The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1951
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER W, nn Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUTOURWAY By J. R. Williams PAGE THIRTEEN AR£ ysu Reet-tfJG |M ANY &£??% fMi w THAT AKiT^, AWCKgRa. W(TH *5U«: BATH^ fATeR^ SEA* OT -THAT MAKES THS ATOM.H TVllSSS ^p •~,,, 0 AS HARMLESS AS THe Jr WANT A ' POP Of A TO* RALLOONi ?—, <%i .~- MV 6Y3OM- RA.TM [<; OR V*tL_«i>.RBrUR» TO Jf> ATTRACT SMART MC,M = T —• r>^ ' MO^S1H WE'LL SO IMTO PeRDOCT- OH, SO ft IS A eATE FLEW AROUWP ANC7 pzof ESSIOJ OP , COUPLK ' MlLLIOKi THE 'BEAM* POLES Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6. 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGETT For a jaded* in the spring. Meyer's Bread Is Just the thing, Oven-Iresh, tender, light. Good at morning, noon and nlghtl HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? SKT* yon know? Mayb* your edometer !• wronp—and that ia cost you » ticket; We *i»« one-day repair •errico. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjskr-Plymouth Dealer 111 E. Mala \ Phons 212Z Just What Th« Doctor Ordered I After you i«e the doo- bring your prescription to B». W« will flll It exactly (he way h* would want it. ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 123 We.t Ash REPAIR SERVICE AM appliances: refrigerators, freeiers. ranKe.i, and washers. Radiot and small appliance!. All ')«r work la guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. Real Service Whaievcr liinil ot car you drive, voirre Invited to brlnj It to ns '•ir •••pert, dollar-saving service. T. I. SEAY OTOR CO. < iir.slrr-riymniilh Dealer 'I K. .Main I'hore 2UZ THE UTORYt I.t.ratar Ik.i k,T mjilorcr, the «*Utrr Sieve Traery. . . wom»B-kl>l»r. Hall, Duo. I.. of wnrmtJh mnkta Holly drrld^ i* Ka home OH thp next bout, ttrnn- vrhlle. Iker >l>lt tk< Heraindo II! r rHEY went cut over the hacienda, and Senor Hernandez showed them the coflee business from the moment the tiny plants grew from seeds, to the day when the beans were packed in burlap bags and shipped down to the dock at Las Palnias. Holly Dunston took notes but his rapid-fire comments sometimes forced her swift short-hand. Steve Tracey never even noticed that Holly was with them! Back at the house Senor Hernandez served them some o.t the native coffee, black and in little cupi. Holly found it bitter, but at the same time palatable. "This coffee is used for blending in the States," be explained. "Bui taken without blending as we do here, the taste grows on you. The kind they serve in the States doesn't taste like coffee to me[" Carmelita dressed lor dinner in a dark red gown that made her hair look blue. Then she touched up her eyes with eye-shadow so that they looked even bigger and more luminous. She painted her full mouth until it looked like a luscious, scarlet hibiscus flower. Holly had »o be content with th« clothes she wore—a white sharkskin suit no longer fresh after the long ride and the personally conducted tour through the coffee bushes, and with only the contents ot her compact to repair the ravages of sun and heat on her complexion. To be sure. Carmelita generously offered her own makeup articles, and Holly had «o refuse for brunette makeup on I Holly's red-headed fairness would' b» worse than none at all. J««VK». me. "That man Tracey," began Carmelita. "He is engaged to you— no?" "Steve?" Holly laughed. "He's a woman-hater, Carmelita. He can't even see a girl!" "No?" Carmelita laughed, scornfully. "What kind of a man is that? All men see girls! If they da not —we make them!" She could certainly do it, Holly thought, and was surprised that the thought at Steve falling for Carmelita hurt. She' had thought the romantic dreams of/ herself and Steve had ben chucked overboard, but it seemed they hadn't. "There is no man," Carmelita wa« saying, "who can't be got. The harder to get the more fun! You girls in the States—you don't know how to go after a mnn. You are the Porter's friend, yes?" "I'm Steve's secretary," said Holly. "What a pity! It makes a difference when you have to .work for your living. Naturally you can't show your employer that he is the only one for you, and you and he might have much fun together. But with me now—just watch! This Steve who cannot see 3 girl! He will see me!" Yes, Holly thought, with a painful twist of Ihe heart, she was afraid he would. She couldn't see any man holding out against the seductive lure of Carmelita when she went into action! • • • gLSA »nd Ray noticed tt at dinner and exchanged amused glances. To Senor Hernandez-it was merely the natural reaction of a beautiful young girl to a handsome, unattached man. "You're wonderful!" Carmelita's eyes told him every time she looked at him from under her long, curled, mascaraed lashes. "Just you and I alone in all the world, 1 ' her shoulder told him, as it pressed hk at th« table. And when she spoke, it was to all of them, but she looked at him. After dinner she slipped her nrm through his. "Come," she said, and her voice was Tow and huskv, "let us go out on the terrace. The valley is heavenly in the moonlight" "Sorry," sold Steve, disengaging his arm. "But your father promised to show me his collection of Inca relics," She pouted, and her hibiscus mouth became a petulant flower bud. "You would rather see those old things than come out — into the moonlight — with me, Steve?" He shrugged. "I've never seen Inca relics " he said, "but I've seen the moon many times." went into the rootr. where Senor Hernandez kept his relics, and went about from case to case. Carmelita acted bored, perhaps because she had heard the stories before. Holly brought out her notebook and pencil again, taking down his remarks, and making rapid impressionistic sketches of some of the more interesting exhibits. They were fully half way through the display when Steve turned to her as if he had suddenly thought of something. Then he saw her notebook and poised pencil and smiled approvingly. 'Good," he said. "I was just going to suggest — " Her heart gave a joyful little skip. It was the first time he had given her any sign of appreciation. ployer's wishes. It was late when they finally said they had to leave. Hav and Elsa went out first, followed by Hernandez and Holly. • They reached (he car and waited. At last Carmelita had Steve alone and was detaining him. "Oh, my compact!" cried flo!ly, slapping her suit pocket where she could plainly feel the edges of it. "Don't come oack. with me, Senor. 1 know exactly where I left it!" It took a moment or two to locate them. They were in the library, and Carmelita was standing very close to him, her face upturned invitingly to his. <To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete nlyerta, tt tmeh t* M inch, plain or retntorccd. Aim Concrete Hnildlng Blacks cheaper than iBmber for bam*, chicken Konset, pump honsn tenant house*, tool shedi. Wa delirer. Call u for fro erUoMte, OSCEOLA TILE fc CULVERT CO. n»n* «M RENT A CAMERA Movie Cameras Flash Cami Box Camer, .eras The Inexpensive Way lo Preserve Important Occasions BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 ^ Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culrerts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. tl Htwa; g*. BlylheTllle HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M q I N S T. Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mile* Extra Power Get The Best . Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. HmBTM4 * Aih rh.n I«mr rrlcnilT Stldebuker Doler In Better Used Cars & Trucks "Prices Are Born Here— And Raised Elsewhere" • 1950 Studeboker Here's a ptrfect IH-Ton' Track wilh stake bed. .l • 1951 Studebaker H4-Ton Cab & Chassis Track— very low mi • 1942 FORD V-K IW-Ton Truck nilh nnw 'Wl motor. 8i5\20 tf-^ftr Hres . . , bargain ^J7J • 1949 FORD '.^-Ton Pickup . . hrre'i • perfect truck (or you • 1949 Srudebnker Ton'll »rree this i.i-Ton Pickup l« jnst Ukt new • 1949 Studebaker Here's a heavier, V,-Ton fn nr PIckap that's barraln- iW;) priced! T Most of these trucks are equipped with a radio nnd heaterl STUDEBAKER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Apjielite'a Up, Too! Yop/ AMOTHBR TlMe-our/ MEAN AU. THIS CHdw r 15 CfZVIN& FOR ATTEMTiOM AW 1 CAM ONLY GIVE IT I-IVE MINUTES Of- U*t TIME/ Your father got ahead because he did his homework- now you do yours! Besides, he wants those comics!" PRISCII.I.A'S POI Pressing Problems BY AL VERMEER OO WU EVER WISH you I-^D STAVED •SINGLE, DEAR I THINK ANV GUY WHO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT 15 FOR A MAN TO IRON A SHIRT: DOESN'T GET MA.RRIED , v CHUMP) .V I SHOULD SAY NOT) Subject to ChniiL'e BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY ami RALPH LANS LUG^V A\v AB1UTV TO THE PEAVAL66 HA6MT WORN TWllM. ^ONORIA BE - THANK HEAVEN 1 KEEP MV JEWELS HANDY/ SHAKESPEARE AND I HAVE MEED OP TW6W SJOW' CAPTAIN RASY BY [,RSLIE TURNER I RS5EMT5 WOT YEK. HIMTIN; WE DOW'T HKFTERX HW1A..PERHO.PS WOUK'. WE'U UK& WID \r SPOKE & BIT . OF U& SLMIIWL UMCLE LUKE IS 1 NOW COIOUEL OteWODER. \HASTILV! KINDA PJJW/ AW ME HEAir KMLIKAK, OFF-kl OUR I WE Chij-EE- TOO, GOODl ttfcYBE WE CMJ Glf /ME ONE OR , 6Y ON DA EWINIM'5 OF *. FE BTJGS BUNNT\ Look! Elmer Can Think, Too! ELWER REAU--y 8UEr+S WHEN I WHANG TH' PAPER AG* HIS POOR.., TH(* I* A NICE FAT ONE .' It's the General BY V. T. HAJILIN ISAlD.'COME .'MLONG."'UP ON YOUR FEET, NOW. C'MC» BY EDGAR MARTIN

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