The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1967 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1967
Page 4
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The Better Life Thankfully, values change, and many times for the better. it once WHS "rle rigueur" for example to identify one's home town with the nearest large city, Thus, a resident of Lonoke always was from Little Rock: the man who lived in La J-lalira Was from Los Antreles and the college student from East Milton never blinked in giving his hometown us Boston. But it simply no longer is fashionable tint! sometimes is not desirable to live in the city. For one thing, the problems of the city are so many, so diverse and so complex that many people despair of the cities' ever solv- them. In the meantime, life can be pretty dreary (for some people, in some cities, at some times). America again may be ready to resume its cooling romance with rusticana. At least part of the reasons for living 1 in Arkansas (or moving one's industry to Arkansas) is precisely that it is not like Chicago, or Birmingham, or even Rayonne, or Albertsville. If one lives in some of the little places ot America, one no longer need apologize for it. However, we keep doing that. Just this month, the mayor of Fordyce complained to the president of ABC that Fordyce is aggrieved over the way it was presented on the Bear Bryant documentary which that network recently did. Perhaps they complain with adequate justification. However, for all the rest of us, it it well past time to quit splashing about in a sea of apologia simply because we live in small Arkansas towns. There are those demographers, geographers and sociologists who at this moment are giving careful study to the causes of urbanization and the possibilities of reversing the trend. . .which is another way of saying some learned people suspicion that life in a smaller community may be better. LJh (Lcttera to the editor are welcomed. They art subject to editing, however, an(! most be signeo. .Signature will not hu jirintec] at the request ot Ule writer. No letter! win be returned.) Dear Sir: .1 feel that it is my duty to write you this letter as a sign of my feelings that were touched while 1 was in your town last week. It was a tbrlil to see a town in the United State that has people who are concerned about other people. I was at the Mississippi Union Gospel Mission with Bro. Paul Kirkendall. here are a few things that happened. Arrived on Sat. the llth of November at the Memphis airport. Met by a young preacher named Bill Cadwell who drove us to your town in the Mission truck. -:'At the Mission 1 met Bro. Paul Kirkendall for the first lime. f.He is a God sent man to your town. This was a new road for me since I have only been saved three years and ten months, preached at the Mission Sat. night, was on the radio on Sunday morning, preached in Missouri at Hie 11 o'clock services at the Mission at 2:30 p.m. and in east Memphis at 7:30. Was a full day but the Lord blessed. On Monday I was thrilled to see the Mission in action. Your town is a better place because of the Mission. People were fed and clothed, and furniture was given to needy families (there is faith and works going together). Then I took a e walk downtown to see what kind of town you had. The business men were kind and friendly to me. I saw in them a real American spirit. The people in Blylheville. Ark. are the kind of people I would like around my family as they are growing up. Your people were involved in the lives of all who were in need. Then on Monday afternoon I was asked to help conduct a funeral of a man who had only been in your town about three months before he died. The way that the people of Blytheville, Ark. came forth in this time of need is pleasing in the sight of God. The funeral home showed by Ilicir services that they have the right spirit for a prosperous town. The people at the Union Gospel Mission are to be thanked for their true dedication to the job of helping others. You have my permission to print this letter and lhank 'the people of your city for four days that gave me a new vision and a new spark in my heart to help others. I shall have you and your people in my prayers always. May Blytheville. Ark. always help the people in Iheir time of need also help Bro. Paul and his wife at the Mission to carry out the job that they have been at so faithfully in the past. Hev. Sid. Robinson 323 Buenavista Dr. Dunedin, Fla. • •••••••*(••••••• t ••••••••»< ••••«• ••• Show Beat by Dick Kleiner HOLLYWOOD (NBA) I smash and the European mov- Next show business figure to' iemakers want him in mature do a political solo could be roles. Over here, the producers Eddy Arnold ... He's still a Tennessee resident, and they're urging him to throw his twang Into the ring ... The Disney studio's next animated feature — following the delightful "Jungle Book" — will be an original called "The Aristocats" ... Kim Novak says that doing "The Legend of Lyah Clare" was the first time she ever still see him as Kookic, so, naturally, he works more over there. Ed's wife, Asa Maynor, and their two - year • old son were with him, of course. Asa did one part and then was called to a producer's office. The first thing he did was ask her to take her clothes off. That was the end of Asa's European mov- really enjoyed moviemaking-... |ie career. She credits director Bob AI- j . drich with achieving that de- \ NOTABLES' QUOTABLES .... voutly - to - be - wished end ... j "It was a big adjustment for Julie Andrews does bumps and grinds in "Star!" Barbara Bain, the luscious Cinnamon of Mission: Impossible, always!I was taught it isn't ladylike, photographs so well — is that j to lose your temper. But here because of her cinnamontogra- sometimes you have to scream pher? to get things done right." — . . iMary Ann Mobley. Julie London is the sexiest-] "Val Parnell once asked me looking mother of five kids west I to have that gap in my teeth of the Continental Divide. Phys-11 i x e d. He said the ladies ically, she hasn't changed from when she was the oomphiest wouldn't like me with the gap. But I said if I had a nice SHOOTING FOR A DOUBLE geed considerably of late. "I could work 10 times as much as I do," she says. "But I limit my night club work — I'll only go out for a couple of weeks, then I come back BIOSSAT AND CROMLEY IN WASHINGTON U5., Saigon Can Whip VC In the War for the Hamlets home and goof off and stay i don't let you alone." — Anita with the kids." jKerr. Her oldest, an 18-year-old girl I "I'm restless. I'm one of named Stacy, is writing songs those people who always likes these days. Julie hasn't includ- to be someplace else. It's like ed any in her act yet, but she ! someone once asked Pushkin may. "I'm a contented woman," Julie says. And, just watching her, I was jRey. what was his favorite place and he s a i d, 'Anyplace but where I am.'" — Alejandro ! build a base for a long-term ! few years. a contented columnist. Ed Byrnes has four pictures under his belt and 10 pounds By KAY CKUMLKY imiiia a oase ior a long-ierm new yeais,. after a year in Europe making NBA Washington Correspondent,underground war, will have to This doesn't require huge * • s mend .fences in areas where numbers of new U.S. personnel.. Italian* n r» nneta m^ second - rate VC cadre replace- Rather, it means small num- .„„ ^' a l rn , P l d nn : ments of the past two years bers of highly skilled, highly .«" at westerns - and one antagonized many people with motivated, carefully picked j crude terrorism, exorbitant tax men who have the ability to! collection and pompous arro- get along with other men. I off his waistline since the last j is not the first time you do it, time I saw him. He's just back j but continuing to do it. That 'shows they reaUy like you." — 'Uu» Of OtL* : Improper Signal, No WASHINGTON (NEA) If it is true, as the data seems to indicate, that the Ho Chi Minh apparatus in the south is being reorganized for a conventional, long - range underground insurgency, it opens an opportunity for U.S. and Vietnamese government forces. In the months immediately ahead. Americans and South — — .. — .. Vietnamese have their best op- : placement of second raters with countryside, where the war will gance For some reason," he says . lose weight over there. I UlCe. r ul lllc J uu CUl I'anu io MJ nwia i p rp ,.i t. The VC underground struc- with and inspire — not domi-, Ed ' . ture today is weak in many nate — Vietnam's villagers, spots. These loopholes are being As a corollary, new types of j mended in the reorganization. Vietnamese leaders will have to | ahead. Americans and South I But this will take time. Re- be trained for work in the Ed, the old 77 Sunset Strip CJLC VICUIHtll a VlllQQGliJ, I - . , ... _ As a corollary, new types ofi^- •» ? big star ,„ Europe ietnamesc leaders will have to | Theserieswas a continental The movement to curb careless drivers seems to be international. In the Cily of Rio de Janeiro, for instance, wolfish motorists are a problem, so the law can now revoke the license of any driver who flirts with fe male pedestrians. The warning to rakes In Rio is clear: I you drive, don't wink.—Dallas (Tex.) News JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH (D) (S AKJ1063 V AK2 *.T4 WEST VJ85 » A975: 4107 SOUTH EAST 4 K5 V1073 4 KQH3 +QJS4 ¥ Q964 + 108 AAK802 North-South vulnerable West North East South 1 A Pass 1 N.T. Pass 2 A Pass 3 N.T. Pass . Pass Pass Opening lead — 4 5 He was not guilty of stealing the contract, since East and West handed it to him on a silver platter. East was guilty of a real crime at trick two. His correct j return was the king of diamonds. The lead of the three •spot would have merely been a As for West's failure to win the second diamond, we are' spot. West should not have been !j fooled by his partner's ridicu- L i lous lead at trick two. He could': South would have won the first i diamond trick with an original holding of king-tcn-eight. and misdemeanor. The play of the that therefore'bad player East !six spot was a felony ISiat was was just living up to his repu- | punished by loss of game and' tation when he returned that [rubber. isix spot. ortunity to date to make real ains in knocking out the Viet- ong - North Vietnamese politi- il - economic - psychological arfare underground organiia- on which is the real base of ommunist strength in South ielnam. This organization pro- des the intelligence, recruit- ig and logistics base on which rmies operate. The underground organiza- on, depleted in the past two ears when the Communists lought a quick victory was in ie offing, bumbled widely in s dealings with farmers and ie city poor. The new VC cadre, out of able men is not quickly done. Thus the U. S. - South Vietnam opportunity is to act before Hanoi has time to rebuild the topflight organization it once had. In this new situation, any "peace talks" in which Ho participated would be a maneuver to buy time to enable the new party underground to fix itself securely in place. On our side, the VC - North Vietnamese underground rebuilding must be fought principally with U. S. - South Vietnamese civilian effort which must overtake in quality the military build-up of the past De won or lost, .me iraaitiona upper - class, white . - shirtec Vietnamese is not effective it farming communities. He mus be replaced in the hamlets bj local, young leaders c h o s e i from among typical villag families. These leaders — who under stand how the other half live because they're from that grou themselves — must be trainee and sent back into the hamlet to match wits with the VC North Vietnamese underground This new brand of men on ou side will also create the basi for widened leadership in th hamlets when the war is won Doctor By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D. Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association A — The cause of this condition, known as vitiligo, is a lack of pigment in the skin. The underlying cause is unknown. The condition is not a I MJKID ALMANAC The World Almanac reports that a "missing link" in the evolution from wasps to ants was found recently on the shores of Raritan Bay, N.J., preserved in amber or fossilized tree resin. Study of the insects, half-wasp and half-ant, in- ,dicates that the world's i first social insects date ; from 100 million years ago, 'a time when dinosaurs were becoming extinct. ; Trini Lopez. CHE .. COURIER NEWS ffHK COURfCli NtfW& CO. H. W. HAINES ruBIJSHEB HARM * a/VINEe 4lSlEtnnt •.Illtcll'.'-'Mltot GENE AUSWK Advertising Manar« Snle National Advertising Representative Wallace Witmer Co. New ?^rfc, Cbicagn. Detroit Atlanta Mempnl'. Sr^ond-cinss pustase paid at niythrvlIJe lilt. Member ol the Associated prm SUBSCRIPTION RATES ay carrier In the city of tllfibr- ffillc or any suburban town when carrier service Is maintained 35c 0,11 week Si .50 p«r month. Bj mall within a radius at M mllei, n.oo per ve«r S500 Tor dz months. $3.!io Tor tnttr month:, by mail, outside 50 mile radius «18.flo mr year payable In udvance. Mr.l) subscriptions are not accept- er 3 'n townF and cities where Th» Coune. News carrier serrlc* IB maintained Mall subscription! are nnvnhle in advance. NOTE. The Conm-i mnt- alsaraef no responsibility far photograph* maroscripts, engravings or mat! left with it for possible pnbltcatlos. Time to Eat" Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Oriental foodstuff S Aromatic flavoring . 8 Pastry 32 False god If you were called upon to j decide on how many crimes j were committed in today's sim- j pie little hand and just which criminal should be given Hie severest penalty for his transgressions, what would you determine? We are going to tell you in advance that South and West were good players and North and East bad ones. South played three no-trump after getting there by bidding as shown in the box. East won the dia. mond opening with his queen and returned the six. West thought awhile and played low, whereupon South proceeded to make five no • trump. Five spades would have made easily, but East and West should have taken five diamond tricks against three no-trump. Now-for the answers to the criminality involved in the hand. South was guilty of the crime of hogging the play. He really had no excuse for bidding on* and ttiret no-trump. © 1967 br NEA, Inc "Never mind that stuff—gimme your CREDIT CARDS!" A mother writes that her | suggestions? . daughter 5, has been taking A - When a child who is not | threat to your daughter's health 6 ... °i i-ii- _ -. 1 _-i u__ —» The only satisfactory treatment I Prostigm'in for a redundant co- mentally retarded has not Ion for over three years. She learned to control her bowel or wants to know what is meant | bladder by the time she is three by a redundant colon, whether |or four years old, an emotional her daughter will outgrow it or ! problem must be suspected, whether she will have to take j Your child may need the care the drug indefinitely. of an expert in child psychology C Ul ug UIUCIIUIICIJI. ! — — r ~ I .., . , This condition, usually called j to bring her out of her difficul- mcgacolon or Hirschprung's dis ease, is a congenital enlargement of the colon. It sometimes correct itself in the first year of life but does not do so when it has persisted past the child's fir birhday. first birthday. When an obstruction below the colon is the cause, this should be removed. If this child can be maintained in good health on a carefully regulated dosage of neostigmine (Prostig- min), the drug should be given indefinitely. It will cause no side effects, but it should not be used by persons who have asthma. If good health cannot be maintained with the drug, one of several types of operation may be necessary. Q - Our daughter, 7V4, has never been toilet • trained. She is in second grade and soils herself in school. Have you any Blylheville (Art.) Courier N"*.Tuesday, November 28, 1967 Page Four ty. Q — Our son, 2, has von Recklinghausen's disease. Although we have been told that this disease is usually hereditary, no one in our large families (my husband's or mine) has had this disease. What would cause it and what are the chances it would appear in any other children we m a y have? A — This disease, neurofibro- matosis or multiple nerve tumors of the skin, is, as you say, hereditary. Such diseases sometime appear in an ance- tor (not necessarily a parent or grandparent) in so mild a form that it goes undiagnosed. With so little family history of t h e disease, there is little chance that it would affect a second child but this is * world wherein nothing is certain. Q — My daughter, 5, has white spots on her arms and legs. Her summer tan has made these spots more noticeable. What cones them? Is it serious? What should be done for them? is the use of masking cosmetics. Please end your questions and comments to Wayne G. Brandstadt. M.D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future col- 75 Years Ago —In B/yt/ievi//e Jerry Berry, Larry Isaacs and Gary Mason have arrived from the University of Arkansas to spend Thanksgiving with their parents. Miss Annella Humphreys of the University of Arkansas will have as her Thanksgiving guests Miss Ann Allbrigiit ot Little Rock and Jerry Van Zandt of Van Buren. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Johnson and daughter Beth will spend the holidays in Morrilton with relatives. Yesterday's clear and crisp weather moved to a Christmasy cold during the night as the mercury here sank to 19 degrees. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller of Memphis are the weekend guests of Mrs. Miller's mother, Mn. Lucy McAdams, g^ssr^sssf "eye" '17 Abner's father (Bib.) 18 River in &1 Enthusiastic ardor £3 Rodent 24 Craft ^7 Augments 29 Angered. '32 Pompous show 34 Printing mistakes 56 Reluctant 57 Pertaining to mail service 38 Lease 39 Flesh food 41 Compass point 42 Ruy Dial de Bivar 44 Aperture 46 Sticks together 49 Wnnders 56Pikelikc fish 57 Evergreen tree 58 Feminine appellation 59 Abstract being 60 Winter vehicle vertical DOWN' 1 Tears 2 Notion 3 Cob foodstuff 4 Choice part 5 Membranous pouch 6 Close about 7 Intervals 10 American inventor 11 Auricles 16 Chef's and ' Waldorf, for instance 20 Dons 33 Masculine • nickname 35 Rotating parts in electrical .machinery 40 Hebrew ascetic 3 Lets fall 30 Japanese 8 Arab chieftain outcasts 9 Permeate SI River valley 22 Revoke a legacy 45 The aggregate 24 Three-banded 46 Pet canary's armadillo domicile 25 Declaim wildly 47 Algerian seaport 48 Wicked 5fi Weathercock 51 Heating device 26 Kind of coat (Pi.) 28 Calyx leaf 52 John (Irish) 55 Color me — moving from Mississippi to Hollywood. At home, girls are brought up a certain way.' starlet in Hollywood. But her I suit and a clean shirt, the la---* attitude toward, work has chan- dies would like me anyhow." < — Terry-Thomas. "It was slow when I first moved to California. California is like that — at first, they aren't sure you're really here, then when they realize it, they It's great to rub shoulders ••• with important people — Frank Sinatra's friendship means so • much. But the important thing • ist Aun.)

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