Gasoline Tr.x Conference convened here tochiy for n two-day session hcnded by L. L. Stewart, regional govenr.r am! ?iu- pcivisor of the motor fuel tax division of the Arkansas Revenue Department. ( Gov. Hen. Laney was selicdulxl pfs: a speaker. Nnthnniel Hawthorne. Ameritfn novelist. w as bom on June 10, 180!. To Our Customers: Too Late to Classify WOMEN 38-52 YEARS OlD-DO YOU: SUFFER THESE HINNY rHUN6S?rs dtM to thk functional -ag*' cam*? II you'r* in your "40's" »nd thii functional 'middle-age' period peculiar to women Ls causing you to iuffer from hot flashes, nervou* Irritability and weak, tired, MBh- »trung feelings— tlien do try Lydla ofytia &.(K E.Ptnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. This great medicine Is famous for this! Taken regularly — Plnkham'j Compound helps build up resistance against such 'middl*-age' dlslress. Thousands have reported benefit! It's also a grand sto- machic tonic. Worth frying. All of Your Lite Insurance Needs General American Life Ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District Manager Lynch Bids. Husiness PHtme 2811 For Rent mums &'liv VV.sT Vino Hi. IMioiH' 2920. Personal DrnitiL- Ki.-limnml. Vn.. Knliinlnv 2M' l>.' laily rinii|Ui»iiiii. Uiiri.lyn. 21110 For Sale I!" liclrlK In Inilitiiiniinlis Mil-oil r:ir,. Ill A See W 'T lllnlipr. Sl.-cli- Mo. - 20-|>li " Help Wanted Woman for cashier a sales work. Must he settled, iijji; 2^! to 27, single 01 nuiiried. _A]>li!y to I5ox DO ',; Courier News. 5 26 ck 29 At a recent meeting of the JMcrchanls Assoc. of Rlylliovillo it wns decided to close cnch Wednesday afternoon durinjj Ihc inontlis of May, June, July and August, in order lo pivo our employees an opportunity to go fishing or whatever else they might desire to do. We feel Uial they deserve this time off and that our closing docs not seriously inconvenience our customers. Several of the stores hero have elected to slay open on Wednesday afternoon, instead of abiding by the will of the majority. Their plan, is to let their employees off on different afternoons (hiring the week. This plan will work in some stores, but in the stores with only a very few employees, it is impossible to carry on their business properly when, one is absent. As a' few stores staying open will force otliovs to dp likewise, our oirginal plan is doomed to failure. We would like to know what our customers think about this matter. Docs our closing inconvenience you to the extent thai, you would rather have us remain open, or do yon feel that we are right in giving our employees this time off during the hot summer months 1 .' Hubbard Hardware Co. - •- • • Hubbard Furniture Co. f Give Your Car A 'New' Apearancc 1HIS WEEK'S SPECIAL A Complete Paint Job on Any Make or Model Passenger Car Bring Your Car in Today LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main (IMC TKUCKS Phone 519 OLDSMOUILE The Chance of a Lifetime! Don't Miss The GIGANTIC Blan Heath AUCTION SALE Saturday, May 31st Everything Goes — You Nome the Price; Everyone Welcome! >>!>>!>:;O! >!>>;>;>" >]>;£^^ DEALERS, THIS JS FOR YOU, TOO .*"*!>"*]>"*!>"*"*"*!XI*"*"*"*^ Auction Starts 9:30 A. M. Music By Donald Howard Fifth at Main St. ... Crystal Clear ... Hygienically Pure The following Independent Ice Dealers offer yon a conveient courteous delivery service. Let them keep I/our refrigerator filled with our hygenically pure crystal clear ice. i / G. E. Shanks (Ph. 2346) 704 W. Ros/f T. A. Mizell (Ph. 880) 505 S. Lilly Vernon Marr £. Highway 18 frank Doss (Ph. 3937) 306 S. Franklin G. Anderson 337 S. DiVision Ray White (Ph. 480) 279 W. Cherry R. H. Gene 276 Lilly St. A. M. Penn 1610 W. Sycamore Raymond Hodge 373 S. First Platform service at our local plant is also available on a 24-hour basis, as a public service. •. ARK-MO POWER CO -ICE DIVISION-

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