The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVELLE, (ARK.) COURIER Government Pay Termed Too Low Pmid«nt Truman Finds it Hard to Obtain Gb«d Men. ' WASHINGTON, June 27. iUP>~ Presldent Trum»n today blatne i low government"salaries for' much of his diiiciUty; »> getting high calibre txecntivMjto Accept Federal pjsls . He" told a" news conference tlut probably, as.manr as 30 men had turned down 'Government Jobs because*.they did hot want to make the financial sacrifice of switching frcruv tugliTpaymg 'civilian jribs to Ihe relatively low-salaried Federal posts.-.• ">-'"• • • ">' President Truman rtferred to tlu low •salaries, paid top .Government crflcfftK i^ieii a reporter as'Kcd about"fhe President's .loiter criticizing Sen. Chnrles W. Toboy, R., N. H.," for the'senator's sucei'stfnl attack^Qn .the nomination of Edwin W. Pauley }6 be Undersecrelaiy of Navy. . : Mr. Truman said in the letter the fight against Pauley had "made it exceedingly difficult for me to get Rood men to fill the necessary places in the Government." '. ' Senate friends of. President 'Human meantime agreed, that he 'hiid made h mistake 'In sharply yeprl- man'din'g Tobey for the mbiillis-old difference oi opinion,of Pauley. .•- President Thmiari would not d cuss 'the 1 letter ' to Tobey. Hrt ssid the" fefter spoke for itself. A. reporter then asked for the President's reaction to the repoit that Senate President Kenneth D. McKellaV, D., Term.,' was holding up .appointment of Senate members to the Pull Employment BoarJ until he ascertains that Mi 1 . Tiu- man's appointments to the same board are sufficiently "conservative." •. • ; President Truman said lie could not read Mckellnr's inind, but Hint he had been encountering great difficulty in getting good men to accept hjs appointments. lie said probably'as 30 men had rejected .appointments because of the low Govehiriieht salaries. He 'cited ;'aiv.example...It was John P.' Paften. .To'ustqn.' Tex , 611 nmn, who Had turned down (he PjtU Employment BoarS Job. Mr. Truman said. . -',''.'''.,,:/: The Full Employment* Board is to nave three members, .feach 'will receive $15,000 a y%ar ahnuol'y. '. Parteh, the President'said, mra was making so mu'ch nioney he could hot afford income inlo Ine Government. 1 .'._'.. President'Truman also ' sairt thai George W. Taylor, former, chairman of the.War tabor Board, hat declined one of the Full Employ ment Board posts. He, said thai Tay lor could not leave his college post Swims 7 Hours Japs Accused Of New Crimes Dutch War Crimes Judge Informed of Mass Slaughters. BATAV1A. June 27, (UP)— The Japanese were licensed today til clomping 1,0(11) flllleil guerrilla iitrhi- 013 in oriiu-a nuide for hauling live pigs nntl dumping them niive intc- tht' sea brl.U'cn Murcli. 1!M'> and . . The judge ndvocalc of the war crimes roini»»ii was tu »>' Dutch (umrlers as snylng nesses tolu him of the mass slaughter of the AJnerlcah, British, Australian and Eutch guerrillas captured by the Japanese in Java. The Japanese were described &*. forcing Into each r.rnuil bamboo crate two lillled !x>ldler.M v.ltli out' man'.-, head alongside Ihe olln-i-s feel and |)iesscd tui lightly Ihi'y J could nol move. Witnesses .said truck loads ->1 the baskets, five layers high, v.'ere t-.ikcii to ships near Sofrabaja and Ihe baski'ts were thrown Into I ho - ( 'a a fe'.v mlits off the ncr'.h cons', of Java. 'ill? Japanese also were said to have exhibited baslidcd Brlllsli piisoncis in Hie public square at Koerabuja before diownlni; :iicin to Impress Uic population with \vh'H happened lo guerrillas. Exiled Belgian King Handed Stinging Rebuke IHlKJuii govc-rntni'iiL dealt a sting- I Ins; rebuke ii> Hie exiled King Leopold locluy :uid !'i]]e<l uncoji.sliti:- tluini) a |)i 1 0)>o:^l thnl a special (:on niitU'o he aj :olntpd lo exaiuiiiG THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1946 ! the ki wit- Read Courier News Want Ads. nK'.s >e:ipcnsibi to" to the sidi r.'i the ijove it slalus and war-" tics. as conicnunlcations oveinment, it con- iinient alone ccin- llH'ni anil' as.snine taking; whatever <l'j:J.sJuli is co(i:iUk']'t'd not'c-.ssary.'" an offlelnl slnti'inciil said. ,1 lip rcfu-enco plainly was to the Tncl that Leopold's secretary ha<l notified the speakers of both' Houses of Parliament that Lco- jwld was willing to accept their May ID proposal to appoint a sps- ciil committee to examine the royal question. • Lonely Hearts Ad Writer FQCQS Charge of Fraud DETROIT. June 27. (UP>— Evrlyn Catherine Slanton. prelty, y.e- year-old car-hop waitress, tulmjt- li'il luday thai she defrauded six' r.uitors in a cro. : ..s-country .search for n step-father lor her lliree young children. I Tile pel 1. dark-haired woman' pleaded guilty to six counts of using the malls to defraud before Federal Judge Arthur A. KosclnsiU, win referred the case to proba- ticn officers and released her on ?5CO bond pending sentencing. Wearing a white waitress 1 uniform, Ml 1 /;; stantoiv walked quickly and cheerfully into the courtroom for arraignment. However, after oiilpi-ing her plea, she broke down and cried. She was named yesterday in an indictment charging she swindled six men from Massachusetts lo California of $2.00,} am; diamond Mii;ai;emenl rings. Tin- Indictment charged that lh" attractive Clawson, Mich., woinnn dc'fruudeU the men by in- scuiiijj a provocntlve ndvertlse- uienl In a SI. Paul, Minn, "lonely lirarts" publication in March !IM r > and conducting a voluminous correspondence Ihf.t cost her $50 a month in iwsta^e alone. Army Recruiter To Spend Two Days in City The Army :;tcruilin;? Station icre will be open .Saturday nntl Sunday (o accept enlistments an-.l fe-enllslmenl.s. it was announced :oday by Staff corgi. • Doll c. Grand Jtiiry indicts Two Murder Suspects - LITTLE ROCK, June 26. (UP) — LEG BE MHY Of Tired KMneyj . __, Hifne youth; - yonr kidnejni need •*. tihttoii. '. cx<4u"ari(t« mnd polsflhous wnatc out of tl blood. Tbr? K*l» i&bfcl ped'jitc pass 'nBoiit pints * d»y. '- " , • If the 15 BiBi* (rflcHney .tubes and fi\te Slnrgcon onto a beach north of Slurceon Bay, Monday to tell a horror-flllca [ story of wntchlnf her father, her best girl friend and livo othei'.s •drown in lake Michigan when their schooner, capsized In • a storm. (NBA Telepholo.) Kenneth Angel n nd W. E. Lockaril, Litllc Rock cab drivers, today stoo:l diclcd of robbery anc 1 first tle- ce miuder In conncclion with the >ath March 27 of Robert li. ai:man, Little Hock contractor id carpEntcr. The indictment was returned l>y 10 -Pulaskl County grand jury •ouii<| 5 o'clock yesterday allcr- oon, after an all-day session. The en were ordered held without ond. Oalhnaii ;vaf found beside a lone- road near North Liltle Rock, and acl appnrcnlly been robbed. Mrs. Nellie Mae Sluplcs, H9. was idlcted [or second cteerec murder i connection wilh the dcalh of her usbaiid. Timblhy R. Staples. A ar veteran. sta])les \vas stabbed death In their nimrtmciu lieve ie night of June IB. Mr*. Staples •as placed under S2.MO bond. • Delinquency reports were i>nsse:l ntii the jury's nexl mcetliig July planes in flight. The new equipment weight airborne radar, \vas pioneered in a recetii flight by an Army C-54 from Westover Field. Mass.. to Paris. France. is light- which use Oourter -trial I AIL MY CUSTdMER.$ ASK FOR. THIS FLOUfe! Cay For Print Sacks Home Uses! •Thrifty .housewives haw« found that TVte Magic Miller's Ben flour sack it excel lent for making pot hofcJcrs, kitchen aprom, and many other handy ilCfr.i. Cet j sack lodjy' MAGIC i n the blood. Tlvwe polxo ns in a y s la r t n ii b&ck&^i^c,rfacrAcutle painj, \ey pains, I - pep and eniercy, jrttlnstp ihiclita, swcTrinr, '.puBinessnnderthc^CT.hcadBcbeaQn'cidtiii- . r"«'S.Freqoentprseiiityp»iKiC 1 e*v.-;U]amait- .inffanp^burrrin^soiKcUrrioJiihoWB thcrcf s EO mo- thine wrong .with yoUr kidrieya 'or blailticr. - Dont ValtJ Aik youKJrrscIsi for Doan'a i' Tills. « Btmulant diuretic uscJ fiucQcssfnUy -, by milJioTls, for ov;er;40 ycava. Doan's E\vc .- happy relief-and wjH Kelp Uic 15 miSea of ' - kfdner.tub« f.u^h, oiit jifiUonoiia wute from. the bkxii Get Oo~n 'a 1 J »l». MAGIC MILI.ER lirinsr.s you the bcsl flour obtainable under the present national wheat emergency. ,..........»...t ..A...... tW/s YOUR Chance 150 Head Fat Steers and Heifers 100 Head Fine White Faced Cows ' ' ftO With Calves by Their Side; sie animals will be auctioned off at Stewart, Arkansas . (5 Miles South of Friday, July 5th This is YOUR chAhce at a fine herd of Whi(cf;icc<l Cattle ifor breeding purposes. The slcers arc ready ,for-B*«f NOW! T»«t* »r« tlse 3 of the finest 4-year old Bulls Vo* «Vw lookM at ThWe cttrtl« are-owned by JESSf Wf BB, BlyHieville, Ark. SCOTT TOWELS . . eachlOc Pet, Carnation, Pevcly, Armour MILK ir Tender Leaf TEA - J Ib. 24c; . . ilb.47c 1 Ib. jar — 27c 3 lb.jar---75c -gal.25c SWAN NAPKINS Pkg. lOc FRESH PRODUCE CRISP ICEBERG HEADS LETTUCE - --Ik ORANGE — ADAMS HOME GROWN TOMATOES--ib WHITE — YELLOW JUICE - - 46oz,can45c - large box 2 WASHING POWDERS LARGE SIZE —BAR 5lbs.--35c 10 Ibs. - 69c KING TASTL JARS- Pints 58c Quarts 72c Yt Gal. - - 98c Mayonnaise pint 3k Packed in Light Syrup — 2|/2 Can Iw, Potatoes - - 2Bc ALL MEAT MEAT MARKET CIGARETTES, Pkg. - 19c PRINCE ALBERT can TOc Sausage ib BSc ALL FLAVORS BLUE ROSE, in Cellophane Bags fancy - - •- Ib. lie Crow Brand, Extra Standard, No. 2 Can GSass Cheese--19c all brands - Ib. 2St I * SUGAR CURED SQUASH ibSc RIBBON CANE --10 Ib. Bucket SMALL & TENDER OKRA - - - ib. 35c TENDER, WELL-FILLED EARS - - 6 lor 23C JACK SPRAT — 46 oz. Can Pork Jowls - ib. 2Sc FAT - - ib 22c PURE RAW SUNKIST, 360 SIZE - - - doz. 29C CALIFORNIA VALENCIA • • doz. 45C NEW ARIZONA MARSH SEEDLESS, 64 size Grapefruit--ea lOc ROCKFORD, LARGE SIZE Cantaloupes ea. 2Sc TOMATO JUICE-27c GOOD QUALITY BABY FOOD — 3 for 20c 'S—Doz.79c Round Steak ib. 39c IMITATION BOONE COUNTY, Mexican Style, No. 2 Can - - - 2ior25c Pint lOc Quart 15c Vi Gal. 28c Pure Home Style, 15 oz jar, Peach, Apricot 39c Black Pepper ib 35c CANNED Pressed Ham ib 59c PLAIN Head Cheese ib 39c reserves, strawberry 59c I Dry Salams - -159c Snow Boy, Guaranteed, 25 Ibs. $1.65 50 Ibs. $2.75 HenS, bakers FRESH DRESSED PALMOLIVE CASHMERE Si/c fiiv BOUWKT 3 for Si/.c QAf 19 C n • • '^-^ES?*^^*^ 1 *^-?^' 0^--**-*f**'•*•:-~ ^^£V *• fi*"--.* 1 * ^w~r-^-v~.. LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Blytheville's Food Headquarters Phone 2763 501 West Main Street ALL CUTS BEEF and PORK

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