The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on October 24, 1892 · Page 8
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 8

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1892
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

BED1CATOUY OllMlON On ibo Opening of tbe World's Fair at Cbie.A^o By Henry VVuttertiOn on Yesterday, Ouiob^r 'Ji. . Chicago, Ovit 21 -Tbe dedicate. ry Oration' w^j d.;liv«r»;d tu-hiy hy lion. Henry V, aitcraoii UH follows. knee-breeches -:i»d . poWdcre'd wig* (iLe current Presidential campaign who nit/ncd 11. Declaration aud the -'i* freer from exilement and lumuil • — t."-..-^ ... .>«.< iban was ever ki»owij before, and it is argued from' this oiruu'nistruct* ill at we ate traversing tbe epoch of the commonplace. If this Oo'so i,HJ 11 ii/ \;i>'»^.v^**^**** -.»v----—»» ..-»-— _ — ^ 4 iho i rte.ncn m Kuniiiitf i-hirt end f thank God for ill.'We Imvo had full enough oi th«s dramatic and sensational, iii.-d heed u .-canon oi iu " itiicc-brcisches and ji'ovdcred wi-^s who mude the iui.ion, \V'i rcc iho iiule na« froiu w'uhiiut. \Vc6ee -n irocr. the in wiidoi :.u.-.s io the oi coin, try und home; an i our hvtii't^ lo :i Amo'rij; the woi.|er:i •<;!' creative ,,i in k-pc..-^-!:^ won hy the pn>H- __. eonilrtio ivu •^•n:u:'. in jc* irs«: j oss a .';.l \::\->r ot of Jjrcfmnui:-:- tur-ihi< Festival i.| U j )i;n t [„. K !t d ;jl .d -c: tin. Nation*, v.-uu.-ic I ,rm;t. und <•!- ,, wi.l pieaen'l) hu witnorS- tJ 'upon iho maigiii. '-'i ,th«: inivr- 0-:cUn, Which g'.veri to hi-; /.uhlc Iri 1K> lite '.-I -'ilttt.-J..- "»' I-' '"".'I Withai ollt >l.-> ehn:iii-.V '. l!u,.'u South and Weft, teeming with tciviiization »nd development^ sum pies that injure u» wealth and I n-preecnuttves of a manhood vital* power und *t*.J»i!ity, y«-a, und from I ized ar.U itivigoiated by toil and the m i in'(• and ii*re'*t« »ud quariiesj care,of u womanhood elevated and of Michigan uiut >YisaoiwiD. of AU- j inspired by liberty fend tducatio« r b»ma and Georgia, oi TonnensKce | Uod bless ihe children and their and Kentucky, Jar- away to the ic^icus ol silver and gold, that bavo Kijbed tho Colorado and the liio (jraudo in eh.*e cMiibruce, and ut.i home*!. (rod bless our ccuntiy'ft filial A nd God be with UB now and ever. God ir tl-e rooMree'a Bbade and God on the highway, God wo not a~enbo the ru• ionul 'w:.\ in I'itJilau-d lime ii'nd ^piiee between tho virds Mid wa'v'ca, and Uod io which ihe pe-(.-p!d uro t^oii.;.; :-.o<>ut' tho -X'.laiiLiC une tho i'ueiU^, it j till our houltt! their business u> iunjer^kno^K-d'ce : ;r ci,k«m «.-;ji; word h-orh the hearth and exncrieuco, u?jd u iairur r-j-irit in iuv.t. und Illinois, IVoru ihc ht'V pnrty <- hi.h'vrlo marked our j hmno iu Mi:-..-i.-tij iho heurin ot scv'ciiiy iU-i ul ci y rank ol u nuinti...e nu-ir.. t, j Speclatorium, wh'eivui ihe l.«-!u:!:- C"i'^ wil. bj io!;{ with I'C". ; .IM:I- ! otir |,j ts .<<.i I ni' n. LS rUi'I) \abifi !£•« he "!uM • Sj»! Jlniii! , :-;n VtVii-g, who sliail f-'ti 1'briicaare us c^ntui! to f r ,, -'M,u t le:^ li^-boni>eu lu ! J . wc !r •ihJ.-oi-omc.V-t J.:.y wh.MiUe.i.iiii, govcr.'mci,t a.s osy-cn tu the at- -'"-'Y^ 1 ' u.M one word u-b uion,' oi i;io • father* i../ l^n^-'r w.i'dv uput; j ',no*phere, or suzusbiuc to -'veyetalioii •;.-T.her.o is no Cicjs/raphy in Am-ji> the tnittlcinv. «.i lreeuc,;u- aru 1 And party spirit isiz ( fiepMr:il>ie trciu } it-Jin liiunhuod. Theiu ure uO tec. ...i : I i .... T-- ;!.,-! c:,v,' •.,.••!*• rYrir.ini.zrM Tr»''llii» I'Vli'Jlt, I.iiMl' llOUrf lO AlUcriC^n 1 ratel'111 tV. 11 Rend the church service direc-* tory in iliit* it But-and attend tha cburc lies today. ail i'siijui*: ->-i!>i :til .-•.:•.'•':<'!"-t, save i pai'ty or^-inirJcn. Toihu exlcut that .•.-c (Jviti, ! it is tempered hy and tin Jeeliiiir, c;y iwvc of country and itjtejji'ity o! j'urpo.sf, it in ;* supreme j urul ti.enj hhould be no ^.-i :-h"ft'a-<a A Nu u,.o, who hi.-, j ihu ir'va'Mirvri ot i :u I h; .':.h'.n c. U) , .- hurt ot a decent regard for.'lh't; the ••ood' loriuno to ^ce ti.u ; M.:ixchovf frV::i i):c ;.-:.<•>, I- ri?-c i,. ! seii^il»iiia,-n <.i ..i!.ors put upon its had tt jrvodo's ot ihi of art, Cuii huvo iai.'c-.ftv) ho i:i';veU by vUvs uiiiou. \sh\-;U it L-uihoaij:-, Ot' the :uil i'i''i-. k in l.i-li.ry "•'•'1 l''^ in lite an 1 in^u^h;., an, ne- rs \\ith ihe Wt;iid 'ine> uK::;'.il fainting, upon the li:li:M'l .•. oi -S;rrl.i 'the-royr.l cunip ot S:L;,L:I l-0'-ti». the tiun'ny c.j.t.-.lrt ; "t (•••<•• . l-ie.-s'oi lti>]c th"iVHl-'h "l ho 'Wv:avy v-. 1^ '/! l! i- '•fendlesri hi^hl. \s !i<'M.-^'.- tli:>c. .-L.i; 1 .- seehiel set lu ni. <.-:•: i-ai i.-.-t i<» J'UllitiJ lh! 'Jllijii llii: ii;u.k. I'.C.HS v\':i.i'. es '«•'. liu- iii\ .'d" : d.iy hy ^J.-t'V i'" '"• •.c-vei'V'ri.-io' uint i.i'S <.t ii- bo-.i(.)U) iho J--:ili! til l:ur, i,.:, tho i>irlh uJ 'l.Vnius.lic !«• p'(?.ir!csM :ui'l t ln'i I ii ••'if I't.-'- lUid ill I h:x < !•>; ..i'.v«--l <:i '-lixons, ! r :c er.T in iho nr.iMi-:te "! A : • viliz:.ttii|:i ti n there oni: Mil* nuL lliank lii.- vhik-.-i- l. :tl i lived lo j'-i n in th i v nui\ i.-i .-n bra Lie n, ihi- j:ii«. ;».-i.- U'fiM M AUNlTi'Li;: ' i I uni :ipj \lp6n .1 hi; p-iru-ai an-i • ,ii;i-:vi::ii^- ..; thu |ir-j;:lain.i'.i ir \viih.-h l::i- ! UolivereU in' " i;d - u-J'-'-w;.,- {'U..--h:-LC t. ! i ! j hvodorn" and !ViJ> •li'.uui!' «-i :--n. \V'e , . ^ J-v l-> iif-'iior '.l.e ol utter • u'-'y vv-.juid stjij^nut'a. und We nliOiiId l.uvo a,....K-v.'iiuSjliv'oti'ly. i:: nutne.. Fait we sboulc never eet-^e to'bj. admoniclK-d hy the wearing \vorda of tho Fit'.her ot hi-i Conn- try agalust tho t_xic:-.s cf puitv 11; I , t i-rtrtc •>•:•: ji'-r 1 .'.lo;: t/i (.,«.• -vui !.!':> j/r.jj ui-i.. r o.-ns !-.-. .^i,;.,!-.,;: ; ,i:: .-.. la-.n-:..-:. citirc:' . •Cfd &H (Y '.I'at'iurv; ' :l-''<A U! M»!.'e ii;i[ (illy i;lil- ••-•. A niel '-':.'.:i I i: 'ivi pie.~, br.l l)i(.::. N tho ni. '•vri i.-ui :!-,:.-iv in !.:i ; i i-'.YV.U.'! lo Arucnc^n irateinity. It nocdrf Idi MX weeks to ch'tiii^'e a \ T oi'nio:)icr iiilo a icxun, aud there ncv«.r tiaa been u, tinio w heti upon the buitle-liutd. or tho iroutier. I'unt^'n a LSI.! Cavalier weio t»ot con- vertihle terms, lius'ln^ in the be- a curmnon oii^ih, aud HO ciUi'u-e'i and diluted ou Ainenean Koil us no longer to possess a local Tho new art building, at the Chicago World's fair wbich waa u^eii ior tbo dedicatory Lsst K; idiu, rsciilh 90,000 people and is the largest structure ever ereet* ed in the". world. H ia eickening lo HOO how the- 1 10 <:# organs are seckinrr to create tbe that Chirk is not a ht'.lM-iM'.oti. or :v naiivrtv, except in , , , .-. v •-.••• i " "t n-r.c "/it tccrii c u tie the .N ulioiiul ntiic, I .«.-.«.».n. ^ i«-c The rux-o who pianted the. sigrials of Ainencari civilization upon that sja.e:ed K<xk by t'Mymouth Bay were Ki^lVri'liiUuri. i'lul so \ver6 tlio' nien who t-tilick- th? co^i-cs" a iit'tle !:i\vcr t'o//n, 'cniling their h^ven of i\-st :ilur tt:e-g'ri:tityv ucpubHcan i o;i. i;i( ::cr, rind found'n^ hy Hi nip" bavo si votin their intention of .but the ruse is 10 iciC'U'.cus nny but very Thcrc i:> not u solitary Olrirk fipc '.r v. ho h;ts t\ tr y't had tl.e cciirr ti I<.(:'.'.'..-> i: '•rii.ei;.'ol. h-uivcri arid «.-) <!e*i<)L'r ce t i;i> ;nlti::ot:8 Force hiJl v ?;a'.e.-!-::'.-ij, the irienticin oi " who.^c i;:i;;!-..-i inni;^* a tliiili lo every 'Tl t'V dan.-r i.t do it ior fi-ar of in- ji.ii! ir t_l e ci ute ot ihu \VacO'. u \t*>r- 10"•tit.ori' in cur J.v. wi-Liiii-.-,--..^i; i !iu Kci.uuiic ^urviv-c'- .an iriv; ,u >*,•-.;.; •; : .«.-.:i.llu.-t, =o',vu ii: .....-..„ ^ t !.; : ., r ut tho. wur, 1 )r its owiy! nJo!:^.•- w;<-k." Ar-d ;j-vt tl:cy .dalrii that "\Yi-.i w-.'-k" 1 it il:c louder of the >! Den.ocitn-y. —1_\ rpuc Christi C..-.-.MCT. !,e :.;•.:,••! ;.::d nia'i r AY oilh'.- i- !i l u'ci:l ii:t«.» it. ,'ls :.•'!,tj- "1 r. u ci i iiuv^.ri ,-n tt.v: >\-Jer:il : L 'the. ,-iral;j, ''i.i.».'.,iii'. rtl.v !-l-' i e'.r;>lr.ii'-Li>i'V. DiiU'iu Lii.u a •i l-V::ll:ii."Ki;i.'-- prj:'.crva.:.'.'<^n a Iu ren<.le: 'j 'pLtrlienUir ex pluit • n! i ii ur the tiirotu-, I;M'-XV.- in :.'|A-:I.'I; y,"\\ h;it Sic n:i 'u';':Si'tiViL'"SeL .ii'pon Ins r pn: j" >so. hi AH (nu'Vt-tsrc-l: hi-. v.-.ilo;-^ urc b\wnite.<l, Mid. \vuh ihe 's'A-':i-i : y -.:• >i euro ban.l ul ihu •tnasU-.r, h-.- j,rtir:;'.' tdc<, touoh: lip:;;! i visii-Ii in i.: -'y tori.!: tiiy furhiS;"!" iliing^ kr.viwri an.i vi<i id e. VVho sh:i ! tn.-:s-tt ro i 'l,t: :•:. h v.;> or blotid lui:.(: th.M'.-i L ; ul an; L.'i !.:i:;.i to tin; min : d;'s.. I-_N >; oi th.j pr'-rv-in tho scenvrt m'.llu 1 '»••:;--l HI .A'n.V't .'•;»!. u•-,' t iiitiis 61 its enemies, wbll'st' : "y'i'c;.''i''.l- '.••:•£ iisell" willi—.(jniiruble ilt.-.>; : iOilily •-'•'' •:.•..-'.•• • ' . ' : . •- ; "• ' ' ...:. J «tMl j •.iv.u-.r.v U.o liiiuru v,i IroO.';:. • I.LI i in .o '.i :u L•'uri iii \> i^t >r: j ••* '• «• ' " - - • i • v i ••;»:. ( u r. 1 ;. i LI-.LH. A < e !rl6rv?-;.\"sh:-.:.l d uv a: u-.i,, j-'V":-' •'.,,, ..•-"::!. .vonivrr i 1-3 arid vorkciv, not, of^ o niL.e. A-uli, tiiu.lly, vco h:iw :lliu 'li-^;! 1 iil;c .lnhric' 'Ol iho l'\dei'iVi: CipV:- «K iiip.eut- iruisrttc: re-.t iro:u. ^luin'd^ li:':L had'".h'civi IL u "^lUi'rivr. i>J ceii« t'.iry lu other hu'.;i^ : , with-Vul _;i j.'i vichl,. MJ ..cior-e .\v r,:» the of: the tn I j.^Ii in ihe rii.a!' | i.lyi.ket 'ni^Lr hi.y.o. L-uvc.e i l '. t '•:'.teSta'.h't.- .lui i I-;- vhicl• i«;:!-^i.-i.i i :•-.;'.- .'rcc:s iirjivi f-t-- .< ;t?.-.l r. .: [;•'•:! j • !ii'- c . \> il.h -L-. ti a rec;'r.i UL 1 .. , . .'it--. • c'd w..L:... !.'i- ,„.;:..,...• ;.l.,-.. ri -._.., ;,., -.vh:; C ;i.,;i l.c iiliuii.! ol i:.e lOlJiJS OI UlO !ri--;rlyi-' :ii.-l i-;;r:.,i r- ' I i;:. in .:,.. ;;: .<-.;::.v- .-: ;-i. vx : v ;^. ;t i i;:, . •' •who^o vrncrn. th,»!i.;:> stU-;.- ;.:-< v.::-. I - j ;:.!-! ^ ..T : . ri .; it,. Still .-pL-:i!<. L , u- in a'l tli.a .v.: M ,.- | s; ; : n • |.j o..'.- : , ;..; : . ii.5 a nafi-n!, in :;il tJi.ii. vvj -: •) -men a:ui woui:. ti '.' ~\Vo h.'ox h-f'.tn- ::ii-i .J;<-r. :;n ! ; >Vp see .iln-M'.i'^h the i.:\.l «it:i'.-.-:j ! lol«Ja of ' !ii..' ^)!.-,n:i' j 'Nt-r w'i: i:! 'J he tnue js coinin-, V ri j '-i' 1 ^ CuMrr \*} ceiii.n.iy very •re, v, hen hun^ii:!/ :;hovc ' h rd' i;p )tr Ilr-j;^ tl-urdt-r- ju6t ae >';.;•! n'^llany acoS^o WcM ^^ ' Ultl l h ^' k /l ; ^^ rs l ^e -•i: ; i:\ ^S«''iutli-bliall. bo • tse«.-':i j !l °t C(,i:i:iL'e ei.* I'r.h io denounce I •• ' . ' I . i * T" t I i' ' «'"'V •' * T I *l *• f i f t i r i i \ t- ». l ' ' ' - ** i . - . .' • . >_» .....i, 1,1 v..\^ii.i. un^ ,o\c j .f-aniiituiL-r:; in Ainta. TThat baa .-oi 4 , i v, u crvi:-s-'> words car- } haute iv^'ic-. Lively hy tlio : V'-'' J C;ljC ' v:)r ' t; ' ^v.vcruor in /Texas'to •hM\v,,:vVh.i:"bl:,v'::rf| j ,!.-< ulih i! o 1-Vici- biij? Can Q-or. '" | llcir^c kill the veroaicuti reptile? A WKI,:,MKTO UAKKIXD- j ^ ^o, w hy h,. s he i;«:t done so? . . ... I Kvery deitiocri'.t svn'-pui'iinir Clark is noi iru:-; fiiy^e.t to procee-i, j rt \Vo ii:;vc Ct;:;ic ht/:e not'so uiiicb lo , °I : 1 "bstf'.l' to the Fcrce hll! iind com•} iA- 1 : 11 .'-'/-'••n-.-'.vs iiud ii.ories, :mm se:;s^ ^o le^cht^, bi;t it Svpu)d usk HI the Muishi:io (^i pre^ , • '•'•:.••'•" fii : !ar|:ro^j.yriiy-::^:'d'.'jiVj>i;i ; :-e^s, to I 1 -''.O.-olishiiCi':-. to talk cf :tl:aL obi ;:it«.Tc!::-.iigc pal: :oiic u; re clings. s'i;d S n c :•: i o u ^ uiilior'ul n.eatuie iu urtr- • I . ' T .: * -L. : ^ '• "'' ^ '' * . . . ••. :'."•••.;» ' t • • ' • * * • ' ' '-.-'•:..'•• : :. .', • .'" ';,'•' ' " \i-^ './JiidLjo. Ciiuk's .clainVs'L for the WP.MII oj;r |_ r ;:le, not tir? a ."govcrncr.^h'in of• Teirn'F; they might jot-ei-t^r..-lj;ii us u <;ue^t^i.o. irieiui, j,;^ {;ri A vejl ispcct to elect Clark lor v.h.)m nothing tuu'L \\.o have ;B . top good. Kreni v, hcrcsoever ho cpmoth %rc •.vb'ci'iii'j'v.lij'rn u iih all our hearls'.} v.-Cc J-MI <•! i.l.'.p.. iviiune and. the U;-.r- >in:e,'.oj:r Mpd •'tiiothc'r,' frai ce. io all. l(J ineeL Uja/ti t he;; lhrc ; ahb!d; I he overcovhy Oencui cing cannibal* i-j.i'a in Afii^ai ivhuiu \. e uwc'su rniu;li, he eiail he o'ur-•.:il' l :y.vti^ : ;..iiix:"to».i;t the Khinc •UK! '.I:.. .''it»/.o":..e. l.u•'•. ei e 1 bo Cur v.;;:u ;;'Ui t».:i- \V:ix:fur: the :-un e (,u r y. u ha >l t,hC lO!l_J Jlfvl'/i-- i ,11 i'US:-. a rilr'i-t. iind u.J rvai a <l!\-:i!ii: liie t:aruv,.-:s, ^Od^'.liir up.-:) .\ U;ui lir iii.lo .v- ; •LJ i : • • • •» \. : r Tho board oi 'Iirectors oi-the A ...M. C. A. \vu-h to uiin'QU'uc.ii' thiit lli-.'V'' bti.vii just: received •{*&'•'&. g. : 't Ironiiiu unknown douor, a line ^C.'Lclron of iie\v books uunis ".'"' l ; t:I •'- t ^ I - L> -. l '- tl >- Vb'.-fcoi, uj |. cr jjjjr about 80 volumes, cm* .^i.-n. ;'.E><1 It"-' ItH'es. nr ^i:ni; I , tii- J.3 .Mr-(,» er CVinriihjs, ihi v | ^ r "^J ; -~ works on S-Jon.ce, llis> i^'l ut .lust thrcu^ta.uL Ui^ j tory, Tr:iVL k l:3 a : ncl •.. Advc-ntnreF n .'! M:;n;l Stories, ctioico liction Bio-'"' ; -' J " '" y'" : ' ir : . CI . •« l! g ! ' l|:! 'j i ^r:ii,J.y. etc , r.tid itt a ineetint' of > !:•- wri-c.,^ <-t s-ptcial tiMluy ( ..•• ^ , rt . . us- For ban.) ''^ IMI!U ''! ln ' ll ' >n x Creasy eve- •.; n i~ -ill :I::M'. A :: rf.K-.i'^ r r :TT. i;*-'i't;.: ; . iL\" r..- ; { .-- :ine-y I.V;IH !:i g .L-!i >-.; i^ i.s :; over • cr. ih-.i ri'.'n,^ it \vj---i cltciJea to i;d«l them lv -' no ili'C' rocie'y'd present library \\ ill ' •• " ' " J v i: i.-tve'r i •lynd beur aw.iy 't.o the Me-L; liici'i.s'rcache.i.'»i:il'•.!!;•. li.'i.-.l , : , i; ;r j 4fat:iere!l .'-\'<-: .'i.-r hi!:i-, M..;: h ^ ; who plan •;•;.! th.: '-ova'^e u:: J ,-U:.-;-- i <L'd thi; h:ifi< t-t <lis.-riVk.Tv; ih-- l-;:i_;- i cOU«rb t,i^tii-!eri ;1 .1 V h i>C:c':ru- [!> S:i-i.u» ' to pile ii; i j-.Tj-elUiii '.>•> --v.jr.i:,(i i.lJu'tevcn ^?sin>;.'i' j ::••• ;»-o .Wiss •denied the-S^iu'iurJ. far N-"irti:u-.s"! tlit'i ;.M-••• >r!d <i l^lo. bjl^C.Tl thu I-'; ouch :i.:: J cci-4inj; 'in iho ir^vdy upon Uc I > 1 i':o t-.i»i L»I:IL he:^»jia uv.ovo tlie^cc; v.- v -co ihi | =.i:-c \ .. -on," u:;d (.-:•.: Sturdy Pu/ilfvfis in IK-ll-ern -TM..-U ' n ivMio:>. hats und suble garineiiirt u^.»-l i, I-,-.? a':>i i; T «ren!C'if unequal battiolUe ^-i^a^-j an,I iiic-.-i :•;iiVr:i i ;o, ^ hj^vjvJr : -illy j:r«.jpoi'tio:jf J c ; .:. t - jr ,. r against a mi-hiu r t-jf; w-j iH>M::L >r::,.:ir.;x gay. but d.ill inlets c:iV;i;u-r>. t-j t.:v tSouLhwi-rJ. jjiu ls:ii..;s \.-isli i;n- • o ric. :;.:•! ,-ii~f.:r:i's. All :.i:ii:;.-:S :;::•! all crc-U be • •i»::L»: i.ei-f. Irui-j the i^j-ijshori.- ili-j Li 4fk ."ica. th-/. \ '.-ji'iJivse .in-l ti.e L ! u!:i:bh'.ii p'aiiij: JC juml:ie::d i in li*>!v n.Ov.-.i.t.>n. Ar.-j, io, down tro-n tho i;«vei;v..i:o-i !,i :., ot New K.-ij.'lucd, t.-.a ot »!i : -;v;-.:i:;i.- tho ear l:kc i .r av,-:iy j>u v -.-{ H.-M.C? stirred to mu>i-j by ::u;u n:i »\!(,,i.- tho druui..:ap.i ut iho lvey->!u ibe irjll'p «..t ihy i:ii;,-itev.n:-» • Israel i';i:na:u i \ 1 u 4 - i,..-:.» r. tuo h iol-beaia ot rjiKu o.\- horsei/uiloping to the ho.i:; i;.i- --O:i t-j •;', i^^ '• -.-,1, d. aiiy a: :i../.-«I !.-%• li.o i::; \.c !.»• i i* to ij. u ori-ir.u! eh:»n. •. .":-M iLe I\ v it!i ur.'{'i.r.v iii.U trie s-puit l.Li a: ; >;i. "1 ue i ,•:;:•'! »,;/ i n^.l-^orv.-v tnun ;l<' ;.; ily^e. is) AIpJiso'crji'ij: l«'o:i, :*..! ;:'.: lo; ;u.d O-J-C'iiit^, and rou-x*. . L iijj:*. ^e;t.s ;;n-.« l!;e• bt:.-v icit• ts o- i::-): 1 ., 1 , lli-j 5s!c'ri oi ti:u i'a'cilij'aoa :: -> lay jiv'.'.iy Cii c^^ many fine wprka arid iorn.v-1 Jrec circiilaling librury to !>o.' io.iiicu to the public tree of charge i-y -'t. v p<:tiLi»itr ii>J va.ue ol • he 'h,M.,i-c \\iili tho librarian •Aliichv/ili !je rt-l;;r.(l^:l.-.viion the * * *~ •* • ;n the limit oi li.r.c; \\hich each rectors /'hope, that all clatsus oi ci-.iz'.-ns will loci interested in this v/urk and ixvni! thvRiselves oi" the oi-porfuuity o lie rod tiieni to CD joy o u:.>i.un ana u ow~ii : -j ( some ol the best, literature ot the I-; hi * bnai-er, t-itis you et:icr :;iid -.oiii-r.oij btii'sj o» p.«rutk'o \\uh .\ f • i il.caj fruiits «-f Jiiur hundred jej.rt •i"Aca jricsia civilization a:.d cieve- 'o r ;Hiein 3 and bcboiii tbi^c tr puics >: or:o hundred years c-f' Aua.rican ;.'^«. j en iv-i.ce ar.d freed on:! •ruis. thunder of 'rSt-ard irun.s ;i »pi-iiu b.UlIe; tbe ^leam ot Marion's watch llUll), 10 tlis : i-s s.iji,:, ri li-o M-eiivj of ibis, tho l:;tt>t i {':<, v -v>t o( her v,ut rie.-j i.j l.ui i i. :•: :.:;. J.N i XG ot' ir -."ev(" I pn-uo tbevbcju.-; This t K*i<.i«4ol;igc speaks Nuhaie* \vh.cbwords ot tbo fur&js that M, amid the singini*; of angols in Heaven, Ihe scene is abut out trorn our mortal vision oy proud and bappy tears. We sec tbe ri0e of the «,. r»c.}:.'x?l«liou.-c m the \viidcruesato the lowering ui::u$i.-my in tlio city acd sunLlaj- atto'rnoun meetings ai: S p. m. und \;our aes-istauce ihiaiiei- ally and otherwise by becoming members ot the association will be ajratctuliy appreciated. Mrs Ifurrison GroTiirg Worse. \Va.bhiDgton, Oct. 21.^Mra. Har- riion is resting quietly. .Members of ib'o houschc'-d me all dtpregscd at the sudden charge for tbe woise m ilrs, Il-irrisoi.'d conditioD and teem to dread iho recurrence of" the i luwu. inuv bvj'ws nv.s-«ed ibe i i - , - , .-...,- alarming symptoms which were "• *•' -ft !l ?I*1W«»»- ' ' •* •* ,.. .. , , , ml i«atu»n iruniun-.i i.;. «.. »,n«v ot ' Jnamtcbitd aurmg tue night, JDr. Lillipuuaup, of euii>.\«> n.u.i i>nj ' Gardner Bays ibe disease ii now women, of toplinir lt.:\» fc«d gn-l.-. [ tnuking rnpid progress in the left and tiny elves scarce hi^ ci-ouirh u> lisp iho r,un?bers ot the h^tionai antbem- nearer str« nir cnuiigh to lilt the m'iniautru lii.^f, tbai niako oi'ar'.d Etreel Mid wood an emblematic garden, io g\v, .den tbe sight &nd to gloriiy ihe red, white and blue- Sea "Our j at play," far b€tter k tban iheee we have noth» ing to exhibit. They, indeed, are our crown jewel*: the trnett though the mevitablejiJoftpriBgB ot oar lung. The patient is getting weaker and weaker all the time and end ia only a quest ion oi time, but wheth* be determined by the progress of events. He could not say whether the would paai away ia a few hour*, nor would he be §nrpri%«d if ahe lingered for weeks. Her vitality is •omething remarkabla, Xbeproaif dent U h«*rt-brok«a.

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