The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1947
Page 3
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. I: MONDAY, MAY 2G, 1947 BIATHHVILLE (AUK.)" COURIER NEWS Orders for Autos Still Are Piling Up Dealers Association Makes Survey in Key Cities Over the Nation A survey of customers orders for »ev0toW3 sliows that the average. nuloM|)ilc cicHler now lias on lian-1. twice TS many orders for new cars' as he excels (o obtain from Ilic niaiHirnctiirers during the balance of 1917. Tliis survey was recently completed ijy the National -Automobile' Dealers Association and covers a sampling of draler.s linmllinir all makes of C'irs. The survey covered dealer.-, in 68 cities and 'towns in nil sections of the country. It is based upon a Kamplinii of 373 912 customers orders received U |> ' lo March 31, 1347 by the dealers surveyed. The survey wn s 1)liU | R | n . n , c Nrl . innal AiitomnSiic Dealers Associ.i- lion ns :, public service to obtain a factiiiil aci-ow-Dic-country pic- li.i-e or Hie unfilled new ear onle. million. The survcv shows the hish 'lema.ui that exists ami is bc-imr slrnni.iv nistainert in this important hraneh of the durable goods industries. The stiirty asked dealers lo report the total number of orders that they have received. from the time new car nrociuction was resumed, up to March 31. 1917 They were ashed also to report the num- ' ber of new car deliveries made up to thai date, and the number of orders remainini; on hand. Dealers were also asked to report on any cancennations received, for any cause, and the reasons given by I those cancelling. I Of all orders received by dealers I sinc.j^new car production was ro- I .siimH the survey shows that de'il- I ers i-jf|». been ab!c thus far to tic- liver ^i- s to only about 30 percent. The result is that, after all I deliveries and cancellations for all I causes are accounted for. the iium- \ ber of orders still on hand is al- I most double the number of cats I that these dealers expect to re- I ceive from the manufacturers dur- 1 hiK the balance of 1047. This as- I sumcs, of course, that t production I will continue throughout ' 1D47 as [ well as it lias during the first I quarter of Hie year. I The survey shows that dealers I now have more new car orders on I hand than at any time since pro- 1 filiation BUS resumed. DARS—And Friend PAGE THREE (Hamburg DAK Members' {Memorial Dedicated CROSSETT, Ark.. Mi.y 26. (UP) I —War heroes of Ashley County were I honored yesterday by the unveiling I of a bronze tablet ami the dedica- 1 lion of a two-acre plot of pine I trees three miles cast of Crossctt. Principal speaker was 13rlg. Gen. III. L. McAlistcr, state adjutant i;en- Icral. Hcjuiitl that the maintenance I of righV-'Jjk power is the countiy's I "only hope of survival." The memorial service was spon- Isored by ilic Col. Francis Vivian 1 Blocking chapter of ;hc D.iutshicis I of the American Revolution of Ham- Iburg. Pictured at the 58lb annual Congress o_f the Daughters of Hie American Hcvolulion me, IcU to rlj;ht. Mrs. Julius y. Talmadgc, retirinR president; Gen. Dwifjht U. Kisenliowcr, who iirycd x'icilauro against vicious cults in his address; ;in<l Mrs. Uoscoe C. OTiyrnc and Mrs. Stanley T. Mnntovc. opposinu cunilidiilcs for president i;encral. _J Sleuths Come Up With Fine Ideas But They Fail to Click ATLANTA. Oa.. May 28. (U.P.) —It was just a batl day lor the cops ii)l around. In Atlanta, they p,ol n hot tip that a laundry safe was to be burglarized in the week hours. A detective squad armed ilscll with an arsenal and took up .strategic positions in the darkened laur.dry office. Sure enough, four biirgl ._ into the building before dawn and went to work oil the safe. Tha cniuiy officer.? held their firrj and crept up softly behind the v.;fe- crackers to catch them in the ac'.. With officers breathing down their necks, the bllrgl.ns finnUy jimniicd open the door—sir.'.l pcof! Chokini; smoke spurted in tils faces of cops and robbers Both factions started banking away with shotguns and pistols and '.he burglars escaped under tlie smoke screen. Tlie proprietor of ihe laundry had neglected to tell Iho officers that he attached a couple of teargas shells to the insWc of the safe door just to make assurance doubly sure. The police cut a mite of consolation later whe.i U'.ey nabbed one of the susp<:ctc-l safecrackers, John Schmidt. Down in New Orleans, the police got another hot «1>—the locv.lioti of a bookie joint. They made a quick rai'J-, but while the ix>lice were cunil: the front door, the hookies bulling out the back wincluv/ vin a portable ladder. The police noted clgnL U'ie- phones in the room, ;es' of which were ringing. Aha. they said, we'll take down the nam"S of she i:iu:;uiy, bookies from the customers and nab them. IMS broke; They are still looking for "noot.s," ' "Joe", "Hots" and "Oriinyy". Honorary Degrees Awardc Four by College of Quirks SLARKSVILl.E, Ark.. May 2(i. 'UPl- Two Littlo Hoc't iiv.'ii and two alumni of the C'jllese. of ihe alike. O/arks ha\ r e been hoii(ij-ed by (he school. The school yesterday " an Illinois Educator Takes Agri Post At State College .lONKSIlOKO. Ark., May M. (UP! —Appointment of Dr. H. c. Casscll as head of the of AB- riculUire at Arkansas aiiiU- Collcnc has bren announced by President W. J. Udens. Dr. Cass.VI has been connected with Southern Illinois Nbrmai at Carbondalc. Head Courier news wane Ads. • Chicot Assessor Dies EUDORA, Ark., May 2G. (UP) — Funeral services will be held here today lor B. F. Allen, (35-ycar-ohl former Chicot County tax nssc.»sr>r who died at his home yestcrdny. ife is survived by two a'jos and four daughters. AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON IHE AMAZING AEROSECT WONDER INSECTICIDE IMPOUND BOMB CONTAIN. ING ENOUGH GAS FOR 100 AVERAGE ROOMS FOR^SQUITOES AND FLIES Juit Turn On 1'alre Fur Seven Seconds! • Noa-lnflamnatli • Non-Pol sonous • No Mask Needed • BombConstruttuI For Refill • Will No) ConbmliuteFood THIS NON. TOXIC AEROSECT BOMB The Same Insecticide Used So Successfully By the U.S. Navy f" r Humans anil Animnls f for llnmcf, Restaurants, i| llutcls, Dairies, Stork Forms, t\ Office anil Aparlmrnl ltnili!ing.i Tha Safe Insecticide in the Refutable Dispenser 2.35 When empty exchange for a new bomb for only. Phone or MoH Your Order tor fmmecHufe Delivery. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 213 West Main Phone 2015 honorary doctor of luws i c-e to Davitl D. Terry of LiMlo Hock ami honorary doctor -jf suience degree to Dr. Robert Caldwcll, ciho of Little Hock. Doctor of Divinity degrees were conferred on the Rev. Mitchell Epperson and the Rev. Fred A. Walker. Congressman W. P. Kom-M told the graduating uc.'W \viM-lil crisis should lint lie met with (rai but'wilh in;;i.'n:iity." Burial of Texas City Blast Dead Set for June 8 TKXAS CITY, Tex.. May 2fi. (UP) •lluriii'i! mill shattered bodies of St r > imidenimcd |>orsons killed In the lexixs oily waterfront dlsasU-r prob- "bly will I*, burled June 8, It was minomuTil Uuluy. The muss buclnl hns bevn delayed s nee lh,. 11,-sl blusLs rtjipcd this port. el'X Aiii'll li; in order 10 nh"! experts mi opporlmilly (o klentlfj- Ihe vlc- The bodies, which lie In refrigerated vaults ill nemby Ciimp \Val- liiee, have been viewed by hundreds of IICI-.SDIIS .seeking ivlaliv'i friends sllll mlsslntc 111 Ihe ttls.iv.lcr which chimed lit Ica.v. 4IM lives. Mayor J. Curds Tram-.i Mild the. inemui-hd coiiunlllec -ioin;hl to pi.r- •liasc imui northwest or Ihe bluslcd city for n memorial U'jilal park (in 1 he unknown victims. Tin. coinmll- :ce »-l Sunday, June ij, n -, tlie leiidi- .Ivp burial CM:.-. . Meanwhile, (he Brim task i,f Iden- illylin! the bodies HI id parts c,r bod- ;os TOiillnucd at Oniun Wallace. More limn 100 corpses Imvc Ijcen .dcnllflcd tlmmrih .selentlll: ineiinii. But .sometimes a simple, object .such >s u ring or an odd billion on n iliirl may be the solution. The experts. Including sonic of Hie foremast In the country, lime even ••-niyed Iwiilcs lo Ihul old bone frac- 11 res which miyht Inniul) hulplul el lies. Social Security Board Agent to Visit Biythevillc A representative of the Jonesboro Focia] Security office will be at the stale Employment Office In m.vihevillc al 1(1:00 o'clock Tuesday morninu. Mississippi County residents who wish to file claims for old-age and .survivors' insurance benefiis may eel in touch with the representative for aclvk'tf. lienefits arc pai<f lo retired workers who have reached the age of G5 and to survivors of deceased workers regardless of the worker's a«e at death. Hcnefils arc based on \va|:cs earnrd in jobs cov- Jiciiiovs that "the cml by the Social Security Act IN FINER GIFTS FOR WOMEN AND MEN GRADUATES They'll Treasure DIAMOND ONYX RINGS Grand Watches by GRUEN I 1 r .1 < t i v .- lie IIH, :uii i.Xrliini: ,-i,f( linVs r.i,l,i,,n- I liy "Sn.uik 1 -. (iin CONVENIENT .'j. PAYMENTS 12.75 DHEIFUS wr.-.r »HJ\ST St liiamnniis DODGE AUTOMOBILES COMPLETE (With Accessory Group "B") f.O.B. BlythcYitle, Arkansas Deluxe 3 Passenger Coupe Deluxe Two-Door Sedan '.'.'.'. Deluxe Four-Door Sedan Custom Club Coupe (6 Passenger) Custom Four Door Sedan Custom Town Sedan {Four Door-Four Window) Custom Convertible Coupe Custom SeVcn Passenger Sedan A IJ. S. GOVERNMENT ..„ HEI'OHT nnnn[incc3 tlie u'i.scuvcry of n new lEinmo aci(! trtnlnicnt for ivy poisoniiiR". Tho Ircnlment lias lieen found excellent; it is grnlle ami Rule, ilries up llio blisters in a Burprisinuly slmrt lime — ofleu williin 24 licairs. Tlicsc fiovcrniucnt fiTitiings nre incorporated in Ilic new product . IVY-DRY Al your flriif.slnre, .VA-. •irr-nnr i, ni,.i, irr COUP.. Hani<i*k. x. l.. PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILES F.O.B. Blytheville, Arkansas $1,448.45 . 1,522.20 . 1,56420 . 1,611.70 . 1,616.95 . 1,674.95 1,904.65 1,990.45 Deluxe 3 Passenger Coupe Deluxe Club Coupe {6 Passenger) Deluxe Two-Door Sedan Deluxe Four-Door Sedan Special Deluxe Coupe (3 Passenger) . . . \ Special Deluxe Club Coupe (6 Passenger) $1,223.30 ,276.05 ,249.55 ,302.30 ,306.80 ,364.80 • — ----- — __ —*-^f**, \ v , »*i*j*.»« y^" •/ . •«^otiOw Special Deluxe Convertible Coupo 1,628.30 Special Deluxe Two-Door Sedan ] 333 55 Special Deluxe Four-Door Sedan l 39] 05 Special Deluxe Marion Wagon 1^733.80 DODGE TRUCKS Dodge WC (Yi Ton) Express (600 x 16 6 ply tires) . $1,137.20 Dodge WD ( 3 / 4 Ton) Express 1,207.70 BlutheviHe Motor Co. PHONE 4-22 ) Gulf Gas Wrecker Service Fisk Tires Owned & Operated by Tom A. Little Jr. YOU WISHED FOR. KB 'A place thai would lake care of the buttons on your favorite dress ... /I place that would take care to protect the lace on your evening dress ... 'A place that would return your clothes lookhif/ like' new . . . 'A place that would return i/oiir clothes fresh and lovely . . . spotless and odorless ... BETTER CLEANING with the HUDSON FINISH in 8 hours for the asking Fine Tailoring Hat Styling Moth Proofing HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER . . TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 rrc FLINT 2 went over to Weaty W Hugh's hotel ancfl cl I!c( (Jels Kxi-iU'd BY MICHAKL O'MALLRY and RALPH LANE [3 guess! must have said Hit worftiiiaf GIAOTO KNOW\ f WE'VE TOO, MR.HINT. YOU \/ JUST BEEN HAVEN'T 6EEII WMUH'II GASSING.WEARY TOU W€RSMV MOTHER.' EVEN FLINT WAOE A CRACK ABOOTITttN'LAft, .WHO IS W, ANYWAY t HAVE YOU,WEARY? )\ TOGETHER.

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