The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1967 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1967
Page 10
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fig» Ten *• Hythwlfle '(Ait.) Courier News — Saturday, November 28,1967 ——by Abigail Van Buren—•— Your Move Is The Right One DEAR ABEY: My husband (Arnie) and I both work. Arnie drives 35 miles round trip •to work every day, and I drive 30, in the opposite direction. Well, Arnie got one too many moving violations and, he had his driver's license suspended for a year, so now I have to drive him to work and back every day. It keeps me on the run because we have children at home, but I am not complaining. Here's the problem: Arnie has come up with the idea of staying with one of the guys he works with. This coworker (I'll call him Sammy) is divorced and swings pretty good, and there are always these cute single girls hanging around Sammy's apartment. I know my husband, and he wouldn't just sit around and twiddle his thumbs. Arnie says he doesn't want me to get worn out driving him, but if I'm not complaining, why should he? Should I stick to my decision or not? ARME'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: Stick to yonr decision. Tell Arnie you have had enough of his moving violations, without asking for other kinds. And if anyone is gonna get worn out, it will be yon. Driving! ; DEAR ABBY: I have a problem which comes up so often it isn't even funny, and almost everyone I know is guilty of it. This happens at my house, or when I'm at .'someone else's house. When my kids start acting up and doing things they know they shouldn't and I correct them, the friend (or relative) will butt in and say, "0, leave them alone. They aren't hurting anything. They're only kids. Relax and quit picking on them!" They say this right in front of the children and then what am I supposed to do? ROPE'S END DEAR END: First I'll tell you what NOT to do. Don't let your children escape punishment they have coming just because frieeds or relatives arc present. Tell those who attempt to interfere that your children NEED discipline, whether company is there or not, and their cooperation would be very much appreciated. DEAR ABBY: I am a 19- year-old girl who works in a factory with both men and women. Much of my work con sists of bending from the waist down to pick up parts. My problem is my parents won't allow me to wear slacks to work. They say slacks are indecent for a lady to wear. I give one-tenth of my paycheck home each week, and most of my social activities center around the church, so you couldn't call me a rebellious person. I wouldn't wear slacks on the streets or any- to work. What is your opinion of this? ROCKFORD, 0. DEAR ROCKFORD: From your description of the kind of work you do, I think slacks would Inappropriate. Be sure to get a ladylike fit, and don't try to stretch things too far. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. Hate to write letters? Send $1 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069, for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for All Occasions." Astrological * Forecast * r—- By CARROLL RIGHTER To determine your forecast, not* paragraph opposite dates which include your birth date. SUNDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Except the unexpected this odd and strange Sunday but if you attend services or. other lofty studies or activities, you find that you have considerable protection and are able to make real headway and progress in making arrangements to go forward with doing for others as well as scheduling the corainij week sensibly. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Ideal day to give assistance to those who have so much less than you do. Be more humanitarian, instead of just talking about it. Forget all that dull routine work and concentrate on some big opportunity offered you. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Show those you love that you are truly devoted by some special act, gift they will really appreciate. Then carry through with your plans for entertainment, which is uppermost in your mind. This relieves ten-, sions you have. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Your fundamental affairs require more attention to details right now. Give it. Kin have wonderful advice for you. Ask for it in a charming way and you find it can lead the way to far more success in the near future. :MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) If you spend some time at church of your choice early you can then make many .visits with good results following, Try it. Add to wisdom and you become a more understanding person, a more lovable one. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21 Follow your hunchei regarding how to get (tie cooperation of clever, practical people. Elevate your consciousness to high- McNaugnt Syndicate Inc. er matters. Then you start advancing quickly in the days ahead. Get an early start in A.M. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Think up new ways to save instead of spending so much and increase your piggy bank, and in P.M. you can get new arrangements made. Business person could give you wrong advice in A.M. Follow your own inclinations, judgment. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Ideal Sunday to concentrate on the interests you want most to delve into in the days ahead. Be sure you give help to one who admires you and is now in trouble. Show that you are most understanding. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Look to those discriminating friends who are in a position to assist you to get ahead much faster now. Out to the social events that help you to forget anxieties. Make new contacts that can be very worthwhile in the days ahead. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22. to Dec. 21) Doing anything you can along philanthropic lines is your best mode of expression today. Also, contact some higher-up socially who can extend the favors you need. Use diplo-^ macy and get them. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Meditating upon expansion in every sphere of your existence can bring right answers for doing so. You are highly inspired at this time and can make big headway. Gel wheels rolling nicely. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 Listen to the "Dice of your conscience as to what should be done where closest ties are concerned. Anything of a romantic nature can have wonderful results now. Just be yourself in- GILDING THE LILY are these Japanese beauticians under the direction of iMrs. Ki- hmo Takada, right. They are covering a Tokyo model with "Confree" leaves in a beauty treatment contrived fay Mrs. Takada. "Confree," originally discovered in Himalaya and popularized in Japan as a Chinese medicine, supposedly contains vitamins ana other nourishment helpful in smoothing the skin. Hovercraft: Britain's New Hope By TOM A. CULLEN European Staff Correspondent LONDON — (NEA — With the recent unveiling here of the world's largest Hovercraft, which Will carry 600 passengers across the English Channel on a cushion of ail', the j British have established a clear | stead of acting timid. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Discussing thoroughly the theoretical phases of your operations with associates causes you to reach the right decisions. After this, out to the amusements that mutually please you. Be happy. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN lead in the bushton-borne field. The $12.6 - million SNR-4. which has just been unveiled here, is tour times bigger than any other Hovercraft yet built. It weighs 165 tons, is shaped like a flying saucer, and can deal easily with 12-foot waves when the English Channel cuts has to do with increasing harmony and comfort at home. Get busy and put aside whatever is obsolete. Then you pave the way for progress. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21 Get into those clever outlets that are profitable and increase your reserves. Then get out and visit with family, Minister Claims TODAY ... he, or she, will be ] friends. Discuss any changes one of those overly - finicy in- i you wish to mae with part- dividuals whose conscience bothers him, or her, over every little thing, so teach early to come to decisions and stick to own guns. Ideal chart for protes- ners first. Get their O.K. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) You have a fine idea that, if followed, can really put you at the top of the heap, provided sions where precision is the pre-1 V 9 U consult with a higher-up ; requisite, and where combining! also. Stop procrastinating. Get old ideas with the new can[ ri g h t into the swing of things make for progress and profit. with vim LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) It is imperative that you get all that work out of the way early if you are to enjoy social pleasures later. Planets are with you jn afternoon and evening. You get just about any- MONDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: The daytime finds your judgment poor and it seems almost impossible to come to a desired understanding with those about, so stop trying to get others to do what you want and concentrate upon putting more beauty, art and charm in your surroundings. Then tonight you can entertain or accept invitations, have a good time. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Your associates are not very cooperative right now so get busy at pleasing'Others and in P.M. you reach, fine accord. Handle tee small duties for which you have had little tune, before this. Keep busy. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May. 20) Getting those dull duties done during the day is imperative so that you avoid some possible trouble, poor judgment. Be sure you do what benefits your health. Then get into new outfit and have fun in P.M. GEMINI (Mary 21 to June 21) Evening is best lime for recreation, since you have vital duties to perform during day. Being of real service to those you lie is wise. Store up blessings for a rainy day. Know that none walks his way alone. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Planets are more favorable in P.M, fcr whatever thing you go after then. SCORPIO (Oct..23 to Nov. 21) Investigating whatever is puzzling during day brings perfect clarification and in P.M. romance comes your way. Avoid that worrisome person, though, i Don't permit some annoying (person to disturb your equilibrium. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Be certain you do not disturb some good friend who may be under pressure of some sort. The evening is good for amusing yourselves, though. Know early what it is that you do want, so.that later you can go after that goal in.a positive way. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Be most clever in handling all business and outside affairs during the day, and then in town for the evening according to your inclinations. Get bijls paid. Stop worrying about them any more. '._ AQUARIUS. (Jan, 21 to Feb. 19 Fine ideas occur to you during A.M., but you have to pick out the best to put in motion right away.. Handle correspondence wisely and you can soon get the right information. up ugly, according to its, makers. After engine and s ,y s t e m checks, the giant SNR^ will be put through extensive trials off the Isle of Wight before being turned over to its owner, Hov: eriloyd of Sweden, which hopes to start a cross - Channel service next spring. Like all previous Hovercraft, 'the SNR-4 is.the brainchild of Christopher Cockerell, whose first model was made from a baking powder can and pow- jered by a vacuum cleaner. The i Hovercraft has come along I way since those early pioneering days. * * * Today, more than 200 inventions have been patented,"stemming from the original Hover : craft air - cushion principle, and the manufacture of Hovercraft marine vehicles has-been licensed in the United States and Japan, among other countries. Among the more promising projects on drawing boards are Hovertrains, Hoverbeds and lifting machinery, all of which are being financed by the quasi- governmental National Research and Development Corp. The Ilovertrain will be the costliest to develop but probably has the greatest commercial future. Track .Hovercraft Ltd., a new company, has been set up to build a Hovertrain I which will travel from 200 to 300 m.p.h. on a rectangular •track using a silent linear induction motor. (The French are also experimenting with Hover- trains but using air-screw propulsion, which is noisy.) The Hoverbed, in which the New interests beckon later. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Give your full attention to government and business matters in A.M. so that you have time for congenials in P.M. Don't trust your intuition during day. However, your hunches are very . accurate, helpful in the evening. IF YOUR CHILD IS BOlffl TODAY ... he, or she, will be one' of'those charming young paople that others take to easily. While study will be uppermost in his, or her, mind early, the romantic then takes over and the personal life becomes very happy and successful. The ideal here. There can even be great fame. Clergy Slip; Ouija Board By GEORGE W. CORNELL AP Religion Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Ouija boards, those wooden slabs decorated with mystical signs and letters and used to seek anwer from the spirit world, are becoming common items in American households. This is seen by a Washington, D.C., analyst of religious affairs an an indication that church institutions are failing to deal suf- ficietnly with human concern about supernatural realities. "Most of the churches i.their about supernatural realities. "Most of the churches in their presentation nowadays tend to ignore or downgrade the supernatural and mysterious," said Kenneth H. Wood, a Seventh- day Adventist minister and editor of the denomination's Review and Herald. "This has left people wide open for all kinds of deviations to fill the vacuum." He assembled details on the matter for his church's publication. He said in an interview that spritism—attempts to make contact with the dead — has "been growing stronger all the time," involving pitfalls for the Christian faith. He cited various evidence, in eluding increased attention to seances, the growing interest in psychic pheomenon, the preoccupation of some clergymen with such activity, in addition to the ouija board boom. Although the board is mostly a home pasttime, often taken lightly, he said it has become the top seller among games, the spirit-dealing board surpassing the money-dealing game, Monopoly, for the first time in 32 years. Ouija board sales were expected to exceed two million in PI body floats on a cushion of warm, sterile air, is especially designed for the treatment of severe burn cases, and has been developed by doctors working with Hovercraft engineers. The first two patients have already been successfully treated on Hoverbeds, and its backers are so enthusiastic that they are talking about Mark 2 a n d Mark 3 models. One patient was burning waste paper in a gale force wind when his oily clothes caught fire; the other had burns over one-third of his body. Both were placed on Hoverbeds where their bodies were us- pended on air cushions, and as a result the weeping areas of the burns dried rapidly. The Hoverbed uses what is called a "segmented skirt," which is an outgrowth of the Hovercraft air cushion principle. In this case, a bag made of nylon and coated with synthetic rubber is hung inside the bed's rigid framwork. The top of the bag consists of two rows of pockets, or skirt segments, which are inflated when warm, sterile air is pumped into them. When the patient is placed on the bed the pockets form a seal along the side of his body, and. fall away beneath it. The body is thus left solely supported on air. * * * The same segmented skirt principle was used recently /i Manchester to move an oil storage tank 50 feet in diameter, and with a storage capacity of 300,000 gallons from one site to another. The rubberized skirt was fitted around the base of the tank, and the segments inflated until the tank was floating on an air cushion. It was then easily towed away by a tractor. During ttie operation the giant tank traveled over two stretches of rough ground, a railway line, and a road, and was turned through 180 degrees at its new site. Use of the skirt eliminates jacking up the tank and laying tracks for it to be moved on rollers. A bright future is predicted for the new invention. ' The postwar history of British inventions has been a sad one, with scientists and engineers having to look to other countries for finance that was not forthcoming at home. This process has been reversed in the case of the Hovercraft, tft wfiich Britain stands to reap the full rewards of her Inventive genius. 1967, he said, adding, "Amr- 1967, he said, adding, "Americans are tremendously interested in the occult." However, he said that many churches, in their current emphasis on secular involvement and service, have increasingly skipped teachings about the other-worldly sacred realm, leaving a need in the human conscience. To fill the gap, more and more people have turned to non-Biblical substitutes, he said. He cited Leviticus 19:31 as a warning against such activity. It says: "Do not turn to med- ums or wizards; do not seek them out, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God." In other areas, however, numerous clergymen recently have encouraged research into psychic phenomena - telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis—and related fields of intangible processes. A national organization, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, including many clergymen and lay Christians, was formed several years ago to promote such work. $3.00 $2.00' (1.00 THE ! NEW j POUND i AMERICAN BRITISH DOLLAR POUND $2.40 FRENCH FRANC Me OERHAN MARK 25c j SWISS 'RUSSIAN FRANC RUBLE 23c $1.11 Even at its devalued level, the British pound has a higher face value than other major world currencies. Since World War II, most countries have pegged their money to the dollar. The face value of the dollar, in turn, rests on the policy of the U.S. Treasury to buy and sell gold at $35 an ounce. Should the United States raise the price of gold, it would amount to devaluation of the dollar. The Soviet ruble, its value arbitrarily set by the Kremlin, is outside the interlocking chain of western currencies and not affected fav fli« British devaluation. GO CLASSIFIED Blytheville Courier News Buell W. Carter, MFA Agent Phone PO 3-3361 607 N. 6th Expert Guidance Withbut Obligation from t^ :J John C. McHoney and Sons Ifhether JOB need assistance in selectinc » family memorial, or advice on cemetery requirements, take advantage of our experience. No obligation. We'll counsel you, asmt MonumtnK you in every way. And, we — specialize in fully guarant«a Barra Guild Monuments. Sec us today. John C. McHaney & Sons "Your Monument Men" South Highway 61 — Ph. PO 2-2601

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