The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, HI AY 2-1, 1947 Priority Control Extensions Urged Action is Essential To Economy of U. S., Truman Tells Congress WASHINGTON, May 24. (UP) — President Truman yesterday asked iCciiKres.s for extension of certain material controls which he said arc .-^needed to sliced world rcconstrue.- w'jf.i and "prevent liavm t.j our own afoHomy." In a message lo Congress he asked one-year extension of federal priority and allocation controls over a (handful of m:\lcrinls inelud- i"K tin. antimony, and quinine. Tile first ilrconlrol act of 1947, he said, extended Ihese controls 10 Jim,. 30. Since then agencies have .studied tile need for continiiiii!; llieiu further. lie also :iske,| lor continued authority to issue export priorities for materials needed lo increase ]jro- diiclion nroad of products needed in this country. The President also recommended lh:it tins nation continue to main-| tain import controls on fats, oils. 1 nee and rice products "to make certain dial wn do not add to the hunger of other peoples hy im- portiiu; more than ouv ii«reed f-'mri! of scarce foods." This share IK (!eterjniiii-cl by the international emergency food council. Wallace Urges Unity Among Progressives NEW YORK, May 24. <UI'>—Tlen- « v Wallace urged progressives ves- •Td:iy to stop hating eneh other. 'jtp said it was time lor them lo ^Tke up. nrporlins; on what he found in the Middle Wcsl. durliif! his nationwide lour. Willncc said a "new spirit is awakening in America — a new strength is sliiring." "Tlie people arc preparing to resume their forward inarch losvard a progressive America," Wallace wrote in the New Republic, of which he i s -editor. "That is my conclusion, and the conclusion of the group of old lime newspapermen wilh whom I have .tust traveled through the Middle West." Wallace said farmers, church leaders, small businessmen, and "fair-minded conservatives who uc- lieve that peace with Russia is possible/ 1 all were seeking a lead. He said Ihey would give a "swift and startling response lo any challenge lo Hie present drift "toward dcnression and war." Only progressives can provide shape and direction for this movement, Wallace snirt. He added: "The .deep and. disturbing divisions within the progressive movement alone prevent the swift, cmcr- of n new political force in " life." 5 said that in Minnesota, Illinois. Michigan, and Ohio he had spoken before large, enthusiastic crowds of workers, farmers, middle-class groups, r.nd students who evinced "a new intensity of emotion, a desire to participate in a common eflort." The former vice-president, said lie found the greatest enthusiasm for nalionnlizilinn of the coal mines among Minnesota farmers. He found a strong rc.sponsc to the idea of world citizenship amoi:!; University students in the traditionally isolationist areas of Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois. BIATHEV1LLE (ARK.) COUU1KU NKWS Fountain of Youth" Patterson Cites Bond £lcction Need to Unify Army and Navy PAGE SEVEN I>YKHS1IUI(C!. Teiin, May 1M. I|> I The se'.M-^i.-cd icivicnduin i vnl < a $ii. r iO,(Km bond !v m< wl for •Mny 27 has been |>n:.|»>ne<l liulellii- ''<'ly. Muyor I, 1). ilamner disclosed today. al * l.uni l>t»Un«« :cly :rsi!r«d Uoiir.rt Uuo. HBi«lr»i. • o«* »«rvlr« fc ntt"M I'liiuii 2IHJ1 Mo.ini I , Unlike the finglishm m \\lio •. i I hi ' missed summer last year he- cause he tool: a nap," these London children lose little lime mailing the of n recent rare spell (if warm, sunny weather—a welcome change after one of the worst winters in Hie country's history. Herts they enjoy the cooling waters of n fountain in Urockwcll 1'ark. Push Button Balloting Proposed To Record Lawmakers' Votes FOHT J Iv.WKNV.'OrtTlI, Kai May 2-t. (lll'i-i.Secrelury of War I Hoberl 1'. I'aUH'.son .'iaiil yesterduvl Hie military ixilicy of the United, Stales will be "out of Joint" until i Hie in,lion hus a unified armed Ioice. "\Vhal I hi 1 Army has done to hitch dniii:hboy,s and cannoneers in a team, a national defense establishment will be ale lo do for Uio Army. Navy and Air." I'allerson told :. Command and General Staff College class. Ho !;al ( | ihiit In (he future more iTMrietinns will e |>lai:etl on Ihe .share of our national resources dc- voled ti> the aiiiird forces. Great 'e. therefore, must lie nsed in pnilionini' them :nnnii|> Ihe various annul scnuvs. h,. S :i|d. 'Hit or mis* method; will noi, serve," Pallerson said. "Tile ill- IccalLims must represent Ihe ollt- (otuo of llic most thoughtful esli- ili' of ihr Munition and (he most critical pianuin;;." I'allerson said Hi,, need tor team- nnd will be even more vita'. In tlw nii «il Ibe even more vital in the Inline. "We must be invparcd for a thai knows no limit;;, a war involve.; romliineH o]>er;ilions on id, sea, and air." the sccrela'.v said. He said weapons once consider!''! miKKsjl)],. iit-c now arlualitles. Who would tlavr limit tomorrow 1 .; nossibiliUes," Patterson asked. near! Courier News Want Add Fowlston School of Music Special Summer Classes PIANO - ORGAN — VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A., 5. M. M. TITIU iiljirls June :>iiil UirotiKli Ani;u:;l I! I , lil 17. A spivinl price for the three iiunillis tcnn in itiano is lieiiiK (ifl'oivd. Kor iii!'i>riiiiilioii, eall or wrilt — 809 Chickosawba Phone 2049 WASHINGTON, May 21. (UP) — Rep. Estc:;'r. 1J., Tcnn.. proposed today that Cai\Kn .--,•; IJL-I huge electric won members' votes lights." Kcfanvrjr put forward and Senate chainht'is. Tf anv incin- hi-r lli.scovnod tic had inac'c a ini---- lakc, the torrcclion conid he made o ireiKr of Aiii>*>;a Wallac Restion in a book called "2' Orn- tury Progress" of whii'li he co-anthor. Itis coll[ib') ... . .lack Levin, Bovcnime:iial economic con.snltanl. Durinj; tlic lht'<?(> yen-; from 1941 lo 1915, the authors suirt. Iht H,>»:c consiuiK'd ono lesjislruiv,' munlJi annually in la'iini; roll cuih. Tiv.'y IE- liinatt'c! that Ihe; h,id n'etl GO per cent as much lime dnim; the iame thint;. "Recorded voles ar;i very ncci'S- sar.v because the pcoine have » ri«ht lo know how each mrr.iber votc.i'on each issne bi'on^ht to ;-. (i;:^is'nn in ConBrcau," the bcok s,i:i. "lint in :hc House, lliis uccc.wiry fnncti'.n is perverted into a lurm of lili- liustcrint; t'.iat frc<iueiuly can consume hours." It said (he process of recording; the voles ot.the '135 Homo snoin- bers niul the 96 .senatm-i coukl l;e speeded greatly 'with voung machines. The armresl of each !:>ein- ber's chair would hnv^ Iv,-', slot*-' iccii for "yes" and red for "n-j." At a signal from :,h'j prnsidin•; officer, each member w iiil..l in.serL special key into tho d:-.;ired si-it. The votes would '.n'. t.l.jsiu't! on Ijiiuc Kcorcboards in [milt m llic lluu-.ii ; lo rccriid j in the formal tally, and green j Kelauver and Levin :,aid th" vantages of this system would hi:: SIIK- "overwhelmint 1 ." id- To Hear Congressman BATEHVILLE. Ark.. May 24. 'UP1 — Arkarrsas College opened ils 75th anintal commencement program with a line ar( s recital here la.s! nljjht. 'Hie Rev. S. u. jockel or Auslin Prr.sbytcriun Seminary will give I e l^i c c al a 11 r e n I c sermon Stmdav • irning, and Congressniiin Wilbur 15. Mill;; will make the connnence- nient. address Monday afternoon Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'iionc 2013 KM-l Chicktisiiwba T\vo New Speed Records Set by 4-Engine Planes iIIAMI, Flu.. May 2-1. (UP)—Two Kiant lour-cngined |.;aii(r.s landed at Ihe International Airport la:;l nlKht within minutes or each other, e.stablishiiic new .speed reeords. Cant. Robert, Fusscil of Ixis An- !!ele.i landed his CunsU'llntion at 0:52:-W p.m.. EST, to set n ns\v West-Eist Iranseontincnlal riiuht record from Bnrbank, Calif. He made it in six hours, '13 minutes ul 2C .seconds. Right on it :i tail at !):57 p.m.. BBT. catnc a Pan American Graee airways IJC-G from Lima, Peru. Tiic iiairni plane flew Ihe 2,700 milr-s non-stop in nine hours and 14 minutes. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Felix A. Carney i Hardware Mutual ; J Insurance Company ! J of Minnesota ' [ Larce Dividend Savint;a ' i Low Net Cg;,l Protection ! J For Kervtco • R ! W. L. TAMKE I i ' MOR i:. Davis SI., V. 0. llox 4:i| J I I'lionc 2187 Blj-lhcvillc. Ark. | SERVICE IS REAL PROTECTION 'mconl protocrion oQalnil fur dolcrJoiolion bocaulo heal damanc dcilroyi r\ tlia pch. natural 0111 m tlia pelt. "Corrificd" mcani pinUcllon agalnit damage by molh, tlampncn, dull. *C»r!lfi«d" means protection againil loll by fir* Of th«lt. •C.rlHlod- m»anl properly CON1ROUEO Itmpcralurt aod t*gulaled humlUi^y. Blytheville Steam Laundry-Cleaners Phone 418 (SOME MERCHANDISE BELOW ACTUAL COST) No Exception All Merchandise "Ihe Typewriter Man / 118 North Second St. Phone 3382 SPECIAL! FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Washed, Rinsed-3-Times- And Damp Dried , 2Sql , One Large Throw Rug One Large Blanket 1 Chenille Bedspread 250 THE WASHERETTE SELF-SERVICE, AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Crosstown Main of- Division SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING . . I'miiulittiiHi Stock—Dirod l-'rom Breeder nt lesi proved yield* H to n nioro Ijimhcla per ICM\! iiud sliinds up Imltur l.) m n Ualsoy. BlytheviJIe Soybean Corp. 1 Still W. 'Main •ATTENTION FARMERS You Can Now Get 100% Coverage On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! TliIH limy lie 11 year of heavy liui! .storms. We rnpi-csoiit Mil! lin-Kiwl and _uldwa Hail Ktonu Insui-iiiitc Compaiiy mid willi tho ItiKliesL r;ilitij.f. SlUThil v.-iirescnlalivt: will i,' u j,, H|y(,( u . v i|]u , ln ,\ v j. cinily lor M limih'd limi! lo li.ko iippliciitiDiis. Call wnlu or phonu NU\V lor particiilai-.s—No obligation! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. K. DIKTItttlll, iHniinKcr Over (Juiml'K .lowolrv Store 1 ''" > " c r>1 " "lOver.vlhinjr I,, Insurance" AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS ; A coinplelc line of jiotiltry. leetl. Kallory fed frycr-s— i buy them on foot ' ••-.— . -..-..„. .. n° Ulj 'i'-! { n W ANT|I:IJ J l !'«» '»• ti'uck load. Upon til 9 baliirdiiy evuniny, S to 10 n. m. Sundays Plenty of Parking Space LEWIS POULTRY •11!) Kust Main St. !).)<» GATEWOOD GROCERY HL^« rllOIK? * Ark.-Mu. Stale Line I on the left at the Arch 7 Crown 1.35 Calvcrr i_35 Schcnlcy 7 35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 Three Feathers ... 1 35 Hill & Hill i 40 Old Taylor Four Roses rt 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 S't'" Beer . . GAS, rcg. . Cigarettes 17.9c;. . per Case $3.35 Ethyl 19.9c .per carton $1.55 "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 CoW Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ TMT B*.rc e .r PRTROLKUM Oeptnilahle Service PRODUCTS Offe* RR ml

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