The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1946
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) .COURIER NEWS Scientist Fears Cloud of Atoms Explosion May Blot Camera Shots Sought In Bikini Experiment. Kv .IOSI'1'II !.. MVI.l-l! United I'l-css SlalT C'drrpsjumrteiit ABOARD 'nil) USS MT. McKIN- LEY AT HIKINI. June :>7. <UPJ-~ One of America's best known ]ih>'- sieists expressed Ihe frar today Hint the atomic bomb explosion next Monday may eanse a cloud th:it will hide Ihe results <>f the lest from observers nnd camera:; Dr. Royal M.' Prye, chairman of the plivsies depiirlmen of Boston University Graduate Seliool, who Is on Kwajnlcin lo study the bond) burst, said lie was worried about n phenomenon known as the Wilson cloud (-handier. The Wilson cloud ('lamber Is caused by sudden coolini; of wat'-r laden air in Hie pre;;enee of sufficient ioui'/ution and a relative lui- inldity ciuht per cent or lih>her. "We certainly have adequate ioni- /ation. hie,h hunijditv nnd nbaut cveiythinn else, iucludini; the sudden expansion and coin ruction eaused by Ihe nloinie. blast," Prve said. "I will be awfully surprised if tlie cloud doesu'l form." fie said he doubted whether the intense heat Reneralcd by the atomic, explosion would burn away more I than the center, portion of. tile cloud, should it form. He pointed' mil lhat the New Mexico, illru- shinia and Nnnasaki explosions were corulucled where iiumidity co;i;ii- llons were well belov: those evj-M-' ins in tile Bikini area. "For purposes of the atomic '^,1. I earnestly hope there will be no such cloud, but as a ;;rienlist 11 can not overlook I lie possibility that' .such a eloud may well hide much of the explosion phenomena from our eyes," lie said. Meanwhile, three shiploads of for•• eimi. and American scientific au:l 1 military observers and press representatives ncnred Kwajiiltiii Island where it was indieated they will Atom Bomb Crew Ready for Test Laney Ponders \ Election Law Repeal Move I'l'lTI K DOCK, .Illll,. yi. (V)l'i - (iou'i-nor Hen I aiiey toilay p.m- lered llr possible iippolnimcni ol a .special c'llllUlllllee to study Allans:*;.' election l.iws. nhh a vl".v lo icp.allui; i!ic -A.uryioMie Aet in','. 'file chlel executive llludc ilic innouncenient Hint h? was ei>n- •Kh'tilH', slt'-'h a move yesterday, liter the supreme cnurl had deelur- 'i the ::,.>p:.r:ii,. ledcnil primary -•v eonslilut iiinal. '1 lie Kovemcr's w:nilil have "Ii" commit ;ef pie-t-tit its lindnii:-; to the democratic ir.rtv cnnvcii'ion .this l-'all. aim the convention v>o-il.i 1 v.i".i.i v adi nt approp;int,. measures lo Iron out lh:- liTcitul:u- tfa- . U.I-.N 01 tuc pnvriH i le;-lion laws. M-I.TIOX I. Tlidl AinriKl lit Nn .1 k'f iW CoiiKiintnon ur t^u S>MU ui ArlaoKEt^ l)v niiii'iiiK'il (u K'ail u« tvi : fi- «nnnlv l•lnlll^ (if 111,. Mnl.i ... • l..-lr i.-i|n-.-liv,. ,Mni,i!,.« li./'ithi'i ,MU, " Imiiy ,if ili,. j.i.n,... ,,t IN., i "' «'"!i < »l>, II ml.Ill Ion t.i .... li'ft.-'l «'''ll l-iii- ll.n !„>»,.,• i., 1,-v, ,.\,-,rili,ii.. I,.,, ,i,i|K , Ml II,,, i|,,,,,.. on ntl uviil.l,. v oils ,m ,, ,,•;.,.,,. '»•'• c 1"'». VI,-. II .llllll ,,., kl.'i.v.. us (I... i',m,iiv ,, u ,| n,^ „,,,] , v1ll , ; , H...I..I «>,i,h I,,. „>,.,! ,„ ii Revenue Chief Renews 475 Liquor Permits I ITTI,10 ROCK, Jtllli! 27, (UP)-'Mr: sttte'.s Income from beverfliro tl, c'n^i; \\-as not nmtcTinlly Hlfeot- ..'... .... n-i'.i ,„ in, n,,... '<( In I lie p:isl fiscal year by the it?' i!ni"""r.'.•'!''...,"'" i"";"" 1 ' "' ""•• '••''' rlnue df beer nnd whiskey In lnW.«",<l ','lui I'i'Mi,.!"!,',."'.-i.mill'r' "I"; ! AlLllllS-IK. 11 WU.S IlllllOllllCUd lU'lt' Ki.i.n ),.j ''V i'tale Revenue Commissioner h.> A. Cuo!:. 'llu.' coimnhslciu'r snld lie hnd lie.',el nil license's, us of July 1.' ,1 , M) for the flsial vi'iir IMO-17. Tile re- l.ewal : IIH-ll d-.'d '!ti U'liCU'.sal? (Jl't'l 1 i-v:;.-H i i as c\im|>ar(Hl lo 1IJ laat ye:ir ,ll',l.-il n, 1 i,i[,.i :.,',, ' i ' in" fniij ir" i, ' ii,. ,ir,l;fi,,1 ,-li. ..[,„< ,.r ., : .|, ,..,', I""'.' V.ll... ,. ,,,,,,| , 11V ,1 .I..IH.I, I. SI ill,I I" I'HOl 'OKI'.n CTiiVJI'iTMT'^N AMI'.NDIMI'.NT NO. 3H I. Major M. j. I.ueliiusjcr, Imlinnapohs. indium, ,-ivht. Army Communications GUircr in chamc of the' "USAT Spindle-Eye." Signiil Corps ContnuiniCLiiion .sup in Kwajnlcin l.aijoun. ex!>!«lns how Ihe Acme Tclephoto Ti-nns-L-eiver will ssml pictures back lo i.ic United Elates on Ihe dropi)ln K of the A lorn Homo. His two interc.'tch listeners sire Major 11. 11. Wood, left, hordrulcwh. New Jersev. Doaibi.ldicr. ami Major \V. P. Ewancutt. Wisconsin Rapids. Wisc'Cisin, Pilo of Iho Atom ' Kjn:b dropiilnp, plane'. (John. Army- Navy Task Foicu lladio I'holo from NF.A TcU-photo.i . •* riF'rv rtri-ii <II:M:I<M. ASI-C.MIIIV HI-; IT icKsni.vri) IIY -I-HK sr.sATK *\P iii.i-v.-..- ,,i r i(.-i-it'-si- N-I vri \ i.,. "I 1 TIIK ST.UT. IH' .MtKVN'SAS, h ...,-li 'li.,,!'^. "i(r.i|.i'u t .""u"l.,v(.l: 'I In,I ll.v !..l|.m h, v . , , I,,. ,. |,i,, r ,,,,,.ii is IK. jir.ivii.ini.•..! ,.> ih..,,,.. tin- SI: ! Ail,:»..:i*. niul m.i.n In.1,1 fi.: II I,...i I III I III ,-1, ,.|i,,. ,..)., -Id, Plni The lltst ot'huurJflt» -. t»<f.«e9 r J»*JU Ml»tr e de Rozii'r »nd th* Uar- quLi D'ArlaiMl«. In 17«3, laceixied In » fr*» Jialcon^ aloft by; burnjng 'l Before dcscci ding, the craft ca: Its two frlgl'.t^ned p««eiigeri o.v«: the city of Paris. " -f I" U 'Ii™ i.l H,.,.|,.ra,|. 'Jillli .Ir,)' ..( M.iirl, It ' in* 1 '•••"• I -.--il ..( "I U,. I'M!. .l:.y nf LYI.tiuo I' I! t|. K.III. Ki-.Tol:.!)- nf SMI.. ;,••<.•], 1:1 :n I i iiilir.eiit Is-iie,) -I7ri retail llqii'jr " - -•— - ] r-i-n-it i' wbluii wa'i only 11 shorl UeiKl Comlei News Wntit. AdH !u |.i..,i yen":: malt:. 1 'I 'II I .!;( yi'lU'. Ci:i!l: :»;i|r-il Dial Illo K'Vrilllu de- Kt III, "MAKE IT A MILLION!" ENLIST IN A GRADE WITH YOUR ARMY MOS NOTICI: c-.v r;n.A\TiNr. or have a four-hour stopover. | Dnrini; their brief visit, they will j I lllllor •—'{MI- inspect f|nal preparations for th-J N ,,, in , ' is lu-reln-' Biveirtliat Ihe Ins one. tesl and meet key leaders I commissioner ol lio'e , ... 'e of Operation Crossroads. | ., ;( , U( . ,, r A| .|, msas „.,.. i,..,,.^, „ ,,,,.. The Niivy said tlie stopover will . mil. No. 18:) lo Hiish Cherry lo .:c-ll be so short because Kwujalein mint [and vinrjus 01- spii-ituous be cleared oil .schedule of all bi;l' lirtuors lur beverage al retail on the vital personnel. (premises dcscrib:-cl as 41B West At.1,, : Slate of Arkansas has issued n permit. No. 104 lo Phil Ihissell to .rll and dispense vinuu.s or siiirilucj'is liquors for beverage al retail (,n the premises described as :ilT> Main. I niythevillo. This permil Issued an Hie 1st day of July. I!VK>. nnd ex- i l>lre.s on the :(U day of June, 191V. Phil Hnssell, 1'ermlH. cv\ias »N 3 FEVER ••' 666 um AF ONCf t The urea where the bomb and in- slrumcnu for tlie tesl will be. ke->i, will be closely guarded. The viol- tors will not get u chance to see the bomb. It was expected that the visilors will be shepherded ashore between 9 and 10 a.m. tomorrow mornin];. Tlie schedule calls for lliem to sail for Bikini about 2 p.m. Hlythcville. This permit Issued the 1st day of .July. 19!(j. and expires on the 30 day of June, 1941. Hujdi Cherry. Permittee NOTK'K OF GKANTiNXi OK MQl'OH PERMIT Notice is hereby given tliat iho Commissioner of Re\ r euue.s of the ; c fr -^f\ FKMOHS SINCE 1300 •A .OOCfOl, J«b f^K YOU U.S. Army Anuy votnrans who held cat tain MiliUuy Occupctlioncil 3p«claltUi inny rooulint tti a cjtado coinmeiiHU- tfilo with thoir nkill atiJ oxj)orionc», provitlud thoy wore lionorably dln- chaiyod on or alter May 12, 1945- -<(iid provided ihoy roonlStil boloto July /, 10'tC. Over Ihroo-quaTlara . . of u niilliaii man hnvo [olned the American LcqiOn nut now llocjnlnr Aimy nhocidy. MAKE IT A MIU.IONJ Full lacla ate al any Aimy Ccnnp, Pool, or flocruilintf Kldlion Blythcvilic, Ark. . Ai..Uo1low[iii li.ilt tlliU H^)1c. To (et yfwr «opr ' RMI caqnittt comrAMt, M«mi» 4 iMi. sj WITH ORIGINAL^ 'TiO LINING C<* S%£n $£*ie/i»y B,' BCXUBRUMHEU NOME GJUU1NE WITHOUT THli LA1K ( ^ ff Let freedom ring for the American male.,.for here's the tie that doesn'f bind...4Fo1d Palm Beach Ties by Beau Brummell. Always...all ways right. PAIM JEACH SNAP-ON IOWS 75* These Palm Beach Ties are Featured at JOE ISAACS, Inc. Serving Bfythevif/e More Than 40 Years Phone 3331 223 West Main St. ^ A ^SS- Vo^' good^s ad« <*£^ reme mbvanc^ te1 Uw ^ mm ediote\y aroma becomes a P Vdous . Tr y your * «*? A dmirotion- ~^S*^^-S3!S£ nnv o\n®^ - v Ar»<>- ,,rJnf vour.rep A" 1016 Cn ever before. , of i n dClubCof»«« •r "*$*** ^^^ '^ COFFEE w: U R 1 0 US F L A V 0 R I N 1, x t\X^ v; E R r co*; -- - ,- - vr><-\ » v t £*"*>. •— *>- t ^ ' ^._!^_.%.j».i>. 5. '!^*fc ^^^Vm

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