The Mexia Daily News from Mexia, Texas on June 27, 1955 · Page 4
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The Mexia Daily News from Mexia, Texas · Page 4

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1955
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE MEXIA DAILY NEV/S, MEXlA, TEXAS, MONDAY, JUNE 27, 1955 PAGE FOUR Health I CAUSES "f Out She is ftfHlue'ntly. troubled """ ^.hSmoifoblh' ntid that she %ekfome a discussion • of ithtemearts!. No doubt many •feihaVe a similar difficulty SO that some understanding of * i tW6«Sl& should be of Widr interest. ',i J WSal I* itenito? Hi* «*** f important thing "ffbftut it'is that \ 'this js, not a single disease arid '! (tlWfte afe several possible -causes and several varieties. In tfriy i of anemia, however, thfere a lessened number of fed ._d cells or hemoglobin (which the coloring matters of the I), or both. It is not sulfi- to measure the hemoglobin pt the red cells alone but -thust be studied and fre- other tests undertaken ally speaking there are about foul- and one-half or five j million red blood cells in each I cubic mm. of blood, (this is an extrerrtely small amount since there are more than 16,fJCK) cubic mm. in a cubic inch). The red blood cells contain oxygen and hemoglobin, both of which are necessary to maintain health and life. On« kind 6f anemia it known as pTitnhrjr or pernicious anemia. The cause of this donditlor, is complicated but now it can be successfully treated in almdst all cases. With Ihe *xc«p»Iort of pernicious anemia, the problem .boils down to finding out what has caused the reduction in red blood cells or hemoglobin. One of the most simple and yet frequent causes is bleeding from somewhere in the body. If a per- s6n loses more blood than, the system eafri replace, anemia develops. If the bleeding is sudden Such as from a ctit, the difficulty can be remedied promtly by stopping the hemorrhage and giving a blood trahsfusian. II hemorrhage ti slow, ii is nee* Washington Nowt Notebook Dean Acheson's Weak Whistle Makes Him Late—Gift Fixes That Forever BIT DOUGLAS LARSEN AND KENNETH O. GILMORE NEA Staff Correspondents ..w \ si i > WASHINGTON — (NEA) — A " while back furrmer Secretary of State Dean Acneson was late (for dinner at the apartment of ; former Vice PresidentiBarklex'. j Acheson explained that since | he no longer had the use of the State Department's limousine, he had to rely on cabs. But, he said, he couldn't whistle loud enough to attract them. The next day there wait delivered to Acheson's office a silver- plated whistle from Barkley with the message ..hat here r was the solution to his cab-calling dilemma. Acheson uses it all the time. HEARD IN THE Pentagon: "He's an APE who works an idiot stick in a greenhouiie." Translation: "He's an Aircraft Performance Engineer who works a slide rule in the 'glass-enclosed cabin of a B-36." SPEAKING.IN BEHALF of the reserve bill the 'other day. Rep. John M. Robsfon, Jr., (ft* Ky) brought the House to rare, rapt attention with the statement: . "Opponents of this legislation tell us how terrible it is that young boys cannot plan for their futures while reserve service h£n«i over their heads. I was 38 years old when World War IT came along. - volunteered 'and served four years, t As a result 1 lost my business; 1 lost my home; and I lost my wife." Then he got the biggest hand of the/year with the words: before -you start feeling !' me, .may I say that 1 a better business, a bet, and a better wife." iRGANIZATION called 'Husbands Anonymous" has been formefVin the State Department. On weekends when a member feels the urge to work in the garden, tackle a do-it-yourself project, or is pressured by the little lady to do same, he rushes to the 'phone and calls for help. One or more members then hurry over to the first man's house, and they have drinks and discuss the matter at length. This lasts until the urge or ability to work is gone, or until it's too dark outside to start. AFTER IKE SPEAKS at the U.N. anniversary meeting in San Francisco this month he's going to try salmon fishing for the first tune in his angling-career. He's set to go to the northwest corner of Maine, called the Rangeley Region, where the lakes 'contain the best fame salmon to be found lntheU.S. At least that's what the office of Sen. Margaret Chase Smith (R-Me) says about the state's salmon. . CORRECTION: Office of Vice President Richard Nixon protests an item appearing here recently which alleged that the V. P. had never attended 'a party thrown by Gwenn Cafritz. "It was a half truth," we're told. "Neither ha« he ever attended a party thrown by Perle Mesta." 'they point out. Happy to set the rec- Ofd straight. ^--.^ CORRESPONDENTS and photographers covering Ike are relieved that he has gotten himself a small plane to fly'to x his house in Gettysburg and back. They hated -the fast 'pace along the highway'' between 'Gettysburg and Washington which the offi? cia'l White House convoy always set. ••••> ; ^- ' .."-.".'V ,••"' •'.' They follow Ike's small plane in one they, charter, which is small enough to get into "any field which will accommodate his. ; THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research better move "fast to protect'tts^new "chairman, retiring Army Chief of Staff Matthew Ridgway. With several weeks still to go in the Pentagon >efore moving to Pittsburgh for he M,ellon job, he h«s H more farewell parties to attend. They've already had nine for him. At that rate, it will take the general a couple of months to recuperate. i i, i Death Has tytoH to/Way Lives XXVI THE morgue attendant, shuffled some cards on the uv.ik. ""You bet, Chief. Wke I said, I've had .two customers before IfSS far ••«! M*ll*» pulled down so you. couldn't see I, <Shayne and Rourke. Albert Jen{ , 'kins, *112a'12th Street, Miami. { 1 And then there was n young lady. I Came in just as I was bringing [ him-back up. No luck for him. | ' Or, maybe it was luck for him. 't t^e'd feared it was his daughter. .' >Dfdh't get the young lady's name, [friend" of Mr, Jenkins, I gath- i, arid come here for the same , reason. She was standing here [waiting to register, and soon's he *saw her he went to her fast and grabbed her arm and said something like: 'No peed for you to go , through the ordeal of looking at hey, my dear. Thank God, it isn't Helen.' Or something like that. Then He just hurried her out the door ah* that's the last I saw of them.", '.Sbayne leaned forward with his palms flat on the desk and laid, harshly, "Describe the young '"Wfll, I. She was right I noticed. Pert-lookin'. e 25. Brown hair, I guess. wearing any hat. es, maybe. You know m." He.extendod both his "Just saw her that one before she went she wearing?" de-> e hoarsely.'' is breath while the described the Shayne had last light rec- his face so good. Almighty worried, he was, about seeing whether she was his girl or net." Wait £. minute, Will." Shayne's voice was like a whiplash as he prevented the chief from speaking again, "Tell me this OIM> thing. Any report from Miami Beach tonight about a man that might have been picked up on the Causeway after the car went over the edge?" * * * WILL GENTRY studied him curiously for a moment. "You mean the car that had the woman in the trunk? The one where you and Lucy just happened to be rowing out on the bay nearby when it occurred? The one that showed signs of some sort of explosive having gone off in the front seat? Jiist »bou,t the same amount of damage that might have been caused by that gas bomb you got Pete Fairwell to make up for you this evening?" "All "Tighy* agreed Shayne grimly. "That one. Though 1 didn't know about the signs of an. The Passing Seen? by Vip Trm Traveler! Safety Service "How many pedestrians have you bagged?" his long-term support. Thai'* the ktftd of help we're going to have to give to frenzied pareritS. Only if they get it can we count oh the inexpressible gratitude from which tti iiiild. The planners know better than I dn that these plans, though they contribute, are supplementary to the key problem—making help WANTED by the parents who heed it. o- Distinction Tallahassee, FJa., was the only Confederate state capital not captured in the Civil War, although federal forces easily took the coastal towns. First Jewelry was fashioned before recorded history, for divine protection and magic power. All-Woman Jury The colorfial trial of Judith Catctipolfe, ' who vas charged with infanticide, is remembered in American history because the jury was'composed entirely of women. It was the first all-woman jury in the New Wrtrld. _: _ :_: UQ- Cyanide was invented by Nikodem Caro and Adolf Frank in 1905. County Lint Tov«rn Mexla-Waco Highway 84 Dancing Nightly on the Patio Band Every Sunday Night essary to find where the bleeding comes from and to stop it i[ possible. When this so-called secondary anemia is severe it may be necessary to give transfusions. Another kind of anemia is fairly frequent 'in women between 30 and 50 years of age. The c'ause of this anemia is a deficiency of iron probably resulting from defective :liet and poor absorption due to disturbances' of Ihe stomach' and intestines. This jauses a feeling of weakness, .hortness of breath, nervous disturbances, dry. hair, sore tongue and paleness. Fortunately, once it has been identified, it can be successfully treated by giving iron preparations. Anemia may result from 'the failure of the organs which make the blood to manufacture adequate quantities. Here the difficulty lies principally in the bone marrow and is much like the Mexia Daily News Published by the News PuhliahinK Co., Inc., Mexiu, Texan. BLJAKE SMITH, president; K. . C, (Ernie) •DEANE. editor uml Ki-neral manager; CHARLES W. WEASELS, advertising niannuer: JOHN MOSS, farm and editor: MRS. SIDNEY JOHNSTON, society editor; HENllY ATKINSON, ci: elation manager and classified ad manager; MRS. HOPE TRUELOVE. bookkeeper; STERLING BALDREK. shoo foreman; J-. D. GItinS. Commercial printing department. THK MEXIA DAILY NEWS in published Monday through Kridav nftcr- noona anil Sunday morninK. Entered tin Becond-clasd matter February 24, 1912. at the pojtbfficc at Mexia, Texas, under the act of Man;h 7. 1807. Any erroneous reflection upon the charncttr. *Undiii£ or reputation of per«(n8, firm or corporation which may appear In the column* of this newspuner will Iw corrected upon bi-int! called to thu attention of the publishers. TELEPHONE: GYfi-2868 MEMBKU TKXAS PRESS ASSOCIATION—1956 anemia which comes from certain poisons. These are only a few of the many forms of une- mia. Lowered Uvels of red blood cells 'or hemoglobin means something seriously wrong. A person with severe anemia feels poorly and lacks in energy. The cause should be tracked down and appropriate treatment employed as rapidly as possible. The Mature PARENT By MURIEL LAWRENCE RED HOT USED CAR PRICES 1946 PLYMOUTH—5 New Tires, Runs Good — Special 1950 DODGEJ—4 Door.« Radio, Heater, One Owner 1952 PLYMOUTH—4 Dr. 2 Tone. R-H. Good Tires. Real Buy—Only '......'...... .-.. 1951 DODGE 4 Dr R-H, A. T. One owner, real transportation 1954 CHEVROLET 4 Door. Heater. Seat Covers, clean, runs good ..,. -'. 1951 PLYMOUTH, Suburban. Good tires. Runs good, local car—only ..._.._ OUT OUR WAI ;tv^_—«._. u ^-» j -~* $ 250 $ 575 $ 695 $ 695 1295 650 Many Late Models to Chose from. W« trade for anything that is not too hot or nalUd down. Come by and try us. McK^hzie Motor Company DODGE-PLYMOUTH DEALERS sS > vTc. C D r :ptGY6-2814 CAR* GY6-2815 "Why, yes," said Gentry, rocking back on his heels and taking a thick black cigar from his pocket while he studied the redhead intently. "My men did get a report that some passing mo torist maybe picked up the driver and took him away'from the scene before they gtrt there. No one has come forward to verify the story. Can you?" He shot the two final wovd$ out like two rocks. "Not personally. TiVn Rourkc got the story «f«»n his pap«i. i want to know one more thing, Will, Any slugging or au>Uui like that reported on the Be,ach in the last hour?" Will Gentry rolled the cigar slowly bacH Mf* (9»:tb. from 9^ ----- - 1 '- "•'-^tfuth to tt»« other, ••f'.b r.-nJ- 1 us shrewd eyes hooded by vw in- dee' brows. As a matter-of-fact a man was picked up unconscious just jeyond the end of the Causeway about 15 minutes af'.or the sedan went over. Apparently slugged over the head and'tossed out of a moving cary He was a citizen of Miami Beach who is supposed to have been driving home from Miami about that time. Any •nore questions you feel like asking right now, Mike? Or, is it my turn?" His voice was "deceptively 'even and calm, but Ihere was a note or iron in it that warned of thinning patience. "I don't think I need to ask any more question s," said Shayne. He started out of the morgue fast. Will Gentry jerked his coat open and drew a .38 from his shoulder holster. His voice was like ice as he ordered: "Halt, Shayne. I'll shoot if you go through that door." ' * * * THE gun remained steady in Gentry's hand. He jerked his head in a curt negative. "You're going to headquarters with me, Shayne. You and Tim Rourke both. When you've told me everything you know about this, the police will take over. Mike, I mean it." "But Lucy. . . ." "Lucy Hamilton is a woman exactly like the one downstairs. Exactly like the one strangled on 18th Street tonight. We'll do exactly the same to protect her as we did to protect them." "If you think I'm going to sit on my hands until Lucy's corpse tui-ns up, you're crazy." "You'll sit behind bars if you want it that way." Will Gentry's voice was inflexible and hq made no move to hoist °r his gun- "It's my own hunch thut one or both of those other women would still be alive If you hadu't tried to play God tonight. • you hold out on us now, it^l be Lucy you're holding «ut on. I'm chief of police in Hiinii, ima I'm still running my department tjie best f can with all yie interference I get frpm snja.rt private dicks." <?• Be C0aliuu«d) 'There it no denying ih«" fact that the most important influence upon the growing child is that of his parents.' 1 So announces New York City's new program for the control of juvenile delinquency. And what is its recommendation to improve this "most impc'rtant influence' 1 lipon children? Neighborhood "discussion groups." They've been tried. They dorit work.' The parents who need them don't go to them. I repeat, the problem of delta- quencey is old method. A frightened, overwrought woman wrestling with a child at their tenement door isn't interested in next Friday's analysis of her distress. Her interest in it is immediate and and passionate, not intellectual. She's not going to serve it 'Up to anyone in .exchange for talk and coffee. If we can't provide some skilled friend's support in her distress, we've lost her. We fail her emotional emergency—and our one chance to earn her trust of help. Crisis support is the secret of the magnificent success of Alcoholics Anonymous. You can take your alcoholic to temperance lectures every night. You ca.n "discuss" his problem with him endlessly. You can employ psychiatrists who can tell him why he drinks—and mo- rtilizers to tell why he shouldn't. He will continue to drink. Then he'll ''hit the bottom" of crsis. In a moment Alcoholics Anonymous move. Day or night, they move in with your alcoholic— and live through the agony of cri- is with him. Out of his inexpressible grati- ,ude is born trust of the later discussions that will provide him CARNIVAL By TURER T. M. Dlf. U.». fit 0(1.. fcfc, m» k> W« 6«,,lc», Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE M^^M> \'JE ^~, ( Y30T.E- A6 F\9T A5 ^ ^B^M^VTM^MES / - 0£!4T ' X Y ™ AT MCCSS IGOT 7T^'A^UlPO H -M E A;[ O.ECCPATS J\ ATiPO^ TODAV^ gy THe TIME HE ' loo* ACT MS/"-^- l\? V-X C ' PAWDOS $AYiM6 lr> •IT PAYS TO USE CLASSIFIED ADS- FUNNY BUSINESS Kershberger "Oh, yes, my; ttutt ha)i b«»n Mlllntl JM«t latt month I •old my automobile, «nj(h|Wt month my watch and radio!" W£3~**t.-— *IW4 4* ( ' r> C.p,. l«5b ( MfAJ.i.i«t.-l "And now, how to broil a nice juicy steak!" •IT PAYS TO USE WANT ADS- New ' LADY BULOVA • SIlf-WINOINO SMOCK Rf SISTANT ***»» », "D»d Mtd» »ome exerciit—$o I bought this catcher's mitt for h)t birthdayr 'She had to be different!"

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