The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1953
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JAN. 30, 1D53 BI.1TIIEVn.LH! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MRMNEWS REVIEW Balanced Farming is Good -Bui It Must be Made to Pay •a"" j,-. / By HAROLD HART T L > . LITTLE ROCK (AP) — You hear a great (leal about balanced farming these davs v •'-•••• It ill' seems to boil down to getting tlie gi-tatost productivity out of vour land llumieh jfijUtcrnating crops and meat animals. -Cross County Agent W. B. Proctor^recently had a few choice words to-say on the subject. '"•Proctor figures that tying In live- JfoSyc raising with the cropping system Is^the best way 'to 'accomplish Ihat'enjl. Livestock fits in with tnef'raislng of crops and furnishes theVrotatlon needed to balance and Maintain soil fertility. '•^ Livestock can be made to pay, Proctor* says', through better use oj^Improved pastures to furnish a longer grazing period. Another way Is lo winter the cow.h'el'd as cheaply as possible bringing It through In good condition for the late winter and early spring calf crop. J. H. Johnston^ Sr., of the Leves- tiue community, near Wynne, Is one of many Cross County farmers who Is striving to balance his fann program with livestock. '-We grazed our herd of approximately 300 head of entile 310 days last year, leaving only 55 days they were_ winter fed/' says Johnston. Cut Feeding Days "We wintered onr cow herd on silage, corn and cob meal—reinforced- with a protein supplement at a cost of $12.50 per cow above pasture grazing." Johnston emphasized that this can be done where pastures arc planned, prepared and grazing is SEE THE MASSEY-HARRIS 44 •• with Tteta LIVE P.T.O. , HERE'S THE TRAC- i <- -TOR that.out-powere and out-performs any . other in the 3-4 plow class. Has 260-cubic- inch overhead-valve engine, removable wet sleeves, gover- J nor-to-carbujrelor link- .age, shock-resistant sl2ering, Depih-o-matlc Hydraulic system and now— " • a.completely new Live P.T.(3. " ••" ' : - '" * : * , . Now you can slop,forwaid travel without. affecMng P.T.O. speed. To keep your combine or forage harves- ;, tei irom jamming, just pull Ihe handy lever ... your tractor slops, your machine cleans itself out ... release the lever and you're on your way. J. NEXT TIME you're in th* neighborhood, slop in and le( us giv* you all Ihe ddaifi on Ihe new 44. 61 Implement Co. N. Highway 61 Phone 2142 "The Farmer's Homt of Satisfaction' good. Another east Arkansas farmer, Roy Urfer of Ihe Hickory Ridge community who represents the rice section of Cross County,.says raising cnllle balances the rice farmers' program and maintains fertility and also acts as Insurance against a rice slump or failure. Hot Disease A group of southern veterinarians has appealed to Secretary of Agriculture Ezra T. Benson to do something about vesicular exan- Ihema, Ihe dread hog disease. They recommended these things: 1. The immediate eradication of vesicular exanthema nationally, will) or without slate participation 2. Revision of the national live slock disease conlrol laws to authorize the Bureau of Animal Industry lo control and eradicate any and all diseases that threaten the livestock industry. ' 3. Broaden meal inspection laws so that this Inspection will pre vent the spread of livestock diseases llirough meat or meat products. The swine disease has spread to 41 stales. That Pink Boll Worm Stale Inspectors are on keeping an engle eye oul for Infestation resulting from interstate movement of mechanical cotton pickers. Paul H.'Millar, chief inspecior r.t Little Rock, says .machine! brought from Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico or Louisiana must be officially fumigated an, scaled before entering Arkansas Millar said pink boll worm Is prevalent in those stales. U. CLUB MEMO'S *» Nra. Gertnd* B. Hollmai IHora* Utmonttratlox AICBII Siilellghls A cow belonging to A. H. Biddl^ of the Guernsey community, near 'lope, had twin calves last'week... the Federal-state Crop Reporting Service >say.- a total of 4,558,<XX chicks were hatched commercially in Arkansas during 1952. an increase of 10 per cent over December, j -052...Harold Farmer. Dumas Fu: lure farmers' of America club member, raised 142 bushels of corn en .one 'acre of land last year.,. •TWi'Agrlculture Department says "the supply of farm labor In 1053 is expected to be sufficient to keep farm production at-high • levels... University of Arkansas research shows that vcrticillium wilt attacks at least 5CH) different varieties of cotton. Good Old Days PICTON, Canada (/P)—A 50-year- old copy.of the Picton Gazette turned lip here had these choice bargains listed: men's heavy tweed pants, $1.15; men's overcoats, *7.50; Canadian flannelette blankets,. 68 cents; sugar. 25 Ibs, »1; te», one pound 20 cents, and coffee,- 25 cents a pound. They Did It Arain My, but we are uioud of Jo Alice McCiuire and Jim Taylor, aren t we? They have won in 4-H work and list night at the personality improvement banquet they were named winners of a five-county contest. , .They were presented a gold watch by the local Black and White Store manager, Wehinan Pilz. The Black and White Stores sponsor the personality Improvement project. , . , ' 'Besides giving an area banquet to the county winners, they also epon- sor the leadereblp on Petit Jean Mountain which is held each summer for outstanding 4-H'ers.- Brown Community , The Brown, Community Improvement project has been decided- for 1953. . ;• Special effort will be made to improve the home grounds including mail boxes and entrance to driveways. Planlings are lo be made down the roads until all the roads in the community are Improved. Good and Cheap An excellent cleaner for cooking utensils can be.made cheaper than the cost of most fine scouring powders. To make, shave scraps of soap in- to.fine flakes and dissolve in boilin K water, t • *" Then add enough Spanish whiting ta make a paste. Spanish whiting Is an Inexpensive fine chalk which _ cleans without scratching or Injuring surfaces. It usually is sold at hardware and paint stores. It can also be used as a powder for cleaning. ; If food has burned in on enamel, agate or iron, boil soda water in It and then clean with fine steel wool, and whiting. Do not use soda, strong alkaline soap, or cleaning' powder on aluminum. Use vinegar, fine steel wool or whiting. • Never scrape aluminum, eaaniel or agate ware with metal objects; use a wooden spoon, wooden clothes pin or plastic cleaners. Mineral in food cause pitting of iluminum, ; To brighten a stained and discolored aluminum pan. boil an acid such : ,as vinegar'in It;jand rub with fine Bteel'wool-and whiting. - : Certain foods, such as sour milk, tomatoes, rhubarb, tart upples or plums cooked in aluminum will brighten It. These foods will be safe for eating. .... Clean discolored brass or copper by rubbing it with hot buttermilk or hot veriegar and salt, washing thoroughly. Remove stains on enamel pans with bleaching agents such as Bo- SEASONAL RANGE OF LIVESTOCK PRICES lyloii materials. 3. Prune large shade lree». but. don't top or butcher tliem. 4. Propnro for spring seeding or sodding of trasses. 5. Plan the home orchard. 6. Get ready to plant, the garden. 1. Set ,U[> a [iunlly bookkeeping system. Read Courier News Classified Adi ASK US FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION DRIVE THE %«< "40" Series JOHN DEERE TRACTORS power. 3-poinl hikh. load control. fint-up of Quik-Titch worklni equipment... •net m«ny others. Want to drive one of the ntw John 'Octet "40" Series General-Purpose Tractors? i • • • The opportunity is yours with absolutely no obligation. Just drop in at the store or phone us and we'll arrange for your test drive. W« feel mighty proud of this new tractor that :s>atlracting so much favorable attention in the community, and we want everyone in our store area to have a chance to "get the feel of the wheel." So gel in touch with us soon ... make » date for your free demonstration. , MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO South Highwoy 61 Blythevill. COMPIETE POWER ON SMALL FARI MU. APR. JULY OCT. JAN. APR. JULY OCT~ . LIVESTOCK I'llHJE STUDY — Newsnmp above shows llia't the prices fanners receive'for meat follows seasonal patterns. Barring unusual circumstances, the biggest, seasonal changes are In prices for hogs, lambs, and sheep. Prices for veal calves and for beef cattle vary less from season lo season. Data above are from the U. S. Department, of Agriculture and are based on normal.fluctuation of prices from the annual average over a six-year post-war period. Only the Name Is the Same INDIANAPOLIS M>j-A W-year- o!d man named J. Edgar Hoover •as fined »ai tiv municipal court or reckless driving. "I never thought I'd have you i my court," Judge Phillip t,, Bayt loklngly told the driver. This J. Edgar Hoover is R truck, driver, not (he famed head of the FBI. To prevent rusting of Iron and tin utensils, dry thoroughly and store uncovered In a dry place. If they must be stored for some lime, give a protective coat of uu- saltcd fat. Do not scour tin pans as this re- moves the tin contlng and causes rust. It's Time To ... 1. Plan now to buy or produce dls- ense-frce strawberry and tomato plants for planting purposes. 2. Use loose tension when sewing Tractor tires NOW GOOD/YEAR SOLUTION 100 For EXTRA drawbar Pull :s exclusive.Goodyear method of liquid weight- j adds up lo 25% more drawbar pull gels _iore work done per hour . . . adds extra Iraclion lo all makes ol tractor liros. Call us ... we'll come oul and fill your tractor tires with Goodyear Solution 100 today! '>' 'PfcONi? 0000 FOR QUICK SERVICE 410 W. Main Phone 2492 ALL-SOIL ALL-PURPOSE US ROYAL ^ PULLING POWER NEVER KNOWN BEFORE TOP CASH ALLOWANCES: Your old tractor tires were never worth »o much in trade-in value! '>' New U S. Royal Tri- ' r f Rib for steadier steering on front tractor wheels. New U. S. Royal Plow Tail Wheels for lowest rolling resistance! New, Complete Tire Line For Every Farm Wheel! ^^^^T"""^^^/ ^^^H|^M^^^^^^^^^^^BL^Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallaaaaaaaaaaaaasa^.aaaaaaaaaaa»..aalaa« Hunter Makes Three Mistakes HELENA, Mont. (,F) — Count* Sheriff Dave Mtddlemas here too* Into custody a 20-year-old hunter who admitted shooting two elk Intentionally before shooting himself accidentally. ' The sherJIf said the hunt«r first shot a cow elk and when h« started to dress it a big bull elk came out of the woods. The hunter downed the bull, finally killing It with a shot In the head. Tlien the hunter admitted shooting himself when he Jammed the ,22 caliber pistol into n hip holster. The sheriff said he got Into the case when the hunter, after medical treatment, hauled the bull away but left the cow where it was shot, — undressed, a Montana game law violation. MOW/ /I/O MQ/TWGf McCAUL TIRE STORE So, Hiway 61 — Across from Swift OH Mill'— I'honc 8GG2 John Burnett, Mgr. 1TI R 1 ROYAL CLEARING LAND? The best job is done by the teamwork of Caterpillar D~2 Tractor J. A. Riggs Tree Culler Shown fa the Caterpillar - Higfji Tree Cutler Uam in land clearing action on tht Pulaskl County Farm. It really does u amaiifif Job. . You c an add a ere sand acres of : productive land ^at a low eo Jt with lhl» land'' 1 clearing team. Arkansas formers say: "This team really doe§ the )ob'wh*H it comes to land clearing." Farmers who own a Caterpillar D-2 Tractor and J. A. Riggs Tree Cutter, or who hav« MCB them work in demonstrations all agree that they do iand-• clearing work faster and at less.cost than any other method. This learn will clear your land at a new high in economy and at a new low in labor and lime. .And furthermore, in th« Caterpillar D-2 tractor you have on all-around,farm tractor thai every farm needs for more production at more, profit ThU learn will: Clear up to HT« acres of land a day Cuii tire* up lo ilx inches in diamalir at a iingl« paa> Do»i not rear up loll ' ' 'Aik ui .hoot It at onc«. . Free Booklet The J. A. Riggs Tractor Company offers you free, a n«w. interesting carloon booklet on "Power Farming." It lells you exactly why a crawler Iraclor IS meant for Ihe farm. We offer it to you because we know you'll enjoy seeing i!. Use Ihe coupon below and send for it today. J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 Cait Third Liille Rock. Arkamal BRANCHES: WEST MEMPHIS. MCGEHEE. CAMDEN, FORT SMITH J. A. RtGGS TRACTOR CO. Lllll* Rock. Ark. O Farmti O Student I would iik« io haT* mor« information about th« "Cal«rpilUr~ Die«l D-2 Tractor, as indicated below: Q Have your "Caterpillar" salesman explain how the D-2 can solve my farm problems . . . No obligation, of course. D Send me the Free Hooklet on "Power Farming" Nam« ; _ _ Machine Delinting and Approved Ceresan Treatment For Your Cotton Seed All Collon Seed Dclinlecl 10 Customers Specification. \V« Want Your Uusiness. LUXORA GIN COMPANY Uixora, Ark. I'hone 4341

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