The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*!!j r»le pti ilDi lot Inttrtloc : Minimum ch*rri J Mm* p»/ Uu» 3 l!m« pti Mn« per dnj 3 l!m#» pej itn« pci rift j I llm PJ. pel tine prt day «PO x J8 Used Tire*. vholf tBl), 1 or 100 All tlri-H Kimru ROSK SAI.FS CO. 501 S. 2Jsi Si. Dions 45!*c 8.15 ....... Unmh pci lln* ..... tOc itop)ifd betnrt fiplrMlno n-ili *>*• rha/p- • rt (or thf nurnbti oJ tftvk«* ifco Ad All cltMjfLtd MlvrrmtriK copy *ub- •m»o bj ptrsont smtaint amtliit ol th« city in ut I be ftrcompntiled th« tbort u Adrtnitmg Btrlfonc l*V;e* th% ntlt Ko rf.'pniiUblMlv will •ore lhi.n nn» In cmn[njtr<i (roi orfl?/ffl /o: rrci nn liblt e ink en c insertion . All «di irr rpslricttrt to thMr propn f la Mlf teuton * ty It and lypr Tfce Courlft Ke'*.< rf:*rr« tho right K) *dli or /fj«i anj 1 id Mil OKA I.Ell SjiTlHl Mite on «h/)1-riiMh WhuJpAAle Prli-c Only 1 Ib. « nz. can. 1? to cnse $1.00 per fun,* 10 &z. Cfin, 2* to cnhr, JJ 25 per rase F1ist come. nr*t Kcm-rt ROSE SALES CO. 501 S 21st m. Blytlievlllf, Ark.. Ph 4.NM « li t>k 10 i /or &enf USED COMBINES If it's n used combine you want—see us first! We have a very wide selection — A]] Makes & Models! Cash or Terms :— 61 Implement Co. N. Hiway Gl Phone 21-12 8-;i I ck tf 4 room apartment )n modern duplex. Bendlx connection, wall furnace JJU unfurnished, call 2113 or 4:if>fl. 3 -room (utn, npt., pilvnte baih, jytRldaire. stove. Fh. 3229 nftpr 5 pin. 0 25 pk 10 2 3 rm 1st turn. npt.. private hsitli. hot water /urn. 404 E. DavU. Ph. 34HS 925 pk 102 3 rtr>. \infur. apt. private bath H;W. heater, bulU In cabt 801 I-akp. P)i. 6019. . rciir 0 24 pX 30 ANTIFRKK7.K Wholesale Frlre Only Alcnnol Jn J gul. cnns 6 R&). to case — 6Sc gn\ P<rnianpnt In 1 gn) caiiii 6 gal 10 CAM — HAfl K IIOSK SALES CO. 501 R 2!5t Rl rhnne S,M pk 1ft' 1 4 room Turn apt, Good tornilon. Cull 3190, Totir old j for fror <!i 513 N Hi. 4 rm- unfur. apt, Jn ROI Close In, ph. 4555 or 2S95. condition. 9|19 ck tf 4 rm, unlur, RJH.. nnwly dcror into. H.W heftier, ph. XO.S. 9115 pk Modern, newly decornlecl reasonable. In. \i\\_. Telephone 2H7S Office apace also 9,7 ck 10;7 3 room imiurnlsliprt r •decorated. Ph. 23)0 o Small Apartments, furnished. $8 np per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services AUTO GLASS New or Used WADE AUTO SALVAGE Phone 3785 9-26 ck tf f(J frrr Call R Harris, fl,7 ph. 10.7 DO YOU NEED TIOES have all *l?ps Jn .slack. All Ures . HOSE HAI.R3 CO. 501 S 2Jsl St Ph. 4 SOU S pit 10 15 room hoiiM moved frnn 26fll, 1711 W t with hnlf bnih, lot, cheap. pic 27 j KUKNITURB est Buy hi BlytTirvl|]» HOSK SAI,KS CO. 501 S 21M St yOievin^, Ark,, Ph 4MB Kerosene^ lienlrr nrKnln. Conlnct Good "dh vf Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUKNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph, 2552 8-2 ck tf D*m*t tndanm Tour r*n\lly »1lh viHj >!r»^-BUT LVX TinrS. CXAPUAM BBRV1C1 ETA TION Main and DlTliInn Phone 35«S 12:i3 ck W AtTTO 4IfD rURNITUHB IXDAMB Prompt Pfr»on»1 Ser^lc* •*merfcl Conlrmct Purchftjif Corp 1M Sautb Mb Photn CJ103 Services Quilting •wnnted. Phone 2622 920 G27 care o/ children day nr nlijlit. 2G22 9 ^0 9 27 rLOORWORK—Lny nnri (tnlsh old •ud new hardwooii itcxirs L«y nsphult •nd rubber Die unrt llnolctitn. Cnll 6767 (or frcn estimate SHELBY SELF 9,14 pk 10.14 Washing Machines repaired, all makes..Blythnrille Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck If Watch and Jewelry Repair - dont bj- ' rit* on Jtwtlrj a Oii» rtp«!r PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour MI oji Ihe Dlln±7 Fai 1ml *rrr lce.c\I] UARA^BT Cfcrl Lfmit kl BLYTHEVILLE Television A Radio Sorvirp 111!, F U.Ip rhnur JJM 11 li ck I Building materials for sale at reduced prices— 800 pieces heavy galvanized roofing 26 gauge 35,000 common red bricks • 5,000 feet 1x5 M & 16 ft. lengths rough cypress lumber 10,000 feet galvanized V crimp roofing 9-10-12 foot length. Call 2328 Tom Little Realty Company 9-22 ck 29 Five TOO if 15 Oooilyr k'nll llros n»«l tiihes . . k'riy Drtr*. HtytheTllle. 150. 5^9 9 24 27 REST A U KANt CLASS KS~ H A- M 3nlfs Co 117 E Mnln, Ph 6859 9.20 cK 10 20 MRRj\7lnp nub.irrlpdons. CJub plan or ash For deialld. ph. JflCH. 03 pV 103 Orry Sable, Mule., 2 mo*, ilrt. rrslstrrfrt. A K.C. Ph. 2fll. John -aluXpr, Walnut Ridge, Ark. Phillips Motor Co.'s $1095 j-ou rnmp to Ilic (-'iiir this wTfli. slop anil lakr .1 !or>k at this deluxe Tinliir. Jusl S10K.V One of the tint buys you'll flmi! Hull, ral |j n ^,,,1 healer. HrlllUnl iiianmn fnisli. '47 Ford $895 Sl-e this car on nur lot at tlie corner of llm:itl»av n n it dilrkiismvtja. Vnu'll like Ihe 'lianrlsniru' uniy linish, (he n]Clln»-ton(.|| riirlln, Ilic |, n u- errirlhfiili'r. Our Tudor ntoilrl. '47 Chevrolet $895 \Vt liu'lle you lu lost this car yourself before von rlinosc your ear. fl's a mamim Aero- Hfilun thai has linth lipat anil music—plus thr kinil of en- Khic perf«jrmance you want. '47 Ford $595 That's rlglil] SSSS.^, tills Isn't the liesl useil car III tho I'nltiMt Stiites of Anirriea. . . . kill il'.s nlie of Die: hrst liuy.s! A '-n Knrcl for <i,W5. <irey colnr. Ko.ilvr only. TRUCKS '46 Ford $645 P rhK Is the pickup you should scp: A 'i-Tnn Knn] pickup /or S«!.5. Drive II—.rtnt'JI like II. Anil you'll Mkp Hie fine tnnle vou'II B pl i!l I'JijHips Uolor C'o. In UlytlmUle. '47 Chevrolet $795 Is your iwhrnl track about rcaily ftir lliu Kravc? Then comi- on (totvu and try mil Iliis '17 Clietrulfl !J-Ton I'lrkiip . . . priced al jusl 5705. Kijuippc.l H-llli .1 radio anil healer. '47 Ford $695 Hi-re's .tiiollir-r rv.lmple of the lies I buys hi Bl.vlhrillle —always nllrrrcl by Phillip! .Molor Cn. A 1047 Ford )';Ton Call ft Chassis Truck 'or s shade under $700. See you tomorrow, '47 CMC . $695 This 1917 GMO I'i-Trm Cah <t Chassis Truck Is a cfiod ili'al ill jusl SfiO.i. The tires arc in line shape . . . 835x20 tires in rear. 2-spepd axle, of course. Hcd body. Broadway & Chickasawba ompany **& * "* Phone 4453 LET'S TRADE MY new trailer for 55 bushels of your soybeans delivered this fall. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dial 520 — Blythtvillc, Dial 2371 Wanted to Buy Do von har« enything to ecu? We. my any kind of merchandise W» pay nore arid fell for less HOPE SAl.r.R CO. 501 S 21st SI. Phone 4.593 fl.'is pit io;i FARMS-FARMS-FARMS WANTED local to p< most he ; have KeTeral buyera for mid Aoirtll funus i>ist did uot gel d this yertr. \V11I Inii" now subject c-.Mon J»n 1. 1952 As you know of jrotir Und buyers eonxe from Smith, [f you want in Kf\] or trade r fnmi nee, write or c«l] KIALKS LAND CO. HLYTIIIOVILI.E, ARK. Phone 3322 S'3 c)t 10,3 H«lp Wmnte* female Help Wanted Need man to work in our store us clerk and general s lpre duties. Permanent position. Prefer man with experience in appliance and hardware store. See Tom A. Little Sr., in person. No telephone calls. Modern Home Economy Store 109 West Main St. 9-22 ck 29 FOR SALE Good 5-rooni house and hath on Muiiltrie Drive, close to Central Ward school. $800 to City Service-Station & cafe, located Ark-Mo Slate Line, efficiency apt., upstairs. Selling '. Station rents for lc per .. gas sold. Doing- good bnsi- ?800 cash will handle, balance "ess, immediate possession. f 35.60 per month. Price .^5,310. j This property is now vacant —move in tomorrow. 5-rooni bouse ami bath just off Hwy. Gl South. This house- is one year old. Price $I,;HK). ft,200-Sash,-balance F. II. A. See or Call JOHNNY MARR Realtor Phone 1111 Res. Phone 2596 fl-10 ck tf Ca01 " . Bunch. I'll. *'~-j*-i PK 2, t For Sale or Trade e an upright Tor Dln- uite, npply 104 E. Davis. 50 «rr < door sportster sedan r.ullo, heairr. overdrive, white w,*ll tlrrs. California Car. ills plastic iti- lenor. now. For sale, or „„„; 2 ,£, 'Jor I.t-arhvllld i, | ,,,i. west See am- time after 5 p.m. Johnson Bros Fan'n B25 pic 2Ji Baj- rolks. nit Move clr ter. civil Itft Notice avohl the men. have join fined nnd ready for win r>' Mrers. 6349, 98 pk 10 i USED COMBINE BARGAINS! All makes are here for you . to choose from . . . priced (is! low as $150! See us before you i liny. (You'll lie clad you did!) ' DKI.TA IMI>I.F,M!<:NTK, INC. riionc <;8i;;s 9-25 ck tf COTTON PECKER HUSKS f 2 ttowt usf'3 ,*rliool hi;*c.t a brtrc^ln- pti P605 or 2720 prlc- TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO III » w.i.ul roon. 1M3 Plenty of Parking Space Cu?.;om Soybean Combining M. <:. OKKKNWAY Blytheviile. Pii. fi50:i S-1S pk 10-18 FT*, chcnp I'h. B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL Aii outstanding liojiie, 5 room Slonekotp, comer lot, floor furnace, atlic fan, hardwood floors, large closets, built-in cabinets and all the other cxlrns to make a house a home. In Gl loan. Nice 7-room house on dou- >le lot, rear of new high school. Has floor furnace. Venetian blinds ami olher modern conveniences. Also has large garage with workroom nd.ioininjr, and rental house in roar. Have several farms from -10 HITOS lip. Cates-Wiggs Co. 11o_S. Third Til. '2i~>l or .Il'(i8 9-22 ck 27 liiive liouso loi-iiled north of !' = Kroner Hloro on I-'irst Stroi>t.| - apnrdnoius. one :l roonip with bath, one 1 rooms and. l>alh. srpjivatc li^lits, vciilor' ;in<l l)iilhs. NVarly now pliunlj. ; „, ing fixluros for f alc OlDtNT tt TOUT car [« damngfd In »n accklpnt hcrt - 5 something joii ihould kmm Bnumeu will „!,, ,,„, a • ^ p """ lot> "" ""' '«o»li wort 01 1300 nr mnre rii« wholr c«r HELP WANTED: J400.00 monthly kp»re time. We will st-]e*-t H retlable ]>frson doin this area 10 refill and collect nionr-y from our NPW Aiitoiimtlc i.l«rcliBHdlshii( MftthliiPs, No SelUnK. To qiihiiiy HppllcaiiL must have car. Dpvotliiir 4 hours R week \vi\\ net up to $400.00 monthly with iK>ss)li)lltv of Ink! nt; over /uLl thne. For Intprvlpw write giving mil partktiEiirs. nnmc G-l co Courier New 926 pk 10 2 Elder!-? lady to do sales work. Apply tfoff Hoirl. 9 to 10 A.m. Thursday only. Aslt for Mr. Mnssctiglll. 926" pk 27 YOUNO LADIES 18-23 Eingle neat sppoaring free to travel western winter rfsoiis. Calif.. and wllh chaperoned Rtoup. Averse eartilngs. $75.00 vreeXIy plus bonus Transport aiion furnished. eKpcnso.s advanced. Married coirpl^ rons!dered If qualified. See Mrs. Lahey, Hotel Noble. Thijrs. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. No phone CRMs. 9 25 pk 27 SEI.I, OnKRSFR FROM NKW YORK Filth Avt-,. N.Y., llrm ric^lrrs women to soil Drc-SAPA. SiillK. I.iuyoile, Htdi "Vogue." "" (lood cojti- inKslons. V. r rltf, Modom Miu\ni i r. ^60 SH Fifth Ave,. New Vork. R 26 pk 71 CASH HEWAI1U-S5000! Spll CbrLstuliiB C'ai(ls^kep[) ?.SO casl] on 100 boxrs 2t-i-ar<l El nw.oruneilts, i Atncrica's greatest vahic! KMf^JSSKO j Naine-lmpilntPtl Chrlsonal Cards. 50 (or |1 2S. Many other Ilia pnOFIT fast-sellers. Assortments sent on approval, FKEE Imprint Samples. FRIENDSHIP. 976 Adams. Elilllni. N.Y. 9 26 pk -27 Help Wanted, Male YOUNG MEN 18-28 n*at appearing, ambitious, free to travel southwestern slates. Cflltt.. and return free transportation Turn- Lshed. Cash drawing account. Av^rHRe earnings $7.1.00 weekly, See Mr. -Morris 10 to 4 Hole) Nolile, Thms. No rhoitr: Cnlls. 9 25 pk 27 Jobs Wanted Have I 1 ,7 ton truck available for RtiMng. nig))t or tiny; loenl or Ions distance. Ph. 4237 or 4081. 9;H pk 10;1 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. .1 Pollard Agency Pliinned Protection 1H W Am 81 GLRKCO* HOT1I WALKERlNSURANCE GJe»coo Hotel BuiMing Phone -13(50 Fire — Aulo — Casually Protection at Law Cost J. G. "Hob" Barnes W. L. "Hill" Walker ___ 7-1 f. ck tf For Sale, Cars and Trucks HErRSHEK WTSTKN'O AUTO flAI ES Ph 4371 - 3)M „„„ Xe n«-nnd We Finance " We Rent Cn Trurkd A Truck-« L'sed tiros, popular sizes, [nuist lie moved within ."51) days• :>1.. r >0 up .Seal i'iH-in-s that will I after purchase. House onlv For Sole, Misc. fit most cars. l»\c as . |B. F. Goodrich Co. 117 \V. -Main If you want to sell or buy USED FUKMTUKE fiee us. Arnolds, Goines *OG East Main I'h. 6357 2-26 ck tf PIAXO P'-wlner mscMnts *e rood liLrt m»chlnt» «l ri,on» POdl nw s n , lth Th ,.j „„ road. NEOCii] SiftiNQ CIRCLE ^nn--j>lnt't 'li-;>l»v nt >MPASV p' 1 '^ »?3 ft 10 J R»e serer»l Phone G3:il !»-•->(-, ck 27 for sale. Call L«2:! or Koalty Co., li Street. sec 1 Toni I .ittic i 'i ii» West Private Rooms lr fur. bcthoorn. men Ph 52st 9 13 pk 10 14 hrdrcxirrs. prlval^ hath nnrt en- closp in Ph. 44:12. 9 22 ,-Jt ;r For Rent r <1 r r. a i,,"A<IJnlnlll St F), 2209 S 27 [Ik 9 i !*'\ F. M. Teriy. 2iS! For Safe, Rear Estate Have •( - room house and large pile of scrap lumber for sale. House will have to be torn down. Call 2323, Tom Little K<\ut\- C n . 0-22 ck 20 n In town "lore Call 9 20 pX 27 Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS U lDl«r»Mr<1 Ii Rujlng nt lot. 'fhhoil:ri Store. Cf ? o sr,<l !t ,:,n < r(Nm not for sale, J600. c»l] Rov Shoppird. 9524 REALTORS — Cecil Karls — Gloncoc Ulclg. ph. G86S -Small erore nlurn linu twice selling price. I6C-0. rh .16(5. J6 pk 10.2 i-'()li IIK.N'T: Uusinoss Prop, '•fly on the corner of Walmit & Krnnklin. in Hlylhoville. :? silt's of liuildin>;s to fit any I'usinotis area now ot'l'orecl 1'akc cine or all. For ii''"ornia- lion. fonlacl PAUL HVIU'M n-20 ck it- Wonted to Buy ' I'j.v^nl.. niuj Girl Srom uniforms :n :r".., : . <^!u!Hlnn n n ri [rcshly U^nclered I Brtns to 526 Walnut. 8,26 pi 10,3 EDSON Continued Trom Page 8. during the war." Mr. Morrison went on. ".She was heljjpd into a bomb .Mifiler and offered a cup of tea. And after she sipped it down she remarked, "Woll, there's one tiling about all this bombing. It helps- you . Use of tlie Dialerlir Biggest laugh at tlie San Francisco peace conference was furnish-, cd by the grim-faced Gromyko. Tt i happened at his famous press con-! fcrencc, just before tbf 1 treaty sign- j Ing. A reporter asked the Russian :i ho tit reports that Premier Stalin's health was bnd. The buxom Monde translator translated and Gromyko replied with biireaucrntic seriousness, Hpht out of Die Communist ratprhipinr "The health ot AlArfhall Stnlin is always erwxl." Tlie Firsl Tfme Tt remained for -Sir Oliver Franks. j British Rfiil7a.s5«dor (o Washington and an eminent scholar, to can al- j tmtion to another little-noted his-j I lories! event thai took place Just ' before the Japanese peace treaty j was signed. This was the tri-partite mutual defense treaty between Aus- trnlia. New Zealand and the United States. H was the first time in the history nf the Hritish Empire and Com' monwealth that any of its members [ had made a mtlitnry alliance with! j an out^idi: power. Ami it was done j v,ilh full approval of the British I Tmilers lo tlie Rescue 1 f 'U 3 government*:; Federal Hous- j iiiR and - Home Finance A^cnry hought 1000 trailers and has 200 ! more on order lor emergency use j in the Kansas flood area. Tills ts j trow standard practice for disaster ' relief. Seven hundred and fifty trailers were boueht after the Van-! port. Ore., flood in 1943. And several hundred were rushed to the i srene after the Texas City, Tex., ex- I pln.dnn in 1947. I In Kansas, the trailers were leas- j ed by FHHPA to (be cities at $,1 a ; year. Kansas City pot 647, Toprkn | 151. Mnnhntt^n 75. Otowa 50. and ] so on, Cities in turn put farilities | in trailer parks and le^rd trailers [ (o hmnrln.-vs families for $35 to S-40 ! a montii. Most of ihis nioney will he retained by the cities, to pay ! their costs in eMnblishtns Ihe traU- i rr narks. If any rental money is 'eft ! ov,'-r. lioucvrr. I! \\ill be returned to [ the FYiicral government. After thfi | rmrrprnry Is over, the trailers wiU i l>r used by the HOU^IIIE; Agency tr>r j '-rnrreenry shelter at defense plant: j =sitrs nr on military h,i?e.i. ! N'p« Type of Home f Trailer Coach Manufacturers As- L s-'i-iatuui estimates that there are I Mm-,v about 1.500.000 Americans Hv-' ' Jnc in 5onie SOO.OOO trailers. II they! •ivei e all assembled in one spot, It - : would makr a city lust a hi tic bit' 1 larger thnn B.iltimorr, Just a Jittle ; smnlter than Drlrnit. 1 Actually, they're scattered in over . RMO trailer parks \vith the heaviest ; concetitration5 In Florida. California; j and defence centers. List year there! j were fxS non traUers manufactured j i by some infi makers. j Most of them are small compa- j nies. none doinc niore than four or [ !ivr per cent of (he total. Produc- [ li^n ihis year mav br slichily lilch: er. Teak production was in 1348 I when R5,rmo *tre sold. Average life a trailer is now about 10 to 12 I Lost and Found 1,05,1: Set ot keys In snap container, thrown from car window by babr. bclJprM lost In from of Klrby Dnig' CO. Ph. 66R5. 926 pk 29 Wanted Wauled: To supply any p\ilpU re- pftrdlcsji of ilpnomlnation. No char^f 1 ?. Rev J j\Hcii Wehb. 1017 W. Asli. Blythevllle. Ark. riu 6563, 0 If' pk ^ US CD CAR BAP GAINS at Sullivan-Nelson's • 19-19 Chevrolet deluxe 5-[':isseiigcr Coupe: a beau- UliiUar equipped with large deluxe radio, C10DC neater ami defroster. . .only ............ <Jjl£30 • 1918 Ford V-8 S-Passonger Coupe: .equipped with radio, spollighl, heater and clc/rostcr ... a real buy at ...................... • 1910 Plymouth 2-door Sedan equipped with hot water heater. . .now priced at only • 1947 Chevrolet -l-iiooi' Sedan will, large healer. . .yours at the bargain price of .... , 19 ; 19 .9. ievr< ? Ict ' / 2-' r<m lockup Truck *CQQC ~* / £ * vu i ILIMIJ; llULK .. .a terrific value at only • 1946 CMC '/i-Ton Pickup Truck... CEAC make a real trade on this truck. . .only .. ., VvJ33 • 19-11 G.MC '/ 2 -Ton pickup Truck: The tires are almost new, motor completely overhauled • 19'1S Chevrolet '/,-Ton Panel Truck that looks and rims like a neiv one...a dandy Many more to choose from. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, Yon Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 391 West Walnut Phoilt 4578 years. COMING To Blytheviile Friday, Oct. 5 ** ** . . ._ SLIM RHODES ** ** FREE Enfertainment AH Day NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST Walker Park Special Night Show American Legion Auditorium Fri. Oct. 5 EN ..... 30c ADUI.TS ... ..... 60c friends" to an.swcr a lev/ questions^ S;uii7)le: "Would vou prefer the paper title In red or Wnck?" "Do you think tlie title in red Ink would hclj> increase circulation?" Red Daily '" Trouble BRUSSELS. W)_The Belgian official Communist ctnfly newspaper "Diapeau Rouge" Is sutreriiiir financial (lifficuHiM. Daily articles and Ixive.s call the newspaper's readers to "Help avoid the paper hems; forced to « at -e publicntion." A leaflet inserted in one issue of by the U. S. naval transmit Cape the iied paper called on "its reader I Johnson in 1945. " up The Cape Johnson Depp. offTra Pliilippinc ijilancls. was discovered SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Ciislom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up [o '/ 4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 BEST BUYS! 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket "88" A magnificent dark blue 4-door Sedan. Has all the accessories lhat you could ever C1AAE V ItfW a u co want. (Hydramatic, too) 19JS OI<DSJ[ORir,E 2- door Sedan with Hydra- mafic Drive, radio and heater. A fine car (even new tires). . .$1095. 101!) CHEVROLET '/ 2 Ton Pickup with deluxe cab, air-ride lires... a clean truck. . .$!)f)o. l!)tn CHEVROLET i/j- Ton Pickup with deluxe cab, has hnlh radio and healer. . .5895. 1950 FORD Custom 2- door Sedan with overdrive, new (ires, radio and healer. . .$1295. 11)50 CMC 3/4-Ton Pickup wilh excellent tires. Here's a low mileage truck at a bargain . . , $101)5. , 19-19 CHEVROLET 2- Ton Truck with new mo- lor, short wheelbase, i)00 x20 tires, saddle tanks, 51 h wheel. . .$1095. , New CMC Trucks! now... today. ..yo,, can choose from a complete selection of new G.MC Trucks ('/2-Ton lo t- lon models), short and lonfj ivheelljasc trucks. That's good news. Don't l>e disappointed— choose the truck you'll need in Ihe years (o come.. .now! HORN ER WILSON MOTOR CO Your OUsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Cor Lot - - - 300 East Main Street Just Call 6151

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