The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on October 24, 1892 · Page 6
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 6

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1892
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, OCT. UKK 24, 1892. |.',tl Ifc Ui « ! I - UT • On* <»py . J. S.'FKNN. K.liti.r DEMOCRATIC TIOKEJ. GROVF.Vi CI.V.V Vice-l'rosiiifrit : ADLAI STKVKSSON. W. FT. CiiA'I. CJOTPrnor: I.ttntecunl C. M.'l.M K. A. M. I'OvVKI.! f '.uin^r.'ili-' : : KT'MAN"' AI.I.I:N from this district, i < the follaciMcf tho thn party dbctri'ue* and although their j - freely iu bis d«nunciationi, no per- abuse was resorted to and lie i:; '/ ;.'. > o >;!<K-!;. i 1:0 i.- ior the ; il t:c.:ro co:> .i W. C- A«? 5 ()0 Kit lull tu Li. Out Duor Spurt.'. bout c;!,C iii» ,,..». , • f npuke of hip rsputiican •pponeM m , f . ;i \^ •..v,>re eer.t out y>•• -I.. : a complimentary and kindly \v:i\. ! ^. ik t., Vv ., 4 ul ,,.-.( .'.,i,,r ^ raying that the only oe»flttit.t he ; ^ ,.. - { j )Ui .|.. t . C:i i_ l: ., :l , had to nuike against.Breweter \vas- tho inlbi xation through ricwsp:ip'.-r reports th:.t in having a n^!•> t ' do Lis epeaking''' for him, l.e hiul allowed his gubatituU apei.kcr UP ubu^e him (Grain): and in th : .r- c<-n nection, bo said that he did r->t .-<-••.how his republican opponent, elected could carry bifi (ipokcsmuD into the hails <• ^resft. Mr. Crain spoke u l.i'''e over two ho%ir§ Mid a large |">r'.:'>n of the -laUer'.pa'rt.w&s (!i-v>.'.L-,l it- the taritV isiue, during whu•!. q.v;-- tiona were several times }>kid i-y parties in the audience an;.: he u"«ve prompt fiifwerB thereto; uil tl.c while evidencing a thorough .|.-:i- iiiari\y with tho great '}i:e^i.i;i uV issue bciweeu the two p::r- lies. No rViorciico../Whatever u- : ^ made 16 state issue is thr- '••u-hcu: I-T lengthy address and »h !|<-i;:•>. t-iil little attention wart I'ivch t" i:". 1 Snanc'.al'question, it w--~ « n,i;i::;i :•• show that Tcry i«ai _j •'- ni": :'..-..cannot c.i;ree witii M:< i '•!•• -t:!-,.• • i the ivien ol in-reasinsi the v.;vu ::l j ing tni'diiim (*t the coutiiry ->:i i'•<.•, ! ^rouiMK-* that the incr- ;!.-•.•: \.-;•:-!:: i. ! eouKl i-ot bo trMiei ' tiv)D; h<)u-uv«:r. lie i:n.•: Ai- r-i .-o nvvr. Both Sid"b the si-.oulJ be looked into. And when this is done the intelligent smoker uses BLACKWELL'S 3II8 I r-c i I Hi LJ >» krt c?svar\ir |iM>k T<-\r»>i >*>*> j vw u. >^, i^r w i i - i:^tl*J xJr>V3<X«r\i •* V3 I WiU^n\^V^ BLAG KWELL'S DURHAM TO?JACCO CO.. Durham, M. C. Rev. Oxlc's r> t'.i u he: hour ior her.\ cluud-i>" fit ill ell fr.crmon. y rain "foil just L-X-'-.;!'!0!.:t- b:-l! M rliib.-. :ii:-:i'.i f)'er licud, thero wa.s a ktr^u coii^ i;ro:/:;tKiii fiiit ."f undny i:i^ii t lo hour | il:'ir./\vcir''>c> n:t.n ut l'i:V. C. J. { J':•:!, \',\v!'o leaves tomotT'J'.V inorn- i :';L; t<.> l:'.!cech:i - Lie •;! l!)C .Vi.-lho'dir? 1 SAM JONES WbliK.- MA HE OVER THKEE THOUSAND CC.N* VERT3 AT SAN ANTONIO. The Moral Tone of the \VickeJ City Perceptibly liaiiied and ople Join the l).f J! '• r.Tn.lK." - .f.:li- t .,..;• K. if. I'iiL w. [>. \v Third ' Ji:'.!i-.-:..l 7L C. FIS! I-:!:, fir T\'. M. KI-.T. A.--<i i"NV. K.'COL'i.A i.T">. 1 v eliv«rs u L'.viijr't h.'y Jind Ab!e Address lo tiio r..-'s)"pl'o of I-uredtV. lu u.(.'C-ori!:uic : i: *,vivh" the •'u' HiecL thu'* HI»II. \V. 1J, C'ruin. lic- tnocvutic ndiniiice ior re-eU-'.-ti.*n to it"iu t'nia ciistriet, would' c n Maikclhall on Tuesday bight, a !:ir_;u ' .uf ; htdii'a and irentleti'.cii iraihereJ n.t :i l iout o_ : • ~.. .. ..... •::'. ' • • '•..'• S o'clock Ui.-t uyi-uing on vho plui'.a adjoining ..the Market liou.-e. ibe iii:d not p'ne ot \-:- very al'iu ctlori ":\h"i f I- \' this "city h ui eii:ry v of this ( i a i i • i ihe ;e-lo hi* :i piece 0 and it' con re.-alt in the cii.-toins heu lc»rlhvvith ii G'hristi vyheic no i ;;-: ;u;e C-ollei;, u« ••iln'.-. • '•: itll^'tne'. while exi>:vi Iccior wiia aMXi'.'i-T i .( ? r:ii 11 .-':;'-. 1 : ':•• ' ••::,.• hoen ;:.:; :'• :. -'.:•••:•• ••' I • it, 1 ' ci ' -; ' : - ; •••••' '••:• "trsct i '.:'."•! : •• '- ._'•' (jvvcr ii- .;:'.- .' , . e;i-,!.[i::.t :•: : . -.::':: .-•• ntere.-t ir..:; ; • - - ' / :••••• i it; \-(- i •'.:•, !.'.•••. r! • v.:, 1 . e epu.!-:^:.:': ;•: • i :!.;• tl.jiiaitv:^ ;?; li.- . .i.A i * . t ~ ' • ' • V ', • . * ' . - - ' :, . ••* ;.; r' ; ..• : ! !...- i-.-'.s.:::.: • : ;. ; ;•. .v! " ( . • ' ' " i ' ' •i •;•...•:!• :. . . •*• _, \-.\ i. :-•.::.: i: 1 .; ]'.'. r.-.. ..I -.: _;:>'. • \ > -,;,-,:..- -.' !:t .''cv.'c]! r-t. i li >_' ; /.!-'i i-.r l-.i .Sun Ahtoiiio, Tex. 3 Oct. 1(3—'The tli'-'le- i- i ^ ov " : Sjixrn Jones L-!t this city "'this •o'iiipiU'•! afternoon lor Puiestine, where iii conjunction n-ith K c-'v. Geo. .Stuart ai'.'.l K. O. Excel!, the t?in-inu r 'evuh's .ir-.-Msi, he \yiifl.old revival'.. ine'e't-. i'.i-rs lor i-ne \vce!:.' 1 ho work of the evacgehsts in thi.s eity has been , (.-.i.-i-J received with mt-ut liiid \vi< K.-v; I ! ii p:.'.ris tiViu I M t!:-; v\ r-:. t . '*' f-Kev. ui in iu;!, 1 ;.t it wa? pec-ialjy 'tho'-hour" i> to d having been removed Irom ilie hall ;:t;d a >tund ereclCMJ <>n the Oui.«ide its .es-nst i.nzer:ce ol the'iii^hi \varnr an-'!' ck-ar ai.,-i >l:Qrily r. ili.'ri. K, A. Altle :':•'! -.iiv.-.s '<id the auiiioisee i:i a lev." aj-j-f- (TiaLo remarks, in rente to hit -:-u.:.- iic!i:i)(.T:iii(j tsoini:::; li in ro e!fi:Lio:i to the 'Suite ''..Senate •from thts.rvnutorKii disiriet; con- Ceding \>y .iiitroducing to ihc ivi:'t< •dicnce MI-. Criiin, \vi-.o l.cau i;is .•s? 1-y ",expla.iiiing ihe rea.>t.n lie h;;d declined tu continue 'the j.'int debate.uppointtuents with Mr. Terreii, the r.or.iineo ol the third purl}- for congrc^j (rom'thi* x3istr"ct, stating tLnt he- hud been Subjected ;it '. Klpret.ville a.n<l cUe- \vhero wiih gro^i^ in«i:!t l-v Terrell'' iind hi.s Mipporteijj and ihrc-jitened "with per.sotml dirtieulty. which were •the r-fs of hi.s dL-ei.-:^n not to further dir-eu?s is?ue> with the third pur y nominee. The speaker then dcvuted considerate lifio in givinij an aueount of hi.s ritor-.vnni- ^tjhip, recounted the wm-k ih:xL ho -3iad dor.o for the diilercnt 'parts of. tho <iistrict- arui on t^n.iti;^ i'j Laredo, paid: "In the luiiim?.^ ol {Shakespeare, there's the rub : '; coa- tinutnjj, Hui.i that he had been net-used of neglecting tins <-\ty, bir. denied the truth of the accusalioi: and gave as the reasons nt not having secured iLo're r^eoirriiiion from the general £<,vcmn;ei:t lur JLurcdc Tras beccude ot the i-i-posltion in encountered, tnuitjly irutn tj.m Aiu lonio direct aud through their congressman. Mr. train atsuroJ tht people ol this citj- ;.nd county thai he had been iaiihiui to their iatcr- csts und had served them t.j ih« best of hts ubiu;y ? that ti ru»olootcri iie would continue to u.-e bid best exertions for a term of the federal court and federal buildings for this> city, which ho knew Laredo to be entitled to, but that if Terrell or Browster .^should be elected it 'would be a great many years be* fore those needed public improve* menta could be secured, as either one of them should be confronted with a democratic majority which would oppose meaaurea introduced by ft republican or third pray rep» Catarino Ci;u;'.:i is this time he i> in ("'iri is to joiix him i It^re. \V. H.-Crain, ih.v ineO ior ' ;COli'i. r ri:.-<s incumbent. ih Many have '. <-r:i ici. manner. of :piv:-..-'hi! :L against h'iiii. ! in \.done more :n :'•.:< any other li.vii:^ i done- T : I'. ll;;l;.rn:-!r. jv ; i .s^k j . I'. A i ti.'.ir W. L, U : ..:d.:r:s -I:-.:•:. r-i^iytM- A. ii;..-:.'...-r .S.Ta!i:i V>. iU-:v.V;..! '•• v ".Ki:'K- :ni K. >. •;'uv;,; 4 II. V,. >- i-i:,: :: •!-- 1.-.. ".'.'I his. :i::>.'^L . ^-li]:;:; l.»le wr.'i Ucrs Jr; lire to upon '•'. | Mlltl the .S.-.-Oji'l '•>•» j'.Mi';:h.:in :i'.-ijui.-.iiion Lo''thei'r' church <::{ !.\^p'rk.. r : , ' I • . * ! ~* •Sun Aiilonio h:-.vo t-ueh _. ^-.ti-hert-d for "a'n'S" purpose its 'uav !y (iv'iiv*' : r- I alter dny' and •liii-liL after ni^ht .' •Mi.5-.--A--"! : : , , • •• ' ^- : : ,- . .. , ..i...A. . j wont lo near tiie evnn'ijelistfj pieaeij »• . i ,' i Ten thousand peuplti listened to Air i kiii 1 :i n 1 1 ....;' l l Joiica preach hta hist sennon this aitornoon. • Fully ^r.00 ol'hiij converts have joiiiedAtlic. various; chureheH here . in the r»ast tvv- 0 weeks and the to no r ;.,'•; .- .'•-. •. *• ••.'. . '. • . ' ;• ...y./ 1 • •"- -. '' -•' of mdralfty has heou. visibly raised .thrpug.h'otu tljc to'.vn; The saloons have lost money and therp has been L- .KniU'i-nirv in. "thie . railroud U.: tho Other eomjiared '. t-.i tho rxj -.* a living at ; ii:ii;l r.eiiii' t!> ."'. M.-x: ' lit i ; . "Jau.tB Si-cphvii i Lha.t ever <•»•-; >^; n. r \v:: i. ;i KA.:::S i.< e.>;;:^.> : -,.-il cl -\ .-i'" :i::'l t'lvy ^-ia/ ;i ' i LT"!::<'. Tii-.' S; u ::.>•:.;>• ;i !.'\v <i.i\ f. ^i;:i.-v 11^ _ { |,oft!,u > .... ' haii in -iii- t'itv" Mr>r;ii;iv t.' • • . .*.'•''. .. J - j : - ( •• n;;jl:t ;n,(! tlu^y celd.niud m a ;i::u;ru:r tljt- -i ; )U:b the Discovery oi :u:ul.u ; :. (.^:"iiea. rl ::<i-lrev^ci \vore • :.e t!.! i i L c>! -"•i a l^ppy i r* an l.Diiro! .-i'V r,-; : ,irod to ro (»i il t.-.'ii, ;:;-«-r \v \ : '. '„•;: j 'Jin- !-:«.!! 1, .-',»-• v.-hvr./rt-treahl' ;-riu;i!> \vvi\- r-.rvc.l ;;i.d cf joyed i bv iiii. Icjs profanity on the streets since tho revival be^an than ever bee -lore.' ' , •••••.;'.' / ' " '-•:•• - ; . :. • •:-.,. : :. : \ .. Mr Jones siiccvcded in rousing his audie;ico thi^ afL^rhcon to puyn of ihe ^1400 del-L of the or=« hbino hore. A Woimm'rf Chris?. tian Temperance Union is about to brt' organ ixie-i \vith nearly a thoun sand rr.enibcra as a result yf his and Mr. Stua'rY.-; eflbrts. The collection, to pay the cvan-* ior their work amounts to AGAIN. TUi6 lime lie is in Valparaiso, H Ser.ntor 1.. ' interview v\ it ii .-51. JjOUJA lo.-I'lii u-r ;: the i\-:cus c^ii. 'T do ii'..t »-;uc to viir-::;-. family J;.Uii^' "s:t ; Both I hnl: u:; : i' !!., i: - frieiuJs ..:nid i-.-'ii ;-. ru i.iuii have_wai'!-i j'er.-ouui iVicn . ruling s::nj.urun_: \-n\\ Under I he rL-un-vliiJioc would he be.Tt t-.-r iriu "Will the s;.Hl ;.!;..'f-t ticket? I'luit :.s, \\il! ;h: a < 11 \v i: i; ,M >ii V-Tv it i':!: o ^-1 r •,»'.! •_' •r.:••:•:>. use ""- -Mixi::.: thui IJcv. :::;d l>x!ey v.-ese t=|.-t:«'ii;i> :ii.'l i/i'.'ht-:.t ; : ,.j' n:>: i^i: -:-"l *l:'r. T, K. Waller: iJe?:;i:l^ l ;:i vii.- psfSxed ; var^:,:.;^l•e pvepiirstorv t'i j.-iTtuie tu:.i ?iii;riiiiitr, the tne; '.;! I..; !; es' Aid M.»CI v l v 1. ••vilify ru; 0 i\. T ^,- >: -, s Oro\vned. Lfitnscn. I'rorn BluctichJs. iNioara- .iitia. arrived thia evening.' iSiio ro ports huv-n- on u-?t. 10 eac-oun- tere«.l :i lisirriearie from north north*- wo.-it veering to .^ouLiiwcst aiid south" Tho barornoi'jr \v;is '-J '24 tremendous ^ tioodii: ' tin dcniOcr:vtic n: .. j-»riy rejily. "On tho . '•••I I ;T:\IV, the majority for L'levehin 1 A'U\ iVkr.Js iijive j.-rir-.c lo : iu-it J);:i'V Wv'iit upon a I ; .rj:o on thv eli-ctric will he i-Te tli::n ever l. ;.i.v tort ot eleclio::-" i IJ-.-ferrin^ ; 'T!uy u eir osts i.'f t\er\ en the Ct>t uf trie thoirs l,i::e-. f :-: lor p;iy :'!ea:'iu:t. hour at t!;e M r. ;, M rs. ) tho oiht-ci-s- --'-i-i^K-i-'.f d^-ek- ibre and all. Or, Ov.-U U when the weather moderated *he sighted a br>at in which wore two men. They- succeeded in throwing-a line to them to which they clung and were drawn aboard The in CD belonged to tha Honduras schooner Stranger, which capsized km-e o' Aid sot'ie- Osley was pre>i- Oct. 10. J>hc had eighteen including seven women and three JeM, presented their retiring i:Xr . c!lilaix ' n » !ilso a . ere%v of five » »P ec-uiive clMcsr with a handsome pre.-er.j. MI it ably engraved; eluding the cnpta'n, all of whom with tho exception of the two re«* were drowned. Under tb»- t.'ur V. heel?. Where Hies Wiio Join Him. Sun Antonio, Oct. lo.-.T.he whcre«* sbduts of Catarino Gttrza has at laKt become j-ubiic. James lien- deraon ui this city has just,retu:n- -_-d Irom Puhto Blanco, tho ranch >f Akjandro Gonzaie^. the iuther- in lav/ ot the revolutionary leader. liujstates ih'at Mrs G.a.rzu is.mak«» mg ]>rv:p:u-utiotiS lo c;p to V.ftN aijjo, Chile; where slio will join her biisbiuid, who eailed turee weeks a^o lor that' port from/New ,):ork. iir. Gpnzuiez also voiunteer- ^d ihu information lo Mr. Hen dor*' son. thuf'Guiza i-pent two months ' Key West, t'la., ese::r.e Irotn that his by secreting hin>s-t;!r Oil 'board a coast vessel when the federal ntlicc'r:* got en hi» traii. Heii£jail3 r made hia way to L^ort'and, Me.. vViiere ho ppeiat sev^ crai weeks, being in that citv at the t-me ot the Alaino state fair. Ac-out a month ago he was vigited .it, Portland by li. L. Summerlin, the well known' attorney of San An-« :onio, who was retained to defend Mr Gonzuicz ai.d a number of revolutionists iu their trial, which conies up beiore tho November term of the federal court iu this city: lami.y expenses lor the e,-. tire \c;»r The people of Ttx. • 1*0, >\w , t * .; Sydo«r, . W. i^ peripatetic j^uvoriiMu-tit !•»:• Dn:h lo.ii;cr, \\heii these gci...^-, , men will be c<impc.L-iJ LO iravc, | &«"'Wary, ^as lull of music yes•ain^—up salt river, and then they J tcrJay and a toot taller overtlic Proi. I'. K. Koch, the popular '.isical instructor of tha Laredo jiVntinry, was lull of music yes- will pay iheir own expenses, will not orijoy the doli^htl'nl j.- logo of drawing upon the treasury of Toxas on the first day ot every month, Ihen the democratic spirit processor of Texas will assert itself and thejfin® ^ r U ^ ..*.. «w present tax-eating, non-productive) necessary before^she can appear administration will be reb«ked."d£: I in public. Arrival at hia house of a, bran new little musician with a strong voice and musically inclined, but the professor esys that although a some training -will be Clalveirton, r.. 1C. — 7 he Killed the Wrong Man. \Vaco, Tex., Oct. 16.- Tom Warren, a gambler* ahdV -ted ' mangled remains i;t an unknown negro boy about fit-ct-r: y« urs eld were found strewn ulung the track of the International *rid Great Northern railway near the bridge across the west lay today. His head, legs and OLC ;irra were completely severed from his body, which wa» horribly smashed. It is supposed he was stealing a ride on either an incoming or outgoing train and fell from his perch^and wa« ground to Jpiece« .beneath- the wheels raent Duval. » ne^ro waiter in^l Be St» Charles saloon, this morning Warren shot at another gambler but hit the negr*. Warren left city in a buggy and is still a large. Head End Colliaon. Auburn, Ind., Oct. 16—A diaa** trous head end collision occured near here today on the .Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Thirty cars were totally wrecked. Brakeman ChM Henthorn and Fireman Jack L*n* ning, dying front their injuries Both •nginet wen Udly daaagtd.

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