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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 26, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XUV—NO. 54 BlyltievlUe Dallj New* Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mls6lBsljH>l Valley THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTKKA BT ARKAN8AB AND BOUTHEA8T MISSOURI KI.YTJIKVIM.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY £<i, 19-17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Auto Accidents <Jake Heavy Toll; Officer is Victim Luxora Farmer Hurt Near Osceola; Sheriff Killed in Missouri A LAixora farmer, Mervhi \Vdls, 4G, was in a lilylhcvlHc hospital today suffering from injuries received Saturday night ill .111 nulo- mobllc accident npar uiul five persons were dead as n result of oilier tragedies ov :r the wi'ek- end in Arkansas and Southeastern Missouri. Mr. Wells' condition war, said to bo fair lodny. No details of the nc- cideut wore available a.i U\e l-uv enforcement ofllecr in Houlh Mississippi County who investigated the wreek conltl not be located. A hospital offteial .said Mr. Welts was suffering from a fractured right shoulder blade, three or four broken ribs, multiple laceration; of the head and scalp and multiple bruise* rinct abrasions on the shoulders and chest. Herman K. Sewing, 52 Cape Gir- nrdeau, Mo., who was sheriff of Jackson County, and .John Scinplc, Jr., also of Cape Oh .vr-.leau, were fatally injured on Highway 61 in crlatcd accidents in which four oth- * er persons were injured. The sheriff nnd ino'.licv officer, ^Deputy Sheriff Robert snmlovoss. 2G. ^Kad been called to investigate an accident In which four persons were injured at the junction of Hiqluvays 25 and 01. .Second Officer Injured The two officers were hit by n truck and the driver Llobcrt Crawford, 24 who was en route from Memphis to St. Louis, was aiTcr-led. the driver said ho failed to see the officer who wercinvesthjp.ting an an earlier accident, in time to avoid hitting them. The sheriff and his deputy were standing in the highway an overturned car which hail pinned Its four occupants. Samlvos*' injuries apparently arc njt serious. Scmple was dead when the officers released him from under his car. With him and injured were: his wife, Mrs. Louise Seinple; Dave Tlllman and hfs wife, Mildred, all of Cape Girardeau. Three Killed in Arkansas At least three persons arc deac and 16 others injured as the result of a series of accidents in Arkansas over- the week-end. "Two young men died in automobile crashes. Lloyd Matthews. 20-year-old Hot Saint's youth, died yesterday (rom iiclured skull suffered in an ear- Destruction Of Potatoes Irks Gathings I Destruction of 50 tons of Irish [>o(atoes in rsalduln County, Alabama, recently drew Jicry words from Hep. E C. Galhliifs of Wes'. Memphis, representing Arkansas' First Congressional District on the floor of the House last week. Mr. Gathlngs told the House. "These tiolnlocs can very easily b'. ¥ dehydrated and shipped to lairjpe where the starving peoples of many nations would make good use )f them. There are many In our own Initd who would enjoy the opporlu- nlty of eating some ol these 'Surplus potatoes." He went on to point .*>. ll'ju if the Department or Agrlcultur: would put forth sufficient effort, they could find a solution to till* problem. Pictures In the ncwsjia- IJcrs have shown the potatoes pi! 1 . 1 :! high In fields with Kerosene poured over them to assure that no one would be able tp use them. "I am asking chairman Anderson of the Agriculture I-'oOrl Conunit'.ce of the House to ;;o to the bottom of this matter and ut an end (o this disgrace. This committee should also find out whether the Department ol Agriculture has plans lor the destruction ol other commodities. Action Is needed, to stop this outlandish waste." Galhlngs s ^l0$e Vote Looms Ful bright Teams With Lodge A u i r\ i In W ea for European Unity )n Move to Delay Y )ebateonTaxBill Arkansan Loses IncomeTaxRulina Profits from Texas Stores, Owned by Man In Texarkana, Taxabft LITTLE ROCK. Ark., May" 20 (UP) — The State of Arkansas ha lull authority to collect incom taxes on the entire income ol Arkansas resident, regardless whether it was earned in Arkan sas or not, the Arkansas Suprem Court rulc<i today. The high court's decision earn in the case of Harmon Morgan <: Miller County and was upholdin the Miller county Chancery C>nr The opinion written' by A' sociate Jus'ice Mirioi \v. Miliwei Morgan, a rcsVtoni of Tcxar ! 5cana, Ark., had refused to pa income tax on sonic. $l2,'i37'cnrnc by his clothing' stnir in Tci:v kana/ Tex., during iQ43. The I; amounted to $370. Tile lower con' whicli was upiinld i.ot'ay by the Supreme Court, ordered Morgan TO Republicans Expect To Block Democrats By Narrow Margin WASHINGTON. May 20. (UP) — 'lie Scnals lined up for own vote on income l,\\ reduction )dny with Republicans c.'.'iifldeni of cfcating a Democratic move to clay action on the pending lax ul bill. The crucial lest was set for 4 pm. n a motion to postpone until June 0 further consideration o! llic He- nbllciin-sponsorod hill to reduce tn- nnw. levies by from lo.ft lo 30 per out. slarlme, July 1. Even Sen. Walter V. Gcorm', 1). a., sponsor ot thc delay motion oncedcd it probably wouM be re- ccted. Republicans figures thej , r oiild ha\ r c at least a two-vote mar- in of victory. Senate passage ot llin reduction till itself was expected lute thl 1 vcck or next week, (t would uxpaycrs an estimated $'1,000.000.- DGt) a year. Republicans, hoped lo have the bl! i President Trumim'.i desk br.fort June 15. This would permit employers lo apply Ihe lower with loldini; tux rates to first |iay chocks July—provided lhc li'll survives possible Presidential vet a. fn the fight over Gcorr;e's motion Democrats contended tiiiit any ta> cut should bo deferred untli il \v« certain thai thc fiscal IBIi) budge nirplus would nlso be Luge ctiougl to make a substantial payment 01 the public debt. Republicans answered that H al ready was evident tha'.. bath dcl> reduction and a tax cut were blc. Chairman Eugene D. Millikin o the Senate Finance Committee sub milled figures showing n surphi of $5,300,000,000 remai-.iUv; for del retirement and contingencies, nftc thc lax cut. Sen. Robert A. Taif of Ohii Chairman of the Senate Rrpublira Policy Committee, urged detent c the delaying motion in ^ ruriio itcl dress ICBS) last night, saying "the re is no danger whatever of nol ba ancing tho budget" in the new (is tail year with immediate tax cuts. Futhcrmorc, he said, "there is cv cry reason to'expect Ihat we. ca make another, tax reduction WASHINGTON, May 28. (U.l'.> A Southern Democrat and a Now "inland Republican were on record in the Kenate today with demands Hit the U. H. push for an economic union of Hinopeun counlrles be- DIC pouring mil billions In reconstruction aid. Sens. J. William Fulbilght, D.. Ark. and Henry Cabol I.odid.'. Jr.. :., Mass., arc'iihiKKhiK for a trade federation of Kuropean countries i connection with administration plans for a reconstruction program :iat may cost $l. r ).01J,000,(;00 over a three year period. Senate Democratic leaders, mean-* • ~ bile, quietly canvassed posslbllllies or ress 'Inn 3tnta cc. special Kail session of Conto puss on the long-rancc now under preparation by 1 Department Policy Coinmlt- riepublicans wore silent on the oysibllity or reconvening Congress fler its scheduled July 31 adjourn- tienl. Senate President Arthur II nndrnlvrf!, 11.. Mich., said he had jcc-n consulted on the new program. Knlbright. hcrelorore a staunch backer or U. S. aid ror Europe, told reporter he may lie unwilling to Bo along with the new nniltl-bll- llini, dillar aid proposal unless pos- lllvo slops were taken lo put Europe on Us feel economically llmiiigli a federal union. "Without such a development we are placed In Die position <>r ponr- liU; money down » rat liole on a charily basis." he said. Lodge, a member or the Semite l'"orel|;n Relations Committee, -said American assistance should be ex- I'hiniBcd (or a voluntary fc<lerallou or Wi'slcrn European stales. He suld Unit to put Europe on Its Iret with U. S. capita! would l>c worthwhile only if Hie "sickening process of leconstruethig the old loiiropcan era/.y-qullt" was ended. hemispheric Pacts Proposed President Renews Pica in Message Members of Congress WASllIIs'GTON, May 26. ' (UP) — President Truman today renewed his rciiuesl to Congress for Icglsla-' tion to authorize a program of military collaboration" with the other nations of the Western Hcm- sphcre. ' .' •Mr. Truman sent a draft of proposed legislation to Congress, along with his request lor n program under which this country would copcrate with .Canada and the' W American republics in the training, organization and equipping of all their armed forces. Thc President made a similar're- quest to Congress lust year. A bill wa s approved by the House Foreign Affairs Committee but wiis not passed by cither Home. Thc President said foday lint world developments In tile pnst months "give' still greater Itnpo ance U) tills legislation. 11 : -.; *9ir%£nNA*.'tt:MPMM .^M-MII^ Prosecutor Grills Ex-Congressman May Denies Efforts to Hide His Connection With Garsson Company BHSSaiioB Told Fj na | Ac|j on Week . • «• •*••• Appropriations Bill Baccalaureate Sermon Delivered In School Stadium licr automobile accident. He was i pay the tax un'ler riding with F. P. George, Hot Springs • or a 192D law cafe owner, who apparently lost control ol the car im<\ struck a parking meter in downtown Hot Springs. Prosecuting A'tnrney Sidney S. McMath said charges of manslaughter will be filed against George. . At Joncsboro, Edwar:i S. Henry, | 28-year-old Black Oak rnan, died yesterday after being struck by a car driven by Billy Climco also of Black Oak. Henry ,vas preparing to get into Ms cav when he was knocked down by the ot'.vjr vehicle. At Newport, the body of Clinrles James Anderson, 22-year-old Neftro, was found in a pond at noon Saturday. Coroner Ottlc Dillinger returned a verdict of death by drowning. the proi'i.vons "While the statute does not fpr- cificaily assert that the foreign income of an incii' - resident is subject to the tax." :he opinion said, "there is no ex':oi;ui:in '.vhv-h may be construe') a-; exempt mi; income erned ouUide the sla'-iV And. continued Millv/ce, "Hit- act Coroner's Jury Investigates f Farmer's Death Funeral services for j. N. B'tkor, G7, farmer of near Osceoln. wnr> died at his home early yesterday "' r "riL L ' of a self-tnflrard bullet wou?W in the righl tcmpio, v: 1 held this afternoon at thc Swift Funeral Home Chapel in Osceolii. Burial was in thc Ermc.i Crnie- tcry. According to a step-son, Aubrey Dills, he and Mr. were alone at the lime of 'he suicide. He stated that he left the house to feed and water Die slock and at the time his step-father was preparing breakfast. Mr. Dills said that upon returning to the house h-? found hi.; step-father across the; bed witii a .33 Colt's automatic on the floor beside the bed. According to Mr. Dills' statement. Mr. Hakcr had limn in tailing health for several mouths and that rccenlly he had bcccomc dc- tpondiMil. Austin Moore, comity coroner, hold an inquest from which a vc.-- dicl of death due to suicid': was returned. is clearly made upp'ic.-.b'.e to tin entire income of every resuUnt, regardless of sources." The court refnso,-; to rule en the constitutionality o; n lavi Isw \vhle!i attempts to tax iurcifrn incomes and provides that -;:i ArKnn^as resident shall be cnttUe.l to a credit for income tax paid to another state. However, said the high court, the 1929 law is applicable despite thc validity of the later measure. Morgan admitted that Texas levied no tax on his 10-13 income. IA|U»r Sctnirc tlphcTil In another far-reaching decision the court upheld Pulaski County Circuit Court's authority in ordering the confiscalion of liquor oli- lained by officials of thc Slate Revenue Department anywhere in. the slate. Thc court's decision upheld thc ing thc confiscation of 31G cases of Pulaski Chancery Court in ordcr- nlcoholic beverages — valued a some $13.000 — which were taker by revenue investigators last November in chicot County. The investigators confiscated the liquor whicli was in transit fron Louisiana to Mississippi without at' Arkansas tax or without an Arkansas permit. Drivers of thc two trucks hauling thc liquor — W. A Hmceford and Jake Turnbull—won apprehended in Chicot County between Lake Villag,: and Eudora. Today's decision came about at tor thc liquor was transported t< the stale capitol for sale-keeping Revenue Commissioner Oth JN Group Begins Holy Land Study LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y,, May 2G. UPl— The United Nations lannnh- (I Us inquiry into the festering i *ii]csLinc problem today, hopeful jut not noticeably confident that t will find a solution acceptable ,o Jews. Arabs, nnd big powers. Thc opening of the 19th Holy Land investigation since Woj-ld War I was accompanied by reports hat the UN commission of inquiry would decide to tour Europe's dis- )]accd persons camps and that the Arnbs would boycott the entire M'oceeding if it did. The commission was expected to leave for Palestine in about 10 days. N. Y. Stocks Closing Stock Trices A"WS Tobacco 66 5-8 Anaconda Copper 343-4 Beth Steel 13 Chrysler 97 3-3 Gen Electric 331- Gen Motors 511-8 Montgomery Ward DO 3-4 N Y Central 13 1-4 Int Harvester 80 1- North Am Aviation 71-2 Republic Steel 24 1-; Radio 77-3 Socony Vacuum 143-4 Studcbaker 171-2 Standard of N J M 3-1 Texas Corp 60 Packard r> 3-0 U S Steel Ci •nhs prcctwn irera White -House for Strereturjr'df George C. Marshall. Secretary of Navy James Forrcstal and Secretary of War Robert Patterson. In addition, plans arc bcinR made for convening the intev- lAmcrican conference in Tlio dc You linvu tlie herl'. (Hi's <•( Greek culture, Human huv mi'l Christian religion," the I'.i'v. HI,Ivry T. Kldd. pastor of I'tiTl rre.sbyterlun Church, told lilythc- vlllo Illi:li School .seniors las'- night ul baccnlnureulp services in Iho High School sliiilinni. Discussing Ids subject, -A Cln.u 1 - ly llcrllniie," llio Ilcv. Mr. KM(I tiiltl of iho lievUagcs from ancient (iri-ccc, Itoiuu and Christ liui ro- llglon. lie said that from Ihn (nock had come culture hi music, arclil- lecinrc, Illmiluic and development of Uiu luinuiii body. "Cnuui'i! is reeouiiHIun of quality," lhc minister Silllll. When lie. spoke of lli'j hcrllngeii from iinelcinl Home, h2 ni'luied out Mint a high degree of justice wus maintained and Lh il U'n Hll'/.ciishlj) \viis on :i litKh level "Wo can commend both nitr'cnt Greece)'and Rome," lie wild iiilMnp "we can also commend these seniors (in one ot the KIUIKI quulPA'S They have finished thc ,Uil). More than one half of our nallnr.'s younn people never compli'ir lilu school. Contlnu lo stiind by the M>«c!iit*i^...m. I J" 1 '- 'I'licro is nu sum tlilnu as i W<\S!HNG10N, Mny M. (UP) - - Mlc ces.sfii| qulller." former Conmossman Andrew J. 1 Fnipliiikls »n rhrl> liiitulv May denied Induy ut his war fraud i n, 'dlscussiim lhc >•.-»•.':• trial thai he sought to cover up Christian discrepancies In thn accounts of company he operated for tlin Caissons munitions combine after a Senate committee began an hives-. Mention of his activities. j May is on trial In federal court mi charges of accepting more than SS3.0Q from the Garsson brothers. I3r. Henry and Murray, for favors In their lichulf during (he war. They arc co-defendants. The government contends that payment for the favors was made Iliroinh Ihe Cumberland Lumlii.T Co.. Whllcsburp!. Ky. The government says the company was created by the Garssons to cover up bribes to the 72-year-old Kentucky Tlie Senate wiir Investigating iHlcc's investigation of the activities led lo their lo^fetmcnt. " CThlef Prosecutor William A. Pnls- Icy over and over auain askcc May If he had failed lo account for all the Garsson-i money tiiat went through his hands "because you tlionpbt the (Senate) committee diil nol, Know" ahont u $1500 bank draft and a $5,000 chock' WASHINGTON, May 2(i. (U.P.)—The House-Rulds Nmim'UtiO lodiiy cleared tlio way for thc Houso to bet-in onsKlurnlion tomorrow ol' tlio proposed Ii2 per cent cut in Agncullun! DopartniPiit funds for tlio now fiscal year, Klrml xciinn <m Ihe measure, which carries $»05,H3,&7S to'ttraner. •• Atrh'ullurr Di-imrlnnMifs <i|iorallons for 12 month* btfinning July' | Is <-\(>i(t(il Wodnc.sdiiy or 'i'liursilay. — —•— * Ilofarc Lines of Worry ;">»c'ro. probably late this Summer.! hrill<nc , lh ,. mlgh a ' Wi , sll | n( , loll - and iv^^uiniu ^-.V^IILIUI.'.^IUIK.I V^LM" . i,mj as inc amo A. Cook asked the Pulaski Court for | building. While Architect Named To draw Plans For Joiner School Uzcil S. Branson of Blytlicvllle lias been named Ihe archilccl to draw up plans for rebuilding ol the Shawnco School at Joiner, dc- ,slroyp(i by fire Feb. 16, it was announced loday by Dr. R. K Johnson or Bar.seIt, president of the school's board of directors. Dr. Johnson said that a meet- inK of the board has been catlct: for Wednesday altcnioon to studs plans for the building's reconstruction and make recommendations n. 1 to which one will be followed. Thc main building of thc Shaw ncc School was pnttcd by fire be licveti startcti by a .short ciicui and only the brick wM] s wer loft standing. Following thc blaze, the boar< mot ami sot from $150,00 to' $175, COO as thc amount needed for lo draft A jjermnncnt tlefcnsc trea- -v among the American nations'. Under his rpoposcd hill, Mr. Trn- an would be anthnriiicd to enter to agreements with other Amcr- an nations lor the training of .ilitary and naval personnel, for le maintenance and repair of itir military or naval cquipnicnl lid for the transfer of arms, am- ninition and other war material. There were no major didcr- :iccs between Ihe program propos:l ijy Mr. Truman a year apn and 10 one requested today. 'Rut a ear ago, it \va.s planned that s'.lr- lus war material would be ns'rd 3 a great extent in carrying out tin program. Since then, however, lhc amount f surplus war material suilable ir the program has been greatly clucctl. a confiscation order. Kenneth I^each. ail owner of the whiskey, contended that the Pulaski County Court d'tf not have jurisdiction over U^c liquor. 138 to Graduate At Junior High; Judge to Speak Graham Judge, will denUs who Sndbury, address llic will receive 13ft .~,tn- their <ti- for plomas a|. graduation cxe.-ciscs Junior High School Thmsdav let noon, 5 o'clock, al H.xlcv f Attendance , certificate 1 ; and medals earned during flic year wi'l be awarded at thc exc-i-c'*x"i. no amiounccmen has been made of the amount ;funds the school now has, it ha been stated that there is siUficicn money on hand to insure rccon struction. N. Y. Cotton Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. open 2837 2700 3403 2971 2330 i 2847 2805 3108 ansr. 2333 low close 2831 2833 i790 2702 3373 3399 29CO Mother Truman Is Weakening, Doctors Report ORANDVIEW, Mo., V,Ay 26. (UP —President Truman today professc amazement over the ability of h aged, seriously ill mothc'- to cor tinuc her, slruggle for life. Although Mrs. Trnmr.ii, tlcepln most of the time, was w=akpniii gradually, the President Ihls morr Ing after a dawn tolophone chec said that he found his mother's v tality "amazing." Mr. Truman was up early in h hotel apartment In KJHE.IS Ci sister, .Miss McCormich Child Dies Funeral rites for Ciirhthi,? Mc- Jormlck, scvcn-monlh-dld daughter Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCornick of near Joiner who died Sat- irday night, were held yesterday ftcriioon al Bassclt Ccmclcry. She is survived by her parent 1 ind two sisters, France:> Fay and Jharlcnc. Cobb Funeral Home w.n in charge. bank. May said ho did not ;;cok to hide inything from the Senate coiu- 'nlllce. He said the accounting; ^iven the committee was drawn up by his attorneys while "I was flat, on my buck in my home in Preslonshurg." Samuel A. Wells Dies Suddenly Of Heart Attack Funeral services were held al p.m. today al Cobb Funeral Homo Chapel for Samuel Aii.inl Wr.Ms. grocery .salesman, who (tic-l yesterday morning uf a heart attack. The Rev. P. II. Jemima,i. pantor of Calvary Baptist Clr.rth. ofO- clated. HuriEil was In Ma])l.i Grovi: Cemetery. Mr. Wells W.IB !>G Ifc wan Iwrn in West TcniH-.-isec nnd moved to lllythevl 1 ,! j 21 yejir.s ago from Memphis to ho connected wilh A. S. Uarboro anrl Company •Since lhal time, he hasl been a salcsmnn in Ihls sccll-in witn lhc flnr. now known as Twj Slates Grocery Company. He is survived by lil.i wife. Mrs Sue Wells, and a son, Max Well of Memphis. rellBioM, the ll'sv. Mi Kldd said (Imt only in rece-it ceil turies had O'hrlstliinlty be'iomc t'i' world's larncst rellRlon. "I'.ut slo-.v ly and surely, It has take.i rod lhroni;lioiit thu world," Me said. Ho spoke of thc bcij'ninn^ c Chrstlanlty In Jesus. "He lived !i a time o[ racial prejudice anrl ru Unions whicli were larnely rituals, "Yet, He advocated a world broth erhood," Hie speaker said. "Jesus Inn] a remarkable aollll lo make n ( >od people of b'ld ones, he continued. "It has been sal. that Christianity Is thc ideates influence for pood the world ha ever known." "And II Is also II Krcalen source for Roort," bo con eluded, "that' will come Info you iwrsoiml lift." ' ' The jilylhcvlllo Sch'iol Htm played the proc0Kslonal mid re cessloiifd•'linrt the-'died'Club win "To Thee We Sin);," Tkucn and "Ava Miirla." 8chui>erl.. The aii'ti- £ncc r.ung "Come Tho i, Almighty Kliii;." Tlie Rev. !>. u. Jcrnl|;nn. pnslrr of Calvary llaptlst Church, fnv v he Invocation, and the Rev. Allen D. fjlcwart, i>ast.oi- of First Methodist .Church, the benedlc- lon. Class NtfM Kvrnts Tuesday Class rilghl will bn held tomor- roiv al « p.m. In the 'Hlsh Scliool [iiiillloriiim. A playlet "Thc Graduation Ciown" will lie presented by Itiith Seay, Marilyn IX-cn and all other members of the clnss ap- penrlnR in roles Indicating an outstanding contribution he or she has made to the class. The Rev. Mr. Jcrnigan will give t)ie Invocation. Comiiicnccment exercise.'; will be held Friday at fl:30 p.m. at the Hltih School stadium. Dr. Malt Kills, president of Hendiix ColIcBC, Conway, will be speaker. putting the . measure on tomorrow's calendar, iho Rules Committee took precaution to "protect" some $18'J,OCO,000 in m- lluctlons recommended . by • (lie Honso AppioiiriatlonK Cpmiuittts. This is nearly half of Ui-J com- mlltee'ii total proix>sed slash of Music Appreciation Classes Bring Honors to Blytheville Days of worry aljoul l.lie condition of Ills ailing mother, Mrs. Martha K. Trumiin. showed 111 the President's grave face- as he signed the Greek-Turkish aid bill In his hotel room Ui Kansas City. (NBA Tclephotol Snyder Stresses Debt Obligations -ArkanMM Member of Truman's Cabinet- Speakc in Arkadelphia AFiKADELPHIA. Ark., May 21! UP) — A substantial and orderly •eduction of the national debt Huong the obligations that inn Rep. Kveiett M. Dirkwn, R., Hi., chairman of the ApprbprliUi. via Suliconunltlce 'on Agi'tculiurc, ex- ,|ilalncd that thc rule was ntcca- .'iary lo prevent the cuts from'be- liu; junked on n |>olnl of c-.-der by .1 i.iitgle niemlwr, lie said llic rcduc'.loi'.s would bo accomplished by bi.ilc legislative clmnne.'j lugged on In ihe appra- prlatinns bill. Ordlnuri]/, appro- prlatluus committees nrt! not per- ^nltlcd to change bn^ic legislation. Clialrtnan Clifford, il. liopc, n., Kan., uf . dm House Agriculture Committee. Joined. Dvmocrnlls lartn Icuclcr.s in olMiosin^, the ic- .strlcllons. He said the action of Hie approi>rlatluns committee wus a "flagrant usurpation" of legislative rlijlits. •• KunKun'.s rir» Rejcclc'l Unless this (rules) cdmmtltci miihitulns the Integrity . of the luglslallve coinmlltccs,' Hope said, '1 "we lulghl Just us well turn over fl all the duties to the cbni:mui"i on i| upproprlutions." Hue ttib . riviles Cominlttee rejected his plea. The 1 $m:<,OvO,(WO in -iiunilltKi Bini could be deleted from tin; measiirc wnun it readies the flood. But It would have lo be done by A majority vote and nol by » point i of indcr. . Tho fund:; involved uru. (hu.ic for the federal incut m»|icplioii pro- Brain, Rural Electrification Administration, Dinners Home Ad- mtnlstriilion, pro^uctK-r and Mar- When Blythcvilte grade scliool stiKlcnUi received lop honors Saturday morning at the program which climaxed the "Lives of thc Masters" music contest and program sponsored by Memphis -hin- Lcaguc, it was a successful ending to a .successful 13 weeks of honors [or the students. Teachers here marie lhc contest a music appreciation class in which nil students participated. During these programs, albums of "music of the Masters" for outstanding letters on different comiioser* and their works were prcsonlcti tn Ktn- adel, Marilyn and Mar- Jorie Daughterly of Budbury School; Hcar<| Wylic. Johnny gins of Central School; Ch; Yarbro, Jo Alice Mr.Guire. Bunch. Anna Louise Haiidlcy. Sammy House. Wheeler Graccy and Joe 'Bynum, of Yarfcro School. Johnny Loggins of Central won thc prize Saturday for tlie best scrapbook entered and thc fifth grndc class of Yarbro Scliool received first place for the most good scraphookn. Every student in the class had entered n scrapbook. Johnny and thc class were 2872 2878 Mother Truman's bungalow. SludcilU who received honorable mention for their srrapbooks wore Jo Alice McOuire. sixth grn.rler.s at Yarbro, Sammy House, fifth «radc sllldent at Yarbro. Nancy Stovall of Central and Ulllv Wyalt. one of thc entrants anil .'t first grader al Yarbro. Johnny nnd MLS.S Minnie Fostr: 1 . principal of Yarbro school and the guiding spirit behind Yarbro students' success, cave brief addresses over Radio Station WMC. where the program originated. This was the fourth quiz party in a scries of programs sporsorcd by the League. Proceeding programs, in which Blythcvillr: also played an outstanding part, were on books. Accompanying thc 50 students to Memphis where they attended Uie broadcast, and later went on a lour of Ihe city, were Mrs. Jess Horncr, Mrs. W. H. Wylie. Mrs. Charles Hindman. Mrs. John TjORfttns, Mrs. Bill Wyatl, Charles Yarbro. Richard Hayncs and Herschel House and teachers, Miss Hazel Knight, Miss Minnie Foster, Mrs. T. B Odom. Mrs. Mlhan Frank, Miss Winnie Virgil Turner. Winning scrapbooks will he on display at thc State Convention of Women's Clubs June 3 tn Hot Springs and nl Samuel P. Norris 1 Jieve afterward. Prowler Suspect Nabbed After Home is Entered Preliminary hearing for Jack Moore, who was arrested S'.lur- day afternoon after n prov;lrr hue been reported In the Frank Drrs home on South i-Yanklln, was ecu- tinned tomorrow 1'or Judge- ment after testimony ha-I bcc:r heard In municipal court till' morning. Monre [s charged with illr>:rt'lj- inn the peace nnd 's bilm; he 1 .* under tmnri of $250. He cnlmn a plea of nol guilty. The arrc: was made by Policcirmn Arllin Brook and [,cn Powell, Mr. DPS. Instlfieil Ihat lil.s home li'.i-l l>.:n entrrctl but nollilni; wus IUISS!M; Municipal .Judge Ornimm S'i'l- l>nry said in court he liuildvcd i.'-« Mnore liatt been previously bmim over for Circuil Court acllori 01 another charge nnd willihcli jiidgmctil, until tomorrow. assumed by the present genera- from college. Sec- ion cttiry ot the Treasury John W Snyder told 112-Ouachita seniors - ...... lii the treasury', flo* should continue to be inhde a able, to stimulate rtbmpst'.c ahd foreign cunsumptloa eC lurplui farm comn\odlttes. -..,;. The funds rcprcaefjt M V*' cent of thc customs receipts.- Rep. Stephen Pace, !)., G»., said they were, given to agriculture under present Speaking at commencement ercisc.s at the HaplKst Institution' lere, Snyder a-ssertctj that "as secretary of the 'treasury, charged with the res|K)nsiblllty of tile management and supervision of lhc na- ttoiuil credit, f cannot ovcr-cmpha- slv.e tile vital Importance of the fi- lanclal obllealions whicli our country has assumed. ''Not only our security, he .said, "hut the foundntlmi.s of world peace, depend on our accepting these obligations with a profound sense of trusteeship, "Thrrc ran hr no compromise, cither, hr cnnUinird, "in our determination In nay dial which we justly owe. No matter how difficult the mail. Jim of (his grnrr.itlon must tnakr It H part of your crpwl that we as a pro- pic stand inflexibly for a substantial nnd orderly reduction uf our national rlrht." Praising Ouachila College, the llrsf natlvo-born Arkansas cabinet tncinbcr .said that "for more than rf> years llio school h;is inainlainiid the highest standards of culture and scholastic excellence in the training of our youth and in the [urlhrrhig of ilic ideals of Christian living." He pointed "id- Ihat the reputation and Influence- nf the- college has spread beyond Arkansas and thc South anil said that it lias always made the building of Temperature Drops to 52 Degrees in Blytheyillc . Continued cool weather over llic weekend brought with It .26 of an inch of rain which fell during Saturday night, according to Robert B. Jilaylock. official weather observer. Yesterday's highest temperature was 72 degrees and the low during last night was 52 degrees. High Saturday was 79 degrees and the loiv during that night was 57 degrees. To Attend Funeral Mrs. I.llllc Mlley of UofiMusa. La., mother of Dryan Mllcy of Blytheville. died last night at liar home. Going from here for funeril rerv- Iccs. which will be hel.1 in BoRa- Insn, and burial services in Menden- linll, Miss., will be Mr. ami Mrs. Otho Stanflcld and Mi 1 , and Mrs. Clnlr Miller. Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, few scattered Ihundcrshowcrs today, tonight and Tuesday; no important temperature changes, law to balance the • vshonfkrx" which farmers must mane. In con| nocllon'with the reciprocal trade <; x - progroiii.' '•' ' ' i "... Dlrksen conceded that the Appropriations Committee "naa invaded the legislative field. But ha Kiul it, was necessary to cut federal spending. Ho said the- Dc'mccraU lrct)uenlly hud taken similar action in the past. . • Some ccoiiqniy-mlndcJ. Houf-e Republicans set their si^ils on cutting the agriculture budget even more. Several Republicans ; said they expected thc bill ~JQ be approved by the House with the. -32 percent .slrish approved by the Appropriations Committee, rr to 02 cut still further. The school lunch program and the Production and Marketing Administration' promised to be the major targets of those seeking more economy. Some Republicans feared that economics already propu^x'l in "the agriculture supply blil would, .do thoir party political hAnn. Sen. decree D. Aikcn, Ft., Vt, said Ihe OOP would b« .knocked "off Ihe map" if (iougrets gave- final approval lo thc •measure- i ns \vrillcn by llic House Appropriations Committee, v I 1 MA Kumls SUsheil Hep. William Lcmke, R., N. p.. protested that "on tho, same tlay we voted $350,OCO,000 ' lo foreign countries, thc committed voted le take $383,000,000 from the Agri- cidturc Department. 1 ' "Foreign countries nre preferred Americans forgotten," character a primary goal in ilsj Pr Hr^sorlcd tlwt llic recent war! " , Ani " ica !^ fo r sottcn;' LemUo fully developer! A.ncrfca's capnbH-! f llL "Shoiillng economy and ^11- H1c.s. niul snlcl "we mnsL now cm- l *»* America short l^s brcomc ornlc wisely our expanded iiulus- trlnl ]>\ant. and nmploy most, rf- ficinnLly our producMon storchouso of so iitnny marvelous subsianc^s l'V)IlnwliiK the romnicnceiiKMil. exercises Snyder attended an aUru- ni luncheon at the collcpp di-.i- Ing hall, alter which he left for Hot Springs. He will attend an Informal dinner loninht i': Hot Springs Riven by thc Arkoi^.ts Bankers council. 'His plane .was taken lo . Hot Springs for him to leave immediately after Ihe dinner for Washington. No Typhoid in Missco No cases of typhoid fever have been reported for Mississippi County this year Mrs. Annabel Fill, county health nurse, said today. An Item In Saturday's Courier News indicated that two cases had been discovered. Two typhoid carriers have b«n reported, It was said, hut no cases ot lhc dreaded disease, , . __, hysterical farce." Tlie Appropriations ConnniUt^ Have the Production nncl Marketing Administration (PMA) ^165,- fiN.^OO. but recommended reverting to thc Treasury $148,051,710 normally given thc agency every year from customs receipts. The 5143,631,710 «vas earmarked, for soil conservation and other farm program benefits. The rom- iiultcc held thn I Ihcvro bcnclits were unnecessary during tl<c current year o[ food 5'norlugc.i ana high larm prices. A t\vo-\vay fight w-^s anticipuled. over the committee's reduction of the school lunch progi'aia fu^id from $75,000,000 to f45,000 P OQO. Osceola Exceeds Quota In Cancer Fund Drrre OSCEOLA, Ark., May 2C.-Osccol.i exceeded Its Cancer Drive qiDta of $1,300 by $718.S», Sam Hodges, campaign director, s»ld todly. A net total ot *2,0ia.!» was contributed during the drive. Steve Bawkcr was iisslslant director for tlie dAvc.

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