The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on July 21, 1867 · Page 3
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 3

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 21, 1867
Page 3
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.JL r Zt tcir (Drtus ZTimtss, unitatj, guhj 21, 1857-triple placet unci upplmcnt. JUL w Our Fninni f r ?lowt rs. "Pot h t pj.rioe iow " ? Oh ye eirlj frk-nJd bfrc ire y. one aa all ' Tb' cn tiU "eh'tie. tb ( mm tner rain dfMyCtn'ls, lb j rail forth f3owerv but tin nut je tnej call; o the rconniai'tt, Vy the fortyitain , In the woodland ditn ao I crT, I lowers are (i rinntp. nei sprintr,!!!?, Eut the ei'Tiiig Cowers, her. axe th'ij V BY Iter and hotter plowa tin; rummer win I ct too it cannot wak , Ivr .ir of (iwfn Lie i m i , msrehine on, hWtt on ti e bill-, aw g it er in the braie ; On the motiutai s, Vc nnd the farm.;; eb. In the wc diar.d rlim an i era .', Ik were are bTiritiprig itc- sprint; in Tot tLe Ej-rirj flowers, nt'isirt they " Tins STjre of tt e fn -eett of English Jgv.o Lad fTer Iieav d the lullaby of "Xatnre, tie pood oil J in -so." Ee follows Lie preciorts sjrDj? Co ters taiongb " froze winte r" a:.d -old death at. til, among the singing fit n'f on tlie Lills of Eles 'en, he finds tliem otoe tiore in eternal, taljicg Issauty. We who 1. ave ftlwovs knowu thii, make no tnra L(n our dial xi leis, j xre Llis, ana all the tomlcr flush of sprinp 1 lots irniiag, sinks and f: h a Is-neati the fe-vil glory of 'cly C'lirir.g. Io ytu know, reader, whnt a Lot.ibiur.a w- w'lt ad is ia July? If lot. we eaiaiiet gi e jou more than a Tepue idea of light and olo What the heralds call "color rrcn c lor,' lie a pi. ture by Tiiiftn, all yeilow and -tins line. There are intoest rriiusin0, nu ' ye lawn, fvnd pnr-I leg. protijitd topetLe-r, t icy strike t eve slrhcsyf with pain from tlfr g are anl glitter. VTe will take a litue for. -t took, not a hundred feet scuare. We Cnl in it the red trc;ii; els tf the iiTioni , htrj,iag the Lite tails of the BWi.n o t. ii. A mimosa, 1 wiih its feathery tufts oi tr; ;ht jink ; t'.eli-riodtndrrn, tAraerican o dir.) its crimson and white tulips coverini tht tree and strew-ir.p the grt unj htnf -atli i: Ihen the "mai;-Eclia plhnca," pfclo, vhiti ih f. reen leavs3 and white, frprai)t Cowers, t 1 fr'nt shJowing forth f the htautiful pre act Our Louisiana wtKiulmidR. Tht re the sits cu l ei C.c. -k pieen :hrnne with a diiid.-m of V.ui-nish d 1 -arcs, tha m:ig-rj;(nt "nia.?nolia ran lillo -a, " onr pride and hoi8t. Ah, pnri sin i ; wis a l iyth suiud to your lovelinegg that inclosed the cl arte nynii h fMrjg fron the hot passion of tie non of La form, in yctr saowr chalioe ! Ent yet rr-onry is r.o word Sir U e warm. ri h whiteness of our Southerly fl jul beauty. It la a deep, iaiyiug h:U ne5ihA( L;i.sa1S'rbed the sun's rnys and held thja prisoner. Itis a p..ilor f.iint with iU vv.a :i.:h, for it l 'ids and hiocsoics in i?gnh cf odoron s'.fis, tsnd even in d;i:i; hi inccusj of its drooping chalioe wh;j-ers t. th siin iio-'-thn ft .'. ' " There is crthing iu cartl or shy to which we chu the p""ul nr hit.'V au '. pr.riiy oj the ra.igrht; 1 lo..ooi tive to the eloquent ra"'-'r 'f the ob-io' a boantitul Creole girl, so -r:,na tad ric . ir its u' stu -e of all bright coh riric. Th :ri no hlotdp iiiKjiid'tr, no njf rl le coldret i ia it; it is not thi' sutiny wLittiicstj cf thei-ly, cor the frail pmily rf the rose ali a. It ii lio . the Leaped r,p Kof;ne.-s of fictcy clou Is nor tie sile-.t Kpi thsmss of a stow drift, .ly v. tii bc-iTe. it Las ro ?-: i i itj sister S) itit. V", n r.':-y it l e ur bo? v tids peei.ess Cower, and why Lcnisiaca hi l never borc it on L r ei at of iuiiis wt err i t u loss t court ivo. lii nmi,y p nxianr of the st ite, around Eaton Kougc, sad ia other 1 11;.- localities, it i the most co:.jin-n k rt sit t ot ; ermetiiiies in (Toups, soraetime n isolate 1 jt; ndonr, but slwpjs in uiidehh l pmiiy, t Jit neither collects drst cor stain. Other loies-t trees nre seonied by Fuuitter h-at, aid toi ed and wi:her d I y stiramer durt, but the migncln in its wondxous vitality j-rewt s render an l prttDf r in the hottest neam o ' Cn ught, and its luiLisbed leaves repel froa tlu.r surii're the c inutcst particle of dus-t. Thj tree is supposed to be a non-couluvtoijeil' lightning, ai.d the countrj- j pie think tb us'lvt-s Safe during a thunder inu under ts branches. Atij edes cf ccrst tn.Se is gati t-rei frcui its m t or bark. V'Lr.tcTcr rr .yl e it i virtues, -..e beauty of our muguoii: is ui'on ..uonnbie. It it a dream -i ior. 'jre?. rcr..i i -..a tstut , su li as I iovght t n i" : t to TLil aal: oi C wrc nigce ia L:s onon hii-.nt.d woo'hinds. Si cur Z'$ Cowers i :H-attif.:l u n ediL r- ly. aiid we have no passions e ial xt o muke .c ji-itr, ira.ier cuiuuci; ;i spring j '.i wers ai d tuashiiic. 1 1 I 1. -.m "'i' ui.j(Hi1ui;m Limine i c-io t e aoaiMOEe.;, a; least it r ia - pr.;s-1 Kent, the ii; .":i; nation of the chit f ri wis of I Endic.dh-n! is all the wh.b iacre:v i i -a Thi l: te veto message t; f. 11 and - w rmwood to those who hare I iid fioleat lu.t:dEoc the Ct ustitrtion, tram: nl n fu. l.heiiit s of m:ih us of our pi oph, rvereil th- prinei; le that porerament she Id r--t on tie coiineiit of the governed, and sc.( ouo-tLinl ot the wars from the po'i ic 1 Cnna-nu-Et of the Ci;i1n. Should Jod$.-e L.uit'1 be suiiei-.ct'.y re- .v-tnd to sit on the bench, a se s r -. of t..e I'siud Stat.s Ti-trict Court ill le h -hi on Vend y, mid a formal ."".djounii iei.t ttn Kuu mcr vai.;ie-n tt.kc f la v. Iiat nps wr.u from Esu c ol.. t!:t t wbich deiaincd the Kt I Gauntlet hep, kirs of corts.Ji pa -ts of ti ct.ttoa ty tK-.uij cry who ' rtieu with the t.e and of cbtsinuig ro v life. The were n nrly eor.inU'jcc t n the the Maj. r eitpocted to make a ia slew Uvs. The li'.tT e n- 4 th the fo'.lowiuc parssT-a h. v-hi.-h It uu.h rfto-. by th.3 I-tUjs who . tin riMt : r C.muiniammonisie'-s and im r.mj o -I i'r. ,1 on i oai a our ein t ft..r , W1P j mver at V:..nkee .t:oti," mbicb ton may poii.;v ret n . e a t- V j tr. m bji. reu J (.our.t. La i the r'.caeure cf an it r, !!-;. 1 urdy to Sir. B. F. rtg.-r, Lo so- ee.J Mr it- ha-.Vr aCmrai cvnubeta A ?t1 1 e t outhem Mail Ko-Jte. Mr. Ha; i-u 1 veg mm . pr.rti of the uiui"ii p Mary t cr: t -w ) r OUR WATER SUPPLY. WASTE CREATES WANT. Gen. Eraxton Eragg's Letters. TEE ACT": G STEEET COMISSIQMn EEPLT lelow w i publish correepondence ot general interes: m this community. General Braxton E'tf p i-ontplaiiis of the waste of water by the Street ("criTiistionf r, and con quent needi.s which the Waterworks Company ia ful jected. The actinp Street Commissioner retorts. An explanatory editorial, tthowmg the exact p is'i i n of auaira, will appear in the morning la;. FrprF'TTT' !fv-b UFrrrr.. -. fctcx Works Leprtm n. , . Dj-arrn, .nk. T the S'reir ron-ailEfcioDT. New Or'.eaD: &r Inco sai.t uaipiu.: aro fccins; :s le at ctlu, Ly au!tr.lrs, of a waut of ir from 5 to .1 t. clock a. M. Tins wnn' result from ti e i. rai u-c a;: l waste It s'ret citftner. lire LTdrai.ts ill iarce arc ct eutd w ti een tLi so hours daily, aud silo.rd to run silt sut re.'erci.c to tue o lantity of wet r !ie c ;d, ai.d lcst of what is dis-cLa-(.d tit no pood. I he liv-irarits are tre-ucL:Iy a n rniiiiim; at tl.eir fail nu t; dtir tc Lar I raj us wfci u -he streets are fi.jode j. erv often l b n the wat-r is step 'ed ' be t' of tiie b; dra its are ltlt oieu. tuns cDauiii.g aur one to ilisci arire the water saiii. 'in t.l.viate tl.cte tiill ci;. ats I am iiiftrncitd hv tbe 1'rt-o.-deiit to en: ce ti e u-th scct ca of the act ;. roved j.r.l 1, liiiJ, clameriin this coaipauv, her. in it if .rwt :( I ' that tuc saei l.yjiij'u itiie bjdract'j) shah he under the exclusive cju-trol of ti e C Din.crcial liaak." I am prewired, uu o. 'tit, ta sead aa oTicor of the t ti i) -ally to i.tttlid tbii oneuh.g au 1 eloe.aar i 'LjdiaiiU hi n you re .uirc tueuseof hater for rtct cl sLn.g. A'.id 1 am ins'.ra 'ted to ; 'os cr.'.e a:. pai who may violate tat pro-v.Mca of the . barter. Ian: iti; cic, Eraxton Bp.aot,, tuit-r.uu adtut. CtiJer the tame daie the f.howinR was addressed to !'t yor Heath : rprn'"TL orsT'? Orr. k, j T'cler V. irlr l .-. t nr- Pnli 1 j liib I OLOr .l 6 lVaor of Neu Url.bx.Bs: .r sy a.n ctionof ihe l'res-.drnt of thisC ra-pauv f eLclo-i! yon a copy of a nate tins day aciles. d tt' I J6 ttretf Cratutssioti'T. J ne v at le wivte' hs eo gr-at as to tic; 1 1' r mam uuzens of its use for st-vtra' houn e' ety .la;.. V..t !y Tlf'O snl.scrU.ers, we are n-.w do-livtr.t i 1 ,;a WW Kallous of witer daily. In t uuti .-.t'i l".inl sioscntiers. ' da:lv avers(. t o. iJW.Cuo gallons gives entire- sr. tit-fat tlell. 1 a-:i, sir, lii., TaASTaN Ea.oo, Ku;ermteTident. Iterrly a wt'"; et.htiC ;ne!it, the f.uiowm; was r. tr!-. ed to tbt first lett er giv- n at vc: i-lV.r ;t Ct "t'o-F':'s t):.p-r.Tvr-T i l M.W It.. 7 Ct .- O .r r ' : ew or.tms llt r-xtun BrflJIf. t'j t.. SlpT-Dt"cd?ct W.iter Harks: iV brtsstirt ef other business has preveneal me iror. eaiiu r sekai.ietgtng yours of the li.h K.e-anu ttsi.-t ng ti.e us. of watir ly this tie-part-i.t r.t. ii. s me.ra n I am itiforn e-t fliat vo'i hsee cached t lie i hvi plns to be cl se h and th-cbr ptfccu eft tl e el iploy-s eif this J'"ta;t.aent fro. it ' roper.y in 3 l oronvhly ci'-aain the f etters. e-c.t i.i... tt to arrest any out of tut-in i! tliev oi t-nc-d t ic hie j lut's. 1 t a to say to yon tuat ar-y icterfererce with the toi elite n or a- pu'i.s of this riopartiteit ia tl'e use of w; tei lectssary for washii. or cieans-irg the putters, will sui jeet tat partii's to un-pi.-ai-ai.t eoDi-eioieiices. I mil such thno as I t an ! rsun i tiiat you wilt farnisti such assistance in npeniiiij the water pines. I cave in-utru. tt J my m.u to procec-ei in tae performance of the r dut.ts. It on si.jip ite: that yotir xim'tunv r re to dictate to this tei urtiiK nt. or to us otti -crs in the proper tK-if'Tn an t of their duties. l..jw rmeh water ii:ey t-hul use, I beg t a eiatgest tuat it is a soght n istake. 1 c-inorrow I hope to have t'me to nnwr tliel:i'.i bd y. ard ta touch, ni.jn t ilth other mstt ?rs perta:i:iD t its coi,t uts. bepeci.i'.u.y yoi rs. William El. Fit. Street ( 'of n.issiofer. Ot. the felli 'vi. e dr y the annexe-.) was written: sat li i co4ij.'ss oku p In:1 i . K.k.h, t-o. : . cy I,.,. ' tVt.yi'ninJiiiiM,;, ) Bravt-'C V.i.-a. !:sc Sai-eriaunaeni Wa.-'r v.,rks: Si, 1 sm in rec-t tpt of youis oi the lath, eot-a-pli itULS of tli saste of water by tins denart-uii ut, atad that your sub. cr.bers suffer froni the wut cl water in coaseteiuetc" ; al.yo, lut rm!c n.e that job ar : . avcicd by the I're-ad"iit to ia"-for. e the ?-tb e. tieih of tiie a t attprored April 1st. ls::t, wher. in it is provided " that tte said hytlrr.i,t.- shall lie audi r tie c.uitrol of the C nu-mercial bank" not eiahisi'a , R- y,-u ij'io:e. Ia rtply I wouV s; , I am ha, py to le-a.n that you sie (.oirp to a force tiie'S'ili section. M-l.' lsiroval.d that the corpcritlon of Ne w Oikars sl.s'.l he supi livd with all w iter tit c ssary iorpubl.c )'-tir o-eH. ipulti.bug wetting wash'tig ttie r:. aud g-.turs, and any otL- r pabhc j urpoM s, u:d that it rhail n:rlit-r be tti.i ctity of sa d c.'tiptaiyti spppiv water tor all tLeinrp-sos It ein'ti-ei.t! ... at all tmits ti'irmg t! e coiitti'it ncc ol tics chatter.'' ' :! there is tur c-use of coaip'ai::t, it is avsiurt the tamij any iu hat intr faii-d to eomplr wth ti e teams o: the ir charter. If yoar H i-crii ers flitter it in cot from any waste of tins ! a . rtra-o.t. If hwau-e yi.-ar Vompnr-v has fan. d "to liiii.ah at all tun." "a su'iieieut n.PI ly." t-o far from w-i.ri.fg w?ler many comp!a:n!j 1- '.a btcn niade to this i V, 'e ot th'e ihsniii -iciit snpi !y, u.ore e'-peviaily from tin Hoard of II a h. I say be perni'tri to say that itis not for your ton pai y. a- aoycf iia oiia-eis to sav t.) lire d. print. cut ho muen water is iicesoirv ; cf that tte othcei s nsiag atr uuist oe tht j.:d;.e. In n I. n ncc to ycitr notification that yon are Tistruit.l to ti ! c.ue anv t arties wiio iu.iv violate the t hart 31. " tia'-e tsi'ti to sav that in that case, the i-oti jm nv sh- ul a he the first to be 1 r.w. cntcl. f-.r tn.y have tioiau I that section i . ; in faninr to ) nt tiie uu'uU r of lirephus re-otiiied by w tion IS. aud ;n net faru.nlnnn ' a itrtccm ticanUtj ol clear, pur and h,ko ,nie wster." If you refer to ti e foremen work ::g uud-r this i artment on uici: the Lydia:bi I won. 1 fay tht the chart, r iocs not give the company 'evcro-ive coutx -1," M you qut'te .. hu' "'i-iu-trd,'" w in h you,"for roof of whi-h I reicryou to the ha idiiill p.-ted by your any, itLtl r date of June i. In" u;. are par;ieu-isr y the ietter of too .ayor enc t'htef of i' lota Its time, tow many yars 1 car.ii. t sst. the ' .mnissioiier's d-ptriuithit has 1 r.i e.-c-ss t. the atrr i lags for tu pu.-p c ' ikiifiig nwa wasbais atrc-e.c, natk. ts, pat-i i t. . 1 La salt l ate n en t. o, en the p'.tiirs for the ,r.,n-en is n ot praetieabl ' ; form that case jour ni', have to bo sahjeet to the or:i. rs 1 1 n y tssi.-t: in ,j, puties ai-d ianat'-s. jlew.-ik of ttit cannot bv at.T poss ca.ty tc i reiay lsrforniei if thesiippl'v of w;er is t-. b, ,, I.eJ is trie otataon i.'r jneigmci-t of thos tb are m-t couaet tcl wn U the uepartn.e nt, aud who aie net sat inet to the e nters there, f. In comtu-i. n, I beg to inform vou that we shauci t ni.c tor.s. wster orossaarv I-toe pur; oses i f ttis c-pauiaent, iq a.-i-on-an.-e vith sc-ti iq a of the act uicort-intii:.,- tue Water Com,!, ay ui dr da.e of ArJ 1, Is. i, l.ecttctfaiiy yours axiii b-u eh, Street Commissioner. This cIoms the contspon.ience for the being. An Loui vt c 'iifessiau is said ti le f.-.-wd for tht soul. Ea:IFueIl mast have seva-ed :t ftd! t celts, .noe. attde breakfast gitea recently .n Ltitidon to W.iham IJoyd C;.rriscn, he diw-c v. resl Lis blt.iidej-s n relation to the a.hit..a of slreery m t'tiis it -y, and nalc a a r.n. -served conf-ssiun. Vt'e hope the cohle Ei1 oh-tatr.ed ccrtpletr f t-it -n!es at the han.h of ?!r. barr.soji. ot .nom Le w li ht reafusr take I s.:is "' it, ana man s cit acit. I t sc.;-p'in n et.t. Atklwll!I(Mlt We reprodu.-e with pleasure, from the colnmna of T.l hiicador, the following testimonial to Eataf-r Chalon, the amiable end pious curate of the CathtdrtJ of St. Louis, and to the ' Childrea of Mary,' for their recent religious rites in honor of the unf rtunate Marh.iil an I, of Mexico. It is conveyed in the shape of a le'ter aldresscd by several ofhe. ra of the Mexican governnent, civil and military, now in our city, to the edit.-r of 2." IndicGdcr : Nrw, Wy lf. 1 . To VeTJUr-f El'ur-lr Sir: T::e (th-crit:eTS. chi.-f of the cvl ad.i.inistration and oScers of t:- M.-xican armv, reqn.'st of you t:ei:"eof ti e cohtnirts of your journal, in Ti.t.i.era b H-ir.. jn'ai of their unbonnded grati-tn.fe tofard the virtneus I'r.ther Chaloa, curate of the (fheelra! I L,"ah of St. Tonis. f ir the si 'iei'sn ceremon pb celebrated ba-diy in honor of tf.r beloved sovereia. X.v would fst! in a saertl aad p!eaias; dutv we to we to while record :n our obligations to ti e l.ev. ath r t hal.m, to oic.r iu the name e.f aii rood M.iii ars and in car own. a sinntir t"!. en of our recognition to the lleiigions S.viety f 'be "('liO.lrea of Starr," who rendered s tctd.-r and d.-li-f.te a. tribute to the mean ry of ottr eroi- Morari h. V't reiuain your very obedlcrd servaits. M. Ti'tSFtyrg, ,( s S,l.v.T, .1. jfor.ivi. Tht I.c-nsia.vA Leve-s. The special Washing-, ti d.s; atch to the CiucihUati Eijuir-r, eh -1 the b '.h. tt. yg: ( i. r of EonisiaTia, now hr-, reiesert tha', ty reason i f tiie faJur't to obtaia a r"voi-a-ta n of (..en. tsheridaf s er I.t reiaovirtg Or. AV. he. End by reason of the ennfinnatton of that ord.-r bv act of Cor.giess, they can hare no b. r. f t of the l..ttr mi hoc dollars appropriated by the Iam:a;ia Legislature for lev. -e repairs. lh J sav that cat iuhsis r. f.:e to l.u upon the bi i .is nnic-s t:i y be sign d by the (roT. ntor of the State t-lecti tl ly tue people, nn-1 that itu doubt about the ieai snth .r.tyot b.and"rs to t; n t.'e bonds is resolved acunsr tht sectiri.v. e nse-pii-ntiy the act sc.'t-iritijr the loan is. in tr et, r. n ! red null and void. Thert'orc the crops for this year in tiie overtlo - l dis-tr cts . arinot 1 e n Lseel, and suficrtng aud star-va' n wih rcst-lr. 1 ia se I o.:..- ant it: r hsve been in cortsnlfation whh 1. adins; bepnhlican Coi trressmea with the vnw to have seme leeisntion tor remedv-it it the evil threatened, hat the dd -mn.a soe-ns to Is i ce troni' which Congti ssme-a cann .t-de vise a mcai-s of eg. ape. The Wkatii.::'., and Caos. boiriug a mouth past tie ;i raius aave Visit.te 1 ttt.s n . ti. n. and to., m l.-n ban fahen iu some lottah-t'ts tuat we hear of. Xiie weather eam.ii.a-a c'oucy and ) ot. r--) the crops are their ''hoc lest,' w,th the prasi not far behind. We are bapt y to hear, bo vever. most of the planters i xr i-.-s-ing the thi t they are masters of the sitnaliou. 'iiie cor.i crop is sate to be ahrn.-hnt c.d the cotton pr 'mises e.piat.r as w.-ll. We n itret to icara that iu the mid t of retrmi -g pi. nt v there he sav cause f.r a:) 'a nt . i ti e s-roi.hd of h't'th, but it cannot be cl. i.iesitLat s'okt ess i.s.n. tl.e m.-tvase. Front 1 : st s. li..a ar-d t'c'.aha we h -a" the eril report ol t nil ie ai.'t hihons lever. At ct but few ea.jes hate' td faiaL fi iti .V.-.-sccjer, lk"u Mrs. I. rre. in Lrr book on Naples and Pir-'l t'-l's t! t t ..tinii;;; t Uiitstng storr f the rer bet ot an inspector on a set of Warerly novels; "a; ey acre roiisiEacd to a pentiemaii wh. was an r ot literature, and when the E' f e cf the bo. k and the author were roa 1 out f. r tl.e intormat'on of the it-speetor. who sat at a b g'h di sk, ami did not lock at the volumes hlr.'M If. bo iiant. d:' tely declared that the work prohibited. Tiie cierk. who rea l the name ot Wither ronouue.-d it as any ftahsn wrrt'tl e!o Voitaire cott. ' ILis, sir, is Voltaire Scot.' ' Well, sir, and what tin '! Voltaire's w..ils sre-, and I coii'i see what dif-iei.-n. e the scon makes.' " The v. w y, ,r Trlvr ning P,,t ss's : Since tha s. :-t of (iorernnxat was est ibl.she 1 on the lot. P"tr there haie b. en started and perish ;d in the IhMri.-t of Colnmbis no I - th ,i; one h'.iali.'.l ni w.ip rs. At presm: there are 1 ao. rs th existence there. To-...n.y, v ho was the cub lion in the first Ia-paii. se i!.efn.:ei io that came to the Cuit'-d t-t: t- . is aa l i to he i rtsi- g nif ri in Japan now iaptninr e :i-,i,"ers and governor of a citv. li. o'ects to I tii.g a.hh-cssed as Xom-nv- a vr lorgtr. M a.UHf I tt) : tn li a K ti 17. b Rev. Alt art F. H'.rrr. Jr., Jt'SJ fl I'ARFI.MEK to Mra. M S. 8M1TU. bsth cf Ih's ci:y. A: !o rt t -a-la-lTashe. Parish of PL.Tiemina. La., July ?, Is", ci ;!.e te-id.-fia of th frr.i. a's parents, by tha Rev. tiller ?.arel"ia, HE.NltV SAU HKI-L, of D...r-'kea.t, l'r.larc. tu LI is A la EI !:, MAItliX, of the a Is. va fan? i. 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Palmer. D. I., 1DWKI: I. HVI.L to MAl.e I y R,r'd-4 of the !. W. J. Slif'T, a-; of th. city. Ro oarrtn. t'n the tlttt list., V y the Hon. M. J ( onoor I-'irat Jos tice of tt.e I-eacr. Atr. K. D. SViAI.H to Jaisa A. M. rtiNWl.TL. a tin tht 1 tl it. t.. rt ti e F rat Junie'a Court, by Jude V. O tinEor, Air. F. G. l;lLMNt'i to JUisl MtKV lici t MAN. nuiiat O" rn'. .Terinr. Jn'y II 17, 5 o'r'-.'-k. t Hty Si I. Oi- Vs.. .i.e.- tea. n, yenrs. H li.l.l (M U MI- '. ei Ir .Cm LALLL. awn at V. ItomoraeUs and Lean- t'b.- .: .D. .:'.''? 'r,, ir"-. Of tOEieatiyo f, yr, P. I! K ,.; j,.,r. Si hmi.t.i.S' i-.".y. a Vi S-.-irs.e-. Juiy l, a- S o'-to-k, 1". w.. LOriS. W :.I oi . ttt ywars, a ic -w of Jiswt li Henry Wraile. A I I mm.l !. Ky.. v, .l.iK a. v.; I H.I VI . "l'i'lci Liimi Aaieha il. Kdoioaou auu l J. 1 o. tic. -t. aTt 11. WH.U M .MF-II F.rv- v:.rp,inil . j-d I. m..TP. a ..1.1 daa, ...:ly r ul vt . -irn, act n u rn-i Faniitt. Al.t er. ( t s,.nrrt ev.T,rr. 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S mr A.c i. 1 1 ij itra Alrt.n.T I -o. An: a. on.r t.iar t rr Aniii.lrng K FairsAah-OD Jnuia B P. p-t M rr Tn PifMirr Ps-a J w J.M t- e.fc A I" :. r I it drn M mn T ; t K or ima ' .in.. A F :: rs Fsry ki. r..-ef M m's it . 't run ln.-.T -s t ra.l - Marv ja-. t trr T r.rra F'mirirS .. M'r.r' in m m:s 1 .e1.. A b I"' ir m hl .las 11 n-ra B nnlt t m- s.- an n -a 1. r.1 Am ia t tra A me r" f".t ' r.,TFra r,c F eih .m S M mrs I ... 1- Li. ts J nil. J o r ni H irrm M raisa h'-irs d ia Fr.- . W n ras H- t .r R -lira er.: n T ir o a mix I rown J II n.ias Liuwo M A I iuwu Faur cti. d Liowa i. aim C V"' fi'kTLmu riarktta-nariM '. fins f'!'..n A"'.- cirs r-iini' M u.r J a is . H ()i. .,.:,; nri i ,,.,,.H mra I irj .i.'l M , H P('airr..n W-n a-.ra irww O mn ( .v.hi-;, A nosa C-T.r.Sa!l M A airs" rn M.ry mra t'-s-t W m r-.ra ( n. ao.n M miaa C'iraa K mrs I -t a i iy TLi I M J n:. t'M-rll irv sn I ..'. y I I i. r f . r.ha C mrt v,r.T a K "ir. t . an. r f-rv rci.t'r.. se .. r'no-nE lira ntari. 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