The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 11
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 11
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THE OJL OJTT PEKEIQK, WEPHMDAY KOKHCTO, KAY 1, 1»1». Tlnit ol Shows—1:15, 5:00, 4:«0, «:!», »:03, "«• ADMISSION—AdulU 17, duldrm 6c (U* p.U) -TODAY- ALICE BRADY FRINCKSS. Oyt-r I lie Top, 1 ? Jjcoop of tlj* Vrar, '(ircat Anierioui J'liolodrarnn uf rulrlotlsru, Warring rlmpcy. . Bryan! Wath'iurn In 'Twent' -One,' ttory leemlns .vith action an'i amys as situations, will be shovvn a:»ll 10- ay at HIQ Princess. Manaser McCartney. »( ll"« I*™ ess iheatre, h«s scored Ihe scow of •ears (n motion pictures by obtalnln! •Over Ihe Top." the Vlrasraph «pec'- n which Ben.-e.inl Arlhur Kmp, author of Hie fumolu book, appears the !eidl""t rol». "Over the Top ,111 lie "shown «( Ihe Princess lo three days bisrlnnlne Monday. lie U planning lo make It one of the »l(i;» events In the history ot the thealre and will liav« special drcoralioiis an music, during the run of the pl.turo "Over the Top," In book for n. the most widely read and I>r»'" w <XX''^'^™™^ a^Eflnrt'Jsf.'rAr 1 ." |ilu'i B *ay'ne C< 6.^U;« n An'd: • Bon, and n*U> Blylhe. II Mar* than 7,500 rtnular Unl " States aoldlfTJ ivere uar.l »" J'- a * trench iccnes, which y^*-*™^ CaniD \Vhe*l«r. near Macon. Oa.. &1 (.ermlt of Ihe War departme you want FtorlfM l.iat movo fast anil lOKlral-F onj f^ 1 ^ * O11 nlonc on an cn'Jirolllns "»*° of; Incl-li-nli lo » «niaiJL- ln?ly bis tUnai. Well, lucre you, arc. The most iKwuilful and InU'r- i^sitny Fcctic 1 * film«l on the e**- hligrv In n pr.niltlro V.UuBtJB'M lo Ihe i!UHMi»lnmc[U value of ll\Lt picture. AUco Ilrsily U superb. Bee ililo and he #uWlciL •TUB WOMK Of rAKAMOUNT KCTUnea/' ADMISSION — 5car>dl5c curium-I «-100-4 J •> 'S-BCO-9 !0 A LOVE THAT BATTLED AGAINST HATE IS THE STORY TOLD IN 'REVENGE' STARRING MAGNIFICENT adfast." Kilivanl Moflall'a ALL SEATS IS Cruldreu S TODAY ire diiiift fl"'l W"«•»'. vnUI lie tut loose, frn/a llws apron airings of Ills HIM—li'ul U« u l Oh Bo'yl Ho «a:»l Ibebi nil up. . , i^ii inj^ .Iraiiw of Uiili>iL Six u<t§. SIDNEY DREW COMEDY- . TrjIPI.i; TODAY. . Kdllh Storer 111 "HcreW." A M.rlro I'lctuflratlon of Wmnl MoWll'i I'opular Notcl -Hearts Slcsil- ^SniSSfeS'rS Nation of Ktlwanl Moffatt* novel, icatls Slea-irint. 11 Hazrlnjf fcfjivcr- o star, Kdlt!) Ktorej 1 . which ..ill Be ?«enlidI al the Tempi* thcalro loin 'lUvense" •Kblch was uroJuccd Vr k felu",^hV%%rn5C'"l Se "«bkh she first became fjmojj, , K .cresn slir o! the flrjt rajK. She seen lo eicellcnt adv>nl.i(> In her FORD STERLING L I A TWO PART MACK SENNETT KEYSTONE COMEDY— A GENUINE GLOOM CHASER I TOMORROW-^See the Sublime NAZ1MOVA in Metro'i Sop Production De Line, "REVELATION" As Ihe Paruian piiettc, who** aoul is laid bare in thi» grip ping story, Nazimova is gay and fascinating, capricious and will ful u a summer storm, cold and calm one minute, tender an pim-e, with the serenity of an Arctic Mnshine the next She «Jfish, mad, pawionale—she is noble and »elf tacrificmj. "Revelation" U truly a r=Yt!alion in fart at well a> in i Seek. Special Tomorrow & Friday Thomas H. Ince Pretenls I WILLIAM S. HART In his blest ARTCRAFT picture "WOLVES OF THE RAIL" \VtiUe n.-ialnln? .til ilic nit-icw- phrrv itliErh have (luido llart iilj-)toi»[3j-i an iiopulnr vvtih thu i |iuhll(! ll proMJi-s Iliu ranioas actor .vh!j ;» vehicle i-iuln.-!) 1 tlll 1 - ix-nt Iniin iinjllilttK llu Jins rciorutv ai^n-nnil In- • /?*%> ^•'' ^ '^Oi- BRYANT WASHBURN TVHEHTY-OI.E" i»l H ID eliai e book I)/ Oi .. Satwday—"Brown of Harvard." A iW i.i»l wlU clianu both »OU.H »»* ** d - i'rom Hie book by Ocorgc FUndoljih Clicrt^r S.iinritay-r-N'oniu .Talii.-n.^o j In "I'ojipx," from llio famoua iiorcl b> Cjiithfa Stockk-y—A )rj i lint tvllt make yuu £t»Ue rougti I'our tears. Coinlnff—3larcuprllc Clnrtc In •The Sii.cii Swaiis." "«'" re !'« ««J ae^urmK anJ other Buy a Liberty Bond First THEN MAIL HIM A BOX OP ROOD'S CANDY FRESH SUPPLY JUST RECEIVED ' Wrapped In Tin Ready To Mail , wi'ln'ArYulop. Valley. » 0 player* upcfll some timi ^K^S-^rSI...^"". L,? W of";Se. P S t c,r 1 r g) ',nt 5 r,'n h 4 ind Tvrll trailed csrlrldKi! belts. "fjnr »l»rl. Idol of picture Tatrons he worn over, his • now role-thst railroad detective In "Wolves of P cJSi' s _ Slarcverltc ClarVe " r N>,t""k--Thc Kaiser, the Tlcast «rm In nil hUlor?.. ll At TIU! I.Villb TODAV. Alice llrailr III '-™> ' rn " > -'' Alice Jlridy. the ctiarmlnK sl.r. •«rlll e seen al the l.yrlc theatre toda> in beaul°f"and Interesting ever Ken on »i!u'nr>dr «pp«r»'ln Ihe role of Doris Sh»»-. in* djuchter ot a. f,ina- tlcal nshennan. ^ v 'hen Ihe roucnnane ^oS'.nl.'r'ei'a' Tn'a 'ifrinTr.^ .aw.? a p o^ r ^^;-r«e D rb^ bid. and Doris' fJther casu her fr Circumstance* laVe Doris lo Ihe city aji-1 there she rsjierlenees » creal m»nr adventurw. all of fhlch go I n-ak" "n- ot the most nleasln* an «rt of Plclur. Jlw Vnu'll bo sure lo enjoy "The Trd *£' '^ NEXT WEEK The Kaiser The Beast of Berlin The shocking expose of Ihe secret instincU 'of Ihe wickedest human twins b all hUtory. Now showing for an indefinite run in The Lyceum ThcaUe, Piltsborfti. •^••^•B "TI1K 11OMK OF PArL\MOUXT IMOTUIIKS." •• DAYS COXJIEXCINO MONDAY VlTACllU'H'f. GKVI Amcrknii PUy "OVER THE TOP W Teal uring SKKfiT. AllTHLIl GUV EMPEY (HtinscK^ Tim CTcatcsL produrtkn In tbft| history of motion plclur**,' GADDE3S PHARMACY 20 Ea»l Firil Street Ih"S T " Rt«Ut7oT!" ^ "aJapl J t 5S, «re«ft. prataM »hB work of lh Kf *':<ii2irnoTA Is the Idfit nctrcjw f' 1 ihe'rolo of Jo.ine, Ihft tflii.ptr!uo"il 1 iKulLnR chiractff of 'IlevclAUOn.' 1 (- a ^"''.d d .S?n^,q,o' hu m s 1 be,",,^'^,« c .";4rcK for this creal Metro stir. .11 neems that NarlmorA Is the one loKlcil art- rSi who should h».e. the '«'»»' Jol'ne There l> nolhlns plicld about . ellhcr'the M«r or the chiracter; ttej i are both Intrnw. aynamlc belns*. Jollne Is a daunhlcr of Joy—».pc.pular model In the lalln quarter of I arl«. OIL CITY OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLY 2 ' The One Be»t Bet In Burlejque—The Famoia Broadway Belles SPECIAL CHORUS OF 20 BEWITCHING BELLES • HEADED BY JOE MARKS, THE CLEVER COMEDIAN EXTRA-DIKE THOMAS in "Coon Town Follies" '• : , SEE HIM JAZZ 11' OP DONT MISS THIS FEATURE ATTRACTION The Windsor Have you heard the WINDSOR PHONOGRAPH? It is in a class by itself and must tie seen and heard to be appreciated. It plays any make of'Disc Record without change of attaclunent and does it perfectly. . We show four designs in our window. Chamberlain & Pressey "JUST ACROSS THE CREEK FROM HIGH PRICES" THIS IS BABY WEEK She Is .-vccenlaltle ni a modrl for oil runeVlcan arlW. paints, until ho nt- tompla n. Mudonnx lie rcnll«« thai Joline'a Wits', hardened hcc lacks ine BDlrltviHl Qualities needed to Inspire an,! cuWe him In creating 10 mcred a picture. Jolinp. pampered and soolled will, a temperament*], lrc.pel-.ous out. hurst of Indlcmition ami Je.ilonjj-. re fuses lo allow any other model lo re place her." ' '' II . .. -o op-les, J. l you w««t I baby'« happinew. ' BABY FOODS— AU Ihe well Imown kinds of prepared Bfaot foedt, BABY MEDICINES-Molher Kroh', ,o<xl oU-fuhi««d prepa«t».». ^^aranleed rfectiv. in m«l oJ 0>e litile aDm«U to which l»b.» NURSES AND NURSING BOTTLES-^ ip pie. «vd P«ifien— ^ Ike - «*u* 5^-^ rf ^" 0 , *mnf powder. Al pure u Ufcnm powder t«n be made— with the I^A™,^™E™s; TOYS, TEETHING RrNGS, SOAPS, SPONGES, POWDER PUFFS, BABY BRUSHES, BABY COMBS, ETC, ETC. _ |// it's a Prescription—Take it to George's GEORGE'S DRUG STORE TheRtxW Store 224 Seneca Street ....s on'TiniT*<iar. 1 Al the Opera House on Thursday evening a feisl of irood nnlured fun I3'proml»edlhe>atronsof,thelhe>tr Iwhen the "Broad**? Belles" come f, the'«tlr»cjlon on Ih^t date. This cor., nany U 'Uled lo be Ihe most llvel Una up-io-d«te;™ »" ' h American hurlftsaue whe^I. I The pronram c^lls for twobnrlelU. ••Cohan', Nltht Oi.r «nd 'The For tune Hunters" and In noth of .the- i the entire strenslh «f IM complny The company c.-trrles uptcu ««»"» • I " 1 ' U6 ' """S? '"f 11 " 1 ' 1 Ihj rro.liidloni^Th^chorus^ wi w"n c-in tins »nd rUnce nnd lh- [work H r--vld 1° ^« superior 10 that I »n,r «Tnpiny that L< on the Anjerto wheel A special added fealu l"h"id»r evening Kill M Ihe appea ance ot DUe Thomas. the_well kno, hlacVfaco comenlan. who recent Joined this company. I The tdrance «nln ot <eaL»will op IhlJ mornlnc at 10 «'el»el<. Those w desire desirable re»;rratlor.s sho. .not delar In placlns Ihe r ord« I atlentlon Is given to all le I phone calls. " ntvivs nKcnrnox AT crrcncn. ntCTWlInt rrmrram nnxtecd »y . of T. U A. 0, I Th«,T. I.. A. C. ,of Orsce M.. E. ch-jrrh enlertuncd o Ith » loclal and »Ucn In Ui« clmrth n»tUr« Tr-^ y evrnlns- The program was as fol _dlnc. "When llessle Hawkins Goes to,Ihe CHy" ••;.•!•'• rs. Uc?rEe K. Turnhull. ' 'Kmo'>Vr and Mrs. O. Couch. „„.,, "Uclilcrman Tom" nnd •Tonuny l^td" -». • • (lood^ln. eadinir. "When Ihe I'reach Conies to Tea" and "Yticoh Strau?» .... illss Norn.* t'ortertleld. . : .. .Y.. '"Somewhere In Kranct. •MIO ~>lo "firth Nocturne in Hull, Conner «nd Mli> Sluble Tho clcwlnr; number on the progra aa a ptsylel Kl.'cn oy fllx membe f Ihe c!.is». entitled. "A Scheme Th ailed." The can WAS as follows: Paul Jennnlpi, a younff banlc clcr Kdllh Jennlniw, hla wife. Ml» I. relU Williams. Vanny. the -tnald, lllsi Irene To crfleld. Victor CrSTen, « young doctor, « loward nosers: Mrs Craven. Vklor s mother. M q Mr!S*« S .!' 1 tS«'?..*..MWAIrn.'!ta After Ihc playlet Iho Sunder ftrchcrtra plarcd Ihe "$I&T Sp.--a-~-~ lUmicr." TTif (cunti Uien All forrtitd n n. Rrfli... march. GaiTiM and mu.«lc «onilltnle.l lh- [or the ao«la] hour liter which Tc(rt«hmenl» ^e^o acrv*d. AitfALKER'S TOILCT'AND RUBBER GOODS, SICK ROOM AND , , , , : NURSERY SUPPLIES DRUG SUNDRIES, STATIONERY, CIGARS GOODS RIGHT pi— ™CES RIGHT •'• PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bring That PreKtiplioo To Walkel'l and Get tt Filled Ri«ht The Cut Rate Pharmacy Ariingtoh Block - Bo«,Fl«». locapi BUY A LIBERTY BOND WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE of 1WUTARY WATCHES Gmen. Walth.m,-Leonard, Swis^ Hallmark, Elgin. D <^S , til- _:. I ..XII Pnm ranee from J4.00 to J5UOU . onar, w* amar, . . lllir,c.!j, lng-;«>ll. Prices range from »4.00 to »5000 H\RVEY FRITZ, Jeweler TO noi.n rnAcncr- 'fhe Lammers elah will held an tm- >orunt pr«ellce al Ihe West End TOIHOI thU evenlnt. -A. Ihe line no for Salnrdir iclll he delermlnert every plwer who especU lo make the team aiuM bo prr-jent 'The lAmmers wll :eavft for Warren on the l?:5s train hr *»I of Corrr. Tlte pl»)ers *lio »r< to so will te announced Frldar. COLLEGE BASEBALL. ' i; Worcester Ted,«. . HJlnUrV Store - ^r-^ - - »• NOW IS THE TIME TO GET A LIBERTY BOKO P «- B. BAGNATO No. Si Main St. Ptt- phone 11 SI. SPECIALS FOR .THIS WEEK Onion S«U • Ibs. J5c Thrc* BOX«! Coco^ 4r> C On* Urpe bos'nold TJyirt ........J5c OTIB dot Urge »nt,intklea 2lc One lArie Can Apples *"~ Bett ITT*^B cl OlMtnarpirln* .,. low«t prices. All kind* &f tresh fnnlt »nd vcs*W^le*- CENTRAL HOUSE Bdl «n< local U..»-»-—. II rail t* 4 r IT* from mi criy «r 1 lln. Incladler 1* •"*• ^ mtr**t fraw on cntn'Mi* t»o t**m.**b — iy «a Uii N, T. C. 9.9- ,- ,' Cblefce*' »4 WUTM ««•«« mm* <* four tfliir.,' notk. •! .wr *»••_'*'*_" 9, m roc f*nh.. of taw *r •«* •* Tw

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