The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 9
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 9
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THE OIL U1TY UEttttlUK, WEUWEBPAY MUKM1MU, MAY 1, 1918. OIL FIELD REPORT MONTH OF APRIL i fro rels, «nJ f"ar removed frcin tho old development wurt. -Mr. H'h.te*!<!M ii the man that put ihe IK? Muddy rkld Jn U'j'omiAtr *« the oil maj), a^ij Is a veteran w-ilrfcatkr. IMIM.VA 11KLO. An Ml-round Increase tn development work In (ho Mm* HeMscf nor w«,n>r« Ohio Is the ttory for rmmil) o( April. Ourlnif OKI month 34 WtilU wore rum r i !eir<J, y( xvhlch bat nvrt n-cre dff hole**, tha nther wvlb ,., iwirc rtowLni; A riiw iiruJucllon ot 3S5 U'tr-1 i:^-4,,ij,ti r*1), or RII avtTise of i-?«o ro 13 liar- '«ii 1*1-3 .. ri-Lv 10 (he iv.'Jl. Thl.i, wti*-n com-1 i >iv * -••• jured wlih the worV: (or March. sliov-a ^^ ¥ »a a IT *ru*r*,l/>i .if fyjr tn o>rati!tt<-«i mli* . attJ 13 lum-l* lf( new yroJuctJyn, » ll!i ' no ctuntse In iho number o[ dry holi'a. ii*ljt*i The iuif retting j\m Df thr-. fi«/ M » month's viork Is 1)10 nko Inrrcjto j ,%t«a4'ti nhovvn In n«w \iork under way. At Avmit lha rtosa of April wej-o two rlra i Ai«r*st an4 51 ilriUlHjr wrlb, v-hlle :>! the iilgsft of March there* were eivht r j "» • and 41 well* drJUIiw, Thja J* a de-j croaso of »lr (n rigs up, but In drllllittr well* (litre b an Increase of 1«, mak- '>,!""?.••• Ing a net eaJn tor April over Uircri o( j!?. f " f * ri: 10, wlilch la very eneauraelntf, owing i;Ji,V"" to the. fatl that April hrm bt*n a. much UjtilaiV JIT>M*T month, '!*(•*••* Th* only well of more than minor JUn4eij»i luiliurlanco to ba complele4 w*a thai • ,t!S** B •' of Ibo Sun Co. on the K. T. I'tftjtead p..*.. "" r.rrn in Clinton tovcri^hlp. &t»#i-a, t ji * n tounty. which h-ij AU initial produc- ,!on of !50 barrels. Whiieslilc-s anil] T&Ul , others JrUitd i w*H in Mwk tawn-t n«tr<*» I hip, Derianeo ojuniy. ilunnc the r.ionih lhal fljois fur a couple or bar- S'SURATED MAGNESIA For Dyspepsia, Indigestion i Heartburn, Thlchtor, Sour Arfd Ftoro- mrh, 4Jis In £tomarh, e'.t, UVe a lea-, . .. BtiuniteJ Ma«Ttc.«U la a bot -aater rating li mp In tj In- Kilt gtus &*(*. pku tlwtf lUcnr Uurlns Ajvril there -sras A s!u complete! work throughout th dlar-ii rifl-1, there be-Uifr, but IS conijj!f.f'J. with fpvcn Jrj 1 holes new |ir»Juc:Jon of 406 birre-1-i. compared with IhCf March fi?ru ahuwa ft drvrease nf nlnt [n corn- a detillnft of 41 I>;UTtrU In Lh« new [irO'iiioUOn. In new work unAer way at the, close ot April, there were two flea up and 41 wells driltins, turalrut four rJr» up and 31 drtlllnft wells at th6 e,!w« of March. This b a dtcreaae of two In rffra an.i wi fncrc-ode of 1C tn drlll.nir ivtlb, .1 n« train of elpht. In. the PennvHl* lie-Id. Pertn Icwn- >:if«rf«» t i l» »««»* lift UP. I • mm driltlaj »t!U. II I Uu/lns April work In Ihe Keniucky- Tennc-iJiee iklda was scattered over a I toul of 53 counties, or, which <3 coun- are in Kentucky ami four In Teni«p- This development covers si' area ol territory, and ihe most _ >lrjtJnff of any of iht oil fields of the country to cover. In tlje, ilclda covered In Ihe two ! t3(M (luring April, there wpro USD rclto comi)tcieJ, with a new .iroJuc- 1 tlon ol !,!J2 barrels. ?S dry holes and, cd wefts, 671 barrels new JJTO<!UC- and a loss In dry liol*J of H!I and Iwo In fa* wtJh", from Ihe figures of March, April inade a very excellent tliowlnij n* weather conditions were by no menus conduch'* to develop- it work. Ill;*) March, which was a A beautiful mojiUi for field worlc. rations were Ijlnderpi! to some ei- teni by ihe April shower* v.hkb yul the roads In :i rather bad ahauo lo eve tnalcrbl. In new work under way at Ibe tlosc of April, ihere were 11 rigs ui» and 407 w>»9 drilling, asa!n»l 10 rigs unJ in drilling wells M th« close ot March, a gain fur April over March of eleven, which U fncouratfnp, anl aliowa that ihc- averse operator id aniious ic» refute all ihe thaljow production ihjt run t>e ha4. OuUjlis of Oklahoma and Tens, ihfr Kentucky ietd would be the most active were It iwalWe to ji-cure Material and labor u Jo toe worVi. New pools are being .pened up from day 10 day and ice re irUllne wauM be at work. EARLY ROSE, BURBANK AND EARLY OHIO SEED POTATOES Alio * tarK» ajuortmer-l c ol Cardea aad nower &« MAX LEWIS' CASH STORElwA. , I on Oie James SuttOn farm. 1 In Ihe rncat drill*J a 160-barreI proJuc»r In So. !. S. A. 1>. Harder farr.). In Mi-11- eon towr.jMp. Plh* county, an^ tp« t^."U. «<Artt«t at 101 binel* on the K. I'. H\rker farm, t-ame flclrt. ^lie Ohio t'-Jno fiefd. In a teconil ie.*i on Ihe M, I-'. Snydtr farm. KENT r« KT-TKXS LSSEE. COM? TioiJ. D(| . , Kit*.'L Rlji. Dtf. To'I is L t '>• in kiln Dm "'poo) failed 10 kcfp up ](4 Hr«l fuli inoatJi'a record. HoductlnK ihe <1rj holtji and eajjsers |oa\k.-s fi47 oil vrclU compteltij mid ihfac averiw;*>d in new production 5S barrels aj>S<-ce, The nvcrage of Ihe oil welb Ln March was 63 • barrel*. TJio-w of February Bhou'ed an average of ES barrels. cour&o of the uioijih, but trie-country around the Magnolia I'eiroteuiii Co,'s rtl well In Slcphena i-ounty. mentioned lu the list March nummary, ))ia sLnc« shown the icrcatrhi acllvliy and \v*it bo thoroughly drilled, un!c.'£ the un- expect M happens unj Hie pnol opened by Iho Magnolia l» found lo be limited, illil-Cnnlliunl, A nummary of Ihe w*Ifa complete*! und Ai-tiaiiii^a. thows l,itl vyll« cotn- lilc-icii, 71,US bjurets new jifoducllan. 362 dry hole* ainl 73 tpia wella. l-'or March Hie report EhoA-e-1 LOSS wells dui'tkoit. ?lt dry and 75 (^liseni, April j^iow;) u gain at 1^4 In Ihe ituinber ot •| i'Ctnvletlonit, itt&Mng oft ft 2S.751 bar• jrir-td in new production, 30 more dry Mhi>l?3 Jini] two Leu Raa svells. *! In new nw)c (Iier« ifcre 636 ri^a, a 11 fitHlnjr off of 34 from ititi month be. :L=I 2.9J7 wells drUUne. a palii of i'27, or a Kft ^aln (n Afjril ot J?2. Ono well nU-itirtoncil last inonlh lias li^fn vJvfiH a new lease of life and lua bi-fu put bu.dc on the drilling ILat once LUCH-O, On* of thi- Uire^ [C3ia Jn Xebraslia, that of C. C. Hawsers un the llenni;l«r T county, bfcUon 34-lu- MTD-COSTINCVT. rturj B ( Wflf* C«inp[rl*,I. Comp. PrM U ..1.311 n.iu . t,r« U,|<| ,. IK "xai THIS WKEK'S 5PEC7AJ& ydlea Ta ploc*.» ICc I To Small Can J'otitd >!cat L«irr» Can Polled Mr it. .„,„.., Brtck Che<«« per EK>uni l,la»fcerEftr Ch«s« &*r pound., Pimento Cheteo per pound , ST!M Cttoeeo f-ec poaad. «^-.-, i „„ -, — < Oklnc OLJ ... IfloBotUa Falad Urtaulnc. Nat Batterlne per pound 45a Caji Dark Kara Syrup..... JUc On \VhJtfl Ki/o Sjrop--... >0a Can Daik Karo KrnJp J5o Cm White. Karo Syrup 3 Pocnda Bu]k Hoik4 Oiui... IMS Pall of Maekef*!.. } rKi Garden and Royal, Crescent, Creai^a =Jid Nm AH KTadw Ol VI on r at latent prlr<y> cr toft b«t lo 1-e-, bur Occident. rxcrrji" <Jr|J.'lct -»!it, J. i Nn (ittmn niv «ifi. 1 ' The llUnola n«W for April haa TIO real failure ou'jfile of on« rooj welt completed In the deep JJnd. fl>M< of LawrcTiCP rountj-. While there was a nleft ic<:reu4 In completed work, thfl 1/icrcaiP. trlikh IK r.ot at all ^ncouras- Ictf for tlil<( «Aion of (ha yetr Th- food we!) In Lawrence i-uunty w^ ~} the Ohio OH Cu.'t NI)- I* on th'e I.iun ~!lh*l thowed a productlOTi d.c fl^l dny 1) of UQ barrels tcutn th« Klckwo^d and Tracy «nJs at a l«tif depth «f J,tl{ fee:. urine April 3! wells were COTII- (i), of which an <ien rfozcri wer? ilry holes, the new produclnj lie Ing 3"S birrelj. Th1l Is a E^1n *v er tha 75 liintls isroJufttvin, «"d three dry helps ani) K^.* vrelis. In new worfc ucicr way at Ihe r.'ose of April there wrr* flv«- r lsi up an.l 41 «e^!s drllllnc. apnlnit flvc rigs U P >l*Ti-h. iiiAklnt; a nd declltie kn new work of three. The mn-ii ImparUnt wcff now !nc la Ihit of the \Vheelpr ct«wd on thQ C. S, Cooper farm. In aediun 11, t>. un 2. i:evi- dru.-lurc dincovred bv lh* SUvlc Oeotoglit of nilROl*. •" h Intrrrtl. IB U ntlc^t by accM »n up a ntw and productive pool. structure ttportr-d aa hc/nc a r ' king one-, but trie drill atone iermltie whal th*rc La down iher* nxo w. SHOW*, x. ». SPINAL CORD, BRAIN GUARANTEED RELIEF FOR RMJMATISM, LUMBAGO AND ALL MUSCULAR SORENESS 20th Century Liniment Gu*rajite«J by George's Dnig Store *rvd All Good DruggisU. Irates «ukfcJy—m.i^ twin wd ml»-ry in nn , F^l II on fall Kin . you fonrct yc«r time, sth rlsirt ml r( i P'Jts_ttn eM t« ivll A>i«umatle Pfclrrt, I ijinbija, &!*((•-.*. ,V*ortIir1i an.] J'f-,?- ^ lh*n anylMn* yvi hf\1« er/r trlM. 1 JOth Cent'irj' !^nlir,»ni Iiw Tirwiriil \t«lUC In tlio'iMRlir t>T tpjr.rcrt* !t fqtATf ill ti'i* [ifnTuI ftlrTn-**. ("tftir-^ *?ft»o9{ I lit * mftjrlc. A. *(nci« *{jpIICA* twn irlil prov« it tn attnc»i erery la- fuliA are zmnnl''fl. It joti iton - t 3 a'fk relief. t*it (lit !x>(llp Imrt to wour r-Tsr/iv luni er-t yt'jf mon^jr ba*:*, whM tills ;n:ry •wiji.-J'rful i;ntment luu »Joo« ^ A'miU'nON—Mrne.XflilmoiA la llto »p«l»c1o prod action, Mi«Vw-'iiiV ".'.*.'.'.". 'n ^w " j U rr».ic nJ Kfnlu onth*; I 01,19 11 [(Ms. Ohio. In- na»rr. 1111, Trod. Drr. *!*>• Til*! ..«, Ul LU* Tt WtlU O« P lf«H U Mf tti. lltk. n*w«- c^trp. prod. Drr. Ot». -~ 'Ilwilk »^.,. Ul rofcCT.T."".'".'.' *i »iin«u ................... a . i»ts. Pr#A Drr. fl _.._.. t OW« ... — ..... ** pt ....... „„ ........ < ackr-T*Bst»ti ... U Work CnJ*r IVkj Frbra n*M«. ntr»-1 fnf>«jlT»n1« _ El ..„„ ni n*a*. ft ot [ l* — 1 feel. S IMV5..%.VJ)(-C, !,iri »,'(>i elU of iS.ODi) fcarrefs reduction—«usej, a jfreit faltlnsrolt n nevT production In Karwaa. whete In Tlutltr c.iur.ty leveral farst weif-j pleteij In March. Th«r« e any where near their productive* tn April anJ »« n r»snfi Kutlfi 393 lurreLi.."while In March It >ho«re'.! S?.ll0 barrels. Thft lisurr^ for Apri indicate thtit there were l"< com[>!o tioru Jn Knn%\3 In April, with nen dally prhducllan of Jf.SS* b.irreh Th"ro wfr« 10S dry hole* nn& 16 KA< wells. The tnonth of March show PI completion*. S3.7*1 bArrefp production. TS drj' hole* anil IS ^n»rf-r^ t li % caln In rontpl«t1pa9 o( 111 for April, a !QS« of IT.TCi turrets In •v prMuriion. II more dusUrs and two Iff.* ^M vr r 11., I.eavlne Ihe tUre-o frfAk pTDiIuc'-t-? ' H of conxlderutlon tli« record for April Is i loiter one linn that t>C Miirrh. The^e Ihre^ wells wer»« rrf'J- Itf.l with 3!.000 birrr!* pTOduetlan nlin*. T| : * i»*er«E-t of tfit wc-Hs com- HIM tho productiveness of Duller county flcld 1* .Ifrllnlnir, Ths Coial new rroductlon of llifl Rmtc tn ll'waa In February •«*' crf.ttcr t!i*n In any month alnce October, '1317. wlien U was 43.144 b-nrcti, cau»fl partly 1>y a ff*- hlfi wells. The hl$h jurltA o( trU'lfl ha* -CATII^IJ a' rrral revival ot worV In ike old nelils MI the record of complpllor-j will slioxv. (TOh^ W.LS a'toTil of 3S3 oil weils cnrnplflf'J Jn ihA St^tc. wllh au aver- ai;^ prodiirU^ness at the at.trl of about 97 harreH. ThC'Iltitler county ofl (relJs average^ -** b-irrcl*. Sn In- KU1 [Toductlon. The avrMffc Initial rfh w»s 210 ti-ircetn. In Putlpr county they Rveraned 6*J harrl^. hitt leavlnc out lhc lht« Krenl pmhrra * iiljjrr veil,* j»vrr,i.T*'l 320 lurrclr Notlilrig ntw WM openfd up In lha Durlnjr the month o( Avil! In -..^ irihAntlk region of ih* North T>ia.b I fleUl ther« were 103, wells Unlslnsl. o( which II M-ere dry. ttAVlnK I <H P^o- duettve wtltM v!i!ch showed .1 new production of A.OTi bbls. \Vhon compare d with Ih« finures fnr Mruvh there fs fthrtwa n decr^ijie of 4-> )n L-ompletcd work nml 4,701 barrets In ne\v produrtlon. TJiere were four !<"*» tvel!!-. This in duo to a lir^e '-xttut to the (allure to set water, which from tint? to lime, delay Ins ;hcir com. pletlon- la new work (here U Jvjt a small chunje. For April Ihe-re are shown Jl rlK« and IDS drilltnR well?, A VjUI ft* 1(3. In comparison wllh (he Mart 1 )* revort of 71 rljra J>nJ 177 ilrllllnff wcll : - there 1" shown a decrease of 2> In rle and IT? dTllKng w^lli there 1* »hon -, & drcre^Q of 29 Sn rl?« and a gain o 31 drilling velts. a net increase of twi In the fr^nil total. C«<Ja . rt ^nl> lt«J HlU NORTH I .Qfl SI ANA. rniiuri of April O^nlla 'i n,i^(J iff:* iTw * tn e». r. A eener.i! Improvement Sn coi tfuns li notlceaMis throughout North l^jiiislin-. Held. Out of H t- plptloiii, only flvo were dry holes. : (even were pis welti and the remain- inn 3^ l>n.1 nn afgc*cato Initial prod ti(.n ot ::.*>S Ijarrfcls, of an average of Taj barrels p*r weil. Th« maJarUi In tho I'inc Island dbtrJct, where the iiinfn ftctivfty (if (dc (Ie!d la cenlc and which i^ dully Increieltij; In 1m- ;iortance. At ihe clo»e of Iho month. tlicru were "33 drJMInp wells and , iho field. aii'incrci?c of !S over evJv/us month, and of thU number I«J w-pce /n CjJtio. lutporuni wlM- in *rnl Klk countlci »howe>fl a railing oft &0 per cent, Montgomery i»n<l Wilson rouniifji ran aboul even. Xcoslm showed a F»£n of 107 birret). AH»n jumped from 1(9 barrcb to 3.G bar- rcJj. JJia/n), >V*nklln and pouRlaa Cniintleii thow*fl * C^ln o' ' 1! baircl.1 Th« n'llddt duilrleiA fell otf In new prttducll&n frf>m **•& barrels In March to 14S barrels tn AprlL In new opfrralLocvs there were 137 rlf*. tad SH ArHllnff wfJJ*, A. total tt 815. Thd Mairh flffurf* Bhawed-2M Tin and 5Si vellA drilling. TMa In- dlcxlfs Jt !»*« 5/ 3J ^J^r» In April nnrt a Knin of 73 In *on« dt-llllns &r A ret rtln ot 46 for lh« month Joit cJojtd. TMirlnc th» four tho April report ot Monti lh«r« vfTf "S hy tho March, r«r> fatllnp off o[ »l> 3BU but Ihvro WM a . fow<r CM >l morn dry hol*« ft/id four Thfl fl^rurffr for April . •how 111 wclla campletcd, J*,17S barrels of ntw proiacUon. IS I dry holes and U pi* well*. The, Orurefl for M»rch ihftwe*. TO* welts effmpWfrf. 17.111 turclji note r«4uction. 1SS dry rio!» and (7 {Wira. Comp»rln« th» -wot* of (ho two monthfl tn aome of ihe dlilrtclj In ihe BMt*. ft wia* *-irW1on Is *ho«n. There Kerfc 10 (ewer welfa fOmpfe<M fn Ihc ilirtrlcl tn April, fcut thpr« wsu§ a gajrt of 2 , ft b»rrel« In nfw produc- , tion. Wafhtngto-n county ran i CTMI. Ko-woil* juirt TlOf:*rs ^ove A »raJn of ftbout 100 t)»rrc\j. Talw fin jUioul flvcn. Cre*fc councy oftowred A r*4n of &b<iuL (40 burel§- XusXoitce. ROK*r« And WaRon*r counties showed OT*r I.«OU tixrrefs K*tn. Okmtificee. »V,*tC th* Tnunplown pftfll Uts, M- r>*rlenc*il n MR drop. The p'H'htrs were* not «i t>>Ti(ffuf fn <*pr(F n* (hep wtr« In Mtrch and only on« v^ll coi>d for 1.0 OH barrel* ^a* Openrd up in that poet durtnp lha four we«fc* C«T- *r«d ty the runort- As & result the new production ftevrea Mumped from fZ.tU Cn Mxrch to Mf tn Arril. A OifteTfnco of over 7,000 h&rrfta. Payne county *ho*r» a. ICM or about 309 bar- ret* fn n*w prodac*Iflrt. JfT*y cot.*n(j r « rain 0* about ..«DO torrrl". fUrtUW- is'oble <v.«nlle« & itatn of J,$50 bwr^hi ftnrf Carter eotmff. *ft« Mm* ot* th« llenrdlon fteld. ^*lnM 8(5 barrel^. The wildcat dWrtct* complied rinlf M miuir «r«Ii« 'a ^Prtl w /n AMrcJi. and Iho new praductlon fell oft from UO V*Jrclp In itarch to UO burrtta In XprfE. H win b« «e*n ffom ihe ibore cotn- pjtrlsons thtt nil of Iho fleldfi «t Ihe Slut* elthtf ft<*7«! th*Jr airn or cs/rttd ApprecUbly wiih ths exception ot OJt« mulRrt couniy, wher« Ibo Tov&c«t6Kii c*lllnK U . tins throughout the Ti«ld numbering •(, and there are vevera) Iccolftlev^i hleh »ho»1nini of o1t promlia sratlfy- \S r*sii)Ltt In the ncAr future. rvirrsr t MS < i « u T>.» Wy*mlnj fields w?rc h.ird operation^ txc*pt with lhoi<« comp 'M prfp.ired for It Kewer well* «... :orr,plMe<l In Apill than In tho prevl- >UR month. Kf.A the production woa •mailer In proportion- Only thrc» Jry >iolea wero reported In April u af;a* nlno In March, btjt more, wells »hut dorni, »ojn» of which may be abandoned, Th«r« axe various causes contrlbuUtift lo the, ahuitlriB down of walla. Some »T« valtlnj; for CAS: others having if ached ihft ahallo As. or« hesltxtSnp about making —p*r lt='^. Miny h«v« ftshlne Join, the <H't»nc(y from eupplfta and railroad often maldnr these tontr task*. Operations are b«lnr extended In Ihe more important fields, Riga dhow an Increase of <4, and rlrllllnr wells IS, A total gain Ot S8. "Wildcat ventures In Idaho and Montana, axe Included In Iho rcxA5-r.ocinA.vx a ait c«ut '-. THE PETTIBONE No. 104 W«t Fnt St Best Me* in the HOUSEHOLD LABOR SAVING DEVICES WEEK MayBlh-llth F/c/or Records FOR MAY ON SALE TODAY Special Fcaturet This Month—Record* By MAUD POWELL HENRY BURR LAMBERT MURPHY EARL FULLER'kORCHESTRA ay TO OUR MU5IC-LOV1NG FRIENDS i Music, today as never before, becomes more and more a >j necessity. Il is indispensable lo ihc %vttfare of the Nation, All that is new and best in music to available on ll\c M Victor Recaids out today. 74513 — 51.50 Hear Me, Yc Winds and Waves! (From "Seipio") ............ . ............. .... 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