The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE BLYTHBVTLLE (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS SATXJTft'OAY, MAY 24, 1047 BLTTHEVILLB COURIEB NEWS THE COTHMKR NEWS CO. H W- HAINES, Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEFF, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager * Sole N»tton»l Advertising Representative*: WUUc* Wltmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, •AttenU. Memphis- Every Afternoon Except Sunday second class matter »t the post- ofltce at Blythevme, Arkansas, under act ot Congress. October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: carrier In the cuy ot fllythcvllle or any . . "ntown where carrier scrv ce Is matix- "M 8 Sr n 'r°ad?us Sr^ffi;, M.OO per *£? SMfor si"months. $1.00 for three months; bfrnall outside 50 mile zone. *10.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation Hearken unto the voice of my cry. my Kins and my God; for unto thee will : 6:2 ' . . • Do not pray for tasks equal lo ynnr powers. Pray for powers equal to your Ushs.-lM.HUtw Brooks. Plain Talk for the Germans The German people, like all other European belligerents of the recent war have been hit by the blight ol Hunger. But the defeated Gerr.wns have been making more fuss ab-nit it than anyone else. In moods varying from whining to belligerence, they have demanded lo be fed. Now James Newman, our military governor in.Hesse, has told them of in no uncertain terms. As he pointed out, ours is the first conquering army in history which -has undertaken to feed a.people which it has conquered. If, in return, the Germans hoard, strike and refuse to co-operate, stem measures will be taken. This is language they should understand. They have been overplaying the role of an innocent, betrayed iiwplc which only they believe. We shall teed them, not through love but through necessity. The sooner they reali/.e this, accept it, and .help themselves, tlw better it will he for all concerned. Bars to European Union in reference to themselves—for example, in Moscow and Washington—a stale whose chief is a chief and in whkh no confusion of powers hampers «i' dilutes responnbility." It is odd that M. DeGiuillc should mention Washington and Moscow in the same breath—especially sine,; he must know that in the U. S. the powers of government are delegated, tho'ijrh not confused, and that responsibility is divided, (hough not diluted. Substitute the word "authority" for "responsibility" in the ([notation above and you have a Hlatonienl that might have been made by Hitler or Mussolini in the days when Mr. Churchill first proposed a united Kin'ope. If M. DeCaulli: expresses a growing sentiment in Fnince today, then. Ihe diffii-idtii.'s of iidop'ing Mr. Cliiirchill's plan are iiu-ivaseil enormously. For the same reason the plan hcnnnoK even more urgently necessary. Still Working on His Masterpiece Back in the early Thirties Win.-Urn Churchill piit forward Iho idea of a united Europe. It was tin Ulua I'oriMsn to the thinkinjr of its time—a time of going fascism, dawning, HiUensm, Maginot mentality, iiltrn-niiLiona'ism, insincerity, and appeasement. IMr. Churchill, a Tory with a vision, saw the evils and tHeir remedy. But no one of comparable vision and aulhorll.y in all Europe answered and stippoilcil him. It took a second World War—which a strong, united Europe almost surely could have prevented—to show the true value of Mr. .Churchill's remedy. Europe of 15 years ago had nil the necessary ingredients of that remedy except one—wisdom. Today such important ingredients as stability, prosperity, health, and strength are gone. And there is some question whether wisdom lias been (rained. A few nights ago Mr. dun-chill again appealed to Europe to unite. 11 was an eloquent, intelligent plea which took into account all the grim realities of the present. Mr. Churchill urged a K«roi>oan federation as one of the "four pUUu'fl of the temple of peace." The others, he *said are the United Stales, the Sf.vicl Union, and the British Commonwwlth. They would support a United N:i! ; op.s expanded into a world super-government to prevent war. "Are the states of Europe," Mr. Churchill asked, "to. continue forever to squander the first fruits of their toil upon the erection oC new harriers, military fortificatitons and tariff \\-r.lls. and passport networks against one 'ir- other?" For the most part, Europe's answer was silence. France, which with Britain would be the backbone of any European union, showed slight rcjic- tler statesmen were too busy for comment. Most French newspapers ignored his speech. Instead there came from Francq the voice of Charles DeGaulle, wartime hero, interim president, and now head of a new and somewhat disturbing poli- . tical movement. Following Mr. Church, . ill by a -day, Mr. DeGaulle made n Speech in which he called for a "string state" in •'France. \ ( The former general said he meant 1 by a strong stale "what others mean VIEWS OF OTHERS Obey the Budget Law or Change It Arc: laws only for the P<W lc w cl)oy? May slalc (.flu-mis ignore a law when Ui«y find H more convenient lo do so ^ in a Snmliiy news article. Ihe Arkansas I'ublic Exprimlluie Council implied that .-Iale mrcncies arc disregardim; < l vllni rca " Hiiv of Ihe l)u<lii«lary control act "f l!" :! ' l ' 11n council nrijed their strict compliance with Ihe requirement for quarterly pre-aulhoriwuion ol their spending. Officials Hdmlllcd that Ihey were no!, doing this, the article si\W. They were not gctlln!'. the complroller's approval of Ihcir oullay.-i nl ihc rrfflniilin; of each Ihree-monlhs 1 period, n*. Hie aet declares they must. And their reason? Tlic provision is unwieldy, iincl hns hccn found l<«> expensive. Since when, and by what snper-powc'.-, iwve stale officials been Itiveu authority lo repudiate ix duly laid on (hem by lnw?-lo decide, whc- Ihcr U is loo hnrii nud too cosily lo carry out? The clll/cn, in such a case, musl i;o to the uonrUi lor :x decision, or to the legislature for a cliai.KC In law. Are onv administrative mill executive officials above the courts and let'is- liilure? 1.1 llxo )>r-c-ivuUiortzalioii requircinonl. was unworkable why haven't Ihc officials wakr-d the legislature lo modify »? As for Ihe charge '-hat Is loo expensive, that's hard lo laKr; scr- Strange Characters Negotiate For Non-Fx/'stant Sheet Steel The DOCTOR SAYS • WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M, D. Written for NBA Service In 1040 Americans spent $800 Dion for patent medleenes, head- :ic powders, tonics, ointments, d cathartics. In the same period <• By FREDERICK C- OTHMAN (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, May 24. (UP) — You can't blame the doctor for be- ng amazed at what he found In he lush quiet of K. A. Kcrschbau- ner's room Hampshire House facing New York's central Park. Gunmen, lawyers, South American brokers, mysterious I Jet rollers, multl-millionnires and customers from Chicago congregated there i" 00 million were spent for drugs escribed by physicians. Most of e money spent for advertised re- edies could have been used to tier advantage in securing com- tenl medical service. Self-trealinent is the wrong ray approach a disease problem roper diagnosis should precede eatincnt. Emergencies may arise which simple remedies can sed, but most of Ihose who try o cure themselves without bencfi ' diagnosis suffer from a chroni isordcr. Taking a pnlent medicine fo tomach trouble may not ma.« inch difference if the .condition •> caused by nervousness, but it a serious mistake i[ it Is caused >y cancer. Borne palienls arc so urriccl away by claims of miracu- mis powers for advertised rcm- dies that they delay consulting a ihy.sician until they ar c beyond ioi>e. Cancer of the slomnch can- lot be removed after it has ex- ended to other organs. VITAMINS NOT CURE-ALLS frantic efforts to buy $37,000.000 •orth of sheet steel irom Kersch- j baumer. ™ He was a suave young PiUsburgh- cr wilh a well-clipped mustaelie. a cane and Iwo artificial legs, who was as frantically Iryinu lo buy the sleel In the .first place from the Firth-Sterling Mills of ^'ittsburj'h. Night after night, he told the Senate Small Business Committee, his strangely assorted guesls sat on his soft chairs, arguim?, innkini; deals among themselves, and waiting for Ihe steel to be delivered from the mill. Kcrschbaumer at, Ion;; last was able to churekle about his part in what the steel industry calls Ihc daisy chain o( brokers trading in steel that does not, exist. "One nignt," he lold me (Hiring a lull in the Senatorial proceed-, ings, "a couple of the fellows got sick. We call in a doclor, who fixed 'cm up. Aand here were all these men all over the apartment making long distance culls, bal- Oling among themselves, signing Most cif tlic remedies sold today I contracts :UHl arguing with their -ire relatively harmless because a', lawyers. The doc looked 'cm over strict laws governing the sale of dangerous medicine. Extensive advertising campaigns arc used to promote their sale through the use of cleverly worded statements. and then he said: "What is this? In the front room are men making million dollar deals. In the next room are men making hundred thousand dollar If Ihe need for a medical examina- deals. And in the bathroom __ is lion could be presented as effec- a man washing out, Ins shorts.' lively, a great deal of wastc'd-lime The gentleman doing his laundry and money could be avoided. ] was L. G. Durham, Chicago steel Millions resort to vitamin con- broker and.husky ex-Marine. He centrates for a variety of complaints. not realizing that they only arc of value in prevention and treatment of deficiency diseases. had no extra underwear with Having lold the Senators about his weird negotiations for with an assortment of odd characters House Committee Discovers Aviation Industry Seeks Subsidies Through Super-Dupes' Airline U. B treasury. This would permit By PKTKIl KDSON NKA Washington l.'llrrespondenl WASHINGTON, May 24. (NBA) —1-Ifforl, to change U. S. interna- lional nvintlon policy—substituting a single, U. S flap; "chosen instrument" airline in place of regulated | could operate planes coinpetUlon among the 15 U. companies now cerlificd for ovci ens flying—represents ono. of Ihe nl ll lously in view of Ihe stale's freehanded =piMid illR. There is far loo much ol fichu 'Usrc';:.'. i\ Ihe let'sil checks imposed on government agcrcic.;. A uruxcn example is the special acls puss-.'d by every leuiliUive session, null signed by the governor, in defiance of constitutional Amendment No. M, which Mally forbids such Icsisla.- llon. AKJiin, laws arc enacted, and no pvnvblon mnde for carrying Ihi'in out. All of that breed:: ilisresiject tor the law. Officials invite floiuins! of Ihe law when they ignore, evade and (rent it lightly themselves. They, of nil classes, should c.ct an example in law observance. The budgetary control act WHS adop'.i'd to put :;otuc semblance of business methods intn Ihe siliilc's bi|i?,est. business— llic huge .sueniluv.; of Ihr- stale govei nin,>iu. It was patterned ntu-r a Mir.nsKola act. which wivs credited as br-ini; n major intluencc lu snving thnl, stale nullions i>{ doU-.u-s. and WHS supiiailed by Iho Arkaus:is 1'nblic l-'xpendilure Council and by ini.ny lhoui;hlful citi'/ens. The people shonUl iiisisl. Hint Iho budfcetnr:, roiUrol ai-.t be obeyed. 11 is for ll.i-ir prot-clio:-.. If it actually is unwieldy and over-(?xp;'r.sive let the slate ngemtr;; present tact-proo!. not just Ihrir say-so, lo Iho legislature. . — A51K/VNSAS DEMOCR.V the Aiuciicnn line to buy iU planes n.s cheap, have no more investment than its foreign competitors. 2. An operating subsidy. If foreign airlines, with cheaper labor, could operate planes n.kl ground S. j crews for less than the American :>v- line, the government wcUild pay the subsidy grabs ever attempl- d in Washington. As disclosed by Civil Aeronnntlcs loard Chairman James M. Landts i lestitnony beforo Ihe House fn- er.state Commerce Committee five —really .seven subsidies—are now som:ht tor this proposed su- jer-tloopcr airline, lopped by a gn- ranlrc of II) per cent profits no natter how bad its service might jecome or how much it worked a- the nalinnnl interest. Two bills to create a joint intcr- nillonal avialion company, owned >y the U. S. airlines, railroads and steamship companies, are now bp- diffcrence. 3. Au obsolete equipment purchase subsidy. If U. S-mafic planes became outmoded that is. if Amerl- - - . _ can manufnctiiiTd four-engine pro- I ccntives; it even destroys the profit pcllcr-drivcn planes—the U. S. eo -| motive itself The carrier can operate almost without regard to its success in keeping costs low and the U. S- flap; line against other loses. If over a 10-year period tin U. S. flag line averaged more than 10 per cent profit, it would repay one-half of the excess over 10 pel- cent to the government. MAXIMUM TAKE PKOM PUBLIC TREASURY In summing up his testimony on this proposed legislation, Chairman Lamlis declared that H "goes even further than Ihe establishment of a monopoly in destroying 11?! in- Vitamins arc never intended to be I Chicago, Washington, Pittsburgh, used as cure-alls by patienls who | and Detroit, he added: ealing an adequate 1 "Finally it was all set. They told arc already dietQUESTION: Can muscular dys- Ivophy he cured? ANSWER: Much can be done to help patients with muscular tlys- irophy. but a cure Is not known at present. vernment \vonld be obhgalcd to take Ihe old planes off the U. S. flag line's hands, so It could buy the newer models Also, the government 'would have to put up 75 inn- cent of the money lo buy the uc'.v planes. 4. A nalional interest subsidy. On routes that did not take in enough revenue to cover costs of operation, the government would have In make up Ihe difference if it was in atlracling patronage. The management will bn little concerned 15 Years Ago In Blylhevillc — Miss Rosa M. Hardy, principal of senior high school, was hostess to other members of High School faculty, Mrs. Crawford Green and son Crawford Jr.. and Mrs. Norman P. Moore for a breakfast this morn- ins; in the home economics department of the "High School. Mrs. John W. Snydcr and daughter left yesterday for Sedalia, Mo., where they will spend the Summer with r,c;;;r.! nirllno operations: it I with Mr. snyder who is receiver fore Congress. They were Intro- | considered in the national interest duccd by Hep. Curl Ilinshaw of California in the House, by Senators Owen Brcwster of Maine. I'nt McCnrrnn or Nevada, and others to keep this route going a'^ii foreign competition. H. A foreign subsidy offset sub- foreign government paid in the Senate. Pan American Air- its 0 | rlinc a subsidy so as to keep ways Is the only u. S- company sup- ! ( | lc u s [ll((t lll)C in business on an porting this legislation. All th* ! cvct , basis This could lead lo an other airlines, the President's Air j ltl t" (M . na iioniil subsidy race. n. A nalional defense feature siib- ! commit tee. stale and Commerce Departincnl.s arc opposing il. COlll.O I.EAI) TO WORM) SUBSIDY HACK Subsidies which this legislation provide are these: main function will be to sec that the maximum take is developed from the public treasury." The Civil Aeronautics Board's contention today is that its present for a Ijank there. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer and daughters Misses Virginia and Jcs- salyn, molored lo Campbell, Mo., yesterday for the Homecoming Day sidy. This could cover a number of things: Building of airports-at strategic locations for Ihe .peacetime use of the U. S. flag .line. policy of regulafcd competition, call- of Mrs. Blomcycrs graduation class cd for by the Civil Aeronautics Act I of the Campbell High School. of 1938. is working and tha» there is enough traffic in sight lo enable | Wild animal species have uni- all U. S. competing airlines lo shcjy a profit without all the heavy subsidies considered necessary for ihc proposed single, "chosen instrument" carrier. Furthermore. CAB contends that if in the future it is found there is not enough traffic on. say, the North Atlantic route to support three competing carriers, opvnlirr! certificates can be amended f that the airlines can renp a fair retuvrt on their investment me to catch the next plane for New York to sign the papers. I planned lo be in New York one day I didn't even bring along a spare shirt. Six weeks later I still was there, waiting for steel that never was delivered." And a good thing he stuck ac round, too, Kirschbaumer leslificii- , Seemed like everybody wauled steel. i And rumors kept flying around that 1 ii- had been delivered. "So one afternoon this Jim Boyle rushed in with a couple of his gunmen and said sell 'em some steel, or else," he said. "Real guns?" inquired Sen. Edward Martin of Pa. With bullets in 'em, Kerschbau- ler replied. He identified Boyle as Ncw r Jersey mobster; the Milieus of the latter's companions so listraclecl him that he couldn't emember their faces. "I nearly got sick, myself," hn estified. "I was a cripple n.xJ.Jf-, Couldn't handle 'em. But Din-liS^ inppened to ge In the apartment ind he used to be a sergeant in he Marines. He tool; their guns iway from 'em." So much for monkey business h". he llampshirc House. Nobody ever lid get, any steel. Kerschbaumcr 1. A construction subsidy. If foreign plane nv.mufactnrers naintniniiiH a fleet of transport All certificates for North Atlantic ilanes which could be operated by years from 1MB. That is considered ! the U. s. line as n contract operations were granted for six fair period in which to lest, out conKI I carrier for the armed services. build airplanes cheaper than U. S. 7. Intel-nation:.! mail pay subsidy, j Ihc reiilated compelilion. unsubsid- miinufiicturers. the government | The u. S. government would be re- ized policy. If by in5'2 it is found would have to pay I lie. American j quired to pay for carriage of the to be unworkable, then will be Hie lias; line Ihe difference out of th> mail, in addition lo guaranteeing | lime to consider a change in policy. IN HOLLYWOOD BARBS «Y IIA1. COCIURAN Beruly rontosl season is on again. Win, lose or draw, a lot of gals are coin,; to be- sillily pretty. * » • An Illinois man , broke- a roblier'.s nose. Moial: keep yours out of olher penple'i business. • * • The fellow who gives his wife money to buy him a Rillxr.r's Day present is very likely lo stick his neck into it. V • • It's amusins what borrowim' nciKhbors will lake. Evcrylliing but a hint! I1Y 1-KS1CIN' JOHNSON i ro-rtireclcd with Saroyan. in con- Nl-:.\ Slaff Cnrresimiiilrnl I jnnrlion with Ihe Theater Guild. HOLLYWOOD. Miv 2^1 For the -ihere was an impressive east first tiiur in film history a mos n' with three unknowns who later is tji-ini; filmed in HolKwood willi-j became famous in Hollywood. Ocne i tint I In- itiil of a .screen writer. Kelly, Cek'.'.te Holm, and Wilba-n There is no scrip for the film vov- ; Hcndix. sion dl William SArnyau's l'i.Ht/.«r, Kpl , v ,,iayod Harry. Ihe natural- pri?.i' •.vinnini; p!:\y "The Time uf :l!onl j^ofor who wanlod lo make Your Life". | p (N ,pi c laugh but couldn't. Celeste The film is being shot word Sir | wan Mary L.. the unhappy woman or ( \ scene tor s.vnc. from the of qualily and beauty. Bendix plav- l;\>. Tlu' wonts and sitnal ions tlvit «-d the role of thr cop. couldn't Vn> used be.aUM' of een-l In the Cat'ney film version. Paul shii) were re-wrilten bv Saroy.m} Draper is Ihc riau.-er. Onle raise himself. ] is Marv li . and TSeiulix has The rniinev brothers, .limiuy aiuliiuilefl lo the role of Nick. McKEMNEY ON BRIDGE Overall Jams Up A Logical Response l!y WILLIAM K. McKINXKV Anirricn's faril Anll.nrily \Vrillen fcr NKA Service Jerome SCheuer of Boston gnvc me today's hand, >rhich came up in the v'nmlcrbilt Cup tournament This hand shows that Ihe experts do nnt always asren on the way linndlr a lough situation. The finest ion is, what should form markings; domestic animals of a single species may have coats of unlimited patterns. double two diamonds. If North doubled two diamond* South in a" probabilily would bit South in all probilily would hie two hearts. However, if Soutl passed two diamonds doubled, tlu chances are that West would make the cout'ract. If North elected to bid two hearts, south might become mistic and jump to four hearts which it is doubtful that, he coul make with a diamond opening. Personally I an. rather incline toward Listhlner's bid of tw hearts. Though South in all likelihood would go to four hcarls. the odd.s do not. favor finding all five of the outstanding trumps in one hand; and as f said at Ihc begin- said he was filing suit against the Firth-Sterling Co. for not living up to its contract. Durham said ho spent three months and $1.000 for plane tickets, hotel rooms and spare underwear, following the steely will -o-the-wisp. Senator Martin said it sounded confusing to him. what made it more confusing was lhat sonic of Ihe witnesses—guests at the Hampshire House had disappeared. Without their shorts, let us hope. ning. Ihe problem concerns North's start fires, proper bid over West's overcall o! two diamonds. Use I.illlc Coffe n England's nunual colfec eousuiup- lion normally amount:; lo 11,000 Ions, or about Ihree-fonrths of a pound per head or (he population. I-'ast and Sltiv/ Types Lightening strokes como in fast and slow lypcs. The fast, high am- ,11 pere strokes shatter their targets, while (he slow, I o \v ampere strokes Saving for n rainy day doesn't :.lop you from cnjoyin< is swell -if il Ihe sunnv ones. •Kill, are Ihe fellows Invini: Ihe time of their lives with bis novel an:roach to n inoliou picture. Hill i.s the producer, .limmy is the st::ir. '1 bere was no other alternative. As Hill explains: "You can'l rc\vritr Saroyati." Not to mention the fact th:tt SO THEY SAY Tlic budgcl call only be balanced by Ihe sweat of the brow of Ihe people who' work in this country. There is no easy way around. —John W. Ihnnes, former Treasury Under Secretary. » * * No longer docs science coivtribulc to the lactic-; of war. Rather war must to adjust Us U'clics lo Hie advances or science. —Dr. Sidney J. French, Colgalc U. chemist. icre's no story to rewrite, let me li'm. "Th** Time o[ Your I,ue"' s just :. lot of S:u"ovan nd T do mr;ui churnctors—\v;\n- Icrinc: in and out of a cheap •'ninri.'.co waterfront bi.r. 1AU IS AirillKXTlC The background is the SAme. <!u;; he one sot. Nick's P:\rifjc Street -ilrnn, T?r-.tanrant and Fnterl;\in- ONK CENSOKSIIIV PROBI.FM The other imixx-tanl. cluiraclor.; in the movie mv Wayne Morri ns Tom. "a great big man of aboul 30 who appears to be much younger because of flip childlike expression of his friee—handsome, dutni>. innocent, troubled, niui a little br- wiliiercd bv everylhinc." Joanne Oatniey is Kilty Huvil, Iho younr; \vouian with momori.\';. J.Ame.s Barton is Kit Carson, tli" old Indian fiihlor. .llnlir.y ( T .Too — ":\1- ! \vavs calm, always (inlol. nhvavs; i Ihlnkiiiff. ahvavs e;\q;rr. ahv.iys .!-"rcri. always superior." • ~ , The only r.-.nsorshin problem was j men'. Palace, as there is in the lo rhanpe (he character of Kilty.| Knruvan play, and a brief scene -,n In Ihe play she was a woman ^l -x l-.otei room. . jibe si root. In the movie sholl '.-e ( | i;lmnl1rts? V,ven the bar Is Snrovnn. Bill' an oul-nf-wovh aclvc.w. > 3 K 10 Bo ! A J G 3 AK82 None K J 0 7 2 * 9 3 Ci 1 2 N W E S Dealer * A n r, -t V J 9 5 3 O » Q 10 • • A IDC, , V A Q 8 7 G i« A fi S J.K 10 Tonroamcnt—K-S \'ui. ... Soiilh West North. rasl< ISP -2«... . . : *-^^' House Whip Read Courier News want f-'jff t Pri-ilou* I'nr.r.lf \nMvrr (o HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Pictured U. S. 1 Propitious representative, '.' Assigns Charles A. 8 He is the , House majority 14 Transferee 15 Fleet IB Scheme 3 Prevaricator) •I Sinoolh 5 Half-cm .0 Surrender j > 7 Retain !, It Secular .0 Symbol for erbium 17 Half (prefix) l?i\ nll ?" B 1!) liainbow 1 1 Challenge Norlh do over West's ivcr.ill of Ciunev 'oou'jbt il in San Francisco. aflrr Snvcivjin told him. Please 1:1-1 an authentic old R-v. UP lo 'he Mayor An old Missouri statute maker, it bar. There's no like a li-cal for any town to lew n tax Pcheuer says he put Ihis question to Charles It. Cloven. Howard Kchenken, B Jay Becker ami other experts, am! they would not commit themselves. One said. "I ihink IB Tone E (music) 2f> Individual p.,,, Frmc'^ro Mr" 1^ snoiiorl a band urovidrd the '" memsrui-.-,. unr MUM. i "• •••Tir' l .n n ,™oVvo n r Life" „, ^^an play 'a picel.ln nmfo^ \^ ™#* ^ =» ( home ' on nroadway in WW. KidliolViwliiv: member o ftlie b:xnd can eat peas '• Ai L1 K"" UI ." iip",-^ Mrs. produced. p;aycd the key role, and with a knifO- iTi> ^'V. 10 , 51 ^ 0 .^^ O i <.!,'« 'would 20 Skin opening ^ Roman 21 Heroic ,, mag ' Srn , tC 5 22 Remove 13 Demolished 23 Symbol for yltriuoi 24 Editor (ah.) 25 Hail 29 Oceans 32 Short sleep 33 Sea eagle 34 I.casc 35 Silkworm . 37 Symbol for selenium 38.Mililary police 40 Window part 43 Hops' kiln 47 Ecological (ob.) 40 Gem 51) Asainsl 51 Duke , r i2 Mend 54 lie is from 5G Tendencies; 575ollcns in Icmpci- 27 Hnslened. 41 Back of neck 28 Meel 42 Ardor 20 Observe, • 43 paddles 30 Make a /. {44 Any mistake v i 45 Mix 31 Blackbird of . 4(5 Prons ' : . cuckoo family 47 Great Lake i i 34 Harvester 48 Of Cos : ,36 Quantity / 53 Hypothetical : 37 Pastime . . structural unil 3fl Entreaties • 55 Deciliter <ab.)

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