The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1953
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JAN. SO, 1953 McCarthy Committee Tightens Investigation Of State Department By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON Wl — Sen. McCarthy (R-WIs) and his Senate Investigations stibc o m m 111 e e moved more deeply today Into a hush-hush investigation involving Slate Department personnel. Witnesses, several of them from ^Bachelor Tax Proposed by Legislator LITTLE ROCK (/!>)— A bill to levy an annual lax of $750 on bachelors was Introduced in the Arkansas House yesterday by a married legislator, who called bachelorhood "a luxury." Rep. James , Bruton of Conway County would say only "wait and see whether the House thinks It's a Joke" when asked whether his proposal was a prank. At least (wo members in the House—Reps. Robert Harvey of Jackson and George Holmes .of Cleveland — would be affected by > bachelor tax. In the Senate, Sen. W. E. Fletcher of Lonoke County is unmarried. Bruton's bill defined a bachelor as a male 21 or older unmarried or not living with his wife. • Proceeds from the bachelor tax would go to the child welfare fund for the care of illegitimate children. . Bruton had his bill referred to , the Committee on the Coiiserva- -'., tion of Natural Resources, AEC Is Startling Uranium Tests • WASHINGTON (ff»)_The Atomic Energy Commission is starting an experiment In Tennessee looking toward developing long-range sources of uranium. AEC announced List night 11 is contracting with the U. S. Bureau of Mines to start a small mine near Sligo.-Tcnh., to develop methods of mining uranium-bearing shale, but the commission said shale deposits under Southeastern states contain minute amounts of • the atomic key metal. the-Slate Department's personnel division, are being sworn not to discuss (heir testimony In any way, under pain of possible prosecution for contempt of Congress That offense Is punishable by up to a year in Jail and $1,000 fine. McCarthy refuses steadfastly to discuss the inquiry with reporters. His colleagues on the subcommittee said he has pledged them to secrecy until he is ready to move. McCarthy has said only that he is making a "preliminary inquiry" into reports that the government paid inflated prices to some Iron Curtain countries for materials for the defense stockpile. The Munitions Board handles stockpile matters, but often consults the Stale Department before fixing policies. ' McCarthy long .has contended that the State Department under Democratic administrations was infiltrated heavily by Communists and disloyal Americans. Former Secretary of state Dean Acheson and others have accused McCarthy of exaggerating in the accusations. The Senate planned to debate today a resolution to grant the subcommittee S200.000-lwice what it spent last year — to finance Its work. Sen. Ellender (D-La) told the Senate yesterday he wants to know what the subcommittee will investigate before voting on, the appropriation. Sen. Taft (R-Oljo) Republican floor leader, rejected Blunder's request to defer the debate. The subcommittee has bro'ad powers to investigate virtually anything in the government, ~ Reds Withdraw Chile Candidate SANTIAGO, Chile (fl>) — Chile's outlawed Communist party announced last night it was withdrawing its slate of candidates for the nation's congressional elections March 1. The party , announcement WHS made after President Carlos Ibanez said he opposed legalization of the Communists. This'i-eversed a stand he took in his election campaign The party was outlawed in 1M1. BUTHEVTLLE (ARK.V COUTIIER NEWS THEIR FAITH IS MAPPED IN B.LOOD-Thlrd Lt. Acmmenf in KnrM hvV v , u^J pomls to the map sent lo Turkish troopi blood contribute ° - dn! " ai home ' Tlre ma P was draw n with ness to spill their blood in the"ca'use oMreedoin? Th^map hangt m a place of honor, over a copy of the Koran. FREE HEARING COUNSEL AT HOTEL NOBLE in BLYTHEV1LLE FEB.3&4 Feb. 3d from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm Feb- 41 h from 9:00 am to "i:00'pm ROY ANDREWS, hearing aid specialist of. Cape Girardeau, announces a free hearing counsel and the opening of a new TELEX SERVICE fn Mississippi and nearby counties. Come in and meet (he Telex consultant, Mrs H. L. Harp of Hlytheville. Have your hearing tested free by Mr. Andrews. See UD V 0 "<inn« EX TRANS 'STOR hearing ni.i 1ha( saves up lo 5 10.00 per year in battery cosl. All makes of instruments will be tested without charge. Cords, bat- SUPP ' ics on hand ^ al) "•*« of ANDREWS HEARING CENTER Telex Distributor Phone 41 i8 Mrs., H. L. Harp, Txical Consultant 910 Walnut The boat, first British naval craft powered by Unction. U 121 fee, ,on g , w ith . ^^of^ of Wight. 19-Year-Old Mamie Van Doren Hailed As U-l's Answer to Marilyn Moiuoe By JAMES BACON .nl/.hn,« n rf ...i.- . . International today unveiled its answer to Marilyn Monroe in the person of a 19-year-old luscious starlet rechrlslened with the name Mamie. Mamie Van Doren, one of the first so named in the movies, possesses a (unpolitical face and figure but she undoubtedly coiifd make Russian males vote against Stalin. She has had her new name only . few days. Before that she was 7.aua Olnnder, who once lived on a farm near Sioux Palls, S. D., with her Swedish parents. She likes the name change. "Zaba sounded like a candy bar." she quipped. A studio spokesman, admitting the obvious publicity reasons for napilng her Mamie, cited another reason for the change. Her old name too nearly resembled Zsa Zsa from the Gabor of the same "ame. Miss Van Doren looks somewhat like a younger and rounder edi- lion of the glamorous Hungarian. Like Zsa Zsa and Monroe, she blurts out the intimacies of her personal life without batting an eye In the direction of the publicity hoys. "I'm not a natural blonde, you know." she whispered. "Even though I'm Scandinaviin I was brunette. Bu{ I was-a democratic brunette who decided It was tiYne for a change." She Is a protege of composer Jimmy McHugh, who has been giving her voice and dramatic lessons for'the last few years. He apparently felt she was ready to be discovered, for ho sent a telegram to Phil Benjamin, a CM casting director, to catch a little theater presentation of, "Come Back, Little S h e b a." Mamie played the role of the secy'coed. Benjamin was quickly convinced Richmond, who was In desperate „_,, ««.un.imu. wno was in desperate HOLLYWOOD ifl — Universal- nee( l of a flashy blonde lo sing ~>..ij,..i..ii WH:, ijuiciuy convinced Departmc and sent her to sea producer Teddecreases. ihe song-, "You Belong~(o Me" "in picture called "Drifting." Let Richmond go on from there: "It was last Saturday afternoon. - had spent n week Interviewing girl singers for this three-minute bit because it. Involves an important story point in the picture I wns tired, unhappy and then this girl walks In. "I put her under a week's contact, before she had said 10 word's We rehearsed her a few days, outfitted her In a slinky gown and made ready to shoot. The word got around the studio fast. Other girls, on the lot already were running her down—a good sign. "By the time the scene was shot I counted 85 male executives who had no business on the set — an even better sign. We signed her that ,night to a seven-year contract. Most important, we're changing Ihe name of the picture to •You Belong fo Me.' " Mamie freely gives out with details of her personal life: "I was married once for three weeks when I was 15 but I have no steady boy friends. I like men who eat beefsteaks for breakfast." Her busl measures 36 inches, par for Hollywood. She dislikes undetwear above (he waist. "I think, the respiratory part of - girl's body should be able to breathe," she explains. U. S. Employment Down in December WASHINGTON M>)_Federal employment declined in December for the : fifth consecutive month and stood at 2,562.800 at the beginning of 1953, the Civil Service Commissions said today. The December drop was 4,400 The Post Office; Agriculture and Army Departments reported the greatest Whitehalr Is Out But Mystery Not WASHINGTON W) — Francis P Whitehalr, Democrat, finally was out of office as under .secretary of the Navy today, tfjt the mystery of his vanished resignation was still publicly unsolved. Whltehair turned In a resignation through channels Dec. 10—but apparently It went astray and nfter the new Republican administration took office he found himself still the ranking man In the Navy Department. Yesterday the White House nn- iiounced acceptance of Whitehalr's resignation, along will) seven-others. There was no explanation of the delay. Read Courier News Classified Ads Friend In Need In an emergency, YOUR surest "friend in need" is your Insurance counselor. You can depend on our Insurance Experience to keep your property fully protected at minimum cost. Does YOUR Insurance cover today's costs? It not—cali ns toda'y. • RAYMOND ZACHRY MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCV 111 North First St. - Phono gg| 5 Blythevllle, Arkansas PAGE SEVEN New Anti-Barnacle Compound Proves Success in First Use By WALTON HOCK . BALTIMOKK MV—Tho 10.000-ion Liberty ship George A. Lnwson roamed the barnacle-Infested wat- crs of the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico mid Hie Caribbean toe ore lhan n year. But when she was raised In dry- dock yesterday, lier hull showed hardly a (race or binnacles—those sbngolng. crustacean hitchhikers that foul ship bottoms and cost the shipping industry an estimated 100 million dollars a year In lost time, nnd drydock charges. The stt'ht of tlie Law-son's smooth hull wns 'no surprise to Robert D. Spiers, a SH-yenr-old St. Petersburg, Pin., chemist, but It Rave him a. "great feelimf" nevertheless. To Spiers, it was proof Oml nn antl-foulfng compound ho developed really works. The compound known ns Dlanol, wns mixed with the paint that was applied to the Lnwson's hull Jan. 21, 1052. When (he Lawson was raised out of the water here yesterday, the only barnacles on her hull were In patches along the keel, where blocks that held the ship In place last year kept the painters from gettlnsr at the surface. "I believe," Spiers said, "that this Is the first time a commercial vessel has been able Jo stay in barnacle-Infested waters over a growth of fouling organisms." Th master of (he Lawson, Cnpt Andrew Vasaka, said the log of (Jio freighter would show no speed loss or increased fuel consumption toward the end of her year afloat. Usually toward the end of i year he said, barnacle formations cut l'/i to 3 knots off a ship's speed and send oil consumption up. The compound Is a mixture of organic chemicals In powder form and mixes easily with any regular paint. It remains ir, suspension In the paint and Is effective as lone as the paint lasts. Spiers said It paralyzes lh« nerves of the. barnacles or any other cold-blooded organisms that attach themselves to Ihe shlp'i bottom. They die and fall off. Influenza Hits PAPEETE. Tahll W)_A type of Influenza new to Tahiti has hit Pa- peete In epidemic proportions, it appears to attack the liver. slnc« victims exhibit all the symptoms of Jaundice. MeiMcal authorities believs the virus war, brought In by shin or plane. ou know, in a minute ivhen GLEJVMORE is in it GLEN MORE • J-lu ^,'uU o'fi (JU AW,«r^ STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • 86 PROOF ?>' Ji> l± 1 1/5 Qt. (Tins Sales Tax) It's always a pleasure to b« h»nded t highbiB made with Glenmore. For Glenmore :h« * character:.«nd quality that ire hidden lo tht tye but quickly appreciated bj your tun. I'huY because the uniform goodness «nd di*. tinaivc flavor of this whiskey~iu nchnes* »nd smoothness, have been a tradition with tht wme family for eighty uninterrupted yeu*. Glenmore DistilleriesCompiny.LouijTille.Ky. SURE TO SEE THE BEAUTIFUL GENF.RAL MOTORS MASTERPIECE THE GREAT EVER BUILT! and felt.r In Ev.ry Way and NO IHCREASE IN PRICE! CO.MI-I.KTI-I.V M:W iH;.\i.-STnmK STYI.I.M; IVIiW I.OX.IiH I.OM.KK, IOVMI|:n. HOO.MHtll I IK S • SPKOTAtI;i..t|l XKW OVKIt-AI.I. I'KIUOHMAXCE Mi:n: PA.VOKAMH: wi.\n.sim:i.n A.\l» HK.IR IVI.MtOlV WO.\I»:H»I i. .»;w POWKH .STKK.HIV,;. 'Optional at extra ttjjf. „„„„. [his gren test of Pontlacs Is new In every iletnil from bumper to bumper. It has a longer; more lej room, more hat room, more lilp room; It is far and away the most beautiful thing on wheels. Many important thin£srotm[n unchanged, however-such things as Pontiac's famous dependability, downright economy nnd good solid value. rth NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. 5th & Walnut ni .. .„ , BIytheville, Ark. rtm *JV ns s ° on as J' ou .can-see this brminnt new Dual-Streak Ponttac; drive It yourself! ENTER GM'S JIJI.MO BETFER iriGlllrAl'S AWARDS CONTEST

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