The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.? COUIUEIl NEWS SATURDAY, MAY ?A, 1017 DAK Elects Officers Ending National Meeting WASHINGTON, May 24, (UP) — Tht Daughters of tho Anlcrlcan Bertlutlon yesterday Instated n new president general, urgtffl unification of (lie aniK'ci forces, uml licavd r\ demand for freedom of communications. In concluding Its 5Gtii annual continental consiess, the DAR iil«o rct- ommcndcd "the rciullnn of prayers before cncli meeting of the Unibd NnUons." Tho new president -!.>m-ral Is Mrs. Hoscoc C. 0-liyrne nf l!r<»Avl!le, Iiul. She di'leatol Mis. Siwnioy 'I. Mimlove of Ncwljura, N. V., by oniy 05 votes. Mrs. O'Hyrne mccivli Mrs. Julius Y. Taliiuiilue of .MlH'iis, Cia. By MATEEL HOWE FARNHAM © BY MATEEi: HOWE MRNHAM; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE, INC m* |f: FIRST heard o£ the Tcllivcrs p around thirty years ago when Hubert Tolliver, the only son of out now most famous family, shot himself. It was a base and sordid 'affair in • all conscience, as the .wretched boy had not only forged [the name of a neighboring banker, •but left a note laying the blame on ; the banker's much younger wife, whose greatest offense had been to laugh at Hubert when lie tried to make love to her. f I was off in boarding-school al !the time and. was all but driven •frantic by a deluge of hurriedly ^written notes from my friends at jhorne that were crammed with jwhat seemed lo me hysterical allusions to the forgery, Ihe suicide, 'and more particularly the funeral, 'one and oil taking it for gianted, in the exasperating way of the average a>rrcspondciit, that 1 knew iall the fuels. I knew nothing. 1 [kept asking myself: "Who under leaven are the Tollivcrs?" •-. Olsego was and is a small town of around leh thousand souls, I tiady believed lhat I knew every man, woman, child,, cat, and dog the place. It was but two m'onths since the end ol my Christmas vacation. Why was Olscgo now in a dither of excitement over Ihe suicide of a young newcomer? I wrote immediately to my father and demanded fo be told all. Recently, in an old desk, unearthed my father's long, rambling reply. ?, :R " r '~~t. -jji'v^yT-.i. He told me that he had first heaid of the ToUivcfs one winter afternoon when Mr. 'Laic Ingram, our leading grocer, came lo his office to ask if Father knew of an opening for a young nephew oi his with large ideas. Father nnci Mr. Ingram had been boys together. Mr. Ingram explained Ibnl his half sisier, a Mrs. Tolliver, lici three daughters, and one sou liac Auto Plunges Into Lake; Two Boys Die (Ily United Press) At least four persons luivc died i-ioli'iilly in Arkansas during the past 48 hours iind a fifth body IKI.S been cli.wovered on the banks of Lake Hamilton. Two other deaths were caused by ilrownhip;, one hi nn automobile accident iind the fourth wtis a bru- lal ns.saiill and murder coinmllteU near Forrest City. The man found on tlio bank of the lake—believed to have been in the water some fQlir or five days— hn:; been tentatively identified Henry Francis Montavon or Gary, Iml. Near Lake Village an unauthorized "clns s day" by members of the Junior elass of the McGeliee High School resulted In the death of two yountf men. James Carptcncr, Jr., 17, and Robert Oliver, 20, were drowned when I lie automobile in which they worn riding crashed through the banister of a bridge over an Inlet of Lake Chicot and plunged ini.1 some 14 feet ol water. Donald Butler, 10, of McGehee, Hit car's third occupant, freed himself and swam to safety. The other todies were removed some 45 minute:; lalei 1 . The three lads were not members of the junior class but had borrowed the vehicle and accom- ]/nr.ied students on their unail- thcrixed outing at a camp of Luke Village. In Little Rock William Carson, 70. died at a hospital soon after boin:{ struck by an authomobilc late last nijihl. The driver ol the car. Billy Hcasley, 20,, of near Sweet Home, has been arrested on a charge 01 legligcnt homicide. Read Couiicr News Want Ads. Amy Tolliver was not exactly nrelfy, lint she had enormous blue eyes with lontr lashes and :> trim, neat little fiiriue. , She had come to ask Father to Intercede with the minister. It did not add to his good humor to find Leah, our colored makl, out ami the house dark. Just as he was fitting his key into the lock Father heard i\ strained little voice, not a foot away, say: "Judge Olmslcad, could I see you for just a few minutes'.' She told Father she had come to ask him to intercede with the Reverend \Villis, out' Congregational minister. The Kcvcreml, it came out, was insistent that Brother Hubert should be buried quietly from the Fable funeral chapel, and Mrs. Tolliver wauled him buried •'recently been left homeless nml (practically penniless b'y the dcalh of Mr. Ingram's stepfather, a Con- gfe'gational minister of a small parish in New Jersey. TTiere was, it came out, a Mr. Tollivev, but the less said of him the better. At present his whereabouts were unknown. For many years Mrs. Tolliver and her family had lived with-her father. -i«.w*..<*oi>— Not knowing what else to do, Mr. Ingram, who was childless, had sent for Svis half-sister and her brood. They Avere to stay with him and his wife unlira_new_life could be worked out. r A ^_^ - ,*, * * sl^ I JfATHER was the soul of good nature and that very evening got in touch with Mr. George Mcrri- weather in Candor and persuaded him to take the Tolliver boy oh ii his bank.. He heard no more of the •Tollivcrs until Mr. Mcrriwcathci telephoned him about six weeks later . that Hubert Tolliver hat blown.his brains out, after it hac been discovered that he hac cashed a forged check on the bank f 'Father took the first train to Candor and there learned abou the .letter implicating nice lillli Mrs. Merriwcathcr, which hac been left open on a dresser ii the house where Hubert Tollive roomed and was read by his land lady, a great gossip. The Mcrri weathers were very decent aboi it, all things considered, but nat urally Father had a harrowin .and distressing day. He missc his train and'did not get horn until nine that evening.^- " 's terribly important. I've been ailing since seven o'clock." .r It was a feminine voice, and aihcr guessed right off thai his iwclcome caller was one of the olliver women, probably, (he klost daughter Amy, since it. was young voice. His guess was ight. Falhcr said he would far :ithcr have faced a ravening tiger. He did his best to get viil of lie girl. He told her that he was cad tired, and that lie had just ome from (he Mcrriwcalhcrs, that e would sec her another time. ,my only ,s(ooil there in the darl epcating in her timid litlle way hat .she had to see him, that it i terribly important. Finally he wore Father down, and he opened the door and lolcl hci U'uffly to come in. When he got the light on, Falhci ;aw that Amy was on the verge of collapse. He look her inlo the ibrary and lighted the fire, and .hen went into the pantry anc nixed two stiff hot toddies. Am could be prevailed upon to lake, only a few sips of her hot whisky so Father drank them both. In a short time he was consid crably mellowed, A MY TOLL1VEH at the lime \va ^ twenty-four or -five. She wa not exactly pretty, but she ha enormous blue eyes with Ion lashes and a trim, ncnt little fifi tire. I never really liked her. 1 fact at times I disliked her active ly. But even 1 hnd to ncknowlcdfj the charm ol her soft, carcEsin voice, r —' .".. ,'' —'— '~-'-\~~- ••-nil the church. v_ ... Father hinted (hat under tlvi rcumstanccs—distressing ckcuni- anccs—perhaps Mr. Willis v/a:: ghl. Father said that Amy n-ank away from him as if he ad struck her. Klic cried out that sat would I -ok as if they were shamed of Hubert. The town •ouhl think, the world would) link, that his mother and his six- ers did noli love him, honor him. Father could no more oppose her iian he could have Cramped down litlle chipmunk fighting for her 'oung. lie agreed huskily lhat it vas no more than just and fitting hat poor Hubert should be buried rom the church with an organ uicm, Ihe full choir and all the jomp and circumstance the Con- ji-egational faith accords. - *— j Amy cried softly for a few min- ilcs. She got out brokenly that ra'.her had cased her hurt immeasurably. It would mean so nllch lo her mother. She needed words of fire to thank him properly. -....-.^ I •»"•_..! ^ Father was somewhat puv.y.locl. In spile of his weaker moments was no fool, and he had long smce realized that, as he pxit it, Miss Amy alone and unaided could have hog-tied and thrown (be Hcvcreiul Willis with one hand and extracted from him his finest funeral without even getting in a sweat. •-•• • "». I It wasn't until he started lo help Amy on with her coat Ihc real reason for her visit at lab!, began lo come out. . „. -^--^^ j~—^. (To no Continued) RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAH Electrical Appliance £i£Uiorizcd Motorola Radio Sules and Service IOC South First St. Today's free MOM Record £ Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER HILL WILSON Our Boarding House with Mai. Hpoplei Out Our Way By J. R. Williams r -'-WEAR I'LL GET EVEN.' I BACK IMTO A SHELF IM THE G•\C\SE. AN' YOU PRAG ME FORTY YARf £ TO TH' PROMT LAWM FOR AIR.' IF COME 'TO. I'D OP BEEN DOWN TOWN.' ,V;>. ^~^_ A ,.\ f; N -fHB OMLV WW YOU CAM • 6SAO.NOO DULLW2.DS ES'ERV DAV.' AR.B \'CO THE ENHIB1TICM HY flHCHAKL O'.MALLKY and KALI'H LANE YOUVE GOT TO ROMI5E ME ONE CW. DON'T EN1IOH ft WORD F THIS TO YOUR UNft&tR.WESRV MEHUGH. I GOT TOUR PHONE MESSAGE AN' CAllEO BftCK. YOU WASN'T DECIDED TO 1 CAME TO NEW \V3RK O GET AM OLD FRIEND ARRIED Off. SAW WUR C-HTfR.BAI DEWER,7HE WERIH&HT.THEV ME'iTHE NEXT CHAMP. RIGHT, BiT ij. > GO OVER TO MVPIAC6 INABIT-TWANT VOUTO MEET MM Radio Repair Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. [,CU OUV _'.\|H!rlS working survico iUle or sis in battery <".!|) \villi . , no job ten hi;;! Special- from cluctric wet. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State T,ine Phone Hlylhcville 714 to Musical Instrument River Sand and Gravel Supplies and Repairs Special orders promptly. 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