Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina on September 21, 1941 · Page 26
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 26

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 21, 1941
Page 26
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age TWO Section B ASHEVILLE OITTZEN-TIMM, ASMEYTLLtt. H. , SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 11, 1941 WATTS' 63-YARD SCORING DASH GIVES STATE 14-7 WIN l3Nteiby Paul Jones.c: Touchdown Run In Last Period ' Beats Richmond Deacons Wallop Camp Davis Gridders, 65-0 I Margin Of Victory Gained Minute After Spiders Rally To Tie Score SI ILVILLKS football program for the corning OALEIOH. Sept. 20. Hand-week, the first of the season, oKrrs a couple j some Dick Watts raced 63 vards of highly interesting contests . . . Thursday m a UnirlHlown in the final period i.i hi. i- .1 -M '.tonight, helpline N. C. State col- night the Mars I lill Lions engage the Marx ,fte l0 ,4.7 vtctory over Rlcn. Brothers of Football" from Arkansas A. and nionri in the frst Southern con-M., while on Friday night the Asheville high ''i-ence game of the season, played t i . . before 9 000 fans. Maroons, fresh from an inaugural victory over, T1), mit(.omp of tl)e Wft, Children's Home, battle the rugged Kingsport in doubt all the way. high aggregation ... T,1P flrst nlf w"s scoreless. T'L:I- .l. A..l..,:ll. k-:.... ..1. : .State pushed over a touchdown , . .... ; in the third quarter, but Richmond peeled to be a knock-down-drag-out scrap, giving the cu-!i,.d the count at 7-7 after one mln-tomers a taste of high class high school football, the other! me of play in the last period. loom. , rr. lirkinir f ..n.niakinff uridirm. show waits came ngm nacK. a minute peri loaded with unusual activity . at the gate . . . Much has been said and written regarding the Arkansas team, but a story from the college publicity department sums up the situation in not too many words . . . the coach, Stewart Ferguson, receives no pay tor directing the team, doesn't have to win to keep the job. and believes in laughs as well as cheers . . . lie says: "One of my vulsar idiosyn-eracies Is luck of de.sire to establish any coaching record, cither good or bad. "Possibly, mv only influence In Minding the strategical maneuvers of my team on the tield happened tall In the game with Eastern Kentucky Teachers. After a tew touchdowns had crossed our goal line, the learn seemed to develop new life. Gaining yards and first downs with abnormal consistency, we advanced the ball from deep In our own territory to touching distance of the Eastern Kentucky goal line. It was lust down and a yard to go for a touchdown. An old coaching habit caused a smile to begin forming on my face as I anticipated the "Swinging Gate" opening for the score. The play started and with a grin which rapidly became silly. I realized that the quarter-back had called one of our mast complicated plays one which I have never quite been able to figure out myself. My anxious eyes saw the ball tossed to and fro and finally into the arms of an Eastern Kentucky man who ran easily for a touchdown. "As the boys came In at the half, I sadly a.sked Annie Robinson why he called the play. He answered mischievously. "Coach. I just had to fool you that time." "Personally, T want to become a sort of fireside fool when mv former players talk with their children about the places they've seen, the suites they played In. and the problems they really solvec' when they played football for A. and M. college. I want them to say. "That Coach Ferguson was sort of a damn fool didn't care much whether he won or last. But golly! the times we had and the things we saw. More even than that I want them to acquire a zest for living, seeing, and experiencing. I want them to learn that life is a lot of fun and that It can be had even In college football!" . one which should draw well They're Tops For Any Man! ADAM HATS A Jl'BII.ANT Asheville high squad arrived about noon yesterday from Winston-Salem where they walloped the Children's Home eleven Friday night . . . according to Coach Ralph James the boys played a swell game and received many compliments from officials of the tilt. Children's Home coaches, and fans for their brand of play ... in other words, they looked good in their initial performance . . . The match with Kingsport, however, will be another matter . . . the Tennessee Indians have a swell team and It's unusual when they drop a Rame . . . Bill Britt's work, Incidentally, was outstanding and gives the team a pair of good tailbacks . . . only five seconds of play remained when the Methodists tallied . . . however, the Maroons didn't play flawless football, so they're in for a lot of more hard work early this coming week in prepping for Kingsport , . . one game doesn't make a season, although the initial victory was like sweet music . . . Kingsport scouts covered the came and there was a report that they were not overly impressed with the Maroons . . . Asheville tossed but two passes. In Your Favorite Shape liu 1.000.000 t&25 pen. '3J rIELD one being intercepted . . . and not one penalty was called during the game . . . TO Oi:il WAV of thinking, Coach Uus Dorals of the U. of Detroit, covers the new substitution rule and Its effect on the game pretty well In a recent statement ... he said: "As long as college football offers public entertainment it must have some consideration for the rights of the patrons . . . some coaches and athletic directors take the attitude that ttie game Is played solely tor the benefit of the student body ... I don't see how they can reconcile that with taking money at the gate ... if nothing matters but the result of the game itself, we ought to let the public in free or play in private ... if the new rule means a dragged-out game. Involving boredom in the stands and late dinners for fans, it may be better to dispose of It" . . . BOB RICE, as the new farm club director of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Is sitting in a nice spot . . . his training with the Cardinals in operating a farm club completes the necessary qualifications for the Job . . . he knows baseball, and knows a baseball player when he sees one ... he can't miss . . . the war situation, however, is like a dark cloud on the horizon in regards to baseball in general . . . none of the major loop clubs know what to do in planning for future years . . . should this country enter the conflict baseball business might become a serious problem rather than a fine sport . . . Bob, of course, will leave here with the best wishes of Asheville and Western North Carolina fandom . . . Incidentally, he was given a pat on the back by Branch Rickey on his recent trip to St. Louis, and he leaves the Cardinal organization with its sincere congratulations and respect . . . Ed Malone, who was sent to the Duluth. Minn., club this past season by the Tourists, is back here for the winter . . . Ed said it was too cold up there to play ball . . . from Bill Shewey. who left Asheville just before the season closed with Hank Polly to help the Sacramento club In Its final drive, writes: "I am getting along very well I don't have a good average but I've been hitting the ball good. I know I can play tins class of baseball. I had a wire from Bob Rice telling me that I won the popular player trophy. I wish to thank all of the Asheville fans. They sure were good to me all season. Hank won his first game in a relief role and I had the pleasure of driving in the winning run for him" . . . after Richmond's score, with a 63 yard touchdown run. : Spiders Start Fast j Richmond took the offensive In me tirst perioo, rolling up three first downs to none tor State, but was unable to make a real scoring threat. Calhey of State took the opening klckoff on his 10 and returned it to the 40. Two running plays netted only four yards and Watts kicked to Edgerton on the 20 A punt exchange followed Edgerton got seven yards on triple reverse and Fitzgerald made the initial first down on a three yard rush through center. State held, and again Richmond was forced to kick. Although the Spiders got two more first downs. Iliey didn't get closer than State's 36-yard stripe. State started to roll In the second erlod after Cathey covered a fumble by Edgerton at mldfielfl. A pass from Watts to lluckabee was good for 20 yards and Watts gained 16 on a fake pass. But the threat ended when Wholey Intercepted a pass by Watts and returned it from Richmond's 20 to Slate's 42. In three plays Kichmonil pounded out a first down to the 28. Aided by an offside penalty on State. Richmond rode to another first down on State's 12. Edgerton got a total of three yards in two attempts and two of U'holey's passes were incomplete. State kicked out of the hole and the half ended scoreless. Richmond's kickoff was outside State, with Watts doing mast of t lie ball carrying, advanced to Richmond's 36. Here, however, on a tricky deep reverse. Huckabee tripped over Referee Buck Cuddy, lost six yards, and State was forced to kick. Richmond kicked back and there was a punt exchange. State started a drive from Richmond's 47-yard stripe which resulted in a touchdown. Faircloth sparked the drive, tossing a 14-yard pass to Rtilwell and a nine-yarder to Gordon. The score came on a pass from Faircloth to Gordon. ; good for 12 yards. Faircloth' placement was good Score Is Tied i Richmond tied the score after one minute of play in the final quarter. Fitzgerald led the drive, connecting with an 18-yard pass to Collins during the march. The pavoft toss was a beautiful 27- j variler which Pitt nabbed in the :end zone. Fitzgerald's place-kick was good. But one minute later. State's brilliant Watts put his 'team back in the lead. Richmond kicked off to the 25 and Nelson returned 11 yards. Watts picked iup one through the line then got loose for a, 63-yard touchdown run i Faircloth converted. Once again : Fitzgerald started a drive. He tossed three 12-vard passes to Sav age, to Pitt and to Pace. In a drive which carried from Richmond's 33 to State's IS. But the Spiders were unable to score, IS Baptists Score Late Rallies Give Chisox Victory Over Detroit, 4-3 SCAMPERS IN OPENER Johin John Polanski, star fullback of the Wake Forest Deacons, got off on one of the longest runs in the curtain-raisers when he took the opening kick-off and ran 85 yards for a touchdown in the game with Camp Davis last night. With Ease Over Soldier Gridmen 1 CHICAGO, Sept. 20. (P) Scoring all their runs in the last two in- Polanaki Takes Opening Kick- nlngs, the Ohicago White Sox stuck in the fight to hold their third off And Runt It Back 85 Yards To Tally WILMINGTON, Sept. 20. (Pi Wake Forest's Deacons ran wild here tonight in their opening game and whipped the Camp Davis soldiers, 65 to 0. The lasers made but two lirst dowas. both In the final period, and were outclassed by the Deacons from the start. Joltin' John Polanski received the kickoff on crossed the Camp Davis goal line j hits and a walk and came back to behind powerful interference. Coch-jget another run in the eighth on rane converted. Copley kicked off a pair of safeties, a sacrifice and a to the Soldiers but they were un- long fly. able to pierce the Deacon line place berth today with a 4 to 3 victory over the Detroit Tigers. The victory, which snapped a,, five game losing streak for the Jimmy Dykes crew, gave Thornton (Lefty) Lee his 20th win of the season one for which he receives a $2,500 bonus. Lee and Big Buck Newsom, who suffered his 13th defeat, staged a hurling duel through most of the battle, even though Buck wasn't on hand at the Ray Blades Takes Job With Reds . jtiiinu imnu ui tuc union. in- - T nDTPAMO et on . i. his own 15 and: scored twice in the sixth on three Ftf " V,, L 1 ' .... New Orleans Pelicans ol the Sout em association, today resigned accept a job as coach with the Cin- tcinnati Reds, succeedine Jewel Ens. TVifn t V-io UVtiiA Snv nunt in . i r-. Perry. Cochrane and Polanski then coVing twe the eighth ? r!ueioZ teu7 in'5e yaId! on two hlts hit batsman and a Blaaes. forme! St Louis Cardinal y ball. The ninth opened with' manager, came here this year and ftS hTWi lming safely' Paul Trout Unto third place. He is leaving the nL ,t I t k . , Immediately replaced Newsom. Cardinal svstem after many years. Deacons, thrown back by two penal-1 Kennedv ran for Goletz and Kree-1 . ties started a march down the j vjcn for Tresh Kune) batted for .icm as me quarter enaea hiw pay uiii, hiiu r-erry scureu'ri, and also converted. Davis was un- ,1 Lee and drew a pass. Don Kollo-: way then slammed a single into On the opening play of the sec- uuu quarter, uuncavage, waKe ror-1 ,. , .v.. k..ii ,., rf est half who subbed for Polanski. ! enable the White Sox to hold tnelV! reversed his field and ran 28 yards ione.Mme ,ead over cleveland IT ?JU,ChdT. Cocnra"e5 whic. today defeated St. Louis. i tempted place kick was wide. The . . , ! Soldiers failed to make .n. nro The victory made Lee the second r oir,cf oi 20-game winner in the or,,, ur.i,. i-... i. j league. Bob Feller of Cleveland Bil Liavis nail, quit. KttKcu , . ' , Pirtabureh and Wake Forest started down thel De'ng 'ne other- j npw York field once more, losing the ball on! 5,,7 aowns on tne soldiers one-foot P"rv Sta&djhfts NATIONAL LEAGI E line. abrha Chicaso 4 113 KoIIo.vhv kSiambaclt rf 4 I 3 0 Chunman 11 McCosKv cl York lb Uictrins 3b Patrick If Mrver 3b Tebbettv c ffftv.som D Trout ab r h a 5 0 2 1 4 110. 3 1 1 O'todiciani 3b 2 10 3; 2 0 0 fl Anuhi 4 0 1 l-Wrmhl rf 4 0 10 Jon-'s lb 4 0 11 Hoan cl 4 0 0 0 Golt'l f. 4 0 0 1 Kftinprlt i 0 0 0 0 Treh c Kr'vich un 0 10 0 lp n j o n l Kuzel zzx 0 0 0 0, Continurd From Pag One Sophomore Back cided to try Carolina's first pass of the day. It was a short heave to Turner, Lenoir PENNANT RACE AT A GLANCE Mi Connell'j kick went out of bounds on the 25-yard line and on the first play Wake Forest scored, Cochrane passing to Cole on the goal line. C'ochrane's try for point was wide. Davis showed some flash in the waning minutes but a threatened drive halted when Starford intercepted Cope's pass at the The Soldiers, unable t hpflrtwnv oonitKt th rwarti liiAoi Errors. Patrick. Hieeins. StainbacK. Runs niauway against tne ueacon line, bal.(lf1 m Hieeins 2. wnehi. adoi-h?. in the third, began passing, but i Koiiowav 2. Bases on bails oir Nowsom 0 F " i. nit Tennf i- nft I se 1 Struck out . bv witnout success. Duncavage and u-f . V bv Newsom Hit, off Nnwom Cochrane alternated with tricky 4 0 2 0 Now York 4 0 0 0 . . . 3 0 0 0 Chicneo 10 10 Cleveland 0 10 0 rietron 4 0 7 1 t-:;- AMERICAN LEACU'E w l per r 52 em 2 S3 34 83 64 TS fl8 .14 fit 76 4fif R 73 4fi3 60 ft , 414 40 104 278 if HE W L Pet 98 49 mi T9 8 537 T4 H 500 72 74 493 71 76 41 Hh AO 448 6.S 80 449 62 85 422 JTotal? 33 H 6jrotalK z Batted for Hoae in 9th. H Han for Goletz in 9th. .7.z Battd for Lee in M! h. zzz Rnn for fresh In 3t h . nininos .nt(rHf1 Id 1 DillieTS ill mv... Trnnl 1 in ft .nitrhpfl In ?. DUl- reverses to put the ball over for! ten 'in atm. iwina mtchtr. Neom. AMEKirtN l.EAr.VE WiLshincton 1 Philadelphia 0. New York 8' Boston 1. Clucato 4" Detroit 3. Cleveland 6: St. Louis I. another touchdown. Diinrnvarp! scoring on a 10-yard center plunge Upnfh KptnPY NATIONAL I.FAOI'F Brooklvn 3-6- Philadelphia 2-1. Nf-w York 4-7: BoMon 3-3. Cincinnati 2-7: Pittsburgh 1-J. Chicago 7' Sr. Louis 3, (By The Associated Press) and advanced the ball to rpHE Rrnnklrn rxvWrs mnvert tun Rhvnes 36. That pruss I f,,n , . ,,., Cochrane converted. On their next worked so well that Leo tried it hot National league pennant offensive the Deacons employed CmnrU llnmpr attain this time a tremendous yesterday iSaturdayi and were 'Pses and reverses for another kJlllutn jiihici j heave that Turner caught on the thinking of voting voting Paul "O'e, Duncavage plunging over goal line. Again. Dunkles place- Schefting of the Chicago Cubs a fro the two-yard line. Cochrane CLEVELAND, Sept. 20. i"i ment was good. j full share of their world series again converted. A few plavs later Home runs by Jeff Heath and Ken ( room took the opening kick- money when and if. Duncavage cut through center for Keltner helped the uieveiana probable mtcher.. m the mator lrnm.i off on his 20. and returned it ScnPIfings ninth-inning pinch-' ards and a touchdown. A try Indians tighten their hold on today ','! 5i yards to the Bears 30. With homer with the bases loaded paced fr Pint failed. Cope. Soldier half fourth place today with an easy b chicato at st. Louis Oi-okm no-n Dave Harksdale blocking nirelv. I,,.. -t. . . , o . took tlie kiolrnff .nd .,oi t.i,.'tn 1 trinmnh over St. Louis in the ?.n!i, JJsi.u H4-14I vs. White 17-i and i o goi 1.1, ano men ox Cardinals in St. Louis. Meantime, into the open with a 38-yard re-. aeries opener. danced through right tackle for Brooklyn belted the Phillies 3-2 turn. The Davis rally was cut by' Keltner's four-bagger was the 15 more and the fifth wore. ,antt 6i in a twin-bill. This, with an Intercepted pass and on the ' big noise of the Tribe's first inning Cox converted. ! the Cards' setback, increased the next play Duncavage passed 42 three-run outburst against Boo Carolina's last touchdown camr Bums' edge over St. Louis to two yards to Nesteruk, who ran five Harris, first of three Brownie after three minutes of the second games and left Brooklyn with sev- yards for a score. Duncavage failed hurlers. Heath's liner came in the half. It was simplicity itself. Cox en games to play and the Gas to convert. The score was 52-0. 1 fifth. took a punt, on nis aiumm L.ang wun eignr,. Hmerman opened the fourth s7 ixnn blockers mowed down would-be xv, indinr' ! Quarter hv intereenttno- rv,.-. y.1'"'1" a abrha The tnrtino' Quarter hv inlereenttno- : He f Iner . : H !!?,'..! tacklers. leaving only the safety Team w L Pet. Games To and running 45 yards to score Dun- I Mcouinn ib 4 l l o kiitnrr" 3b man. Cox himself took care of Behind Play cavage's kick was wide. A few plays ! ciilienbmV if 3 o l o cimnbeii or saiety man. wun a siucstrp, n Brooklyn . 95 52 .648 0 later Wake Forest scored auain rt. Lab.n 4 o o l nme it. .net ...ririen hurst, of need. Dun- ct i .. an tnt t o o. . ... . . . Bemramo M 4 o -r- ,v. uuuu - j. jn . v ci a sus.Miiiru uas.s hjio line nnve f kle made the placement. The remaining schedules: down the field for 76 vards Dun. A couple of Carolina threats in Brooklyn Sept. 21 at Pliiladel-! cavage went over center and con-the quarter were nullified by phla 2i, 22 at Philadelphia. 23 verted for the final score of the penalties. i open. 24-24 at Boston. 26 open, game. Davis made both of its first Rudisill's great run came with 27-28 Philadelphia. ; downs in the fourth one on a line three and a half minutes left to St. Louis Sept. 21 Chicago 2, buck bv Cope and another when of-play. He never got a chance to 22 open. 23 at Pittsburgh i2, 24-25 ficiais Vuled Wake Forest interfered 'it roll i Harru d CMTer d Archie x Trotter D Total-t Mark lb 3 0 0 0 Hea-an r 1 0 0 0 Milnar D 10 0 2 10 0 0 0 0 0 1 at r h a 3 112 4 0 0 n 4 2 2ft 4 2 2 0 4 12 0 10 0 0 4 0 0 2 4 0 3 1 3 0 0 0 26 open, 27-28 at STANLEY Ml'SIAL. the 20-year-old youngster who seems iipftdfd for a regular outfield job with the Cards next season, was on thr Asheville roster for two years . ., a six-footer weighing About 1H0 pounds and left-handed all the way, joined the Cardinal forces in 1939 . . . the Tourists, who have a working agreement with Williamson, obtained him at the close of the season . . . he was a pitcher then, and had won nine games and lost two ... he spent the 1940 .season at Daytona Beach, being there on option from the Tourists, and copped 18 games and last five ... he then hurt his arm and. after taking a look at him lust spring. Branch Rickey instructed that he be tried t first base and in the outfield ... as a result. MumsiI was sent to Springfield of the Three-Eve tins past season as a gardener and he promptly started tutting the ball like another Ted Williams ... he paced the Springfield club to a commanding lead in the pennant race and then was taken up by Rochester a couple of months ago ... as a Red Wing he continued to hit hard and when the International loop season ended he joined t he Cards . . . they say he can't miss as an outfielder with the Red Birds next season . . . that's going up pretty fast, but he seems to have what it takes . . . six months ago he was a class D pitcher with a bad arm . . . now he's a major league outfielder with a brilliant future . . . Ftchmonrl LB- Ctilllii i,r w.u'k LO-Amrhflm C- M.llin TT(K K.U P r - R'lbrTf son I(R Fiicksun Orl--F.ii?rrW1 T.H -I minniiitm Hll fciiirrrtuti FH Furtunmo . . . ftt .Dwelt-LE Jt,iij IT mt di un Aln f Clnn-RO Bnttrfk HT (iibcon P K Cnthv OR Watt 1 H "rirltabfp .Rtl Starf- FB .000 7 0 7 7- chmonrt (worlnir. tourhdnwn. Pitt nub : for Ofint alter toucftdown. , j Fli'SiTHkl fnlnceninH, i I N f BtKte M'ormir TOtiennn'!.. Oor- dfn i sub fur HuckniM-f . Watts: tH'int ; .tftrr tiMtchrifiwn. Faircloth isnb lor i Walts, 3 .DiacrmiTi's.. SCHARFF, VADEN ARE FINALISTS IN TENNIS MEET kitk for the extra point. Because at nttsourjn, the man who was meant to hold the Chicago. i bnll fumbled. I Buck Mabry, Lenoir-Rhyne back. nsnrAii rr1 t rT pluved a line game until he was iSUjlUlH LULLUjL forced to leave the field with a dis- -, . c . . v nrrr tTC located shoulder. EASILY DEFEATS Lenoir-Rhvne made only four-"""""1"" u first downs, to 16 lor North Caro- $ELM, 78-0 Luoir-Rhvnt m--Wtu.tittru I, r- B.tre.T Ia Holciimb CLmk R( V-Ostxtrnr H I' Cunrart KR- DrtubtTt OB Hudisill I H Hinikma III! -But to FH-Mabrr tn'ir Ithvtn . Non n Carolina with a soldier pass receiver. Camr. Dnu Wk Port 1 E-B-ew fiecr -I E LrJ(.Vrtiis Pn-jston IT u-l Kywick Oirler IXi C W nisar Bfdow C BO Ewrtld KaDriva RO RT Sc-hw tut kfr Jones RT RB-Cash CoolevRE T'lti CochranOB iJref Perrv RH I"B-Brurkner Polanski FB x bued IorCflstt-r in 3th. St. I,ouls (1!)0 ?O0 0O0-' Cleveland 3(U010 01x Error. Laabs. Runs batted in. K'ltrio 2. ('wmnbvil 2. Hfa'h. Htan. CuMiiibir.n j Laab.s Tun base hit. Heaan. Three h;i.-I h!t.s Biiudrenu. Heath. Canmbell Hti'n runs. Keltner. Hrmh Bise-, on bH. oi i H.trris 1. off Custer 3 off Tro'ter 1 ot ! Miliutr 2. Strurk oui bv Harris 2 Hr Rcnvpr I nkp ! off Hurr-n (tin t 1 .1 hiring nff Crxsrer , 2 m 4 2-i- oft Trotter 2 in i. i-osiny men participated in North Carolina Elliot LB 8l-cJt LT Nuwell Ui Bent on- C M-rshall RO Ht'vmttnn HT Rithardson RB OHare OB Dun kle -L.H Perfrn-RH Si Birr r 0 0 NEWTON. Mas., Sept. 20. 0P- TVie powerful Baston college Eagles, despite some ragged play now and then, rolled up a 78-0 score against little St. Anselm today to launch Denny Myers' head ceach- shio with the moat one-sided Light Drill Held By Duke Gridders Leonard Hurls Nats To 1-0 Win Brooklyn at Philadelphia c2i Allrn 3- " anq uavis na-tt Vs. roaaamv i9-Il wun tititfifs i-I4i. Boston at New York f 2 Earv rri Tobin H2-10I vs. McOee ia-10i and tcldman iO-Oi. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Diett H-l) M. Riddle U7-4i. AMERicix Tkinrr Detroit at Chu'.tu i2i-BridBM f 8-ll arid Hn-e i8-5i vs. ' ons 12-9i and 1 12-13.. vSt, Louis at Clew 'and I2 Aukcr (14-i4i and tlalclio e ib-ai vs. Smith 1 10-13 1 and LVnn ( 3-6 1 . PhiU.dolDhia at Washinaton (Ji Fowlr 'l-li and Calieinn u-l va. Cha? ifi-Iflt arwt Wvnn '2-nt. New Vork at Boston Bonhnin ,9-5i vs. DoUson i2-b or Hurrif. .fi-14'. Beecham And Sams Share Blind Roaa - y Ralph Boecham and E. L. Sann yesterday posted a pair of net 75's to share top honors in the usual Saturday Blind Bosev event at Twenty-one links- the competi tion. Beecham carded an 82-7-75 while Sams turned in an 87-12-7S. North Carolina arortriB-' Tou-hdowr,. Jordan Mib lor Smirn: croora 'b lc,r Siwlrri O'iiarr. Turnrr (ub for Ricnard sont. Cox Mlb for OHarr, va trv after touchdown, uuniue olac.'iiiriiti . tory. With riot when the American leagua , champions scored their half-dozen I runs, all unearned, in the eiehth ! after Joe Cronin's error in's 1 WASHINGTON. Sept. 20. -grounder started the frame. Rookie Roger Wolf of Philadelphia ? hr box i and -veteran Dutch Leonard of J"1 v DURHAM. Sept. 20. W) Duke's Washington staged a pair of pitch- r, o.ur ueni griawrs remxea today ( ing masterpieces here today with following yesterday's hard scrim- the Senators coming through with mace as Coach Wade gave the a 1-0 victory. .--Miiiui mint amountea to a holiday T.he .box three backfields alternat- ab r h a 4 o o o cu 4 0 3 0 Cr time; oil There was no formal work this Piniadrioh afternoon The nt.,. nvii h.,j i"nf. " ini from ing, the Eagles amassed a total of: in shorts and shirts and' partici- I tVhh,,n,.bb ill ! t""' I" Downs tua u, uou : patea only in limbering up exer- s chaomn cf 3 o o o v-mon tb cises. They did a little passing .ndig?,'K . jii! F.r.v a little Kicking. iwaeurr e 3 0 0 0 Hlooflwrth 30 Patton Ave. Jo M. Cooper, Mgr. Continue Your SWIMMING AT THE Y. M. C. A Bob Scarff will battle Jim Vaden and Fanny Boyd will go against Barbara Strongmiller in singles competition in the finals of the city park tennis tournament today. AH matches will be held at Malvern Hills park. lit yesterday's men's semi-finals. Bob Scharff defeated Cline Brendle. 7-5. 6-3. 6-1 and Jim Vaden eliminated Page Clioate in one of the closer man-lies ol the day. 6-3. 4-6 6-2. 6-3. In men's doubles play. Jim and Joe Vaden are set to meet Page Clioate and Bob Scharff in the final match. Each team advanced with wins in Friday's play. The women's doubles combination made up of Grace Schoenheit and Barbara Stroncmiller Won a pair of matches yesterday. In the opening duel they eliminated Susan Amsbarry and Becky Carter In comparatively easy fashion, 6-4. 6-1, and in the second, topped Fanny Boyd and Nary Beth Turn-bull with more ease. 6-2, 6-1. The latter match won the title In doubles comiietttion. In the only oilier scheduled match yesterday. Cline Brendle and Barbara Strongmiller won by default over Jim Vaden and Susan Ten thousand gallons of water Amsbarry. evaporate from the leaves of a ma- I The public is cordially invited to ture tree In one season, it has been witness the finals today free of estimated. charge. 8:(k-Pite Chatr and, Bod rs lonv I liomosoii and Mrs. Kale PAKKEK LICKS R1GGS LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20. JP Frankie Parker of Altadena, Calif, upset national champion Bobby Riggs 7-5, 6-1, 6-3 today to enter ; the Sugar bowi champions. the finals ot tne racmc csomnwesi tennis tournament against Frankie Kovacs of Oakland. about a dozen of the mast elemen tary plays in their new offense, which combines the single wing hack with the T-formation. A abrha 4 0 10 4 n n o .10 0 0 3004 3 111 2 0 0 0 ab r h a Huston ab r h ft 6 0 0 0 1 UlM't-10 ef A 0 1 0 4 2 2 3 Fox rf 4 0 0 0 4 111 r-r.,. . ,111 I 1) Vc o tl ( 2! 11, Nrwsnif u 0 0 0 I -Ifcirlt II 4 0 10 Wllhams 11 4 0 2 0 Did:- f 4 111 Hurnce If 0 0 0 0 Got'lon 2h 4 111 rubor 3b 4 0 10 Cr.wni 3b :i 0 0 ? Foi. lb 4 0 2 0 lln.sso n 4 10 1 F! ir lb 0 0 0 o lllwrr 2b 4 0 0 4 II-. t.a r 3 0 1 0 'Wnenrr D 3 0 0 0 Rvba D 1 0 1 3 Tt woo ! a i , i won D 1 o n I Leonard v " no uic w.liu-up Ol U1IKC 3 MUM. I 1 O W 0, inira week of Is 10' Tola!.. SS I 9 doo 2oi ofio a oui onq oho i enrlv-fnll nr.pil.. I . . .r ." . . crowd of 20,000 turned out to watch The opener comes next Saturday I "FTedr "woiMiTgliT wnen wake Forest s Demon Dea cons invade Duke stadium. FOOTRtl.K KlXAIi Florida 26; Randolph Macon 0. Err-ir. Bruncn'n. Travis Ri'ns ten t ted )n RIoodorth. BR.--C on hal!. "rr Wolf l Struck out. bv Wolf 1: bv Leouurd 1. 10 0 2 New York 'b 1 0 M Jo ; on Errors. Hizulo. Crontn. D r-Mairtt1o, 1 Runs baited in. J DiM:ti;eto 2. Dickev 3. " " " Ctord'tn ;t Tahor. Two bur hits. Riizuto. tii..1, J, DiM;i2e)n llomf run lordon. Busts on i ba'.b olf Russq 2. off Wnitner 3. off Rvba i HiruiK o,:f. nv Ruso i ov kvd i. Hit, of) Wacner fl in 7 2-1 innms- olf Hb 2 in 1 1-3. laOMUff niuhcr. Waftnei. Asheville Boy May Annex Berth On Rutgers Eleven Five More Dodeers Fined By Loop Head ans rusn tied box, 6-1 iurk. Sent. 20 (4i esirient Ford Frlck of the Ka. ional leattue today fined five BOSTON. Sept. 20. members of the Brooklyn Doduei-s eighth-lnninft six-run li An out-burst the Boston Red Sox. The Yanks' 2 to 1 lead became a ... , ... ;2S each for the use of "vile and . broke up a pitching battle between OAMP EDISON, Sea Girt, N. J.. going to work him more on punt ie: ; of .. ,..., , :Mnrlllv Rlw -,lrl ri,riv ,-nr V Sept. 10. tSpec.ali-Here at turns and I think he'll be . "S"1'" : with umpire Oeorge Mawrkurtl. ! today and gave the New York the New Jersey National Guard there fighting for a starting PM" : under the stands after Wednesday's Yankees an 8 to 1 triumph over encampment wnere ine nuixrin ... , gwrne in nusTjurgn. university football team is current-; Schaffle's gridiron career com-! The fines, payable in five days, ly undergoing Its annual 18-day menced back at Lee Edwards high ' were levied against Whlilow Wvatt, training grind. Coach Harvey Har- ' school where he played for two ' Joe Medwick Dolph Camilli. Pete man is having a hard time select-! years before hi graduation in 1938. Coscarert and Herman Franks, ing a pair of starting enos be fore! In his final season he was named, after Frick had received the re-the season's opener against Alfred as second string end All Western 1 port of umpire-in-chief Bill Klem. on September 27. And right in the Carolina. I Klem was In Philadelphia vester- thick of the battle for one of these1 This past spring he was given! day investigating the rumpus to-bertlis is a product of Lee Edwards the highest scholarship the college! gether with Larry MacPhall, presl-high school. Albert Schaffle, son offers, an Upson award. Schaffle's ! dent of the Dodjers. of Dr. and Mrs. Karl Schaffle. 10 Interest has not only been directed Manager Leo Durocher of the Normandy road, Asheville. N. C. ' along football lines. His freshman Dodeers was fined $150 yesterday Packing 180 pounds on his six-! season saw him as one of the div-ifor his part In the heated dispute feet-one-inch frame. Schaffle has era on the sub swim squad while1 during the game, which started been handicapped in his football he also participated in inter-college i when Magerkurth called a balk on efforts In the past two seasons be- j baseball. During the past two win- j pitcher Hugh Casey in the eighth cause of his small stature, in com- ters he has been a mainstay on the' and permitted the Pirates to score parison with uther candidates. For Scarlet boxing team, battling in the , the tieing run. The players took up this, his senior year, Schaffle has i 175-pound division with great sue-! the argument with Magerkurth 75 Play The Course ' ALL DAY When Tickets Are Sold In Blocks Of Four. One of Donald Kos linot lay-outs. Ask our of our regular p la vers. BEAVER LAKE GOLF COURSE Henry Westall, Lessee Goldsmith No. 5 F Football Shoes. Regular $11 Reduced to $5.00. Covington Sport Shop Phone 5017 M Patton Ave. A-.hrville, X. C. Thoir.nsin, ifui..t, 10 00 Jim and Jot- Vadrn r. Mr. Paar Choa-.e and Boh Schar:f ilinalM. 11 00 Hrnrv WhllrMdr arm Dot Cltoatr v. ainiirr ol Uta 8 orlork match Tm;-hiiaJs, . 2 W)- Bo Hcl..,rlt r. Jtm Vadrn lfin..L 3 00-rar.r.v Bovd ri. Bibara suoiia- m,:lrr i!U:a!, i 00 B', rbarm 8c cr naTBillrr and Cline Brriiole . m inntr ol the 11 o ckkk Bialcil .fmalAI. added an extra ten pounds and cess. warns that he's ready for anything ' A major In journalism, Schaffle that comes his way. Harman seems is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha so-to agree with the Asheville youtn cial fraternity and served three and has notified all concerned that years on the staff of The Targum, the sandy-haired wingman will see undergraduate newspaper. At pres-plenty of service this fall. ent he is engaged in the Civil "Hes fast and willing and one of Aeronautics Aviation course at the the best pass receivers I can boast : university and has made great of," Harman commented. "We're progress. t after the game. HATS CLEANED and BLOCKED 112 Patton Avenue Football! DUKE vs WAKE FOREST Duke Stadium Durham, N. C. Saturday, SeDt. 27 Kick-Off 3:30 P. M. Reserved Seats $2.50 Reduced Section $1.50 Send mail orders for reserved seal tickets to: DI KE ATHLETIC OFFICE. I! KE STATION, 1)1 RIIAM, N. C. Add 10c to cover rost of imured mail.

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