The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on July 21, 1867 · Page 2
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 21, 1867
Page 2
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AM thilia ith recnla adt srtisera eball os rendered .Sbth y. A square is the ipaos - pear ed t-j ten lines solid agats. THE WIEKLY TIMES ! foil li.brd erery f jttir ay nnnint Enb-wription. p r aoDam, is adTne; hall aearl; and quarwrly, aaaie rates ; bincie copi 'k. te t cents. Ratei i f Ai T-ertlsixvi Sguarri. 1 mo - IDC SmM ! G mos 12 mos fin.,.... fanes. nt l!ne! t?'nst (tint Two .. 1 . j .. 32 .VI .. 1 ::r-t li .. 22 . . . i .. 71 .. r ur is .. jj .. :t, .. si; .. ci .. liw i :a . .. .. in .. 1" :i .. so . 7'. .. i:!) .. ?o .. f ftf-n 4-. .. 7S . Mi .. 10 . 2-0 .. U rt, 71- . 141 . Tun .. 4.i .. Our M' ter Supplj-; In SEotbr part o 1 1 ai . paper may be f ura i 8 s nts of 1. -tters w jiib have passed Virtween ct-rtain luuuicirfil c li( ii Is and tbe Snperin-t ndeit of tl: W ier Works in tbis city. Tli ere is no dtrvin: 1li Jf tLe su1'jk-t matter 1L ncf is in a liip i 4 pr e important to tbe Lirff nnmlx r of ou pef pie wto depend np-n tl " Vakr Works Crap .et for their regular Biiprly of that ar ic e of prime neeewi-y, wr.Ur ; nor is it less oeitain tLat the entire con lumiiry is inten tod therein sj r as the T r(fcrr:it:on of the ; nMi ! herdrhis concerned. The corjirorersy is of : nature to demand calm, dispassionate inw stigation, not partisan litttrntss; lo: l y the former only can vrrK be f t ri'ht and justice to all parties l e Pt cured. The Wnter-Woiks . Company has d mhtless peed ennse for comp' jint It is a corporation cf a private charge or, organized and snp-riorttd Vv prirate mpitil, its stockholders . cluim no credit as j aa: ithropists or public lenefcetors, l.ut det re tie Viest possible return from their inrefJ or. cut. To fill the reservoirs of the Wati'r-T'drkf , nhence the supply cf ak r throughout he ity is directly drawn, requin's no Luconsii eialla cash outlay; of course the more r piLd to be pumped from the river to ke th m reservoirs replenished, the greater til's c st to the Company. It is but natural, C weljre, that irhen this frpply is discovered Jo te wasted recklessly aiid unnecessarily, tl;e C ompany should en-depvor to put a st ; tl.ereto. Gen. Bragg cluims to have discoi:Kre'. just such a woste, and took measurr-s tc f top it as in duty bound, the Company having, jiuv ;ed Lis services to protect its interests i ' tail as well as in other respects. It costs r I ul ten cents per one thousand gallons to 'pun p water from the river to the r -.mvuirs ; there are in S.w Orleans ulioit cue thiuml re plups, capa' le cf discharging over 2,5(10,000 gi lom an hour sue bow the interests of t in Company must siCfer vben these pings a t a lowed to discharge Tjnr.fcessarny. Gen. Iiiair charges uiractly that this water is wf le 1 by th 3 employes of the Street Commisf or ei ; th .t they even j-ern it th? Cow to :nti me vhile i; is raining hard and the st etts are floods!; that they leave the tops of Ihe hydrants open, and permit unautho iz?d persons ta Ecrain uselessly discharge :e vatr. The Sireet Conmiis-sioner detes i ot deny the trn'.ii of these accuftitions, bi t pitorts thiit it is not for the Wat r Work?, Co:npany t) say how mueh water is nece; -ary for cleansing the streets ar! gutters. Tie only point o' any conscience made Ijr the Stnet Conim isio lor, is lie unqiali-fd assertion that tl ;.i "hamein this matter rests wiili the Oompa y. ia not furnishirg at all times a sufficient p ily of water, as re-quirt d by its chnrte!-. A few statistics will best elucidate the tni ni or faisity of this f tate-mcnt. There are 7-";.KI private snbscribers drawing watr snpp .es from the Comp ny ; to them and the city j ftmishi d a daily average of 7,5 ".(HK) gall iK The Water Works Conipariy at Cincii:u.ti has 17,0 10 suh-BeriWrs just douhl J Uu tuaibcr an! to them and that city isf J:tu,!ied an average supply of but 5,000,000. : I l.i gene-al estimate in Other cities is that th ii are ten consumers to each sulwcriWr, whic i.o lid here give 7 i,O0D coiisumere. In lith i a country and Ecrnpe tliirty-five gallons pe eia to ach permn is considered large urplr. which woull emount, for Kcw O isai, to 2,303,0X1 : all a waste by suV-scrib rs f twenty per cent, r00,ff0. Here are m!y 3,030,030 of the T.Wr,(i0 gallons w ich are daily purapel from the ri7er scoot it.df r; the remaining 4.303,000 we must tht vl'aeconrlale are used cr wasted by the city It is estimate! that within the district nbr iced by the Company's works, unler ias charter, the entire p-opuhition is less tlia;fl 10 (XX). rutting it at that number the dail rir ply is uqual to fifty gallons tor each and fTir ' persoi, or nrVy one-third above the ; ?,rigeof other cities, counting the entire po; uia: ion as subscribers. The following btatt uen . is ma Je up in o cordaroe with thi basis; it will psrhaps explain more clearfy. IiATI. PI -ICE. EOW aurTUTO. OaLlVTf3. I": f itxmdon, supplied by gravity 19 per head. lk"f- -. .. 37 lef 'IloBion, i. .. '17 lK9r,.br.T, .. .. 63 l-iTNw Vork, .. 51 N.tirli ans.Bupphedbvsteam "0 jM-fI'.,.fakj, .. " .. 17 lk'"f(liicaf.o, .. .. 43 18 .'(tit. Louis, .. .. 40 18 f. risev itv, .. .. 40 iki'adeipiiia.. .. V, Cincinnati, .. " .. , vi-f, .. ". 1ftC(3;lititnorB, .. .. 25 1S6C "A asLiiigton, . . .. li Cf course it is noi; to be expected tkat the lieir Orleans Company can compete with cities where the water is conveyed to the resen lirs and pipes by its own gra"ity ; but it itanis at the head of the list of cities where frteam power has to be applied. After thi sitoning it nppoars to us that the Street CorjEii.'ioner will fin! difficulty in proving tLit 'large of "inadequate supply," or if substantiated, must not the cause for this in-aticqrjvybe fastened upon his own department instead of upon the Company. We hoj?Mayor Heath, as he has in a manner bu n made a party to this correspondence, 'sill order a strict investigation into the chi rg- of w&stage of the Company's property,- i:s water." Our citizens are now very btavily taxed for this indispensable article. This ik vere burden upon subscribers, the Conipniy portly justifies by the assertion that the city wuste-s so enormous a quantity, and the exp'nst of supplying it is so great, that the cbft-g :s are as moderate as the circumstances will p-raiit. We hope to see whatever abuses may exist speedily remedied ; also to tear of a pion t reduction of water rents immediiite-ly aftt r.vards. The Tn iita Comiueuia of Dante. Sir. lonsrfellow has we understand, be-st"-vjd : uuch time and pains on his transl iti m cf the (Teat poe m that has been ma le familiar to the "JIng'ush public through the misterly traniit.iians of the liev. Mr. Cary, and Mr. Wright - f Nottingham. Whetherthe American poet Lis crnveye! mire truly the jhytiimicaJ flow of, 1 talian verse than his prcdae-assore we ha-'-e not yet been able to judge, but we do not f ujf 5se he has surpassed them in powerful und faithful rendering of the colossal iamces f sin, sorrow, an! sufT'ring thvt baucted the mind of the gloomy Fl rentine. Tn.nh.: ocs at l est are unsatisfactory, for in ell Iang.-n ig'S there are untranslatable i liomi, snd a k lirit as impossible 'to catch as the ui-rne truoh'of llichael Angelo ; bat still we enyiy a good copy. 1: .s ct rf tin that tbfj American public will apTrecin e Dante more thoroughly that his gn-nde ir has bee set before them by one of cur rathe poets. For f'tva centuries bis works have furnished all coneiptions of horror an! d?spur, with which ei'her poets or painters have sought to terrify or touch mankind. Alfieri, Metastasio, Cornnille. Lope de Vegi, M'ltan, ailS:hillr are a'! la. gely indebted to him. The " Last Judg-nert" of Michael Angelo is merely a faithful portrayal of Dante's Inferno. It is i opposed the theme of the Divine Comioed: a was furnished to Dnnte by the "is.on of Alberico," written in barbirous Latin prcse in the twelfth century. Albrico, in a trarr e, supposed himself to be conducted by S.-. 1'eter through purgatory an! bell, afterward.-! through the seven heavens, and finally to oaradise, to witness the h'ippiness of the bit ssed. He became a monk, an 1 his confef-siot; was preserved in the monastery of Monte Ccssino. This was doubtless the groundwork "for the wonderful creation that has thrillc 1 mankind by its illimitable horrors, und its brief, tender touches of tm-cqualed jn .thos. . A prcfi und and never-lifted melancholy was the m irked characteristic of the min 1 of Pante. jf u see it in his por'rait, in the deep-set, gloomy eyes, full of lurid light, and the fal, ftern moutn, that seems framing those word -j of an unimaginable woe. CtrVi ti m hanno srwrarii'i di morie. The austerity tithe cloister in that austere thirteenth cei.tury, pervades the while pom. He treati'd wi'h extraordinary treed im in it, the most distinguished personages of his times, ard the most vexed political questions. That of hvlf was sufficient ta secure it notoriety irimediatc-ly, and the profound an! subtle -all i ;ory was but a fnint veil for his ene mies who vera clearly indicated by pec;dUrity of form or f eature, some offi-e they held, or their place cf nativity. The "hateof hate anl scorn of scot-n" revelled in the pits of M ilebolge, snd cm- flesh creeps at the description of its terrors. The writhing sinner plunged into the btdliiig waves while demons watched n iih r.t retched hooks to tear his flh as sorn as lio rose to the surface of the liquid fre. Of course Dnnte gives us the bell of the century in which he lived, an! we sometimes wonder It w people believing in such horrors were tA at least frightened into a greater degree of x irtne than belonged to the Mid lie Ages. Yet, from all we can gather, vice was es mnpt.nt in those centuries of all-belief as in this oi.? of all-doubt. Injustice eertain'y is the gi-o .vth of all time and all people, ard the rl lint of the noble Florentine might suit rppicised humanity even in diys of clean r i igh s and more extensive philanthropy. He Buys -piteously in his exile: ' Wandering ever alm:t every part where this, our lan-g Tuge ext.' ids, I have gone about like a mendicant, brewing against my will the wound with which fortune has smitten rue, and which is i St puted to my ill-deserving, and not to my r?is brtune. I have, alas, been a vessel wiihout si n or steerage." The sto y of Francesea, of Rimini, d mghter of Gr.ido a Tt.lento, has been too frequently r.nd al 'y aaraphrased for us to touch upon it n.cre :h::n by mere allusion. -It is one of I ante's inwt tender and exquisite ton -hes, rud turn: the second circle driven by the storn-y 11 ftfi of htll into a profound sigh of pity. Wt forget Semiramia, Ilelen, Dido an! C leopatra, " Lurried on by their dire doom," for the iwo, whom love, guilty aa ft was, brought t one death and one eternal lamentation. Wt are glad to think that the Dirina Commedii will be more generally read and studied jn this country. It is no book to be lightly taken up, and lightly cast aside. Not thus was it written, and not thus can it understanding be read. IU every word was coined from the mighty grief of the great genius who shows us in it the depths of h:s troubled souL It is a tragedy of suffering, find its glimpses of Pnra lise are mere gleams of light on a stormy background. It would need a soul akin to Dante to give tis a such as it deserves, but wa bail any attempt to do homage to one of the greatest poets the world has ever known. We hope llr. Longfellow will sustain his high reputation in the translation he gives the I ublic. riKOPE IKS MEXICO. It has been remarked that the cable has not 1 em very communicative as to the effect of Maximilian's decih on the other side of the Atlantic. In our opinion, the silence is omi-roca. Kapoleon ordered his court into ricurning; Victoria postponed a review; the Iendon Times gave the illustrious decease! t'ae usual obituary notice, and Francis Joseph cf Austria dispatched Tegethoff with a fleet to demand bis brother's body. From the tone in which the European press commented on the capture of Maximilian, we were led to conclude that a terrible retribution would follow bis execution a grand crusade of extermination, or something of that sort. Tbe only really important item yet received on this head is the dispatch dated London, July 10, which appears in our telegraphic column of this morning. Thnt the British Government should eon-sid. r it advisable to Uke such an es'raordi-nnry step as to request the House of Lords to refrain, for the present, from " any erpression of opinion, by resolution or otherwise, re garding the execution of Maximilian, " ap-pe ars to us pretty conclusive evidence that a "deep scrutiny" is to be ruside iito the af-fc.'T, and that it may give rise to serious complications. - AX AISTKI1S REFORM. Austria has recently taken an important step in the direction of what may bo called Liberalism in Government. Of late, we have noticed earnest and apparently well-supported etTi rts to nuke the Impeirial Ministers of S:ate responsible to the Legislative Assembly. It now appears that this safeguard of the popular liberties has been finally adopted by tbe Chambers. In the future, should the re-ferm be carried out w ith less regard to power than to sue'h. rights as the juster sense of modern polity has adjudged to be sacred, we si all hear no more of those aggressions, within their own limits, for which the Hapsburgs have gained so unenviable a reputation. A Ministry responsible to the representatives of tte people is a Ministry pledged to the inter-e.'ia cf the people. There may be, occasion ally, a pressure upon some popular right ; but the moment that pressure threatens to wraken or divert it, the responsibility of Government mav hereafter be invoke! to annul its aggressions. Austria has darkened many pages of history with the records of her glew my Imperialism. She has drawn many bitter tears from oppressed nationalities, and hi: a blasted the hopes of many struggling piv ples. But if she makes this responsibility of her rulers to the people whom they rule, a c: rtlinal article of her faith ; if she sanctioas, with the Hapsburg seal, no ficts that will not benefit those who are represented in the of her Legislative Chambers, there is a he pe that she may yet stand in the van, as she has heretofore hugred in the rear, of ptpular reform and of wise government Permission from Gen. Sheridan, we understand, was yesterday obtained for the revenue cutter to come up from quarantine to the city, provided she can show a edean bill of health. This very necessary document she is said to have. The Wilderness, in addition to dispatches for the United States, brings from Vera Cruz important state papers for Austria and other i r ign governments. Aff.xcfl to the charter of incorporation of tb: Southern Paving Company, which appears in unother column, we observe the names of many of our most entcrorh ing citizens and merchants, headed by Mr. E. J. Hart, Preside nt, end C. M. McRae Selph, Secretary. The books of subscription are open at the office of the company, No.. 75 Tchoupitoulas sheet. The Levee Converititin, which we have already referred to on several occasions, will me e t at the Mechanics' Institute at noon tomorrow. Several of the delegates have already arrived. lTrs. Ferry, in her bwik on Nanles and Sicflv, rude r Kin? iVn ba, tel'.s tbe following amn-ing -t ry of tl e vt relict e f an iusnector on a set of V Bierley rovcls : ' Th'-y were consigned to a ciTitltman who was an admirer of Lnsilmh liter-atine. and wben the nane of the book and the author were lead out for the informatioa of tlie inspect, r, who sat at a hiph desk, 8ii 1 did not look at the volumes himself, he im-n eeiately dee ared that the work was prohibited. The eleik. who read the nam Walter He-ott, ptononincd it, a any Italian won id do. A olta.r Seeitt. "1 bis. eir, is Vol aire .Sro't.' 'Well, i-ir. rel what ti.en ?' cl a:r- a wrkn are prohibit, d. and I do nut see what d.Jeieuce the freott ruakeg.' The Case or JriT.E I rsTFTD asd if it" Sri i vr CoruT. Tne huoreme Court yest-tt-ielay elecideti the case of E mor. Ktives an 1 5h rrisett vs. 1 usteed, aad Andrews. The eat was carried from the C'ircait Court bv the deieiiddnts, xi on an am reation for a traosfur of the case from the Ktate Co irt to that of the I nited Mates. A majori'y of the Court d icidel aiainct tbe transfe-r, Juntice Birl dseotinr. 1 he cout-re 1 for de fence took an apoeal to. t ia su re me Conrt of the boated bu:es. M),U-oiK(ry Advert j t, Mtk. Ilfimsn IToMirBAs. We learn that Mr. E. E. Ov. rail will shortly deliver a lecture on the ouo-ject of Iiun igra'ioti. Mr. O. has collwted mu h 't i able i-tat (itie-al information dannn b i recent '1 Iwnt.i ns in H Deiaras, wuicn wiii be proat-aLle to many uojU.ring minds. A yonrg man in Itrooklvn, N. T., has cancel li s taiher to be arretted fur refuwn? ti anooor bini in ltUcneha. He ia one of the partv of pro-j.rtB. PTTAMm roa Pat.e. See the advertineTient ffi.nrg the steamer Cndot fur aale at a ereat bargain, it appUed itr before li . to morrow. The Prince of Walea does bet. His father diJ better tx. Tat) evicts Ith's Aaareatle A. Tale of St. Jf etea-skara- ta l?nO. Pt. Pete rbnrr wis in consternition : for the C?sr bad that n.orning degraded bis favor.te 'abmet Minister, and aenteueed h:m to exile in ttie mines of Mbena. Count s had beea the I mreror's most honest alvier : aail, with I in e xoeption of a few persons who J.-ttiste 1 him for bis s-mcenty aid Lis lmpemousni-ss to a brio", was muYersally beloved bvthe people. His fall therefore came on them like a thnnoVrb At ; the more so, as no asieTiible cause for his derala-ti'n could be hazarded. Even tbe Coaat himself was astotn bvl. Ae-cnstonied as he hid been to thewiywird caorice e.f a tlespntic ruler, and knowing thai in the ryes of prteh, even the honestest action may be censtmed into a treasonable desicru, be sti:i 'felt tbe ce.ns ionne8 that he had ever serve! his country faithfully, and to the best of his ability, and therefore felt, that his desra larion wis as I'njnst as his sratenoa was cruel. But it wis not so much for himself that he grieved. H" 1 ad be-fn a widower for manv years, an! of all h e rhildren none were left to hi-n s"e one daughter, Katinka, the fl iwer of his old are. It was tor her that he felt beirt-brokea. She was tbe cause tl at his tears fl iwed t.n down bis furrowed cheeks, and that his silvered head was l owed down to tbe frroun 1. 'If I were tjmte al ine ia the world, id womb n -after httle; there are not so maiv years ia 8 ore for me ; " he muttered to himae'f. 'l'nt, de ar father." said a so't vo!"e ia his ear ; "you are not alone, an 1 will n it be al -u1. See ! thfre is even yet a bright soot am in; the e'ark clones overhead :" and with these words bis deiict-ter placed in his hands a royal mandate which empowered the exile to ta'ce with him Lis (laughter and a servant into banishment. ' My child! what have you done? von sacrifice your young days anions those bleak an! I arren steeps ! No no, it cannot be." but we will draw a veil over the out-pourinsrs of the father's and danehter'a hearts. tu lice it it orly to say. that Katinka ry her tears and en-treat-es at last wrunsr a reluctant consent from her tether that she should accompany him into exile. " Tut vrhom shall we take with us ?" she asked preser tly. in a cheerful an 1 con i 1-ut voice. 'Yen may well ask. whom?" he anwerel sae'lv "yon will not fine one ann-m.' all mv .le-7 errlsnts who wonlil follow in my service. No no." he added, with a tinsre of sarcasm, u they will prefer to onafT th tokav of mvriial s-v-cesseir, to drinking the icy coll water of Jo-nisei." V i:b a confident step Katinka sped awsv on ber errsnd, feeling sure that some one at letst fniot p the nnmerous dependants of tb f im Iv. who owned tnrtnne. fame, and mav be lioe to her father, world now be wiPins to sliow his erati tnde by rwompanving him in his drear? exile. In an htmible cottaceon the nntssirts of th ehy an eM man w as Vne ling before an imi!;e of his pa'ron saint. But his devotions were disturbed by a loud knocking at the door, which he arose from bis bended knees to open. It was his only child his son Fe-lore. " I it then true, mv father that our beloved maste r is ser.te need to banishment : and that he ia to set out to-morrow ?" the young man in-Cjiiired. "Alas! mv son it is too true !" "Ard will tbe citv. the nobilitv, the townspeople, look on in si! nce while the benefactor of their conntrv is shut ont from home and hearth?" inouired the youth impetnous'v. "And what is to become ef bis daup-hter, he resumed, not waiting for anv anwr, " and who is to accompany him into his banishnv nt ?" .Test then tbe door of the co'tase opened, and Fatinka herself stood before them. " Ctood Nicholas 1 " she began, addressing the old rrn, "are none of my father's servants here?" " Nepe, Pol le lady ! " "Ahis! then we are forsaken indoe I ! But to think that not one of those who used to kneel down before him, and call htm their saviour, can lie fi nnd ready and willing to oir him this last service ! " " What ! " interrupted the old man, " do von mesp. noble ladv, to sav, that they could follow hipi but will not?" "Fven po. was tbe sad replv. "Then will I!" and h kne't down before the vonrg girl, ard rrspe tHllv ki-"J her hand. " Then will I, old as I be, with the help of my patron saintKt. Stephen, share evil and pood with bim.. For twenty vears have I lived nrder him in this cottage. Here I married, and bee e I carried out rr.v wife, when struck down by fever. Y es, I will follow him !" "Nav. good friend," replied Katinka, in a tone of p-ratitnde; "you are too infirm to undertake such a toilsome journev. I did not ref r te you. Ko. yonraee and failing strength would prove a burden rather than a cemfort to mv father." "True! ladv. I forget that," interrupted the old man ; " but I will go out myself and apeak with the ungrateful hinds." " It seems derogatory to my father's honor to bsve to ask twice," answered the ladv, iroudlv. "Maybe I yet maybe able to find one snhiently miserable to eosid r it no further addition to bis misery to follow my father, though it be into exi'e." '-Yessurely vou will "find one," now cried Feodore, emerging from the corner of the room where he bad been standing, inperceived by Katinka. "I will go ! you do not remember me, lady, but he." pointing to his father, "will be ray guarantee that I speak trulv from my hart." I ne.t know vein Feodore!" exclaimed Ka-t-nka: '"think yon I can so readily forget him who saved my life from drowning when but a child f And you will acoomnanv us ?" 'Yes, lady, that will he," said Feo lore's father, spwer:ng for him. " He will discharge bis new duties as faithfully a he ha his old ones." " Then may Cod and all his saints bb-Rs you bolh ! " excln imed Kathika, as her tenrs. fell fa-it dotvn ber cheek. A hect-c blnh passed over tbe young man's fep as hp knelt down on one knee and fervently kissed the hem of the la ly s dress. "My son," said the oVl man, when the two were once more alone, "yon have said vou wit", po w-i'h him. and von have said wi ll and noblv. " "With him. father?" inerrunt"d Feodo-e. " Thd s'le not sav 'withns?' Does not she then accomrmny the Count into exile ? " " Yes. truly 1 but it is a great sacrifice von have Tr(ip ; and vet mv loss is ten times greater :" and the ol 1 man wept bitterlv. "Fs! yes, she said 'us'!" continued Feodore, heedless of his father's tears. .Test then a man entered with a reone-st that they should at once repa r to the nalace of the Con-1. a request which th"? obe lintel? obevt 1. "My children " said the font, as tbev entere l tbe apaTtm,nt, "I have sent for vou to learn f r m vonr own lipa wbether it is tme what mv danrbter has nt told me. For no one sholl sacrifice himslt for me ga;nst los own w IU I et me then b"ar, peiod incholss, first frooi yonr bps. whether your sop's determination to accompany me linto exile meets with yonr sanction ?" "Yes, graciors rrater, the lal :s bit dis-rbarrin bis duv : and even thongh none are left tn t' nd my Sving bed, I bleiss him f r it." "And yon, Feodore," resumed the Cottit, t"Ti"f to the yonpg man. "psne, relent we'l. Y on are baine bfe. a rnr1 posifton. weVth, an aed and le'o ed father, f -r a living death, a re'se at'e evihtonee- f t slavi-rv. Better s'ay with him! What, po! Then arceot m? thanks r-? I le.-irg- for yonr noble conduct." See, tnr friends, let ns drink together, ns, thre, a na't-irg eoh'et." and with thee words he filb d a silver besV-er with sparkling wine, and han led i; to Nicholas. " To tbe dne ftilfil'mept nf vonr duties m? se.T.'" dth old man turning towards Feolore, as be dra'Ped the p.ilH to the d"s. A pain tbe Connt fi'led it. and handed it to Feoeiore : who. s nking on his knees and raising tbe rup aloft, said in solemn tones " Id the nartve o tbe Holv Trinity, I swear to be a tme and faithful servant to you and your darrbter." "I ben to-mormw at davbreak I roh von of voir Cearest tr-anre em earth o! 1 fnent," sail tbe Ceui t, mneh mover at the affecting scene. "T-'l then, farew.jl ! I bave mncb to arrang"." V hen father and son hd once more r-tn-med te tbeir bumble w. 1 ng. Fo-1ore.who hal ben wrart in deep thonghf. snd l"nlv ex. laime t " Yen re witness, fa'ber, that I conentd to fe"' w ti em l-ef- re ah sa d ' us " did I not ?" " Port t!es ; bnt wh? thia qist.oo It wss nr the darghter. snreW, ou wotili f'bw?" "F.nonrh, enongh! vou are w tns that I pressed tbe thorn to mv bown bfors I nr-ecived that there was a rose balding on it stem. Alas, ft hr, I love her 1 ' " l'eu dream, F-odore." replied hi fafhe', are ared : "remember, thongo m rtitxria, sh will stiTl b a ronntesM and yon but a roblsmith's si-preniice. Beware, lt ?oo change ber father's bleseins- it-to a curse ; vonrs aha can a?er be " " M'ne! " snswered Feodore, amd; " How can you think I ever presumed so far ? To h?a for her, to die for her, will be my highest happiness." A strange and awful neeurreno took nlaee that niL'ht in St. Betersbarg. Whon the sin arose the next morning, its rays shone on the Ftrperor rani's murdered body. Of course, in the tumult that ensued, but lit'ls hedws given to the f-iltillment or revocation of t oe late tzar's commands. There was a new master to ph ase now; even Count 3 forgot hU own sorrows in the whirl of excitement. That very day he was summoned to anpear at eonrt; he obeyed, and to tis s-irjTise, instead of hndm.; that bis se ntence of banishment was to be car- rhd into eneetj the Emocror ba te hhj d'aw nrtrr, and gracious'y offered his tin! 1 1 Ibe Counts colorless lips trenitnel as trier t. ni heel it, for it seemed just as if a b!uol stain were upon it. "You will remain in my service, Count?" Sfked Alexander, courteonslv. "(iracions sire, I trnst yon wi'l pardon me. Y"esterdav I was an obi man : but the last night tas adde-el many years to mv age. With one foot already in the crave, my only wish is to seek for peace. I would fain, wita your royal permission, retire to my country estate, there to await Use hour which cannot be far distant." " Yonr wish is g-anted. But is there anything else I can do ? Yen have but to ak." "If I n-ipl t verdure to ask a boon," reolied the Count. " I would beg your Majesty to sin--tien tbe union of mv daughter with Feodore Seilkow. the the goldsmith's apprentice." The F.p'i eror raised bis eyes io at m'shment. as be regarded the Count, who stid remain? J kneeling. "A strange request, Connt. B flection the liferent condition of the young penile ! " "Pardon n-.e, pracions sire." interrupted the Count; the-nch of humble origin he is nob'e at heart, and deserves th's, aye, and more than this, from me. W he n all the world turned their backs on me, when the btitterlica of fashion that bad flitted in my saloons, and had professed their willincne as to go throneh fire and water to pain if it were but aa approving word from mv daughter's lips when amongst all my dependants net one was willing to share their master's fate, this youth came forward: he gave up all for me. What I had thonght to see accomplished e n tbe banks of the Jcnisei, I now pray vo ir Maiestymaybe celebrated in thia your royal city." " Be it so !" answered the Emperor, waving his hand. Next da? Katinka and Feodore knele 1 together at the altar of the orthodox Church of l;nss a as man and wife. AMISEME.NTS. fJAHKULLTOV HOT PL WARDEN. GREAT ATTRACTION. Slnnday, Jh1? tl, 167. GriANI) PllOMLXAOE CVN'CEP.T, BY CHAS. JAE.'lf B'S Fall Wllmer I'srsrt llaad. From 2 U)8 o'clai k P. M. Admittatii-s Trs. REFHFSHjtlNTS Ics t'rm. Soda Wit, Fresh Milk, etc., nerved ia the gareeo. Coki and warm meals st sM bonrs at tlis Restmrint ceii.nwte'l with tbe Carrollton Ib-t,l. An p'e aL,'OTT'!rocationfT aw pajsengeri on borvcars erery three minutes from Carrotlton. jyil It A SIT IBE VXFOBTl.XATE. ST. ALOY?IV3 LITKRAR7 ASS03I ATIOX. WILL OIVE A Draaiatle Perforaaaee FOB THI BFSKFTT OF TlIEnot SKOF TH E GOOD SII FPIIEBD, AT IfT. JelSKPH S .NEVf HALL, Corner of Com-non and Derbicny streets, Oa n eds-idsy l.veslsir, Jul? St. 17. Tii-kei9 issued fir Joly the 5ch at the Mstiinal Tueatre are nod for tne above performance. Mns-.c will be fur nished bj the Socistle Glee Club, who hard kintlf volunteered their services. TiCktls e)K DeiLLAR. iy2l3t QL1XFIC TIIEATBE. V. F. PFAMFR Proprietor. E. O. GORDIMi Stngi Manager. pea Ever? taht. COSTTSCfU CHANGE OF PROGRAM MFC I"sw Burleniuea Butlers Sour Ethiopian Jokes and Witticisms. C'aal aasl fleasant. Our Motto, VESI! VIDI! vici: Moarlay, July 83d, MR. BFK WHFKl.tE. THE TALUTED COMfO VO'tALIST, WILL HJSIT1VELY APPEAR Admiueion, SO cents. Boys Gallery, 25 cents. jyls yaltlLTHS THEATKE. a It onsuiess commanicstions, for the re?nlar Fslland Wirter Wesson of 1-7S, should be addressed to ths o: dexiened, care of Waliack's Theatre, New York. mMf W. R. FLOTD. 1 Ml M 1 M . ai rsic tor oncfrte, Pi', Psrad-1, Moirrrt and Pir-. ir, hj th- Ml.VKH tUHhf HAM- of I HAS. JaMiKH, I HAS. J At i.KK Eta just rcf-'TBj from Pan chotc w'tfimn or MiMij. itir Atrinic Hano; io, Uu4ic rti iri eiprfsoj tnr t' Violin. Piaoo and (Jorn-. tnficaju.enu- made t j are id tbe country. null 16 0ns 1 l tftIC.. M ric Ml SIC, By th rfM-riit City Hattd of MR O. MhVKR. from Wickn. Hm reani7.-i a f-ii;riDr Hra and Sf,r nr Bsnd. Or- d-r8 8oiu ied lor rf-tjest-ions, hunera'S, Baiia, V eUding, eic. at r-abouaiile trr n. Or-irrs mnjr t-e 1-ti at tb fofwit Haiiw, IVo. 113 Enyal rfTwt, or Mr. 1 .a bach- s biano st'tre. So. 17 B rn:n dirt-, or at bin rtsdenr?! Soliti-ii t,ret, b- i-n fun AOUinio ana iaieit, i uira iintric-. Iliautii' ul glair. riTEVAT.IFR'H MPK KoH TTTH HAIR pfmiwf riM,r fzra rair t. itonir nai color nn noa'ti'til tn-a-itt-jni( art h'", MirvijkT'h r i irrowrri lo trif w-yat hur t fa limr oir a: on e: ke'- t htt hai !.- ; n ni Dra lfVd a hair dr-inir. S'd ur drrnr t.taj. i:ii.i nfn na'rtire---'rw, and UAaitsrn m ranc tfooa. fciAUAU A- CiiJiVALIllit, M. D., jylO WASafiui New Vork. POL. MO BY TV IUBPEH A BKO THtKS: VaREFHT'iW. Vi . ATirll 1. 1SCT- DFARSTRfi Mahor.lohn St-ott. wfio h d rw-! ae;-' la'twi with m for oni tifn hi-r th cio-to f t i w-.T. vrt p'-"d, wit h my p;r )ft inrj and con nt, wb c; t ri-vrfnl f tcwrm. to wr.t mm noir of atf ro a to I pi.c-J t h id rp l ait oi mj iJip t -nei, oor e :- i 1 n e, at d othi m ' tr f n c n irn4 lirt ajjiir-il in ti M! f w il l: irrtsat Jr.rai and rtiiTif-n to the ta-k. n ivm t ai the tin,- Hub co- jwraU n oi H oJicer- and msu of but ClUUMaaO. AGE3KTS Wimi FOB PAH TISAN LIKE WITH MOSI3Y. BY MAJOR JOHN SCOTT, of i ArQiriFS, ta., latk o. . Vith Porraita of UoL MoaLr. tb Field Ofl-nTi nd Uxptiiini of the Bat ! ion, a M ip of " Moihj'e Coa-Ucewj," and fiamprf tu up nud Illrjjttu-atiou, In one Toiume. trro, cloth, beiefed, fa 50, Trrwrrk baa btl rr-pr-sfj hy th m Mn'tioa of ( f(i. i iii . arti hi ,Qe isi ronir Ami ;o- i :sr cf tn-iarttKKB chif rii.-s oi-t a tl m-n. Itaf'ri-a cr-w p ' t tn-try n t r ffii-w'nnr oi . m ii oi hti r fi. wiisttinf m a rr-prf in I piritd tTl t.i di r mi'i b fn i itm iwie a- I'stiAiori, ti!iiurc-i ti ant r'ttrnira m'riirtu tnr ni im pi:, w i nir ni' -. ra iu; ttui. unrai9 iiiuwii ana betJt.f tQ volaaiu. fcCLD ONLY BT RUiWtCRlFnOH. AgfTitf wtiit! ia ail pata nf the ooQriiry to can-.. for tli a work. Literal arraiir m-nt, made aod eiclaT territory al oltd. Ad'lrw-aa jyi:tltW HAkPKR A BROTHKTIS. H--w Tort ME Jk R RUW Tl. A0 PAINTED IOW B A D3, For aale at the low at laricea. bf H. T. l-ARTLCTT A R W. R1TIE, Central ajrot. 5a 43 Carood'let atraM. 7 he aiov (otrmar faotDma m to- b-t bow ia aw tm iui ifiun. IL ar aopi-wssl by mm iotiraaoe i (.ii an -a oi thi r it nd r- ind at ih C-itt q Kr-t-asa ia w O? Van. a4tftr.ti -a, Mut.i ). ,.fvm, Tfintfa. ard ty riawii-r erywLre wnii Maocaaa Mi a&prooa- liejn. . B,-rAaid ARROW Tl KS am n avl- h riAi-n te hrw t 'M-ifi., ai.d ri-rv-w ihroaclMat all th toa '' a rm iowa pinca wi It" .... 1 KOI TI U Afc.fciIt ALL THE BEST BRANDS, Fof eale bf IfoOABT A OO., 34 l Uchr atraei. j aiHiraa Caavp and jtacaaiaa treetav yAlLETS SELP-PA -IESiI0 WKOU UIIT-I RO N BUCKLE TIE. FOlf COTTON BALES, ETO. sManafacrored and for aale by C. W, WAILET A CO., t Taltea Street. 3few OHrai Patented in United States, 9th October. 158; in United Sutas, October. 14 Fatented in UniWd Kingdom of Great Britaia, 3d Oo to ber, f . First Prf aiium and Diploma awarded at First Loaiaiaaa State Fmr, held in New "wiae November, tfl6, a"0 - ALL COMP hi I liuN. thia IIK combines ail tha reciuiaites far a PERFECT Tib, to-w.t: 1-4. It ci.rp the entire (rencth n? the hp iron: the), - ti tH . not l ii a cut or perTuratwl. and tue fa(etiiug tM- ir k a HrtTi: a arj ai i oi i tin nKp- ;i. ttw lihi TMiii :y oi ittjit4T.i!ta ii on ine nate, inre, - finii i.,o b-i.l f the htui iron ly t tit h Jitd Qactt- rj af , a- n mrn-r Tft, and i emi( m-iatrnitiir. .vi. it roio itif bai m uie ait it o) iipr.!s,i, mum I eiift'iliiHa tf pmnts-r To !r(' more c-hhq a mi fit titxie r coTt( n so?'i, t nan ti(d 'iti r'P tr oi h-r r it 4th. 1 hf facmiy ith wfiii il tt can b u-f 1 at 'he ta a pr-. m ron pres-nnir t'tf pi.inljtHon!s ly utjrs Uriiwi irg i he mf la Tid of tf.o hi-ip t hrounu toe ''t. &m. r ' octal is ritjioe or w rtinui iron, ana uierw te tio p-s-Jibii t. t it"- l raknitr t"h. In tomuion ith oih-r fron Ti1. it red urea tha ri?-k fn'tn t re, ateaiaK' and waaie, and boldd lu bala ta (in. ii.e noop iron in nun i ie n wnifM tnivouarnty Willi resarrt -o its hirnt:Th. and ia (ftiararitJ,d to o o th' lei inft'itv i ) 'acttat Irt.n. Hh. the ti hole id i v.ttt?! ir h 1-iciiuer. which rend art) tbem in prviou-j to Vater or Kost. Thia TIE has been thnronjrhly tttcl by p-antfra and tbe "t4am i,resiea of this city, and ha giren entire S4t- bfact.on f have information from New Yorlt tht tt m preferredl ) to other Ties b ship manten, bcaite it d jea not be 1 ct me nnfatrHl when -icrw'Wed into the huld of ve!-ela. Ordfra may ba filled direct1? at our offce, N l Foi- tt n etreet, or through dealers in UaKinjc, Rop an 1 tee, in this city. ma)4?m rVo. 91 hn-ton street, H O. MPUKTAAT IVIPUK rAST Ti 3JUYEHS OK IRON TIES. N rw Ort.F.ans. Mat If. 13T. J 'ITS' T. Bt-tleb, Fa.: Sir Irt , the onderBi(en-d, hTinn boen enaafed for nun Kerof in the butine-a of t (m!rm4iiit Cut to cott'ing to thia market, cheerfully tame tttm opp.rt tnit of trtatirie, forth beofhtof the Merchsnii-i, PUnter. andi the ahlic iu Vw-neriil, that ii(aur opinion the BU rLfe ft I l( KLF COT! UN TI K aliould nav preference o-rwr all other Buckle Ties, as being: tha Strong. Stmp'eaA and Fasieet of jpi!uation, and tnow that w can oota f rena a baa ol otton put op with thia Tie wi;ti mraj funlity and expedition than with anv orVr fie now in nmm. I he buckles which are attached to other Tie ire weak tn their construction an J very ncuru, an 1 we have ieea c n teiltxd. m mnf mtancea, and, at oar own expnaa. to use the Butler Puck ea. with which to re o lace tn- Others. bA ML BOVO A t'O., phippera' and Union fVvton Preeww and Independent Yard. THOS. M. SIMMONS A i t)., A'ahams and (recenit City Preeaa, ISA AO RANDOLPH, Pw ictn Preaa. STANLEY A CO., Commercial Pre sav Tirgmia Preaa. C. IL ( UASE, C N. PASTEUR, Proprietor Coopar'a Preaa. IRVINE, KOfMAX A CO., Mir-hanta' Piaaa. CAD FIER, ALL.VIN A CO., Penn'a Presav R. M. PASi hUR, ' fireproof Cotton Preaa. Pa-ina; aeenred tha Ajt-incy fcr tha above eeiebrited COi TOK TIE, we are now prrrej to till or 1hp fnv Merchants, Planters and Country Otsalera, at the lowwstl pneea. WM. A. ItffH. A CO., IVa'ers in Haairmif, Ripe ami Tiaa. ma if ra No. 41 Natchez str-tnt, ew Orleaaa, IMPORTANT TO FACTOB1, 20.000 Bandies of the ARROW TIE and IRON BANDS, On hand and to arrive. For sale at the loatwt prices, by H. T. BARTLETT A R, W. RAYNE, Cen-'ral Aifenta, n.alf. 41 Caron lvlet ateet. aTTIO FHV TATIO KBT IdMiraco call fcna attention ot my friends and smaav aantila pnbric to my eitensve a-neorttnsat of H T A T I 4j pi KR1, Oomprtsin avert artte'e eece-jaary for isaua Bankaaaki Ooantin iiojes, aictj I wnt d of m tua Vera Uwrat Harart at w tea, ily tacihr, H ."HIM IK AND bl 1)1 ( dn-j aaaer my oiT.e'ltat iupervi oo are oca a enaMa ma to guarantee perfect aati at action. .1. MtOOI- l, MeroanttU HtaAioner. Printer, Rater and Hinder, rs t;amp tree. lyTO 'rrSly VO MltKF. DIM THFII')H FPI.O!Ot. i tatcnt i -in n iiornincr r iiiid. I ry it on :, an 1 vou wnl ui no ijtio-r. I Jie i riif'"t. and t U ijit tith'. knrn. It wi'A not. tttpio le ndr nf cif irn-t" n ert. Lno-dby a I p wnere it fiatt-'i d'lf d. o-:i.oke "r fir io rU'snifit ciii-nneva, L in in) Uri p with lr y Pateiit ' irn--r. r ri.J t' jrtH-er- rn i d H n-i-.r. S h r k A R-rin n. 7fi and k .rvi r tn e' ; f b .mH ' W tt r iraa Ftret.Pi-w Or i fans. For a-, a at rt. oy grower ewy-wh-re. jy IT Irm k-Kkll.L IUTTUH XI tt. Tbe beet ever used, ss full erperien, hss well prossr . 3fi,CU' for sate, parked in tmxes snj read f.w iliipfnest at a moment's noticthey ars fitly mrnnteed ia erery renreet, by f.a.O. S. MA.NOEVILLK. l2 3m ltv trH. D. HtklAIIRII k, It'll t; ANU biilP lLl.MIIR. GAH II ffEK, ETC. 5o. 4f4 Mafftzine street. Dear Race street, J. O., In port er ind IH-aWir in st d.-ri;.ions of Fes'ih. Ftiki.m snd Ani.-riiisn Fiumbiiia. sua Gss r ititnf Msta- riii F ut i.hi, ir'l' rs llt nt K-.T "4o. V-han's' KitiSnTe. m at I'omi tt'. s Lock liox liji, wit reueive nrouit att wouoa. j-7 ,1m JJ tMITTAstl TO (JKEAT BKITAI1 A.XOIHElAKD-MfiHT RAFTi tc any immnU paial le m any part of the I nosed Kincdom Aim, ;ER-Tl FIOaTES OF t ASH AG K from LOHX?DKRKT M NEWfjRLlA.NS-Fiirsals by UEN RY KSOX CO., J2 2m t2 lsnlnion seres. JyOTIlETO BIILIIFKI. MARtrOI-A. DlleiR. BA.SII. FfLfVn ani MOL'LO-IV, FA" TllHY, 67 ST. JOSFI-Il STREET, betweea Tchonpitoalss snd Sew street., hss reopned. saw is now lamiLS ont work at I Wa.xl Y FEit CKO r. lasa tLas tiis eid price h.t. Je'.3 In. f:fTIFIFR, II K4 I,-I-'IH S t,v a r. n-'st t ili p 1 ul Irvli burei-d M'f JKHI f llAHlOAL, k on 1, It '- I 1.1!)' I iltirf -BKAI, msd en.-ie y from WIl.M.W W) )l, w n .. -I. u, ssrnt..-l to iwt ionsf-r S"d pro1oi-e e prr s-" wtrj'i ot N.-otisi M- tn.n anv oeo-r LrfJ in ,ur . . , ' lor ssie, in .tore oi to sxros, t v WM F wt' .'ie. eorti-fr'l r , h ;-ri tt rpiir o. nt:K a.'A8KiLLE ' lWi!i'"?'""': 1 GHLF Afi-ia Lbartres stree-, i. hlr'1'-7 ,Ur" French snd "ngiwo, snd is th. ol -est new,'? T'j""' boattisest. lis.iasr eery wills eircnistioa in ti. (J,'(,rt"' pert of New Orless. sod in uisl reoie psnehesof Z sos, where French is ;.s dominant isnyairs. it is a o.1'1 e.lirjn for Al saaTisisri im t, ISJ If. HI FOUMHtlT a r w . , -o .. Ws u no bi. n ( i is ImhI. t'ist he 1 nar1 rr..o..m' n' a- e-- ,,n w.t'l l'i oi i a'i i e."il. .i ! iKi.i-e Jt,i M. l.nLl.u. a ,H i' I'-es er. No. i. ili!i.i tr.!, a d w ,r, he . . u it, a r ii'imai) I h. kind p.n..nsire tust , e it ,nsi-l.d tow.rds hm in . l.te,..,y sent. All or.iers inunmed u my car. al rMte iay penra is m-Uf"t",B ji lia rttrrm a ri.nm. ral --TAri? Ar;"Mr .1 Uo. re, si !-.- I' K'lI'lKK Wlr ,i hss. .mi,,ons a,Tt'rsi;t. tn n-,n-h.M t ..i in. stims srd TO:rti. i-mTt ns.m pe-ip -rt fjc ss e or lea ars 11.. w u, fsmmd n. wif s l-vi-.p' -m chsrgs Butii tL. proper r i d - e irf I -a G 'arrin.r, t.. BiAVaR ai inn snm,ng,litt, .(.A i F '

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