The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 12
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 12
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12 THE OK PIT? D»KIOK. WTOHESPAY MOrtHIKO, JKAY 1, 1918 UWK UtC VREJIOBHTS OR SOM«?THiHS PETEY DINK—Ltt Peley Worry SPORTS IREDS AGAIN BEAT CARDS. St. Louis Makes Determined Hush in Ninth Inning, tul .Fails to Win. CINCINNATI. April 10.—SL L*'-_ ma.le'a determined rush In 'h* n lnl] Iniilnr to-iiX^tut fell BII* run 9h *JJ.J iw~~5." The VisKurs oui hil tha local nearly iwo lo one. l>«l *&* latter t every one of their seven drivw <--.. In the srorlnc. while Brwuler Jt^ptth St. 1-ouLs hLU wtll scattered und hau tx>r(L<ct control. Hoih tcarn* ylayed '»TT ^ _ L 1 I NATIONAL LEAGUE. [RUTH IS EASY or T«K n.n.s. Boslou Dofcats Senators 8 lo 1 —Harper and Yinglinj Are Wild. BOSTON. April !0 ; —ll«h today, lloalon winning S to 1 and Vlnsllnc were wild .vii. lltova vru Ml (rrely In Ihe fonrlh. W: i-ton made nvo hits off Huth. he cfjhlh Sloeean'ii ilnsle and i It iltler Kd Uharrlty's double brouxl lie 'visitors' only run. CAtcnes .j Slrunk featured. > iad m " *hlnRton tjly did more to develop the con rial Interc.H of Mnricnvllle and M clnllv than an, 1 man who lived aurlnB hU I me in ..HUM part ol' ll,e cour,ty. lie .uttered hie losses In the t»o d!»- ulrous tires which vlalled lljat linn tut never lost fallh I" Ihe place and I v«lunbl« ouslneiS Interest. In t* Howe and liaruett lownshlps at time of hU dcalli. He Is survived n- 111 e . *1 » i l &:H^p*[.r... , t 1 I _ I < I 1 ]' ; SM»1I.... I > 1 ' ' \tSTKHDAT'a .. 1 J > 144 ' . > I 1 4 *1 ilM Ml - !'• t Talk -.../ earned run oft him contlnK In the Sllj'Sllrt.'Sh".^ «?«',««'» «tnn OOI> 100 vJO—1 S ' •ooklyn'.'.'....0»0 )»! W —» " : Sehf and Henry; Coombs ani VIIiV VOHK IS. I'lllKMlKI'I'IHA 0 ADBUMIU. April JO.—rhlll- loilay anln failed 10 .core aoinsi Xe* York, while the Olanl*. T.V Uielr t^lMnp. coupled with the amateurish fieldlnc of Hie local, ran up a .cor* of U lo 0. Decide* their lever, bol score error*, the I'hlllle. nl- ) drop Rifely for hlu. anil , . ..ibla«e« of Judtrnent when Illant. bepin runnlnjt wild on ine ICUJ) who relieved PrendenraAl at th--tart of the slath, pitched to seven bailers, and wa« taken oat of the bo» before his teamrnatea mado a .mile lout. Thirty elayer. participated Jn VvTrlc ...Ml 1" !S»-» 1» '• tiualelphla M» 00» 00»— 0 i T Flame." Caujey anil Harlden. (lib PrenilcrCAal, Ttncup. Wilson ward and Burrj. Dllhoefer. MAKE BASEBALL PLANS. IrirUpsndests to Put High Olas Team Into FieU'—Reid Named Manager. Buy A Liberty Bond YOUR MITE becomes the NATION'S MIGHT Win Tke W»r THE DwyerAgency • BOTH PHONES I.....::::::::..::.:.: •»' ; !»"j"ff ! =lk."«i.l,"..'- Ml-C.«v.,.. niv He alst> .eavca ono B c: J n "y"' MADAM: Your Floor* May Nwd Refimsbing You Bndu! J UM SHERWIN-WILLIAMS FLOORLAC FUT-TOME The Beautiful Wall Covering Sanitary—W«haW« jse ball learn de; heM Tuee.lay plnce It wa^ ... , I Dele. A. KelJ nnooKiiV.v r,. ncOTON J. I1KOOKI.TN. April 10.—llrooHl efealed Boploo today. 11. '.. > hln* hi'", with thf vi"l!"r» • In the fourth »nd alirth Inn.nn. il*« wn* itrJ'ly thiumcnou.. .jiu A WONDERFUL MEDIQNE Ttiankful People Praise Thompson's Kidney Tablets. 5 WHYPtfREHT? i Wlrtn y»u c»a buy a be»». tifml lerd lot only i few mb- OU ciir p«p'i> "'r "i"" lhii w dr. II notcr («lli to jlfB qnlek re, Her. For pain la Iho back, rhenm.tljra aclallra, rundown coudlllon. try latest- iclenilne remeily. It * nnlcklr and itirclj. VrTien cared jo • 111 .W cured. Tne tntlro ij.le will benttt br Uil«R Thompiom Kl ncj Tableli. <a ther '"» • Unle ** rccU tl«sn(liii! the i?«tocl ol topu lie. and Impartlns Inne »nd t 'l«o \V. K. Goorgo .ell. Uicm In Oil Cl ,uro"and "bso'iise Thompson 1 . D. ind Slandrako I'lll*. Tlity > •IT veritable. 26 eetiLs.—Air. Tr.. Indeper.deol ecljed at R me ' Jan-J will man.He Ihe tthtdule. , After ntaHlne terms with Ihe tUih Citthir Hunch »a« elected "Plain. ThU no doubt will |.e iraUlvlnj to hU manr (rleni, and under h!» leade,,hlp| team will nt/ doyb! play high c!ae» In effort will be made lo dl«iio,e .. 7SO seajon llcket*. *10 ol which hav» been K>1J. An Invllallon will He ei- ended 1= the oubllc lo meet with Ihe 1, nert Monday evening a! the Cl.l lldlnc. Any person d-slrlnc to a>- t the learn In ulwelns of ,ho re luInK Ilc>e1. Is urse-l to ntlend. a T.5 ihroiiFh the earnest re^iiMt ol number o! lullo.ers nt local baje- II thai It was decided to eo throujih Ih a (Irit-eltM learn.Ihls year. A number o( new men will appear I.. iopenln's tame, which I. ejpeeted Uke rlaceon May IS. O'nonnell. « teher. nno 1-ar.oone. •> ""I 1,.v>ernat. ^..^.S'.tt.^pTSU'ih^irni .Ted^ne.el^'the'.ddKno, lit.. Ihe premier MUman or _. me wher« 5luneh.«nd h.lwarjs »me froml also a plirher whose name cannot b« illven at this lime, but It li n auured racl lhat he will land mojt 1 M. s»n>e. for the lacaH. The: man- semenl U deKrnilned lo Eire Ihe ln- JpindenU at least '<>•*»*;'*•!* llcher »nd to accomplish It will lake oney. One way of a**ur1ng rupport to buy n season tlekd. The sehedulA th1« year will be the claxslesl ever offered here, a> !t trames affc already booked. JocV Coyne a fast Conn Colletlans will be llie >Jlr»ll»n lecoraiion Day, lollowed by Ihe J.rle >,nn.nt u1rr.-r>, whlcl. Is manaied hy *. .' ..-^ll_.^*l. • trtrmfr Oil CIIC CHlC\f;[J IS. Cl.lvVI£J^XI> S- CLF.VEI.AXI>. April )«.—ChlcnKO ket>l up It. hard hlttlnc today and aided by loose playlnu by Clevcta-J von. 1> lo J. 0[ the pitcher, used by Cleveland. Entiltann wa. Ihe ^J 11 ?, 0 ^' lien, un'd' sehalk"; ItaKby. ilorton. tmann an.l O'NelJ. HUUnE*. XIW VOItK s, ATHI-BrlCS 0. SEW VOUK, April H.—Tlie N> Yo/K Arr»erlcana IC'oV the rlnrt game - [ihelr .erles from Philadelphia her ^perlorUr.,,,. enabled.^;,.. — i- t i hive rerelvrd word • ASK RALPH Venango Hardware Co. THE EFFICIENCY STORE NewOUFeHowiBUj. 220 Seneca Stre |- l^tlrove Hill cemetery. Tlioina* Klines. is Klme!. infnnt aon of J The WANT ADS eonlaln tood .neufnltlei for wUe Investment. In *e| W . r il- w«°h."« .»li.atd tBffiwain s advanced a» far a« second b ^'orej" aiJc" ™* SIcAvoy; Ixivo ind llannali. RECENT DEATHS llrnry A. Moon. Henry A. Moon, ajed !0 vearj. ion of William Moon, of Victory. .1 eil «l I Mount Allo, Tuesilay. afler an IllnfJ. of «vera1 monlh. v,llh luDerculo.1. Henry A. Moon «a> born In ,hl. clly Uanuary «. I»H. and for a number u - of Ihe with late ntnnvnt \nnr.ers, WHII.I. ;• '•'•"^r.v^,.:' Sart McCllnloek. a former Oil City ""practice irtll btflr. lonlsht Jt S:JO. a II flK lake h.rd work tj set Into real playing form by liny 1>. Tht WAST AD3 brbrtle «llh bu.,1- and later on ,h i. h'. Urundred t; 1J17, he went Company IJ ,o Camp Hancock r.bcr of tho comman'I a transferred lr> a ravalry and later li> Hattenr I> a n.l — Korl Crockett at Calveston. Teja.. In S'ovenlber he ir«> t.ken III w Ih >ms of luberculo.U and waa In- rruiaeJ home, for several wetkJ he remained at the famlllf home near Monarch I'ark and hi. ca.e ••«'««- lluteil by the Ued Crot. and he wa« .removed to Orand.Ie-v SanlUr luM i Several week. »fo ho waa «ent lo "l^.'unlved l-y hl« lalher. \Vll |ll,m'M»on. who le.lde. "«r Vlclor, ""."'o'.,,."; 0 oT «"* We'iVr." eel; >lr.. !:' R. t'.'tre.. Twliubuw nnd Mr». ^enlamW^ ^Ij^e ^ Moon, at home, anil ik C. Moon, a memw ^fe'JS. srsi JSL m ,ribat,ly Thun.Uy anrt Ukpn r— *nil to Krul'mburif where inier till Vbo made In Br*deMb«rs c (ery. FULTOH FRUIT MARKET ItJ Sc«<* Slrt«C rei.riwii.o3Si* Oeliat> srr-ciAiJ ron THIS WKKK. CrtATT n( Wheat " c Shreddtvl Wheat •••»" Uc Clover Farm Coffee 30c 3tJ Rtllab.o Coffee llershey'ft Cocoa, larfc can... 35o Waller H*ker'« ChocoUK !!c OUM Ture Monty lie filas» Rlrawbtrry Jam..-- 3ic C^ti Kplcure S.ilmon !0c CAn Bplcura Salmon .... O\\ Kanllnei * ; !Scr.La,« LUlrrt Itcef ...'. :Sc Can CorneJ I!ref ftrookflqld Creamery Uulier. i .-be MI1K. tall can ..-. -b* Milk, email can .» c C*n N'o- 3 tplcurfl or Tip I'cschfA ante Cured MATTIS . ticc Inrd ....19c for 25c lor 25c tster, Pt**lt brolher. Kr. .ISctb. Eor 53c for 3J. . S Top SOc l!!!:«c ib cl« NapMha. OcURon, Irorr. tfl bin«. C9c; br ttie box-IM ljwa.J5.7 A |] wh«ai Hour and all BUbUUule t reasonable, price*. AH trad«i o Oleo, Buy lh« b«l to be ha-1—Cream Alt ordera In any part of the clip 6e Jvercrt free of charce. n«uaB,fl1I» <Se- t-ynam McM..Tion, I>anlM M««.t ..». die een- iotet* \l«r M »«BtUy p»y««aU. fPfKM rigbJ, lenw ewy, x | MW » tlw time to get a home. I }j.R. Gates & Sons $__ 120 East First St., (W Cily, Pa. 1I1S doc* X.iltonal BcciirltT nxi ate now doe. TTWr ran be, l lit nwm.hcr ol ComnKrco of- THE OHIO MILLERS MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY CANJON', OHIO TOTAL ASSETS J3.612.6U. 88 AN INDEPENDENT INSURANCE COMPANY. UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE PENH- SYLVANlI INSURANCE DEPARTMENT. WITH FACILITIES FOR WRITING LAROE LINES ON MANUFACTURING PROPERTIES. NON -*"" S ,; ADLE POLICIES. APPLY THROUGH YOUR REGULAR AGENTS. BROKERS OR COMKUN,. CATE OIRICT WITH JOSEPH MOREIDfc C.1SH CKOCERir^. KI-KCIAI^J FOR THIS WKKK. Horn* Crown PolMoM -.11.10 bu. Early Hose Potatoes ,..,.. .*l-25 bu. I^ITFC 25o Cnn lom^loea for 10c I8c Can Tomalor* *""!^ : J-tufO 25o Can Epicure I'eachca. .l«u iSc Can Early June Teas, two tor..25c lie Can Hcd IJeana, two for •* 25cCan fJIcndal« I'utnpkiTi, three raiw for :wc 5 C Cm SnUer'i Tomato Soup, nr two lor ~° l 5c> Clover Farm Tomato ^_ Soup, two for ~' c Can Tollc.l llrun, Ihrcc for...25c (lla/a Hex Jelly. th _r ec ^ r Vavy Hpi\ns. 3 Iba. for Sc Can Ilrnhey Cocoa..- • ••"*•Oc Bor lltmhey Cocoa, ibreo (or 25c 15c Jar Kplcure Mus'^rJ. two for 2Sc Lie 15rkJ reaches, i Ibs 2Sc 35c Clover I'nrni ColTee 30c 30c Ste*! Cut ColTtc 27c 8c Uox Matches. *-2 bo«a - r >»« i C. tt*rs Soap •]* c 10 l!ara Swift TrMo So^P •»'* Iflc Itos Epicure tfoodka, HT«ifihctll MftCftronl. lhr« boxw for •••• — -£' lOc Jcr»«y Corn'r.Ak*3. tnreo for..-->i All Vlnds Of Flour at r-M*onab.« DAVID OSSOFF J15 StlXtCA ST. SPRING SHIRTS SUITS and HATS STORE OPEN EVENINGS joJdti ilellTwd. fr«. *U over Ihe C ' l Watch 0«r .ad F>ld^r »nd Sat \\f. Wo art polnc to nave a 001 C. H. PHILLIPS. Japan Tea per pound &0 and 25c GOc Gun Powder Tea per pound. ..3c !!c. Cotfee :s ?° lie MmUrd.pir J~' "j 0 ISO 1'umpkln I^ccan ISol-eaa : ISccar.:. 10c Corn ISccan Noodles » t» ra for "« PLUMER ROAD CASH STORE. USED *JuV"ill7 MI* had llv«d In ih a'«,,^^,WsS b of Ihr 1.. C. II. A-, »nd of Iho liausn- Bhe la lumveo by her husband and Inlanl .on. Kd«rard I'alrlck. ate.l .l< weeks. Also by her rnolher. Mr, ^YancU l.ynam, and the following trolher. «nd •^'^[^'^'^BerU.J %T*X: ciTO«.? m «* Mr " L! " f Jlr.. I.yn.n, It 5!* Ilhsell .v«» A solemn Wsh man of rtatilem •.... be celebrated al 81. Josephs churel, I J o'clock on Krlday morning. In- errnenl will be In Ihe new St. Jc-tph't emelery. • tlavlil Xlnlt TIONESTA. April 10.— <Special.)— w °s.«"s ihsSsss?, d h e',7h {,'%•,; Mini., which occurred at hta home In [•ltl»bor«h on Sunday nlihU aner » iv^sr"*' &%z "«• i"Irolanu. »nd came to M.rlov "V.'e '"»"«'/"« mw. enlerprb,. ing ...rpiro m«n who ever condiie- led • biulMH In Forest county, lie ir« noled for W« chamir an-l "rid- r tt«lr lo Mle tia« his week will probably be your last cKance tbis summer lo gel a good used car at rigbt price. The new car production cut down \vill also make uswT cars vary., scarce We wTH have four 5-Passcngcr Cars for sale tbis week and also three Vt Uger Roadsters, one 7-Passenger Car, one Light Delivery and a Ford Chassis m f shape, with new lira. Belter come in and pick one out ,f you are going to have a , this summer. ' Overland Sales Room l AFTHfflOOnS AM) EVBHIICS OD.O FEU.OWS BIX. •„ <i

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