The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 3
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 3
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ims OIL LAST WEEK to buy LIBERTY BONDS OUR SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW AMOUNT TO $653,500.00 SUBSCRIBE TODAY AND HELP OIL CITY. OVER THE TOP Sntst Oil (Etta. Jo. PRAISES TROOPS. AGAINST SUGAR_ HOARDING. Colonel Sayj OBcen Wlo Had County Food Administrator Ohargo During His Abieuce Crawford Issues Warning Met'AU Obligations. I to Oomumcrs. CASH' HANCOCK, AUGUSTA, da . I Cgunlj; .„-., April JO.—(Special.)—In on Inltrvievr O. Crawford has with Colonel Rlcliards, commatuSlpir ftlatement: _ lh. On. Hundred and Twelfth In- 'IWhIle grocer" reportthat he hntry. IttU mornlnn. U was apparent forlly ol Itielr cus ointrs f 1 * 11 '"----. that lie U veil iMMti with ItUworh ly Ihe bU E nr ««'"S " s " Kh &ol,!e 03 It wan carried on by.hla .uborclln- there are a. en Will C«» HMJ>J> f«<M>l« & the E l Sam knew their canclljr. tiirlr «I>> MI1 - „!,„., jS'lowrr In lh« <"" '" lure tlpj ind their real and I should h«v. and tw be lo»fr m ^n« n r 1 be.n nyrprUedana sadly dlsaprKitateO """' 1 " ' ' had thex nov lived up to .»x wee... ;ded This «y| hooW?^!io<i>.aoolh«niep|.^ 'i'nkh".h suonded to thfrni In true .painouct . , nvp ,. IA — —' -•* ..«—.«« spirit Ei proven by the condltlo- «M"« u<1 " tr ou Koch's Koch's] The Coming of May Heralded By many new arrivals in elegant Summer Shoes for dainty women. And o( course While Boofc and Low Shod for Drm, Street and Sports Now Conie Into Their Ovm? ' PRICES $4.00 TO $12.00/A PAIR [ 14 Center lirf.ll -TF Old* IV •THI H«MC *P _ _-.,.-. ,itr .cent, ot.nor 'rceltiS w ffounJ Ll'upon rr,y| t^-l'JSnhl's ituon U^rc.^lfTere return. The officers anJ men wro "'f"J| ^ m £ e marte _ Thua lt w \]\ ba have coma lo the One Hundred ana se€n ( |,at there Ifl absolulely no eicu Twelfth from Iho Ktshlh Infan ir y> for hoarding surer, It ts belter to [» tho Oflkortf 1 RMcrvr Corps, the -V»- , th a Bl! ., h , resi[lci lo „ n0 w linn onat Army and through the draft. I • h , vc a s horiaff* later on during lha ave settled down Into the potions' asalfmcd Vhem In a way there was'no ulsUVIns thftr wHllnRness. anil uch liarmony that today oil lines »e- ihe KJjrhlh and Slxtccnlh Penn- jlvana Infantry. National 1 Guard. <fcservfr Corps und National Army fcs«rv lave bttn obUttrated. "To be sure, wo all—that Is, Ins ..u M-«'v «. ».....-«- --- -•*• "••» -"-; season, an was Iba ca*e last -, and this Bhortane can only l>o dcd by vtacllclng frtrlct con?erva- In evory illrccilon todsy. The tl. S. Kood Administration, au- thorlrw this BLai fme. til: " The stirir Bhortaff* In America h not dufl to lick ot ausar Itself, for ihcre Is practically enough augar In KateRichardsO'Hare The F»m»us Oritor & Author ;Will Speak At CENTRAL TRADES HAU Ovtr Kinter'i Store THURSDAY EVENING May 2,8 P.M. ADMISSION 25c "To be sure, wn ail—tnai is. mo ,hcre Is practically enousli augar in offlcera and men of the two old r*gl- the \v«t Indies and elsewhere to BUp- menls—liavft pleasant recolIecUona of ly our -^[nul needs. Jl £a slnipl) 1 .n our formtr onfanfiAllDns and Ihero ^.jestion of transpnrtallon ot Oil* su- ,ih th#m from tachj ono thatt flcu j ly c *nnot 1 tn Indelible part of our llv*i. | cr .ough to tikn.< i, ir,*re art the iMal or nom« jdcmand now an necte-tl ntih th*m fi nuat be ai xriatlons. These are p<vrhap» . >ng«t incentive o[ the voMier. The . d opinion the home iolks ha\e, either of the Individual or the nrcar- in hi* much morft to do with the wi'cy of lh»«oldler than U U cr«d- ue.1 wllh, and I am of the opinion the kind aUentlons, the public demonslra- Itons, the smile of aT>prec£atrnn-and the ot dL*tre« ax men and or- 1.1 !*fl their nallvo heatti. 1'riB.nrts and lovi-d ones has bren ono oV the moit BiialalnEns powers oT Ihe anil In these acta lh<*ae"baek home' ha%'e itrenBthcnetT the cauro l.y an exhibition o( conftdencs In ui that the wcakwt could not dare to •lolate. "So plewe *ay to my friends, ._ those" of Iht SUHenlh ami ihe Eighth and all who art In my command, lhar w** 9ILU carry the lastlic oxprewlon 1 thouch ihey be Inftnslblfr of » th» Imprcwions hav* been for tho bet- terrtvent of Ihe nervice .inJ will add of the IndSvlJ- ed Siatw.'and thta dll- IHJ overconiB qulckl> care ot an unrestricted U nd Billl meet the gre: at fruit maturing monlh " -If w> h*ve tho patrtotlo co-oven* on of the public t« tarry us aufcl) iat thta «lsla. it Is hoped that we wll ua able to return to nearly r-ormal conditions later in the year when this criata is po»L" ' : MATRIMONIAL WON AN HONOR FLAG This is the first bank,in Oil Cily to oversubscribe its \ allotmqitrof Tbi_rd Liberty^n : Bonds anc|' win -an much to ths efficiency un! and MrenKthen the orfanUaioii. which, together with trun public patriotism and love o£ JunlLre, muil »ur- In It In all Ua eflorLi nffaiRSl » )rld tyrant and hta forces. •That the Keystone Division, the etity-elghth, li to he a factor In this Blrlf*, o( which Ihe peopla of Penns>-lvinla wUI take a public pride. is not to b* taXen a» an empty boast. hot Is th o s watthed ill growlh. it* ' rw. find enL<- N\'c are Pennsylvania PJI, bill above all. w» »« cltli*n§ M^B United 6U(W, ready f"r any duty th»t as for ll» purpc»e lti« Mfefjiwrdlns r Iti [Mlltutloivi an«l plvinc aid to oppressed of th« worK! TITUSVILLB, April SO.—(Special.) -Sltf.i llary Aenea ^IcOrair. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. It. \V. McCJravr, of this fUy, nnd Joaepli Fraacl* Man- ilnff, formerly of'Oll City, w*» inar- rtcd at S o'clock IhlJ mornlntf a.1 St. Film chutcli l>y Ilcv. T. tt'. ^ava- nati^h The brldefrrooni Is Iho NOII of the Ule nichard Stannlntr, of Oil City. After Ihe wedding refroahmenLs wer« srn'ed at Iho realdenre on Ka."t 1 llaln atreel- The decorallons were, ery tliborate. palms and roses being Amoric those prsaent werft tho tol owing- J["- MftO' .Mannlns. moihci t th9 brldcEroon., Mbscs Marr. M" c-aret and ilencvleve, shtent ot tno IcE^oonr Mr. and Mn. John Ol , lc Utter a Bbter of lh« brld*Kro~.~. Jr. and Mrs. Joseph Manning, Mr. and lira. Kr«d Gtnkle and dauRhlcr. Mary; Michael Connelly, Mlw Sl*rff»«t L. Mannlnx. and Mlw Elizabeth Mantitns Mannns an w of OJI CHy. and Mr. uinl Mra. T. II in, of Franklin. , i-utther, it expects to double the allotment and ADD A STAR "I h»v6 a mber of . l friends t^cic home vrh« ttnttA with tha Co cy In Ihe strll* of !SCl-< of these have matched wllh t >f the North on May 10th. M _l Day. on many occasions with wWh 5^ nS!i"tur^Mhe com- l and on April t4, 1318, tt, crale Sleniorlal Uar In lh I. wllh" more than 3.103 omccW unrt men ^f tne One Hundrtd «n^ Twelflh Infantry, of the Keyitonc D. cblon. marched with the Vftenxn-i o the Etouth. and Ihe o\-atlon Riven lhM< sturdy boy* o( ihe North **• * T|l "J" rnoush I* «atroy for all lm« lh BUY LIBERTY BONDS THIS WEEK Have You a KODAK If not. let us help you select on suit your needs arid fit you mrse. We have in stock Kodaks ant Cameras at prices ranging from S2.00.lo $75.00. First'dau DcvelopbiB and Printing , Bring your Kodak Uoutlta lo us. ORMSTON'S BOOK STORE Edward W. Wallace Proprietor Special Window Turkish Living Room Set In Hie finest of tapestries, solid liair filled Huffing, solid spring, arms and backs, io[l as fenllien. Davenport, large chair mil rocker, $210.00. . Set this set in our wiiultne. Wall Paper,and Interior Decorations This is one of the most .important departments • in Hie entire store. The selections are the most vaned and largest in this section, where you'don't have la '-iml for the goods to be ordered. The stock is on hand for anything you may select, wil/i a force of the tnosl capable mechanics. ' R.G.Koch - We drr"elnin inen'j «i«l UillV fanrf famwnt< on slion nolloe. 'We rcll^loLI ulnJowt. I'rlcoj rcauwnaWo—^3lic n* a 1'lal- \Ve Cmll tor «wl cjellrer AM'FRICAX BRV CT.KAM.VG * DIEJXO wonns Per. Wertane :M. 5S X^n «reet. siroy •KllrvE ntonl of wctlnnalUm. "There Is bat one oppral I ..ike to those hack hnme. Ti f.11.1 to the color* oil men h* 1 and 31. bill It dof* not *»t thai [he men from U to 31 and from. »» to ta nnn&t fnl!sU M-iny of those nf the younper c!a« are PhTi!«lly nt and ; J*IK i.^i;^v°«2a Svi noVriter hoW tlw th*o h»w >^ -ho have been drafted- If th*y r Ihelr love for democracy, it CaW>—Adlcr. sisrnnsviu.K, w. ,v*.. April «. — (Special.)—Ml« Clara Julta Alder ani\ John Ariel Case wero -".-nelly mflJrted April .tl/at 12 o'clock, it the ilreet. Tlift crtrniony was i>erfornie<j jlreeU hTe: eeremoTiy was pwtormeu by Itfv. I*. A. liolce of the Holy Hoa- iry church. Miw AMrr was charmms In & auh of stey with accejisorlca to initch. Whe C4rrl«d n bouquet of »<y«l | pevur. The only attendant wiu the but t niar\, Mr. l^ula C. Case, a brother Of' 1 limned lately following tho ceremony a dellcloui xredJIng dinner WAI served- The dining room wa._^""J"- fully decorated In mognolha while the table decorations wero awcet peas and Caw. who ta on« ot Ihe moat Ins of Ihe younger filrla of Ihe city. U the tlaushler of Mr. and Mrs, Uwii C. Alder. Mr. Case !) the son of Mr. and Mm. J- D. C.MI*. of ChelccA jtrtet. He holds a posit Ion wJth tho "I" and C 3r». Cwe lefi this after- aon'on a ihorl wt-ldlnK trip. PATRONIZE^YOUR HOME MAKE We i the only aK or I he Korr xri anil other Ijoatlwrs C6I prices. THE ELK SUSPENDER COMPANY H. 2 AND Proprirtor 8 Sprint Ste«t •ho e In ONION SETS for Every Garden To get them introduced lo your garden we will sell good Sets at 15c a quart, 2 quarts for 25c. We also offer some sets which we call "Long Boys" at I Oc per pound. THE YELLOW FRONT HARDWARE STORE J. P. ACKERMAN & CO. and R drslre lu n" > u ••• *"— "- --- "UF" l"l them «t once (Pflr I" the n«reVl recrulllnt (Ulloi) '»r cnllst- "'Thty «lll »tl he needed before, we ,r. ilor.e «llh thta n>.tr work, an.1 h. swntr It 1. n«r »llti. the beller will Irio »»rM te. Num!»r» » Iho elflticnl lh«l " "untlnf rmw. nun .Uhout Ihcm this «»'."»»' J"* 0 " for ye^rs and not monlhs.' J. w, o. FUNERAL SERVICES --. ntMtnlf. April 10.—(Special) d Mr«. Orrln Wll«on Lynch. biadK and Frlendihlp »ve- ues. announce Ihe martiase of:thelr aushter. Mtar Helen Clyde Ijfnch,, lo Hies Hlcka Bnlland. son or Sirs. Wl - bm ». Belch, of oil City. Hev. L»«!s Whlttemore performed the ceremony at S o'clock In the Calrary Protestant Kplscopal church last B.irurda> iftecnoon. DR. KATE WYNNE HOEFNER Ostc«r«lh 111 Center S4rr« Thanday and Fresh Country Veal The Most Ecoiwmical MEAT IB The Market Edw. Roess RIVER RIDGE FARM; " CHICKENS TODAY, /ilEMEUBEK TOUR BOTS— ' Buj a Uberty Dond IS C<mlr»I AT Scfavpp -Both Phones Italph KmiUfll «•"' b ' helj » l !: ! ( o'clock Tliyrsday afternoon at th l/nltel Kpan?*llcal churen. Itev. A A Illltary «lll nftktttf. Inlermen nlll be made In tirove ll"l cemeteo M. Ifamlhon \VcNI The fUTienl lerrlees of M. Hamilton Welsh were held At Ihe (amilr rwUenre. tixA Bliaoil aver.uc. 3l > o'clock Tueada? nfterrioon. Hev. '\V. K Mt7.rlil» of the United Wmbju- rL*n cliurch officiated. The Intermert in> In drove Hill cemetery under lh« <nl»plce« of Ihe Eons o( VtUrani. Th' apanUh-Amerlean War Veteran, attended the services In a. body. Th» nrinc MU«d lit the sntt waa formetl by N.lkan Helnhley, 1: F~ aiward«. 1. II. Cimp. II. P. Wese, C. C. Ilecka- Ihorn. T. R. ilirei and C. I>. K-xtidU. si:naiu.vr rt.v.v.v wnrmi. CHURNGOLD I It 3Sc 3!e p-:r. Ib. Kcmclnul Hottcrlnc—3« per "• OiurnRoltl noUcrlne store, No. 10 Seneca K*. Sen to Erie. It. R- Oc-ilng. Pet. llxinc S»3T—Prompl dellTer Special Sale For Two Weeks AT • JAMES PULEO'S FRUIT STORE * KAST FIIOXT KTltKlJI Tel. Phone 38I-1U T1TF. STORE WITH A CONSCIENCE. Henry J..\f@rty Dl»iln«ttv« Enterprise Milling Co. FLOUR, FEED, GRAIN, HAT, STRAW, SALT, ETC USE OLD HOMESTEAD FLOUR of "lint Font" In FT»IK» Wllh i:ndiKCT.njf Itoinlhn. The followlTis lelter ha» l>«en received from Sergeant John T. Flynn, lof Kmlcnlor*. who WM lh« leader of the "Flral Four" from Oil Cily, anrl who Lt r.ow with .rr, enRtneerlnff bal- Ullon now.In France: . "1 arrived In Kn.ncn After a xife and very InterestIr.j;, plcascint trip. bldn't get * ItlL teulck And hava the "'•Klndly^eiriHo Chtckcrlr.E where I ->m frrr h»r recrtrds- "Francis U ctrtAlnly ft wonderful country and J dori'l tUmc (ho French for defending It I'll hH.vo lr>U of In- tcrfrtlnff ihlngf to tell my fdends when Ihe war ta ftyer and I am bade. •/Wllh mr Tin? best renarcli ami •eeUnpi from 'Ovrr There,' I am, •Tour* wry Iraly, ' "S&. Jcha T. Flrnn." - N'avy Beans ....... Idma Ileanfl ....... Roman neana Pur * I-aril » • p can Milk .... targe can Tomatoes All kinds Of IVwlli Ib. ">o He 20o and VcurlAhks. OH. KXCHAVOK TO BF. SOI-», The buEldlnK known «x tn« Oil FIx« hafttfl will be. no4d at public gala May Lfteenlli. FrlvMft bids xollcIUi). fxtd- Ci I A Kendo's for ftae nh*i**. U LIBERTY BG»DS Demonstration of Value Giving at the Second Floor Daylight Garment Store t 1 A New Adventure With An ErtdbKAed Reputation, A Modem Store for the SJe of Women'* wrf Ma»e»' Di»tincti« Wearinj Ap- pue! On »he Second Floor « Prormf » Kg Succe»». Not nlonc are we gefting BUSINESS and manr compliracnls from our orm city people, but we riave never done JO much out of town bu«ne« in the hl.torr ol the stote, which proves thai the people weie wailing and aniiou. for a ht»A cl» ^tr- ment Slotc on the Second Floor in the ce tier of Ihe buiines. jKCUon. which raablo us lo offer Distinctive Wearing Apparel, same standard as we always earned, al > BIG SAVING from ihe ground floor prices. Walk up one flighl of stairs, look around,' compare prices when you art commc down. OUR NEW LOCATION ihe entire second floors of the Manning Block an Oil Cily National Bank Building, com..T of Center »nd Elm streets. Agent, for th« GOSSARD FRONT LACING CORSETS, J»oJu*«»7 bat front Ucin» coort nwie—A trifJ fittint win conyinc* you.

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