The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1953
Page 13
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-FRIDAY, JAN., SO, 1953 OUK BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Ho*»b m Tele vis ion- ton ire, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 FRIDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 30 ,6:m Evening Serenade 6:15 News ,6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan •7:00 Dennis Day '7:30 Life of Riley .8:00 Big Story • '8:30 Hopalong Casstdy 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports • 9:45 Greatest Plghls 10:00 Film Featuretfe 10:30 News 10:40 March of Time 11:10 Weather 11:15 Names the Same 11:45 Industry on Parade '',2:15 News 12:25 Sign Off ' : SATURDAY, JANUARY 31 >8:55 News • 9:05 Morning Meditation '9:10 World's Greatest Stories .' 9:30 Rootle Kazootle 10:00 Pride of South 10:30 Smilin' Ed 11:00 Big Top 12:00 "Cowboy Q-Man 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Quiz 'Em On The Air : 2:00 -Mr. Wizard ;2:30 Trend well Band Concert 3:00 Date With Judy 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:30 10:00 10:10 10:15 10:45 11:45 12:15 12:30 TV Teen Club Aldrlch Family K-P-O This is the Life Strike It Rich Juniper Junction My Hero All Star Revue Show of Shows Abbott & Costello News Weather Big Picture Jackie Gleason Balance Your Budget News Sign Off Cabbie Looses All; Including Teeth, SAN FRANCISCO W-Not only did. his two youthful fares holdup the cab driver, they also took every stitch of his clothing, Including his false teeth and $20 of his own money, both of which were stuffed In his clothes. The cabbie went to a nearby back door and tapped on a window The housewife, averting, her eyes handed a burlap sack, exchanged latc-r for a bathrobe. A short time later a police prowl car found the abandoned cab containing the clothes, the hidden. $20 bill —and the false teeth. Now Is the Time to Prepare Your .Own for the Future! SEE. THE NEW 1953 WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA First Choice of America'! Schools »nd Llfcrariw. Ca " Bi » Palton, 8890 For Free Demonstration ATTENTION FARMERS and SOYBEANS "There! See what you get for pulling your.olf In when the tailor measures you for a suit!" -STU DE B AKE R JANUARY CLEARANCE EVERY CAR & TRUCK MUST GO! "CERTIFIED" Used Cars & Trucks '51 Ply. -$1495 Cranbrook -J-dr. '49 Merc. $1195 I- 1/1 '49 Stude $1195 Club Coupe. '49 Chev $1095 2-Tone 4-I)r. '49 Chev $1095 2-Dr. Blue Woodspn-Tenent Laboratories Licensed Grain Inspectors 612 West Ash St. "Blytheville, Ark. Search for a Hero By Thomas Hal Phillip* , cc 111 CO UJ Q ID H '48 Stude $995 4-dr. Blue 4-Dr. Grey 7 48 Ford - $895 4-Dr. Maroon '51 Stude $1095 H Ton '50 Stude $895 PAGE ELEVEN (ARK.) COURIER • OUT OUR WAY IDONTCWR6 IF ... . tfXi'Ve EATEM AlOTHlNG BUT M06M 6IKJCS NEW ' FKiCKLISAND HIS F HI IN OS rve geed ON Atxer THAT WOULD AWKC A SPAtCTAN # 5CREAM •— »Jo RICH FOODS ' ^' TOUCH UP THIS TOOL A BIT? GOT A RUSH JOB OJ, AM 1 — 60T GOOT/— JU6T OME OF THOS? , RARE PCOPL6 WHO 6«T £HOT WITH GOJ6 "- THAT HALF Of TM 1 ' EMERY *»^..j3£ Tr v£i<««AM HE'S. X TO PUTT TRVW'TO/ fl HKfoSr ETTER Y FOUR _R Five MOR6 DOCTOes"S Benefit by Reading and Using C.urier Ntwi Classified Adt 14 Ton '49 Chev - $795 Vi Ton '51 Stude $1095 154 Ten '49 Dodge $895 1V4 Ton '47,Chev - $445 IK Ton Stake '42 Ford -$245 H Ton '47 Chev - $695 2 dr. Bine CHAMBLIN SALES Co "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Phone 6888 2 Big Lots at Ash & Railroad Open Saturday Nile Til 9 H, C. DAVIS, Sales Mgr. SALESMEN • Jimmy Hudson • Joe T. Robertson • Ercy W1I1I ST UDEBAKER : xxx •'prE corpsman helped m« si down, and (hen he raised up and looked about the room. As if to drive away somethii^ he callet . loudly, "Hey! I've brought your ^ boy home." Then to me after a ', • silence, "You know, it's a long v; 'way back." .';! "Sure. Don't slay just to keep ;. me company. I know they'U be 'here soon." "It I'd come home and -r,y fo,*=, ididnt run out like they'd been .standing watch (or a week ! jDid the medics say anything about ,. 'discharging you?" "No." "You didn't ask?* V "No. Do you think they will— , when I m well?" ;•• "Invariably. With your kind of •wound. You anxious to get out •and make plans with the little ••jl'll fetch '• f ° rg ° l lhC honeysuckle - J .\ In a minute he was bac- with Pu a u ,r u " on (he c °""ee table. (He held out his hand, "fake it , easy, and call us il something g, . (wrong." * s < The screen closed quietly; I .'heard the motor of the station •;iwagon; and then that strange ^country quietness in which time .dripped by. I leaned over for a bunch of honeysuckle, leaned •back, closed my eyes and smelted, i Strong Rower scent made me think •of funerals. M 5 ., T 5 ey . twoultj b« h«e soon. No £., doubt Mama had gone to the Sun--- • rise Service on V'alkcr Mountain ; and was not yet back. And Papa -. —there was no telllnt where -e i'wvfi 1 - es P ec j all y « Wallace and t «illiam had come home for Easter. ;1 Maybe I should have gone by ^Mebs—she might have been *t Jnomc. But in any case Miss Audlc ..would come out and start asking ncfa could tflord w ask anything. Or maybe William might be there; then how would I feel? I had lols of, things to ,-et straight with him. I did not mind being there by myself. So much of my life I had spent alone, waiting for something hearing the clock (when it ran) in Mama's and Papa's room, beating out the time: 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock, n o'clock; a long spool of twine, unrolling endlessly, never broken but knotted about twice each month. • • • A SLIGHT ache ha! commenced around my ankle, but I knew it was only because of tbe way I was sitting. If I had a pillow behind my heel everything would be all right My heel, which was not injured at all. had hurt worse than anything else. "You've developed a pressure point," the nurse said, and that settled il, or seemed to, though my heel kept burning. 1 decided that nobody in a hospital ever worried the least bit so long as they knew what was wrong, could say with confidence, "Thai's a green fracture of the libia, that's lobular pneumonia, that's a pressure point." After three days, I had 'said, not at all cheerfully, that something had to ae done about : y " ressure point," The nurse cheerfully rearranged the ,mall sacks of sand so that my heel touched nothing; [he change was marvelous, inslan- laneous — as once when 1 had burned my flnge s Mama thrust ny hand into a can of cold lard. I wondered why the nurse had not made the rearrangement three days before, but only a small soul would fuss about a "pressure wint" when the world was falling to pieces—I could think that way after the pain was gone. I leaned farthe. back and pushed my leg so that my heel did not touch the couch. That would 1 do for a little while, and they would be here soon. The faint I 1C m»l Read Courier News Classified Ads. to know how wonderful it was to have another leg that was sound and healthy. I thought of Aunt Maudie Sloane {the depot agent's wife): it was said that she could bldw fire out of a burn, a talent more,respected in Old Shiloh than her character, for she smoked where all could see an*, some knew she drank, from time to ime, pure while bootleg whisky those who doubted had only to look in her meal barrel lor th« bottle. I once wrote a poem about her —one Sunday afternoon. Wallace and William were putting up s basketball goal in the back yard; I could see lhat they needed me before they started calling. But 1 wouldn't, answer. "He won't come," William said. That fool's up there writinc • poem." And I, much too removed to be angry, leaned out the window and calmly announced, "He who calleth his brother 2 fool is in danger of hell-fire." What slrange days of unfulnll- ment, of anguish, of s groping for answers, because I believed t'j--e were answers, while William and Wallace didn't even believe in 'he questions. That was the season o< poetry. PICKED up a handful it th« honeysuckle — the smell was .00 much, too sweet—then dropped it on the coffee table. If I had to je born in their land, why couldn't I be :,ke them—the men in their overalls, the heroes who couldn't bo crucified? Something'was different now that I had seen the closed doors, the old signs, the lovermg grayness. Why did they send me home anyway? And still . . there was so little to hold on to. I must always remember that. The room was growing darker. A few new sounds started up— ones that belong only to the Urn* of sundown. I looked at the honeysuckle. If my le r , had not been njured 1 would have kicked the whole bunch of it off the code* able. 1 made some slight mow and my side pained. Aloud I said i don't care if the honeysuckle wilts, but -why don't they come on?" IX* B. > FLOORS Laid, Sanded and Finished! • Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tile • Linoleum Tile • Inlaid Linoleum • Wall Til* Cabinet Tops Installed All Work Guaranteed Free Estimate EUBANKS and STOREY Phones 3111 — 6092 Home Grown Hi-Bred Half and Halt Cotton Seed $10 Per Hundred Clyde Williams Route 3 | Lexington, Tenn. P' rompf DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 Hnri: l.».m. to II p. with D»IJTrt7 t* t p. WOODS DRUG STORE Z2I Bert Main 8k MV ipficg sun- ft AMPLE PROTECTION SHOULD I HAVE TO CONTROLS 40 I CAN WATCH . V'Ol) WITHOUT "* SHKTT1N6 OFF THE FDlVER, ... CUT THE ROCKET* PLEASE! ' HAS A TXER/lio- S1ATONITS HEATEKi MOW PRIMITIVE PARENTS DON'T SPANK CHILDREN ANY MORE 1 YOU POOR LITTLE KID! YOU'RE CRYINe TYKE, i THIMK IVE FOUWD our WHAT HAPPENED THW BLANKED Our YOUR MEMCdV A«D LEFT YO) ^I» S .^ COW5CIOJ5 WNP CPkM PO S^3HSJ*^Tsra WK7S'. T &£; BSJJSW _ WARSAU.EY, BOUND FOR BKiTAJN', TANGLEe WITH AN EGYTT1AN PATROL CRAFT SWIM? 7 HIM spy! PON'T A PA ONCET IN A HEH,HEH,l WAA ONL-y V|,| KIDD1N'/ HOW ABOUT SHARIN'TH' UMBRELLA .., TILL ~TH' &U6 )/ COURSE COMES? Sf SIRE VOUtP -lOU PLEA6E TURN TO THE "-OiMICS ? THE-f'RE ON PAGE TEN/ tows cwwv '. Vittt

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