The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST si, •(AUK.); coUiiMt PAGE FIVES CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate nc r " nc (or consecutive insertions: One time per line 10c Two times per line per day .. 08c Month rale per line GOc Minimum charge 50o Three times per lino i«r day .. OCc Six times per line per day .... 05c Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Ads ordered for three or six times mid stopped before expiration will j lie charged for Uic number of times (lie ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. AH claimed Advertising copy j submitted by persons residing out,-1 side of tlie city must be accompanied by casli. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions lake the one time rate. No rcs|H>nsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory imWmm the WANT ADi Wanted Gel, tlie benefit of summer prices. Fill Up Mow My Coal Is Bhck But I Treat You White I.OCAI, HAULING JOHN IIUCIIANAN—PHONE ><" FHKSH UEKLFOOT CRAPPIE 35e Per Order ],ion (las l(!.8c I'cr Gallon A Trial Will Convince You \Ve invite you lo gel si demon- £h:tlioii in one of our used &n-s. \VK liiive a KODI! sclcti'ic':i of medium priml Fonls and Chcvro- k(s—1030, 1931 ;iinl 1932 juoilels, Conic In or I'hone 810 or 811 Salesmen—0. 0. Gnivi's, Hoy Calvin; Joe O'Kcefe, Joe Shanks PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th and Walnut AT xifiirr Complete course In typing, shorthand, bookccplng. Also rcvlett shorthand class. Prices very rea- p; i v • i IT t , scnable. Mrs. L. M. Bumcttfi L lnu nolse « HarmiUl Call 824 W. f or Kent 'J room apartment unfnrnislied. Mrs. J. T. Hall, 710 Walnut. Modern country home, 4 rooms & bath; 1 mile south hospital. Mrs. Elma Archlllion. 29-ck-tf Four room furnished apartment 1915 W. Asli. Call 445-W. 19-ck-tE APARTMENT—5 rooms, bath, unfurnished.' 1st class conditioii. Mrs. "'Matt Monaghan. Phone '••68-J. ' 3-ck-lf 3 -room fur. apartment. Private bath, front, back entrances. Call 72W. 22-c-k-U HARRY BAILEY'S At Ihc Arch Slate Line I would like lo hear from small mill owners wlio would like lo conic lo north Louisiana with their mill, I have plenty of timber, w. O. Cookstoir, Wiimflcld, I'». . 31r> k2 EXPERIENCED MECHANIC, commission basis. Apply in parson.) Morgan's Oarage. 31c kli THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson Found LONG RUBBER BOOT by Ccc.i Cola plant. Owner may have same by pitying for tills nd at Courier News ofTlee. FOUND AT CAM1> MODI/TRIE'S GRILL—Key lins conlaining •! keys, Including Yale hoy and Graham key, Owner may have same by paying for this ad at Courier NC\VK. WANTED — AM, KINDS JUNK $5 to $6 Per Toil Aluminum, lOu Ib. Brass, 2c to 4V4c Ib. Copper Wirt, 4c to So Ib. Radiators, 4','jC ib. HIDES & FUfiS WOLF AKIAN PHONE 170 128 E. MAIN AUTO LOANS . Co.Vii Advanced—ConlldcnlKU PAYMENTS REDUCED No ca-ijfgnci's. Just brlnu car and registration card along. U. W. MULLINS Siidbury Bliie. I'linne 4!l."> GET OUR PRICES ON COTTON SACKS We Have Tlie Best FIGURE WITH US ON HARNESS Largo Supply Coming In Hubbard Hdw. Co. If Body Lacks Mineral MINNEAPOLIS (UP)—The lack of magnesium In'tha Human botly causes an imbalance in tlia nervous system which makes an in- > dividual particularly ssnsitlve to i noise, according to the. present cili- iion of Modern .Medicine, published here. Small noises may cans? convulsions In an experimental animal which has been kept, on a maj- iiesium-frce diet, nn article In the magazine said. Mrs J. J. Davis—Spencer i,orseUcrc Call 421-W for appointments Snip by J. W. PARKER TKUCK LINE Dependable Dally Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight BIOTicy at Hume Call 127 809 W. Ajh St. Tlie dentil's iiead moth, now rarely seen, emits squeaks almost as lorn! as those of a mouse. 1. or 3 room Furnished Apart, mcnl; reasonable. 9H Hcarn. 21p k »-2 3 room furnished apt, garagn free. Cheap. 1315 W. Main. Call'335W. 15c ktl Furn. Apartment hi Shane duplex at 1114 W. Ash. Call 197 or 511. 3-c-k-tJ Final Close Out Wall Paper , 1936 PATTERNS '^'LOWEST PRICES ' THEARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS Don't forget we have genuine ALuIdin Lump Parts—25c Kach BURKE HDW. CO. For Sale Modern Service Station and ice business, excellent location, cs- ir'olished business. Will sell outright. Hustler can clear SKB.OO per month. Sen or write Frank 3. Moore, 519 W. Main St.. Blytheville. Ark. , 31p t;3 iartnnn \Vnrdrofic Trmilc, pood condition. Cash, phone 547. 31c ktl O'BRIEN'S CAPE, completely equipped. Doing Rood business for past 1C years. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOL TABLE, complete. CHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, ill good condition. At Rive away, price. P. SIMON, Call 70-1 Westinghousc Electric range; flat top office desk & chair: Victor *• sorting machine. CHEAP. Mrs. .' Wclcli lister, call 194. ' 23-;ik-2 300 choice spotted Poland feeder PIGS. 25 Ibs.. up. I. M. Cnstlio, Hlgluvny 120. Luxora. 2G-p-k-2 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. • 301-303 E. MAIN TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. . Moving SOo room up. Pianos $1 up PHONE 964 Eggs, Poultry Personal. .. THE MCON IS ACCOMPANIED BY A SHADOW WHICH AVERAGES 232,000 MILES IN 'LENGTH/ SOMETIMES THE SHADOW TOUCHES THE EARTH, AS THE MOON PASSES BETWEEN US AND THE SUN, AND THEN WE HAVE A SOLAR ECLIPSE. Giant Redwood Statue To Honor Chief Sequoia NAPA, Cnl. (Ul')-Clilt;f Sequoia, one of the most, distinguished of American Indlam, k lo bo Immor- tall/.ed In (jrnenil Grant National Park near here. Tlie Nn|>:i cliatnuer of Commerce |in s taken (lie Initiative to set asldo one of tho ginni, redwood trees which later will be carved into a glanl, statue of the chief. Tin? slump of lnu uce wllon It lias been stripped of ILs lop mid all foliagu will bo 15 feet lityh with 11 diameter at the base of 30 fret. H Is planned to leave as leet of I lie (roe ut Hie IJU.SQ as n pedestal mill lo carve Hie figure out of the I'l'uiniiilng 53 fed. C. A. Covey will be the sculptor. I'.l.UCTltIO & ACETYLENK ypr niiun DURING THE EMBRYONIC STAGE, HUMANS HAVE As AVVvjv GILLS AS A IN HUAABOUDT COUN7Y, CALIFORNIA IS THE TALLEST KNOWN TREE ' OUHBYmimiVIM, |KC, '^ «-3i IN THE: WORLD. •Hie coiic-shapc-J sliadow of the moon varies from 228,000 miles to 225,OCO miles in lengllt white the distance of the moon front the earth vanes from 218.CW io 2-I8.COO miles, n^ncc, II can be seen that. the moon pass directly between tlie sun and Ihc oarlli OTmc- (imcs without the shudow falling ou tlie earth. In this case, we have an annular, or linj-thapcd eclipse. ..with only the center of the sun being blcckccl out. AT BEST PRICES J'HOMl'T SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 10 STOCK —A XOTII nit- NOW one more urain on each lh>.Hli of wheat crown anmmlly in (ho United States would amount val nljoin 15 million bitslicls. [ BUY THE BEST - -i SPEND LESS Vcu nrny find C]U':I|:IT r.irs—llul wo iciill)- iloiibl It. \Vo du loiow' Hint you <'iin'l find lictler ears fui 1 atiyulicrt' near tbo iirkc. That's lin-ituse Tom l.lllle has al- wijs nnlhlalnc!) the pulley of ve- icndlltctllllg usul cars In iiililltion (o Icvieiing (lie inlce. iro ciiKvitoi, I.;T '['OWN SUDAN $:«)r, 193.1 (iHKVitOLKr t;o,u;n .. jiiir, 11)23 C1IEVKOLKT COl'l'K .. $ 15 11)35 CIIIIVKO),[•:'!• |ir. TON' TltllOlt. Dual wiiwls .. 341)5 cm:vnouiT TKUCK IMS rojiii v-s IUSI rOIll) V-S SUDAN IO:M I'oun V-B TUHCIIS v-a i-A 5 9S .... $130 ?:«0 .... 51:15 TtillCK SMr , IMS CHEVIIOI.IST ncK-or TKUCK ................ $385 Trrms , All I.enilliiif nrunits «f HU'li Grmlo Coal SUMMIT, CUIOAT HBAUT, WULUANT, MONT1CKU,0 etc., including our I'iiinoiis — Also Sum! iiml (,'ntvi'l— Superior Coal & Mining Co. Phone 700 CHEVROLET CO. I'll ON I! 033 FOR SALE We have on hand noiv and ready for delivery new crop of Alfalfa Seed for retail or to (toilers. If Interested see us, IR. Matthews Gin Go. Cullun, Collon Seed ai:d Coal Tel, 1511-3 Yarforo, Ark. ONE STOP 1 SERVICE STATION 'I'OIl VOUK CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AN!) LUBRICATION WRKCKKK SKKVICB l)«iy I'linnc Night i'lioufc 888. 886 —IIATTEUY SRKVICK —RADIATOR ItElVUlt —1101) Y WOUK —FENDKli WOHK' —GLASS INSTALLED —AUTO I'AUTS W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES A Plymouth I) cuter Now IxicateO nl 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAUUti, rrgpriotor AU i,!>kr, or rcDiillt Typewriters, Atlillnj. Macnlne. tad Calculators— Uepalr Ing— I'arta—Ulbbiini BABY CHICKS-Blood Barred Rocks, White Rocks, R I. Reds, White Leghorns, S7 pci Ininrtrcd, Pdstpnid. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Union, Mo Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & ?-=•/ 111 E. Batteries C^d Used Trucks ]:.. "" 114 ton truck ir.M Clicv. "' iVi ton track 1A3 Intcmation,. '•<. ton truck & trailt. 1C35 International Hi v 'ruck & trailer V6 ton International Pick Up-^ TERMS ^-HT Implements, Inc. BE1TEII BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Oune .11 Tom Jackson's Service Station Salesmen Wanted Salesmen lo call on schools teachers and parents. Convenient territory, pleasant, dignified skady .sind permanent. Call at! 117 South Broadway. FOR SALE 6 room hmns, tath. Large lot. Across from high nnrl Rrade Rchools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could be made Into apartment. 800 Cliickasawb dh tf ANTIQUE soda founloin. Mrs. W. li. McMuilin, G22 .W. Main 1-tf FOR SALB-"s(acklng sticks ana heavy wood—1.00 wagon load I. 0. b. plant, Chicago Mill. ll-ck-9-H karito upright piano, for sale cheap. E. A. Dcatlc, Chickasaw'« Avc. 21-p-k-l ^ Room and Board Real Estate . SALE Several tho. "•). ncr es southeast Missouri rici. '''ivial cotton & corn lands. Any su,,' ->ct. TERMS HERE \S OUR MEEO, ALLEY OOP-OOOIA'5 COMPAMIOM DUEW& -THAT HECTIC FLIGHT FROM SAWALLA- AMD HERE OOOLA -WHO CARRIED THE SAC'/. - THERE GOES OOOLA I THAT MYSTERIOUS A CACRVIM' THAT / BUM DIE AGAIM ?? SACK-AW RIGHT ( I WOUDSR WHAT SHE'S IWTO TH' PALACE, \ GOMMA DO SORRY, VER HIGHNESS • 1 GOT ORDERS TO TELL YOU l'GO KETCH HER HIGHNESS IS IM CONFERENCE/ BY WHACK ITV WHACK.' LES GO FIND OUT.' HE DOESM'T KWOW VET WHAT THE SACK. CONTAINS BOOTS AND HER BUIWIES 1 TOM) YOU SO! CV.OWK) it .VOU'O HWOE SttM BUT, I'.- Vft VOGGLOK>' V>\.P\Ct '. i WM2MEO ' &UOUWO ••• THAT uow «>.. OR \\6tu >. ov\ , wooo ' ' \T WASH TUKHS HOM.Y'S WKAKNUSS! . --_-— — ~~~^,,^,, LULU) OH,__ =, TM AT fcA5V ANP X - VVE - WE /HAPPIEST era \PI P~TUCT FORGOT TO CONGRATULATE VA. /GveR UVFD YOU PORE OLD BACHELOR YE'LL HAFTA COMtOUr TO SUPPER TONIGHT AN' r~|V SOME REAL HOME COOK.IM 1 SOU FORGtV THAT THE WECWM6 V ..-;: K T- ARK MOT UMPACKCD/fllE' r'-'iE , (lONF'A IC-'y STILL ON THE PROMT ;' WE'U G(T IT PORCH, THE CURTAINS AREN'T UP/- DONG WME AMD MV CLOTHES HAVCN'T .. BEEM WASHED. /OH, DcAC! IT'S HIS 1 HEART A&'lN. POCH ._ _. ! HE CAN'T 6E!':M TO LIPT A HANP WITHOUT IT ACTIN' UP. t MICE RENT. Evc tilylhcville. 1 X. Gee, FRECKLES AND HIS FK1ENDS For Sals: 20 A. Improved farm . •, N. Division, >0 mile from city. * Lillie Colcman, Gen. delivery. 2C-p-k-2 WANTED TO BUV LAND: Wo liavc buyers for any size tracts. It you want lo sell see us at once. Thomas Land Co. Strayed or Stolen Bnv Hor« Mule. 1.200 Ibs. Black . Horse Mulo. DUO Irs. .Taks _ - --- ' Gill Co. cr N. Curtis. R. p o K, Crook - Call 433-W. p rJUTTY! WE'LL \ HAVE IT OFF I W A / MIMLTTE.'.'^. WHEW WE DO/SVE'LL PROBABLY p'lk'D A TREASURE VADKTH A KIWQ'S RAW'SOM.... A TREASURE STEERED IKI DARK HISTORY.' 1, I CAM SEE PIRATES <Sf|f FIGHTING FOR ft.... WJjis RASCALS CR-VZ.ED WfTH )^&,ft GREED AND THE Uj^Tj^y/./f ' FDR COLD! i CAHT SEE A BLAME THIWG !.' V^^VA. i" * WELL,THE LID IS LOOSE...GHT READY R3R A BIG SURPRISE OR A TERRIBLE DISAPPOIMTMEKTr.' jGOSH.'jEWELS..., HUMDPEDS OP/ GEE - RUB!E S- TriEM....RED /'"EMERALDS... OWES... BLUE > SAPPHIRES, ONES...AHD THOSE OTHERS LOOK LIKE ..DIAMONDS! -^!>/~^y AWD A LOT OFO1WEP KINDS.' ••fl THERE'S A BELL R1KKJ IMG! WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE IT IS?

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