The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 13
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

•rut OIL urnr UBHHIOK, WEDNESDAY nwMiwu, iu.yi, IBIS. \ , OIL, FINANCE, STOCKS THE OIL MARKET. Oil. CITV. T».M«. 'Apnl tt Tbc [i'(c« r»fl (»' ctt or **ti«ui if&4<« w ib> jiurrtj^jj *(*6tltj ai»; Siu^ 1 " 11 " ' - 2al Prirtctfaii * 2,32 ft?"! .'.?. ° k .'*!?. J .::;::;;;;;;;;:;: ili . Hi'iuiu ;:;.;:::: £u n/»u , , r . a.*! CiicMon y.i';'.!"'."".",!!''. 1 ,";",',*" 1-7J 32j t» iiAyfaVivfi/c'ifti: ""*"r.; 2:!| WYOMIIKI CHUdC QUOTATIONS. CALIFORNIA "CFMJDE QUOTATIONS, Uw (till" 1 '* ' *"' flp ' 1 " «<«*_«< *' (Etm fliifr, JfiJ»j/-$BHM!; UrXSrWtV, tort IV t) tad leetattltig 173* fltirLly tfl.9* Jed tar «;h trie/cm In irtfft/«f Vs* (1| / full tiio'i* itMii HJ3* ffility, up ta *el J&. And for (Kh tncsni* In 9'i<U/si*&r"t (1> » JV U M<I lectudlr* 37.»' p-irll/ 1JJ Afid f»r «»th ln,i,itt 1* aunt* tl ««« (1) : rtr blml iVtlKeml. *'" ' "* *""'* Yifllun C» U «f>. full dt-jfii t^tft 25-0* srtiltf, tip l» j«j Lv cbiin aF M3 1 grifUr, lo (2) «Mi j.« t*/. 3T ta ir;4 Intkdfec 37,9* grrtLtr 1J2 * And Tor ticn hciiu* Ir, griritr «f <w.i (It »' l» «4 foefcriin; 17JJ- *r* T ltr J* . .*•!*' (> ind Including 193' f'tiLlr J? And r« »«h Juffni In grt>it) «f er.» <1) full iiy'tt »ia»t 18,0* flinili. to U tJJ l> tl-j*ln el MJ* arMilf. «<•-• Ul "=l pif tir- *»i Of «i;fi I'-.trtilt in t'*<itf tJ'itt (J) full dijrn itiT* 23.0' flriiltr, up <« *n* h flrlVj'i* 16 ^* *'" U| * " a U) WflU *' h " /•3T' t U I B*fVcfu4li,| 3M* tutltr 1J« ,-. Hr.t fw ,ich Ucrtm In Qfirllf «l en (1) .Wl d»jrrt *4iTt J7.0' 8 r«*!lr. IHitt (3) tttl, T*' tin*1 lititttful. Th* t»l!<mlE K nbl«^tho»» Ib* rus* ^«vl 'dt»s»; " . .VatJaaal Irtntll O. U 1 rJrU» f.'u'co.' ' ii / _ iutfc«7t r. u Co. (i w»* t**-t : Ilacitrr* f. I- Cr>. fUi kit rd' t-fJ " CumberUc-l T. r_ Co < « ', • i»dt»B* I-- u c«. Sir Yark Tr»e tl C<9 iM Tlr)tvil-r !'. K C-). (Vi. all} t Ul TI4i»*»f P. I' Co, (1 ael( o ) I •** ItUooJi P. U Co. i.v^ '"T^lil „•.-'.. 1OBM Tc.m 'C: « A t( ric« riant Mix .' ' * l>illr S.h1p«»»i*, April t». "Eaitk* I'l'uCo, '** ill! rtvekei-* F. L, C«. <Ua»») ^M •" Ittiekirt p, 1^ Co. (U»(V*l4Jf) 3*,rt .. Oimtttlvcd P 1^ Ca. T ;•' Tlif*cil«c p, I< Co (1*«- o K in I lillaoii P. u Co. "53 • ; Tiotil ...,., IKSU ."' li t la-oiiy tcE«nc tiitlll T«(»! , t,*"ny> - Art n ft ih y-vt * rrt i eunil/d whllr. In ka!V, IM, •--"i Wii*r «hli*. U talk. T!l. >MrHTJM E.TPOHT rHJCXrf. •CCDIJ » i«)!»^) ; Bia"«B*, ifc* U4" 1 J « L ^^; te *'' n " l *"*'»"""' 1 "*"'-"'^ «'i • Gtwf/n*. t<er« .'..'.. llti U«f U U Uft Aim, Ji u an UK uu Tl-TC .- U1L IIH (Hi tf3 . ^'" c """..r";;.'^.r OT -"^ :'ilSSIi . C«taBlit ( '(fll .... l ....','.'.'.'.'.','.'.".',\\'A 1» M - , <.Y'K<DC p. il ""I"."""*!," ;> a M Cuol^fUniJ P, I. „„.,,..,.. JW J«J IP, T.arika P, f. , i» i» r» • .v*u*i»; if ««('"]"!! .'., ..'...'. iri IIH ii^i • ; Xmhrrn |-. U '.'.',..,.. 1)0 U» i:i '• ' ''??»*rt?o *ii n « w i '/; :\jTii(fU r. N ^.'""!!^!"l" r-t w S R«ih p««ri oii".'-^).^™ !•» r* m ,- JPO, Wilt !••- I'. K IW • H K ^ft»f.rl«fd oil of C*lit»rtiu,.. \y> ni i» , .".BluMfcnl (ril of K*CiO(%r..! . W ' W J» .. . ! SUadiid oil of Oh! » .'. iftt) (« «it' •" Vtraifltt oti t^ sa t*i . '-iSy*>WB^lon O*l it j ti v ^ " Other DO 3l*«k». _;.•!• rPitm*oi]' !X ... ..*-'. .'.',!!", .'.','^.',' 1 ',.".'.' "^ '£! ^.t^EJk-iM* oii'"!!'!!'.!^!!!*!!!!^!!,!";" r s i'* •>, . . _ . FINANCIAL REVIEW. NEW YORK, April 30,~PrJce« rose one to 1 \i points at ihe brUk openlne or tu-lny'u elock marV«t Lut rtactcil one lo three jvofnU before noon, thereafter vuriiulnu an uncerUIn courso with Irregular ^oj i>arlIM recoveries at lha clos«. The fjiillal advance was Ihe OJrecl rcsuli of Ihe repulse c( the cUn front, while the eel fiacfc aoeineil lo or IB En ^ to In he ivy rtalliEng for profit* wlilch board room goisip attributed to prominent mijei-ulativo In- Dtclinca were facilHalod by ailverae rumors, amonff which waj an unaub- slant late J report that the Washington &uthurlllc» 'Intend lo Unposo (urtlier n?btrlctlon3 upon lh« cx>unlry'& tx- changti. partl(iylar!> thosb d til Ing in cotton and food etuffa. In volume and ecope. the' turnover at the morning bfcltig vnt!y In excess ol ihe prf.'Icus B*SS Ion's entire op era - llona. U, S. Steel featutei Iht reversals and sut)««t)iKnt duproveiiient just us it ted the opening aih-ance, fluctuating between 86 *,\ and 93»; , closSny at StH, ^ nominal net load. The sttel corporation's quStttrly Btaltmfnt and Ha accompanying announcement of the malntafn«nce of the "«tm" three per cent, divide ml on the common atock were not issued until afier the inarkel'8 close. Sale* amounted to &5Q.COQ fiharti. Italian eichanso mad« a hew minimum, llrca selling at 9.02 for checks- Dondft treie extremely variable, in- cludlns Liberty tisues, which comprised the bulk of ift« lirKtr ilealln^s- Total Eilea, par value, aseregateil 49,. , L'ntied Plates bond*. o!d tout^, irert STKED CARXIXCS IIFX'IUviSH Sioidy llcTlta] flucu Siart of Year Shown HowCTcr. NEW YOKK. April iO.~Total earn- tnKi of the United State* Steel corporation for the lint quarter of 131*, [al 'to operations, including Jll.SSS.- 1S5 for feJcral Income and vrur «ee*a profits tiijtes. This ti n decrease of »:,1(2,701 from returns at ihe previous Nei Ineomc of MS, 475, 517 shawl 4 Eiln of nr«mt HOa.OOO an.^ th? ^«r- plus of tl).Q32.(02 reprecents a decrease of II,:*5.T?0, In all other eAienilaH the ^^iemeiii. met iioriuLir «it>i<itatlDnt«. Monthly earnlnps rose from tU,)«3,139 Jn Januarj' lo 12], 135. la! In March, con- tlrmlr.^ gcnrrul ir.nU report* o( blcjily revival since ihe earl>' weeks ot ln« year. A marked fulllns oft In earning Ji flhown. however, when comfurl^n Li made wLih Ihe correipOnJIif tjuarte-r of 131?. before Ihe it eel corporation beg-an to chars* "T It-* he**y war taxed and excess profit*- , K.irnlns* on ihe common itoek then a mounted lo I17.JS 'per jKare. RM ERalnat jr.ll for the nrit quarter of In attJUfan to the r^fular l\ rtnd I*i per t^nl. dividend* on the vtc- ferred nnd common shares, rcs^cc- tlvpjy. (nc extra (hr*o pc-r *.-<-n». en the curmiion. palJ «lnc« Ihe first uiMr- ter of 131", was arw*" iltaburtfril al today's meetins-. VIN-ANCIAU XOTHS. The Southern I*lr< f-'nc Co. itfric- tow al a iTirfrtlnff In Oil City On Tu»n- •Ji\y-(leclarert the regular *i<i-«n*rJy ill- vJiJenU of IS a «harf, payahit Junv I to *harehoM*r» ot record Sla^ i'j. Thfl Galen* Slum) OH Co. Is cre4lt- eit by RovernmBnl offlcJAlf with tiplng tliB tint company whcrte proditrl BUC- ctajfuliy paued the chemical an<l sen-Ice letta for aeroplane lubrication for the new Liberty motor. The company na » Rl:) <i re=eiv«l an ortl^r from the Unllf't Sta'.cs governn.*"* for an oil known us "gvn oil." TIIK ciiiSfEvr i'ji»n MM: co. 333 fourth Ar«nu«. I'ltisburgh. 1*3.. April M. 1*18. _ A dividend of Bevcniy-fivc cents {.75) prr ^hare, IIAI he«n declared en the c^piui stocV o( tMi company, payable Salunlar, JUTSO IS, 1JU. to clock hold era o( recnnl at the close of b«*fneaa ThVirnUy. May 21. 1913. For -purr-ato of thU dlvltirrul ih« transfer bootee wH be closed (mm 5 p.m. ThunuKy, May U. lo s a. rn- Mciutay. Jiicc 17- mecit or chunpte of .i^dreu uliould b« •enl to thtn.oITlco not Liter lhan Thurnflay, Ji»y 23. H Secretary. 8«i«4r«*t Oil „ 1) jt* n i! tlntlilf (lair [( 11 VlciotH Oil ( ' «<< Wijlsn.1 Oil & lit* -\ .u Wr-imicr on IL ] T^P^OII i, t * riTTsnritt'ii iiocs r.i5r, A* rtp4r«<t VT t,« t iB & Dtj*n, oil Cllj-, A o TV n.... vt 11 ptii« n:n» ni'i (in pf 1> net* llln , U K*nf»» W 5«n H«r .,-.11 11 l^nt fft»V !. !".!"'. IX (; N titi V.V. '.'.".' «l o >• oii*,.!". its M ri& JtMEA^'. » iV o r PU? nw KX^U n EJ i'*h nrm '.''. 'rl .... ^* p* ..;/"; ^ i' ao Pf tH ..,. P*fttl4 114. •p o * a..-. «s t", fip*»r« ws •Ks-dk. > TOJtlt STOCK t.tgr. A* rifr«n«-I Vr »[•« A fiijii. 0)1 QlT, r«-t Atn C*n '."'. «'i «S f, A .V* ;,'.'.'".'.' Hji, AC** V!i!!:i»i :<\ JIM.* »»*»'""? su Am Cal Oil. WH J* 4 * M«t Pft .... MH K»i i rA'r!!.'!)^ li^-fitL^*.".!.!,"." rx 55 AtfVi<-r, 4 ,.'.' u «*•,•(> rYc".,'[!l ",'.' ^ n * o , .... ti N * vr „, w FI n TUB B-'*|r*p M*II "[[ .... jj 7sit« flip r,s r It ri HH (*s :«n ^•e ....ifl m pRC4r ."ii" u :** o* '.'.',..'. us tMiin'^uI^ "'" tiw ns ««i c*^. .. ,.,. n n i * R ,„. i! M, !>t P i 1.. W4 i^i <J« ?f"*i!'.l!" ,,^ 14 r»rt IM» ,... II C *T*-» C*p ,, ..", t<»j 'rl* ,.,,.!,„. 1(1 in* IT s X[««l .,,, tt*{ tt^I T»n Ml/ ..I.IJHi Jlfi'l/'fl Hmtit" "'."', K Ol N» tl U V fl q l .^ 1 . BH 41 CLASSIRED ADVERTISEMENTS 1 pS THE OIL CITY DEI »•••»• — •-• " • fr : ™Hr^Tfg«5niiri7i i ' THIS DATE >i» Qslltijto UU IBJS—t'irtl cJei New York. 1$3S— futile of Ish flee: destroyed. IN HISTOKY. atcd trains ran In Manila liay—Spsn- 'll!^C*e-l ..,/NS K'l.'W JIO '.. iy,i ,'ti-illy. Ai rtpuitd kr 1.BI Utrcorkt "!'" j't ;\ IJo*t IWi U?, do pi ..^.. W U Ch*v Jifr ..ill |*i" Clllfi Eve ..Vil M CyrtU MtV '.'. » R do pf » « Em ftsoe-t".'. "is "i d» pt w j; Mix Muo .... MI ).LI L'ti Mir *JH "i* ta ML Dir>«, Oil Cilj. nii c«» .... i-ii j-ii fin -ID* .,.'" /'( * CJcfi Coa ^!, U *h d.) U(r .... J 1 Ql iiro .... - ( liSK-^C w"i r 'i »"' 3 ' > N ' !)!> ' a * ^"-M* '« ^ilihtUtr.. 1% lS,r«Ttil( » M "** I* M «j iTan M j ;.; Ai!anl» il .. I 1> JI'BJ WriJ* ,. ^M |. Iilj LfJit .. ll-H H'u'ttlt« c»P* ,. '-it M CHIC.ICO AH.1I.V 3J.IUKKT. LIHL'AGO, Apt It«*m p<»r« ^nuiMtJ 19 i mittrUl tiKzt iod, T •> a n«n«u» SUlTic Io»tr »iih iu r JLrT'i >n4 July |HI"»S7l.U\. 0»t. flnUhtd uethiRicJ tfl *,c «o»t. in r-raviilon th« o-neo-nr; TarfH frotn Ua rife'ltv 10 » r/ii- of (f-_ l.(*.ll=( f^l'ire* tin^frd »i rolli*»n cor B— Op'B, 1II(H. 1.1V Cl»l« 0 K vr— 'iS? 'M5 tKli Vf;. 1 ! «« s»\i u ;> ivi ,-^r. ;:> « »'i *'* «* HIT - u.:i *:j c» c r, , J" 1 / n:i ut-, UM i; «: L*n!J '«r fc :ii- :iu IK; UK ,,,V,'i :l;s =•'« ' : ' ;; ; '« ^** E,li U.U *j« J*^ »U- MS SIU R.a C-MR-AV j frr/Vir. RUOtTJ; ,V«, ( jillon-, j[ t ' • itl nvi: srocj IIW. ' U.JII-JM.WJ. r< r»l PMr-u h T4 ,l, ,, Ul.^tt • n.J 1,'fhl >i«k«r» tueiJ. ni'*ui*.i;- ClilCAOO. Vcri">* «*«/._ R*J5u««i,' -(; ?b*fI>~.Ili[[lB1 l . ii&!*.»; bfei*. »il»y.-* y'.i ;-) .L.-ut.U ditki; April M_<- 4 ul*-!:i- » iie blthtr; »irf« i;_»c»l(if*, IU.I(!f1l^; -ii«*~nf«lsii. e,«a- «; *«**i »fc«iB. iii;i^ M:\V YOIIK rnonirr <r»^ r ^S'.r *|,7i a-«i««ir-l1r»: llS\l^'^^ V ^ iuii.*i~:i l> H '£* d^,"; ."If^i/^^* X R " '^ «b»«4 T "' UV * *"* * M * 111 * ft"»)'*P*WI MB- Toi.rnn i'l.tMnt JIARKKT. "* ^li'll..'-rr'lm"t..h'. ifiS; At iT*liC'~ l ^ ft ' r tt ' h " "'''' "" ; "**• (1(i: rnMjTS5!:!'. r "",, I 'TiTm,. ,„. - CLASSIFIED fiflTES, IH« la tbi Dull/ Dwrfck; ("o'V'Bf. 11 ^ «»r4 for tick le»ttUoa la |&* l\'f«klT p»- ru»: ili laifrilnii [or ibt erttt af a r4 . FOE HENT. TOR P.CNT-Kornh^fd rf-smj "KT |i*>it tflBwH««?iar rnialrt W BVil n«i Mittt. £«{^£Hlr?KS H*-O. • i-».il UaEiry, »' EUt« tn K!" r£f"n»£i? /*'' _ <-a-if ^V & .^T M ?*r" T uimc". 1>a * 1 ' 1 '" c ' c " t i.n.'a 'BM*it»*rS"'i cu>iV2*f (tt>l fc« Kkw plr J. •! • T.J ttttlrSt 1UUU. "rafnrei^w?ii VVM'^O " l 1U KOFI HB\T-TH«« fwta for C*i or !•-! I'eM., 6*(», c*mpT*if. «. U SPTO<* iirnL h uw of lilh, 'phtTi* lo^nlf* ni. ' itn C«t *l f(jf off) Walnal nr«tt. Ptl, .. , *-]-»! "i^rTnt; v T~frnT"i\ (Tr*r»^™r trST"*!***. rlo !!gh! a.1^ iflisheat. SI»l ntno* n«ji 'phflr:» HI-W, Jt-i-R-x.r.;l.i silfM^^^ rO» »KKT— STOREROOMS. -l| not4 room. lw»tl In* *B'r!rt» f«r tt^ ^-"B *r %v?*"«- l6 ?«i;'^ RRICK«S:-|| OF OIL CITY ' UNITED, STATES OF AMERICA— 4% PER CENT GOLD BONDS OF 1928— THIRD UBERTY LOAN LEND THEM A HAND YOUR BOYS Tbwe Boys Art Tie Symbol Oi Fighting America BUY LIBERTY BONDS The First National Bank OF OIL CITY, PA. *HMBkvtvArss/^Mr//A^vEr^x\\\\\\%\^^ Ltfe «cd Ciarwct-rr Brt diflE- SIAY 1. \VIth TUUTUS aa HIP ryllns Elsti uf :fc'a fiii/cifj- «•* hji'fl a lertayi?. la~ 'eiwo. cuinliallvc nature wUh" a ilia- i'Mllloti ih,i\ Is very (earless, kindly Thfse tiuallUts are alioivn mi)»'.' Tlib man takes himself am) hU work almost tco B«rlou*t>- anil Lt ai>l 10 eftori and t-nersy In u*?le:i« rKJ^rel^. Monty hi:i T:" a r . f -''!al viluc *• :; c<> ^>t !r>r tl!& Gltt>& !fi3t fan ])£ gallon fjiil . of li. the pleasure It Ijuvs anil (ht! power It Bhx. Thh is the auituJu i-f Th.- tntrn^lly w€ this nalnr* sivts f^tuily the Want A«l*."for m-w OIL porJunJjJp^ Ji/e all 1)1* t)rjjo b<irff o/- rOR SALE. t-«t Miilc ^ort. , h'u ; ?i [flyr-itln npirnt; ilnf'.t iej «lff'4t!f fciai- dt-ie ti \temit, w*r«a «•=>( «f<-<f*i cif*ft (<r t Co»l Co. D4-II ron SALr-sijTM -N* Hon'tic^ cr TV/I- PHiilai" AppLr •> DMTJck ofJk*. OU Cllf. t 1 *. 11-lnl ror. sAi.u-.rm «n««r h,^*u ii*i, «.n» IK). 11 [ill t^oll* Hit tl > iltc (.1 ir.* full. 1\1IL »tll rich Mp>r*l*^r Vn4 C-l&n-jr. ^ .__ JLi:L f Toil SAI.E-vflintlf- fflmti RUefc iUdcfri f*t« (">rn Ttl'c-n'taal^e «'**- Hn J'd>>i». No EJ S«o»f» »l«tt- P(Hc!»um 'rihro') :;». :i«-w. «-;.... ^FOII RAi.n~t«n t^ ^i"* ^^^f^' 1 '^ 1 ; Co 7 " 5 ' ' • * l-t'll trtn thtmitlitf wrrb-iijlii .\Ff-f *l NuVfVriif tv^LMi- AJdnsi o»BtV. ":a 3, P ft» »in«t. Oil -«nir, r» ' *-n.iiru. V*iuinBft A K»r7u »*'?"&. * ' *' '" 3 " '^5 <i PtTito Ptl. * p,»> ••• R * ' UK- U. ' »->l U i-'OTt cXl.B-Thrtc fiilh TOWI; lao J*t*f& tii* IJ»tfr-frt^ CjJJ 1'tL 1 ^•^^n^ n«-J,. t-aJ-ft ""Voit VAiVB^ViV r- r»»»* n i ' f *'«"fi «» p , i= (r'.t <0r.rtlll5rj- Call t'- T. Timlin, r.t- •pisflTi* Tl«!'O, < M :•" t-'OTI jiA?A*^Oe« »ila»lil- mirt, itrnlti: ^15ii~KATn^Ani'sr"»i~Vf!*Tnf~hiVa7"rCTi- frtoit (it*. Jehu K^IJtT 1 , Cr>-»ia1 Fpttuc* r.rm. t--'it >vi!E'jt 1hr"-r'tt^ b^'lrn-im <u;i« «n,1 «;r|r.[r, O*V fc>>l. W**h lUnd m-1 ifriRf'^ tl-Jirf oi i; IOST A«D POUND. Lid", an to-jlh (1-1 f ef S»|( nan ri».l. flr.d'r I'BI* kt C*l» ttaitt' ' l-;t-:t L<>»T- n> iv »i fi y«irkii n *n-L o;; ci:r. Hc«ni* No. »nr r.c-J. r pl'iit | f -, 1(r ,1 Dtrrtek o^ftr, i-(.i( VlBfi'* ItHt'.L Sin 11.' M. \V*S Ute 1 *, P 1 rt LIVERIES. C1.AHK OHO?,, llmajiiau far wrJdbii. c ni» fc^ KL Mc jt»BK, MOVING AND DBAYJXO. K. F_ EKCPrAtlD. cioilei »oj rJriyinr, TiL Ultsiian* S*. I4O-U. H-ima MISCELLANEOUS. a'ISSr&'iSSHiS 5ii& K SsrS initur If brMj.B.' T p»j « is til p.r **«. K*«r. V-n 1 «. ftfi* rireet, ntli4i Jptl^'ft'. MMm-k WSURANOB. P H eitlJtl-US-rir*, ACtfelrnt *a^ Mf«HH •»a ri*(. Q1tM lBi*r»{«; tftner for Nt* r«>1** »»* tt*r»it **tt>m.' ' C< *£i PAIHTIHO. Otl tnr pitc** la Tffin'Hilaj r-lir. ^»- nririrtu, PflrBll cr». hkTrt «P9if iTnfifiin s. i 4 (n tills f , rtV-£!t* iA4 h«o«« piiMinc. Tri'rTirDi or ^iUI oMJtrt »riTnptl7 *t1tntM t« Frt-l VT K't«rm*t, N'a. ff« r^vll Avnuf t ^l^n WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. WANTKD-C»*« |nyf &;j HTM, >I«T ( !>»*-! t-t!r:ifr.-*, cnrj cr --J---VM: rn-« « » tc 2*.» i*rh ILrr: L>X-nI1« to*r>nttf/ F. T ,r- • it Ti«»t Cn. In4i»n»pol!*. It..). j|. x. l>»B»tt, T*prT«IIOl«lt« F *. -K1 WnMhllcr, Htf- &('*. ' " "it.*! wotle." C«ii v«ir«l*oo 'fboat US-X. " a i^ BUSINESS OPPOETUN1TISE. khil^or*"? '**'* 011 ** * Crfi '" ol(U ^"n«* lc« ti* Inlcrra* 10 hd» JrlJJ frit; i-Jj | B . 4^*«:Mr M iiIi l li»i«"oSi * IW " ilc "* t "j t "" LUMBER /.KD EOOPING. ~ QOHLAND t.UUnSR CO. l'rtp»r» lor w *ork. Dsih 'ptoaii j.^ WANTED— FEMALE UlELpT W'r^H'v?'* 1 """ 1 "''- 5 ^ Hultoi'ifiZM"'' *""'"' *'»-"*°"'~- ,-,"; VNTi: "" Si """ a '"' " vv °«i"«"h "* tS^ i ,U'"~ Uia "" t " * l "" v - " A '' *• "AI.TELV-A ronlr .n rE1 . ric! ,j ,|, J; ttttf- 'p.rr. rtuylr.J. K. u , e«« L"*rnrt ''""•Jn.""!!.*" ' " *"• '• " S "i.' l °;i ^;^";Ki ..'jjwr A'r-viwVvia"- rool r.f.rtfit^, r^r L .; u i. h oulp; -; pr OJ ,i T «fol w«if« ILI ,litt y,Hy. Ap?Ir >ri Orir.i. WANTED— MALE HELP."" (iiOS? H,"s;H^' S f^sftlS^rl4!,7^|S^:i ^»rrVUi:^vrv^.^r"it^: ;;! l ij°if S£F B "" - h " * kVi V rr !ss SHOE REPAlfilHG; SH^H'H«a|g WAR'S NECESSITIES Fid Oil Gasoline Th» itotV »nl tht o^enllon* »( tht *«cifaflf will iliordr ittrict c-Dtrtl MUiulon on ttf^-ir.1 of tfr tttmtatoui \\~tt.l ur (-t In'tonth Jidf^rVi t«- Shcrman GasoUae Corporation fA Slnjtr ItulMlrc «j nro»d»»r -\>* r«ifc city MOLDERS COREMAKERS PACKERS — CRATERS PATROLMEN SWITCHMEN Men For Various Factory Jobt Steady work, good . wage* Fine chance for advancement General Electric Co. ERIE; PA. TRAVELERS' GUIDE. «. in., T;tl ». tt, -UJt »!».** M "* *^ M i*rf teitrmttiltt'* fofnt Tl* CWFTJ, *5;J» I? Far TltttiTUS »o4 |nl*rmfdUtt »!•(* *:l* t P' ( |*- n . P°«»Wt 4ui» M'BIP. i*.U k Tit' t>Ut * fc * M la **nE»- ' XEW V01t1C >r CE!tT1IAt. Mats. r»«8. Da if «i«, ii» «. M , «>nr IM ». w. a»nj- <t«Bt ?«M»7 tCtainl unit) For Utt^Ttlft. C1«rtlu4 »fcj AlirtL IV \. ra. d»llr. . *"••• •-* Per C«filii4. ClBc|»B»H'*»iJ Ck)e*«t, *?!* MittKli /KIIB UklAi f»( *i»lirn p4f«u. !;• >?r' M.»at«l«, Jttw t«V. Bo*t»a, | : ai » «. d«JJ?. ^ *" 4-% UNfTED STATES DEPOSITARV At& /" : — **7O AMERICAN BOYS ARE MAKING GOOD Our American boy* in llie Uench« over there , ore doing wonderful >voik lor u» all. Consider how much you can help llicm, our Counlry and our Allies by lending your fmoncwl support. BUY THIRD LIBERTY BONDS WHICH | PAY YOU 41/4 PER CENT INTEREST The Lamberton National Bank OUCJty,P«. 4,0^ EtaSSSS.' tBr!SttSlciJ~ >§nt FOR SALE Oil Exchange Block In die center of Oil City's busineil district. Bounded by th« Hire* m»in streets of the city, namely: Center, S«iec» »nd Sy»-' more Streets. Tim building £i a thre«-jlory brick, 100 ft. fronl- •«F on Seneca Street and 66 ft. in clepih =.'=.•!? Cwter an^ Sycamore Streets. For further particulars Inquire „ Oil City Trust Co. Real Estate Dept. b •• ^ BOWERSOCK PROPERTY ., NO. 60 HALYDAY STREET, OIL CITY, PA. Lot 120 by 190 Feet- 3 Story Frame Building First Floor — barn or garage, rents $ 9.00 Second Floor — could be arranged info flat to rent {or 12.00 Third Floor — Six rooms, rents 12.09 Also 8 room house in rear, rents 12.00 Total monthly rental $45.00 SPECIAL LOW PRICE JOHNSTON HALL AND WILLARO HOWE JtliXI. ESTATE ASD IXSUrUXCR BT.OKEnS «SODXD KI.OOII, 20i SVCAWOHE sniEKT Oil, CITV, TA, LOGAN & BRYAN £5l.tb)l3hOil In 1377. .Vcw Yort Sloct Kxrliango Minneapolis lioston Stock l^sclum™o , Cliamltcr of Commcrct! . tjiloiso Mock >-ich*ncc Winnipeg Grain l-isrlian-o X«w Yorlr foltnn Kiclinnm Sr. IjQuLs .Mcrclinnu.' l^ch-inpo New ^ork Coffee l^cljaiiKC Snlt I^iko CKy Slock llstluinos Now Aork Produco Kicliansc I/w. \tiRcks Stock Exclua^o Clilcngo Donnl of Trailc I'lUhbiircli stock KxclumpQ 2OKR X. . B B A C X X V, HftVAOXx, April 6th — - '^- — : fti^y 4^ THIRD UBERTY LOAN CADIGAN, WXOM & COMPANY Sfock and Bond Broken MEMBERS PITTSBURGH STOCK EXCHANGE 1 HENDERSON AND MASON 1 KA>KUX| FA. • A JiOO.OO Libctlx Bond vn\\ clothe a loldier or fccJ him for 1 eight months. Buy one and do your bit. 1 COSDEN & CO., SEQUOYAH OIL & REFINING CO.. BURNS BROS., WRIGHT MARTIN Some of fte 2S odd «tocl» futvcd in th« current nntibcr of oar Mxricct Renew, mailed free upon requat. SCHMIDT & DEERY 31e™fccr« Co«*olHjn«l t-iock Kirhanjw of New VorJt / rrtraM TOrr« lo .Vcw York Murtor. Oil Cltj Omc* — National Transit RalKllOjr. fjivonci; B. j t \.\r; jM.VAC.tat. ncll TclcrhoiK. 6!». fnrolcnni TtlrflKiire SS« l"?W ABL ^S r F.M.ZEILER4CO. Exchisnrcfy FirWi MenW« Chfe^o CORJira llkH URllvX IWVITBli 5UWX Ti'hangC union B?A' l B,r n ii I " vt ''"' »%. SPECIALISTS IN -— — — — -— : — - CTiliniDn nil THEARUNGTOH 5IAMQA88 811 tD.M«K«ab, ' SECURITIES Praprlmr. 929 Rtxikerj Bldf. ^ ffnt CI»M Hsui in eren Chiujro, nb. ..}

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