The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1967 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1967
Page 3
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(Ark.) Geuri«r News — Tuesday, November 28, 106T- Page Thres by Abigail Van Boren—«— This Teacher Has Much to Learn . DEAR ABBY: At the end of the school year, a teacher in our school retired. Another teacher and I collected 515 from each member of the faculty to give the retiring teacher a farewell dinner at an expensive restaurant. We also presented "her with a set of matched luggage, and a generous check for the trip we understood she was to take. At the beginning of the new school year, this "retired" teacher returned, explaining that she had decided not to retire after all. This puts me in a very awkward position. Shouldn't the teacher return the money and luggage so I can refund it to the contributors? Any suggestions? FEELS AWKWARD DEAR FEELS: If anyone is in an "awkward" position, it's the teacher, not you. Of course she should return the luggage and the money (or throw a party for all of you). But unless she volunteers to do so, you are out of luck. Since sh e was sufficiently brazen to return to her job and keep the "retirement" gifts, I doubt if even an outright suggestion from the group would jolt her. DEAR ABBY: In reply to "SUNK," who told her husband that after 18 years of marriage, his lovemaking did nothing for her, and she'd been putting on. an act all along. Then she wrote, "It wasn't exactly the truth. I only said it to hurt him." I am willing to bet it WAS the truth. Or very close to it. The husband's reaction was typical. Instead of being genuinely sorry to learn that hjs wife had been getting no sexual satisfaction from their marriage, and seeking ways to correct it, what did he do? He punished her by being cool, distant, and silent. Why can't a man realize that this is a legitimate complaint — cry of a faithful wife who wants her marriage to last? Frigidity is the result of the Victorian era, when no "decent" woman was supposed to enjoy sex. Only men were allowed to have sexual appetites, and women were around for the purpose of satisfying them. Now we know that the physical needs of women are the same as men, and they are equally entitled to fulfillment. A husband who really loves his wife wil move heaven and earth to find out why his lovemaking does nothing for her. There are doctors to consult and books to read to correct the problem. Married couples who keep such secrets from each other grow apart and be come strangers. Can you guess, Dear Abby, how many women are in the same boat with "SUNK" but go in silence, "pretending" because they hesitate to rock the boat of security! MARRIED AND SATISFIED DEAR MARRIED: I have yet to see statistics that I would accept, knowing that people are more apt to lie about their personal sex lives than tell the truth. Bat judging from my mail, I would say there are more women in "SUNK'S" boat than in yours. DEAR ABBY: The 1 e 11 e r signed "FLOWER LOVER" compels me to express my own feelings about flowers at funerals. True, flowers may not help the deceased, but I think they give much comfort to those remaining. I can imagine nothing more depressing than the sight of a bare coffin wherein rests the remains of a loved one. Somehow the presence of flowers at,a funeral softens the whole effect and makes it easier to bear. And of course the number of floral pieces is an indication of the number of friends who wished to pay their final respects. Personally, I am very much opposed to the family asking that contributions be sent to such and such a charity in lieu of flowers. Let them give to their charities, and I will give to mine. CONFIDENTIAL TO "WORKING GIRL": If yon are one of the "working girls" Heaven is supposed To df terrains jour forecast, noU paragraph opposite dates whicb includt your birth date. WEDNESDAY GENERAL TEDNENCIES: You have a strong urge and desire to produce results. You can put into motion a plan that is appealing and that you want to be in effect for a consider- ble period of time to come. This is in effect from early morning through the day and night and also tomorrow so lose not a moment but get going. Action is the key word. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) logical Astro * Forecast By CARROLL RJGHTER- DREIF.US JEWELERS Presents Elegant Sterling Silver And Hand Blown, Cut Crystal BUD VASE yS J Specially Prised The Perfect Gift! Open An Account with Dreifus in Blytheville DREIFU — "(Jeuwfaft V.'fA* WAMONDS . EXCITING DIAMOND and PEARL PENDANTS THERE'S A PAYMENT PLAN FOR YOU! ~ f- , ltuf«d p»«rll And bnlli»n( diamonds Ml : n M Kt. <rMl 14 Kt. ««M «l«il» DREIFU \JtmtOM to protect, Heaven help the poor fellow for whom you are working. LEO (J u 1 y 22 lo A u g. 21) I pay those social obligations you I Keep rooted to fundamental affairs now and do whatever will truly please kin at this time. Start an uptrend utilizing your finest talents. 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