The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1950
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1950 Nationalists Claim Russian Pilots Downed Planes- Russians Said Flying in China •w C-n »n r ar MAAAA ' . ' —. ' .'-...•.. BI/TTHEVTLHI (ABK.) COURIER KEW« »y Sp*ne*r M TAIPEI, Formosa, April 4. ^i— An >alr headquarters spokesman today said Russian-built planes which downed two Chinese Nationalist fighters undoubtedly were operated by Russians. ..•••.. The spokesman said the planes "definitely were of Russian manufacture." And, he added: Judging from their technique, "they'most E lnly were manned hy Russians." e Nationalist fighters were shot i Sunday during a raid on Red shipping In Hangchow Bay south of Shanghai. That opposition, the first the Nationalists have,encountered In the air In four years of Civil .War. was seen by many today as an ominous forerunner of .Communist air attacks on Formosa. Reds May H»ie Air Cover It also led to belief the Reels will have air cover If they attempt an invasion of this Nationalist Island. "Two Chinese Air Force Mustangs were surprise attacked by four to five Russian planes on the morning of April 2." : The Nationalist fighters, It, said. were making low-level strafing runs on Communist Junks concentrated near Chapu on Hangchow Biy for an amphibious assault on the Chu- san Islands. This island Kroi'p, about 100 miles southeast of Shanghai. Is used by the Nationalists for air ind naval bases. Tile communique said one of the Nationalist pilots balled out and returned safely to base. Taipei newspapers splashed the -imrmmlque. One carried the headline: "RUSSIAN PLANES OPENLY ATTACK OURS." The communique added: "According to an accurate intelligence report from the mainland, a large number of Russian planes hud arrived at Hsuchow (Suchow). 160 miles north of Nanking. , g» Reportedly Frnm Dalren WThe planes were reported „, have come from the air base at Dalren, South Manchurian port." (The Russians have controlled Dalren since the end of World War II. The Soviet Union and Communist China signed an agreement at f.foscow Feb. 14 providing that all properties controlled or leased by the Soviets at Darlen would be turned over to the Chinese this year.) "At Hsuchow their Russian Insignia was repainted Into Chinese Red insignia with red and whir? strlnrs on the tall fins," the communique continued. "They are participating In combat, flights disguised «s Chinese .Communist airplanes. -"Aside from the main base at •Hsuchow. Russian technicians are operating radar slntlpns as well as anti-aircraft, emplacements In the Sh-ughai and Hangchow areas." ;The official Nationalist central news agency has said more than a; score of Russian planes were as. Jjzmbled at Shanghai last*.rnontrr /m asserted they /were'moVei! to 3>.chow after Nationalist planes .damaged seven on.the ground and s];o( down another during a test fhsht. Russian Planes Patrol Hong Kong;dispatches last, week quoted trustworthy American business sources as saying Russian plane.s were on regular patrols over sea lanes to Red ports in north China. Triese sources also reported Russian garrison and anti-aircraft crews were In Tientsin and Tsing- Nalionallsl Intelligence ; reports said nut only Russians but Japanese Koreans and Outer Mongolians are bolstering the Chinese Communist ,forces as follows: Japanese^64.000 troops, all former prisoners of war, and 100 airmen, some smuggled Into Red China from Japan. Koreans—8.000 troops, mostly under command of farricd Red. Gen. Lin Piao who Is reported mounting an Invasion of the southern Hainan Island. Outer Mongolians—two divisions serving as cavalry. Premier Chen Cheng told [he Kuomlntang (Nationalist PartM that Nationalists had smashed a potential fifth column of 20,000 on Formosa. He said most of Uinsc arrested hart been, freed. The Nalion- -iists have kept silent about a wave " arrest.s reported last month "AEROCAR" HITS THE ROAD-Wiih it s wing, folded back hf,T . r l i sela -f e< ^ ymg auto ta rMdy to cru!se down th « highway at jO miles an hour. According to its Longview, Calif.. designer, the airship can be converted to the auto "even by « woman, without soiling her gloves." -...,— ,...,„..„ ., M j n .-iiirii tin- TOKVO, April 4 (/P)—A 14-vrflr- communlque. One carried the head- old bov, Royzo Naeasc was <mniteri lln»' "PTISCsrAV T5T 4MTTC. .-.r,™.,, I- _„,,•„' r,. !> , i " 3S "POltefl to police climbing out of a drainage canal yesterday. "My father, Tatsnnosuke, worked in a factory, but he lost his job last fall." the boy told officers. "This morning, we' all got up early and went to the canal. Mother went in first with Shizue (one-year- old daughter) on her back. Then father carried in Shinichi (four- year-old son) and Hiroko (six-year- old daughter). "Then I went in. But since I coujd swim I ivent ashore. They were gone. 1 guess they are all dead now." • Police investigated. All that Ryora said was true. Russia Ups Status Of Mongolia Diplomats MOSCOW. A[,ril 4. (/P)—Growing importance in Soviet-Mongolian relations was seen loday in the raising to full embassy status the diplomatic missions in Ihe capitals of the two countries. It was officially announced here today that Yuri Prikhodov. Soviet minister at Ulan Bator, Mongolian People's Republic (Outer Mongolia), was made ambassador as was Mongolia's minister to Moscow N. Idamzhab. ali V The U.S. Bureau of Land Mnn- • agement fays about I1G.OOO.OOO acres" of public land Is unsurveyed in continental U.S. , ' Hermann Gocring's Buried Treasure Turns Our to Be Worth Only $2,500 Family Drowns Selves in Canal + MUNICH, Germany, April 4. (AP —Hermann Goering's buried treas ure. once reported to be worth a million dcl:ar.s, turned out yester day to be worth less thin ' 10,00( Deutschemarks (about 12.MO). The "treasure" was found las Friday buried in Veldenstein Castle' near Nuerncrg. The castle was once .the home of Goering, Adolf Killer'. No. 1 Nazi, who committed suicid to avoid hanging as a war criminal First reports from German sources said the board Included a silver bathtub, gold candle holders and -- _ — ,.,.. t -j,, n ,- . otncr rar e objects. Reports of thei old daughter) on her back. Then va . Iu . e ranged from on« >o severs Squa/e Fish'Fauna' HAIFA'.'Israel -(/?)—, Wanna" do some square fishing? The finny ones come that way In the Gulf or Elath at Israel's southern-most tip—really square. A department of fisheries mission off Elath foimti many exotic-looking, , inedible tropical fish, including one speicies that is perfectly square. million dollars. Today, however, U.S. authorities made an Inventory and official!} announced: "A preliminary estimate of the items found indicated their value does nob exceed 10,000 Deusche- marks." Workers .'till were disgins unde the castle today In search of more treasure, but none had been founc up thus far. This was the list announced bj Clarence M. Holds. U.S. state commissioner for Bavaria, of ihe item found Friday: Six brass candelabra. 23 brass candle sticks, two tin candle sticks four gilded candle sticks, 32 inscribed as gifts to Goering by the citj of Aachen, one ebony vase, one silver bawl and 345 assorted bottles of champagne, wine and liquor some of which were marked as German army property. There .was no silver bath tub. Sparkrnan Thinks Senate WilTAdd to Housing Fund WASHINGTON, April 4. (A Senator Sparkmaiv (D-Ala) predicted yesterday the Senate wil agree to add to the funds provider in a housing bill passed by Senate and House in different form. Sparkman said he would not t» .surprised if a Senate-House confer- FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^free Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK STOP! LOOK! FREE INSPECTION! Do You Know if Termites Arc Ruining Your Property? Government Statistics Say Termite Damage Woi Second Only to Fire in the United State*. SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. Will Make Inspection and Kstimale. If Needed, without Cost or Obligation. ANI> CONTROLLED BY THE ARKANSAS ' S H. C. Blankenship CALL 2350 or 3579 309 E. KENTUCKY L J. Ztlltr fast German Smugglers Head Black Market Trade for Soviet W) — Heavily - armed smuggling gangs from communist Ecstern Europe states are doing a huge black market business in Western Germ<">y In a Soviet-sponsored effort to wreck its economy, according to western officials. The officials estimated that these Communist-run gangs, along with other International gangs from Western Europe, are flooding the area with tax-evading goods worth $500,000.000 a year. Oangs Smuggle Goods The Eastern gangs, said the officials, are slipping out of Western Germany Rbout 1400.000,000 worth of vital industrial equipment — mostly ball bearings, optics, fine machinery and steel tubing needed for Industrial expansion programs m Russia and her satellite countries. "The Soviets are behind all the smuggling operations between Eastern Europe and west Germany " one allied office ^reported. Ruthless gangs, some reportedly using armored c. rs. are said to be mulcting the West German erpiiblic of a billion marks (5250.000,000) a year In customs duties and taxes .The officials said the gangs are directed by Russian officials >s part of ', le Soviet political-economic squeeze pay to bring on a crisis wmch might topple the Bonn government so the Communists i«n take over. Custom. Official The report said Kllkd number of mer o German customs officials have been killed In border gun fights with the Communist smuggler*. The smuggling strikes a critical blo w at legitimate business In Western Germany as well as making it Increasingly difficult for the West German government to finance its rehabilitation programs. The resulting chronic deficits are paid for by tlu: united States. Biggest black market item Is the estimated 500.000,000 cigarettes smuggled Into West Germany each month, costing the government 30000.000 Deutsche marks 1,47,000,000) a month in •lullcs and taxes. The government also loses an es- 'timated 360.000,000 Deutsche marks IS90.000.000) A year on smuggled coffee. About 60.000.000 pound* a year comes in illegally. That lias forced many wholesalers to . lc(.|tini»le close. coffee World Citizen Returns to U.S. T"^^±,1^ ""i-^M ^1™"'" P?.«"'t hh»'". -HP* ro, . . —- er a four-day detention on Ellis Island, "world citizen"-. Onrry Davis was back on his native soil today, pleading for rest and privacy. The. 28-year-old air force veteran who spent the last two years in Prance crusading for world government, told newsmen on his release by Immigration authorities yesterday: "Let me slip into oblivion. I really do not have anything to say. I'm here as a private person I'm not seeking publicity, in fact. I think there has been entirely too much -publicity." As he .stepped ashore, n.-vis was met by his father, bandleader Meyer Davis, and his 19-year-old sister. Marjorie. Young Davis gave up his U.S. citizenship in Paris two years ago to become what he called "Wirld Citizen No. 1." He returned to the U.S. last Thursday on an Immigrant's visa ence committee, s ess I o n; brings speedy agreement on the program. It would round out the wartime large, scale "rental housing program for .which the. House provided *SOO,.000,000 and the senate $400,000,00. citizenship after meeting the usual re-sidenfial requirements. However, he says he intends to remain stateless. • Immipralion authorities held him four days for medical tests—which are sivcn some stateless immigrant;. No results of the lesl.s were announced. Davis, bare-headed, and clad In a khaki winribreaker, appeared tired as he joined his family. Askec about future plans, he said: "Any plans I give you now wo.tilt be prejudiced in my present stale o fatigue." - ••*» n«m «<lrt*».f MONTILY .. FEMALE COMPLAINTS Ar» you trouhltr] bj rllitreiu nf female functional periodic dlxturb- jncps? IX>e» this make jou tmntr from pain, fr-el RO nrrroi/a, tlreci—- At such tlrneA? Then DO try Lyril* F FlnkhMii*, Componnd to relieve mich sjmntonu. Plnthum'it has « Krand noothlug eltent on on« of lEomem'i mott important 'LYDW E. says— (now Lo'ely Jicque Mercer, ifct i.<noji i F*\nriTe daughter,'«»•», CEDAR . avorte , Remember that ' er l ' " c bolk < HER" LANE HopTcTTEST" The perfect gift for Caster and Daughter's Day (April 9) For Eas,« ln d Daughter', Jay, .here i, no more precious gift tham Lane . . . is Lpv e .Ti rae - and a Lane Cedar Hope Chest IS wha, she would l ovt ,„ receive on her Special Uay. Choose hers from our new Lane selection - Today T.»nt is int only Prevnirr- fe.uec! Arom..ii>hc Ccd.r Chest tn iht world. Gu«r- inleed Moth Protection. There t.t I stjlt to bltnd with • nf room . , . j nv t) . p( o ( furnishings. '• JJ01 "Mi" Amrrio" chcit fit jj,,* *''""• •"''>' _ in Timid vSlf, O,"! Cnrdor»n. sod Cf«, »',!»>„. LANE £^t HOPE CHEST CliaS.S. LemOllS Furniture DOWH Jteserm Any Senate Groups Planning Check On U.S. Gambling WASHINGTON, April 4. (AP) _ Two Senate committees mnde sep- »r»te plnns Uxlay for Invesllgatlng organized gnmbling throughout the nutloii. . Oiie iiiquii-j' is backed by the Scn- »« Judiciary Committee and the other Is being considered by the Senate Commerce Committee. This possibility, of > two-barrel- led Invo.stlRnllrm develorwd when Attorney General McOralh ' ftnl Congrais i«-o bilk aimed slot machines mid interstate gamb- llns on sports events. These measures 'In the Senate were placed In the hands of the commerce group headed by Senator Johnson (D-Colo). The Judiciary committee alreadv has asked Scnale acttnn on a rcso'- intlon- by Senator Kefauver (D- Tenn) calling for a 450.000 spending mithorlrallon to launch Us check on.gnmbling and organizer! crime. .Johnson' said he was particularly Interested i n the measure which would ban Interstate communication ot camblius Information on norw racf.s ami oilier sports "TliH pet.i Into the ticklish situation iiiTOlvIiw till- /rcwloin of information guaranteed by the constitution," Johnson said. He added he expected no trouble with the bill which would prohibit thtpmcnt of slot machines Into states where they are illegal. The .Kefauver resolution would permit, the Judiciary committee to Investisate (he use of Interstate oommuntr.Ktloni by gambling tings and crime syndicates. Th« measure l» broad enpugh, to eoverlhe whole field o[ organize,! crime if the committee should decide to dig into 11. Arabs Return to Israel BKKRSIIEBA, Israel -Wj-E has turned over to Israel 115 pendent* or Arabs now living In Jsracll territory. This Is the firs" ransfer of dependents made since d'the" '""J, yf " aso whlch '"" ed_the war between Ihe two coun- trlw. New Freedom FCOM Monthly Suffering? The RAZORBACK By Popular Demand Is How Serving: • Barbecue Ribs • Barbecue Chicken Best Fried Shrimp In the South We Cater to Private Parties For Reservations Phone 434 f 27" x 54" WOOL FACE SCATTER RUGS Made to sell for $2.98 EACH 3 Lovely Patterns! 16 Gorgeous Colors! You Select ANY TWO! NOW-Because of Slight Imperfections- ANY TWO for High Style! Famous Name Rugs! $2.98 for « beaotiful scatter rug? That's plenty low! But NOW you get TWO for that price (plus a single penny)! And all because of tiny little imperfections you'll need a magnifying glass to find! These rugs have an . imported woo) face and were made by a famous maker. Their smart pat, tern, are proof that experts designed them! You'll need at lout two, prob- , «bly more, to cover heavy-traffic .pot, on your living room floor, your hallway, and your bedroom,. So get here early-they're going to go FASTI Charles S. Lemons FURNITURE

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