The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, APRIL *, MM BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUTHER NEWS PAGE NINE Nationalists Claim Victory over 7,500 Reds Second Attempt To Invade Hainan Is Turned Back By Spencer M*o*a TAIPEI, Formosa, April 3. (IP)— Nationalist Chin* .today hailed Its greatest victory of t9W . '. .the smashing Saturday ol a Chinese Communist Invading force of more than 7500 on Hainan , Island off South China. flKThousands joined a massive' par- lEe of Holhow, capital Hainan. Tons of firecrackers were set off. Bed prisoners were inarched through the streets. . ; - , "We have destroyed the Communist dtean of conquering Hainan," said Gen. Li Yang-Chlng. •chief of staff for Hainan. Second Attempt It was the second Red attempt Three Beehives Make a Farm. -And 334 Census Questions in six days to land a force 6i\ the big island, separated by 10 miles of water (rom Liilchow. Peninsula. The.- Nationalist 1 ; said they "Completely annihilated" 4,000 Red Invaders March 21. .••••. .. -.•; Some Red survivors tried to escape Sunday but Nationalist, war- Bliius reported I hey sank the fleeing junks. Five hundred more Reds ! surrendered on Hainan. j The Nationalists said much ulpmcnt including field pieces, tom~my guns arid ritles were seized. Nationalist dispatches, usually flaunt the silver lining .and Ignore Hie dark clouds. But even allowing fore exaggeration, their double vic- • By Doufrlms Larsen NEA Stall Correspondent WASHINGTON (NBA)—Even In 1862, when the Census Bureau must announce final totals of its current 17th Decennial body and booty count, .there will still be some significant gaps In our knowledge ol just what has been goiiV on down on the farm for the past 10 yeais For instance, we'll still be in the dark how many atomic bombs the average farmer has stockpiled on his acres; There will be no dope on how many farmers have switch- tory gave them something to crow over. • ' On the dark, side the Reds undoubtedly can mass far stronger invasions. Their two attempt* have the look of/feelers." •.', .., And iri a fleet' of nearly 100 modern power boats unwittingly .supplied by the United Nftidn, the • Reds have the nucleus ol, a strong invasion fleet, .. -- ^ - - t iis Is the remnant*'of 50 and ton fishing vessels given Nationalist China \but lost when the Eeds captured'Shanghai.. Face Blockade Although the vessels can carry relatively few troops, they can be used 'to tow loaded junks or can be armed as gunboats. Before they could be" used against Hainan, they would have to break through the tight Nationalist sea blockade outside Shanghai. The Reds also might try to use, In'.their invasion attempts, the 11 former Chinese Nationalist transport planes tied up in Hong Kong. ;.,A, British : crown 'colony court handed the planes to .the : Reds by denying retired Maj Gen. Claire L. Chenriault's claim that lie had purchased them. . = .; But the Reds, haven't -been able tos fly. them out. : . . ', '.. .-;...Explosions, yesterday- wrecked cowlings and tail stabilizers on seven, of the planes^ •'..,>'•:.'• '• . Parakeet Gets New Vocabulary While In'Hands of Burglar .DETROIT, April 3. W)— Julius now gees by the name of Butch and he prefers the greeting "HI ya, kid" , : to "hello." ' It's all because' the bright • green parakeet was kidnaped a while back. Julius was brought up well-bred and polite by James Davis family. Then, on the night of Jan. 21, Julius met William Pospeshil,- later convicted as a burglar. . - . The bird tried a friendly "hello." That convinced Pospeshil he might be a talking witness: So Julius went along with Pospeshil.^:. Then police found Julius In Pos- pcshll's room. The parakeet Is back home now, but the underworld hns left its mark on him. He haj a new vocabulary. ed (rom chewln.' tobacco to gum Nor will we know how many farm Icids still run barefoot in the summertime, how many areoplanes the average farmer oj>erates, how many farmers'-wives play Caiiasta'br how many farm couples, have taken rhumba lemons from Arthur Murray. . . .^. . . •• '•' However, if the American fnrm- . ers' bookkeeping facilities bear up under the demands of the 17th De- cinniil Census Form A-1, are. just about the only things that won't be known about U.S farm life. The 334 questions which are being asked do a most complete job ol probing rural facts and figures. .•' ' • • * Fortunately, each farmer will have to answer somewhat less than the total of 334 queries. Forms are tailored to fit each state. For instance, question "200"''ori the Ari r xona form asks how many kurr.quat trees' a farmer has on his place which are not of bearing age. That question does not appear s on the Pennsylvania form because there aient enough kurriquat trees not of bearing age worth counting in that state. • . '- ' '• ' California and Texas farmers will get the longest forms, with close to tlie maximum of 334 questions,on each. Reason Is that these two states have ..the widest variety of farm products. "Everything from Angora goats to citrus fruits to kohlrabi," a census expert explains. The introduction to the form provides a .new delineation of a "farmer," • for. census purposes. Abso- of blanks art provided by the Census Bureau for "remarks," Census Bureau experts claim it shouldn't take the average farmer nore than a "half hour or so" to till it all out. But they say that a armer would nave to have his jooks in pretty good shape to do it :n that time. Anyway, It is planned .o save the census takers' time over former years If not the tanners'. Forms are mailed out In advance and the farmer is urged to have It filled out as completely as possible before the census man arrives to answer any remaining questions on how to finish it. , Reason for the great detail, the Census spokesman says, Is to get the real picture of, farm )lfe .and farm production ns It has changed In the last 10 years. And they emphasize that all of the information n.skcd about income, as A'ell ns everything else, will bo kept in the .strictest confidence—even from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. PLIGHT OF THE FARMER: Everything bat -gum and Canasta. lute lowest common denominator is "the ownership of three or more hives of bees." That makes you a farmer even If you Keep hives outside a Fifth Avenue penthouse apartment. You're also a farmer and have to fill out the form If "300 or more dozen eggs were produced on your place in 1949, U there are 100 or 'more chickens on your place," or if you own or rent, and operate, three or more acres of land. ,., Here are some typical questions on the form: (52) How many soybeans were plowed under tor green manure, not grazed or otherwise harvested? (203) Have all the cowpeas and pcpcorn harvested last ycar'on .this place been reported? (206) How many flowers were grown under, glass? * (21S) How many acres were In house lots, barn lots, lanes, roads, ditches and wasteland? (232) How much firewood was cut last year on this place? (299) How many turkeys, 4 montlia old and over, are on this place? (309) b. Do you have an electric hot water heater d. Washing machine? (329) How mucn wouiq this land and the buildings on It sell lor? • * '". • And if the farmer . has any strength left in his firigers, or some irritation to record on the subject ol long government forms, 18 lines West Coast Sub Called 'Lie' to Boost Arms MOSCOW. April 3. (/TJ—The Of(l- clal Soviet government newspaper iKvestia has described recent reports of nn unidentified submarine off the U.S. west coast as 'an' attempt by militarists to boost American arms appropriations. "Evidently 'American militarists lave the custom of djscovering secret ships off American shores every time Congress Is discussing military appropriations bills." the newspaper said. (Both U.S. House of. Representative! and Senate appropriations subcommittees are presently discussing the budget for the 1951 fiscal year beginning July 1, including the possibility of boosting the proposed $1.1,000,000.000 appropriation for military expenditures.) SMILE CIRL-^Iustine Fabinn, New York model, out-smiled 64 other contestants to cop the title "Miss Smiles of 1950." She will reign, and smile, throughout National Laugh Week. : EDSON Continued from Page 6 c»l security. ... What all this amounts to Is really «n authorization to continue on a broader scale what U.S. government agencies have ly-" doing for the past 10 years nnd i what private groups like Rockefeller Foundation hive been doing even longer. The private 'cveiopments have been largely In Ihe (lew of health, Tile government's programs have been administered by the Institute of Inter-American Affairs and tlic Inlcrdepartmental Committee on Scientific and Cultural Co-operation. They have covered such varied projects as building roads, Improving schools, revising tax and monetary systems, making mineral surveys, budding dams, planning Irrigation systems, Increasing lood supplies. The U.S. do«s not finance these developments—It merely dir- nlslies the know-how. Principal criticisms raised against these programs and ar-' • Point IV are two exact opposltes. One Is,that Point'IV merely opens the door for unlimited Amerl:an boondoggling In foreign court, rles. The other Is that the Point ly irogram as planned by the Stai« Department and other U.S. government agencies Is far too modest to (Io any good. . ,' Frank Buck E stoic Valued at $100,000 SAN ANOELO. Tex., April 3. (f)— Prank Buck, famed big gnme hunter, left an estate valued at probably $100,000, It was disclosed In probate proceedings. .Buck died Mar. 25'ln Houston, i His wife, Mrs. Muriel Buck, mid their daughter, Barbara, will share the estate. Mrs. John Logan, a sister, will rcceivd $75 a month for life from the estate. Hollywood Continued 'roro Page I comic book n«t month. . Nicest story of the week: Nlven Buscb sighing a personal," thrw- Illm contract with Edwin Rand, a war vet and victim of recurrent paralysis, who made hU film debut In "The Capture." ... Mickey Rooney and Beverly Tyler, teamed In "The Fireball," may make a steady -thing ol it^on the screen. Ben Bogeas wanta Beverly for "The Kid From Mexico" opposite the Mick. • • • • Frank Sinatra's pals are betting he returns to Nancy within three months. Nancy, I hear, has changed her mind and Is willing to forgive again if he'll forget Ava Gardner. Meanwhile, Teddy and Phyllis Rodriguez, a dunce team at Larry Potter's, are doing a number tagged "Ava's 'Waltz." ' During the dance, Teddy lifts. Phyllis.. Other night a rlngslder Hipped: "Frankle Isn't THAT strong." George Washington was born on Feb. 11 under the Julian calendar, but that date Is Feb. 22. under the Gregorian calendar. State Farm Prices Higher in March LITTLE ROCK, April 3. Prices received by Arkansas farmers for their products on March i5 , was four per cent higher than on j Feb. 15. The Crop Reporting Service said tfijday the 'average was three per ctent under a year ago. It reported increases in feed grains ' anri hay. cotton, oil-bearing crops, and meat animals, but de- crca^s in food grains, dairy products and poultry and eggs. Assassination Try Brings Death Penalty MANILA. April 3. W)—Julio Guillen, Ihe Filipino barber who tried to assassinate the late President Manuel A. Roxas, will die In tne electric chair April 20 under • • court decree signed Saturday. Guillen threw a hand grenade while Roxas was .speaking at a political rally in 1941. Roxas escaped Injury but the - blast-killed * bystander. Guillen said he thought Roxas was to blame for the Philippines trouble. •'"'• ' • RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Xlere's rollicking good-news for you! We can take that noble Buick of. yours, and in a few short hours We'll put nevy life—new pep—new spring zing into it! You'll hardly know your own car. You'll have to lay a gentle toe on that gas treadle—or look for your hat in the back seat. Because our mechanics are Buick specialists right to their fingertips—men who know your car and its needs from long experience. Because they use Buick methods, special Buick tools, factory-engineered parts, to bring out the best in your Fireball baby. And because that big 17-step maintenance and tune-up routine we show below is just about the finest, most complete way to get your motor ready (or really lively spring driving! Just check those 17 big items in your mind. Mow long since your Buick has had these important attentions? And how about coming in this weak? These Spring Services will save GAS-OIL-WEAR-AND MONEY! Prompt RtosonabU Price* Phone 2642 We Pick Up aiwt DcliTc Fred Callihon 1 1« So First St., BlttK»>Ti»e 1. Drain erankcow end refill with »umm*r giod« olt. 2. Ctan and odju.t (park plvgi. 3. Clean and ocfJwH dldrlbvtor p*Tntt. 4. Cl»an corbi/refw Krten; adjust carburetor. 5. ScicnlificaEly lim« ign*|)on. A. Adjutt valr* tappeh for proper ct**rem:t. T. Completely tvn* tngln* for p*ok ' performance and mil«ofi«. t. Adjust generator charging rafe. f. T**i battery; cT«an and coat f*r- 10, Repack and Imped front nhuol bearings. ll.Inipcct brake lining* and drum*, 12. Drain and flu.h out cooling 1/1 fern. 13.TrgMtn all riot« connection*. H.AdjuM fan b«|l ten.ion. 15. Trghren cylinder head bold wttfi tpecial Inrque wr«n<K, \6. Fill ileefing gtar >ouiing wrHl lobrieonf. 17. Compile IUBR1CARE chaim tv bfkalTon and inipection> LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co. WALNUT & BROADWAT TELEPHONE W Our Telephone Number 4438 'Shelron Motor Co. NEXT: Criticism* of the Point IV program. • K'lucky No. 31 Fescue Pasture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN State Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 11)00 W. Main Phone 6856 "70 THINK I DESPAIRED OF EVER MARRIED! GETTING " Her«'t peal newt for you if JOU'T» been bothered by iicessive fatigue, constipation, weaknett and 'nerves' due to the fact that you do not get enough B-Vitamina in your diet.' Brvel Special Formula, a new »e|. entiftc prmluet, combine* the tm- pnrUnl B.Vil.inin. with Iron! Alio Chnline, Inositiil mnl I,i»cr in ftupplemenliir)' quantities. Everybody knows the important* oj Iron in your ilie t... h a w it n dps llie body to build K1CII, RF.riRl.oOD. One capinle of llexcl Special Formula (lhat'j ill you tnko » day) conlain»5/iffj« Ibe mininulm daily requirement of Iron. Also 5 timci <*&.. - . the minimum dally Teqtttreiwnt ol Vitamin B : . ' ' Evelyn Del Nero, 4500 Hudson Rlvil,,UnioiiCity,N.J.;fnyi:"SiniM I itiited liking Benel Speciil For- inula, I've «o much more pep and energy that lh« boy* have «Uited calling me Ginger . .. and better yet... keep calling me for dates. I cnn liars my pick bt them now... and to think I despaired of ever. gelling married." Try Bexel Special Formula your- iflj. You get your money back if you don't fecliiccidcdly belter in 30 days I '? ' WOODS DRUG STORE BLYTHEYILLE For Improoed KIDNEY FUNCTION In o majority of casei; Investigated in several hospitals and clinic*, subnormal Kidney function wat improvid. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced afler the us« ol Mountain Valley Water. i If your doctor hoi diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney Impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial.' Try it for a few weeks. 11 Is delicious, pure-tastinfl, and may b« consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MountainValley •) < ur«.«A>>> y<rc,-c-^.v^. EASTER FLOWERS BLYTHEVIL1.F. FLOWER MART Memphis Hlway Phone GOflt BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Fishing & Hunting License. ".limmic H" 12 ft. Boat 549.95. . . ,. " Aluminum Boals, 12 Ac M ft. Fly rods, Casting rods and guns repaired. Shoes for every snorf. •121 W. Main Phone 6262 The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! lie fore you have an acci4 dent, call 3361 for automobile Insurance protection. For small premium, we include $10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS ^Insurance Agency Announcement Effective March 1, 195* SHIRLEY HIPP is the new uttuUnee far Magnolia Petroleum Co. Blythevilie, Ark. Phone 4091 If No Answer, OU 740 Two- Row Kour- Row AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT '26750 1,000-GaIlon Storage Tanks with all hose and fittings $497.50 '297.50 BarksdaleMfg.Co. South Broadway Phone 2911

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