The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 4, 1950
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VOL. XLVI—NO. 10 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - . . :.:". • . .......... , . TOt DOMINANT NEW8PAPBI Of IKJIHnAVT ''''' " ' '• •'''" ' __ ' «^^rf T ¥ . W^ Blytberill* Dall? New BlyUwrllJ. Benld ~ ~ "*"""*•* AB.gtH««a xNP •OQTKgABT MM8OCTU J|ayer Gets Two Life Sentences .Killer of Portagevilla Woman Also Pleads Guilty fo Robbery CABUTHERSVILLE. Mo., April 4. —Orval Underwood, aged 21, of Indianapolis, Ind.,'was sentenced to two life terms In the Missouri penitentiary In Circuit Court today after he had admitted a charge of first degree murder and a charge of armed robbery with a deadly weapon. Underwood was arrested Aug 1 neveral hours after the slaying of Mrs. J. W. Hendrix. 70-year-old widow and an anut of Underwood. The murder victim's body was Cottonseed Support Plan Is Announced , ... _ ' " " "' -•••••— — -"56, i-icaiuL-ai, of the Commodlt -d,t Corporation, announced yesterday a six-polnl cottonseed suppor program for the 1950 crop. + Trigg, administrator of the production and marketing division U.S Department of Agriculture, "gave , gave this six basic provisions of the 1950 program at a news conference' here' 1. Parrii storage loans will be available in all areafL 2. Loans' will be made on warehouse-stored cottonseed covered'by warehouse receipts, with the warehousemen guaranteeing delivery of the grade and quantity shown in the receipts. Purchase Agreement Available 3 Purchase agreements will be ulable in all cotton producing The murder victim's body was "" "table in all cotton producing \found in her Portageville home by area<; Settlement for Lottonseed de• fte jitrriy if WCott COUnty with murder" - ,«,>. v The case, for which selection of «r> jury started Thiirsdaj, began only today due to difficulty In obtaining jurors , .After Underwood Centered the *u'lty plea to thej murder charge. Prosecuting Attorney Elmer Peal Immediately filed tfie.robbery chart*. No pie* had been entered be- Jore .today. ";' .Officers said Underwood look n- bont »2.50 from the Henrtrix home •t th« time of the murder Prosecuting,. Attorney Peal and Special I'.o tuurf George K Beeves represented the state, while H; C. Hawkins and FrM L.. Henley were attorneys for the defense- County Central Committee To Meet The Mississippi County Democratic Central Committee will meet at lo a.m. Friday In the Circuit Courtroom at thc Court House in Blytheville, It was announced late yesterday by Jcssce •Baylor, chairman. "The County Central Committee will fix fntng fees for county candidates, fill vacancies on lhe .committee and dcsignnte polling pieces. Judges and clerks for thc Democratic primaries this summer will .not be named until the committee's next meeting, which will be held prior to the preferential primary July 25. Mr. Taylor said that If thc Circuit Courtroom is in use Friday, another meeting place will be dcs- Ignaletl in the Court House. Friday isltltm of structure rorltoSp or cottonseed on the farm will be able to get special sloroge facility loans ini-i will be an extension of the program no» in effect rnt Const . ructilm of irWUlonal commercial cottonseed storage fa ciiiu.s will be encouraged through CCC --guarantees that ^wry-constructed facilities Mil be occupied up to a certain per cent; of the noT C " p:lcilv ' for « specified •"ailnble only in areas where cottonseed can be safely stored CCC to Buy Cottonseed J. Under the purchase and toll- isning program, CCC will buy e " '«« market price of cotton,-a to farmers falls below the support level, it will be available ^n-,, ar ,? as nceded - Ginners will i oftcrcd an opportunity to cn- lerhito agreements will/the CCC rrn l^f ed . for the "^ount . , ^^c. the gmner being paid dllnl '° nr /> lrchilSins ' 5lorin « han - <»ing and forwarding the seed to the oil mill for processing for Hi account of the CCC. Oil millers wi be offered agreements with the CO to provide for R toll-crushing fc on the cottonseed which is deliv ered to the mill by gihncrs. Th miller will issue weight certificate covering all sect! received from gin ners for the account of the CCC Relax, Flying Saucers Are Qld Story April 4 (&, s i ren <• -^™- Romans and Caesir Frank G Tappin nrofcssor at electrical engineering at the University of Oklahoma, claims Cae- Weather Arkansas fnrconst: Cloudy this afternoon nnd clearing and colder tonight. Lowest temperatures 2834 In northwest and extreme north portion tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy and con- r^rcd cold. Mi.vsotri forecast: Clearing and colder with diminishing winds Cold and hard freeze lonight; Wednesday sunny and warmer; low lo- night 20-25; high Wednesday 40 norlheast to 55 southwest. Minimum this morning_45. Maximum yesterday—75. Sunset today—6:24. Sunrise tomorrow—ft:42. Precipitation 24 hours (o 7 a m today—.20. ' ' Total since Jan. 1—23.M. Mean temperature (midway between high and low)-60. Normal mean for April—61. This Date Last Year Minimum this morning—4i. " Maximum yesterday—S6 Jan. 1 to this dale Paint Store Plans Formal Opening Here Thursday i °;,J; (F "- S ' ) AusUn and Marvin >->• Wicker today announced plans for opening a paint store, lo be known as "Austin and Wicker," ,t 112 South First Street. The formal opening will be Thursday, but Mr. Austin said today thai the store would be open for business tomorrow. The paint store, which will cam- EI5 »?'!?"«' ™« «i«». «"£• sar's people even had n name for them— nmscae volnnantcs or flv- mg flies Tappan will bet a new toga this theory will explain 09 per cent of today's mystery discs: "Due to Impurities In llie vitreous humor of the cyehall or to scars on its surface, you can see t m "j SM ' s " u «rs, cylinders. beads or strings of beads. ''They are particularly noticeable when seen against the background of a clear sky. They may drift, about in the eye. They are seldom in the center of vision and the eye turns automatically to bring them Into the center. "Naturally, they move still farther ahead and the eye follows you Imagine you are seeking u are seekin something external to the eye anrt '»r out In space, you decide they en|nr,,? ay ^I' 1 "!'" M per ent of the discs, and the other HnrT 1 " CCn , 1 may be ba »»"'" lanes O r meteors. Tappan said nr Vr? sccinB " yin K saucers or 50 years." he added. Triburcl/f firms Mo user's Term The building has been remodeled oe for several years. For the past year Mr. Austin Has been'' wlB, Montgomery Ward. Mr. Wicker has been d° C G a r th "" **«"«"l?5S years Com P™y 'or about nine nir 3 n??.n 0 i! lr V 0r Ule ncw <*t*bllsh- mcnt will be 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. and store C °"° WnCTS Wl " IniinaBe erday uph c | d „ three-year pLl tenliary • sentence given Home •Mouser of Cape Glrardeau Mo during the fall term of MIssKsinr Covnty Circuit Court here last'ycai -•* -'"^«ii. wMMit ncre last yc . ^fouser was sentenced on a charge 0 tem r f, ary - " 6 Wns RrrCS "-' i «"'«< Sm^ P ^' g to ClUcr lllc Builrtcn llrcct y l>a " y °" S 01 ' 1 " Dlvisior r™? ( ''^ apl>c;l1 lo tlle Supreme ^otirt. Mooser said the lower courl numrJ'V t ' mlUin * ln "idcnce a purported confession. Crippled Since Birth, Girl Enters Hospital With High Hopes of Cure Bobbie Annette Williams daugh- r nf , Mr ',,? ntt Mrs - ^ Wlli'ms Blytheville, Route Three, who has been crippled since birth, left hi I* , f ° r St ' Lo " ls wilh hcr hopes high hat within a few months ih . ,1 ab1c lo a ° tne tnl »l!5 that other children do • rr?n°n£!? %.,% enlC1 " the Snrlne ' s Crippled Children's HasplUil «l St. Loui si « St. Louis for treatment, she was sent ' lhe Crl !«l Children's wa ifi£ ccompanll!<l rather. „ New York Stocks '•'" -- Quotations: '.30 p.m. AT&T Amer Tobacco . Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola . ;."" Gen Electric ..." Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N V Central Tnt Harvester National Distillers Republic steel Radio . '" Socony Vacuum ".'. Studebnkcr . 70 5-8 28 3-4 34 €5 3-4 156 46 19 1-4 55 3-4 14 3-4 3-4 Standard of N j' Texas Corp .... O Penney S Steel Louis Sears • Soulhern 26 23 1-4 26 3-4 18 1-2 16 7-8 30 1-2 69 1-4 64 1-8 69 1-4 31 7-8 44 5-8 M t-l Cotton Week Drive Planned for Missco Approximately 30 business men and farmer,, representing CIV CommimUir 1,1 »»!—i__i_i . . • • r •«••*««• FOURTEEN PAGES H ,, r ! le . Ilrst such Project, eve.' con-* ducted on a county level, lhe cam- naifii u'liini.. !„ i_ . _ . _ *••*"* ation of Nation., .. ..u.ll.vj IKtUl, LiJB which is to begin May 1 Is der the sponsorship of the Na- S a ' . C ° tU "' Collncil »'«! the Mis- sippi County Farm Bureau C °""V, Parm Bureau, president Ohlendorf presented plans for ------- — "•» ft tot 1 1 win limns ior campaign to the gathering and that Mississippi County chosen by the National Cot- Council as a starting point for project which is designed to .„ . w>1 ffl uc.iry iicu m ediicate |«ople lo the utility of lhe >tton. The N.C.C., Mr. Ohlendorf Billed, will provide technical aid will have n representative In ex- county for a week. Films, telling or cotton's many >cs, will be shown in civic clubs id schools during the week. Charles Moore, who represented the ,Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce at the meeting, assured the group of jaycee support He said he will present plans w> the Jaycees for staging a style show vith a Maid of Cotton wardrobe. B. G. West, Blytheville cotton man and a voting delegate to the National cotton Council, said the council will prpvide the wardrobe Mr West also said there is a possibility of haying Maid of Cotton Miss Elizabeth McGee of Spartanburg, N. C.. on hand for one 'dav of the cotton week. Mr. Ohlendorf said lhat com- numly chairmen will be appointed ihortly to head the campaign. Tourist Courtesy Talks Under Way Friendliness, Scenic Attractions Top Lures For Vacationists Second sessions in the Tourist Courtesy course being conducted here by the Slate Department of Educition and the Merchints Division of the Blslheville Chamber or Commerce were lo be conducted todaj r The uutinl classes were held at 30 and 7 pm yesterday but the time for the e\ening class was crnnged lo 7 30 for the remainder of the course Following [he meeting tonight the Merchants' Division is scheduled to conduct a meeting to mme commitlcemen for thc following yean Miss Jean Green representing the education department, is conducting the classes Aim at Aieragr Traveler In the discussion yesterday conducted in the Municipal Courtroom at City Hall, Miss Green pointed out that Blytheville tourist iromotfon must be aimed at "Mr and Mrs. Average Traveler," rather lhan the popular conception of vacationists. Miss Green pointed out lhat he tourist were looking first for riendliness, scenic attractions and he oddities of this particular area She explained that what Is commonplace to the natives of a sec- ion would-be of great interest to raveicrs from different sections. During the discussions, It was iroiignt out that In order to hold he tourist for even one extra day hose giving Information must he lire that the information is »c- uratc. and must not assume an ilutucle of Indifference toward ourisl requests if he Is to sell the •isitor on a second day or a re- urn Irip lo Brythnville. Dollar Changes Hands Miss Green also explained that he opinion that only the hotel managers, filling st\tion owners nd rcstauranleurs profited from he tourist dollar was erroneous Ince thc dollar has changed hands scfore 24 hours are over, thus olng to the retail merchant, cntcr- ainmcnt establishments, or pro- esslonal men of the city She staled that the tour- si spent M a cTay. and that Bly- hcville as a port of entry and exit ° and Irom Arkansas had a bet- cr chance of capitalizing on the ourlsl traffic than other towns. Todays sessions were to be con- crncd with the local Information nat those inicrcsled In developing tourist trade shoul.' have. GOP Aims Attack At U.S. Payroll New Drive Seeks To Reduce Budget By Cutting Employes William F. Arbbjasl WASHINGTON, April 4. WITH e government payroll, carrying an estimated 2,000,000 names, shaped up today as the main target of a Republican budget-cutting drive in the House. Approximately j7.000.000.000 In an omnibus $29.045.030,164 appropriation bill now before the House represents payroll costs, according to Republicans. They say It can be cut about »1.000.000,000. Rep. Taber of New York, leader of the House Republican "economy Woe, disclosed! the GOP goal yesterday as the House opened debate on the big bill financing more lhan 40 federal agencies for lhe fiscal year insi, which begins July 1 Reduction In Personnel Reductions in personnel are only one of his objectives, Taber said for he argued the bill is "loo liberal" and can sland cuts throughout Republicans applauded as Chairman Cannon (D-Mo) of the appropriations committee offered to go along on any reductions "where it can be consistently shown that It can be cut." "hHnH £ a "[ 10 ." hcld Ollt ^ainst blind blanket", cuts and said Congress would abnicale Its reaponsi it"*." ? 'A f °" owcd suggestions that t direct the. President to withhold vide" cent or the funds finally pro- Solvency Is Defense He uraed Republicans and Democrats alike to /close rank- and oppose any Increases In any items any- where'in this bill"- rf.K?"^'" g *" a mounting national debt Cannon said the best defense agnnst war Is sohency His plea for a united front npntml mcreisei was obviously directed at "irT ,D "* dr ' VC by cha '," nan Vl "- corrfnitlce < lor - approprla'tiiig^'rnora than the imn 127 3OO the bill pro- "<tes for the Defense Department The anproprlations committee tm lecomtnendcd a 1203 332 700 rcduc °^V£'" nd ; r '? u " tcri * N. O. Cotton lay Open High Low 1:30 • •....3200 3220 3200 3220 3202 3224 3202 Officers Still Hunting Negro In Ax-Murder Search for Eligha Gordon, 17 wan r tr°j , Bljlthevllle ^8™ who Is wanted In connection with the ax- rfaylng of hi.s wife, Maddie Willis Oordon, Sunday night, entered Its s cond day today. Sheriff William Berrvmaii. who Is directing the search, said this ^irn""? that ° rflcers hi " 1 made iltle headway" in tracking down the Negro who has not toon reported seen since a short, time before the murder. I Tlle J^ tlj ' ° f hls wife wa * fo" 1 "! X" ^ i, ' he Gordon ho me on Clear Lake Road yesterday morning by a neighbor. She had three deep gashes In the jight side of her head. A blood-stained, single- bitted ax was found in a cluvcrt near the Negro's home. Sheriff Berryman staled that Cordon was last seen by his son at the Negroes' home a few minutes before he retired Sunday night Oordon was described ns being six feet m height ant' veiling between 175 and 185 pounds. He Ls be eved to be wearing a brown suit and brown hat. U.S. Orders Study. Of Air Force funds Check Sought On Arms Budget I.ATriMORE TALKS AFTER KtTURN-Owcn J. Lattimore named by Senator Joseph McCarthy m-w.s, as top communist agent In Am£ held , H'I r RrC '" * C " eerfl " m ° 0d dUrl "S **>* conference TCa thv ?° re M N6W Y ° rk ' a "" arr ' Val from L011C|0 »- H.'«tenlM McCarthys allegation, saying; "no one likes to be splattered with mud, » in „% r,";" I " U ""° re Mld McCarll ^' s -Cations were hampering u. s. officials abroad. CAP Wirephoto). •*• • '.• •• '. • • « . Communist Hunt Seen Heading for Stalemate By Jack Kelt WASHINGTON, April .«. (^_ T he Senate Communist Investigate leaded or a possible stalemate today. Senator Connally ''(D-Tex, pre -tau -" ror ° ffici - New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Mar. Open . 3228 • 3232 • 3067 . 3050 . 3050 A Senate 'foreign relations subcommittee llncstlgating charges by Senator McCarthy (K w , 5) )hat the bHle Dcp-irtmeiil is harboring Communists and Is being Influenced by soviet spies, seemed balked at e\ery turn H faced lhe necessity of obtain Ing a contempt citation _ which Connally told reporters It siands Ultle chince of gotting-to reverse Pre ulcnt Truman 5 decision against opening the confidential files. Without much'hope-of success 11 souphl means of forcing McCarthy o make ivallible six docununts he turned over to thc FBI In connection wilh his charges thai:. Owen Lattmore, writer on Far-Eastern »">'«. Is a Soviet agent in the state Department. : Latllmore to Talk The subcommittee, will give Lat- timarc. Who already has called McCarthys charges an "unmitigated He a chance lo answer them formally In a hearing Thursday. Connnlly said he doesn't believe he subcommittee ,the full commil- lc, which he heads, or lhe senate will vote to cite for contempt Sec- relary of state Achcson, Attorney General McGrnlh or Harry Mlt- Eion eadOMhCC1ViIScrVlccCunI - Thc three officials were instructed by President Truman not to let the subcommittee, headed by Senator Tyuings (D-Md), look at secret loyalty records. Senator : Brcwster (R- M c) said inai if no contempt proceedings are ordered, the Senate will be in the position of "backing down" ot, •,i Z '° clothc thc committee with snbpena powers to get the flics lydmgs called the subcommittee together lo con.slder not only that High Low 1:30 3251 3228 3250 , 3254 3232 3252 1 3075 .3067 3074 ' 3055 3050 3055 1 3057 3050 3065 . g— ™ ™ Soybeans Open High Low «« ^ "o v Mixed Reception For Gas Tax Vote KANSAS CITY, April 4. (,r,-A four cent gasoline (nx got a mixed reception at the polls in the early voting in Missouri's spclcal referendum election today. Voting was heavy In some places where city elections helped pump up interest but light in others. Kansas city's early voting was light. But election workers were out early in the north side areas dominated by Charles Blnagglo and Henry McKlsslck. There were signs the balloting would pick up there later In the day. problem but McCarthy's refusal t(j make his Baltimore case documents available. Chancei Became Slim , .Tidings conceded to reporter that the prospects of Obtaining an evidence from either sourc- now ap See COMMUNIST on Pa,e U Murder Trial Is Begun in Circuit Court Trial of Wheeler Ray Cnrson o BIytlicvllle for the slaying of dies tcr Jones, also of Blytheville began today In the Chlckasawha Distric of Mississippi County Circuit Court Carson Is charged with fatally stabbing Jones In an argument Dec 12, 1949. t n his arraignment yesterday, Carson entered a plea of not guilty to a..charge of first degree murder. In action yesterday. 1! defendant were arraigned and six of them entered plens of guilty. Charges Kiinst seven others were 'dismissed The following cases were dismissed: George W. Woltcns, arson- June Oa Hnynes, assault, with Intent to kill; Lawrence Mauley, grand larceny; Hay wood Mi.xon, nssaulb with intent to rob; I. D. Colbert, grant larceny; Jack Wells, grand Inrccny Kent Rice, robbery and grand larceny. ,. p ' ea = °' BUHly were entered by the following: Basil L. Burns, charged with grand larceny; Floyd Olll- son, grand larceny; Calvin Woolridge, forgery and uttering: Vcrnon Lynn, larceny; Eugene William* larceny; Bobby FIceman. larceny Pleading Innocent were J L, Matthews, charged wilh grand lar ccny; Charles w. Ratllff, grand arceny; Shelby Grlcce. Involun t*ry manslaughter; James Hen drlcks. Involuntary manslaughter; Jack Wells, accessory before Ih lacl of grand larceny. A 410 fine assessed Gene Burnclt was suspended In acllon on his an- pca from a Municipal Court conviction of disturbing the peace The lower court conviction of johnny McBride on a charge of driving under the Influence of lin- „'". V * fflrmctl °" th <= defcnd- ^ i ^ tlrc '° a PP ear In courl. rial for James Gee. on a charge jrand larceny, was continued yesterday tmlll later fn the term. SAN FANCISCO, April 4. WV-The n.vy says foreign submarines "very probably" have been operating oft the California coast. A four-day search by surface and air craft produced only -inconclusive" results. But there wasn't much that could have been done about It since the strange submarines were In International waters Capl. J. A. Holbrook, commander of the destroyer Colahan re- urned yesterday from the search and reported having made contact "•'« through radar and sonar with objects he believed were submarines. Captain Holbroolc Is a former submarine officer, wlstle vie ' Valll * ting ' he ca P u1n '« "Port, Rear Admiral R. I. Ent- larr^' mV j E commander °' lh « Western Se* Frontier, said the con- acs made 'very Probably were one, or nWe foreign submarines on routine peacetime patrols." ', by s,^r^° ""?, dUrIng the M!lrCh T " »"' »ubmirine sighted, either oy surface craft or from the air. Although lnvesti«»tion ot »erw*J nporu of kubmuicM n*vin« Rtine Patrols, Navy Says o* 0 " sihte i Is continuing, the WSP ! further developments." —warships as we ritorial waters. mcrcllantmcn - m ^ was being suspended s.ghted beyond tor- Still .th another eubmarlne seen off SanU Cstilina identified by the navy „ the u. S. S c Johnson Asks Chiefs of Staff To Examine Question WASHINGTON, April 4.— (AP)_ The Defense Department today ordered new studies of its $13,911,127,000 budget to determine whether more money should be asked for air force and naval planes. Secretary Johnson said he lias asked the joint chiefs of staff to reexamine the question. He told a news conference he behoves all of the military torccs and equipment recommended by Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower can be obtained within the present budget. But Johnson said that If the Joint chiefs recommend more money for modernized aircraft he will ask President Tru--™ and the budget bureau for the funds. ' Elsenhower Sees Weaknew ; Eisenhower, former army chief of staff and now president of Columbia ^ University, 5a(d , ast vgc]f flon £??£' "". lncrense of S ?°° Ma < e ,° e" ShollM "V l.f , M ' dcllt ' s <lc " msl: . Testifying before a Senate an : proprlatlonj subcommittee Elsenl nower recommended particularly the. strengthening of Alaska's defenses and. more modern planes tor the air force and the navy. bJrlrt-u"?" 11 "" h " d ca " 6d »"•" Si.» t t ecause he had sM 'n » Erne ?n T" 11 thRt he fcared de - n'Tviijr B was bclnB cut ^ Since Eisenhower save his view, there 1m been a strong movement .rm^vice, 1 m ° r6 tm&S <" ^ (J^w Vlnson (D-Oa) chairman o£ tne House Armed Services Commlt- " ° for ^ help threat °' meet an more "v,lll that lne «<""'n!str»- ,127 000 military pro- wither American nl r po*er on the vine" Rep Vlnson (D Oa) charged Instead that air strenglh.lxs boosted promptly. Vlnson said In a speech prepared for House . delivery that the Presidents budget for the fiscal year be- nn I "'"« '" J "'y docs, not assure ad- atom Mff" 50 ,". 1 a tlnie whe " "'»« / atomic blitz of tomorrow Is a real ' & genuine possibility." He added: ' • Russian -Pearl Harbor' ': ..""J 5 universally known today that Russia Is building the largest f " r " In thc »'orld. What are ,f b 'i" d!ng ft for? Tl « ; y "re ball" It for use whenever their care- around.^ PCSrl Harb ° r day com " Previously vinson has said he ex^ i . sponsor several amcnd- rv ,n rt '° "J" a "* hOTi2i "S military spending for the year br-pin- nin next July 1. m his spelch * , i « fnr Increasing air power. a }" B b " dect nllots *>... tor air force procurement and SG50.000.000 for new planes for the navy and rmrlncs nnVi " so " «° ul 'l Rive the air force "J 1 ad .'' l . tI . onal '«M.OOO.OOO or a tola] of 51^50.000.000 for new planes, and the navy nn increase of S383.280.211 pose >289 ' 2H '° r the samc P" r ' TIGHT SQUEEZE _ Deputy Sheriff Edward w. Thomas peers through an 18-Inch hole in the wall of Nfacbmb County jail at Mt. Clemens, Mich., through which four prisoners escaped nt night. The prisoners fashioned the hole and let themselves down 23 feet to the ground on a rope of' torn blankets. A fifth prisoner got stucV, otherwise all 10 vnmates ot the section would h«v« escaped. > Wirephoto).

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